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Two Nights Stand Part 10 ( Final part)

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1895

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. Fluffy loads of fluffy.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

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You wake up with the sound of people talking, their voices aren’t familiar and you can’t recognize what they are saying but they seem happy. They sure are laughing a lot. You move around still in bed, feeling a strong pair of arms around your waist holding you in place.

When you open your eyes, you see Bucky sleeping beside you with a content smile on his lips. There is no doubt that the last 24 four hours were chaotic, for a moment you felt like you were feeling insane but now it all feels natural.

You gently trace your fingers on Bucky’s jawline, if the last 24 hours were emotional to you, you can’t imagine how it was to him. “Should we wake them up?” You hear a woman asking from outside the room, you hope that the person who she is talking to says no. You are not ready to face anybody, especially after your behavior yesterday. Why did you have to be so awkward?

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Remembering Memories

Request: “Ayo there! :) so like I’m 13 (a fetus ik) and since you know the gang is all 15 I was wondering like if you write imagines for Billy? You know, Georgie’s brother? Like where the reader is reallly shy and the gang except Billy and like shes shy because Penny killed her whole family lexcept her abusive dad and Billy finds out and makes her stay at his house and he talks to her about Georgie and sabouqqqqlp about her older brother and it ends in cuddles and fluff? If u write for Billy? Thanks😘”

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: (Y/L/N) = Your last name and I changed up the request a bit. It just makes more sense for the whole family to be killed off and not her. I’ll probably have a part 2 for this once I finish all the IT requests in my inbox!

It was supposed to be a fun family trip. You, your mom, father, older brother and older sister decided to walk through the woods. It wasn’t very big it was a small area but it was still beautiful and you and your family loved it. There was even a huge rock where you all could jump off of and land in the nice cool water of the lake. 

Everything was going great until something started to move in the bushes, it was making noises. Your family was scared and so were you it didn’t take very long until you all started running together trying to back it back to your family car to go home, but that would never happen.

Suddenly you tripped and you swore you felt the root of a tree trap you to the ground. It was over your waist strong enough for you to not be able to get out of it. Your family rushed over to you trying to pry the root off but it wouldn’t move. How on earth could the root of a tree just move on it’s own?

Your question would soon be answered when you and your family heard a maniacal laughter. Everyone turned around including you even though you were still pinned to the ground you managed to turn your head to the side. That’s when you saw it, a red balloon, and fiery orange hair.

“Mr and Mrs (Y/L/N) as well as both of your elder children have failed Derry, Maine and for that you must pay.” The voice said.

Your family turned their heads to you their faces full of disappointment and guilt. You shook your head trying to tell them to fight the monster who wanted to kill them but of course they didn’t listen.

“It’s okay Y/N we do deserve this.” Your mother said as she knelt down next to you. 

“Yeah we did horrible things.” Your brother continued and your mother just nodded in shame.

“We have no right to live after everything we’ve caused.” Your older sister frowned.

“You’re going to be okay Y/N we’ve been horrible parents you don’t deserve us. We did bad things to other people behind your back.” Your father said as he wiped away your tears.

“No no it doesn’t have to end like this.” You cried out.

“Yes it does little sister and we’ve been horrible siblings. Once you find out what we all did you then you’ll understand.” Your sister said as she took a step back.

“No stop this isn’t goodbye.” You were sobbing hysterically at this point.

You tried to remove the root of the tree but it was still no use it was like someone was making the root stay in place.

“Alright I let you say goodbye I never let my victims do that so let’s get this feast started. I promise your little girl will be okay. I’ll take care of her better than you all ever did.” The same voice hiding behind the tall grass said.

“Goodbye Y/N we love you.” Your whole family now waved goodbye at you.

After that everything happened so quickly you saw as the person ripped your dad and mother’s hearts out then dragged their bodies into the tall grass. You didn’t see anyone though that was the problem it looked like the person was invisible or something. You could only hear them being devoured.

Then your siblings, they were crying as they heard and saw how your parents had been killed and were now being eaten. Your siblings held hands awaiting their fate together and soon it came. Their necks were suddenly snapped, their bodies fell to the ground and their bodies as well were dragged into the thick grass.

“No, no, no!” You screamed as you cried hysterically.

Your entire body was moving and shaking like crazy as you tried to get the stupid root of the tree off of you. As you continued to struggle and cry you heard the person who had killed your family starting to walk towards you. You were paralyzed with shock when you laid your eyes on the murderer.

It was a clown. The fiery orange hair and red balloon guy had a full clown suit on and red and white face paint. In the middle of his large puffy white and slight gray suit he had red pom poms on it. 

“It’s okay Y/N it’s okay you’re safe now.” The creature said as he knelt down in front of you.

“How can you possibly say that when you just killed my entire family in front of my eyes! Just finish me off like you did with them why don’t you!” You sobbed. 

“I had to, for your own good. I don’t want to eat you because you deserve to live. I want you to live.”

“And that’s all he said to me. After that he removed the root of the tree that he had put there to keep me in place and I ran away without looking back. I just couldn’t believe it, I still can’t.” You frowned as you finished telling Bill your tragic story.

“I’m s-so sorry Y/N I d-didn’t want t-to make you feel b-bad.” Bill stuttered out as he scratched the back of his head.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s okay.” You said smiling lightly as you rubbed Bill’s arm and he nodded.

Once you became Bill’s girlfriend his stuttering stopped. It only happened when he would tell you something that made him nervous or when he felt guilty but that was all. 

“One more thing I’m glad you’re alive and all but why would Pennywise of all clowns let you live why did he tell you that he wanted you to live?” Bill asked.

“I don’t know. I never got the answer. He kills children, he killed your brother so why of all people would he let me live?” You asked.

“I guess both of our questions will never be answered. Since he didn’t let Georgie live I’m glad that at least he let you live even though it’s so strange.” Bill said.

“Gee thanks.” You huffed rolling your eyes playfully. 

