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hello hey hey hello eyy

i thought i might do a little update since it’s err.. i have a little energy left before bed

university is giving me a super hard time and sucking all the energy i have for drawing/posting/being active in a nutshell

i’m super thankful for the people in my life who back me up, for the fact itself that i have people in my life to fall back on ( thank you senpain for constantly being there *clap clap* your patience is priceless)

also thank you everyone who sticks around :’) honestly i was expecting you all - can i call you friends, its weird to say followers- you all friends to unfollow my inconsequential ass :’’) 

i want to offer more to this blog but as i am right now.. i don’t feel like i have something worthy of offering - i just wish with all my heart to get in a better phase of my life so i could just draw

haha wow this became a rant

anyhoo please have this..old..super sketchy…CG redraw of yoosungie - remembered i made it after i saw @itscutiepieyoosung dedicating a moment of silence to it and damn did i agree lmao

i drew it at an early stage of mysme syndrome, ahh i was happily in love and and angry he didnt have a damn nose : ) look now he has a cute one!! *boop it boop boop*

that’s all folks!! i hope you have a super duper day/night! *fingerguns wink wink*

Thank you!

So, it’s that time again!

I originally intended to wait longer with my next post like this, but then again I’d only have waited because I would want to avoid having to face my shyness by doing this here. So, instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead with this number.

I have reached another number, that will be mentioned once but only below the cut for those that don’t like people talking about their amount of followers.

This is incredibly hard for me, but I had big plans for my next post and I intend to stick to those plans. It will get very long below the cut, so be warned when you click.

Short version:

Thank you all for following me and thus being interested in my Star and/or my writing!

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smolsammich  asked:

Im praying to crossfit jesus that you have played Miitopia.

Your prayers have been answered because I do play this game! Quite a bit actually… *cough I’m nearly 70 hours in cough* But yeah, my team right now consists of a Princess (Seth) and 3 Macho Flower Bodyguards (Roman, Dean and Renee) :D

Unknown Mafia AU! Part 4

(If I haven’t mention before I’ll mention now, this series will contain swearing, some mention of sexual theme and possibly some sensitive theme. Read at your own risk.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

‘When do you think she’ll wake up?’ “What do I look like? A psychic!?” “Will you two shut up!” A Pause. “Damn man you don’t gotta yell.” “For the love of god Jungkook shut the hell up!”

Why can’t they all shut up?’ Y/N thought to herself while trying to open her eyes. ’Wait, where am I? And why am I on the floor.’ That’s when she remembered; Her running, her being grabbed and her falling unconscious. She definitely not home.

“Hey she’s waking up!” “Jimin go get the boss.” Y/N heard stumping going up the stairs. 'I’m in a basement?’ Finally she was able to open her eyes and took in her surrounding. It was dark with a light bulb dimly lighting up the place but she was able to make out two silhouettes. “Rise and shine princess, the boss was waiting for you to wake up.” Said the taller of the two. Y/N moved away as the silhouette got closer to her. “Who are you!? Where am I!? Why am I here!?” She panicked. “You ask way to much questions.” Said the other. “But don’t worry, boss will explain everything to you.” 'Who is this boss they speak of? Is he that creep that grabbed me!?’

“I’m not a creep sweetheart, I’m more of an admirer.” Said the same deep and husky voice she heard before. Y/N covered her mouth when she realized she said that out loud. The 'boss’ walked towards her waving the two men with her to leave. She looked at him in anger, still not able to see his face. “Who are you people!? What do you want from me!?” She yelled. The man chuckled “it’s funny how your attitude changed towards me.” She frowned “What the hell are you talking about?” Even though Y/N can’t see his face, she can tell that his smirked dropped. “Don’t swear love.” “Who are you to tell me what to do? And don’t fucking call me that you creep.” Y/N sounded confident but once he moved closer to her she lost that façade and moved away. 'His smirked is back’ she thought. “You’re all talk sweetheart, I know you’re scared but you don’t need to. You’re safe here with me.” He said.

“You still haven’t answered my question. What do you mean by my 'attitude changed towards you?’ I’ve never met you in my life.” She just wanted to go home, why was she in this mess? “That’s were you’re wrong my dear Y/N, you have met me. Don’t you remember that little encounter at the park?” “That wasn’t an encounter, that was you being a creep.” He ignored the comment. “Oh and let’s not forget at the café. You look so sexy in your work uniform Y/N made me just want to take you over the table .” Y/N cringe at the comment. “So you stalked me at the park and now you’re stalking me at my job? You can deny it all you want but you are a creep.” Finally He snaps. “I’M NOT A CREEP!” She jumps and softly apologized. He lets out a breath. “Listen you caught my attention and I wanted to have you for myself. I could care less about relationships and all that jazz but that was before you showed up. I couldn’t stop thinking about you from that moment on. I had to have you, either willingly or not. When you smiled at me as you took my order and as you gave me my coffee, which by the way was beautifully made, I knew I couldn’t wait another moment longer. I was going to wait until our home was ready but I just couldn’t anymore. I just wished I didn’t have to use chloroform on you, it ruined the mood.” Y/N was still confused and he knew that. “Are you sure you’re a 4.0 student?” He said smirking. She glare at him. Finally he walked closer to Y/N to the point where the light hit his face for her to see. Her eyes widen when realization hit her. She knew she heard that voice before but now she can put a face to it.

