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can you do identity porn for leverage? like not porn porn specifically, i just absolutely LOVE the drama of people falling in love with each others' alter egos. alternatively, a superhero au? ur my fave anyway omfg ilysm

(Identity porn is one of my favorite things! Sorry if the end of this is a little rushed, I’ve got unexpected plans and I wanted to get this out before they happened.)

Eliot doesn’t read blogs. He doesn’t spend much time on the internet at all—better things to do with his time. There are a few of his old buddies who like to stay in touch, and a few burner e-mails are safer than a long-term phone, so he likes to have a connection, but he doesn’t surf around looking for something to waste his time unless he’s trying to put people around him at ease.

He finds Casing the World when he’s on a stake-out in a coffee shop with a nosy older man sitting near him, peering at his screen like maybe Eliot’s one of the three aspiring novelists sitting around in the shop. It’s a stupid blog title, but it came up when he searched for landmarks in Istanbul, the first thing that came to mind, and once he starts reading, it’s interesting.

The first entry he finds is a bunch of beautiful pictures of the Hagia Sofia and a few other landmarks, taken from unexpected angles that Eliot is almost sure mean the photographer wasn’t in the public parts, and a long and technical explanation about how people would have broken in throughout history. It’s accurate enough to make him look at another entry, and another.

They’re all too accurate—mostly, they focus on historical ways of doing crime, but some of them are close to a blueprint for a break-in, and Eliot is amazed the author hasn’t been arrested yet.

Eventually, he finds the first entry, where the blogger, who only gives her name as P, says her boyfriend set her up with the blog, and links over to another one.

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ToA Special Fan Disc - skit #2
  • Luke: Mmh...
  • Guy: What's wrong, Luke?
  • Mieu: Master?
  • Luke: My head hurts...
  • Guy: Those headaches again?
  • Luke: Seems a bit different. Besides, my throat feels sore and I'm shivering.
  • Guy: Hey, those are all symptoms of a cold.
  • Mieu: Oh no! Please, you have to rest now!
  • Luke: It's not that bad. It'll go away on its own.
  • Guy: No, a cold may lead to all kind of diseases. You'd better see a doctor.
  • Luke: I don't need that! Look, I'm fine now! See? One, two, one, two, one, two, three--
  • Guy: Luke! I know you don't like pills and shots, but you're not a kid anymore. Let's go see a doctor now.
  • Luke: I don't wanna!
  • Guy: There, come.
  • Luke: Stop it.
  • Mieu: Mieu~
  • Jade: Oh? Did anyone call me?
  • Luke&Guy&Mieu: Whoa!
  • Luke: What's with the outfit?
  • Jade: You don't get it?
  • Luke: You're not playing doctor, are you?
  • Jade: Oh, but I am.
  • Guy: Sorry for asking, sir, but... do you have a license?
  • Jade: I believe I do. So, Luke, let me examine you.
  • Mieu: That's great, Master! We can relax now!
  • Luke: No we can't! We don't know what he'll do to me if I let him examine me!
  • Guy: T-True...
  • Jade: Oh, you shouldn't say that. I am quite sure of my skills. Anyway, I shall examine you now.
  • Luke: No!
  • Mieu: Ah, Master!
  • Anise: Ah, Luke!
  • Luke: Whoa!
  • Anise: I found Asch walking around aimlessly, so I caught him!
  • Guy: C-Caught?
  • Asch: Let go of me!
  • Mieu: Mieu? It seems like Asch is pale too.
  • Guy: You're right. What's wrong?
  • Asch: Nothing... *cough cough*
  • Luke: *cough cough* Hey! Don't tell me that the reason I'm not feeling well is because your cold is affecting me?
  • Asch: Like hell! I'm not weak like you! This is noth-- *cough cough*
  • Luke: *cough cough* Don't say that! Do someth-- *cough cough*
  • Asch: *cough cough*
  • Luke: *cough cough*
  • Guy: They both really have a bad cold.
  • Mieu: Master and Asch look in pain.
  • Jade: So it's my turn to act, after all. Anise~
  • Anise: Heeere! What is it, Colonel?
  • Jade: Could you hold them still?
  • Anise: Of course! Leave-it-to-me! Tokunaga will do that for us!
  • Luke: H-Hey, Jade?
  • Asch: What are you planning to do?
  • Jade: Why, I will cure your cold in one try with this special medicine I have prepared myself.
  • Luke&Asch: Huh!
  • Jade: Don't worry, there are no secondary effects... I think.
  • Luke&Asch: Liar!
  • Anise: Right~ The patients should stay still~
  • Asch: Let me go, you--
  • Anise: It will be over soon~
  • Luke: Uwah!
  • Jade: This will sting a little.
  • Luke&Asch: Gyaaah!
  • Luke: Asch, you take the shot first!
  • Asch: No way! You do it, dreck!
  • Luke: Aren't you not weak like me? Are you just all talk?
  • Asch: I'm not! Fine! Hey, if you want to prick me, then bring it on!
  • Jade: May I?
  • Anise: How long are you going to keep this up?
  • Guy: I... I hope it'll cure their cold.
  • Mieu: I prefer Master when he's healthy.
  • Luke: Haaa...
  • Asch: Uuuh...
  • Luke: All it did is make me feel worse, dammit!
  • Asch: Dammit!
  • Jade: Heheh♥