“You know what I mean silly.” Bill chuckled as he ruffled your hair.

“Just making sure. But seriously thank you it means a lot.” You giggled as Bill sent you a sincere smile. 

“Now it is raining outside so how about we watch a couple of movies and eat junk food.” Bill suggested.

“And cuddle?” You asked.

“And cuddle.” Bill stated smiling at your twinkling eyes filled with joy.

“I’d say I’m in!” You squealed excitedly as you hopped onto his bed and laid down. 

Bill soon followed you and quickly wrapped his arms around your waist as he turned the TV on. You laid your head on Bill’s chest listening to his heartbeat, it was moments like these that you were incredibly thankful that Pennywise had spared your life. 

Little did you know he was always watching and he too was glad that he had let you live.

The Boyfriend Tag

Requested By: Anonymous

I have a request.. tom x reader, where tom is dating a youtuber (you can come up with the rest)❤️💛

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You and Tom had been dating for a few months and decide to finally announce it to the world, and since you’re a Youtuber, you decide to do it the best way.

Warnings: It’s so dorky and just pure fluff aw

Word Count: 1,612

A/N: AHHH so this was super fun and cute to write, especially since I haven’t seen many writers with this kind of request, it makes it so much more fun and unique. However, let me know if you want another part to this! I left it on a cliff hanger for a reason ;) Enjoy!

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“Hey guys! And welcome back to my channel! So today is going to be a bit different, as you can tell by the title, it’s The Boyfriend Tag, and I know you all are probably freaking out right now with tons of questions but I’ll get to them.” You laughed, watching your boyfriend Tom from the sidelines.

“Now, I had tweeted out earlier questions for this very video, and I’m going to answer some with and without him on camera.” You started, bringing your phone into view before scrolling through your notes.

“So the first question is, Why did you never mention you were dating before until now? Which is a great question.” You clapped your hands, a bright smile on your face.

“We had decided to keep it secret for a while, sometimes you just don’t want a public relationship that everyone knows about and can potentially ruin what you have with that person. But after some time we talked and decided it was time to finally tell you all.” You smiled, watching as Tom was pretending to be you, making you laugh.

“Okay next question, Do we know who this mysterious person is? And the answer to that is yes.” You wiggled your eyebrows, making Tom laugh and you throw a pillow at him.

“I think you’ll really like him, I know I do.” You teased, as Tom blew a kiss to you.

“Alright, next questionnnnn,” You dragged out, scrolling through more of your notes, “Does he like that you’re a YouTuber? And by that I mean does he support what you do? Which is a very nice question.” You replied, setting your phone down, looking into the camera.

“In fact, he does support me and what I do, I love making YouTube videos for you guys and I know after today he’ll most likely be in them too. But in conclusion yes, he does like that I’m a YouTuber and he does support me, and I support him in what he does too.” You smiled, giving a thumbs up into the camera and a cheesy wave to Tom.

“If you guys couldn’t tell by now, he’s sitting behind the camera making fun of me.” You laughed, as Tom dramatically gasped, his hand on his chest and a shocked expression on his face.

“Alright I guess now I should introduce you to this dork of a boyfriend of mine.” You laughed as you motioned Tom to come and introduce himself.

“Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend Tom Holland.” You smiled, as Tom leaped into the camera, waving to all the viewers before kissing your cheek.

“Hey darling, and hello all you beautiful humans out there.” Tom grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as you laughed.

“It was like you were meant to be a YouTuber, they could be called ’Tom’s Darlings.’” You laughed, as he glared at you playfully.

“I would so own it.” He bragged, making the both of you laugh before you went back to the questions.

“Alright, so since I now have this dork next to me, we can answer the questions for the both of us.” You looked at Tom who was making faces into the camera.

“Yo, brown eyes.” You teased, poking his cheek as he looked over at you, a stupid smile on his face.

“I’m ready, give me your best question.” He dared, making you laugh as you read the next question.

How did you two meet? And who made the first attempt to get to know each other?” You read aloud, before looking at Tom who was already smiling.

“I remember this so easily, so basically Y/N was working at a little shop where I was filming one day, and I went in to get a snack and I may or may not have said something really cheesy to make her laugh. And then from there on I kept going in to see her, and then I asked her out on a date.” He smiled, rubbing your arm gently, as he kissed your forehead.

“As you all know, Tom is a dork, so his charm worked very well.” You teased, before reading the next question.

“Okay, Tom, How long have we been together? And if you have, what was your first kiss like in one word.” You raised your eyebrows, watching him in curiosity.

“Well we’ve been dating for about five to six months, and our first kiss, oh damn, one word? Ummmm..” He paused for a moment, making you giggle as he thought about it. “I’d have to say the one word I’d use would be magical, because it was all I could think about for weeks, it was like you had put a spell on me.” Tom teased, pulling you into his lap as you laughed.

“Alright, last question, Can you two kiss on camera?” You looked up at Tom, a smirk on your lips as he looked down at you.

“Should we do the Spider-Man kiss?” You questioned, watching as his eyes lit up.

You both stood up, Tom hanging upside down from your bed as you placed both your hands on his cheeks, pressing your lips against his as his hands found their way into your hair.

You both pulled apart, Tom jumping down from your bed as he engulfed you in a hug, before throwing you over his shoulder.

“Thomas! Put me down!” You laughed, as he twirled you around in circles, before setting you on the floor.

“Just so you know, karma is a bitch.” You shouted, rushing back to the camera, as Tom wrapped his arms around you once again.

“Well there you have it everyone, this was The Boyfriend Tag, and from what you could see in only a matter of minutes, Tom is a cheeky little shit and therefore, that is why he was hidden away!” You laughed, as Tom gasped in fake shock.

“How dare you, I’m amazing and you love me.” He grinned, turning you around so you could face him.

“Say you love me.” He smirked, his arms never leaving your waist as you refused.

“Nope! Never!” You shouted, laughing as your camera was capturing every second of you two playfully fighting.

