now with better subs


it’s ok Mark, you can get emotional, it’s your last high-school year after all



He promotes better than TS …

Jaehyun explaining the NCT concept that many might have been curious about: 

So what NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM have in common?

First, NCT that stands for NEO CULTURE TECHNOLOGY, is a group concept with unlimited number of members that is divided in 3 units at the moment: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. 

Talking about NCT 127 and NCT DREAM that are currently active, NCT 127 started promoting in Seoul (127 standing for Seoul’s longitude) and its goal is to become a global team and promote worldwide (it started with 7 and at the moment has 9 members, but -> the limitless concept do not forget!!)

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM, a group-unit of 6* teenager members with an average age of 16 years-old, has the goal to perform and living everyone’s dreams with their songs.

NCT 127, with an average age members of 20 years-old, has powerful strong songs and performances, the opposite of NCT DREAM “freshness”.

But what these 2 units have in common? Mark and Haechan are both part of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, showing us different imagines. They are showing a strong charismatic performance with NCT 127, while with NCT DREAM, they express a dream-like innocent first love confession (both title songs “My First and Last” and “Chewing Gum” talk about a first innocent love).

You should check for yourself their stages and find out better about each unit’s concept! ~

* They wrote 6 and not 7 members, because the 7th member is Jaemin, currently taking a break-off promotions because of health issues. 

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I agree with the points you made about western anime &modern anime, but I'm curious to know what you think about the dub vs sub debate that you mentioned in the tags if you'd like to share :) love your blog btw

Oh, I just really hate the whole ‘subs are so much better than dubs!’ thing like, dubs can be good and often are, jokes can reach audiences better, historical points can be explained more palpably to western audiences, you can even improve the source material if you do it right.

plus, I dunno, I really don’t watch much anime anymore, but when I did I had dyslexia and reading subs was hard for me as they went by so quick but I felt really guilty watching the dubs bc they were ‘lesser’

anyway, especially now that there is much more quality dubbing going on by businesses and talented voice actors, I really don’t believe the subs>dubs thing people were militant about in my day

Changes Announcement!

So, may of you have noticed that I changed a few things. PLEASE, all I ask of you is to take your time to check a few things:

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So far, that is it.

Apologies to the people that have my notifications on, that was probably a mess.

Also, I shall post again VERY soon. ;)
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Love you all!

Becca. xx.

Get back to the lab, nerd.

Bottom!Bodt Fic Rec

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and what better way to spread the sub!Marco love than by making a list of my personal favorites? Excluding Big Fics though, so these are pretty much just PWPs and oneshots.

(In Progress: will probably update this post later, as this is just me going through my bookmarks at the moment - feel free to message me about ones you like and i’ll check ‘em out!)

The Holy Grail (read these and be Converted):

Everybodty Talks

Cellular Seduction

Only 90′s Kids WIll Remember

Old College Try


General Smuttery (AUs, PWPs, etc):

Let’s Get Married and Make Some Babies 

Frosted Windows (+ the rest of the series but this especially)

you read my mind

Finals Season

Odds and (boyfri)Ends

Missing Breakfast for a Worthwhile Cause

You’ll Suffer, But You’ll Like It (a side of feels):

Memory and Dream

It’s Weird, But He’s Close and You Like It


Partial Credit (emotionally subbing, at least)

Below His Waist

Helping Through a Hard Time

Stumbling In

practice makes perfect

falling head-first without protection

of jogging or lack thereof


night night seyoung -  We Got Married 230

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Hello, please excuse this stupid question but do you how long after the live broadcast of bon voyage does the replay of the same episode come out? Because I just watched the live today and the subs where bad so now I'm kind of regretting buying the whole thing, hopefully the replay is better.

i think subs are better now but non shareable.. 😭😭

Community Season 6 being “strongly possible” IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

This is NBC


I propose this, at least as a starting point to a fan campaign to let our voices be heard:

On the coming Thursday, which is Donald Glover’s final episode for now I believe,  we do the following:

  • For the LOVE OF ALL THINGS WONDERFUL, if you have a Nielsen box or KNOW someone who does, PLEASE go and watch Community live at 8/7 central. (It’s 8pm EST for me so)

  • Spend all of Thursday taking photos of you with any CommunityNBC merch (mugs, tshirts, plush, dvds, etc)you own and posting it on Twitter or Tumblr and TAGGING NBC, and hashtagging it #sixseasonsandamovie. On Twitter I believe it would be the handle @nbc They need to know we as fans buy the merchandise.

