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“Who were you with?” Coming from y/n

anonymous said: Are you still taking requests for the four word prompts? Can you do “You’re always number one.” Please? X

so i combined these two, hope that’s alright!

The sound of Harry drunkenly stumbling into the living room woke me and I sat up on the couch as he entered. He grinned when he saw me, “Hey, love!” He said over enthusiastically and stumbled over to sit next to me, cuddling up on my shoulder. “Missed you t’night.”

“Where were you?” I asked, mildly annoyed. He had told me he’d be home hours ago.

He frowned, “Told you, was at the bar.”

Who were you with?

He picked up on the coolness in my tone and tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at me, “You’re angry with me.”

“You told me you’d be home by midnight, it’s nearly 3 AM.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I lost track of the time.”

I scoffed and got up from the couch, heading for our room. I heard Harry following.

“Is there a real reason you’re upset with me?” He asked as he watched be get in on my side of the bed, “You never really have a problem if I come home a little late.”

“Nope.” I popped the ‘P’ hoping it would piss him off. It did.

“Whatever, love, you want to be passive aggressive, that’s fine. I’m going to bed.” He stripped down to his underwear before climbing into bed, facing away from me.

I stared at the ceiling for a few moments in quiet protest. Then, “You didn’t answer my question.”

He sighed and rolled over to look at me, “What question?”

“I asked who you were with.”

He stared at me, “Does it matter?”


“Why are you on about this all of a sudden? You never do this, you’re not the jealous girlfriend.”

“I’m not jealous I just want to know who the fuck you were with!” I snapped.

He stared at me and then turned over, facing away from me.

“So you’re gonna ignore me now?” I said.

“I’m not talking to you when you’re like this, I’ll talk to you in the morning when you’re being reasonable.”

“I saw you with her, I saw the pap photos.”

He turned back over, “With who, love?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

“I’m not—“ He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, sitting up in bed, “If you’re gonna keep yelling at me I’m not having this conversation.”

I almost felt bad, was I overreacting? I reached over to my phone on the bedside table, unlocking it and opening up the link someone else had sent me, pictures of Kendall with her arms looped around Harry’s waist, Harry’s arm thrown over her shoulder, a drink in his other hand. I pushed the phone into his hand and he looks at the picture and then back up at me. “You’re upset about this?”

The way he was looking at me now, I felt stupid. I snatched the phone out of his hand. “Forget it.” I said and turned over to my side of the bed. I didn’t hear him settle back in bed, though. Instead his hand reached over and brushed my hair out of my face and behind my ear.

“If you’re really upset we can talk about it.” He says softly, “The last thing I want is for you to feel like someone else comes before you.”

I push his hand away, “Just wanna sleep.”

He scoots closer to me and when his hand slips around my waist, I don’t push him away. “We were just being friendly, promise.” He sweeps my hair back and kisses the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. “I would never touch anyone the way I touch you.”

I turned in his arms, “You promise you don’t… Still have feelings for her?”

His hand immediately came up to cradle the back of my neck and he pulled me to him, kissing me hard, his tongue running along my bottom lip until I opened up to him his tongue slipping inside to dance with my own. My toes curled when he sucked on my bottom lip before completely pulling away from me. “You’re mine. And I’m yours.” My heart was racing and I wanted to kiss him again, but I could tell he wasn’t finished talking so I waited. “You’re always number one. Always. Don’t question it for one second, ya hear me?”

I nodded and kissed him again, biting down on his lower lip until he moaned and flipped us so he was on top, “This… is what I wanted to come home to.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss along my jaw bone.

“Then I guess…” I was having trouble concentrating as he sucked on my neck, definitely leaving hickeys I’d have to conceal in the morning. “We’ll just have to make up for lost time.”

He chuckled against my skin, “Is that a challenge?”

“Do you accept?”

He straightened and quirked an eyebrow at me, “You know me, love. Can’t resist a good challenge.” And then he winked at me before lowering himself back down to my neck.

What Just Happened (Part II)

Summary: The aftermath of your and Jughead’s night together.

Word Count: 851

Warnings: mentions of sex, (kinda) mentions of drinking, I think that’s it?

A/N: It’s finally here! Sorry for the wait, I’ve got a lot going on :( I’m not gonna lie, this could definitely be better and I’m not super happy with it, but I really just don’t know how to fix it. I tried to make it more realistic but I sorta ruined it in the process. The dialogue is aLL over the place. I promise my writing won’t always be like this. I hope you guys like it anyway. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Part One

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“Crap.” He mumbled as he checked the time on his phone. “I’ve got to go, I promised Archie I’d meet with him in twenty minutes.” He sighed. “Meet me at Pop’s at four o’clock and we’ll talk then. Don’t be late.” He started for the door.

“Wait, your sweater. Just give me a second to change.”

“Keep it.”

You paused, confused as he looked at you with an almost playful expression. “What?”

“It looks better on you anyway.” And with that he was out the door.

Damn it. I like him.

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#137 Baron Corbin

#137- “Why do they behave for you?” (Baron Corbin)

From this drabble list

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           Large gatherings were never Baron’s thing. To be honest, the only reason he came was for you and because he loved kids. He lagged behind, as you kept a close eye on twenty pairs of four and five year old kindergarteners in order for a class trip to the zoo. They giggled and joked amongst each other. Baron smiled, as you stood at the forefront of the medium sized group. One teaching assistant took the left side, another took the right, and he promised you that he’d keep an eye out from behind.