“Say it or I will tickle you so hard.” Tom declared, making you squeal and squirm in his arms.

“Fine! Fineeee, I love you.” You smiled defeated, as he pressed his lips against yours quickly, smiles forming on both of your faces.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did please give it a big thumbs up,” You made two thumbs up motions as Tom copied you, a smile on his face as you continued your outro, “Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos! I upload them every Thursday! Alright bye guysss!” You smiled, before blowing a kiss and covering the camera with your hands.

You sat back, leaning into Toms chest, his arms naturally wrapping around you.

You soon uploaded the video, everyone freaking out that Tom was the one you had been secretly dating all these months. They all were so happy for the both of you, they even started creating ship names for the both of you.

“They really like us together.” You told him as you scrolled through the comments, a smile on his face.

“Looks like I’m going to be a main guest on your channel now aren’t I?” Tom chuckled, looking at the comments with you.

You logged onto your twitter, tweeting out the title of your next video.

New Tweet From @Y/NonYouTube

Here’s what you have to look forward to next week! Love you all so much!

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Tom’s excited expression, this was going to be so much fun, and it was only the beginning.

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Part 1 of an ongoing mini series.
Themes= 🎭 😖 🌟💣

Summary: Chanyeol soon learns that a risky lifestyle can lead to negative effects, to those around him.
Main Characters include: Chanyeol, Junmyeon, Baekhyun,Yixing & Reader

Word Count: 2,062

Part 2  Part 3

A/N: My apologies to the anon that sent this request It’s taken me ages to do this and my hands are tied with many things at the moment. 
Please enjoy :)

You rolled your eyes as you saw a sales representative headed straight in your direction with a leaflet tucked into his side bag, no doubt preparing himself to sell you a product which you probably weren’t interested in. You pushed you earphones deep in to your canals as you tried to move faster.

“Excuse me Miss. Please stop, excuse me.”
He grabbed onto your wrist yanking you backwards. Your eyes widened in shock as your back crashed into his chest. You stared down at his hand that was wrapped around your wrist viciously.

“Don’t tou—”

“I’m sorry but I need to ask you a question.” He cut you off, something that you deeply loathed.

“I’m busy.” You spat as you stared him up and down, you tried to pull your wrist out of his grip, but his fingers were wrapped too tightly.

“It’s urgent. It won’t take a moment. I’m part of the undercover police squad. May I ask if you have seen any of these faces?” He pulled out the laminated sheet and held it up to your face. Your eyes grew larger at the face in the bottom right square of the paper.
His doe eyes staring right back at you.


“I-uh, what is this for?” You whispered silently as you stared at the Chanyeol’s face intensely.

He cleared his throat as he held the sheet closer to your face.
“I can’t tell you the specifics madam but these men have been acting unlawfully, so do you know any of these faces?”

“I-no, no I’m sorry.” You shook your head as you brushed quickly past the man and half-ran around the corner of the street. Your heart was banging against your chest. Why was Chanyeol’s face on one of those squares, what was it that he had done? It had to be a mistake. Chanyeol couldn’t be a criminal.

Could he?

You let out a sigh as the smell of the Ragu wafted through the air; it was a usual Friday night. You had cooked dinner in time for when Chanyeol got home. You didn’t have to, you weren’t obliged to, you weren’t married. You weren’t even dating, you were simply friends that were house sharing but it had become your Friday night tradition. You had the radio on like you would every other Friday night and you set the table like you would any other Friday night, but this particular Friday your brain was in overdrive; trying to piece together why on earth Chanyeol’s face was on that sheet and who the heck you were living with. You desperately tried to fight the thought of him being a criminal mastermind out of your head, no way could you imagine him possessing a weapon of harm, but maybe that was just because your feelings for him didn’t want you to accept the dark and distorted reality presented to you only moments ago.

You heard the door close and all of a sudden your heart was set racing again, your breath was irregular as you fidgeted with your fingers, you quickly moved your feet to walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs—

“Oi you. Where are you rushing off to? It smells sublime in here.”

You stilled on the bottom step at the sound of his voice dangerously close behind you.

“Chanyeol.” You turned around slowly to face him, his face looked innocent as per and he was smiling at you, much like he always did when he got home every Friday night. ‘Goodness’ you thought to yourself ‘what if he’s successfully killed someone tonight, what if that’s what he does every  night?’ your body shivered slightly as you looked at his big hands, veins running under his upturned sleeves. They were hands definitely capable of restraining someone and strangling them to death.

“You okay?” He asked raising his brow at you. You simply nodded back in response though you were aware that you were the least bit convincing. “You’re usually chatting my ear off at this point, why are you quiet right now?” He laughed sceptically as he squinted at you.

“I-just…the ragu didn’t go particularly well so I’m a little upset that’s all.”  You gave him a  lack lustre smile, but that lie seemed to win him over as he walked over to the pot and uncovered it; using his hands to fan the smell upwards to his nose.

“Well it smells good to me, don’t worry about it. You nail the dinner every time, believe me.” He reached upwards to grab a plate from the overhead cupboard. “You eating?” He asked.

“No. I’m not really hungry.” You mumbled. You saw him shrug his shoulders as he began to dish out his food and drone on about his long and strenuous day.

“Chanyeol.” You cut him off having heard enough of his repetitive mumbling which quite frankly you were not paying any attention to. “Have you ever done anything…illegal in your life?” You tried to add an air of absentmindedness to your question but you weren’t sure if you were being convincing.

“What?” He stilled in front of the cooker, his body straightening upright.

“I said…have you ever done anything…against the law?” Your breath was a little shaky now as you realised that Chanyeol’s demeanour and voice had changed just the slightest bit, but it was enough to recognise. He covered the pot back with its lid as he turned to face your direction.

“Why are you asking me that question?”

