now wishing i knew how to write and write this plot lol

5x04 ob review - 5x05 thoughts

oh boy oh boy oh boyy…what an episode…so much information, pure mythology arc..many questions were answered and a lot more were created after that…so let’s see what we’ve got here:


well it was kinda foreshadowing from the previous episode that kira would cut herself..i like the fact that the writing team took advantage of Kira’s adolescence..she couldn’t have a passive role anymore..after all she’s her mother’s child, curious and radical to learn and to know about herself..

2.this episode was about famliy,family,family

it felt more like a Manning episode rather than a Sarah episode….

Your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you

now THAT is a very powerful line, and for me it sets the core of Sarah’s developemet throughout the whole series…

and to be perfectly clear i am really REALLY  worried about Sarah cause she began as a wild self-centered con girl that tried to  take advantage of the situation for her own good and look how far she’s come

she’s gonna sacrifice herself for her family it’s crystal clear to me..that’s what Ms S would do and that’s why their relationship was so important in this episode, apart from mythology and storyline reasons…


the twins will be the center of the mythology, this photoshoot wasn’t random at all

Kira and the miracle babies…the monkey stuffed animal and the scissor..the heart connection

they feel eachother

sarah, helena and on the background pictures and paintings of what it means to be a family

Apart from how beautiful this scene was there was a lot of symbolism in it

-miracle babies

-like you& me

oh god i really wish i wouldn’t worry about Sarah so much but it’s painfully obvious where all of this is going…

Helena was ‘killed’ once and i don’t think Sarah will let her get hurt ever again..Rachel and PT are after the babies..there’s possibly gonna be a confrontation in ep 7 (the rachel episode)

(i can’t get out of my head that Helena will name one of her babies after Sarah cause…you know why)

Helena writes her memoirs (which i do believe now that this is what Sarah is reading after Fee’s art exhibition in the 60secs teaser cap)

Also Felix said that his exhibition is in 3 weeks so we vaguely have a timeline for this season…s5 events happen during a month more or less

4. PT, Virginia,Susan

or the old fashioned story of Frankenstein’s monster 

PT Leda Castor and moral choices…Virginia was an interesting addition to the storyline even though her survival from the explosion is a little bit absurd..

i liked the fact that Leda Clones were less dehumanized in contrast to the Castor programm..the freaky mansion (the bloody props in the laboratory gave me Bioshock vibes lol) set the atmosphere and got me hyped about the story.. the ‘monster’ on the other hand….well i was underwhelmed from the bald dude, they could have done a better job imo

PT is oblivious about Virginia , he’s not gonna be happy about it when he finds out…i wonder if Ira is gonna protect Susan or not when the time comes..the Rachel episode is gonna be chaotic that’s for sure

5. Cos-Charlotte

i love them SO much…Cosima is always so protective, she’s a natural with kids - and people in general, definitely the most extrovert clone of the basic 4- (also Tatiana is a PRO with kids, seriously i melt everytime)

i hope Charlotte survives all this mess cause i’m gonna be devastated for the poor kid :(

so all in all that was a pretty straightforward episode that was much needed.

-Some things about the MUCH ANTICIPATED episode 5

1.A lot of us (including myself ) have made theories about cosima’s parents and had the Alison centric episode as a guide to how the Cosima one will be. Having seen the 5x5 trailer and teaser i‘ll have to say:

-This episode is gonna be much more heavy case related than we imagined so what i’m gonna say is

2. lower your expectations guys.Have in mind that at least 4-5 scenes will be with Sarah/Kira, Rachel/Susan,Ira/Susan etc…there’s no time for a lot of flashbacks now that they decided to interlace plot with character evolution…Alison was the clone that was the least engaged with the mythology arc that’s why her episode was more standalone-ish. Do not expect the same now

3.Expect angst. The teaser made it clear.We knew that in relation to Delphine/Cos there’s always angst but my estimation is that now things are more tensed  than ever.

4.the fact that we didn’t get to see a lot of cophine scenes on the teaser is a good thing.They keep things unseen on purpose. They have already overexposed this episode (-especially the cophine scenes) so it  make sense not to show a lot of things now.

5.Be prepared for strong performances.Keep in mind that a sex scene might be unlikely to happen.Trust me the less you expect the more rewarding the experience will be in the end.Especially if you have a wild imagination.It is way too easy to underwhelm yourself with what if scenarios.

enough with the rambling now let cophine rise XD

anonymous asked:

How can you hate on Ezria as a ship but still ship Spoby and Emison ? Toby lied to Specner and pretended to be A and broke her heart and Emily was manipulated by Alison for years too so they have all made their mistakes ?

Okay… I can, in part, see where you’re coming from. Only in part though. 

Toby did lie to Spencer, he did break her heart, and that was terrible. I do wish he hadn’t done it and it was kind of stupid but, Toby wanted to end the whole A stuff once and for all. He thought that was the way to do it and he didn’t want to risk telling Spencer because he was worried that might put her in more danger. It sucks that he lied to her on such a huge scale, yes, but given the circumstances… it was kind of understandable? I feel like that was kind of a moral grey area. He lied this one time, but overall, Toby is a really good guy and he’s always deeply cared for Spencer and tried to take care of her to the best of his abilities. Even after they broke up, he obviously still cared about her. Even when he was with Yvonne, he still wanted the best for Spencer. He’s always tried to do what’s right, including when he had to lie to her, so personally, I don’t think he should be damned to hell for trying to save her and their other friends. 

As for Alison and Emily… yeah, Ali was a total dick for a really long time. When it turned out that she was alive, I was kinda bummed (because it felt like a total waste of time when the whole show was based around her death, essentially, and also because she was still a dick when she returned lol). She was a toxic, manipulative person, and she was also a bully. So while she genuinely cared for Emily, she sucked at showing it, and took advantage of Emily’s crush on her. That all totally sucks and I didn’t ship them at all until the final season. I didn’t want them to get together, I wanted Emily to be with someone like Maya, or even Paige (even though Paige was extremely irritating). But after the time-skip in season six, it’s obvious how much character development there was for Alison during those years? Like, she still had a few old habits that she was obviously finding tough to break, but at the end of the day, she was an immature teen. Come the end of the show, she was a grown woman, and she’d matured greatly and become a much better person, and I actually really liked her after that. So when things started looking like they were turning romantic between her and Emily again, I was really happy about it, because Alison had become someone Emily deserved. Not to mention, there’s not enough bisexual representation in TV shows as it is, so I’m glad Ali mended her ways and stepped up the game for us, lol. 

