now with less spice!

Hack# 11: The Freelance
  • Dr. Dungeon Master: Got a semi-regular player who's great at improv and can pick up new characters easily? Give then the boss.
  • Dr. DM: we all have those players who can't show up every session, or scarcely show up at all! But when they can play they're brilliant Role Players and can enrich the story. Give that guy a new job, make him a reoccurring NPC or a villain.
  • Dr. DM: This makes your job easier, as you now have one less monster to run, In Character action will spice up with a new mind playing the opponent, and you can run games with many more people at your table!
  • At that point you've created a PvP and now your just a rules referee. So grab a slice, sit back, and let the d20s roll!