You shrugged your shoulders as nonchalantly as you possibly could, you were trying desperately hard to maintain eye contact with him, but you were aware that you were failing.
“I don’t know. I just thought when people were kids they often did something stupid like steal something from the shop; you don’t have to read into it…”

He frowned at you as he loosened the tie around his neck and took a step in your direction. You instinctively took one back.
“No that’s not what you meant. If that’s what you meant you would’ve said ‘Chanyeol did you ever steal anything as a kid.’ Not, ‘Chanyeol have you ever done anything illegal.’ You’re talking about the present and I want to know where such a question is coming from all of a sudden.”

You shook your head trying to dismiss the question.

“Where do you work again Chan?”
He had told you over and over again that he worked a normal 9-5 office job down in the city, in front of computers day-in day-out but now you were not so sure. However your choice of question had only led Chanyeol to become more sceptical. His eyes bore in to the back of your skull as he rushed up to you.

“Who have you been talking to?” He hissed in your face. The strong smell of the ragu was now making you sick as you looked back at Chanyeol. Tears pricked the back of your eyes as you looked at the new militant form and persona that he had adopted, his voice was harsh and his shoulders were squared.

“Chanyeol are you criminal?” You asked him outright now, since his attitude had 90 percent affirmed it all you need was the 10 percent verbal confirmation to fall from his lips.

“I asked you a fucking question first Y/N, who the fuck have you been speaking to today?”

“Why won’t you deny it? Hmm? Answer me Chanyeol.”

He sighed as he placed his hands on your shoulders, making your skin crawl. You had discovered a new found fear of Park Chanyeol that you didn’t even know could exist. In all the 5 years that you had known Chanyeol never once had he scared you. Up until this point.

“Listen Y/N this is important. You may be in danger right now and I need to keep you safe…I’ve been trying to all this time. You need to tell me who you’ve been talking to, it’s crucial that you tell me.”

You pouted as you looked up at him and shrugged.

“For fucks sake Y/N you need to cooperate with me. Now’s not the time to play games. I’m telling you that this can end very badly for you if you don’t tell me who the fuck you spoke to.” His voice was gruff and authoritative, something contrary to what he sounded like on a regular basis. “Was he average height? Brown hair? Grey eyes? Caucasian male?”
Your eyes widened as you nodded to all of the above. How did Chanyeol know who he was.
“Right and you believed what he said.” He rolled his eyes as he lifted his hands from your shoulders and ran one impatiently through his hair.

“Of course I believed him, a random stranger who doesn’t know me shows me a picture of criminals and you’re one of the 4. Besides he was an undercover policeman.”

“And did he show you his badge Y/N?” Chanyeol frowned at you. You shook your head foolishly in response. “Right well he wasn’t a fucking police officer then was he. It’s fake. He’s fake. I don’t have time to explain this to you right now I just need to know whether or not you told him anything. Did you?”
You shook your head again.

“No I didn’t I just ran past.”
He let out a sigh but you couldn’t tell if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh anguish. He looked around the room and quickly ran over to a briefcase in the far right corner of the room he rushed over to obtain it and bent down on the floor as he opened it up. Your eyes widened in horror at an array of different weapons and contraptions displayed finely.

“Ch-Chanyeol. Why—”

“Please not now Y/N.” He handed you a small device which looked like a Dictaphone. “You need to keep this on you at all times. Please keep this on; I need to be aware of whether or not that man comes back. You can press this button also it will notify a friend of mine, but you shouldn’t need it if you keep the device on. It takes a while to start up that’s why I want you to just leave it on at all times. Okay.” He looked at you intensely. “I said okay Y/N?!”
You nodded as you swallowed. He breathed out heavily through his nostrils. “I’ll explain this later; I need to do something right now.”
He stood up and in two long strides he was out of the house. You stared blankly at the Dictaphone in your hand and the case of weapons on the floor. What had just happened to you and Chanyeol? One thing you were sure of though was that he hadn’t confirmed or ‘unconfirmed’ who he was.

Next Friday-

Chanyeol’s week had been so busy that he still hadn’t had the chance to tell Y/N what exactly had happened to her the previous week and honestly he was scared that telling her would change things. Although they had never said it outright to each other, it was very clear that they harboured feelings for one another and he was aware of just how intense his were for her. He had made one too many inappropriate jokes that he knew she had picked up on and his eyes frequently wondered where they shouldn’t. But above all she was smart and caring and that’s what lured him in the most. There was so much he needed to tell her; whom he actually was and what he actually did. But trying to safeguard her the whole week meant that he returned home at ridiculous hours in the morning when she would already be fast asleep.

Chanyeol opened the front door and stepped inside the house, the lights were on but it was cold.
He couldn’t smell anything.

“Y/N.” He frowned as he searched around, but there was no sign of her anywhere. His heart began to race. She was always at home at this time on a Friday night. And there was always something on the fire, what was going on? Chanyeol’s phone began to vibrate in his pocket; he reached his long fingers into his blazer hurriedly and pulled it out.


“Chanyeol your Dictaphone just buzzed mine. I think your friend is in trouble.”

Friends Part 5

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: Talk about death (Pietro’s), fluffly, sadness and a make out session that your mother woudnt be happy about.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Instead of going outside to cheek the noise, you go upstairs to Wanda’s room have never been particularly good in at dealing with conflicts, and whatever was happening between Dan and Bucky downstairs was a conflict.

‘What are you doing here?” You ask Wanda when you see that she is in her room instead of downstairs enjoying her party “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room after all.” You close the door, sitting by her side on the floor “Yes it is, but I asked you first.”

“I miss Pietro, this party is everything he would ever want but he is not here to enjoy. Now you, why are hiding?” She says taking a deep breath as she leans on your shoulder “Why did you invite Dan?” You ask her instead of answering her question, you are not angry at her you just want to know why she was meddling into this.

“You are not gonna like the answer but we have been friends for two years and I never felt that you liked anyone of your past dates ,it has always been Bucky on your mind. But the day you came back from your date with Dan, I could see that you liked the guy and you need to give this relationship with Dan a chance… a real one.”