Toby and Ali both lied and weren’t 100% the nicest people at all times. That sucks, yes, but they’re only human, and they both redeemed themselves from these fairly minor offences. Plus, Spencer and Emily both forgave them. 

That in NO WAY compares to Ezria, because: 

  • Ezra is an adult man and Aria was, what, fifteen years old when they got together? 
  • He knew she was fifteen and went ahead and did it anyway, for the sake of manipulating her, a vulnerable teen girl, so he could write a book about her missing and possibly dead friend
  • He ended up being her teacher AND STILL CONTINUED TO DATE HER despite it being even more illegal and nasty now that he was an authority figure to her
  • She was literally a child and he dated her (at first just so he could write a book about trauma she went through which is gross) and had sex with her and acted all woe is me when her parents found out and tried to split them up (rightly so) 
  • He caused her so much more pain and suffering (some that she won’t even realise BECAUSE SHE WAS A CHILD WHEN THEY GOT TOGETHER) than Toby ever caused Spencer or Alison ever caused Emily
  • It’s no contest because Ezra is clearly a fucking pedophile and should’ve went down for that
  • He also basically stalked Aria and her classmates (his literal students!!!) for his nasty book 

EDIT: He also dated Alison, and I know she lied about her age, so he can’t really be held accountable for that one, but if he was so worried about that, why did he then go on to investigate her disappearance and stalk her friends? Wasn’t he worried he might get tied to her vanishing? Did he really care more about a book than getting caught for dating an underage girl? If he was SO bothered about Alison lying about her age, it doesn’t make any sense that he then voluntarily went onto date another underage girl anyway, just to investigate the disappearance of a girl he didn’t greatly care for in the first place. Sounds like a plot hole to me. 

Everything Wrong With Twilight: Forever Dawn

When writing, one of the most important things that a person must do is plan out what is going to happen. Of course, for many writers, these plans are sometimes forced to change. 

For instance, in Harry Potter, Rowling originally had the entire ending chapter written out, so that she knew where the seven books were going to be heading. However, somewhere around between the fourth and fifth books, Rowling realized that she’d written an epic plot hole, which caused much of the fifth book to be writing around it, and during the final books, everything had to change from plans.

Gravity Falls originally had the Cipher wheel as nothing more than a sort of decorative thing, but when Alex Hirsh saw the work, effort, and thought that people were going to in order to decode the thing, he eventually integrated it into the finale, even if it didn’t change anything in the end.

Lord of the Rings went through so many changes that the original plot ideas are almost unrecognizable. It’s one of the reasons that when people say that Jackson was building off of some notes on the Hobbit that Tolkien had been writing out for a rewrite, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would have found their way into the rewrite, if there ever was one.

Plans change. That’s something that all writers have to understand. When you force a story to follow your original vision, you have major, major, problems.

And that was something that Meyer ended up doing.

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Responses to {Final Chapter: Part 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

ALSO THIS POST IS REALLY LONG YOU GUYS REALLY PUSHED THE BOAT OUT YOU SENT IN OVER 120 ASKS AND I ANSWERED THEM ALL MY FINGERS FEEL NUMB! Seriously, you guys made me really emotional with everything that you said. I’m so thankful to all of you, from the bottom of my heart ^^

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anonymous asked:

lauren, do you have some writing advice please?? I want to start my first fic and I got the best idea I've ever had but I really need some advice please

hi there! i’ll try giving you some general writing tips, some stuff i wish someone told me when I first started writing fic, but it’s not going to be very specific since you didn’t really ask for a specific thing. hopes this helps xx

advice 1: be passionate about what you’re writing about. the more passionate you are about the au/idea/characters and their development, the more likely you are to finish!

advice 2: outline outline outline. when i outline, i literally write detailed paragraphs of what i want to happen in my fic, so when i’m writing i can look at my outline and know EXACTLY what i need to write next. sometimes one sentence in my outline prompts just a short sentence of description, but one time a small paragraph of ideas in my outline birthed a 20k CHAPTER. and if i stop writing, i know exactly where i left off at. it helps me write much faster and get through everything quicker. 

advice 3: don’t force yourself. if you’re writing a scene and you know it’s not what you were hoping would come out, stop. remove it from your doc (put it somewhere else just in case - don’t delete it!) and start again from a fresh perspective. this happened with the last scene of my infinity fic. the first time i tried writing the ending, i KNEW it wasn’t what I wanted to i had to get rid of a bunch of words, but i knew it was for the better. 

advice 4: marry yourself to music. for example, I always stick to one specific song when writing. my first fic ever, i ONLY listened to little mix’s glory days album when writing (and some drag queen christmas music thrown in there). for my infinity fic, i literally only listened to infinity (with the exception of bowie’s space oddity and dua lipa’s homesick occasionally). sticking with one specific song most of the time REALLY helps me build a consistent theme and tone and feeling and it helps my brain stay on track and not be distracted by the changing of the songs in my ears. 

advice 5: find a beta (and/or a group of writer friends) who challenges you and makes your writing better. i know it’s REALLY hard to find a good beta, and it took me until my 4th fic (i think) to find the perfect beta for me and my writing. my beta honestly makes my writing so much better because she’s able to pick out my weak points and tell me how to make them better. my group of writing friends is different from my beta because they help me brainstorm plot, details, character development, and honestly having a simple support system is the best thing ever. 

i have to cut this short because I have to go somewhere right now LOL but if you need some more tips/advice don’t hesitate to ask! xx

Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 4: Loss | Thoughts

So … I thought it was pretty good? I did read a few spoilers and people seemed to think it was really, really bad. So maybe because I expected it to be so bad that when it wasn’t that bad, I thought it was pretty good? If I were to rank the films so far, from best to worst …

3 (Confession), 4 (Loss), 2 (Determination), 1 (Reunion).