           Baron, himself, wished he was up front with you but his presence had already cause the young children to gape at him with a combination of curiosity and awe. As the group finally made their ways to the picnic table, the children began to grow in size around him.

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Unintentional Domesticity

Summary: Judith is sick, and you’re tasked with taking care of her while Rick and Michonne are away. Good thing someone picks that time to pay you a visit.

Warnings: Just pure fluff and Negan’s potty mouth.

Thank you @lovingzombiechaos for this idea XD it was so much fun to write!

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Bother  [ T.H ]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: I’m so sorry for bothering you but can I request an image with Tom Holland? The reader is a little bit taller than him and she thinks that could be something bad for the development of their romance or something like that? Thank you so much for your time and I love your blog! ❤

Word Count: 518

Warnings: Mild language

A/N: This is so short I’m sorry!

Tom fiddled with your fingers as he lay beside you, his legs entangled with yours. The silence brought comfort to him but unfortunately it brought unwanted thoughts to you. You were taller than Tom and to you that wasn’t necessarily the best thing. You doubted that he was comfortable with it. Even though he never voiced anything to confirm you thoughts, you really did think it made a difference. 

You worried more that it made your boyfriend uncomfortable or that he simply didn’t like it. It wasn’t true at all, Tom adored that you were taller than him. In fact, he found it highly attractive. But your mind seemed to be weighed down by your fixation on the fact that it mustn’t be good for you as a couple.

It wasn’t as if you dwelled on it often because you didn’t and it never really made you feel as upset as you were feeling now. You weren’t near the point where tears would fall–it didn’t seem to be the case at the given moment.

“Tom,” You mumble, your hands finding his hair as he mumbles a response. “Does it bother you that I’m taller than you?”

His eyebrows furrow slightly, his whole body shifting as he rests his weight on his elbows in attempt to make better eye contact with you. Tom’s hair falls messily over his forehead and his bottom lip situates itself between his teeth. His brown orbs hold something indescribable, his confusion shining through the chocolate colour.

“What? Why do you ask that?” Is all he says, finally getting over his loss of words. He gazes strongly into your eyes, gripping your hands with a strength that you didn’t realise up until now. Tom’s reaction almost answers your question but the underlying doubt that filled the spaces in the back of your mind still ate at you.

“It’s just that, you know, you’re shorter than me and it just makes me feel weird. I don’t-I don’t know why, it just does.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all, sweetheart.” Tom pulls you closer to him, his left hand gripping strongly at your shoulder. “In fact, I find it kinda sexy.”

Tom had no clue why you thought it would matter to him that you were taller. He never realised that it bothered you up until now and if he had known earlier he would have made sure that you didn’t have to feel as it made any difference to the way he feels about you for so long.

“Really?” You mumble, shyly returning the small smile that he had given you.

“Of course. It really doesn’t matter and I don’t see why it should.” He licks his lips, running a hand through his dark hair. “So what if you’re taller than me? I still love you more than anything.”

“Bloody hell, Tom,” You mumble, the corners of your lips turning upward into a grin. All the doubts that were stored in your head sped away so fast you were surprised you didn’t have whiplash, Tom’s words giving you a warm feeling as you snuggled into his embrace. “I love you so much.”

Suggs vs Maynards

“Mark this day. Because it will go down in history.” Jack says to the camera, “I have managed to not get just one Sugg on my channel. But both of them!” He mock gasps, looking over at Joe and Zoe who are both sat there.

“Hello!” Zoe waves, smiling.

“Managed? How many times have I been on your bloody channel now?” Joe asks, facing Jack.

“Don’t ruin it, babe.”

“I’m not ruining anything.” Joe laughs.

“Yes you are.” Jack tells him, “Oh, and Conor’s here too.”

“Shalom.” Conor waves at the camera.

“Now, I know all of you are wondering why in the world Zoe Sugg is on my channel…” Jack continues, smiling, “And that is because it is time. The ultimate sibling challenge.”

“Suggs versus Maynards!” Conor chimes in.

“You mean Suggs kick Maynard’s asses.” Joe smirks.

“Please,” Jack rolls his eyes. “Like you can beat the brotherly bond Conor and I have.”

“We’ll destroy it.” Zoe tells him, “No one is better than Joe and I.”

“Pretty much.” Joe shrugs, throwing an arm around his sister’s shoulders. “So bring it.”

“We will.” Conor leans across Jack, narrowing his eyes.

“Anyway!” Jack pushes his brother out of the way, addressing the camera once again. “We each have some questions for the other set of siblings, and we’ll see how well everyone knows each other. At the end of it, the great sibling will come out on top.”

“And hopefully we all leave as happy siblings!” Zoe comments.

“First question,” Conor glances at his phone. “Zoe, what insect has never attacked Joe?”

“What?” Her faces turns to one of confusion, “What type of question is that?”

“A good one. Now answer it.” Jack prompts, a knowing smirk on his face.

“Why are you so smug?” Joe asks him.

“Because I know the answer.”

“Why do you know it?”

“Because I’m a good boyfriend.”

“Oh!” Zoe suddenly calls out, “He’s never been stung by a bee!”

“Correct!” Joe cheers, high fiving his sister before he looks back at Jack, “But why in the world do you know that?”