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raegan-darling  asked:

Hi could you please do numbers 8 and 25 with Sirius please? I love your writing!

so I’ve already done both of these prompts here and here but I thought they’d actually be pretty cute together and I was inspired to write this….whatever this is. also i love your icon ngl

8. “Why are you so jealous?” and 25. “You’re mine, I don’t share.” 


Music thumped through the entire common room as Gryffindor flaunted its victory over Slytherin, claiming the Quidditch cup for its own. James Potter, Gryffindor’s youngest Quidditch Captain in one hundred years, was already drunk and wearing the cup as a hat. It sat crookedly over his mop of messy, black hair and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Somehow, I don’t think that hat looks good on you…” you grinned and James’ eyes lit up when their gaze found you.

“Hmm,” James hummed, “You’re right. I think it’ll look better on you,” James transplanted the trophy from his head to yours, placing it carefully so as to not hurt you. The trophy was heavy and it slipped around due to its width. You felt like an idiot.

“I feel like an idiot,” you drawled and James barked a laugh.

“You could never be an idiot,” James smiled softly, his tongue peeking out to swipe his lips while his fingers lingering through the strands of your hair.

James often did this; he loved playing with your hair. His excuse was that he enjoyed tangling your locks into a knot but you knew better. It was a source of comfort for him. Ever since you were children, his fingers would find their way into your hair and, soon enough, you were sitting between his legs while he massaged your scalp. Old habits die hard.

You took this opportunity to fully appreciate James’s features, though the room was dimly lit, James still looked handsome. He had the looks of someone who had scored big in the genetic lottery, an appearance that screamed ‘old money’ while also dancing deviously along the lines that divided gentleman and rebel. Hair like an electric shock that stood rebelliously at all angles, but eyes like a hazel galaxy. He was handsome. But he was your best friend, and he could never make your heart skip like another certain friend with raven hair and seductive eyes that inspired insurgence.

“You checking me out, (Y/L/N)?” James winked, a crooked grin arching devilishly.

“No,” you retorted, rather quickly, “just trying to assess how drunk you really are or if you’re just plain stupid…”

“Well, damn.” A sharp laugh escaped James’ lips, “Wasn’t expecting that…”

“That’s why you love me,” you remarked with a sickly-sweet smile, “I’m full of surprises.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Why do you love (Y/N)?” said a new voice, one you recognized as Sirius’. He sauntered up to the two of you casually, though there was an edge to his sharp features that suggested he was agitated in some way.

Your heart danced for him all the same.

“Because she’s full of surprises,” James reiterated, oblivious to the tension that was hardening Sirius’ features.


“Merlin, Black,” you snorted, “Is this an interrogation?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“And why would you feel the need to interrogate us?”

“I didn’t before, but now I feel obliged to…”

“I’m going to go get some more booze…” James announced before slapping a playful hand to Sirius’ back and bopping your nose again.

“What the fuck, Sirius?” You snapped as James left “What the hell is wrong with you? Dumbledores briefs, you’re not PMS-ing, are you?”

“Sod off,” Sirius grumbled, “If James makes you so happy then why don’t you just marry him…”

You blinked at him and suddenly, everything made sense. “You’re not jealous, are you?” When Sirius didn’t respond, you gasped, “Godric’s ballsacks, you are jealous!”

Sirius sighed at the sight of your widened gaze. “I know, it’s stupid…”

“James of all people!”

“I know…”

“James as in your best friend James!”

“Okay, you can stop it now…”

“James as in my best friend–“

“Okay, I get it!” Sirius snipped, impatiently. 

Why are you so jealous, though?” you asked, curiously, “You know he’s got a thing for red heads…specifically red heads that loathe the sight of him…”

“It’s not James,” Sirius quickly explained, “I could never – I mean, if he liked you I wouldn’t argue at all. He’s my best mate and he’s done so much for me, y’know.”

“Yes, we get that you’re secretly in love with James, but you still haven’t answered my question.”

Sirius sighed through his nose and ran a hand through his thick, black hair. Your heart swooned.

“Because…because you’re mine. I don’t share…

“I’m yours now?” you asked with raised eyebrows as you stepped forward, “I don’t belong to anyone…”

“I know,” Sirius replied, softly, “That’s why I love you.”

The words, whispered like a promise, lingered in your ears, and the smile that followed them dared you to love him in return. You look at him as though he were a starry night sky and he gazed at you as though you were a pale, silver moon, and the both of you can’t help but close the Merlin-damned distance between you and kiss.

Sirius had lips like fire whiskey and a kiss that burned every part of you and you found that you didn’t mind melting if his kisses always tasted so good. He was skilled, but still seeking permission, his tongue sliding tentatively across your lips. You parted your lips, granting him access, and he explored your mouth with delight, savouring the taste of you. 

When you part, you both smile like idiots because you’ve acted like idiots to wait this long to kiss. You decide that Sirius Black’s smile, that gentle upturn of those fire whiskey lips, is worth millions of galaxies and you’d fight wars just to see that smile again.

You take a moment to reorganize your scattered thoughts before Sirius whispers gently against your lips.

“Do you really think Dumbledore wears briefs? He strikes me as a jockstrops type of guy…”

“I don’t know,” you admitted, “It was just the first thing that came to my head.” 

Sirius chortled. “I love your brain…” 

“Filch’s nut hair,” came a voice from behind, “I leave for what, five seconds, and the two of you start snogging!” James gawked at the two of you with feigned disgust, shaking his head. 

“Never ever say ‘Filch’ and ‘nut hair’ in the same sentence again,” said Remus Lupin, who looked rather exasperated but amused. 

The four of you laughed, and when Sirius smiled, you knew it would be cruel not to kiss those lips again. 

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“Who were you with?” Coming from y/n

anonymous said: Are you still taking requests for the four word prompts? Can you do “You’re always number one.” Please? X

so i combined these two, hope that’s alright!