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anonymous asked:

sin city 10 was so good (as expected, duh), but also so :(


i’m dying and living @ the same time bcus of sin city holy shIt istg what thE fuck even this plot gets deeper each chapter but omfg thanks for updating whenever you get the chance to !!

You are the bighit of this fandom omfg IM DYING THE ANGST OMG I WAS READING THIS IN CLASS IDC IM SO EXCITED EVEN IF ITS SAD AND UGLY BCS YOU ALWAYS WRITE BEAUTIFUL STUFF SO BELIEVE IN U BBY ❤️ im so curious abt the ending.. whatever ur doing, keep it up… its working… ;)

can you hear that? is my heart breaking into a million pieces>.< nah, i’m okay! :“) i really love your writing style, and i felt so happy when i saw that "ten” in your masterlist! i’m following sin city since last month and i can’t wait to read more :“) <3 lots of love for you! thanks for writing and giving us such masterpieces! <3 bye-bye x

SIN CITY TEN here you go again being fucking early and angsting my life up. im so immersed in this fic … thank you thank you for this 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 wish you all the happiness and love in the world

sin city got me so fucked up, like i didn’t even notice i started crying??????? my heart hurts 😪 bUt THANK YOU, I LOVE UR WRITING SO MUCH 💞 sin city has been my favourite fic ever since the first part — shy anon 💕 

Keep it short & sweet. Thank you for updating Sin City. Thank you for putting the time and effort into your writing, its beautiful. I’m currently dying bc of what occured, and i’m excited but nervous for what’s to come next! Looking forward to it Dee! All the love 🌹


i feel so sorry for sin city jimin omg i want to protect (and also, burn sam!!!!!) i wasn’t expecting that shocking plot, you’re such an amazing writer i admire you so much

sin city is honestly my favourite series on here of all time ! I really admire all the time and effort you put into your writing and amazed as to how you make such good plots with such deep meanings. and LOL I obviously love the smut here, no one can write smut as good as you do and I truly appreciate all your works on here. BUT SIN CITY 10 GOT ME… oMY I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT BUT I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK. Agh this series will be the death of me

Thank you for updating Sin City! A really good chapter as all ways. But…… Why would you put us through all that angst….how could you?


I’m so emotional HELP

Look, Dee. I love you but Sin City 10 made me teary. I don’t think I’m ready for the next chapter. I hope they talk about it soon, like really soon. Ahfhsja i loved the chapter dee

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked somebody as much as I dislike Sam 💔💔😭 how dare she hurt chim chim like that! But that was a good update though, and I look forward to anything to come.

dee what the fuck I hate you, u rlly gotta end sin city 10 like that honestly I’m gonna commit it was so good i neEED MORE YOURE SUCH AN AMZAING WRITER FU C K


I am heartbroken. Why is sin city affecting me this much ?? I love it though 😭😭


Wait… did samtan used to torture jimin?

sin city 10 slayed me fight me dee

HOLU SHTNRND IVE BEEN STARINF AT MY PHONE SCREEN FOR TEN MINUTES ICANT BELIEVE WHAT I JUSR READ. anyways though i’m absolutely in love with this story and how far you’ve come with it!!

Dee…. I’m in pain… I FEEL SO BAD FOR JIMIN. Not only is he probably in pain but he probably feels guilty and disgusted and hurt. My heart…

Sam is about to catch these hands I swear, my poor baby jiminnieuu

I cried reading Sin City 10…. 😭

she will not take tasha im ready to fight

ahh sin city last chapter is too sad, you really good to playing with my feeling. it probably will take a long time for next chapter again erggh i can’t wait

FUCK, Dee, what have you done? *jaw remains on the floor* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Such a twisted story! ☠️

Sin city,,is making me feel so many things 😭😩 Tho I have a question; when jimin and y/n will talk about what just transpired/been revealed, will he go on to explain more of his past and what he intends to do with Tasha,, or will he apologize and tell her to forget about their arrangement D:?? I have a lot of indications on to where this may go but it is ALl ANGST which is great don’t get me wrong but anyways! I love this new update!!!!! Sm!!! I can’t wait to see the plot develop even more!!


now I don’t know if Jimin was being honest with y/n or nah omg I’ve never hated a character like I hate sam

i just finished the new chapter and i’m in tears?? It was so good and so well written and i’m so excited for where Sin City is going to go as a story!! the chapter left me heartbroken (that’s a compliment, not many stories affect me so much emotionally). I can’t wait for the next chapters!! love u lots :*

I’m sorry about this chapter getting everyone emotional! I knwo some things are left unanswered but I promise you will know everything in the next one - all the details about his time working there, his intentions with the OC, her opinion on all of this, and his opinion on Tasha and everything. Thank you all for reading, I’m glad you liked the chapter! :*

Barisi Episode Tag, 17x21

(9.2K. Inspired by my fever, by the way Sonny and Barba’s relationship has evolved this season, by Sonny’s character development and by Barba having more feelings than he knows what to do with.)

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Sonny doesn’t even know what he did. 

All he knows is that Barba is icing him out again, and it sucks.

Just when they were starting to get along, too.

Just when they were starting to make progress.

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Horror AU

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a huge fan of horror movies, so I thought I should put together a list of my all time favorite Destiel horror fics! I swear I watch every single horror film that comes out, no matter if it’s an amateur movie done with a shaky camera or a foreign movie with no subs! I’m kind of sad that there aren’t that many great Destiel horror fics compared to other fandoms, but I take whatever I can get! I used to be a pretty popular ff writer on another fandom, so I’m seriously thinking about writing a Destiel horror fic because I’d fucking ACE it! Lol the only problem I have is that whenever I write fanfiction, all my chapters tend to be over 10k so the overall story will always end up being 200-400k total. Admin J is the same with me on this issue! That’s why I always have to complete the fic before posting it so that I won’t leave it unfinished! Anyway… Here’s all my fav horror fics in no particular order! – Admin A

Title: Architecture of the Minotaur’s Heart

Author: beenghosting

Rating: Explicit

Words: 44,935 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: I love House of Leaves so this fic was perfect! I was so captivated by the eerie feeling and how the story started as AU but towards the end the plot became infused with canon verse!

Summary: There’s something alive in Dean’s cabin. He can feel it. Under the floorboards, beneath the stairs that shouldn’t be there, where it’s dark. It beats like a heart. It changes its face in the middle of the night. It feels like it’s reaching out to him, and he has no idea why.