“Like I said, I’m a good boyfriend.” Jack shrugs, “That and you told me last week when we were drinking.”

“And the truth comes out…” Zoe laughs, “Alright. Conor, what is Jack’s favourite drink?”

“Come on, bro. You know this. We’ve been asked this before.” Jack looks at his older brother, trying to silently pass on the answer.

“I honestly have no idea.” Conor shakes his head, “You keep changing it.”

“That’s true,” Joe nods, “He does change his favourite a lot.”

“But I always have a fall back.” Jack tells them, “What’s my fall back?”

“Uhm, tequila?” Conor shrugs.

“Wrong!” Zoe says cheerily as Jack groans.

“Vodka lemonade.” He mutters, crossing his arms as he falls back into his seat.

“I thought you were over that!” Conor protests as Joe pats Jack’s arm sympathetically.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll eventually get over me and Zoe being better siblings than you and Conor.”

“Piss off.”

“Next question!” Conor declares, “Jack, ask it.”

“Fine.” Jack grabs the phone, “Joe, what are Zoe’s guinea pigs names?”

“Oh shit.” Joe’s brow furrows, “I know this.”

“Do you?” Zoe asks, tilting her head, “Because you never seem to get their names right.”

“Uhm,” The younger Sugg thinks for a moment, “Perry and Pippin?”

“So close!” Jack laughs, “We’ll give them a half point.”

“It’s Percy, Joe!” Zoe smack’s Joe’s arm lightly, “You should know that!”

“Sorry!” He leans away from her and into Jack, “Save me!”

“Nope. She’s your sister.”

“Rude.” Joe mumbles, taking the phone from Zoe. “Alright, Jack. What is Conor’s newest song called?”

“Are you suuuureeee!” Jack sings, off key. “And you can get it from the link below.” He winks at the camera.

“Cheers, bro!” Conor grins over at him.

“You always get it wrong every time except this time.” Joe shakes his head.

The game continues on for a while longer, the siblings getting more competitive, until the final question is asked:

“Alright, Joe.” Conor looks over at the younger Sugg, “Who does Zoe love more: Alfie or Nala.”

“Oh my gods,” Zoe laughs.

“Easy. Neither.” Joe grins, “She loves me more.”

“Awe, cute.” Jack coos as Zoe wraps her arms around her brother.

“And he’s right. I love my broseph the most.”

“Well, there you have it.” Jack claps his hands togethers, “Apparently the Sugg siblings just know each other better. Because I have a shit brother.”

“Hey!” Conor protests, but Jack pushes him away.

“Make sure to go check out all these lovely people, especially Joe, because I appear in quite a few of his videos.”

“Only my vlogs.” Joe corrects.

“Does it matter?” Jack looks at him, “My face is in it. They should go watch it.”

“You are such a dork.” Joe mutters, but there’s a fond smile on his face.

“Remember to like the video, and subscribe to me and Conor and Zoe and Joe if you haven’t already. And I will see you next week!” Jack waves at the camera, the other three joining in.

Once the camera is stopped recording, he looks at Conor.

“Dude, we really need to have a talk. Because you know nothing about me.”

“Even I knew more answer’s than you.” Joe laughs.

“You’re dating him,” Conor points out, “You have to know the answers. I’m blood. He’s stuck with me.”

“Then how come Zoe knows so many answers about Joe?” Jack questions.

“Because she’s not a shit sibling.” Conor grins, laughing as Jack throws a pillow at him.

Kasamatsu spends the next few days constantly near Kise. Kise’s still recovering from his use of Perfect Copy and he seems to need the attention. Kasamatsu is still recovering from all his near-death experiences, and is actually rather happy to give the attention. It’s important to Kasamatsu that he and Kise communicate (it’s more important than ever that they communicate—he wants all of his important relationships to be founded on open communication) so in the process of talking through how strange the whole experience had been, he mentions, “And I found out my dad is bisexual, that was odd—”

Kise just blinks at him. “You didn’t know that?”

This statement causes Kasamatsu to immediately halt his entire conversation train of thought and he sputters, “You knew that?! He told you?

Because it’s one thing to accept that Youji didn’t like to volunteer information about himself and respect his father’s reservations, but it’s another thing entirely if Youji felt like he could trust Kise (and not, say, Kasamatsu), with such secrets. (He gets the barest stirring of sibling resentment against his boyfriend, and this disturbs the hell out of him so much he has to squash it down immediately).

“Err, no, he didn’t tell me, exactly. I, uhh, had some questions? About having sex with guys? And I asked him once, and well, his answers sort of, you know, made it clear that he was speaking from experience. So. I assumed?”

This statement shuts Kasamatsu’s brain down entirely. “You. Asked my dad for sex advice.”

“Sure, lots of times. Who else was I supposed to ask? Wh—why are you looking like that?”

“No reason,” Kasamatsu says, in a strangled voice. “Our relationship just never felt particularly incestuous until just now.”

“What? What are you talking about? We’re not related at all!”

“You asked my dad for sex advice! Because he’s also your—oh god. Oh god, you didn’t, like—he didn’t know you were talking about me, right? You were just speaking in general?” When Kise doesn’t respond right away, Kasamatsu grabs him on the arm. “Right? You didn’t want to have sex with me when you asked, it was about some other guy?” He has never before wanted Kise to say he wanted to have sex with another guy as much as he does right now.

