now you can all understand the meaning of my url

anonymous asked:

Lord have mercy, I had no idea what the 'ace community' on tumblr apparently gets up to. I'm so disgusted?? And confused? Like the only thing I've ever struggled with is for people I interact with to understand asexuality is VALID. That I can love someone, want to spend the rest of my life with them, and not find them sexually attractive. Or really properly understand what sexual attraction is. That's IT. I was all set to be upset at you when I saw your url, but now I just want a shower.

i mean, yeah, i’d say it’s a pretty human thing to want to know the way you feel is respected. the only reason this blog exists is bc it acts an archive of my beliefs so i can find things relatively quickly if need be, and to make people critically think about why they believe aces/aros are lgbt. long story short, i believe aces/aros deserve a community/space to talk about their experiences, but i don’t believe they are lgbt and would benefit from a community of their own. also my url is pretty much nothing more than satire (that is, bc aphobia doesn’t exist) but it was also just born out of a meme.