now you kiss me and it's over

  • Lance: Gosh its the new year someone will have to kiss me
  • Hunk: As your bff I'm out.
  • Shiro: Space dad.
  • Coran: Space uncle.
  • Pidge: You're old.
  • Lance to Allura: Looks like it's you and me Princess.
  • Allura: ... I'm 10thousand years older than you...
  • Lance: That's not what you said to Shiro
  • Pidge: Does it really matter.
  • Lance: No one will kiss meeeee. Am I so repulsive that none of you will brave these lips? Will step up to-
  • Keith: *Stomps over and kisses him*
  • Keith, bright red: There. Now will you shut up.
  • Lance, bright red: fhdjgjshfhsifh.
  • Hunk: I think you broke him..
  • Pidge: Rest in fucking pieces

I’m editing and had to pause cause I couldn’t stop smiling. Magnus seriously can’t believe this is happening, he has his eyes open till the last second cause he’s taking it all in. And then alec after he goes in for the second kiss just relaxes into it like ‘yes this is right’. Idk man I just got really emotional for a moment there.

As I sat outside in whether that was 3°, a new cold washed over my body. I couldn’t quite decide why I felt it but now, now I realized. When I look back to that day I see it, I was sitting on a curb and across the street was you and her kissing just like we used to. The cold made its way to my heart and now two months later it still frozen, the only thing that warms it is the bitterness of alcohol. Don’t feel bad though I’m sure you never saw me sitting there.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1093 // @writinglonely

                                                I had a dream
                                          We were back to sixteen
                                       Smoking weed and nicotine
                                                Always carefree
                                          With just a few pennies
                                      dreamed big, our minds free
                                     wished the world and its cities
                                                In our pockets
                                It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                       The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
              Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
               Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight’s gonna hurt?
                           Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                            ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                 it won’t be me
                                                   won’t be me
                                                I had a dream
                                      We sipped coffee in between
                                     late night talks and ice creams
                                               Never worrying
                                          But then we had a fight
                                   Couldn’t stand each other’s sight
                                       Stopped seeing eye to eye
                                           Now we’re on our own
                                 It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                        The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
               Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
                Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                 Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight gonna hurt?
                            Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                           ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                it won’t be me
                                                  won’t be me”

                                  - Won’t Be Me, Shikha Singh

How you kissed me when I was in the middle of saying something
There’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions
—  Last Kiss-Taylor Swift
Preference #7-Turn Ons

Bellamy-Your glasses. You’ve always hated having to wear them but for some reason, Bellamy thinks they’re the sexiest thing ever. You’ll slip them on to face him after an argument and bite your lip while waiting for him to speak-and try as he may, he can’t seem to resist you in them. You’ll pull him into a hug and feel him melt into your touch, mumbling a string of “I’m sorry”s as his hands make their way down your back to grab your ass.

Monty-Your intelligence. On the Ark, you and Monty had both been recruited for engineering and it was your mind that had first attracted him to you and now, its one of the many things about you that get him going. You’ll shush him while reading a book and he’ll fire back with “Oh really? Make me.” followed by one of his signature smirks.

Jasper-Neck kisses. Jasper can’t handle it when you tease him so you hover your soft lips over his skin gently, only pressing them to his skin when he begins to moan and pull your head into him. In a string of sloppy kisses, you glide your lips and tongue across his neck sending a jolt of pleasure through him, hardening his member against your body.

Murphy-You taking control. Murphy is usually in the one who calls the shots, but every once in a while, you win against him in the fight for dominance. You’ll climb on top of him, pin his hands down and grind smoothly against him, making him wait until you think he’s earned it. 

Blue Kisses.

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Pairing: Hoseok / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, angst, some non-con at the beginning

Summary: “But you do know that I care right?” he whispered against the skin of your cheek, his thumb brushing heat over your bottom lip, making your lips part to accommodate his digit.