“Uhh…” Kise seems to recognize that there is no right way to answer this question. “We didn’t mention you by name…?”

“Oh my god,” Kasamatsu buries his face in his hands. “We can never have sex, ever.”

“WHAT? Senpai, don’t joke like that! Senpai!”

“And when my dad gets a boyfriend I’m going to make sure he suffers,” Kasamatsu says darkly. He’s not sure how he can pass along the now brain-destroying feeling of pseudo-incest if his father does start dating Akashi Masaomi, but he’s going to try.

“That’s not likely to happen, is it? Youji-san always seemed more partial to ladies,” Kise asks, perplexed. Kasamatsu opens his mouth and then shuts it. If Kise doesn’t know about whatever Youji’s relationship with Masaomi is, then Kasamatsu isn’t going to bring it up.

“And anyway, you were joking, right Senpai? Right?

A/N: Hahaha, so, anon-friends, I am sorry this is not quite what either of you asked for. Akashi anon-friend, I sorta figured Akashi doesn’t really know Youji all that well, so he most likely wouldn’t go to him for advice (although Kise sure as hell would). And second anon-friend, such things are things I think about constantly! But I also figure neither Kise nor Akashi realize the extent of their relationship yet.

So I wrote this instead, which was another scene I kinda wanted to include in “Filthy Halls” but it wouldn’t have matched the tone of the ending, so I didn’t, and I’m writing it now, so thanks!! Hope you both enjoyed =D

Imagine though…

The face Joshua makes when one of the members asked him about you back stage. Everything including the voice message he left you comes flooding into his mind.

“Hey… How are you…hmm..I don’t know why I called you, but… When we see each other again- no, never mind. Bye.“

He didn’t notice he was deep in thought until the other waved a hand in front of his face and called his name multiple times. It was days since your last talk, and you made it clear that’ll be the last (u broke up with him :(( ), so he answered the question honestly.

“I don’t know.”


Link to the voice call. I recommend you listen to it.

something there

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader
Words: 1,700
Warnings: mentions of violence
Request: Beauty & the beast inspired sam drake x reader hehe

Your name: submit What is this?

To be completely honest, when Y/N first stepped into the job, she was completely unaware of what exactly it would all entail. But she was desperate; she needed the money. And the vague description made it seem easy enough—hands-on work, filing, historical research—so she thought simply, “To hell with it.”

The job description never elaborated as far as to how ridiculously life-threatening her bosses’ ventures would be. Maybe she should’ve just walked right out the door the second she found out what she had signed up for. Maybe then, she wouldn’t be here in a motel room tending to her boss’s bullet wounds.

Luckily, she’s familiarized with him well enough. It had been undoubtedly an unlikely friendship in the beginning, considering her distaste toward Sam’s reactive tendencies and the mild discrepancies between the two of them. But as the months passed, their differences were set aside and similarities were recognized but unspoken: their passions, at times bawdy sense of humour, the uneasiness of being held up in one place for an extended amount of time.

She only wishes she has mistaken her—cough—affection for Sam in place of ample respect. But she has drawn too close enough to acknowledge the fact that she has developed a crush on him like a damn schoolgirl. Still, she has done nothing to act upon it. Sure, there has been the occasional flirtatious jest here and there, but as a response to his own flirtatious habits, it should not count.

She sees it like a puzzle; beneath the ever-so obvious heavily guarded exterior adorned with the denim and the chain-smoking and the tendency to steer every topic of conversation away from himself. Yet he wears a mask of arrogance, convincing to a point where she’d almost disliked him if not for that damn charm.

Sam has also seen things—for more than Y/N ever has. The matter of being only a few years out of university on her end is an easy excuse, but he’s never held it against her. He has been guiding her throughout the whole adventuring, treasure-hunting crusade, and for that she is grateful. He’s never put her on the spot, either, except in the extreme cases that have grown far too common for her liking.

She is knelt behind him on the queen-sized bed, finishing up with the bandage over the stitches on the final bullet wound on his left shoulder.

“Done,” she says, tucking away the supplies beside her. She adjusts in her place, moving to stand in front of him.

“Thanks,” he tells her.


He bows his head to inspect the number she’s done on him. This particular incident counts as her third time stitching him back up. Her skills have certainly grown, but in no means are these scars going to heal pretty.

Then he meets her eyes. She nearly averts them. It has grown to be an instinct; not because she is slightly enamoured with him, but because she’s always wary of his next move as if he’d get himself hurt again. He has established himself as somewhat reactive, and she is skeptical whether or not his decisions have resulted in more negative than positive.

He holds her gaze as if he is about to say something. Anything. But then he purses his lips, bows his head again, and shifts on the bed, wincing at the pain in his side and shoulder. She immediately reaches out, aiding him as he lay on his back, exhaling deeply.

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Don’t let me go pt.2


Group: Bts

Member: Jungkook 

AU: Grim Reaper, Demon

AN: Okay you guys. You wanted it, you got it. Here is it. I only want to tell you that in mine series Jungkook is no little boy. Love you all. Now enjoy. It’s also not checked. 

P.S: My askbox is open for all requests and all groups.


 My mum was hit by a car just before I was born. A strange man brought her back from the death just in time before, what the beliefs call them, the soul takers, the Grim Reaper league,appered. This strange man protected my mother for enough time, so she could give birth to her daughter- me. However, even he couldn‘t protect her long enough and the soul keepers found her and took her with them. My mothers savior, Kim Yugyeom, the most famous Goblin, managed to hide me from The Reapers and gave me to my father.