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Title: Th1rteen R3asons Why

Author: confessyourlove

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 39,013 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: This was okay for me, nothing too special or surprising about it. I was so happy that there’s a sequel for this but it’s totally been abandoned… So now my heart is bleeding and I’m annoyed :’D I hate unfinished stories!

Summary: You can’t stop the future.

You can’t rewind the past.

The only way to learn the secret is… to press play.

Dean Winchester doesn’t want anything to do with the tapes Castiel Novak made. Castiel is dead, he reasons. His secrets should be buried with him. Then Castiel’s voice tells Dean that his name is on the tapes—and that he is, in some way, responsible for his death. All through the night, Dean keeps listening. He follows’ Castiel’s recorded words through the streets of their small town… and what he discovers changes his life forever.

( Read here )

Title: Spiraling

Author: YamiAki96

Rating: Explicit

Words: 15,023 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: I’m a sucker for ghost stories and horror is my all time favorite genre of books and movies, so naturally, I had to read all the Destiel horror fics I could find. This one is more of a traditional ghost story so I was very pleased with it because it was more AU than most horror Destiel fics!

Summary: Strange occurrences start after Dean and Castiel move into their dream house, leading Castiel to believe that they may not be alone there.

( Read here )

Title: The Shadows We Draw

Author: viviansface

Rating: Explicit

Words: 75,659 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: I’m being biased again but HS fics, no matter how good they are, just aren’t my thing. But I decided to add this on the list anyway because I’m sure most of you will enjoy it a lot more than me!

Summary: Senior year of high school is generally considered to be a struggle; with a new boyfriend and a group of jocks who won’t stop straight-out harassing him, it’s nearly impossible. Despite being in love and enjoying its perks, Dean grows desperate enough to seek aid from a practiser of one of the oldest arts – witchcraft – to hopefully make their lives (especially Cas’) easier. Spells are a dangerous business, though, and oftentimes, not even the best intentions can make a difference.

( Read here )

Title: Whispering Roots

Author: stardustpaths

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 22,922 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This wasn’t really horror for me, but since it sort of had that mysterious air around it, I decided to add it here. Honestly I’ve watched way too many horror films in my life because nothing ever surprises me :’D

Summary: Dean can’t say he’s thrilled when a hunt takes him back to his childhood town. It feels like Oak Mill and the nearby woods are haunted by more than just the mysterious monster that’s been snatching people away. But after a forest spirit saves his life, it seems that maybe he’ll find something good there after all, not just a bunch of unwanted memories and lost friendships.

( Read here )

Title: The Ghosts of Blackthorn Hall

Author: linoresearch

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 94,657 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Jane Eyre SPN fusion fic… Awesome! I mean Charlotte Brontë is like one of my all time fav authors along with Jane Austen (yes I’m that kind of a reader!) So when I found a SPN fusion with Jane Eyre, I knew I’d love it and I was right!

Summary: In 1843 Castiel Milton leaves his life of quiet faith and duty to take up employment as tutor to the young ward of one Mr Dean Winchester, at Blackthorn Hall. Set deep among the Yorkshire moors, Blackthorn is a place of mysteries – a wild place, where pale faces appear at the windows, and mad women laugh in the night. Castiel is drawn to the enigmatic Master of Blackthorn and they form an attachment neither of them expected. But there are secrets hidden behind Blackthorn’s stone walls, truths that threaten to destroy their fragile happiness, as they are forced to confront the ghosts of their past.

( Read here )

Title: the inexhaustible silence of houses

Author: Askance

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 31,820 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I loved this! I seriously wish I could go back in time and not watch as many horror films as I have, so I could really get more intuned with these fics and not be able to predict how everything will end :’D

Summary: Almost two years after the world doesn’t end, Castiel falls from grace—and loses his voice in the process. It is the impetus for confession and change; before long, he is settling into a loving relationship with Dean, the Winchesters are tired, and hunting for a place to land has taken precedence to hunting anything else. Dean and Castiel fall in love with the strange little house on the end of Swallowtail Drive, and for a little while life is as it should be—sweet, affectionate, and beginning afresh.

But more and more Castiel sees and hears things in the house that beg the question of whether or not a place itself can be alive. The walls and rooms seem to shift and grow and breathe, and one night, Dean comes home from a hunt changed in a way that Castiel cannot explain. In the months that follow, their domestic bliss takes turns for the dark and sour, and the confusion of their circumstances will ultimately test everything Castiel knows about the man he loves, and everything he believes to be true.

( Read here )

Title: Autumn Hollow

Author: shotgunsinlace

Rating: Explicit

Words: 98,374 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This fic is incredible!I think this might be my favorite horror fic in this fandom!

Summary: When tragedy strikes late one Californian night, author C.J. Novak searches for a place to start his life anew. The long road filled with shadows and doubts take him to Nires Island, a small fishing town off the coast of Maine where the food is good and the neighbors are polite. But when nightmares of drowning threaten the fragile threads of Castiel’s sanity, the picturesque shores of Autumn Hollow don’t look quite so pretty any more. The dead walk, the vengeful haunt, the darkness stalks, and Dean Winchester may be more than just the shady mechanic who somehow manages to destroy Castiel’s defenses.

( Read here )

anonymous asked:

wRITE ABOUT PRICEFIELD IN AN AMUSEMENT PARK. plot twist: chloe is scared of roller coasters but she tries to act brave about it.

WHOA WHOA WHOA Listen hear I only read fan-fiction not write it…but sense you’re the first person to ask such a request…OOOOK LOL (get ready to see why I don’t write) 

“Come on Chloe!” The smaller girl said pulling Chloe by the hand. It was obvious max had been waiting all week to go to the amusement park with Chloe, but the other girl…well let’s just say she’s not looking forward to one thing in particular. 

Chloe stopped max from dragging her “Wait we…need to rest and get something to eat first! I mean we’ve been out here riding rides all day and I can’t let my Maximilian Starve haha”

The smaller girl turned around “Chlo you’ve been acting really weird ever sense I started talking about the roller coast-” Then it dawned on her. Max had the biggest grin on her face right now. All she could think about is how she can finally tease her fearless girlfriend of something she’s afraid of.

