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Sokovian cuddles

Anon request:

Hi there! I’m in love with your blog, and I know that there are a lot of specifically Pietro blogs, but I love your style, so I was wondering if you could do something of Pietro? Maybe it’s movie night and the reader never told anybody she liked to cuddle but Pietro kinda offers and he can’t stop staring at her and saying cute things then they fall asleep together all tangled. Idk I just need FLUFF!

A/N: I’ve changed the ‘never told anybody she liked to cuddle’ to ‘haven’t been cuddled for ages’ - I hope you still like it?

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none, this is pure sweet fluff.

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Another movie night, another rom-com on the agenda. How delightful, You thought to yourself. Everyone around you is either loved up or is having a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement. Meanwhile you’re stuck in the Avengers Tower, the rarest creature of them all - a singleton.

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I’m a sucker for when in Otayuri fics they come home from wherever, being impatient to get naked and fuck each other senseless BUT the fic writers never seem to consider the shoes they are wearing. Some of them forget the shoes completely and describe how they undress everything else and some say Yuri and Beka “kick them off in the hallway”. But now consider this: Otabek dressing like the cool boy he is and wearing really heavy black boots that make him look absolutely sexy but at the same time cling to him never wanting to let go. I’ve got such boots and you. Can’t. Get. Them. Off. So now imagine Otayuri coming home, being really desperate, touching and sucking and kissing and making their way to the bedroom, both shrugging off their jackets and tops and the Yuri just kicks off his shoes, ready to fling himself at Otabek once again only to find him kneeling on the floor trying to get those things off. That slows them down and frustrats them like nothing else and in the end (after 5 minutes of Otabek working on one shoe) they give up and Otabek fucks Yuri in cool black boots and they live happily ever after

The Princess And The Lost Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 944
Warnings: Fluff. Fluffy Lucifer. Something different.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @wolfgamzee. Prompt: Stuffed Animals / Quote: “Tell me a bedtime story.”

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The End

read on a03

Emma grabbed Killian’s hand under the table as she held him tightly. She had so much she wanted to say to him, so much of which she didn’t know how to form words about.

She felt like she was a mess inside, so much was racing through her mind and she didn’t know what to do.

“Are you alright, love?” Killian asked her softly, as he held her tightly in return, “Do you want to step outside for a moment.”

She nodded, as he read her mind. She needed a moment to gather her thoughts in the wake of the final battle, not having been able to comprehend entirely what it meant to her and for her happiness.

He made their excuses, before gathering her by placing an arm around her shoulders and leading her to the front of Granny’s where she had kissed him for the first time with the intention of pursuing a relationship with him. So much had seemingly changed since then, and she could barely process it all.

“What’s the matter, Love?” he asked her, seating her down beside him on the bench.

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D.Va: When I was kid my favorite story was The princess and the frog
Lúcio (kidding) to D.Va: Mine too! As a frog I wanted to find a princess to kiss but I’ve never met anyone of royalty
Genji: I was from royalty
Lúcio: So you were a prince?
Genji: Yep
Lúcio: We should kiss right now
Genji: WHAT
Lúcio: WHAT

✨ FrUk Valentine’s Day Gift ✨

France: OH England~ 🎶 I got you a little Valentine’s day present!!

England: W-what!?! Really?? You shouldn’t have…

France: But off course! You’re supposed to express your true feelings to your significant other on Valentines day, no? 😏

England: (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 

France: Well go on, open it up~ 💖

England: (opens gift box)….

England: how… thoughtful of you… 😐 😑 

France: I know, I’m so thoughtful and generous aren’t I 😘

England: Couldn’t agree more! Now every time I use these cups, the words will remind me of you and I’ll think of you everyday 😏 💋

France: I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you right now…

England: I love you too ~❤❤ 

✨ 💞 ✨ And They Lived Happily Ever After ✨ 💞 ✨

*art not mine*

~//~ FIN ~//~

Read It Wednesday

Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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(dean and cas finally alone together) dean: so uh cas, ive been meaning to ask about what you said in the barn before you know, died. cas: yes, i remember. dean: yeah well you dropped a pretty big bomb. "i love you"? cas: well i meant it, all of it. [dean somehow is sitting face to face with cas. he has a look cas has known very well, the look of longing yet he never pulls through. until now. dean goes in for the kiss and it was like the world stopped. dean winchester is kissing him... finally

And they lived happily ever after

Marichat Day 28: Kiss It Better

Marinette pulled the blanket tighter around her as the tapping continued. She could outlast him, that she was sure of.