I lived quite happy with my dad for about eight years before another man in robe tried to take me away and bring me to the underworld where he claimed I belong as a missing soul. My father told the low ranked Grim Reaper to go away from where he came and that my soul didn’t belong to the underworld. The low ranked Reaper told my father that if he doesn’t move out the way he will die trying to protect me. And for the second time in my life, the Goblin saved me.

Catching the hand of the Reaper who was ready to cast the deadly spell in order to kill my father, Kim Yugyeom saved the day. “Come on. I’m not sure you want to do that. We are friends, right? Right, Reaper? You are new, aren’t you?” and suddenly his voice turned dark with heavy threats ”This family and especially this girl, are off limits. You, don’t touch them. Am I clear?”

The Reapers eyes twitched with fear. He was so afraid, that he couldn’t say anything and only nodded. Mr.Kim smiled satisfied. “Good. Please continue with your list and don’t come back to this house. Have a nice day.” And then the Goblin literally threw the Reaper out the house. “Are you okay? Did he managed to hurt you?”

My father who had hugged me the whole time, not letting me go of his arms, loose his grip, hearing the concern in the voice of the mythological creature. “I’m fine. Take her, Yugyeom and protect her. Our plan won’t work at this point. She has to survive and we both know it. She was the chosen one. I know it and more important, her mother knew this. Keep her safe.” I was plain afraid. A stranger came in our house trying to take me and then another stranger came and my father just give me up to him. I didn’t want to go. At all. “Strawberry, baby, you have to listen to dad. Are you listening carefully?” I nodded, the glass strawberries on my rubber bands making a noise as well. “You two talk. I’ll go collect her things.” Said the Goblin, disappearing up the stairs. “Y/N, dad will ask you to go with this nice man to his house. He will take care of you while daddy go to do some business. Can you do that for me? You can call him uncle, how about that? He is a really funny guy and you two will have great time together. When I come back, you can tell me about all your adventures.” “I don’t want to go. He is scary.” My dad laughed and gave me Mr. Sparkles, the white fluffy teddy bunny. “Mr. Sparkles will protect you. I promise.” ”You promise?” “I swear in my pinky unicorn promise.” “Okay. I’ll go.” “Fast. We have no time.” Said the Goblin, looking around as if we were being watched. “Thank you,Yugyeom.””Don’t worry I’ll keep her safe.”

And that was the last time I saw my father. This was almost ten years ago. Right now, I was looking at the white ceiling waiting for my alarm to ring so I can go to school. As a senior, I am so close to graduating. Graduating, becoming legal and living a happily ever after. But not me. My destiny is written in the sky. I have to the Grim Reapers wife. I have no idea what this means. I have never seen him and usually he is depicted as a skeleton with a hood. I’m not sure I want to be a skeleton wife. You can imagine the sex. It won’t be…usual for sure.

“Y/N, are you ready? You have like ten minutes before your class starts.” Uncle Yugyeom has been taking care for me for the last ten years. He may be a Goblin, but he is a good man. I love him as a father although now that time had passed we look almost at the same age. “I’m ready! Let’s go. Are we teleporting or getting a car?”

Jumping from my bed, putting the bag on my shoulder, I ran down the dark marble stairs ready to hear my favorite answer “Teleport.”

Here it comes the exciting part. I walk out of our door and I’m right in front of the massive building I call school, sweet school. I don’t have to wear three layers of clothes in the winter and I don’t have to worry for the summer heat. My life is amazing. “Young lady, where you think you are going without a jacket and a scarf? Outside is minus degrees. Come here.” Yugyeom snapped his fingers and my cotton pink coat and baby blue long scarf were right in his hands. He helped me wear my coat and then put my scarf around my neck. “Now go.” As I opened the door, ready to teleport Yugyeom shouted “Wait! No boys, no distractions. You can have a friend. A girl. No man. Nothing with a penis and male hormones. If any man touches you, I will know. Alright?” “Alright.” He waved me goodbye as he had did for the last ten years. And I teleported. Let’s go to the world of school and learning.

As hours passed by I managed to survive through almost all of my classes. I have only two more hours of English and I’m done for the day.

There is something that bothers me though. In our school, we have way too many ghosts for my liking. No one can stop ghost. When I was small they were absolutely annoying, but now you can say I even like them. When I get off from school, I sit on a bench, if its not cold, and pretend to listen to music and draw, while actually I listen to amazing stories from the ghosts. There are ghosts so old, they help me out with my history lessons.

“Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. Sitting on the bench, sketching the school for a numerous time, I waited for lunch break to finish. You can say, I was little annoyed by the question and without much entosiasm, I answered.“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” Suddenly all the ghosts around me trembled and some of them disappeared, while the beautiful ghost looked at me and whispered quietly “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” I was fascinated. This has never happened before. I wanted to know why was she so scared suddenly. “Wait. Talk to me.” But it was too late. All ghost around me had disappeared and I was asking myself. What on Earth has happened?




  “What are you doing here Jungkook? There has to be a reason why the almighty Grim Reaper comes to visit a small Goblin like me.”  

“I missed you too Yugyeom. I need help.”

Last First Kiss. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you so much for that, by the way!