Word count: 12, 821

Note: Oh my god, this is easily the longest thing I’ve written so far, seems appropriate that Hobi would do it ;). Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you’re not alone as me cri. Btw, kudos to the lovely @2-1stcenturygirl who proof read this and hyped me up :) Anyway I hope you enjoy! :^D  )

After standing alone in a unfamiliar living room for the last half hour, you were officially ready to kill Jung. It was no secret that you hated frat parties, favouring curling up in your second - hand (hey, it was cheap), worn chair with one of your favourite books or watching reruns to staying out late with drunk students. You could be quite shy around those you didn’t know, and hated being forced to down bitter tasting beer while drunk classmates would pull you into their sweaty embraces. Also, due to your dislike of alcohol, you were often the only sober person in the house, having to deal with your classmates drunk antics. You would never forget that on the rare occasion that you went to a party, the boy who sat next to you in Art History had pinned you to a wall and tried to shove his tongue down your throat. Obviously he was too drunk to aim and ended up with a mouthful of hair rather than your lips, but it was enough to put you off parties even more than before. You hadn’t been able to look at him the next day, awkwardly nodding when he had apologised. However you did try to enjoy yourself on the weekends, earning it after the gruelling week. Sometimes you would invite some of your friends to your tiny dorm room provided by the school to go on a movie marathon. There had been a slight mix up with the rooms at the collage, meaning you didn’t have a roommate, and the school hadn’t assigned you one yet. However after a disastrous week, chock full of meetings and assignments due in, you were ready to get a pizza, hide in a mountain of blankets and fall asleep in front of the season finale of the crown. However when Jung had arrived at your door in the early evening, and almost broke down your door with her violent knocking, your plans had been thrown to the wind.

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ive been thinking if this page has lost its purpose because i made it to post about my feelings for the girl in america but im over it now and dont know what i want to make it about :c

The Other One : Part 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Part 10


You lean up against the door frame, blocking him from coming into your apartment.

“What are you doing here? I told y-“

“I know what you told me, but its two days before your birthday and I know that you wouldn’t stick to our tradition. I didn- Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered.” He leans in.

You wanted to confess right now how you had kissed Jinyoung.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I just got back from work.”

He eyes your uniform down, you looked cute with your little apron and your hair in a ponytail.

“I didn’t know you changed jobs.” He lies, smiling down at you.

His smile plays with your heart strings, he looked so fluffy, his hair flopping over his forehead. His body drowning in his oversized hoodie.

“Yeah, I got fired from my other one. Apparently not turning up is not a good thing.” You joke, laughing.

He chuckles. You two chat for about 10 minutes, and for those ten minutes you forgot everything. It was as if you two met for the first time. But then you’re pulled out of that moment when your phone buzzed.

                                               ‘Can I leave now?’

“Thanks for the drinks.” You say, grabbing the bags and shutting the door in his face.

Was it bad that you wanted to forgive him? You wanted to tell him that you could forget about everything, even though you couldn’t. You wanted to lie and make everything better. But how could you? You had just kissed Jinyoung, he had cheated, and everything was a mess.

You sigh and set the bags on the table.

“You can come out now.” You say.

Jinyoung slinks out of the room.

“I don’t think we should see each other again.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

Jinyoung collects his shoes and coat and walks towards the door, before turning around.

“Just one date, and if you don’t feel anything for me, I’ll forget about this. And I’ll go back to being your friend.” He compromises.

You couldn’t just reject him, what if something was there? You know you would regret it if you missed such a moment. What if he was the one you were meant to be with?

“Okay, just one date.” You just wanted to try it. All those missed looks and longing touches, what if they actually meant something.

“Great, I’ll swing by at 7 on Friday. I wanna wine and dine you for your birthday.” He smiles widely.

“Um… I can’t do Friday, I’m going out with friends… well friend. Maybe Sunday, when I won’t be disgustingly drunk or hungover?” You suggest.

“Sunday is perfect. I’ll see you then.” He walks towards the door. Suddenly he stops.