“Remember me?” He said

“M-Mr. Kim!?” He smirked

“Call me Taehyung love.”

A/N: As promise part 4 is here! I bet most of you guys knew it was going to be Taehyung. Let me know if you did and I’ll send you a virtual cookie. I hope you guys enjoyed part 4 and look forward to part 5, thing are gonna start getting juice hehe. Peace ✌🏼 ❤️😊


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THAT’S OKAY - oh sehun // part 3 to  CHEATER CHEATER

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PAIRING: reader x sehun


GENRE: slight angst

SUMMARY: not all love stories end with the two people living happily ever after. at least, not together

A/N: I hope you enjoy this ending to the story, I thought it’d be nice and a little more on the realistic side. 

I messed up. I ruined everything. I made the worst mistake possible & I lost everything because of it. Worst of all, I hurt the person who meant the most to me & I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for it. How could I be such a fool? How could I throw away the perfect relationship for a girl who only wanted to be able to say she got some from an idol.  

Somehow, I thought there was a way for me to redeem myself, to show how truly sorry I was, that I had recognized what I did as a terrible mistake. No matter how many times I told myself she’ll never take you back or you don’t deserve her, some part of me held on to the ridiculous hope that she just might.

I couldn’t work. I refused to eat. I lay awake at night, my head spinning with unforgettable memories and thoughts about what could have been. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see, even just one more time

Didn’t I tell you I never wanted to see you again? she hissed, but the café was so quiet that I was sure every single person could not only hear her words, but also my heart, thumping so hard I thought it might burst.

Yes but-

So why the hell are you here? Are you stalking me now? Can you not take a hint?

Taking a deep breath, I finally responded, I needed you to know that I made the most stupid mistake of my life by hurting you.

So you really thought following me into a café to tell me this in front of a bunch of people was a good idea?

You’re right. Can we talk outside?

She began to walk towards the door then stopped, looking back at me before nodding her head towards the door, motioning for me to follow her.

Once outside, I could still feel every eye inside the coffee shop looking at us. But when I looked back at them, they began to go about their own business again.

I’m waiting

I once again took a deep breath before beginning to explain myself.

She didn’t take me back. But that’s okay, because I understood why. What I had done was selfish and cold-hearted, and she was right to refuse to forgive me. She said she is thankful for my apology but she doesn’t think she could ever trust me in the same way again.

Somehow, I eventually became okay with this. She’s happy now, in a new relationship of her own with a guy who seems to be treating her right. I have kept myself away from romantic relationships since then. I realized I needed to spend some time just as me. I was okay with the fact that my friends were happily in love. In fact, it made me happy. I liked that I saw them smiling when they were texting their significant others, listened to them gush about an otherwise unnoticeable habit that their s/o had, watched as they lead happy, healthy relationships.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still get sad when I remember what she and I had together, becoming slightly nostalgic for the days when I had someone to hold and never want to let go of, I have just learned how to keep that from making me unhappy with my life.

I have moved on, and so has she. We continued on with our separate lives and that’s okay.  I am happy, and so is she.

Fic: The T-shirt

A Chris Evans one-shot

Summary: Natalia joins Chris downstairs so they can head out, but Chris does not approve of her choice of wear.

Warnings: language, brief mention of drug use

Note: This was supposed to be a drabble but it got a little longer than expected. Oops, oh well. It’s also been in my drafts for a while and I decided to post it now. Up next is drunk!natris, so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for reading! :) xx


“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck is that?!”

Natalia stopped before she reached the last step, looking down at herself with brows knitted together in confusion. Her attention flicked back up to Chris who had been waiting at the bottom of the stairs. “What?”

Folding his arms, Chris jutted his chin out towards her attire. “That,” he said, lips forming a disapproving frown.

Natalia stared back at him, perplexed. “A…t-shirt…?” Cocking a brow, she added, “Are you high? Ugh, I hope you didn’t smoke it in the house.”