The sound of Harry drunkenly stumbling into the living room woke me and I sat up on the couch as he entered. He grinned when he saw me, “Hey, love!” He said over enthusiastically and stumbled over to sit next to me, cuddling up on my shoulder. “Missed you t’night.”

“Where were you?” I asked, mildly annoyed. He had told me he’d be home hours ago.

He frowned, “Told you, was at the bar.”

Who were you with?

He picked up on the coolness in my tone and tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at me, “You’re angry with me.”

“You told me you’d be home by midnight, it’s nearly 3 AM.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I lost track of the time.”

I scoffed and got up from the couch, heading for our room. I heard Harry following.

“Is there a real reason you’re upset with me?” He asked as he watched be get in on my side of the bed, “You never really have a problem if I come home a little late.”

“Nope.” I popped the ‘P’ hoping it would piss him off. It did.

“Whatever, love, you want to be passive aggressive, that’s fine. I’m going to bed.” He stripped down to his underwear before climbing into bed, facing away from me.

I stared at the ceiling for a few moments in quiet protest. Then, “You didn’t answer my question.”

He sighed and rolled over to look at me, “What question?”

“I asked who you were with.”

He stared at me, “Does it matter?”


“Why are you on about this all of a sudden? You never do this, you’re not the jealous girlfriend.”

“I’m not jealous I just want to know who the fuck you were with!” I snapped.

He stared at me and then turned over, facing away from me.

“So you’re gonna ignore me now?” I said.

“I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, I’ll talk to you in the morning when you’re being reasonable.”

“I saw you with her, I saw the pap photos.”

He turned back over, “With who, love?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

“I’m not—“ He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, sitting up in bed, “If you’re gonna keep yelling at me I’m not having this conversation.”

I almost felt bad, was I overreacting? I reached over to my phone on the bedside table, unlocking it and opening up the link someone else had sent me, pictures of Kendall with her arms looped around Harry’s waist, Harry’s arm thrown over her shoulder, a drink in his other hand. I pushed the phone into his hand and he looks at the picture and then back up at me. “You’re upset about this?”

The way he was looking at me now, I felt stupid. I snatched the phone out of his hand. “Forget it.” I said and turned over to my side of the bed. I didn’t hear him settle back in bed, though. Instead his hand reached over and brushed my hair out of my face and behind my ear.

“If you’re really upset we can talk about it.” He says softly, “The last thing I want is for you to feel like someone else comes before you.”

I push his hand away, “Just wanna sleep.”

He scoots closer to me and when his hand slips around my waist, I don’t push him away. “We were just being friendly, promise.” He sweeps my hair back and kisses the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. “I would never touch anyone the way I touch you.”

I turned in his arms, “You promise you don’t… Still have feelings for her?”

His hand immediately came up to cradle the back of my neck and he pulled me to him, kissing me hard, his tongue running along my bottom lip until I opened up to him his tongue slipping inside to dance with my own. My toes curled when he sucked on my bottom lip before completely pulling away from me. “You’re mine. And I’m yours.” My heart was racing and I wanted to kiss him again, but I could tell he wasn’t finished talking so I waited. “You’re always number one. Always. Don’t question it for one second, ya hear me?”

I nodded and kissed him again, biting down on his lower lip until he moaned and flipped us so he was on top, “This… is what I wanted to come home to.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss along my jaw bone.

“Then I guess…” I was having trouble concentrating as he sucked on my neck, definitely leaving hickeys I’d have to conceal in the morning. “We’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

He chuckled against my skin, “Is that a challenge?”

“Do you accept?”

He straightened and quirked an eyebrow at me, “You know me, love. Can’t resist a good challenge.” And then he winked at me before lowering himself back down to my neck.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being!


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Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Lele, and I created a blog dedicated to Wilford Warfstache, or more recently known as the colonel or William!

After Who Killed Markiplier ended, I’ve been wanting to do something for him since he definetly deserved better, and this is what I came up with!

Feel free to tag, submit, or ask me anything! I’ll try my best to keep this blog running, but since I’m a student in high school, there might be a few complications in the way every once in a while. But I will respond eventually!

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Just to recap: My name is Lele (actually it’s a nickname from my buddy Peter from @ego-protection-squad but I like it so I’m going with it), I am a junior in high school, and I love my cotton candy son. Feel free to tag, submit, ask, whatever!

I dont know what else to put… shit.

Oh well! Thank you every configuration of being for reading!

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#137 Baron Corbin

#137- “Why do they behave for you?” (Baron Corbin)

From this drabble list

Originally posted by sassabarry

           Large gatherings were never Baron’s thing. To be honest, the only reason he came was for you and because he loved kids. He lagged behind, as you kept a close eye on twenty pairs of four and five year old kindergarteners in order for a class trip to the zoo. They giggled and joked amongst each other. Baron smiled, as you stood at the forefront of the medium sized group. One teaching assistant took the left side, another took the right, and he promised you that he’d keep an eye out from behind.

           Baron, himself, wished he was up front with you but his presence had already cause the young children to gape at him with a combination of curiosity and awe. As the group finally made their ways to the picnic table, the children began to grow in size around him.

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What Just Happened (Part II)

Summary: The aftermath of your and Jughead’s night together.

Word Count: 851

Warnings: mentions of sex, (kinda) mentions of drinking, I think that’s it?

A/N: It’s finally here! Sorry for the wait, I’ve got a lot going on :( I’m not gonna lie, this could definitely be better and I’m not super happy with it, but I really just don’t know how to fix it. I tried to make it more realistic but I sorta ruined it in the process. The dialogue is aLL over the place. I promise my writing won’t always be like this. I hope you guys like it anyway. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Part One

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“Crap.” He mumbled as he checked the time on his phone. “I’ve got to go, I promised Archie I’d meet with him in twenty minutes.” He sighed. “Meet me at Pop’s at four o’clock and we’ll talk then. Don’t be late.” He started for the door.

“Wait, your sweater. Just give me a second to change.”