“Marinette, please let me in,” Chat Noir pleaded, continuing the steady tap of his claws against the skylight.

“Go away, Chat,” she replied in a muffled growl. “I don’t want to see anyone right now.”

“My Lady…”

Marinette sat up at that and glared at him through the glass. Chat Noir stared right back at her. She huffed and crawled to the edge of the bed, flipping the lock. He quickly slid the skylight open and dropped down onto her bed. “Hi.”

“What do you want, Chat Noir?” Marinette asked, voice tired.

He frowned. “I wanted to check on you, make sure you’re okay.”

“Well, I’m not okay,” she grumbled.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I know it would be hard…if everyone knew who I am, it would mess things up too.”

“I just feel so stupid, you know? We’ve been doing this two years now and I haven’t told anyone, like, not even my best friend or my parents or…or you! And then suddenly everybody in Paris knows Ladybug is Marinette Dupain-Cheng all because I wasn’t fast enough.”

“Oh, Marinette,” Tikki sighed, floating up to the bed. “This is all my fault.”

“I don’t blame you, Tikki. I knew my time was limited but I wanted to follow that stupid butterfly. I just didn’t realize who was following me.”

“I wish you had told me what you were doing,” Chat Noir interjected. “You know I would’ve helped you.”

“It was spur of the moment. A really bad mistake.” She looked at him then. “Does it bother you to know who I am now? I mean…do you see me differently?”


“Oh.” Marinette looked down, blinking away the sting of tears that had been dwelling right below the surface since her reveal.

Chat Noir shook his head. “I didn’t…grrr, what I meant…” He stopped and took a deep breath. “Yes, I see you differently, but not in a bad way. I know you as Marinette and I know you as Ladybug.”

“Well, yeah, that’s not news, kitty.”

“Let me finish,” he said, narrowing his eyes. “I mean, civilian me knows you. We’re friends. So yeah, I had this picture of you in my head that has shifted a bit, but that isn’t a bad thing.” He smiled at her then. “Actually, I’ve had a crush on you for a while now so it’s really only doubled.”

Marinette felt her cheeks warm. “Crush…me?”

“Come on, Bugaboo, you know I’m head over heels for you. That’s not a secret.” He shifted. “Actually I had this big plan to come here today and confess my feelings to you and then kiss you while I was transforming and then we would live happily ever after as Cat and Bug.”

Marinette couldn’t stop the laugh that forced its way out. “You are so incredibly dramatic.”

Chat Noir’s ears drooped. “So is that a no on the kiss?”

It had been a bad couple of days. Marinette had failed in her plan to follow a cleansed akuma back to Hawk Moth. Her Miraculous had worn out and her identity had been revealed to not one, but three of the reporters following her. She hadn’t been back to school for fear of how everyone would treat her. And here was her sweet Chat Noir, her loyal partner, who was asking if he could kiss her now that he knew she was Ladybug and Marinette.

“Kiss me, Chaton. Make it all better.”

I Dare You To Kiss Him


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Attracted To The Enemy (Part 4)

[Gang AU] [ Warning: Violence + Language + Suggestive ]

You wanted to keep your eyes open but struggled. At the moment your eyelids seemed to weigh more than you. Even as you felt life coming to an end your biggest concern was Jay. You starred at your hand as he wrapped his own around it. “Sorry…” you were able to whisper, the last thing you wanted was to die a liar. “…I didn’t tell you.”

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belictioner-tothemax  asked:

Hi! I recently followed you and I love your imagines😄❤ I was wondering if you'd do one where the reader has to tell Sam, Dean or Cas (you choose who) that they are pregnant? And then maybe skip to when the baby is born?

AWW Thank you so much, your an angel! 

I couldn’t decide between those 3 dorks so I wrote for all 3, hope you like it!



You’d know for about 2 weeks that you were pregnant with Cas’ child and you had finally gotten the courage to finally tell him, he had already become suspicious of you unusual behaviour and every now and then ask is everything okay or if you’re not feeling well.