“Sorry about today, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. And I don’t expect you to be over Jaebum, he was such a big of your life. And I hope to be the same, just without the infidelity.” He nods, before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

You walk into the bathroom, admiring the bath that you had just ran for yourself, it had been a rough day.

You strip out of your clothes, then take off your underwear. Unfortunately, nothing in your life, not even taking a bath, was easy. You trip and fall into the bath, banging your knee. It hurt so much, you might have broken it. You try and get up, but fail, as your body falls back into the bath, water comes flowing out of the sides. Even if you were to get out, you would just fall back into the bath again, slipping on the suds flooding the floor. You really want to get out of the bath, this wasn’t the relaxing soak you had been anticipating. Your eyes search the bathroom looking for something to assist you, and your eyes land on the house phone next to the toilet, you kinda thank the lord that you order pizza on the toilet last night. You reach over and pick up the phone. You didn’t know any number off head. Except one. You didn’t want to call him, but you also didn’t want to be stuck in the bath. You reluctantly dial the number. It rings twice before he picks up.

“Hello.” He says.

“I need your help.” You wince, as you watch your knee swell.

“Who is this?” He asks, you must have never given him your house phone number.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” You sigh.

He sits up in his bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, putting his shoes on.

“I’ve hurt myself and I’m stuck in the bathtub.” You admit, embarrassed.

You hear a stifled laugh.

“You know what? I’ll just embarrass myself and call the ambulance if you’re gonna laugh.”

“No! I’m on my way.” He says, grabbing his jacket and running out the apartment.

“I’ll see you soon.”

You sit in the bath for what feels like 2 days before your house phone rings.

“I’m outside.” He says.

“Come in then.” You say.

“I don’t your pin, you changed it.” He says, quietly.

“It’s the day we met, 040615.” You say, shyly.

It was easy to remember, and even though you were hurt it meant a lot to you.

“Okay.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was smiling. And the thought of him smiling made you smile through your pain.

You hear feet run into your apartment and a hand pushes the bathroom door open.

“Turn around and pass me my towel.” You scream.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before, now just let me help you.” He says.

“That’s different, we are not together anymore, it’s inappropriate, let me just cover up first. Now pass me my towel.” You holler.

He chucks your towel over his shoulder, it makes a soft sound as it fall in the water.

“Well done. Now I can’t cover myself.” You say sarcastically.

He chuckles.

“If I shut my eyes, will you let me help you?” He asks.

“Okay, but keep your hands on my arms.” You say.

He walks towards the bathtub, slowly but surely. Almost falling over a couple of times because of the of the water soaked floor.

After a weary few minutes, he makes it over to you unscathed.

“Okay, I will put my arms out and you will pull me out, okay?”

He nods.

You reach your arms out as he blindly feels around. His strong hands wrap around your arms. Just as you’re about to stand, your wet arms slip from his grip and you fall back in bringing him down with you. You try and not panic as he lies against your naked body.

“Get off of me! “ You scream.

He smirks.

“Well it’s been a while.” He jokes.

“Get. Off. NOW!” You shout.

He gets out of the bath and wrings his top. You couldn’t help but stares as the material clung to his abs.

“You kno what?  We tried your way, and that didn’t work. Now we try my way.” He says, reaching out.

“Close your eyes.” You say.

He rolls his eyes and scoops you up, being mindful of your obviously swollen knee. As he walks out of the bathroom, with you in tow, you grab your towelling robe off of the door and wrap it around yourself.

He sets you down on the living couch.

“Thank you.” You say quietly.

“No problem.” He says, taking a seat on the opposite chair.

“I’ll get your clothes, I’m taking you the hospital.” He says, getting up.

“It’s fine, I’ll call someone else, just pass me my phone and you can go.” You tell him.

“No, I’ll stay.” He goes into your bedroom to look for clothes for you to wear.