Prompt – Confused about the talk with Spiderman, you took his advice and did not give up on Peter Parker.

Warning – Feels.

Words – 1,386.


Part 1.

When does anyone ever know when it is time to let go of a person? Sometimes people are so persistent, they continue to chase a person for ages even when they know the person will never return the favor. But for some reason, people hold on too long for something that they know they will never have. Maybe, they see a glimpse of hope on their side, slightly within their reach.

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There is nobody.

“Have you told him?” Molly asked, as she set the table around Sirius at 12 Grimauld Place. Sirius looked up at Molly.
“No.” He sighed, “I can’t seem to get the words out. Emmeline is getting more and more upset with me.” He said quietly. Molly looked at him sadly.
“Why didn’t anyone else tell him?” Sirius asked. “Then I wouldn’t have to think about it.”
“Sirius, nobody knows how to tell him.” She replied gently.
The front door slammed shut and Sirius looked at Molly, “Who is it?”
Molly shrugged, looking worried. “The others aren’t due back until later.” She whispered.
Emmeline burst into the room. “Tell me you told him.” She said looking directly at Sirius, pleading with him. She quickly realized by the look on his face that he hadn’t. “Sirius, it’s one thing to pretend you don’t even know me around him, but it’s not fair, he thinks the world of you, and he doesn’t know anything about you!”
“I don’t know how!” Sirius said shouting back at Emmeline. Molly had excused herself from the room and shut the door behind her. “I don’t want to think about her, I can’t because once she’s on my mind I can’t get her out.” He said standing now. “So don’t you dare stand there and tell me that I have to tell Harry anything, because we both know that I can’t do this, and I’m not going to. I’ve tried before and it didn’t go well, if you want to tell him please do, but I can’t.” He said,defeated. He sank to the table, resting his head in his hands.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be so forceful.” Emmeline muttered, sitting across from him.
“Em, you were always forceful.” Sirius said. “Not quite as stubborn as her though. She was so bloody stubborn.” He said quietly.
“She liked to say strong willed actually. I can’t tell him Sirius, he barely knows my name, Remus can’t tell him and you know it. You need to tell him.”
“I know that he should know, but I can’t help but think that I shouldn’t have to tell him, they should be here. I really tried to, when we sent Harry back to Hogwarts, had pictures with me and everything. Pulled him into a waiting room but as soon as I pulled out the Order photo, and saw her face I could barely get the words out. I just about managed to say her name, and that’s it.”
Emmeline looked up at Sirius, and saw the pain in his eyes, the lost look on his face that presented a broken man she was unfamiliar with. She saw a mere echo of the fun, happy man he was when they first met.
“Please Em, I know I need to but I just can’t.” His voice cracked and Emmeline saw a man who had lost everything in the world, except his godson.
“But what if he finds out from someone else Sirius?” Emmeline asked, exasperated.
“Like who? Emmeline tell me that. Who on this earth, that knows what really happened would tell him? There’s nobody left,” Sirius rose to his feet in front of Emmeline, “I would say a strong percentage of the people who even know are in this room! And if you, or Moony for that matter want to tell Harry what I lost, feel free, but I couldn’t explain it then, and I sure as hell can’t explain it now.”
Emmeline looked up at Sirius and saw a shadow of the man who came stumbling into an Order meeting he and Marlene were late for with blood and scratches covering him, and an empty hollow aura surrounding him since the dreadful evening.
The door to the kitchen opened and Remus sheepishly walked in. “Molly said you were in here. What’s going on?”
The pair paused, looking at each other.
“I think Sirius should tell Harry about everything.” Emmeline croaked.
“Everything?” Remus asked. “And by everything you mean? Everything?”
Emmeline nodded.
“Merlin get me a drink.” Remus muttered sinking into a seat at the table.
“Where did that idea come from?”
“Oh let me think, not the fact Harry doesn’t know about a huge part of our lives, and an even bigger part of his life! Or maybe, if he walked in this room right now he would be surprised I was here, and his thoughts would go something like ‘what was her name again? I wonder why she’s here?’, and that sure as hell hurts! Or maybe just maybe the fact if anything happened to any of us, or god forbid all of us, nobody would be left to tell him.” She shouted. “He doesn’t even know that I was one of their best friends Sirius, he doesn’t know I even knew them.” She whispered pleading now. “You need to.”
And once again the door creaked open and a thin, confused looking Harry stood in the doorframe, searching his Godfather’s face for answers that would never be spoken. “Tell me what?”
Nobody answered his question then, or in the years to come though he tried to ask, but the exhaustion on his godfathers face, and the sorrow in his uncle Moony’s eyes, and the desperation of that lady Emmeline left him speechless.
In fact nobody ever explained to Harry what his parents friends couldn’t bring themselves to relive.
Nobody was left to explain who all those people in the pictures Harry found in Sirius’ room in Grimuld place after the war.
Nobody was left to explain that Sirius had once loved and lost much more than anyone could imagine.
Nobody was left to explain who Marlene Mckinnon was.
Nobody was left to help figure out who Sydney Black was.
Nobody was left to fill in the gaps.