  • When Community is airing and you’re watching it you Non Nielsen viewer you, even if you are live streaming it online, you need to live tweet at the show’s sponsors. Sponsors need to see that even if Nielsen viewers are not watching it live, people without Nielsen boxes ARE watching it. Ad sponsors covet our age demo of 18-49.

  • An example of a tweet to one of Community’s ad sponsors would be maybe “Watching @nbccommunity and this @Subway Januany commercial just came on. Craving a sub now! #sixseasonsandamovie” Or even better.. I remember last time people actually would buy and eat subway subs on Thursdays and take photos and tag subway with it and thank them for sponsoring/supporting a show like Community. (It worked forChuck to help them get a final season you know?)

  • Write to them. Send purple pens, felt mustaches cut in the shape of the darkest timeline, the fortune teller origami from the opening, send the postcards, maybe a quarter in honor of the Butt Crack Bandit, anything that honors the show. Some of the mailing addresses I have from last time:

    NBC Universal Television Group
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112


    Programming Department
    3000 W. Alameda
    Admin Building
    Burbank, CA 91523


    Robert Greenblatt
    3000 W. Alameda
    Admin Building
    Burbank, CA 91523

Q: There are/aren’t members who walk around in the dorm wearing only underwear?
BAEKHYUN: There are. I’ve spotted [the member] walking around with only his underwear.
DJ: Who?
BAEKHYUN: D.O. ㅋㅋㅋ He wears a shirt but doesn’t wear any pants underneath.
DJ: So there is a member that goes around not wearing any pants?
D.O.: Yes, there is. It’s me. When I’m sleeping, my legs don’t get cold and if I wear pants, I can’t sleep because it’s uncomfortable.

I'm pissed (USA Quarterfinals)

I love Pinoe but the opportunity should have been given to a fully healthy player who could have contributed more than “what ifs”. She was favored by Jill on the HOPE that she could help the team and when she came in she was careless and even sometime reckless with her tackles and she put us in dangerous positions. Although this game was better I can’t help but be pissed that someone else didn’t get a chance to do what she can do but in a healthier state.

Christen Press is arguably the teams best striker. When someone with that much talent is being benched for a significant amount of time and then all of a sudden thrown so much with a lack of minutes and confidence no wonder this happened. Now even though I do agree that she is better as a sub, she is a STRIKER. Strikers need confidence. They feed off of it. She can’t gain that riding the bench.

Tobin Heath was our best attacking player. When you move our best attacking player into a defensive right back position, you’re only hurting yourself. She was sending in most of the crosses in the first half of the game and she was handling everything with leadership and her natural ability to create chances and move the ball. She was on fire and Jill put her out by moving her onto the back line and out of her natural position where she is so dangerous.

I’m pissed. I’m pissed Jill put our girls in a position where they weren’t confident. I’m pissed we had to play catch up. I’m pissed people are blaming the players when it’s not their fault their coach made these decisions.

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This may just be more of a preference thing, but when I started watching ML, it was the English dub since I didn't feel comfortable with listening to so much French audio. But when I eventually ran out of dubbed episodes, I had to watch the rest in French with English subs, and now I like the French dub better.

Honestly, if you listen to any dub long enough, it’ll grow on you. I don’t understand a word of Korean, but you can bet after waiting on it every week, I now watch the Korean dub (even after I see the other two) purely out of enjoyment. The Korean VA does a great job at distinguishing Chat and Adrien in his line delivery, and even the difference between Chat and evil!Chat.