You stare off into the distance, thinking about how deep his love for you must be. You were astonished at the speed he got to you in. How he heroically picked you up, how he made you feel safe. If you could rewind to the moment you left, would you have fixed everything?

it was summer when i thought i could fill my smile with your sunshine;
your hands had the warmth of a million dreams coming true
including ones that died in my sleep a long time ago.
days like those felt like forever,
and i should’ve known forever could be a blink
of a kiss that had swayed my breath the chill
that still runs down my spine whenever i lick my lips.
i loved you then, when the days were painted in your eyes
with a night sky sparkling the possibilities my heart ached to be true,
but now i chase my days with hours that no longer knew
anything about you;
growing apart with distance was never the plan, sweetie,
and i might be over reacting but you never really listened to me.
when the moon is laid out there with all its veins scarred of a borrowed light
i shed no sleep along with it every time a part of me died
that wished i could still also be your summer,
be that twinkle in your eye when you say hello,
be the one to hold your hand without slipping,
be that person who wouldn’t be worth a lie,
be your favorite color among the black and white,
because you are mine, and more than summer
you are my every day, every night, eyes shut or wide
i could see this working out
but i did try
to love you,
but the moment it felt that summer swallowed our chests
and marked it with distance, we grew apart the way
strangers do
—  dear, you #13 // s.c
Like Father Like Son

Pairing: Ron Anderson x Reader


I laid quietly with Ron as everyone else met outside. Jessie had told us to stat inside with Sam as Deanna called the meeting. He had his arms wrapped around me while I drew circles on his clothed chest with my finger. Its been 5 months since we first kissed which led to sex and now here we are. His fingers ran through my hair as we sat in silence. I broke that silence as I sighed.

“What do you think they are talking about?”, I asked him and he shrugged.

“Adult stuff maybe.”, he guessed and I giggled.

“Want to go see?”, I asked and he shook his head.

“Not really.”, he said.

I sat up and threw my legs over the bed causing him to look up at me with confusion written on his face.

“I want to go see. And one of us has to be here with Sam.”, I told him and he put his hands behind his head.

He didn’t reply to me and I fluttered my eye lashes at him. I straddled him before leaning down to kiss him.

“I’ll be back.”, I purred as he kissed me.

I pulled back and ran out the door and down the stairs. I went out the back door and stalked along the side of the house. I could see Rick talking to the other Alexandrians before Pete showed up. He had Michonne’s weapon swinging it around as Reg attempted to stop him.

“Pete! You don’t wanna do that!”, Reg shouted.

“Get the hell away from me Reg.”, Pete warned.

“Pete just stop.”, Reg tried to reason with him.

“Get away…. Get away!!!”, Pete growled.

My eyes watered as the blade slid across Greg’s throat causing him to fall backwards. I held my breath as Pete was tackled to the ground held in place. Deanna cried as her husband took his last breath in her arms. She slowly looked up at Rick and said the two words that sealed Pete’s fate.

“Do it.”

Rick didn’t hesitate before putting a bullet in Pete’s head killing him instantly. A small cry was heard behind me and I turned to see Ron standing there.

“Ron..”, I whispered before he ran off.

I sighed before running a hand through my hair while walking back to my own house. I got in and fell to my knees letting the silent sobs leave my lips.

“Oh Ron.”, I said before falling on the couch letting myself drift to sleep.

The next morning I was out on my way to The Anderson’s place. I knocked softly and Jessie opened the door with a genuine smile. I could still see a lot of hurt behind that smile. She pulled me in for a hug and I gladly returned it.

“I know you’re here for Ron but he’s not here right now. He went for a walk a while ago.”, she told me before a few grunts were heard.

We exchanged looks before running towards the sound of the noise. When we arrive Ron and Carl were throwing punches at each other.

“Hey stop it!”, Jessie shouted and we pulled them apart.

They breathed heavily but continued glaring at each other as I ran a hand through my hair.

“What happened?”, I asked and Carl scoffed.

“Ask your boyfriend.”, he sneered.

“Ron?”, I questioned and he sighed.

“Just a misunderstanding. They shouldn’t be here.”, he spat and Carl chuckled.

