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Ask-no678 -> meowystical

[ i’m holding ask-no678 for a bit on another blog in case i get home sick and wish to return to that url. But for now i’m gonna try this url for the new fairly independent thing i’m gonna be doing 

I still do asks and interactions! the blog just isn’t dependent on them in order to update since I rarely get any asks in the first place. That’s the only change! <3</p>

thanks for everyone’s patience while I get out of this art rut!

-Red🎷 ]

EDIT: nevermind  i went with the combination of Meowstic and mystical for the name since the only source of mayhem his Oculus arguing with Feliciano for tea


based on this post

do not repost anywhere

Keith is taking his job srsly and I’m glad about that

first time doing a comic it’s 4:30 am and I’m dead 

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

kinda vent kinda not this is a mess

Ronan probably always noticed how Adam’s ears would burn bright pink whenever he was embarrassed; but never thought it’d be because of him.

Have some Promptis taking a selfie in your dash :3

Yes yes I know there are mistakes but I am still proud of it!

It’s not digital but I might color it in digital (when I don’t get lazy)

- MarkiPewdieMash