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I saw that t-shirt on amazon and poof, this happened. *shrugs*

Reproductive choices positivity

I wish you a pleasant childfree life if you do not want children.
I wish you a pleasant parenting life if you want children.

I wish you an unfailing and safe for your health contraception if you use some.
I wish you an easy time getting pregnant if you want to be.
I wish you an competent and respectful physician if you want to sterilize yourself.

In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, i wish you supportive relationships that will support you and any decision you make.
I wish you easy access to abortion and a safe and comfortable procedure if you decide to end the pregnancy.
I wish you three healthy, painless, and enjoyable trimesters and an easy birth if you chose to keep it going.
I wish you a quick and simple administrative process if you wish to give the resulting baby up for adoption.

I wish you quick success if you have trouble conceiving.
I wish you a simple and successful adoption process if you wish to adopt.

I wish you affordable and safe medical procedures and easy administrative quests and good insurances or universal care system and a supportive and healthy environnement.

Spread the positivity. Support people and their decisions. Wish them the best. Feel the love. Share nice words and nice thoughts and congratulations and encouragements.

Things that happened at the Great Comet today (9/2/17 2:00pm Matinee) that left me DEAD
  • Grace gave me a pirogi and talked with me about War and Peace
  • Shoba gave me a love letter!! When she passed by I just wanted to make eye contact with her and smile but she saw my vintage Comet shirt and gave me a love letter and I was so pleasantly surprised bc I forgot she was handing out letters and I really wanted one! I couldn’t stop smiling. It said “You’re beautiful” and I’m keeping it forever
  • Josh laid down right in front of me during the Balaga sequence and when they all cheer after “here’s to happiness freedom and life”, I cheered as well and he heard and winked at me and I had a heart attack
  • Lauren smiled RIGHT AT ME and I almost cried bc she’s my fav and I love her so much
  • Blaine was Andrei/Prince Bolkonsky and during the Private and Intimate Life of the House his wig fell off and when I later told him at SD that everyone thought it was on purpose he laughed and smiled at me. I also complimented the pink sweater he was wearing and he was so kind. I wanted to just hug him so much.
  • DAVE. AS. PIERRE. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and more! He was just so perfect and I truly think adding Dust and Ashes shifted Pierre’s whole character arc in a really dramatic and important way. He was so perfect and I love him to death.
  • I gave Dave the scrapbook I made him at the stage door and he was so happy!! It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside!!
  • Denee danced right in front of me during Balaga and I laughed so hard I cried
  • During the club scene, Azudi laid down right in front of me and got up in my face and was saying stuff like “Where am I?? God I’m so wasted!! Help me?!” I told him later at stage door that I couldn’t stop laughing and he told me that The Duel is his favorite number to do
  • Another note about The Duel: JOSH IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!! Like he was right next to me and oh my godddddd. I love that man. His costume…
  • Amber Gray fucking brought the house down. Charming was so flawless I couldn’t have asked for more
  • Speaking of powerful female numbers, I was legitimately scared of Marya D in In My House. She started out quiet and worked her way up to rage and that scared the shit out of me
  • And Sonya Alone made me cry of course. I actually want to be Brittain and I just couldn’t imagine ever doing that and she does it eight times a week and it was amazing
  • I couldn’t stop crying throughout No One Else. Denee is a princess and it gave me goosebumps
  • And finally, The Great Comet of 1812 ruined me. That song was the death of me. Dave truly was the best Pierre I’ve ever seen and I could barely see through my tears
  • From the second the last song was over, every. single. audience member was on their feet applauding as loud as humanly possible. The support in the audience was amazing. The standing ovation lasted a solid 3-5 minutes. They took 3 bows.

Long story short: I can’t believe this show is closing. This was the best fucking day of my life and all I can think is “where to now?” Tomorrow the world will have lost a bright, shining star and that is a true tragedy.

I love how the UK’s motto is keep calm and carry on, the terrorist attack we had a month or two ago and the attack yesterday in Manchester just proves that. The community comes together and we fight together and it just makes my heart so happy to know that even in the darkest times hope is never lost and everyone’s comes to each others aid.  

anonymous asked:


1. “Do you want me to leave?”

In which Harry has fucked up but still wants to be there for you.

It’s hard whenever Harry’s on tour, but this past month has been far worse than usual. You’ve been going through a tough time, and not having him here as a source of comfort is miserable. Despite everything that he knows is going on in your life, he’s busy, and there are only odd texts and sometimes short phone calls scattered throughout the week.

