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Marry Daddy

Austin and you are expecting a baby. You’ve been together since high school. You have really bad back problems so pregnancy gets worse and worse for you. He has a your planned before your due date but cancels because he doesn’t want to leave you alone. When you go into labor your back gets worse and he helps you through it. After the baby is born he has a ring on the clothes that says will you marry my daddy?


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Short 3


Today was girl’s day out and that also meant it was time for our weekly gossip session. Our choice of venue today was the D’lor Salon and Spa, our favorite in the city. Now when it comes to beauty, I’m always down to try anything, but my so called best friends weren’t as daring. Still, I somehow managed to convince them to try the new mud bath service the spa was offering. I mean, it’s good for your skin and it’s half off. Why not jump in?

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