“Everything was fine before you got here!”, Ron shouted and I pressed a hand to his chest.

“You call daily beatings and harassment being fine!? Your dad was an asshole who was too much of a coward to protect his family.”, Carl retorted with venom dripping off of each word.

“Fuck you.” Ron hissed before walking away.

“Ron. RON!”, I shouted grabbing his arm.

His arm swung back before my cheek began to sting. I shook as I brought a hand to my now red cheek.

“Ron!!”, Jessie screamed.

His face paled as I looked up at him with a mixture of anger and fear. He had never laid a hand on me in that way before.

“Y/N? Baby..”, he reached out for me but I quickly moved away.

“Don’t touch me.”, I spat running away from the group.

“Real smooth dude.”, Carl scoffed before running after me.

“Y/N!”, he shouted.

“Ron you don’t have many options right now. She loves you so don’t turn into your father now.”, Jessie warned before walking off as Sam came outside.

Its been two days since then. I still haven’t seen or talked to Ron. I sighed before grabbing my gun and a knife before making a break for the gate. I quickly climbed over seeing no know took notice of my retreating form. At least that’s what I thought. I walked through the forest watching for any walkers before I heard a leaf crunch behind me. I quickly moved up a tree to get some safe distance between me and whatever was following me. I pulled my pistol ready to shoot whoever it was before I let out a sigh. I stared down at Ron as he looked around not knowing I was in the tree.

“You could get hurt out here.”, I said and his attention turned to the tree.

“So could you. So makes no difference.”, he retorted.

“I can use a gun.”, I argued.

“I can try. I can learn to keep you safe.”, he replied.

“Yeah keeping me safe is something you could do. Like your dad was keep you all safe.”, I snapped and I could see his jaw clench.

He took a deep breath and looked around.

“Can we talk please.”, he asked and I slowly nodded.

I slowly moved down the tree before my feet hit the ground. I checked for walkers and Ron let out a sigh.

“Look Y/N. I’m sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have even let my hand go in your direction. If I had know you were standing that close I would have hit the wall. But you have to cut me some slack I just watched my dad get executed.”, he defended.

“Did you see your dad kill Reg?”, I asked and he looked at his feet.

“No. I didn’t catch that part.”, he said and I sighed.

“Reg is dead because your dad tried to kill someone. You lost your dad but Deanna lost her husband.”, I told him and he nodded.

“I know my dad was a bit of an ass. And so was I. But that no excuse to have hit you.”, he told me and I smiled a little.

He noticed and stepped slowly towards me grabbing my waist. He rested his head on my shoulder as fresh tear wet my shirt. I wrapped my arms around him letting his muscles relax. A soft groan was heard and we turned to see a walking coming towards us.

“Let’s go.”, I said pulling him back to the gate.

Once inside I grabbed his shirt and crashed my lips into his. He wasted no time kissing me back. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he pulled my waist bringing our bodies closer together. I opened my mouth letting his tongue explore as Jessie cleared her throat.

“I’m glad to see you two made up.”, she smiled.

He kissed my forehead as I wrapped my hands around his torso.

“I’m glad too.”

A/N- My first imagine for this blog. Feel free to ask and request away.

I kissed another boy and for the first time I did not pray for a taste of you when his lips met mine. And when his hands scorched bite marks onto my skin darling, I felt alive again. Don’t get me wrong now, you will always be the first boy who set me on fire as I stood with my arms open stretching, saying, “love me.” But here, with this boy who cannot resemble you even if he tried, I am starting to feel okay again as if the whispers of you are getting fainter and fainter still; I can almost hear myself saying “I am finally letting go of you.“
Operation ‘Get Allen Walker Under The Mistletoe’ is a Go

Pairing: Lavi/Allen Walker

Setting: ModernAU, flatmates at University. Lavi really likes Allen and really wants to kiss his stupidly pretty face and thinks Mistletoe is the best way to go about it.