But after some time and help from Hermione, Mrs Weasley, McGonagall, Flitwick,
Mrs Longbottom and anyone else he could find he could piece together the basic facts.
Harry had been shocked to find out that Sirius had a daughter, Sydney, with Marlene Mckinnon. And they were both murdered by death eaters in front of him in 1981, when Sydney was only a few moths old. She had been slightly older than Harry and apparently Sirius had never been as happy as when his little girl was born.
And even more shocked to find that Remus had been in love before Tonks, very deeply madly in love with a 'pretty little thing’ as she had been called by Mrs Weasley, 'A real cute, innocent little thing.’ But he felt broken when he heard that Remus been late meeting her for a drink and she was killed in a bar by death eaters waiting for him, he never quite forgave himself.
Appalled to find out that Emmeline Vance, who had helped to protect him all those times and he had merely thought her nice, but quiet had in fact been one of his mothers bridesmaids, one of her closest friends and in fact had looked after him many a time when he was little. It hurt Harry to hear what a wonderful woman she had been, and how she had helped his parents both before they died and afterwards, and how he hadn’t even known her when she was alive and she had been once of the best chances for learning about his mother. And he cried when he found out she had been personally killed by Voldemort while he was still in Hogwarts and he hadn’t even noticed who she was at the time, he cried for his own ignorance and he cried for the brave woman who fought so hard for him, without him even knowing. But when McGonagall told him many years later that Emmeline had actually called for help the night she died, but nobody was left to help her all too busy elsewhere, and had knew he was coming in the short few minutes before she died. So she had tried to send Harry a note telling him she really was sorry she never told him who she was, and that she knew he could do it, and if she was about to pay the price for protecting him and his friends so be it, because if someone had done that for her she wouldn’t be the last one left.
And Harry cried for Sydney whose smile was enchanting in the few pictures of her that Sirius hasn’t burnt and he cried for the pictures of them together, fighting and playing oblivious to the chaos about to enter their world and tear them apart forever. Little Sydney with Sirius’ eyes but an attitude that could only be Marlene’s as she stood only 2 years old with her hands on her hips and her eyebrows raised.
Harry sobbed for Dorcas Meadows who did nothing wrong but love somebody. And Emmeline who lived her whole life protecting him without him even knowing it, his guardian angel.
And Harry was left in desperation, at the sorrow his friends had suffered through but nobody was left to remind Harry about the good times they had too because the only people who truly knew that even through the bad times they had all gotten on like a house on fire, and had laughed at each other and had fought for their friends in a reckless protection.

Weak Spot

Title: Weak Spot

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: hi! i was wondering if i could get a bucky imagine? where he’s super mean to everyone but not the reader, like everyone’s so confused? but he’s madly in love with her?

Warnings: Swearing, it’s pretty fluffy man

Part 2 is right here

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           He barely ever spoke, but when he did, it was to her. She had always been there and he would never know why. Y/n was there when someone felt like insulting Bucky, or when the horrific flashbacks of murder and pain flickered into Bucky’s mind. She was always there.

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*yawn* I’m really not interested in people baiting Jensen with the same old Destiel questions. He loved my Destiel art, so bite me. I’m really tired of people pulling and twisting actors back and forth to fit fandom wars. Y'all get twisted like he hates Destiel. He doesn’t. I witnessed it in person. I got a more joyful reaction from Jensen about my Destiel art than I did with Misha. You can’t assign anyone’s views based on convention panels, especially when every fan has an agenda (all of us do, don’t lie) and questions are almost always leading. You trap actors, you get shitty responses. Period. Now I’m gonna go write my big long, complicated, fabulously queer love fics about Dean and Cas because I know the bottom line is the actors want their audiences to be happy and they really don’t personally think about shipping much. These shipping questions at cons are usually designed to start drama. By now everybody knows it never goes well, so why keep doing it? No matter how they answer these questions, they know they’re upsetting people. You’re putting them in shitty positions. Knock it off and go draw kissy fan art and write romance stories. Those things make me happy and I’m not going to stop.

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A.D.I.D.A.S - snowbaz

listen ok im the freaking woRST with titles. i had this in my drafts as ‘Vampire Science’. i literally have an unpublished chapter fic called ‘SQUAD GOALS’ i need help.

also this is Sin™. im going to heck. <3. 

EDIT: yoooo so i got an ask about the name of this fic. it’s a song title! A.D.I.D.A.S by Little Mix, my friends. it’s a blessing (it stands for ‘all day i dream about sex’ btw) ;*

based of of this post and (very loosely) this post. @helpmeiamtrappedinmyfandoms @fyeahsnowbaz

Genre: sin and regret (and fluff)

Warnings: sin, coarse language, SIN

Summary: Vampires are confusing at the best of times. Simon just wants answers to the important questions.

Word Count: 1922

golly okay

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Shocking Lie Detector

“Is this going to hurt me?” My hand hovers over the device as I look up at Joe, who is looking way to happy about what was happening.

“No, love. Now please, it needs to read your vitals.” He encourages, inching it closer towards my hand.

Hesitantly, I lower my hand until it connects with the device, jumping slightly as it starts to beep. Next to me, my boyfriend chuckles softly, earning a glare.

“This isn’t funny, Joe.”

“It is a little bit, Y/N. Come on, you saw my sister and Alfie do it, it’ll be fine! Oh look, it’s ready!” He bounces a little in his seat as the lie detector beeps. We are sat on the end of his bed, camera and lights pointed at me, filming a video for his channel. All week Joe had been asking me to do the lie detector shock challenge, saying he had borrowed the device from Alfie last time he was visiting them. At first, I had refused; especially after the shock pads video he had forced me into long ago.