“Cas theres something I need to tell you” He takes a seat next to you a bit nervous, he knew you were about to say something very important.

“Is everything okay (Name)?” He places his hand over yours and slowly rubs it.

“I’m pregnant” His eyes widened and became completely speechless. It took him about a minute to finally reply.

“I’ve known for quiet some time” You should have known Cas would sense it, he is an angel after all.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” You could feel the tears form.

“Honestly I scared at first, but then I realised how difficult it must have been for you so I waited until you were finally ready to talk about it and I’m so happy”

“You are?” He slowly wiped away the tears that streamed down your face and pulled you into a warm hug.

“Why wouldn’t I be? You carrying my child, I must be the most luckiest angel in the whole entire universe”


“Congratulations Ma’am, It’s a boy!” The nurse carefully handed your newborn son, his eyes were shut and he’d occasionally wave his hands about making both you and Cas giggle.

“Uncle Dean is here” Dean and Sam walk in with a bunch of flowers.

“Aww it’s a mini Cas” Sam says shaking the baby’s hand

“Hold him Cas” You carefully give the child to Cas who seemed extremely nervous.

“He’s so small” Cas says as the baby raises his tiny hands onto his face.


Sam Winchester 

You had just taken a pregnancy test and left completely dumbfounded, it was clean positive with the test in hand you made your way out of the bathroom only to walk into Sam.

“Hey, you okay?” He asks

“Ehh yeah…” you avoided eye contact as you answered and did you best to hide the pregnancy test, you were planning to go tell him but now that he was here it seemed a lot harder than anticipated.

“What are you hiding?” ‘Damn it’ You slowly opened you hand in front of him showing the pregnancy test. “Your pregnant?” he placed his hands on your cheeks and softly caressed them.

“Yeah” tears start to fall on your face and Sam slowly wiped them away.

“Oh god, I can’t believe it, we’re going to be parents!” He places a kiss onto your lips


“And they lived happily ever after” Sam quietly says whilst softly closing the story book, making the least sound as possible.

“Sweet dreams princesses” He whispers whilst placing a kiss on both his daughter’s heads and then quietly making his way back towards his room where you were waiting.

“They asleep?” You ask pulling him into a hug.

“Yes, Mission accomplished Ma’am"


Dean Winchester 

“Babe we’re headed to out to get some drinks, you coming?” Dean asks walking into your shared bathroom.

“No, I’m a bit tired so..” you could feel yourself slowly loose consciousness but before you hit the ground Dean had quickly reacted and caught you.

“(NAME)! Damn it, stay with me!” Hey says whilst picking you up your unconscious body. Not long after you start to wake up and can hear both Dean and Cas’ voice’s.

“Your awake, oh thank god!” Dean places a kiss on your forehead and runs his hand through you (h/c) hair.

“What happened?” You asks as you slowly sit up with Dean’s help,

“You passed out, Cas used his angel mojo but couldn’t find anything wrong”

“That’s because there isn’t anything wrong” He raised a brow at your answer.

“Then how com-“ You interrupt him without giving him a chance to complete his question.

“I’m pregnant”

“Your what?”

“Dean Winchester, I am pregnant with your child”  

“Oh my god this…this is amazing! I’m gonna be a dad?” He picks you up and spins you around in his arms.  


“Say DADDY” Dean says to his newborn daughter who was more interested in hitting his face with her rattle.

“Oh rejections gotta hurt” You say taking the baby from him.

“She’ll come around” He say wrapping his arm around your waist.

“Ma…ma” Both you and Dean were left speechless, your daughter had finally said her first words and you two had never been more happier.

Nesta + Cassian = Kiara + Kovu

Cassian doing everything in his power to irk/tease Nesta. And he always has a knack for being in places where she leasts expects which causes Nesta to struggle with composing herself.

Nesta trying to surprise attack Cassian during training, but she is still a novice leading to some embarrassing falls as he leans over her and quirks a brow as if to say “Is that all you got sweetheart?”

Suriel coming in trying to push them together since there meant for each other. “Now KISS! The fans (and I) want to see you two release all that sexual tension!”

