now you kiss and live happily ever after

✨ FrUk Valentine’s Day Gift ✨

France: OH England~ 🎶 I got you a little Valentine’s day present!!

England: W-what!?! Really?? You shouldn’t have…

France: But off course! You’re supposed to express your true feelings to your significant other on Valentines day, no? 😏

England: (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 

France: Well go on, open it up~ 💖

England: (opens gift box)….

England: how… thoughtful of you… 😐 😑 

France: I know, I’m so thoughtful and generous aren’t I 😘

England: Couldn’t agree more! Now every time I use these cups, the words will remind me of you and I’ll think of you everyday 😏 💋

France: I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you right now…

England: I love you too ~❤❤ 

✨ 💞 ✨ And They Lived Happily Ever After ✨ 💞 ✨

*art not mine*

~//~ FIN ~//~

Muke pt.2
  • Luke: Happy New year kitten,I
  • lov-
  • Michael: Oh shut up Luke Hemmings!
  • *they kiss*
  • Arzaylea: Lukey what are you doing?
  • Luke: Go away I have to kiss my boyfriend now,Arz-Ohw what's your name?I don't remember.
  • *she goes away*
  • Michael: I love you Robert
  • Luke: I love you too Gordon
  • Me: and they lived happily ever after(with the fans obv)

spock prime would be a subtle matchmaker, giving little hints and clues about potential and never quite telling the truth about what his Kirk meant to him

but kirk prime would come crashing in yelling “why the hell aren’t you two together yet??? what are you doinG??? look at this little baby spock, just look at him! look at his EARS! go kiss him. now. he’s your soul mate!! GO stop being idiots!”

Plushie Theater: Star Trek Into Darkness. (Or “after darkness”?)

“You must stay in the brig until you stand trial. Sorry…”

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(Khirk happens, no one is surprised. XD)

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Just a Scratch (His end of the deal) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Do you think you could make like a part two of Just A Scratch where Steve holds up his end after the battle. I think it’d be cute and banter like. Love your writing thank you!!

Here you go, love!  I managed to get one more story out today!  

Part 1

Looking down at your watch, you realized that you had been waiting for this guy for almost four hours. You should be soaking in your bath right now, not waiting for some guy that you don’t even know, dressed like an American flag.  What did you think was going to happen anyway?  You’d help stitch him up, kiss his boo-boos, get swept off your feet and live happily ever after?  Just go home.  He’s not coming back.  Wait, what if was injured after he left and can’t come back?  What if he came back but some one told him that you had already left?  What if he bled to death because he was too stupid to stay in the first place?  Seriously, go home.  Ok, ok, I’m going.  

Steve walked thru the ER doors, looking around the room for you.  His limp had worsened over the past few hours as he finished his duties with the Avengers.  In retrospect it may have been wiser to stay and get his wound taken care of the first time around.  Not seeing you, he approached the nurse’s station.

“Excuse me, ma’am?  Is there a nurse by the name of…of…” he had just realized that he never got your name.  “Um, a nurse with blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile, just generally perfect…um, is she working?”  He was certain his face was bright red now.  “I was here earlier and she told me to meet her here.”

The nurse was staring at him. Fumbling around the desk she looked for the schedule to see if you were still on.  Her voice conveyed her nervousness around such an attractive man. “W-well, let’s see.  If you’re talking about who I think you are, s-she should have left about…T-three and a half hours ago.  Sorry, sir.”

“Ok, well thank you.”  He turned to leave but quickly stopped, realizing a nearly missed opportunity.  “Could you tell me her name please?”

“My name is (Y/N).”  You stepped around the corner to see him.  He had changed his clothes, now looking much cleaner and much more relaxed that during your last visit.  “I was just beginning to think you weren’t gonna hold up your end of the deal, Mr. Rogers.”

Pointing him back to an exam room, he nodded and quickly followed.


“Alright, fella.  Let’s take a look.”  You gestured to an exam table.  “Drop the trousers.”

His face went pale at this, his expression was one of shock and uncertainty.  “Um, excuse me?  Don’t you think we should at least grab coffee first?”

You giggled, handing him a sheet to cover his legs.  “Come on, we’re at a first name basis already.  Don’t you think we’re past taking it slow?”  Turning, you leaned against the countertop, arms folded. “Let’s go, I’m on overtime here.”

Steve hastily removed his jeans and threw them to the floor.  He hopped onto the table, quickly throwing the sheet over his legs.

“Ok, so let’s get some quick information, is that alright?  First, I need your full name please.”

“Steven Grant Rogers”

“Date of birth?”

“July 4, 1918.”

Shocked, you nearly dropped the whole chart on the floor.  “I, um, I’m sorry, did I hear you right?”  

“Yes ma’am.”  He was amused at your completely confused reaction as you stood near motionless in front of him.  “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

“I bet.” you whispered. “So, let’s have the story behind this one while I consider getting a psychiatric consultation for you.”  I knew he was too good to be true.

He hadn’t realized he was holding his breath as he waited for your reaction; he sighed loudly as he spoke. “Ma’am, it’s a very long story.”

You sat on your exam chair and rolled up next to his gurney with your supplies ready.  “Well, Steve, you’re in luck.  Despite your fast healing, we’ve got some work to do on this leg. We’ve got plenty of time.”


You slapped your hand over your mouth as you laughed, hoping to muffle the amount of noise you were making.

“SHUT UP!  You did not!”

Steve was laughing now too, nodding his head as he finished the story.  “I’m not joking!  I thought the suit was waterproof!  It’s not totally my fault!”

As you uncovered your mouth and brought down your hand, your laughter died down, and you worked up the courage to lay it over his.  “You know, Steve, we’ve been done with that leg for almost two hours now.  I’m getting looks from staff, wondering why we’re still here.”

“Then let’s get outta here.” He hopped off the table, still holding your hand.  He took a few steps, testing his repaired leg.  “Very good, this will do nicely.”

Your brow furrowed a bit, wondering what he meant.  “What are you doing?”

“If you’re gonna sweep a lady off her feet, you need to be ready to carry her.”