Word Count: 4,007

This is my dgmsecretsanta for tintes-sirds @biiblio. Hello! I hope you like this short fanfic you mentioned wanting mistletoe kisses and I hope this is okay. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year uwu Also you changed your url or something I think so I hope this is you let me know if its not!

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please don’t leave me, he whispers
half in love
with your waxen kindness
inhaling smoke off the altar
where you’d chopped off
some old hurts.
too late now,
you think
the stain of this life’s become
too permanent
to wash off his skin;
spidering over his marble
(edge closer, 
feel how he shudders)
you take off his wings and
he blows through you, 
more forceful than any one god
adds purple
to your collarbones
matches sigh with sigh
palms a kiss
bleeds from his inner cheek
(he’d bitten back some words)
neither of you notice
the sky spitting curses and
bringing its fist down heavy;
demanding atonement.
it’s easier 
to fold your knees
and spread him thin
until there’s hardly any divinity left –

so you don’t leave him.
you gather up his trailing embers
and watch him dive
from all these

—   icarus of a milder persuasion // j.y.
“You’re being a douche.”

Request from anon: Can you do one where you and sammy as a couple do a thing where your only allowed to go to chick-fil-a together (Its your thing, as a couple). And after a fight he sees you go there with another boy? And you can take it from there, thanks love if you do make this one! ☺️💕


“Hey Y/N.” Sam walks in his apartment, sits down next to me on the couch kissing my cheek. “What are you doing?” He asks looking over a little at my phone as I lock my phone. “Just texting. What’s up? How was your day?” “Good. Got the last of my music finished.. Finally..” He smiles big. “Now, I have more time for you.” “Thank goodness.” He kiss him. “So, I was thinking, date night tomorrow?” “The usual?” “The usual!” “I’m there.” My phone rings from a text and I look at it, jumping up from excitement, basically running out the door, “See you tomorrow for date night Sam!” I hear him say, “Bye?” Before the door shuts behind me. 

“Hey, where are you?” Sam asks through the phone. “Almost there!” I said back, as I pulled into the parking lot of our usual spot for date night, Chick-Fil-A. I walked in, looking around the place where I spotted Sammy sitting there on his phone. I walk up and sit down across from him. “Sorry I’m late! I was busying doing something.” He just smiles at me and we start eating. We started talking about things, bringing back up memories from our first date we had here at Chick-Fil-A, laughing, having a good time. 

Towards to end of the date, my phone kept blowing up. But I just silencing the vibrate. I put my phone down and went to the bathroom real quick. When I came back, “Who’s Ryan?” I just looked at him, “Huh?” “Who the fuck is Ryan?” “Sam what are you talking about?” He pulls out my phone from his pocket, “Who the hell is Ryan and why is he blowing up your phone?!” I snatch my phone from his hand, “Did you just snoop through my phone?” I angrily ask. “Yes I did! Now who is Ryan? Why is he blowing up your phone asking you where you were, when will you be back, what’s the plan for later, should you guys go out to eat tonight or should he cook?” He kept listing the things Ryan texted me. “Sam,” “Are you cheating on me?” “What?” “Tell me if you’re cheating on me!” “Sam,” “You are!” “I’M NOT! OH MY GOODNESS!” I drag my hands down my face in frustration, “You’re being a douche right now!” “Why am I the bad guy in all of this? I’m the one being honest in this relationship, i’m not keeping secrets, i’m not cheating!!” “NO ONE’S CHEATING! But you WERE the one that snooped through my privacy!” “THERE IS NO PRIVACY IN RELATIONSHIPS!” He yells back, “Call me when you stop being a douche.” I grab my stuff and walk out. 

Sammy’s POV

“Haven’t seen her since.” “Yo dude, you just need to relax. You can’t always assume someone is cheating.” G says while he drives. “Yeah, and she’s probably mad at you because you looked through her phone. Those things are everything to girls. Without permission, you will get hurt. Trust.” He continued on. We were at a red light when we stopped talking about it. “Hey,” J said, “Isn’t that Y/N’s car right there?” J points out the window. We all turn our heads, “IT IS! G PULL IN PULL IN!” I yell to him as he pulls into the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. We all get out the car, and into the place. We all look around when Nate hits my arm, “Yo yo yo, over there!” He points to Y/N with a guy. 

