now with eyebrows

So the only person in this house who cares about sports is the housemate, and he was planning on watching the Superbowl in his room while the rest of us just ate really fancy Superbowl snacks (pulled pork is in the oven for nachos, the smell’s gonna kill me all day).  And then on Tuesday a friend called and was all “I want to make chili nachos for the Superbowl but it’s a big batch.  It’s too bad I don’t have anyone to share it with….

So I told him to come over and watch the Superbowl here.  Because he wanted me to.  I don’t know, man.  We don’t have cable.  We had to figure out how to even play it on the TV.  The entire household has been WTFing me multiple times a day ever since.

Maaannn I just wanted to be nice to a friend and eat more food, now my husband does the eyebrow thing at me every ten minutes for making him be in the vicinity of Teh Sport.

“Oh, look. Just the person I wanted to see, for once,” Reese smirked at Hannah as he walked into the living room area, bottle of beer in one hand, as usual. Settling himself down in the armchair he practically called his by now, he arched an eyebrow as he locked his eyes onto hers. “Can you tell me what the hell happened to your brother? Why’s he dating and in love now?” The boy dramatized the word as if it were some type of disease, wrinkling his nose.



DTsLE on a Grand Night In  

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19 + kuroko (too many milkshakes)

19. Brainfreeze! • Here you have, sweet Dia! /With so many shakes he should have seen it coming (lol)



Daddy: eat something.

Girl: I’ve already eaten..

Daddy: you know what’s weird? I haven’t saw you eating for days now. *raise eyebrows*

Girl: it’s bc… I eat when your at work.

Daddy: oh really

Girl: yes…

Daddy: Babygirl?

Girl: *looks down* yes?

Daddy: look at me! Are you lying to daddy?

Girl: No.. I don’t lie…

Daddy: *gets angry* you better think about the next answer! I try again. Are you lying to me?

Girl: *looks down* daddy I’m..

Daddy: *raises eyebrows*

Girl: *roles eyes* yes I did! Happy now?

Daddy: *grabs her, turn her around* *smack* that’s for lying *smack* that’s for the eye rolling! *turns her back around, holds her tight* why?

Girl: bc… I want to be pretty, I want to be skinny… I just want to be good enough for you! *starts crying*

Daddy: you are good enough! You are perfect to me! I love you. You’re my beautiful, sexy and cute Babygirl! I don’t want you to be anything else… *kisses her on the lips, smiles* eat something.

Girl: yes daddy.. *bright smile*