Hey guys, I’m sorry to announce this, but I am no longer going to run ask blogs. I’m feeling like I’m letting you guys down by never updated, and I’m never motivated to update anymore. Despite these recent downs, I thank you for all the years you guys have been a part of my ask blogging experience! I hope you guys have enjoyed working on these blogs with me.

Arthur may show up later in the future, but that is still TBA for now. For now, so long! We’ll have another adventure in the future! If you ever want to stop by and say hello, I’m always over at owynsama. I’ll see you all later!

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Tfw you break up with your gf because you don't like her anymore and her friends get mad and force you guys back together against your wills and breaking up the second time is even harder now that she's attached more than ever.

You have a very odd definition of “friend” there. Also, ultimately, it’s your choice in the end. Tell your “friends” to go fuck themselves, seriously. Find some new ones at that, this lot clearly don’t give a flying fuck about you. 

- Dorito Mod

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Louis has literally dropped so much weight that I do not understand how people still see any curves left on him?? His skinny jeans which are suppose to be tight practically fall off of him now. I know it's taboo to act like he's not too thin but he sure looks underweight to me . I miss him with muscle tone, he just never looks healthy anymore I'm sorry . If you say this though here you're considered projecting, dramatic, or hateful. But like ...I guess I can't get how people don't see it ???

one day I’ll have a lot of free time and make a post about louis’ body through the years because you guys send me asks like this so much and I have trouble understanding them.

yeah, he is thinner now then he was before. but he’s also a person whose weight fluctuates a lot and it’s a real thing. people lose/gain weight when they’re stressed, and people also lose/gain weight when faced with changes in their lives etc. I’m not a doctor so I’m not the best person to talk about this and I can talk only from my own experience but for example, when I have exams and that’s usually 3x a year, I always gain weight. and then I drop it as soon as I’m back to my regular ways. I assume louis would be the person to not eat as much and drop weight while faced with stgh like that.

what I don’t understand is - how can you see him and think he’s unhealthy? he is tiny, but his frame is naturally like that, he’s built like that. he’s petite, yeah, but his body is firm as well, and he looks incredible if you ask me. he was standing right in front of me in sheffield and I saw zero signs of him being underweight and he was the same weight he is now.