The blue haired girl was not in the least amused in Max’s grin. “Hold up Maxi pad this has nothing to do with roller coasters. I-I’m just a bit concerned about..” Come on smart ass think of something! “About…umm like that time when we went to that anime convention and you were so excited you didn’t eat anything for like 3 days and blacked out landing on a Ymir cosplayer and then the Christa cosplayer started beating you with her foam sword?” Oh thank god I pulled that one out of my ass, I might have spared me some more time. Plus it’s pretty late already I might get away with this!

“That…was really embarrassing but hey, how am I suppose to sleep or eat when there’s so much to do at an anime convention? Between Panels, anime viewings, and photographing cosplayers and might I add Mr Jefferson loved those photos-”

“well yea, he liked them. Young girls, isn’t that his thing?” Now Chloe was the one with the grin.

“Ew, Don’t be gross” max said with a little giggle. “but I guess you have a point and all this talk about food is making me hungry.” Both the girls walked to the food court with Chloe praising Jesus to herself.

It’s been about 40 minutes and Max had been done with her food for a while unlike Chloe who just finished. “Chloe my god I’ve never seen you eat so much.” 

“Thats not what you said last night” she says while giving her hipster a wink.

Immediately Max covered her face “OH MY GOD…stop being such a dork.” she said laughing

“I will be when you stop being such a nerd.” 

The hipster gave her a small punch to her arm “Ok Chlo, let’s go before this place closes.”

Shit, shit, shit! I thought If I ate long enough it would work but all it did is make me feel kinda sick. AGH this place closes soon too, this was a bad idea, and I can’t just tell Max “Hey can we go home I feel sick” it makes it look like I did it on purpose! but in a way I did…im just gonna have to man up…ah…woman up? OK, BE BRAVE.

Chloe got up from her chair as max grab her hand rushing to the roller coaster on the other side of the amusement park.

This is it, this is how I die, though I guess max could always rewind if that happened. Chloe’s thoughts were interrupted as max walked them up to the line. “wow no one in line I guess thats that haha” The hipster frowned at her comment.

The employee for the roller coaster behind the machine heard Chloe and smiled at them “Don’t worry Ladies there’s time for one more ride after the coaster comes back around.” The man said with a nice smile then looked back at the machine that powers the roller coaster.

What did I ever do to you god. Chloe had to just accept that she was getting on that mother trucking roller coaster. 

Chloe noticed max going through her bag “Man I left my camera in your car. I wish I had it with me, this moment would’ve been an amazing piece to my photo wall.”

The taller girl leaned down and give max a kiss on her cheek “It’s ok babe” NO SERIOUSLY ITS TOTALLY FINE LIKE NO WAY IN HELL DO YOU WANT A PICTURE OF ME CRYING TO DEATH ON YOUR WALL, NO THANK YOU!

A voice behind the two girls projected loudly “Agh keep that gross ass hipster love away from my sight.”

Max and Chloe turned around. “Victoria??” they said in unison.

“Thats the name don’t wear it out losers.” she said putting her hand to her hips walking closer to them. Chloe knew this timing was weird but this was ‘HELLA’ weird not because Victoria’s here for some reason or that they get the last roller coaster ride of the day but because, BOSS ASS BITCH IS PLAYING ON THE INTERCOM AS VICTORIA IS WALKING CLOSER TO US LIKE SOME KIND OF SOUNDS TRACK. It seemed when the park was near closing employees liked to play songs over the intercom as they would close up. It didn’t matter why that song was playing because Chloe had too many questions on her mind. Is this a sign i’m going to hell? Isn’t feeling sick to my stomach bad enough?

“You don’t seem like a person who enjoys going to amusement parks” max said calmly 

“Or anything fun” Chloe added before getting elbowed by max in the stomach. Oh, if max only knew her pain.

“Jesus…almighty…” the blue haired girl leaned over trying to beat the pain

Victoria looked at Chloe in pity then looked back at max “well if you must know I’m here taking pictures for that project we have in Mr. Jefferson’s Class.” She answered firmly.

Max nodded. “Good idea”

“I know.” Victoria turned her attention back to the blue haired girl “Of course high school drop out here wouldn’t know about projects.” she said with a victorious grin.

Chloe shot back up ready for a brawl “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that Bitchtoria” Chloe smiling, thought she was very cleaver with that name.

“Wow real weak-” The blonde was cut off by max standing in between them.

“OK thats enough I know you guys hate each other but I don’t want to be on a ride hundreds of feet in the air thinking about how one of you is gonna throw the other off.” Max gave a firm look to both of them.

Shit I totally forgot about the ride, I can’t let Bitchtoria see me in a state of fear. but it was too late the coaster had already came back and the people on it got up and left.

“I’m setting in front of you sad wannabes. You know, so your big hipster heads wont cover my shots” Victoria said sitting in one of the seats with her camera. 

Max looked at her girlfriend “Chloe?”

“yea mad max?” she said with a bit of a shake in her voice.

“You ok?” 

“YEP just peachy!” But really her sickness to her stomach had increase as well as her heart beat. I’m ok I just gotta look hella brave! I can pull this off…

they both walked up to the coaster and sat behind Victoria. Max grabbed Chloe’s hand and noticed it was shaking. “Um Chlo your hand is shaking.”

“Oh Im just a bit cold.” She was lying through her teeth.

“It’s like 80 Degrees.”

The Blonde turned around “Would you two shut your hipster holes I’m trying to adjust my camera settings.”

“sorry” max whispered

After a few minutes the Man controlling the Machine cleared his throat “Is everyone buckled up and ready?”

“YES” said Victoria

The man looked at the machine starting a countdown 


Chloe’s grip tightened on Max’s hand




Max looked at her. “I think I’m gonna be sic-” it was too late the man started the coaster and the music cut on along with the movement, that is untill…It stopped after moving like 3 feet.

“what the hell is this?!” The blonde was furious she just wanted her photos.

The man tried the switch to the machine again but no go. He sighed “Sorry ladies the ride isn’t working right, maybe next time” he walked to the little office building in the back.

Everyone’s attention was on the guy walking away except for Chloe who tried to raise her head forward but ended up throwing up all over Victoria.