“Keep it.”

You paused, confused as he looked at you with an almost playful expression. “What?”

“It looks better on you anyway.” And with that he was out the door.

Damn it. I like him.

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How Kylo/Ben will inform Rey’s character arc - redemption has to happen, folks.

Kylo is the end result of two epic love stories and four beloved characters.

Redemption has been in the cards for this last Skywalker. We come into his story midway and see him evolve from what Anakin was headed for, but instead of falling into the black void entirely, he comes back into the light and makes a life for himself that his grandfather could never have. He (the clear echo of Anakin Skywalker) gets to finish what *Anakin* started - not Vader.

So how does this inform Rey? We’re not entirely sure yet but you better bet that the moment Rey feels a pull to that darkness - the moment she feels the deep dread of temptation - there would be one person there to help guide her through. The one person who has been pulled so far down into that pit but managed to emerge, clawing his way back out. Ben Solo will be the only character in the series who has descended that far and made it back alive. Who better to inform Rey’s treacherous journey through battling the darkness within her than the very man she fought as he himself faced that test - who failed by killing his own father and betraying his uncle.

I think some people get so caught up in the idea that these characters are somehow representative of real people when…. they’re not. At all. This isn’t about what characters deserve, nor what our personal view is of their actions. This is about a carefully woven story where characters have a part to play that will eventually impart some overarching lesson or theme.

Star Wars is a fairy tale, and fairy tales rarely have entirely pleasant characters who make good decisions from the start.

Star Wars is a space myth, and myths never have characters who are consistently morally good.

The question now is: what decisions will Rey have to make? What decisions are required of her from the story moving forward? Why is it important that the Skywalkers be present in this story with her - what will they teach her? What will we learn from it all?

When you look at the story from these questions - although we can’t quite know all the answers yet - I think it becomes so crystal clear to me that Rey and Kylo HAVE to resolve their conflict somehow. His conflict has been too emphasized, too focused upon to suddenly become irrelevant to the story. I think it reflects the future conflict Rey herself will face, and I think it informs us that Rey - the guiding light right now for Kylo - will eventually need that guiding light to be Ben Solo.

Just as Ben was once the light for his own mother when he was only in the womb - and as I believe both Rey and his mother are currently guiding lights for him - Ben Solo will be the guiding light for Rey in her darkest hour - and just like Ben, I believe it will be connected to her family and the failure or disappointment that somehow will bring to Rey.

This is the poetry of Star Wars - characters reflected in each other. It holds to themes of conflict and redemption and forgiveness and love and friendship through adversity. It holds to everything we’ve heard about their relationship from Daisy and Rian in the recent interviews, and the “characters both good and bad make surprising decisions” hints we’ve been given. It gives a purpose to these difficult actions and motivations and obstacles we’ve seen thus far in these characters. It enriches the symbolism from TFA of yin and yang, and deepens the story.

This is how you write a story folks. Not all this nonsense about why characters “deserve” certain things. Thinking like that about fantasy and fairy tales only draws you into a deep well you can’t climb out of. The complexity of character motivations and the ways in which they function as tools within a story are much more compelling when you remove them from this real-world context. Forget about our world for a moment. Think about the world of Star Wars - a galaxy full of magic and the Force, and godlike people/aliens who can manipulate this Force at their will. See these people like gods in tales from mythology - see them as magnificent beings above our own reckoning and worldly law. See them as moving cogs within the great wheel of a story.

When you view this story in that lens it becomes so much clearer that Reylo is likely the outcome.

EDIT: With that last point, I want to make it clear again that Kylo/Ben is the result of two epic love stories - two ICONIC love stories in cinematic history. They are thus far the two most important love stories of the series.

Wouldn’t it now be such an opportunity - so important to the overarching saga and beautiful poetry - for those two love stories to be resolved by the MAIN CHARACTER of this Sequel Trilogy and the last remaining Skywalker in the bloodline becoming a love story all their own…?

Goodbyes (Part 2) C.H.

Here’s the second part of Goodbyes as a lot of people had asked me to do! I’m thinking about turning into a fanfic. I just have so much ideas to it and I am loving it so much AHGGSH!!!!

Goodbyes PART 1   PART 3

Let me know what you think of it // Word Count: 2.7k // Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

“We have a daughter?” Calum furiously asked, placing his hand on his broken heart as a way to fix every piece of it. Luke stood still, with his eyes avoiding his friend. Nora opened her mouth, though no word left her throat. She bit her lip and stared at him, her stare burning on him as she tried to make him break their eye contact.

She had to answer him but she could also lie to him.

“No, of course we don’t. Are you out of your mind?”

Nora’s chuckle felt as humorous as a kick in the balls. It was rather painful.

Calum’s anger was making him feel like his blood was boiling, his nails were digging into his palms as a way not to freak out and start yelling and cursing. They were all in a funeral and wanted to respect everyone.

“Nora, don’t fucking lie to me, especially if there’s a possibility that I have a child I don’t know that existed.” His voice was hoarse, tearing Nora’s heart apart at the sight of how overwhelmed he was with all of the things that were happening in his life.

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GROUP: bts

SERIES: bangtan smut series 

MEMBER: jin 


What happens when Jin your best friend has been a virgin all these years, it would be tragic if someone just- corrupted him.

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I know @allisonpregler could probably use a smile this week, so why not reminisce about the Nanny’s controversial third-to-last season?

I know its out of print, but you can stream it from the usual places, just remember to skip that one part in episode 4 that caused the nosebleeds, and never answer any of G̸͍͒o̷̼͉͛͛r̸̬̹̺̪͋̇m̸̻̜̍̕ỉ̷͖̠̠͐͑̍̕ȩ̷̹̪̻̒̃̋’̵͎̜̙̻̱́̽̌̄̏s̸̤͝ questions out loud. You should all know the rules by now.

