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buffy + buffy the vampire slayer: chaos bleeds [2003 video game]

Day Five “Decisions” (Drake x MC)

[A little note: I enjoyed writing this a lot mostly because it was my poor attempt at writing a somewhat Most Wanted crossover with my MC from The Royal Romance. In any case, I hope it’s enjoyable! This is what I do instead of sleeping on the bus ride back]

[Summary: MC (Robyn) feels more alone in the entire world than she ever has before. An unlikely person will help her realize it’s more important to face her fears, than run from them]

[Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four]

There were nearly four hours to burn until her next ride out of Los Angeles. She had stuck to the downtown part of the city for a better half of an hour; thinking she needed a distraction to keep herself awake but it wasn’t long before walking the streets of L.A. were no longer providing her that same excitement she had once craved.

The city came alive at night; with street performers and the constant shifting in between crowds rushing to get to their next destinations – it was a little too close to her New Yorker lifestyle than she had prepared for. It overwhelmed her senses, caused her to stumble and bump into shoulders that hastily wanted to pass by. It seemed after spending as many months as she did in the quiet simplicity of Cordonia and it’s comforting countryside – returning to any major city filled her with anxiety.  

She quickened her pace in between crowds of people, until finally giving up entirely.  Her heels swiftly swept trudged past uneven sidewalks, until her eyes in their frequent skimming located a bar as solace from the rest of the noisy world. A little disorientated, she muttered apologies when she pushed past bystanders until she could cross the street.

Thankfully, the bar she spotted hadn’t been particularly crowded as she ducked inside. She uttered a quick sigh of relief before slinking onto a barstool. She could barely hear the bustling street corners anymore from inside her, and her shoulders relaxed immensely as she waited expectantly for the bartender.

She hadn’t given the bartender her usual winsome smile when she caught his attention. Her mind was elsewhere. The word had been on her tongue – whiskey and it nearly fell from her lips until she remembered him. Then she shoved all thoughts of that snarky man aside and opted for a dirty martini instead.

Her eyes watched the crowd for awhile as she waited for her drink. Originally, she stepped inside here because there hadn’t been a lot of people, but now she realized her mistake as she watched the influx mingle. There were mostly large groups, and every so often she caught sight of hand-holding and kissing,

Her stomach sunk and she heaved a miserable sigh. There was nothing like other people’s public display of affection to show how lonely a person truly felt.

She glanced at her phone on a whim as it begun vibrating. The screen had been continually flickering on and off all day and she had stared at it in dismay more than once at the several missed calls from Liam. She found it odd that he was trying so hard to contact her. He was the crowned prince of Cordonia after all and she was quite certain he had more pressing things to worry about than being concerned about the welfare of a New York waitress. Ex-waitress, she corrected herself.

She hadn’t exactly thought they would have held her job for her the moment she got back.

Nevertheless, it stung a little the more she lingered on Liam. The coronation was still fresh inside her head, and while she had never intended to marry him; she hadn’t seen becoming quite spectacle for scandals either. She also hadn’t stuck around long enough for answers either.

Every time guilt and regret wormed its ugly root inside her head, she reminded herself that she left for them as much as she did for herself. Even if Liam had been a good friend to her, she couldn’t exactly waltz back inside his or his best friend’s life anytime soon.

This was easier, she decided. Ignoring everyone that had been apart of that life was the easier decision. Painful, but easier.

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frogsandphilosophers  asked:

ok so i was gonna send a message saying how much im loving your art and the colors and shit but then it said "dhsjkssk ask me about my crappy story ideas" and now i am,, inTriGued

really shit idea for a story that i could try to refine but eh. so a world full of cryptids(not big ones like bigfoot or anything), zombies, vampires, and the undead whatever, were actually humans before they died (improperly i guess because there are normal people who die and go to the afterlife)

the humans(due to “monsters” being real) have lived in a highly religious culture with superstitious ideals all the way to modern times(science has still advanced though). they highly resent the undead and see them as demons. they even have a special task force that hunts down the undead even though they are still mentally humans

i sorta named the idea raveyard jams because a fun idea was that the two main characters received musical(and magical!) instruments that turn into weapons and they like to travel around and help people. i think their ultimate goal is to find the grim reaper and beat the shit out of them for making monsters live after death