“HOLY SHIT” Max said scooting away from Chloe.

Chloe felt so much better after releasing all that funk, in fact she felt so good she didn’t even realize she puked all over the Black-Well queen bee.

“oh my god max…oh my god I feel so much better” she said wiping her mouth and taking a breath of air.

It appeared max had no idea the status of Victoria either until she looked forward. All she saw was a Blonde standing in silence covered in puke.

Chloe looked forward with the hipster “oh…” God, I’m going to ask you one more time…WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!

Both Max and Chloe slowly got up from their seat not knowing what to do. Victoria must of noticed movement because she ever so slightly starts moving her body to face them. That’s when the two girls notice that her camera is busted. She dropped it when I puked on her?? 



“I’m really afraid of roller coasters.”

“I kinda figured.”

“Hey max…”


“If we make it out alive can we make out in my room?”

“Honestly I’m up for anything”

“ok good cause if I die can you get rid of my porn under my bed? I don’t want my mom having the last thing she remembers me by is my kinky porn.”


and of course the song over the intercom conveniently changed to I will survive by Gloria Gaynor thats when Chloe and Max figured it would be best to get the hell out of there.


3:04 AM (06.26.15)

Yes I’m awake and I needed to let this out.

As you all know I’m having troubles with my sleeping patterns lately which is probably because of my overthinking. Not in a bad way of course, just the normal writer’s problem. I think of a lot of things almost 24/7 so my mind finds it hard to shut down.

You know recently, I’ve been getting frustrated with myself for writing stories simultaneously. Don’t get me wrong, I have fun doing it XD But sometimes, it gets pretty difficult to plot out stories when you’re writing one after the other. I guess my friend’s aren’t lying when they say I make things “complicated”. Plus there’s the fact that it eats my free time and I barely get to do stuff other than writing.

Last month, I wanted to go on hiatus. For a while… A really long while because I felt like I was investing too much of my time on this blog and neglecting my other writing projects like the one I’m supposed to be working on for publication.

I’m working on After All, making it longer and practically revising the whole thing because I want it to be the first book that I publish. :) And because it was the first story that has ever gotten so much reads in my life as an author.

Anyway, with this blog and thesis, I’m incredibly slow-paced at editing it and that kind of gets me down sometimes…especially when some people tell me why I’m not working on it and busying myself with writing stories for free.

So why did I write this? (Lol kind of got side-tracked) One of you, sent me a fan letter through email just now. Not going to name her and I’m pretty sure you know who you are :) As I was reading her letter, I smiled and thought “Oh hey. How sweet of her to take the time to write this just to tell me that she loves my writing.” It was really heartwarming and I was just so damn happy.

Just like every single time one of you pops into my inbox to say hi, compliment my stories, or just ask random questions like: Is Prof V coming to the blog again? XD

But when I got to the middle part of her letter, I started crying. Because she said words that were not said to me before and I thought again that this was a fan letter…a legit fan letter and never in my life had I imagined I would ever receive one.

She told me things I never thought I did; like how I managed to make her day with my stories and even my daily responses to my followers.

I broke down when she said: “People feel something through your stories.” And I literally had to stop reading. My emotions were all over try place because I never thought my stories did that.

For all I knew, the feels were mainly induced by the characters I use… By BTS and EXO. And I wonder, would it be the same if I didn’t use them as my characters anymore? If I didn’t write fanfictions anymore?

That is my biggest fear, to be honest. Becsuse what if people only liked my works because it’s fantasies about idols they love and adore? What if the magic disappears once I write in my own characters this time?

But then, like in this letter…she told me that she couldn’t wait till I publish my novel. And I’ve been seeing this a lot on my inbox lately.
I just want you guys to know that those messages? Those fan letters? I take screenshots of them and keep them in a folder where I save them for a rainy day. I look through them whenever I feel down or discouraged.

You guys might tell me: “How can you feel discouraged? You have so many followers who love your stories…?”

Well that one person that discourages me? And is the one person whose judgements I take to heart the most is…


Even if I wouldn’t admit it, I know I give myself less credit that I should. I don’t have that much “adoration” for myself and always think that there’s something–someone better than me in what I do. Which is not exactly false.

I love myself, don’t get me wrong. But I tend to put others before me…make sure they know they’re amazing before I can even praise myself. And maybe that’s why all this time, I hunger for the self appraisal I wish myself gave me more. (Did that make sense? Haha)

So I just wanted to say that this fan letter actually made me see my original intentions for creating this blog: to make people happy.

That’s always been my intention. I wanted to be a writer who makes people happy and hopefully, strike a change in their lives, to send healing somehow through the things I write. When I read her letter, she told me that I was doing just that and I felt relieved and just…the feeling was so overwhelming I am still crying while writing this. It’s like for the first time in a long time, I actually looked at myself…gave myself a pat on the shoulder and said:

“You’re doing good. Keep it up.”

And you guys have no idea how good that felt.

So thank you, dear. I will write you a reply in the morning since I need to collect my words first. :P

And thank you to everyone who keeps reading my stories and who loves this blog in general. Words aren’t enough to to thank you guys for making me realize who I want to become in the future.

Sorry for the long blog post. If I came across to be overly dramatic I apologize. It’s the middle of the night and my mind is probably half-asleep. But I just really wanted to thank that girl who sent the letter. I enjoyed reading your journey though my stories and I think I’ll go read it again before I finally sleep.

Thank you.

I love you all.

Truly. ❤️

- Kaye Allen
3:48 AM /logs out/

Author Interview - Notanislander

Originally posted by timeladv

Got to ‘sit down’ with @notanislander over the weekend and pick her brain about fandom stuff! TRIGGER WARNING - lots of lol-ing ahead! Read below and always reblog in support of our fantastic authors!


I was born ready sweetie!

I want to start with your url. You’re ‘not an islander’ living on an island? At least that’s what I’ve pieced together since I’ve 'known’ you. It’s always baffled me so I’m going to ask… what made you choose that name?

Keep reading

fuckery. just fuckery. idek.

(…just skip to the italics if you don’t wanna waste your time k bye)





*deep breath* lol

first of all- the rape scene

that scene is pretty self explanatory on how ridiculous that scene was. I feel like I don’t need to talk about this because I’m pretty sure everyone covered it . for me. 

