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It's been less than two weeks and I've already decided having a job is super exhausting T_T My posture is not very good so standing/walking around for 5-7 hours a day is very bad.. My back and leggies and feetsies hurt a lot :/

oh nooooo… well, the good news is, your body will adjust soon enough and it won’t be as sore in the future! ☀️ 

but, i gotta few recommendations for right now… 😉

hot bath every night! you don’t need to buy fancy expensive bath bombs either, just get a big bag of epsom salts from the grocery store (or literally any other department store) and pour about a cup in… then, add some johnson’s lavender baby bath in! besides the fun bubbles it creates, the lavender is soothing — it’s no secret why lavender is the most popular essential oil! it works wonders for stress and soreness! ♨️🛁

drink green tea! i get a big package or bigelow green tea and have a big mug of it every night. it is inexpensive, relaxing, boosts the immune system and metabolism, a natural anti-inflammatory, and tastes pretty good! make sure you add splenda or a few sugarcubes or something though… especially if you aren’t used to drinking tea! turmeric, chamomile, and ginger teas are also good for this, but i find green tea to be the best tasting personally~ 🍵🍃

drink warm milk with honey! i like vanilla almond milk with honey personally~ i got this idea from ponyo, and honestly, it’s delicious and a nice treat after a long day, and is just as relaxing! 🍼🍯

give yourself a massage! rub your leggies and feetsies with lotion… even if it hurts, it’s good for you! if you are super duper sore and depending on how strenuous your job is, put some ice on those muscles before the warm bath for about 5-10 minutes. you can also invest in stuff like icyhot to put on the sore muscles, preferably sleeping with it on so it sinks in! 👍🌹

stretch / do yoga! stretching is so important after all that work… don’t let those muscles lock up! make sure the calves are stretched out especially, you don’t wanna wind up your achilles tendon and risk it snapping like a rubber band… if you don’t know how to stretch calves, just look up how “how to stretch calves” and it should pop right up! also, here’s some simple kids yoga you can try~ 💫🙏

eat dark chocolate! what’s this? i’m actually telling you to eat sweets…? is this a dream? nope! dark chocolate is also a natural anti-inflammatory and has tons of health benefits if you pick the right kind~ you can put it in your warm milk, in oatmeal/hot cereal, or on a graham cracker if the taste by itself bothers you! or, you can just skip it of course, but i really like dark chocolate so i can’t resist recommending it! 🍫🎀

hopefully some of those are helpful ~ good luck with your job, sweetie pie, and i think you’re doing great! keep up the great work! ❤️

- mod euphie


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