if it sound like a stupid idea, well, youre correct

The Incredibles 2: Another Missed Opportunity by Pixar

If you haven’t heard, Pixar is apparently setting the Incredibles 2 right after the end of the first movie. This actually sounds like a mistake, because the Baby Boomers this movie appealed to when it came out… fucking christ, 13 years ago… those people are not the ones paying to go see this movie. Its their kids, who are now pushing 30 and have their own kids, both of whom will not be able to relate to the nuclear family dynamic portrayed in the incredible. Bob will be struggling to relive the “Good ol'days” when he had purpose, and Helen will still be a housewife with three kids who doesn’t work and is somehow able to afford a pretty nice house in the burbs. You know how many people that story is going to connect with? Basically no one going to see the movie. So here is my alternate pitch:

13 years after the end of the Incredibles, our story centers around Violet and Dash. Violet is the lead of our story, she’s now 27, living in a crappy apartment she can barely afford even with 2 roommates; working in the city for an Amazon-style online retailer after the brick and mortar retail store she worked at closed down, and she’s still not getting much use out of her Bio-Science degree. Violet goes super heroing in the evenings with her roommates and any other Supers who’ve come out of hiding (most of them are close to her age) and also on the weekends when she actually has a few spare minutes to herself, and while she loves it she just doesn’t have the time to put into it like her parents did. One night on patrol she comes across an armed robber who is able to spot her while invisible and push her away with a zero-point energy device. She tries to chase him down but is defeated by his gang all of whom sport similar weapons. That night she returns home, remembering her family’s battle with Syndrome more than a decade ago.

Meanwhile Dash is 19 and in college, but home for the summer with Helen, Bob, and Jack Jack who is now a super hormonal, but ultimately well meaning teenage boy, who we don’t see much of for the movie, as he actually has a pretty active social life outside the home. Dash was on the track team in college, but is on academic probation for failure to maintain good grades. Despite this setback Bob still treats him like the favorite kid because Jack is going out and heroing every chance he gets… but its pretty clear he has a lot of anxiety problems and is using hero work to literally run-away from his issues and impress his dad. He has a wide circle of new Supers he works with, but he wouldn’t really call any of them his friends.

Helen and Bob are still happily married, if a bit torn when it comes to their kids. Both Helen and Bob are overly critical of Violet, who Bob thinks is shirking her legacy, while Helen thinks she needs to find a boyfriend, and both occasionally say preachy/snide comments about how she isn’t doing anything with her degree or her powers, with Bob’s picking turning into outright rants about how her generation are lazy and entitled, and asking why she can’t be more like Dash, which gets on Helen’s nerves and the whole family (save Jack-Jack who had the good sense to leave early in the meal) get into a huge fight.

After the fight Violet leaves to walk around their old neighborhood only for Dash to catch up to here and the two have a nice talk about their mutual admiration for each-other and sharing their personal insecurities and their mutual desire to be their own heroes. At the same time we see Bob and Helen talking after the fight, Bob is still a little frustrated with his kids, but Helen pushes him to admit that he’s just projecting his fears onto them because they don’t know how much longer they can afford to keep their house. Linda is working as a secretary because that’s the only job a home-maker of 18 years could find, but its nowhere near enough to make up the difference. Bob isn’t super-heroing all that much anymore either, Super Strength or not, the years have not been kind. He’s visibly slower, stiffer, and his joints obviously hurt a lot from renewed hero work in his 40s. 

That night while the kids are away, a group sporting the same weapons Violet first encountered breaks into the Parr’s home and subdue’s Bob and Helen before Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack can stop them. The movie then follows the kids as they suit up to save their parents from what is revealed to be Syndrome’s old company. While their founder and chief inventor is long dead, the company itself has spent years using his inventions to become one of the most powerful conglomerates on the planet (think SpaceX and Tesla if the company was run by Peter Thiel instead of Elon Musk). The current CEO of the company reveals himself to be Syndrome’s chief investor, original business partner and only real friend. It turns out that our villain has realized that Syndrome’s inventions were all attempts to recreate superpowers for normal people, and he’s now collecting super heros to reverse engineer their powers, citing how the biggest loss his company took was with the destruction of the Omnidroids and all their data.