Real Life Encounters Part 3

Pairing: MMA!Jason Todd/Torres x (fem!)Reader

Prompt: what if you met a real life Jason Todd? Amazing right? Here’s how it would go…


A/N Hey, guys! It’s me, Artza, a.k.a. dc-hoe. Some of you may know me as your Smut Queen, Smut Empress, or Smut Goddess, what ever you like to call me. I just wanted to say that I feel honored collaborating with Lina and I hope you guys really like this story because I fucking love it. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know me, you should know in advance that my smuts tend to be really hot and sinful. I’ve written things that shook people to the core, things that’ll make you think about my smut even days after reading. But don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you guys…..well..maybe!

(Side note, THANK YOU ARTZA SO MUCH FOR THIS! Collaborating with you was amazing and I hope we can collab again :))))

Enjoy! 😉 ~

(all under the cut)

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Not Mine

Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Summary: Can u pls do a batfam x reader where she is from alternate earth n is the daughter of alternate!bruce wayne one who is not a batman? Somehow she ended up in another earth n meet the batfam. They took her in. Bruce has no idea how to deal with his alternate!daughter. She doesn’t exist here. Reader grow up normal n a pacifist. She doesn’t know how to deal with her vigilante!family. She just want to go home. But she learn shes stuck 4 good in this earth. Make it angst & fluff pls.

Key: Y/N= your name

part 2!

You walked to into your father’s office. He was busy with something involving Wayne Enterprises. You shook your head smiling. Your dad was always busy, but he would never be to busy for you, especially after your mom died. You slipped behind him, looking over his shoulder.

Bruce turned to look at his computer and found you over his shoulder. “Jeez! My little ninja, Y/N, you’re quite as a mouse,” your father chuckled and kissed your cheek. Then he went back to his computer.

“Sorry pops, I was wonder what you were doing. So, what are you doing?” You leaned further over him to get a better look at the paper in front of him. He grabbed your face and pushed you back chuckling. You gave him a face of mock offense.

“We’re working to better protect the citizens of the world from those ‘heroes’,” he explained still grinning, using air-quotes to emphasis his point. Your father had an disdain for superheros though he never told you why. You didn’t really mind heroes, but you didn’t trust them as much as the rest of the world because of your dad.

“So…you’re trying to make, like, hecka reinforced buildings? Or cars that float in rivers and survive a fall?” You jokingly suggested.

Your dad turned and beamed at you. “Y/N! You’re a genius, those are great ideas!” He hopped up and kissed your cheeks then whipped out his phone. “Baby, I’ll be down for dinner later than normal, eat with Alfred without me!” He shooed you out of the office and started furiously dialing numbers.

You chuckled as you exited and slipped down the stairs to the kitchen. You called out for Alfred, ready to explain that dad wasn’t going to be joining dinner AGAIN. It never really bothered you, but it did happen more than you liked. You couldn’t imagine your dad being busier than he was now.

You walked past a window right as a bright white flash blinded you momentarily. You stood still for a moment, rubbing your eyes before you could see again. You ran to the window and looked around feverishly. Nothing outside changed. Then you looked around the hall. Nothing inside had changed. Slightly dazed, you walked slowly to the kitchen.

“Alfred? Did you see that? Alfred?” You peaked into the kitchen to find it completely empty and clean. Like no one had ever entered the room. You were confused, you were down here only a few minutes ago and Alfred was preparing dinner. “Alfred,” you shouted into the emptiness. You walked to the study, a place Alfred spent a lot of time cleaning, and scavenged the room for him. 

Discouraged, you began to walk out of the room, but halted when you saw the grandfather clock was stopped. “Hmm?” You looked at your watch, it was five o’ clock and the clock had been stopped at 10:48. You hoped to fix the clock by putting it at the correct time, so you moved the minute hand slightly. The clock began to shudder and move from under your hand. You jumped back and watched wide-eyed as the clock revealed a stairway down to dark nothingness.

“Wha-what the…” you stuttered. Curiosity got the better of you and you began to descend the stairs. You slipped down slowly and quietly, as male voices became clear through the silence.

“Looks like nothing changed, but we can’t be too sure…”

“We can ask Clark and see if he noticed anything new.”

“If Bruce doesn’t think anything changed, then Clark probably won’t find anything.”

You could tell the voices varied in age, but they were all definitely male. None of them were familiar, until one voice rang through the air.

“I’m going to check with Clark, you all will stay here and keep eyes out for anomalies.” Your father’s voice. Your dad. Tears welled up in your eyes as you finally found something familiar within the peculiar. You couldn’t care about being quite anymore, you just needed your dad.

“Dad!” You called to that wonderful man, that lovely human who would never let anything bad happen to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist, “I’m so glad you’re here!”

He didn’t hug you back. He didn’t touch you. You pulled back to see his face was surprised and confused. You stepped back and studied the man in front of you. He looked like your father: the hair, the eyes, the thinking crease between his eyebrows, but he had something in his eyes. A feeling you’ve never seen. In that moment you realized…that’s not your dad.

“Who are you?”

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New to This (Castiel x Reader)

Request: Either Insecure! Or Vulnerable! Castiel and affirmation kissing. It can be implied smut but that puppy has absolutely no idea what it’s like to be loved and I want to see how someone else would work with it!

Title: New to This

Pairing: insecure!Cas x Reader

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by heytheredeann

“This is completely unnecessary.” Castiel protested as you forced him to sit down.

You, along with Sam, Dean and Cas had just returned to the bunker from a hunt. It didn’t go so well seeing as you all were ambushed by a bunch of angels.

You all managed to take a hit but Cas seemed to have gotten it the worst. Of course, the angel immediately healed all of you but failed to think of himself.

“Don’t fight it man.” Dean told him, shaking his head as he walked away. Most likely to take a shower.

“Yeah, good luck.” Sam chuckled, also walking away from you and the angel.

Cas sighed in defeat, knowing that the brothers were probably right and he shouldn’t argue with you about it. His eyes followed your every move, watching as you grabbed gauzes and alcohol.

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