But as the days went on, he kept asking, and I finally caved, on his solemn swear that it would not hurt me.

“Just, ask the question so this is done with.” It was to be a one sided question video, with Joe asking me all the questions. And then if the fans liked it, he said we could potentially do one where I ask him the questions. I personally thought it was unfair, but he knew how to persuade me.

“Right. First question,” He looks from his phone up to me. “Start off easy. Do you love me, despite doing this video?”

I roll my eyes at him before answering. “For some reason, yes.” We watch as the lights go around, the machine processing my answer before it beeps truth.

“Awe, you love me!” Joe grins, leaning over to place a kiss on my cheek.

“Ask me again after this video. Next question.”

“Alright..uhm, are you, or have you ever been, jealous of ‘Jaspar’?” He asks, and I instantly know this is a fan submitted question.

“Of all the questions, you chose that one?”

“There’s more coming. Now answer it.”

“No, I have never been jealous of ‘Jaspar’.”

After a moment, the machine lets out a different one, and I jump as it sends a shock up my arm.

“Ow! Shit, that does hurt!” I pull my hand away, rubbing it while Joe falls backwards laughing.

“I knew you were jealous!”

“I am not! This thing is broken!”

“The lie detector doesn’t lie, love.” He sits up, smiling over at me. “Just admit it, you have been jealous.”

“Why should I be? I’m the one that got you in the end.” I smirk.

“I’m leaving that in. Caspar is going to be so mad when he sees it.” Joe shakes his head, laughing to himself.

“Are we finishing this or not?” I ask, wincing as I place my hand back on the machine.

“Now you’re getting into it!” He lifts his phone up, looking for the next question. I let out a groan as he glances over at me, a smirk on his face. This next one is going to suck.

“Have you,” Joe pauses for a moment. “Ever sexted?”

I feel my face flush as I gape at him. “You can’t ask that!”

“Fair game, Y/N. Answer it. Truthfully. Or lie, but remember, you’ll get shocked.”

“I hate you so much.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Ugh. Fine.” I glance down at the machine, knowing either way my answer will be revealed. Deciding to get it done and over with quickly, I squeak out a small ‘yes’ before Joe hits the button to analyze my question.

Closing my eyes, I fall back onto the bed as it confirms the truth.

“Well, aren’t you an adventurous little thing.”

“Just you wait until it’s your turn, Sugg. Then everyone can find out the real truth.”

Joe just laughs at that while I sit back up.

The game continues for a while, and apparently he had managed to find as many embarrassing questions as possible for me to answer. I end up getting shocked quite a few times, mostly because I can’t bear to vocally confirm or deny some answers, so I let the machine do it for me. Joe for the most part laughs, clearly enjoying making me go through this.

Finally, he tosses his phone to the side, indicating that we’re done.

“Alright, I think I’ve tortured my girlfriend long enough!”

“Damn right.” I mumble, massaging my hand.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Alright, let’s do one question for you before the video is done then.” I hold the machine up for him, shooting him a daring look. Never one to back down, Joe places his hand on it, and I reset the machine for him.

I look him right in the eye, a smirk on my lips, as I ask the question.

“Who is more attractive, me or Mila Kunis?”

I laugh to myself as his eyes widen, clearly not wanting to answer the question.

“That’s just mean. Unfair advantage.”

“You called fair game, Sugg. Answer the question.”

“You are.” Joe says, but his tone lifts at the end, so it’s almost like he’s asking his own question. I press the button, and wait for it to do its thing, already knowing what will happen.

And as expected, my boyfriend lets out a yelp as he pulls his hand away quickly.

“There you have it, folks. Joe Sugg thinks Mila Kunis is more attractive than his own girlfriend.” I shake my head in mock disappointment.

“Oh come on! That was not a fair question.”

“Close out the video.”

Joe pouts but turns to face the camera. “If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. And if you hit….one hundred thousand, I’ll let Y/N ask the questions. Remember, if you haven’t subscribed already, it’s free! I’ll see you next week with another Sugg Sunday Special!”

“Where you’ll find out if he still has a girlfriend!” I chime in, my words laced with a teasing tone.

“Cheers, bye!” Joe finishes before hitting the button to stop recording. “You’re right. That machine is broken.” He says to me immediately, going to wrap his arms around me. But I jump off the bed quickly and head for the door.

“Hmm, I’m pretty sure it tells the truth, Joe. So go give your new girlfriend a hug instead.” I tell him, smiling over my shoulder as I walk out of the room.

“I’m sorry!”

“I’ll forgive you…one day!”

Joe’s groan echoes off the walls, mixing with my laughter.

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“You can’t cheat death.” Her body molded to the wall, it had been awhile since she last seen him, she was worried. After all it's hard to find information on someone who really didn't exist at all. "You know that right?" It wasn't a question she wanted him to answer because for some reason deep down inside, she really didn't wish to know.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS. || @bornwithfireintheirveins

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  Y ou can’t cheat death.

     Hearing Rei speak just behind him, Yohei paused, glancing at her over his shoulder. For a moment, he appeared to genuinely contemplate that statement before flashing a catlike grin. It had been some time since he saw her; honestly, he never thought he would again, and now there she stood spouting off some words of wisdom.

     { Who was she? Why did she care? }

     “I don’t have to.

          Death just f a v o r s me.”