Its not even about the rape though- the bottom line is rape is a sensitive topic, and yes I completely agree that it should not be ignored and can be a topic of discussion, but its just the way they portrayed the assault was disturbing. the fact that they used it as a plot device to advance francis’s plot is absurd

“feminist show” my ass.

 basically laurie was on crack or something when she planned out that episode. I cannot express my feelings enough on how badly I feel that she needs to be fired. 

ever since season 2 the show has been goin downhill. ever since from the beginning the show has been getting bad 

it’s not just the rape scene that ticked me off- in fact like i said the rape scene was the last straw.

so anyway

I haven’t seen a single reign episode since 2x09 until my friends wanted me to watch it with them and jfc I’m so glad I haven’t caught up with it.

Mary’s character development has reached an all time low people omg 

I’m assuming from the gifsets and shit that last episode she let him “be free” although I’m not sure why bc I haven’t actually seen what was going on these past months (so happy I haven’t) 

but anyway 2x14 was the first and last episode I have and will have ever seen since 2x09 because OMG 

what the actual fuck

I don’t get how a woman who has been through something as horrific and disgusting can be so freaking open to this nigga conde who she barely knows and completely shuts off her husband and “true love" 


I haven’t seen her "recovering” episodes but still

the mary that I knew- the mary that was in love with francis- ‘I want you to be free"

and then here comes francis walking in like

talking to the woman that WAS WITH HIS BROTHER AT ONE POINT

francis’s love for mary amazes me


like ok i get it she was raped and by no means am i saying that doesn’t matter ( i am still infuriated by the portrayal of the rape btw) but the fact that she runs off to conde and just last episode she says she loves her husband doesn’t make any sense.

jfc after the episode I have seen, I still can’t believe people are watching it.

I still can’t believe people are watching this after 2x09 TBH HOW

i’m so glad people have stopped putting themselves through watching this shit but It annoys me that it took monde to shut people down.


speaking of monde -why is marry always the object of all the dudes affections in the show i mean really ????

and why is mary always infatuated with someone of francis’s family?? 

and always breaking up with francis???

i don’t remember the last time francis broke it off with mary actually..(maybe in season 1? i think? idk)



claps 4 u laurie AMAZING WRITING 

and then back to monde-AKA MASH 2.0 

i don’t even know.

and the “you will be the death me” thing UHM WHAT 

i thought…mary loved francis????? ??????????????

i didn’t watch the last episode like I said before but from what I heard that’s what she said ??? was she lying??? laurie where are you I need you to explain this because that makes no sense

I guess I understand why people are leaving reign now after this episode but I still don’t get how you stayed in the first place? #sorrynotsorry

But then again frary is hard to let go? but still ?? …idk i just don’t know what to say anymore

then I saw the promo for 2x15 and OH MY GOD 

mary jumping into bed with francis just for the purpose of securing her country lol what

I thought after what she has suffered- and her love for her husband - i mean - I thought-but francis?-oh wait she loves conde

–the mary I knew- that loved francis - is not this at all

and I don’t ever forget all of the times mary fought for francis, but that mary is not this mary right now 

idek what i just said 

*deep breath*

All of that being said (if any of that made any sense lol) I miss reign honestly and truthfully- Yes I miss it not reign right now but the show I fell in love with. I miss mary. The only character that seems to have had me-through the bad and the good - is Francis. It’s not just because I am irrevocably in love with Toby. All biases aside though, Francis has changed as well, but he has never lost that same aura from season 1. The only thing I am afraid of for him is if Laurie will continue to write him off as some helpless husband pining for his wife the entire season, but I probably won’t care anymore because (I hope) after this post I will remove reign season 2 from my life. And I love Mary okay. I do. It just seems that the writers have made Mary too fickle and made her fall too fast and too hard too soon- like her feelings seem meaningless now. For every man that has shown any interest to her she loses herself. Her character development is horrible to say the least. I hope that I can just pretend that reign ended with season one and was a good show. Not because of monde or the random love triangles but because ever since season 2 started  the plot lines got boring, they got recycled from season 1 and a lot of things don’t make sense to me. I kept saying I was done since 2x09, when the writers pulled that painful rape scene, and I REALLY wish I was but from exhausting myself to reading things online and watching promos of the show to see how bad it was doing- I realize I wasn’t done. As a former passionate watcher of the show, I cared about it too much. And even now I realize I care as I write this ( I realize how long this is already lol) but I really hope I can put this behind me. Reign season two doesn’t exist. Laurie ruined my show lol k bye 

yeh .


idek what i said ok I can’t speak english people bye

KBTBB: Baba x Mc (Part 3)

Eeh…So, this is part 3. Don’t know why but i get nervous every time i start writing something. Lol~ Sowwy~ K. Now let’s get to it.

Previous parts can be found in my master post. Sowwy I couldn’t add it here since I’m writing on my phone.

Warning: Angst~ and violence.


*On the roof of Tres Spade - Baba’s pov:

Soryu shouted loudly as the helicopter was ready to take off at any minute. And with every minute passed, my heart just ached more and more. 2 minutes had passed since i hung up the call. Tch. I knew it’s silly to think like this but i wished i had teleport ability so that i could be by Hiyori’s side right this instant. She told me not to come. Like i would ever abandon her in this situation. Silly girl. Worrying about other people even when her life was in danger. I..i could never let you go, Hiyori. Please bear with it for a little longer. I will definitely save you.

* 3 minutes later:

*ring ring*
My phone rang suddenly and i immediately answered it, turning the speaker on so the guys could hear the conversation too.

“Hello? Fumi?”
[ Well well, Baba~ 5 minutes has passed. Why don’t i let you hear something interesting? ]

Fumi turned the speaker of her phone on and i heard Hiyori’s voice.

[! Please! ]
[ Ooh~ Look at you poort kitty. You have nowhere to run now. It’s useless begging us like that. *BANG!*]

Just then i heard a loud bang and Hiyori’s scream right after that ugly noise.