Violet, Jack-Jack and Dash all race to the company’s headquarters, and while their first encounter is initially a success, Not-Thiel gets the drop on them with a zero-point energy weapon and soon realizes that Jack-Jack is the most valuable super of the bunch, as the rest of the Parr family are left to watch in horror, Jack Jack is taken to be studied and Not-Thiel decides to transfer the boy’s powers over to him in a kind of super-hero transfusion. By the time the Parrs break out, Not-Thiel is basically Fontaine from Bioshock, and Jack-Jack is left drained and near death. The family is only able to defeat Not-Thiel after a wave of new heroes join the fight, having been called earlier by Violet during their escape. Thiel is ultimately brought down, the evil corporation is exposed, and its assets are seized by the MiB/SHIELD organization we saw in the first movie. We close with Jack Jack having lost his powers, but using Syndrome’s old gear, he is able to return to hero-duty as an Iron-Man type tech based hero. Violet returns to work having demonstrated her capabilities as a leader and uses her new found sense of agency to get a promotion. Dash has a heart to heart with his dad and steps away from hero work while in college. And Bob and Linda are able to buy a new home after a sizable settlement from Bob’s old insurance company, having retired from hero work to, with a end-credits tease, join the SHIELD agency to find and train new Supers.


11x04 “Baby”

“Father, Son and the Holy Ghost” - On Visions and Framing in 11x04 “Baby”

Two men - father and son - behind the steering wheel of a 67 Impala. Not just any car, but pretty much “the most important object in the entire universe”. The small toy soldier crammed in the ashtray, the legos in the vents, the initials “D.W.” and “S.W.” carved into the hat rack - as Chuck Shurley, creator of the Winchester Gospel, once wrote, “all these little blemishes are what make her beautiful”, make this car truly the Winchesters’ and much more than that: a home when they truly didn’t have anything else but the open road and the stars as their guide. He did not just write that though, but also mentioned that the “devil doesn’t know or care about what car the boys drive”. And as we know this was his undoing. Five season later we start of into an episode with exactly these little blemishes, because the devil’s in the details. And in this case maybe quite literally.

Not only do these little things provide a cue for the audience to remember what exactly was so important about these objects and the car itself, they also subtly introduce a character back into the narrative without even needing to mention his name (though it was done in the episodes prior): Lucifer.

This season has introduced the two main characters receiving visions as a structuring element and with that not only picks up the thread about perception, but also poses the question whether these visions are relating to the past, the present or the future. Dean’s talk with the woman in the eye of the storm more and more shapes up to have been a vision of the future. Possibly of the end of the season with Dean heading into battle against the Darkness, reuniting with it and ending up locking himself away with it in the Empty - much like Dorothy didn’t find any other way to overpower the wicked witch than to seal her soul with the soul of the witch away, for eternity. Since Dean and the Darkness are bound, much like Charlie and Dark!Charlie, it’s only logical to assume that whatever harms the Darkness will also affect Dean, which is why they “help one another”. Sam’s visions too, seem to be visions of the future rather than flashbacks to the past and his time in the cage and with that possibly indicative how the season may end for him.

In terms of framing, this episode certainly set up or rather emphasized a couple of possibilities in the way it showed Sam and Dean. Especially in the scene leading up to and leading out of Sam’s dream.

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Catch Me, Capture Me by GlitterDrop

Featuring: Victuuri | Healthy relationship | Communication
70k words | Chapters 25/25 (Complete)

Yuuri is an aspiring artist looking for a tutor. Victor is his hero, only Yuuri has never been able to find a picture of his face. Their meeting is accidental, yet it feels almost fated. Alt. careers AU. 

This is another one of those fanfics that I nearly backed out of the second I started reading it but ended up finishing in one sitting and loving it very, very much. It’s written in a first person POV (Yuuri) so it might take some getting used to for some people, but I really, really do highly recommend it. This fic actually got me through some really sticky real life problems and then some.

What fuchsia? Sorry IDK what you’re talking about. There is no fuchsia.