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Now you can press really hard on Tumblr

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer model, you can 3D Touch your way around the Tumblr app. Specific things for you to press really hard on include:

  • App icon: Press on it, you’ll get a shortcut to search Tumblr.
  • Tumblr name or avatar: Peek at one, get a preview of that Tumblr. Pop all the way into it and see the whole thing. (Also, you can swipe upwards during your Peek to message the blog.)
  • Live Photo*: Press one to make it come alive.

Get the Tumblr app

Amazing. Your finger has a lot to learn.

* Live photos have a little concentric-circle supernova icon up in the corner. That’s how you spot ’em.

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JIKOOK 46!! <3

Thank you for sending anonie! I already did exactly the same one but hey, the more Jikook the better, am I right? ^^
46.“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

“Hyung, have you seen Jungkook?” Jimin asked, he was looking for the maknae cuz he needed to ask him something. “Last time I saw him he was in the laundry room” Seokjin replied. Laundry room? Jungkook never did laundry this late. Jimin thanked the elder and padded to where Kook’s supposed to be. Something was off to him, maybe the maknae was watching porn? Jerking off? Jimin wasn’t sure but catching the younger mid action seemed like an exciting idea to him. He slowly opened the door and luckliy they didn’t make any noise. He walked in and closed them, Jungkook too occupied with his laptop to notice him. Jimin sneaked behind the younger and took a closer look at the screen. “ Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” he whispered, wanting to give Kook a jump scare but he stopped mid sentence when he realized what was on the screen. Kook was looking at NSFW fanarts with the two of them. What? JUNGKOOK WAS DOING WHAT? Jimin has never been this shook in his entire life. Was Jungkook attracted to him? Or was he just experimenting? Jimin wouldn’t care if it was either if he could have Kook for himself. “HOLY SHIT HYUNG” Jungkook screamed, jumping up and closed his laptop with so much force it almost fell on the floor. “It’s not what you think, hyung” the maknae mumbled, he was so embarrassed he could just die. “You know Jungkookie, if u wanted me to fuck you, you could have just asked” Jimin said. “What?” Kook uttered after few seconds of just blankly staring at smirking Jimin. “Exactly what I said, maknae. Think about it and come to my room later if you want” the elder offered and walked out of the room, leaving the blushing Jungshook inside.

(Something a bit different this time)

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble!

Lord Garmadon in the Lego Ninjago Movie
  • Lord Garmadon: *clutching Lloyd from the throat and lifting him off the ground* HAHAHA! I finally have you alone!
  • Lloyd: *eyes wide and trembling*
  • Lord Garmadon: Now that I finally have you, I can do this!! *leans in*
  • Lloyd: *closes eyes and tenses*
  • Lord Garmadon: *whispering* How is Koko? Is she okay? She's not dating anyone is she?
  • Lloyd: uuuh...she's kind of dating Wu-
  • Lord Garmadon: *drops Lloyd and yells to the sky dramatically* I SHALL DESTROY MY BROTHER FOR DATING MY WIFE-
  • Lloyd: -uh, ex-wife-
  • Lord Garmadon: Don't interrupt me while I am declaring my hatred for my brother, son. Who taught you your manners?
  • Lloyd: Not you.

undertale as a concept is so tim burton-esque to me like..

  • a pair of skeleton brothers, one tall n long and the other wide and short, goofy juxtaposing features
  • reptile scientist inserting a flamboyant ghost/consciousness thing into a goth/glam rock  metal shell
  • money grubbing spider girl with big scary pets
  • slimy fish warrior woman/swamp creature
  • curious minor characters scattered throughout (napstablook etc)
  • heartwarming theme(s)
  • child protagonist 
How Jocular
  • Lady Croft: Dear husband?
  • Lord Croft: Yes my lovely wife?
  • Lady: Have you read the synopsis of the new film yet?
  • Lord: Oh gosh, I have not! Pray tell, am I dead? Or disappeared?
  • Lady: Indeed. Vanished... dead... both are mentioned.
  • Lord: Mysteriously?
  • Lady: Need you ask?
  • Lord: And forgive my fanciful conjecture, but may our daughter be obsessed with my life and work?
  • Lady: Your assumption appears mostly accurate. She cares not for your business. However, she abandons all to investigate the location of your disappearance.
  • Lord: How riveting. And what of you, my dear?
  • Lady: There is not one mention of me. Yet it appears I am not part of her life.
  • Lord: That is quite baffling. Or they may yet reveal the extraordinary reason for your absence.
  • Lady: Such as your death having been caused by the Queen of Atlantis?
  • Lord: Indeed my dear, indeed. I may have preferred the Queen of England, but I do appreciate the presence of royalty.
  • Lady: She chose a French first name for herself.
  • Lord: Alas, that does mar my enjoyment.
  • Lady: Tell me husband, with sincerity, would we have died a peculiar death had we not disinherited our daughter?
  • Lord: I cannot say with persuasion it would not be so.
  • Lady: Yet with more persuasion, certainly, than to say Lara would care had it happened.
  • Lord: Astute observation, dearest wife.
  • Lady: Oh gosh, look at the time!
  • Lord: I say! I would abhor for us to be late for the tea with Farringdons!
  • Lady: Shall we depart?
  • Lord: Indeed!