[ Aaah! No! It hurts. Please! ]
“Hiyori ! Hiyori are you ok? Say something please. Fumi what did you do to her? Stop hurting her!“
[ Fufu~ I did nothing. My men did it. Seems like your princess won’t be able to walk for a while. Well, that’s your first warning. Not bad wasn’t it? ]

She hung up after giving me a warning. I bit my bottom lip to the point that I can feel blood in my mouth. I squeezed the phone tightly as Hiyori’s cry still rang in my head. Goddamnit! At this rate, they would definitely do something more horrible to her.

“Seems like they shot her legs. We’ve gotta get there asap.”

Ota was acting restlessly which made me a bit surprise. Because i’ve never thought he would come to care about Hiyori that much. I felt guilty and anger bubbling up inside me. Guilty for lying to her, cheating on her. Angry for letting her get kidnapped and tortured like this. Angry for not being able to protect her when she needs me the most.

* 5 minutes later:

“Shh..Keep quiet. Surround the storage house.”

Soryu commanded his Ice Dragon men as we were getting close to the storage house. Seemed like Fumi and her men hadn’t noticed yet. I turned off the sound of my phone, in case Fumi called, it wouldn’t make too much noise. Just then Mamoru, who had been so quiet spoke up.

“The police will come in ten minutes. Which means Soryu’s men have to take care of things quickly and leave before that. Now we just have to wait for the call from that wicked girl.”

As if to respond to Mamo, my phone vibrated. Ok. This time you have to keep calm Baba.

[ You sure answer my calls fast huh Baba? Do you love me that much or…fufu~ is it because of your princess here? ]
“Get the the point. I have the necklace here so tell you men to stop hurting Hiyori. There’s no point to torture her any further.”
[ Aren’t you forgetting something here Baba? It’s me who wants to destroy her. So why should i stop~ ]

While Fumi was busy blabbing about how she hated Hiyori, the other guys motioned me to prolong the conversation.

“Fumi tell me how Hiyori is right now. If she…die before the 20 minutes you gave me, i swear i will never forgive you.”
[ Oh how scary~ Fine. She’s losing blood…slowly, and..ah, seems like she’s about to lose consciousness. Well? That’s enough right? Hehe. ]
“Wa..wait Fumi! Let me hear her voice please.”
[ What? You sure ask too much Baba. Are you plotting something? I’m telling you, if you ever do a suspicious thing, I will end this girl’s life immediately. ]
“I promise I will do as you say ok?”

I made a promise but I didn’t have any intention to keep it. As if I’d listen to the words from that woman’s mouth. Then I heard footsteps, maybe Fumi’s getting close to Hiyori and make her speak as I requested.

[ Bitch! Wake up! Any last words for your beloved man? ]
[ Mmn..Baba? Fumi! Please stop this! Don’t drag him into this please! ]

Shit! Fumi slapped her! I…I can’t stand this anymore. I looked at the guys who were ready to barge in at any minute. They nodded as if to say “let’s go”. Not wasting a second, I was on my feet and ran at full speed into the storage house.

“Stop Fumi!”

My eyes looked for Hiyori and there I saw her slim body on the floor. Blood was gushing out from a wound on her thigh. Her whole body was cover with bruises, her cheeks were swollen and there’s blood streaming down her face. She…she lost consciousness after Fumi slapped her just now. These people, I will never forgive them for hurting my Hiyori. How could they raise a hand over a defenseless girl like this.

“Hiyori! Hiyori!! I’ve come to save you!”

I tried to run to Hiyori’s side but Fumi grabbed her by the hair before I could reach her. She pulled out a knife and presses it against Hiyori’s neck. No. Don’t notice the necklace please.

“Wh..what? How did you get here? It’s just been 10 minutes!”
“Did you think we only have cars? You made a big mistake woman. Hear that sound? It’s helicopter.”

Eisuke spoke mockingly and bossy while Fumi started to get panicked as she saw me and the guys’ sudden attack. The men on her side, they’re all rich guys I used to steal from, or at least used to work together to get information. But judging from how Fumi acted, seemed like she didn’t know I’m a thief and that I’m with the guys at Tres Spades. Now I see why she said this was a win-win deal for both her and the rich guys here, and her words from when she left my house this evening.

“Stay right there! If you take another step towards here, you know what will happen to her.”
“I would say the same to you.”

Soryu cut her off. Just then, the Ice Dragon men barged in all at once and restrained the rich guys in no time. They struggled desperately but of course, they were no match for a whole mobster gang. Knowing there’s no way to escape, they turned to betrayed the wicked mastermind.

“Fumi you bitch! I shouldn’t have listened to your plan!! Ugh! Let go of me!”
“You men are the stupid ones for believing me. You were all just after my body.”

In this situation, she still acted so mighty and full of herself. How foolish of her, but…I was also an idiot. I…why the hell did I agree to have an affair with this witch!
While the Soryu and Mamo were fighting, I and Ota ran to Fumi. Surprised by our attack, plus, she was not a pro in this underground world, she’s now like a rat with no escape route. I had to stop this asap! I will save her with my life.

“Give up Fumi. You reap what you sow. Now let Hiyori go. Your men were all captured.”

I distracted her while Ota sneaked up behind her and grabbed ahold of her arms. Now! I rushed and held Hiyori before she fall to the floor. Shit! There’s a lot of blood. Just then I heard the sound of police siren. They’re coming. We have to hurry or else there’d be more troubles.

“C'mon Baba! This way!”

Then I heard the guys shout at me, Luke was with them. He looked pale as usual but his face was so serious.

“Hurry. I’ll check on her and perform a surgery when we get back. It’s faster than bringing her to the hospital and wait for the doctors. For now let’s get her to the helicopter first.”

I did as he told me to. All the guys were there already. They sure took care of the whole thing fast. Mamo stayed at the storage house to deal with the police and those rich guys, also…Fumi. She was tied tightly by Ota and we left her there. She had to pay for all the terrible things she did. Just then my thoughts was interrupted because our helicopter was taking off, headed to Tres Spades. My head was full of thoughts of Hiyori and our memories together ever since we met. Please don’t die Hiyori. Stay with me.


Ugh! I seriously didn’t expect it to be this long! I originally intended to write only 2 parts. Lol~ I’m sorry for making you guys wait. But well, this is part 3. I will write part 4, it will be the last part.
Please bear with me. I promise to finish it soon. *bows*
Hope you enjoyed this part. Feel free to ask me anything~