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Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged by jarofhappiness0 (She is awesome and I recommend following her. Trust me you won’t be disappointing) I will be tagging 10 of my peeps after this and if you’d like to do it then YAY! If not then that’s okay…. I understand…. 
Okay, let’s go!:
Name: Aimee 
Nicknames: Aim, Aimee Jo, The Ginger one, Hobbit.
Birthday: April 23rd 1997
Star sign: Taurus 
Height: 5′1 (I’m a shorty!)
Sexual orientation: Food
Favourite colour: Green, Blue, Purple, and Black (like my soul) 
Current time and date: 6:40 pm, June 2nd 2015
Average hour of sleep: Hahahahaha. Good one.
Lucky number: 4 or 23
Last thing I googled: Tumblr (Yup that’s how cool my life is)
First word that comes to mind: Bananas 
Place that makes me happy: My Bedroom or the shower. I like showering
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1-3
Favourite fictional character: Merlin. 
Celebrity crush: Evan peters, Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath.
Favourite book: Across the Universe by Beth Revis, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and a million others. 
Favourite anime: Sword Art Online, Death Note, or Ouran High School Host Club.
Favourite tv shows: AHS, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and Pushing Daises.
Favourite games: Mario Kart, Just Dance, or any card or board game. I also like Jenga.
Last movie watched: Gattaca (For AP Bio)
Dream Holiday: I’d love to visit Japan one day, as well as Australia, and Most of Europe.
Dream job: Filmmaker, Author, or Actress.
Currently wearing: One Green sock, one blue sock, a pair of jeans, a bra, a purple sweater, and some undies. hehehe
Last book read: Jane Eyre

NOW I’m going to tag some peeps…. Who will be my victims? Hmmmmmm…. I choose…..

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‘Warren and Victoria stand by the destroyed Two Whales diner, as the storm rages around them’

Victoria- 'crying’ I can’t believe I’m going to die here……

Warren -  Hey hey hey, don’t cry, I’m…..

Victoria- 'sits up erect, eyes dry with a cold tone to her voice’ I swear to god, if you finish that sentence, I will murder you right here and now….

Warren - 'backs off’ Fine ! Jeez

Victoria - I could make it look like the storm did it. The Chase family has many connections

Warren - Fine ! I get it

Victoria- Fucking creeper……'mumbles to self’ I’ve seen that Max doll

Warren- 'turns slowly towards Victoria’ What did you say ?

'A pink convertible comes barreling around the corner’

Victoria- 'unenthusiastic’ I said, watch ooouuuut

'Convertible drives up slowly and comes to a park, revealing Max in the passenger’s seat, Chloe in the drivers, and Kate alone in the back’

Max - 'tips sunglasses towards Victoria’ Hey Victoria 'juts finger towards the backseat’ Get in, we’re going on a road trip

Victoria-  Fine, but I’m in charge 'climbs in back’  I need travel minions

Warren - What are you guys TALKING about ?! 'throws arms towards the sky’ We’re being hit by a hurricane soon, you need to get to safety

Max- Look …..Earlier this week, we found out that time wants to kill Chloe, and while I was worried about it at first, I got to thinking……FUCK THAT ! Move  ‘flashes thumbs up sign to Chloe, who returns it eagerly’

Warren- Wait,  time wants to kill Chloe ?

Chloe - 'leans forward and waves’ Yo

Max- Yeah basically 'points to hurricane’ But it’s not GONNA

Warren - Time made a hurricane….

Max- Yes, keep up, DOG  ! That’s why we didn’t bring you along for any of our adventures ! USELESS

Warren - Adventure ?

Chloe-  'punches Max in the shoulder playfully’ That’s not the only reason ;)

Max-  Chloe ! 'blushes and looks at feet’  Not in front of the others D=

Chloe - =D

Warren - That’s insane…and it makes your plan a bit impractical. If it could make a hurricane here, it could make one anywhere

Max- That’s what it would want you to think, but what’s it going to do ? Shoot weather disasters wherever we go ? 'leans on car door’  That’s going to bring up ALOT  of questions that they don’t want asked….

Warren - I’m not sure if I understand what’s going on here, but I’m coming along

Max- Oh sorry Warren ! 'hands Kate her camera from underneath the seat’ But we don’t have any room left

'Kate places Max’s camera on the clearly empty seat’

Warren - You liar ! You just moved your camera there !

Max- 'eyes wide with surprise’ No I didn’t

Warren- Yes you did 'points’ I saw you

Max- …..'whispers towards Chloe’ Drive

'The convertible speeds away’

Warren - 'turning towards the convertible as it leaves’ HEY !

'The convertible stops a few feet away next to a small crowd’

Warren - Oh good, they’re going to let me ….

Max- 'heard in the distance’ Hey Dana ’tips sunglasses’ Want to go on a roadtrip with us for a few days ?

Dana - 'looking at Victoria’ I don’t know……

'Victoria glares’

Dana- Can Juliet come too ? 'shoots thumb back at Juliet, who waves appreciatively’

Max- Sure ! The more, the merrier  'reaches into the backseat to retrieve her camera’

Victoria-  We don’t have enough room back here for both of them

Max- Then scooch over and MAKE room. If it’s really bad, then we’ll sit on each other’s laps or something. We’re talking about people’s LIVES here 'turns head up’ WOWZERS !

'Victoria grumbles and scoots up against Kate, as Dana and Juliet climb in’

Warren - Hey ! I thought you said you didn’t have any room

Max- 'head peeks out’ This isn’t my bedroom  window Warren, you can stop stalking me now

Warren - W…what ? I..I…I never did tha..that

Max-  Suuuure you didn’t

Victoria- 'calling out from backseat’ You creepy little NERD

'Convertible drives away’

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