My blood BOILS seeing her with another guy at our date place. I stomp my way to their table, “What the fuck is this?” She looks up at me, “Hey Sam.” She says sweetly. “Don’t try to act all innocent! You just got caught! What do you have to say for yourself? Why at OUR date place? WHY?!” “What are you talking about?” She questions. I turn to the guy, “Yo man, I’m Ryan.” He sticks out his hand but I swap it away. “Who the fuck do you think you are taking my girlfriend?” “Your girlfriend?? This is your boyfriend??” He looks at Y/N with a look. “Wow she was playing you both!” G says in the background. “Dang didn’t know you were like that Y/N.” Nate says disappointed. J just stays silent, speechless. “Well?” I cross my arms, “What do you have to say for your cheating self?” 

“Will everyone just relax for 2 minutes?!” “Why so you can think of an excuse? Or a valuable reason why you cheated?!” I scold at her. 

YOU’RE BEING A DOUCHE AGAIN! 2 MINUTES IS ALL I AM ASKING FOR SAM. HOLY CRAP!” The boys and I just stood there, arms crossed, pissed. 

“Relax,” She whispers to Ryan, “He’s not going to do anything to you.” She clears her throat and stands up from her chair, pulling Ryan next to her, “Ryan, this is Sam, my boyfriend.” “Ex..” I sneer out as she just rolls her eyes. “And you’re Ryan, the home wrecker.” “Sam, this is Ryan.. My younger cousin.” She says with straight face crossing her arms. “Yeah right this is your cousin.” Y/N and Ryan look at each other, taking out their wallets, showing me their IDs. “We have the same last names, we lived in the same city, me and him basically look like siblings, and if you want more proof would you like to see our baby pictures?” She said with an annoyed voice..

“This is … Baby Ryan.. You always talk about. You guys are 1 year apart from each other that’s why you guys are super close, people thought you guys were siblings. You told me 2 weeks ago, Baby Ryan was going to come visit soon and stay with you for a week or 2 to explore LA..” I said quietly, knowing I fucked up. “That would be him.” She said. “I’m Baby Ryan.” “Ohhhhhhhh,” All the boys said too. 

“Nice boyfriend you got there Y/N.” Ryan says pissed off. “Ex…” She sneers out making Ryan chuckle. “Babe, I’m-” “You’re being a douche.” “I’m being a douche.. I’m sorry. My fault Ryan. You know how it goes in relationships.” He just looks at me, “Do that again to my cousin and you will definitely be cut out the picture.” He spits out at me. I looked at Y/N with puppy dog eyes. “Pwease, i’m sowwwy.” She just rolls her eyes. “Whatever.” “We good Ryan?” I stick out my hand and he hesitates. “Only because Y/N speaks really highly of you and she’s so into you and that she says I would love you.. Yeah, we’re good.” He shakes my hand. “So, what are we talking about?” The guys and I try to pretend what happened didn’t, and pull up a chair to sit with them. 

“Y/N was going to take me to your guys’ concert tonight because she was oh so proud of you guys that she wanted me to be there and bring me along to experience it cause she said you guys put on a real good show.” Ryan said as Y/N gave us a face. We all just face palmed knowing we fucked up and that she’s a good girl.


“According to Norse mythology, Loki used the mistletoe plant to murder Balder by using an arrow tipped with–”
“According to present fact, I’m holding it over your head right now.”
“It’s also a partial parasite.  It can plant its roots in the bark of a tree and steal nourishment–”
“Fine, maybe the dog will kiss me.” 
“I didn’t say I wouldn’t–”
“You had your chance.  Next time, spare me the botany lectures.”  

Murder Husbands Christmas Part 6

Hannibal is @septimalshenanigans
Will is me