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Se que esto es una pregunta tonta pero te agradeceria mucho si me contestaras. ¿No hay ningun chance que algunas de las "mascotas" consigan tener cachorros?

“Is there any chance that the pets happen to have babies?”

Oh you.

As a canon thing to happen? nope. As a thing I would draw in the future? I don’t think so. As a think you can do if you want to? hell yeah, go ahead.

 I’m not going to turn this into a ship kind of thing because I bad at drawing serious ship thing with fanarts. Also, it doesn’t go with the story I have in mind. From me you can expect alot of fluff, some angst and a bunch of fanservice. But if you all want to do something with this babies (and with something I’m saying all the nsfw expectrum), you can totally do it. I’m not against it, just remember to tagg me if you’re using my designs (although I will not reblog it in here because this still a sfw blog, I’ll totally let you now that I see it)

Just because I can’t/won’t do it myself it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it. So you have my bless (?)

Now in spanish…

Como dije arriba, puede pasar en sus imaginaciones (?). No creo que vaya a dibujar algo al respecto yo misma, no me sale bien con el estilo que tengo incluso queriendo (créanme que es frustrante cuando en verdad quiero hacer algo serio con una ship y se ven demasiado adorables como para funcionar solo por mi estilo de dibujo) Asi que canonmente? nope, pero pueden hacer cuanto quieran ustedes mismos, solo recuerden taggearme para verlo (en caso de usar mis diseños claro, que la idea de ellos como animales en general no es mia, a cualquiera se le puede ocurrir) y sin miedo, que soy igual de shipper que la mayoria

things have gotten bad enough to warrant me finding a way to make a paypal after having both my previous accounts shut down bc i’m a sex worker. if you can even throw me a dollar, it’s going to go towards food for my cats, my antidepressants, and seeing my therapist. if you can’t, please, please, all i ask is that you reblog this. i’ve been struggling for a long time now. 

my paypal is

thank y’all for being here and continuing to reblog these posts as they pop up. it really means a lot to me, and if there’s ever anything i can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. 

For those of you wondering..

I’m sure a lot of you may have noticed a lack of personal activity on my blog. Or maybe no one has and this is pointless, but here it is. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling a LOT of self doubt. Especially in the area of my own art. I try to shape and mold myself, and what I draw, to make others happy, and to gain their approval and to see them like and reblog my art. Yes I do it for attention, yes I know that’s not healthy. 

But it’s gotten so bad that I can hardly bring myself to do commissions right now, because I feel like everything I try to pump out is shit. 

I know I have people telling me ‘your art is someone else’s goals!’ and ‘your art is great you just need to put more effort into completing stuff’ and things like that, but it still hurts when I see people reblogging all this gorgeous art, and something I worked really hard on gets brushed aside like it’s nothing.. especially when it’s something that I made to appeal to certain people, and they ignore it. 

These past few times I’ve posted art I’ve been waiting and hoping for particular people to even LIKE said art, but it’s not happening, and it’s so stupid and selfish I know, but it’s really kicking me in the teeth. 

There’s that and there’s feeling as if my job isn’t going anywhere because I’ve been stupid with my money, I can save it but since they cut my food benefits at least one hundred of my dollars go into food per month and it’s hurting financially, I feel as if I have no wiggle room to save for things that we want/need. And so my motivation for work is dwindling, although it should be making me do the opposite. I’m just not sure what to do anymore.

So that’s why I haven’t really been active on my blog… I’ve tried to post more art and even clean  up my blog a little but it’s just been so… worthless, it feels like. I’m sorry, folks.

anonymous asked:

Thank you for posting so much about the antisemitism stuff going on in Charlottesville and in general... I'm not Jewish and I hadn't really comprehended the absolute evil going on until today. I see way more clearly now the incredible hatred these Nazis have against Jews and what kind of threat they really pose. Thank you so much.

No problem, it’s been kinda hard for me not to reblog everything I see about this news to spread it. Hopefully no one can deny now that there’s a serious movement of nazis organizing in America. It’s bad for all oppressed groups, but I will say it seems like the biggest targets and groups most often having hate directed to them here and now are muslims, black people, and jews. And while I’m not too knowledgeable about this, just from the kinds of things I see in places like 4chan, from what else I hear publicly about these people, and from what I know from history, jewish people seem to hold a unique role in being the conspiratorial agents and thus are often a major element in their propaganda and ideology. This is the kind of thing we should probably be discussing more, cuz it’s genuinely what I get out of listening to these white supremacist groups.

mini public service announcement

so recently the world has been facing some pretty bad times, Harvey, Irma, London terror attacks, etc. I just wanted to say a few things to everyone who thinks that the world has now become horrible and will never get better. Yes, it is true that some dark times have occurred and we can’t just forget them but we need to stop staring at all of the things that have gone wrong and focus on the positive  things that have come out of the events. We need to take a minute and put aside gender, race, religion, etc and realize that we are all human. We all have good days and we all have bad days. We all have the same emotions and the same feelings. We should all respect each other and realize that we all are important and that we all need help sometimes. Please just remember that we all share the same Earth, the same air, and the same space. We all can make the world a better place if we just put the hate aside and start loving each other’s differences. :) Have an amazing day!

Ok guys. Hear me out because I think something bad worse is about to happen.

Remember when this post happened and hotladypants reblogged it with the tags hahahhahaha hahaha hahah haha especially hah you’ll see why soon ?

Yeah. Reread that first tweet. I don’t think Carmilla needing help in philosophy or deleting her internet history is worth of all that cackling. Can vampires get aids? is the question of interest.

And you also know how nothing in this show is per chance and every little thing is intentional?

Yeah. Now remember. THE DEAN left that glass out. THE DEAN put the necklace in that glass. THE DEAN planted that blood and THE DEAN made sure Laura drank it.

That blood could’ve come from anywhere, could be contaminated with anything. 

Guys. Laura might be sick. Deadly sick. Deadly contagious. To Carmilla and anyone else. And there’s only 4 episodes left and I don’t know how to handle that news.

Okay, so can you guys please not reblog this post? It’s a repost of my original one. I know it was a stupid crack thing that didn’t take me much time at all, but it’’s my most popular post and seeing it pop up on my dash not originally from me makes me feel really horrible.

When I see this scene in the move (Scary Movie 3) it makes me think of white tumblr users who glorify black people while reblogging posts that shit on white people (I know they are there, I follow some).

What I mean by glorify is that there are posts that act like black people are all above beings. You can see an average picture of a black girl with curly hair and it has 10k notes and the caption “goddess”. NOW, I am NOT saying that posting pictures of lovely black people or stories of someone’s achievements is a bad thing (in fact, they should be recognised). What I am saying is that a lot of tumblr users seem to be doing it in a creepy way. In my own view. This is mainly highlighted by the fact that I do not see them reblogging the same stuff for other races.

At the same time, I see some of these people reblog posts about how white people are awful, off colour jokes about white people (some are funny, I will not lie), or posts that generalise all white people or western nations at the epitome of all that is bad. Or, they reblog posts of, for example, about a white girl’s butt (one about how it had a nice shape) with a sassy black woman gif. I now other races probably reblogged that but I have seen plenty of white people reblog those on my dash.

In short, I feel a lot of (white) sj tumblr users seem to think they are black…or more that they “act” like they are black so they can have less “white guilt”, or maybe relate themselves to the “oppressed crowd”, and I can’t tell if that is a bit pathetic, or sad (that they have to be so ashamed of their own race).