i am almost two months deep in a chat between myself and @pippims right now looking for a specific conversation, and while this isn’t what i was looking for, i just found a set of messages that reads

kuwei: at least i’m taller than you

wylan: then get off the table and prove it

kuwei: excuse you.  i have a connection with this table now.  i can’t just leave

wylan: *standing next to jesper* well i’m glad you finally found someone

and i haven’t stopped laughing since

this is just a general observation i’ve had bouncing around for a while but: 

a lot of kids on here will literally only follow and allow themselves to be followed by people of the same age and i can understand why and i’m not going to tell anybody they can’t do that, your blog is your space and you get to decide who’s allowed in it

but it does have the side effect of creating an echo chamber i think, that can be very toxic because you now having teens with issues doing all this dumb shit in their social circles, and when the dumb shit causes problems the only way they know how to deal with it is doing more dumb shit, and there isn’t a level headed adult around to like, give people advice and guidance because that person is like screened out of the conversation in one way or another

which is the exact same problem with high school, it’s a pressure cooker full of stressed out teens who have no idea how to handle their problems but are forced to be in close contact with each other so they take their frustrations out on each other, and often have very few adults they can trust that they can go to for advice

but also when you throw social justice/discourse/whatever and the semi-anonymity, permanence, intimacy etc of the internet into the mix things get hell of a lot worse

am i making sense? god i hope i’m making sense

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Personally I still can´t believe/take it seriously that Regina has emotionally ties to the Robin who died. For me it was like Regina saw a stone somewhere on the ground, took it said "Now I love you/you are my true love" or some other similiar bs. No version of Robin is worthy. I even would find it more believable if Grumpy would be her love interest, because at least there is some history. Regina deserved so much better and not this punishment.

True. It’s ridiculous. He was as random as much as their token lesbians (from their Very Special Gay Episode™) were shoved–as a “here ya go, you can now shut up about representation” at those of us who have been here from day#1, totally engrossed into the beautifully organic dynamics between the Heroine of the story, Emma Swan (MIA since circa mid S3) and the Antihero, the Evil Queen, butchered when this limpet of a LI has been attached to her arse, because–straightwashing?

And then multiple convoluted storylines down the line, this version of FrobinHood (fake Robin Hood) might be less bland and with more spunk, but it makes this writing choice even more contradictory. Because if he’s a common ale-chugging thief that steals for himself, and if the new ‘mended’ EQ is now supposed to be the same like Regina herself (the mix of all the darkness, the weight of guilt, but also having strength of love, remorse–and the consequences of things she’s done to try to redeem herself?) shouldn’t he be even LESS worthy of her? And then on top of that, there’s the fact that they were ‘destined’ back when all three of them (both Frobins and Reginas) were different people–after which they took different paths and pixiedust means jack shit anyway, as we know from Rumple’s father? So if it’s our experiences and choices that make us the people that we are… then yeah. She’s now ‘given’ (literally and metaphorically) to a complete stranger who has nothing in common with the man she thought she loved (I still believe that it was desperation, not love–fight me on this) and then the people that she killed (the King and Queen nonetheless) don’t matter because they ‘weren’t real’, and Pinecone (inexplicably not aged) somehow is? Why?

Because he’s wearing the same fugly mug of the wife-cheating hypocrite who once ‘gave’ her so much that he filled her heart with as much love as her son did–enough to give some to the EQ to make her.. .what, loving? Lovable? Remorseful? She’s still fucking halved, and all for what? To satisfy one part of the crowd. But not the tiny shipper group called OQ (there’s like 8.5 of them out there, plus their Twitterbots) but the bland dim GA who gets attached to that white dude hero and he gets the girl no matter what–because that’s everyday heteronotmative ‘romance’ for ya?

