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Vkook / Taekook skype call // Moans 18+

Skip to 1:43 if you just wanna hear the moans you horny bastards ;)

Jungkook and Taehyung are separated, tae gets turned on and starts to touch himself to Jungkooks dirty words. They both ending up masturbating over each other.

The “W” glimpsed on the first theatrical advance poster for Star Wars features was redesigned by ILM’s Joe Johnston so it would better work in the now iconic opening credits. Johnston would go on to direct such films as The Rocketeer and Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Katie is irrelevant she only has the few SJW's who like her and when they kill Lena off she'll disappear like she was before Supergirl but sure, hate Chris because you know that he's gonna have a better career than Katie that's why he has you all pressed and he doesn't even have to do anything...

Katie is irrelevant…okay. Let’s use facts and look at her career. 24 acting credits and 4 nominations. Didn’t even have big parts in Jurassic World or King Arthur yet she was still cast in big Hollywood budget studio movies. She’s got 4 nominations from recognized television and film awards and festivals. I mean that’s a career. With or without Supergirl and the CW, Katie’s been cast in projects, made connections and continuously has work outside of the CW. She’s currently got another series she stars in that has nothing to do with the CW at all. And yet she’s not gonna have a better career than a piece of generic white bread. 

Now your woke ‘bae’ with the better career….He’s been credited in 11 projects. 4 of which are CW projects. The four projects he’s actually known for to the world outside this hell site are CW shows. The CW ain’t shit and no one can argue that. A 5th project, Mercy Streeet, had his former CW co-star who he was romantically linked to as one of the leads. I mean that goes into the whole other side of Chris needing to sleep with his costars to keep his job but I’m not gonna focus on that now. So of those 11 projects, not one is a film. He’s literally never been cast in anything related to a movie studio or even an independent feature! Like literally, being on TV, it’s not hard to get even a bit part or side role in a film. And yet, he hasn’t. He had months off from filming while his costars were actually working and filming other stuff and yet Chris and His Great Marvelous Career got cast in nothing. I mean how the hell am I supposed to hate Chris for his career when he doesn’t even have one outside of CW and the chicks he’s banging?

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Eight

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“Harry, we need to talk,” Uma stated, walking into the room he shared with Gil the next morning, receiving an uninterested hum in reply. She was surprised to see him out of bed. But, she felt a twinge of worry when she saw him staring out his window longingly while shining his hook. 

“It’s about Y/N,” She started, jumping slightly at the speed the pirate whipped around to stare at her. “What happened? Is she okay? She didn’t get hurt did she?” He rapidly questioned. Uma shook her head. Harry relaxed and turned back to stare out of the window, “Thank goodness.”Amazing how she just told him she hated him yet he’s still worried over her.

“No, Harry. It’s about her breaking up with you… She only broke up with you because Gil told her you were cheating on her.” Harry turned around, fixing her with a steely gaze. “What?”

“Back on the Isle, on the day Y/N broke up with you… Gil heard us talking about the bruises your dad gave you and… he thought we were sneaking around so he told Y/N you were cheating on her and that’s why she broke up with you,” She rushed out, noticing the way her first mate’s shoulders tensed. She felt uneasy by the laugh her first mate let out.

“He’s fishbait,” He growled, shoving past her and out of the room.


You and Harry were sitting together by the enchanted lake, taking in the view of the setting sun. It had been a month since you forgave him. He finally convinced you to give him another chance. When you surprisingly agreed, he spent every moment trying to make it up to you.

“Y/N, there’s a reason I wanted to bring ye here, today,” Harry started, turning to face you. You raised an eyebrow, “What is it, Harry?”

The pirate slowly pulled a small, velvet ring box out of his pocket. “Well…” He mumbled, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ring. “Harry…”You whispered in shock, heart nearly beating out of your chest.

“I want you to help me propose to Uma.”

You shot up in bed, rubbing your eyes. “What the hell?” You mumbled to yourself, looking out to see the sun hanging low in the sky. “Good morning, Y/N. I’m surprised to see you awake before noon,” Lonnie stated, looking at you in the mirror.

“It’s too early for you to be teasing me, Lonnie,” You mumbled. Lonnie laughed in reply. “Got that right. It’s eight in the morning,” She replied before giving you a smile. “But, I’m glad you seem to be doing better. I didn’t wake up to you crying and holding that tattered red jacket for once.”

Your face flushed red, “Never speak of that again.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it,” She retorted sarcastically. Giving you another smile, as she walked over to your bed. “Come on. You’re going to get breakfast with me. And after that, we’re going to the Tourney game together. Whether you want to or not.”

Uma shoved Harry down on his bed as they returned from the tourney match, staring at him with an intense look in her eyes. “Really, Harry? Are you fucking kidding me?” Harry rolled his eyes, “I can do what I want, Captain.”

“You can’t just go around fighting people!”

“He asked for it,” Harry grumbled.

“All he did was wink at Y/N and ask you if she was single.”


A knock on the door sounded, pulling Harry and Uma away from their bickering. “Gil if that’s you, you better have brought me the first aid kit like I asked- Y/N?”

Harry shot to his feet, peering around his Captain’s body to look out the door. He thought surely he had heard wrong, until he saw you standing there himself. “Uh, Gil sent me here to patch up Mr. MMA fighter.”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, come on in,” Uma replied, ushering you into the room. “I’m gonna go find Gil.” You raised an eyebrow at how quickly the witch left the room, before turning to Harry. You almost found it endearing at the way he kept his eyes to the ground, cradling his injured hand. Almost. If it didn’t break your heart at the same time. “Sit down.”

