now with lesbians!

Do you also sometimes realize that you are really in love with a character?

I mean, you get really really really attached, you admire every single shit about them, see them grow and develop and suddenly you notice they aren’t real and you suffer a little bit cuz you can’t go and hug them and cuddle or anything

Is it just me?

if u ever worry about your future as a wlw please know that my mother who just turned 40 and her girlfriend who started transitioning at 39 (who are both divorced and had children w/other ppl) are currently singing duets in our kitchen while my stepmum plays acoustic guiter and they’re beautiful and happy and there is always hope for you



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edit: fixed the aro one as i was informed stuff was going on with the flag and i didnt wanna upset anyone!!!


Pride bubble teas!
I wanted to make an ace one for myself & then thought it’d be cute to do some of the other pride flags. Does anyone else think these would make cool stickers/ have more flags to add to this tasty order of drinks?

This is going around again, so just in case, here’s the updated version:

& more:

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