And to get there, they had to keep bringing him back, retconning the retcon out of retcon, because–third time is the charm. ‘Cause you know, egomaniacs would never admit the mistake, and here they made two: the first was how they ‘wrote’ him (random, non-existant characterization–relying on us to project the ‘Robin Hood’ lore into him) and second, the casting. Because in order for a ship to be popular (yeah, they ‘don’t write ships’ my shapely arse) the casting needs to be spot on. It’s the reason why many problematic ships are so popular (good acting, apart from good looks?) and SMeag however failed big time–he was dull, boring, lacked the charisma and anything but leading man material. He’s probably still counting his blessings that he landed a job for being so incredibly unlikable. (Hell, he had to resort to internet harassment to win all ten of his fans, didn’t he?) Meanwhile, the bottom of the barrel was appealed to, and producers counted their Disney dollars. There are inevitabilities in the American media game, that tend to involve horrible people making their living off of the stupidity of a stupified public, because thinking too hard about the awful world around is harder than mindlessly consuming the candy given in the form of popular entertainment. It’s a formula, one that the so called shippers of ouat, mainly OQ and CS’ers, mindlessly promote for their own twisted reasons.

Hello everyone!

In this ocassion i decided to close the sign up time a few days before since we didn’t see more interested and even though many of our friends couldn’t participate this time, we hit 21 participants anyway, yaay! So, this is the official list of all the participants for this Easter Blurred Friend:


@blurryminion, @almostgone, @vaguelyemo, @saturnz-barz, @theo-the-charismatic, @hidehashairprobs, @ziggymccartney, @strawberrychrisses, @ilovedamo, @kirainsassgard, @swampsong13, @flamindamon​, @its-called-gratitude, @pigeon-alan, @mercuryboy, @thinkismellarat, @pureiro, @cheesyvevo, @howaboutgrahamcoxon, @lxdymcchocxlate & @tiinkers-tales

Remember that in this activity we would play with some requests. What does that mean? The only meaning of this, it’s that now you can have an easier idea of what to do as gift, you can make one of these request to give it to your blurred friend. It’s just a suggest, doesn’t mean that you’re forced to do it or that if you pick one of them you’ll have to give it to the person who requested. Therefore, I hope to see one of them in our future presents, here they go!


  1. Graham dressed like a cute rabbit with his carrot guitar. (by @tiinkers-tales)
  2. Milky hanging out with some easter eggs. (by @strawberrychrisses)
  3. An easter themed fanart of Damon or Graham. (by @ziggymccartney)
  4. A spring/easter themed Dave aesthetics. (by @mercuryboy)
  5. Blur members in Humpty Dumpty version. (by @blurryminion)
  6. Edits or gifs of any blur’s musical video related to spring. (by @tiinkers-tales)

Blurred Friends:

All the secret friends will be chosen randomly just as we did before, except that now @gralexx is gonna help me, so we’ll be sending messages to all of you to confirm who’s your blurred friend (the blog to which you should make it a gift). Please, it’s very important that you enable anonymous asks, because as soon as you know who’s your blurred friend, you’ll have to try to meet her/him secretly! Everything will be kept in secret until the gifts exchange’s day.

Let us know how it’s going, so please try to tag them as #blurred friend!

If there’s any problem, like if you haven’t receive who’s your blurred friend or anons, let me know to solve it!

Gifts Exchange:

To finish, all the gifts will have to be posted on Sunday April 16th and tagged as “#blurred friend” again, because i’ll be reblogging them on this account! If you have any problem to post your present that day or if you won’t be there, please let me know beforehand.

Let’s do it!

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i have a question for Barry's and Sebastian what kind of advice to someone who just been dumped i was dumped by my GF and IDK what to do with my life now I wish I can have a hug form you guys so i guess i am single again lol

Me: Aww, its okay… *hugs* I’m sorry

E1Barry: I… That just means you’re another step closer the one! *hugs*

Sebastian: I dunno, I’ve never got dumped……but it get better *hugs*

so, i was speaking to a friend from another fandom the other day, and a member of their fandom has created a project called “encyclopedia”. basically, they’ve got a tag page of all the episodes, and then as you click on the episode you’d like, there’s all the gifsets of scenes from that episode. and she thought it would be cool if someone would do it for klaroline, so i thought i’d give it a go for that fandom, and then i thought what about my other, beautiful otp?

long story short, i’m in the process of creating an encyclopedia for captain swan now.

you can find my page here.

so, if you have any particular favourite scenes, just send me an ask and i’ll put it first on my list (and yes, i have a list!).


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for