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You know, one part of me hopes that in season 8 Ian will realize what’s he’s done and say “peace out fam” and travel to Mexico, find Mickey, kiss him 10000000 times and live happily ever after with his soulmate. 

Then the other, more cruel part of me hopes that Ian will travel to Mexico, find Mickey and get the surprise of his lifetime when Mickey yells in his face “TOO FUCKING LATE GALLAGHER! I NOW HAVE 5 FUCKING BOYFRIENDS WHO TELL ME THEY LOVE ME EVERYDAY AND KISS MY BOO-BOO’S AND WIPE AWAY MY TEARS AND FUCK ME A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN YOU EVER DID. ADIOS MOTHERFUCKER!”

Gravity | Dean x Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,664

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Demon!Dean

A/N: I got this idea from this song. Flashbacks in italics. Some parts are from episode 10x03

❝You love me You hate me
You kiss me You break me
You lifted me up just to watch as you dropped me
You promised me – looked me straight in the eyes
No matter what you say – I don’t know the truth from the lies
I held you up like I always do
I forgave you for your sins and I carried you through
No matter how hard we fall
We always knew
You will bleed for me, and I will bleed for you❞

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Jackcrutchie with the Jesse/Crutchie theory????? Maybe with like Jack finding out about Jesse/Crutchie being immortal??

Hello, anon. Were you wanting something angsty and sad? Oh, good. ‘Cuz you got something angsty and sad.

Jesse stiffened when he woke up. Whose arms were around him? Who was touching him? What was– He paused, recognizing the familiar snoring. Jack. Jesse sighed, cursing softly. He had hoped that Jack wouldn’t have wanted to sleep together last night. It would make it all the more difficult to escape without alerting Jack of his attentions.

Slowly, Jesse extricated himself from Jack’s arms. He was dismayed at just how much colder it was away from Jack and Jesse was half-tempted to just lay back down and curl up against Jack. But, he couldn’t do that. Today was the day that he had been waiting for for years. Six, to be exact. And Jesse wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

“Crutch? What’re ya doin’? The bell ain’t rung yet; come lay back down.”

Jesse froze at Jack’s sleep-slurred words. He had hoped to have been on a train to New Hampshire before Jack even woke up. Jesse knew that he should have gotten up earlier, but it had been so nice to just lay in Jack’s arms and now he would suffer the consequences of his own personal weaknesses. “Jack, I– I gotta go.”

“You can wait. The sun ain’t even up. What’re ya gonna do? Just stand by the gate for eternity?”

Jesse snorted. “You don’t know nothing about eternity…” He shook his head, before continuing, “No, Jack, I really gotta go. I– I promised someone…”

Jack sat up. He slung an arm around Jesse’s shoulders. “Okay, then, I’ll come along. Where you gotta get yourself to? Please tell me you’re not meeting up from someone in the Bronx. I can’t stand those kids.”

“No, it’s… farther. I gotta get back to New Hampshire.”

“You’ve been to New Hampshire?” Jack asked in surprise.

Jesse smiled weakly. “I’ve been a lotta places,” he admitted. For years, he had wanted to tell Jack the truth, tell him everything, but he couldn’t. It hurt, knowing that he would just have to leave and Jack would die and they would probably never see each other again. Now, however, the words crowded the tip of his tongue, fighting for recognition, for someone beyond Winnie and his family to understand. “I… Jack, I gotta tell you a secret.”

Jack nodded, pulling Jesse close. “Of course, Crutch. What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t die,” Jesse blurted out. With that sudden truth, every other word seemed to tumble out of his mouth, without his own volition. “I can’t die and neither can my family. Oh, I got a family. I got a Ma and a Pa and an older brother. His name is Miles. Uh, my name is Jesse. I lied when I said I didn’t have one. I like Crutchie mighty fine, but my real name is Jesse. And I can’t die. And…” Jesse hesitated. This truth seemed sharper. “And, I ain’t ever needed that crutch. It was just… a disguise.”

“You was faking?” Jack asked

Jesse could detect no maliciousness in the tone, so he nodded. “Yeah. I needed a new life. Just for a couple years. Just until I could go back.” 

Jack gently kissed Jesse’s forehead. “That’s okay. I love you no matter what your name or your story is.”