Bang, Who is Too Overbearing - The Sequel
  • The next day...
  • Saitama and Genos are hanging out at the apartment when they hear a knocking on their door.
  • Saitama: Genos, are we expecting anyone today?
  • Genos: No, Sensei. My senses tell me it's Silver Fang.
  • Saitama: Bang? What's he want?
  • Genos: *gets the door* Hello, Silver Fang. What is it?
  • Bang: Hello, Genos. Hello, Saitama.
  • Saitama: *now standing behind Genos* What's up?
  • Bang: I was wondering if you'd given anymore thought to joining my dojo?
  • Saitama: No thanks. *shuts the door on Bang*
  • ***************
  • The next day...
  • Saitama and Genos are out and about enjoying the park when Bang suddenly appears in front of them.
  • Bang: Hello again, Saitama, Genos. Have you given anymore thought to joining my dojo?
  • Saitama: No, but that guy *points over Bang's shoulder* was asking about it earlier.
  • Bang: *turns around* Oh, where? I don't see anyone.
  • Silence, as Genos and Saitama had already left.
  • ***************
  • Two days later...
  • Saitama and Genos are coming home from a sale, bags being carried home.
  • Genos: Sensei, I believe that Silver Fang-
  • Saitama: I know. Since the ramen aisle.
  • Bang: *swifts from behind them to in front of them before they can even blink* Hello again! Have you-
  • Saitama: No. *leaves with Genos, Bang's eyebrow twitching*
  • ***************
  • Saitama is reading in his living room when he hears a tapping on his balcony doors.
  • Bang: Saitama, would you consider-
  • Saitama: *pulls the cord to have curtains swing over the doors* No.
  • ***************
  • Saitama, waving off monster guts right after his signature punch: No.
  • Bang: I haven't even-
  • Saitama: No.
  • ***************
  • Saitama: No.
  • Bang: *hanging off the edge of the building Saitama was eating on top of* But would you-
  • Saitama: *nudges Bang's fingers off the building* No!
  • Bang: *landing on his feet like a cat* Another time then!
  • ***************
  • Saitama and Genos are on their balcony, giving each other gentle kisses when there's the sound of an indignant squawk overhead on the balcony above them.
  • Saitama: *hardboiled face* Bang, I swear that if you don't leave in the next ten seconds I'll punch your mountain.
  • Bang: O-Of course! I'll just be waiting, if you ever change your mind about my dojo. *swiftly leaves*
  • Genos: *internal fans purring* Would you really?
  • Saitama: *pulls him closer and asks jokingly* Why, does that turn you on?
  • Genos: A lot, yes.
  • Saitama: Goddamnit, Genos.

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Aislinn barely held back a groan she was sore and beat to hell. The mission had run long and the guys she had gone after had been a little bit better trained then originally thought. She unlocked the door dropping her bag trudging towards her room.

John had given up well not really given up, he’d been told to stay put, in the apartment that Aislinn would be back in 2 weeks.  almost a month later he was still here, and still very much alone, and out of clean clothes and he’d eaten the last bit of chex cereal yesterday,  he hates that dry as shit anyways.  So right now he’s standing in front of the fridge, with a bottle of wine in one hand, while munching on Bac-o’s,  The first question you have to ask yourself is,  where did the bottle of wine come from, the second is, why is he only wearing Boxers.   He doesn’t even pull his gaze away from the fridge, when the front door opens.   Maybe its that murder guy whose been on the news lately. 

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I'm so sorry for attacking the Larries. This baby thing is complete bullshit. I've had my doubts for a while but I just refused to accept the truth staring straight at me. I didn't want to admit that I was wrong and you guys were right. But now it's getting too much and ridiculous. The more they push this baby thing, the more fake it gets. Louis' happiness comes first for me and I can't keep denying his obvious discomfort anymore. I don't ship Larry but I have to say this baby thing is a lie.

I’m glad you see it now. Thanks for sending this message.

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hi, i really like this guy. ive liked him for about three months and we always used to hold hands and hug each other and he'd say "you're the only one for me" and stuff like that, but my friend asked him does he have feelings for me and he said no and now he's being v distant like not even talking to me anymore distant. we don't even make eye contact anymore :( any advice bc i like him a lot and it's frustrating!

I know it’s frustrating, but if you wanna talk to him then you have to initiate conversation.