The day you saw pictures of another girl all over him was the pitfall. It wasn’t just her getting a little too touchy, it was deeper. There were lips on his neck and his hands roaming some foreign girl’s body, and you had to swallow down the bike rising in your throat. This wasn’t the Harry you knew. Not at all.

To make matters worse, your heart shattered at the news of a family death. Everything is crumbling down around you. Two days you’ve been bundled up in bed, ignoring Harry, phone set to do not disturb as you stare at the walls. Your friend is keeping you company, laying in bed with you, Netflix movies that can’t elicit any sort of response from you streaming in the background.

It’s in the middle of some terrible cult classic that you hear the door to your place close. Your friend shifts and rises out of bed, grabbing some empty glasses from your bedside table as she makes her way toward the hallway.

“You expecting anyone?” she asks.

You shake your head in response, brows furrowed in confusion. It’s then that the door swings open and Harry barges into the room, hair wild and eyes blazing. Your friend stumbles backward, glasses tumbling down onto the carpet.

“Y/N?” He glances at your friend apprehensively before turning his attention back to you and taking a step closer. “Hi, love.”

You feel like you might be sick. Harry shouldn’t be here right now. He has a show halfway across the world tomorrow. Your heart is hammering in your chest as you roll over to face the wall and pull your blankets up around your body.


“I don’t think you should be here,” your friend speaks up, lifting the glasses from the floor.

Harry ignores her and you can feel the bed shift with the addition of his body weight. You squeeze your eyes shut, willing yourself to keep from crying. You don’t think there are any more tears left.

“Baby, ’m so sorry,” he whispers. “‘Bout what happened t’ yeh and what yeh saw. I can explain. Yeh gotta believe me.” You flinch when his fingers brush your arm and he draws back slowly.

“She doesn’t need this right now, Harry. She’s mourning. You should go.”

“’M not leavin’ her,” he disagrees, shaking his head quickly. If you need anything right now, it’s another shoulder to lean on. And he’s sure you’ll understand when he explains what was happening in those pictures. “Do yeh want me t’ leave?” Your silence chills him to the bone. His confidence dissipates, fingers closing around the sheets on your bed and tightening until his knuckles turn white. “Y/N?”

“Yes,” you manage to croak out. “I want you to leave.”

Harry’s heart falls into the pit of his stomach. His insides churn and his brain relays terrible thoughts of what that could mean. Just for now? Until you’re feeling a little better? Forever?


“Please, leave.”

Harry’s hands are trembling as he rises from your bed, taking a last glance at your shaking form. He’s not sure if you’re actually crying or not, but there are tears collecting in his own eyes. He rushed to find a flight home the moment he heard about what happened. Maybe he should have come back before that.

“I’ll leave ‘f yeh don’ want me here. Yeh jus’ need t’ call me,” he whispers, voice thick with emotion. “Jus’ call me ‘f yeh need anythin’, okay? I love yeh.”

You turn your face into your pillow as he turns to leave the room, brushing past your friend. A heavy cough sounds from the hallway, one that doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his sob. But you don’t feel bad. You’re not sure if you’ll forgive him, but you do know it’s not good to be around him right now. You’re already hurting enough.

for: @shadowhuntersaumondays

theme: fake dating

Alec is walking towards his apartment, holding some grocery bags. He decided to go grocery shopping after a long day of work at the law office, it was almost 6pm and all he wants is take a nice shower, and sleep.

Just as Alec gets into his apartment building, he quickly goes to check if he has got any mail, like he always does, he usually gets basic advertisements and bills.

Just as Alec flips through his mail, he sees this really colourful one, it catches his attention so he grabs it and his eyes go wide; It’s a letter. From his high school. Alec opens it and reads it, his heart beating fast.

It reads:

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Sooooo…I met Sebastian Stan and I am still floating right now. Lemme break it down for you.

I was waiting in line for the photo op and I was extremely nervous and jittery. As I walked by the red curtain that was separating Seb and I, my brain just kind of shut down. I passed through the curtain and I couldn’t believe it. There he was, in the flesh, looking fine af. He was so tall and handsome as hell. His smile is the most beautiful thing ever. I was freaking starstruck. Unfortunately, the photo op went by SO fast, literally like 5 seconds and it was all done and over with. Adelaide finished taking her picture and I walked over to him. He looked down at me (because I am so smol), put his hand on my back, and said, “Hi, how are you doing?” He gave me that gorgeous, sunshine smile of his and I replied, “I’m doing great, thanks! Can you give me the biggest hug ever?” He said, “Yes, of course!” 