You sat beside him on the bed, opening up the first aid kit. “You shouldn’t have done that,” You mumbled, setting to work on cleaning the scrapes on his arms. “Not now, Y/N. I’m not in the mood.”

You shook your head, “You’re going to get yourself sent back to the Isle at this rate.” Harry scoffed, shaking his head. “Don’t get me hopes up, Lass.”

“You really hate Auradon that much, huh?” You asked, trying your best to keep your voice level. No matter how much he hurt you, it still pained you to see him so unhappy. “I don’t fit in here. I’m a villain. It’s what I do, what I’m good at. The only thing I’m good at.”

“Now that’s a lie. You’re better at more things than you give yourself credit for.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” He scoffed as you set to cleaning his bloody knuckles.

“Well, you’re the one that taught me how to fight with swords. And I haven’t lost one yet.” You glanced up in time to see the corners of the pirate’s lips turn up into a smile. “Ye’re just sayin’ that.”

“It’s the truth. You taught me how to steer a ship, fish, navigate by the currents and wind direction. You even taught me to dance, remember?”

Harry smiled, reminiscing the night you were keeping him company while he patrolled the ship. How the two of you got bored, so he decided to teach you to dance the waltz like his mother once taught him. You kissed him for the first time that night.

“Two hundred bottles of rum on the wall, two hundred bottles of rum, take one down, chug it all down, ninety-nine bottles of rum on the wall!” Harry sang as he walked around on the ship. “Actually, that’d be one hundred and ninety-nine, love,” A voice called out from behind him.

Harry whipped around quickly, just now seeing where you stood, leaning against the ship’s railing. “Look what the catfish brought in,” He teased, sauntering over to you. “I must thank the catfish for bringin’ me such a jewel.”

“As slimy as ever, I see,” You teased back as the pirate met your smile with one of his own. “Always, lass. Always.”

It took maybe twenty minutes before you got bored. And then three more minutes before Harry was ready to go overboard to get away from your endless complaining. “You know what, Lass? I’m gonna teach ye how to dance.”

“You know how to dance?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the pirate. “Me mum taught me. And now I’m gonna teach ye.”

It took a while, but you finally got the hang of the dance, following Harry’s lead as you waltzed and twirled around on the deck of Uma’s ship. “Ye look beautiful, lass,” Harry whispered as you slowly came to a stop. “You’re just saying that,” You chuckled, face heating up in the light of the ship’s torches.

“No, Y/N. I mean it. Ye’re the most beautiful lass I’ve ever had the pleasure of layin’ my eyes on. And I hope I get to do so until the end of time,” He whispered, eyes never leaving yours. “Harry,” You whispered, surprised to hear such sweet words coming from the lips of the pirate.

“Be mine, lass. Please. I may not be able to give ye the world like ye deserve, but I can make ye my world.”

You smiled, leaning up to catch his lips in a kiss.

“Ye looked beautiful that night.”

“Don’t go back to the Isle, Harry. You could do so much more here. Maybe if you talked to Fairy Godmother, you could get your father’s ship back.”

Harry instantly sat up straighter, “Really? Do ye think so?”

“I do. Besides, don’t pretend you don’t enjoy being on the tourney team and fencing. You’re a natural, probably the best on the team.” Harry smiled, before it fell again.

“Y/N, we need to talk…”

Lindsay Jones™ better get the credit she deserves now she’s in the main room.

Put her in more LP’s! More streams! More EVERYTHING!

She’s been an Achievement Hunter for YEARS, before she was married to Michael. Allow her to ACHIEVE.

I just fucking love Lindsay Jones and she deserves the best. Nothing but the best.

P.S. – still waiting on the Lindsay ACHIEVE shirt.


Makube: *maniacally chuckles as he summons some ghouls with necromancy* I bet you weren’t expecting THIS, Hellsings..!

Ghouls:  … . . *try to eat him because he’s a human*

He should know better by now but, ya gotta give him credit for still trying. xD

Hehe, just some stuff of Makube using necromancy magick, been meaning to draw some art of it for a while so here it is. x3 He’s not very good at it is he.

Art © Me

Makube © Hirano


I.. I hope it’s not irritating to see a post being posted twice.. well, improved and posted again.. QuQ

I just thought the colored version one that I made looks even more lovely and warming..

Here’s shige-chan and his dearly grandma tome-chan.. :’D

When you’re watching a movie together~ pt.2

the tough cookie edition


*Jiho has been trying to get you into bed all evening but you’ve been telling him no… you’ve both decided to sit down and watch a film*

*you glimpse him out of the corner of your sight trying to be sexy*

*your eyes drift to his mouth*

*your heart rate gets a little faster and you shift uncomfortably in your seat*

[Y/N] *sigh* come here…

[ZC] huh? *pulling his attention away from the film*

[Y/N] *you blush* …go …to bed *you mumble*

[ZC] *pretending to be oblivious* what do you mean Jagi? *smirk*

*you smile shyly and pull yourself onto his lap*

[Y/N] I said… *kissing him on the nose* let’s go to bed…

[ZC] do you mean it…?

*you nod cutely and lean forward to whisper into his ear*

[Y/N] make me feel good…

*to show him that you’re serious you tug at his t-shirt… you bite your lip as his hands work their way into your jeans*

[ZC] …like this?

*you pull away from him and stand up… your pull off your t-shirt as you walk towards the bedroom… you drop it on the floor and smirk at him*

[Y/N] are you coming? *you purr*

-an hour or so later-

*Jiho walks out of the bedroom sweaty and smug*

[ZC] do you feel better now Jagi?


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No. 6 Sagae Haruki