“I…” Jesse stumbled. “I–I…” Suddenly, he couldn’t seem to get the words out. He did love Jack, didn’t he? Except, for some reason, all he could picture was Winnie Foster. She would be seventeen now. She would drink from the Spring. They would live together, forever. Happily ever after. Jack’s arms around him burned and Jesse pushed out of the hug. He stood up and started pacing, not even bothering to use his familiar crutch anymore.

“You… you really can walk just fine.”

Jesse was caught off guard. “Oh, yeah,” he said, glancing down at his perfectly good legs. “I guess that’s one of the perks of immortality. You can’t really get hurt.”

“So… you’re immortal?” Jack asked.

“Yeah,” Jesse said, but he could tell that Jack didn’t truly believe him. No one ever believed him. Winnie believed him.

“That’s… How? How are you immortal?”

“Jack, this really doesn’t matter right now. I’m going, okay? I don’t think I’ll ever be coming back.”

“And, like I said, I’ll be coming along.”

Jesse shook his head. “No, Jack, I really don’t think you should come.”

“Why not?”

He hesitated for a moment. The truth was edging against his tongue, clacking against his teeth. Just opening his mouth would release a deluge of words that Jesse just didn’t want to deal with right now. Jack watched Jesse patiently, waiting for an answer. “I… I don’t want you to come because I’m going to go meet up with the girl I love.”

There. It was out in the open. The words hung between Jesse and Jack, heavy and obtuse. Jack’s face registered surprise, before all emotion was wiped away. Jesse looked away as Jack asked, “You… You’re going back to find a girl?”

“Yeah, but, Jack, please understand. I’ve been stuck on this stupid planet for 108 years. And I finally found someone. I finally found someone. We had to wait until she was seventeen, the same age as me,” Jesse sang softly, trailing off. When he spoke again, the words were even quieter. “We’re gonna get married, Jack. I-I love her.”

“What about me? Don’t you love me?”

“Jack, I… Of course, I do, but Winnie…”

Jack snorted, roughly jerking his hands through his hair. “I was an idiot,” he muttered. “I never shoulda… You played me. Did you ever care? Did you ever care what I thought? Or was this always just about you?” Jack demanded.

Jesse shoulders slumped. Miles’ words from earlier, about how he was always selfish, swirled around his head. “I-I’m sorry, Jack. I did love you. I do, still. But… do you believe in soulmates?”

“I thought I did,” Jack muttered. His eyes shot up to Jesse’s, dark obsidian. “But, I guess that ain’t true.”

“No, Jack, you gotta understand. Winnie–”

“I don’t care,” Jack bit out. “Go, find your perfect girl. Get married, have a passel of kids. See if I care. Just don’t come back.”

“Jack,” Jesse tried again, but Jack waved him away. Jesse recognized that he was no longer wanted and started for the ladder off of the roof. “Jack, I do love you. I just…” Jesse trailed off, not knowing what he could say. He tapped the top of the ladder twice, before shaking his head and continuing down. He left the crutch with Jack.

Jesse felt as if his heart had been ripped, still beating from his chest. Winnie didn’t remember him. Or if she did, she didn’t care. She was getting married to the stupid little detective. Hugo, or something. She was just as beautiful as ever, but that smile that Jesse had fallen in love with, was focused on Hugo, not him.

Jesse turned away quickly, not sure where he was going. He wanted more than anything, to return to Jack, who actually loved him. But, he couldn’t. Jack had told him as much. Jesse contemplated if there was any way that he could explain to Jack just how sorry and how wrong he had been. He snorted, ignoring the tears that pricked at the back of his eyes. Jesse knew the answer to that. It was in Jack’s hardened eyes, in his shaking voice. 

He could never return.

Once again, Jesse Tuck was alone.

AN: If you guys really like this one, let me know. I’m considering a Part 2.

Jinyoung Imagine - Wedding Song

A/N - A request from a lovely anon~ Sorry it took so long to get this request written up! Hope you all enjoy.

…Okay, so I keep on telling my cousin that I want those songs to be played at my wedding someday. Of course, I was half-joking because as much as I want to it would kind of weird because my husband-to-be is definitely not going to be a beast. Would you make a Jinyoung scenario for me instead where he surprises his bride by using either “Beauty and the Beast” and/or “Something There” as a song for their first dance as husband and wife or something like that?