THEN HE PROCEEDED TO WRAP HIS ARMS AROUND ME, PUT HIS CHEEK AGAINST THE TOP OF MY HEAD, AND SQUEEZED ME. Yes, he fucking squeezed me, like I already couldn’t breathe. I felt his palms press against my back and I was pressed up against him. It was honestly so great. Then he let go of me and I thanked him. I went on my way, screaming and hyperventilating the whole way out. 

Fast forward to the autograph session. The staff was pretty strict about photography and recording, so I didn’t manage to record anything. For the autograph session, he took off his jacket (bless) and just wore his thin t-shirt. The sleeves clung so nicely to his biceps. ANYWAYS. As I was waiting in line, he looked up from signing and we made eye contact for a split second before he shot a tiny smile my way and went back to signing. (@waitingfortherightpartner I WAS THINKING ABOUT YOUR FIC THE WHOLE TIME) It honestly felt like a lifetime though. I think we’re gonna get married tomorrow. 

Let’s fast forward again to when I finally made it to the front of the line. I greeted him while and he greeted my back as he was signing my picture. After he finished signing, I handed him my letter and he was so grateful for the letter, he flashed that adorable smile at me again and said “Thank you so much.” I also handed him one of @writingbarnes‘s Bucky doodle blobs and he began gushing about how cute it was. 

I was also sent on a mission to get @sebeefstianstan a word for her tattoo. I asked Sebastian to write the word “breathe” and he couldn’t hear me and he asked with a confused look, “Bead?” I shook my head and said, “Breathe.” He let out an “oooooh” and wrote it on the index card and said, “It should be that, but check to make sure the spelling is correct. Make sure.” HE WAS SO ADORABLE, I CAN’T. 

As I was about to leave, I shamelessly asked him for a handshake (I was gonna ask for a hug, but the table was too damn high for that LOL). He just reached out his hand and grabbed mine AND JUST HELD IT. His hands were so much bigger than mine - so soft, yet rough and calloused. I smiled, thanked him, and walked out.

And that, my friends, is how I was murdered. 

Hand Drawn Animated Films (Netflix)

If you have Netflix and you want to see some hand drawn animated films, they have a nice selection right now:

An American Tail
The Emperor’s New Groove
Ernest & Celestine
Fantasia 2000
FernGully: The Last Rainforest
The Iron Giant
Jetsons: The Movie
Lilo & Stitch
The Prince of Egypt
We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
World of Tomorrow

Now this is not all of them, and they do have some shows too (Animaniacs is true must watch for anyone interested in hand drawn animation - very fluid animation in its day). The movies I mentioned, I have watched them all, and I enjoyed each one listed here. I hope you do as well :)

(Jetsons the Movie is one of the last projects legendary Mel Blanc voiced - he’s responsible for the Looney Tunes and other iconic animated characters).

loveisalwayswar  asked:

What if the RFA+ V & Saeran have a huge date planned for Valentines (like a big dinner or a romantic walk or something like that) and she has a really bad case of the flu or sickness (the kind that you can't even get out of bed kind of flu/sickness) and they have to take care of them instead?

I understand you MC…

And i’ll post V and Saeran tomorrow, if i’m better, because this was a pain to write while i’m so sick, i’m sorry

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!


  • Of course, Yoosung is a little sad, he prepared everything…And now you can’t go because you’re sick…
  • But hey, it’s not your fault.
  • But he’s too worried about you.
  • Like, really, he doesn’t know what to do, but at the same time, he wants to do everything.
  • He’ll always ask if you’re ok, and he’ll always be with you!
  • In the beginning, he was like “Oh, but i can get sick too!”
  • But hey, he prefers to be sick, then be away from you! 
  • Especially today!
  • He’ll be with you all day, on the couch or bed, playing some games or just watching some romantic films!
  • He’ll do a nice little dinner for you too!
  • That day was the best, it didn’t follow his plan but that doesn’t matter!
  • He realizes Valentine’s Day is not special about the places you go or the things you do…But is special because you have someone you love by your side!
  • And he has you!
  • This was enough for him, but of course, he wanted to do more things to you…But he has all the time in the world!
  • But maybe not tomorrow…Because now he’s sick too…
  • It was worth it! 


  • Ok…
  • This is pretty bad
  • He wanted a romantic and unforgettable Valentine’s Day
  • This whole week he was preparing something for you
  • And now you’re sick.
  • He blames his almighty system, he wanted to be sick instead of you.
  • But well…he never is sick, so the virus goes for you instead
  • So much drama…
  • He’ll take care of you, after all , doing everything to protect you and kill this virus!
  • After all…He’s your knight!
  • But he doesn’t know how to take care of you…Well, he never got sick…
  • He asks Jaehee for some advice, but in secret!
  • You must believe that he’s good at taking care of the princess!
  • Zen will be at your side the whole time, he’ll do everything that Jaehee says perfectly.
  • He hates that you’re sick, but he’s quite happy that he can spend all his day with you!
  • And Valentine’s Day can be every day!
  • Oh, and he’s not even worried he’ll be sick if he stays by your side all the time.
  • He has never gotten sick before !!
  • Just wait, when you’re better, he’ll arrange everything for the late Valentine’s Day


  • Jaehee forgets the holiday as soon as she sees that you’re sick.
  • She had her plans? Of course.
  • But now she has another one, take care of you.
  • She’ll bring medicine, food, blankets.
  • Do you want it? She got it.
  • Do you need it? She got it.
  • She is prepared for that, she’ll stay a little away from you.
  • She doesn’t want to be sick, because if she does… Who will take care of you?
  • While you’re sick, she doesn’t have anything to do.
  • If she does, she’ll take care of you first and then do the other thing.
  • After some time, she remembered which day was…
  • Oh, you got sick on Valentine’s day…That is a shame.
  • But she can’t be sad or mad by it…When she sees you sleeping so peacefully after she has taken care of you…
  • She is with a smile on her face.
  • Any time with you is a good time.


  • You’re sick?! Forgot about this date.
  • You’re sick, you’ll need to go to a hospital with urgency.
  • He can be a very romantic guy, but he’ll not risk it, he’ll not take care of you before a doctor told him to!
  • Of course, he was thinking about some romantic dinner or something else…
  • He’s a little sad that you can’t spend the first Valentine’s Day of you guys with him…
  • But if you’re not good for it, he’ll not insist.
  • He’ll cancel another meeting when you’re good.
  • If the doctor sends you home, he’ll take care of you.
  • He’ll buy what he needs to buy or even more of what you guys need.
  • He wants to make sure you’ll be alright.
  • He’ll bring some doctor to the penthouse too, he’s always worried.
  • He’ll not care about being sick, since he’ll always cuddle with you and Elizabeth.
  • But Elizabeth will be a little far from you…You know…She can’t be sick too…
  • But when you get better…
  • He’ll reassure you that you’ll have the best day and night of your life…
  • He’s excited.


  • He was pretty excited for this Valentine’s Day
  • He was preparing this plan for months now, of course, you would think he was going to be disappointed when he sees you sick like that.
  • But he’s not.
  • He can be very serious, caring and funny while you’re sick.
  • He likes to spend his time with you, and he’ll make you feel good even when you’re sick.
  • He’ll be serious when you’re not feeling well, and he’ll try to find solutions for it.
  • He’ll be caring when he buys something for you, like a medication.
  • He’ll be funny because he wants to put a smile on your face even in tough times.
  • But he’ll get sick too, he just…Can’t stop kissing you
  • You’re so cute when you’re sick ;D
  • Gross.
  • When Saeran or Vanderwood will take care of you two now.
  • And now you can be lovebirds even in this state.


1. Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent messages today. They’ve all but one interaction been positive and supportive or it has been others trusting me with their stories. Even my conversation with Liz was good and respectful. I really appreciate all of it. I especially appreciate my long time friends who reached out to me. Thank you. I’m here for anyone who needs to talk and I will continue to support you the best way I can.

2. I took Scoobs on a long walk earlier and locked us out of the house. Ooops. Luckily my parents had just left for lunch so they swung by and let us in. Oy. Sometimes I am so much on autopilot I don’t even realize when I’m going through the motions. Like locking the lower lock to the front door out of habit and not having my keys!

3. I love Brad but sometimes he sings the same line from a song over and over and over and I want to yell at him to please stop. But he’s cute. And I love him. So I don’t.

4. I spent the afternoon with my momma and it was so nice. We went to a place called Ollie’s. I’d never been there before and we spent so much time in there! There was so much stuff! Even full rolls of carpet remnants. My big purchase? I bought a toaster. The girls and I have been living in this house over two years and I have been using the oven to toast our bread this whole time. It’s a whole new world now.

5. I promised the girls a spa night tomorrow night when they get home from their dad’s house. I’m pretty excited about it because we have some new stuffs to try and I bought them shopkins press on nails so best momma ever.

6. I like when @causticgrip texts me after a few beers. He doesn’t hold back his opinions and I love it.