The whole day had felt so surreal. You were wearing a gorgeous white dress, your hair and makeup had been styled to perfection and the day was just going perfectly. Today was the day you had gotten married to your long term boyfriend, Jinyoung. He was like your own fairytale prince, just like in the movies you grew up watching. Throughout your relationship, the two of you had shared cute nicknames but the ones that always stuck were ‘prince’ and ‘princess’. Jinyoung really treated you like royalty and so you did the same to him. Your cute regal nicknames had begun the moment Jinyoung saw how much you loved Disney, particularly Beauty and the Beast. That film had really shaped your relationship and helped the two of you to grow closer. Some of your best memories with him were spent singing the soundtrack in your shared kitchen or on holiday in one of the Disney parks, seeing the live stage show. There was nothing much you loved more than Jinyoung and that film.

The wedding reception had quickly begun and both you and Jinyoung were greeting old friends and family members, struggling to keep track of everyone there. So many people had come to celebrate your marriage and it warmed your heart to see it all. If it wasn’t for the immaculate makeup on your face, you’d have probably been crying by now with how happy and emotional you felt. Jinyoung was stood beside you, watching as everyone danced and chatted with each other. His hand had barely left your waist all day and you could tell he wasn’t planning on changing that anytime soon.
“Today has been the best day of my life,” Jinyoung confessed, turning his gaze to you. The smile that graced his face was beautiful and radiant.
“Me too. I can’t believe we’re actually married now, Jinyoung.”
“My beautiful princess is finally my wife.”
“And my handsome prince is now my husband.” The two of you leaned in for a loving kiss that was soon interrupted by the sounds of a familiar song being played.

The opening notes of Beauty and the Beast rang out and the lights went dim, save for a few spotlights that focused on you and your husband. He stepped forward, his hand reached out to yours, signalling for you to follow him onto the dance floor. Then you began to dance to the beautiful music that played, emotions quickly rising. This song had shaped your relationship and meant so much to you and the look on Jinyoung’s face told you he had been planning this all along. The two of you danced around, completely lost in each other while your friends and family members watched, some of them teary-eyed like yourself and Jinyoung. Once the song was over, everyone clapped and cheered at your beautiful first dance as husband and wife. Jinyoung leaned in to kiss you again, unable to get enough of you now that you had both sworn to love each other for the rest of your lives. The night was magical and really felt like you had found your own happily ever after.

Christmas Time

Alexander x Reader

“Stop staring at him like that or he’s going to find out that you have a giant crush on him,” Hercules whispered to you.

You immediately looked away from Alexander and stared at your feet.

“Sorry,” you told him.

Hercules rolled his eyes.

“Come on man just tell him that you like him already!” He whisper shouted at you.

“I can’t do that!” you replied harshly.

“Come on Y/n, it’s Christmas! Right now would be the best time to tell him. Why can’t you tell him?”

“Because he probably doesn’t feel the same way,” you told him sorrowfully. He scoffed.

“Oh please,” he told you. “I swear that the two of you had been making heart eyes at each other since the third grade.”

“Whatcha two whispering about!” Alexander yelled across the room.

“You!” Hercules yelled back before you could say anything. “Y/N has something to tell you! Go out into the kitchen.”

He shoved the two of you into the kitchen and ran off.

“Is everything okay Y/N?”

“Uhm…yeah of course why wouldn’t it be?” you asked nervously.

“It’s just that Herc said that you had something to tell me?”


“Alright this is taking too much of our Christmas time,” John said walking into the kitchen. “Y/N likes Alex, Alex likes Y/N. Now you can kiss, date, have a little fun if you know what I mean, marry and live happily ever after. Thank you and goodbye.”

Alex stared at you with wide eyes as John walked out of the kitchen

“Is it true Y/N?”

You looked at the ground and nodded.

“Yes it’s true. I just didn’t think that you liked me.”

He was silent for a moment before pulling you into him. He pressed a soft kiss to your lips, pushing every ounce of love that he felt onto you.

“I thought it was obvious Y/N.”


“I love you too.”