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@tennantsforever said: Am I the only one feeling good about this project? Like totally good?

Oh, it can totally be good! Bram Stokers Dracula always has me excited, don’t get me wrong! But again Moffat is taking on a big and iconic fandom, after (totally just in my opinion!!!) taking on too much with running both Sherlock and Doctor Who at the same time… Let’s hope he takes the time to make this right, now that he is no longer involved in the other two. He did GREAT with Sherlock during the first series and wrote AMAZING episodes for DW, while RTD was still in charge. I just want him to get back to that quality, you know?
And, admittedly, there are so many great TV shows out there, I can barely keep up, but that’s my problem 😅

Clara Oswald: The Woman Who Deserved Better

How I wish this episode had aired before Moffat Appreciation Day, but let’s just call it a late contribution, shall we?

I want to start this off with saying that in my opinion, the writing, directing and acting of this episode was brilliant. Frankly, it would be a crime not to praise Sarah Dollard, who did wonderfully, especially considering it was her first time writing for the show.

It was an amazing piece of television and a perfect example of why Doctor Who is still on air with over fifty years on its back.

Now, I have seen some criticism of Clara’s death revolving around how “she deserved a better ending” or simply “deserved more” as a character.

And that is the point: I agree.

Clara Oswald deserved better. A life with a miraculously resurrected Danny Pink. The life she told the Doctor about in Last Christmas. A long, fulfilling life she will never get to live.

Face The Raven gave us something I have long wished for: An ordinary adventure with a tragic, avoidable ending. Because in many ways, it was an ordinary (albeit great) episode. There was a mystery. There was an old friend of the Doctor about to die who expected him to save him. There was a countdown.

But this time they didn’t make it. The Doctor’s companion died because of a risk she took.

This was not because of hubris. No, she took the chronolock because she, like the audience, had implicit trust in the Doctor. The man of miracles.  The man who we’ve seen doing the impossible many, many times. The man who would have taken the chronolock himself,

And if he had, the Doctor would have made it. Why? Because he always does. The Doctor is a character who will never die.

And, therefore, at worst, he would have regenerated. Clara took the chronolock because it was a good plan, because she stood under the protection of the mayor, because she knew it would save Rigsy. Because it was something the Doctor would have done.

But the Doctor didn’t do it; Clara did. And because she is human, and the Doctor, for all his human traits, emotions, stories, is not and never will be, it had the most tragic of all consequences.

And so Clara died because of her own choices. Aware of the fact. Brave.

And that is another thing - her last words.

Let me be brave.

Clara has always shown her fear, and she knew that if she did now, the Doctor would be furious and no words of her would keep him from taking revenge. So she wished for one thing. To be brave.

And she was. To the end.

Face The Raven deserves its place in Doctor Who and television history. Face The Raven showed the other side of the medallion when it comes to travelling with the Doctor. With every other exit in the show, there was closure. There was hope. There was the knowledge that still, the character got some sort of happy ending.

This is what is missing here. This is what makes it brilliant. This is what makes this a poignant, unforgettable episode.

Goodbye, Clara Oswald. And thank you for all you have given us.

at one point, i wanted to be Steven Moffat. Or something like him.

I very recently graduated from college with a degree in screenwriting. I’m a huge lover of film and television, and an obsessive fan of Doctor Who. When Moffat took over as show runner for the program, i was overjoyed. I had very much enjoyed his episodes, and after watching The Eleventh Hour, I had fallen in love with the Eleventh doctor, as well as Amy Pond and their friendship. And, honestly, I was just glad it was still going strong (as an American, it’s really hard to grasp the idea that there isn’t a set tv season … so I get super paranoid when it comes to British tv shows).

Sherlock really sealed the deal. How amazing what that?! How had no one thought of a modern adaptation yet? And with so many hints to the stories (this coming from a huge fan of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes)!

Moffat was literally living his dream! Who wouldn’t look at this man as the ideal inspiration?

But now, I couldn’t imagine taking on that responsibility (which sounds silly when speaking of television, but i’m a fan - i get it). It’s one thing to express an opinion (i didn’t really enjoy that last episode either but i really couldn’t stand the whole pig-people farting aliens from season 1 during RTD, yet i don’t bitch about it all the time) but to personally attack a man’s character and make threats via twitter or on tumblr, is very disheartening. Not only for the writers (there are multiple writers) but for the fans, who are desperately trying to enjoy their favorite show.You are definitely allowed to disagree with  the direction of Doctor Who and express that opinion but there are some people who do not seem to understand that the man takes his job seriously, he wants to do good, and he’s not just in the position he’s in because he wants to ‘fuck things up’. If he didn’t want to contribute, he could hand over the reigns to someone else and let them deal with the abuse.

And Sherlock? i still think it’s amazing. i love it. And yes, there are LOTS of white dudes running around the place. And a lot of people seem to take that as a sign of misogynist and racist writers. A lot of this has to do with the other Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Elementary - which it often gets compared to, sadly. I adore Elementary, I really do. One of the reasons why I love it so is because of the multi-racial cast and a strong representation of women. I think all of television should look at Elementary, with it’s strong ratings and devoted fans, and notice it for what it has - a well-rounded cast with non-stereotypical characters - and take suit. HOWEVER, Sherlock was the original modern adaptation. No one knew it would be a huge success. Like all of television, it was a gamble. So in order to stay as true to the stories as possible, they cast extremely talented actors to portray characters as they imagined them and were described in Doyle’s stories - white, albeit probably more handsome, men. Moffat and Gatiss added the character of Molly Hooper who has played a very strong role in the series, and did the pivotal characters of Irene Adler and Mary Morstan great justice, I do believe. Is Elementary more diverse? Absolutely. Did they have more freedom in order to do so? Most definitely. In fact, in order to separate themselves from the wildly successful British adaptation, they almost had no other choice than to mix things up - such as making Watson into an Asian woman. And let’s all be grateful they did, because Lucy Liu is a goddess.

I’m irritated that I feel the need to post a long tumblr rant in order to defend two of my favorite shows and the writer behind them (though i am quite bored at work). But while I zoom through the beautiful images and incredible gif sets after a new ep, it really rains on my parade to see so much hate (and i mean HATE - i’m not referring to anyone who just gives a honest opinion) for a writer who, though he’s had some bad days, has given me so much. The idea of getting that much abuse blows my mind, it really does. In fact, though he can be short, I think the man is handling it all with grace. I would be screaming, cursing, and apologizing for all the wrong things. The point is, I no longer want to be Steven Moffat. That was once a nice dream that has now died.

I want to take a minute to show my appreciation for Steven Moffat. That man gets a lot of hate on tumblr, but he has done so much good for the Doctor Who universe and I wanted to acknowledge that. He created my all-time FAVORITE female fictional character, River Song. He also brought in my favorite doctor, Matt Smith, and two of my favorite companions of all time, Amy and Clara. His twisted mind made the most terrifying monsters (in my opinion), the weeping angels and the Silence.

Now that Steven has left Doctor Who, I hope that the next show runner has the imagination and creativity of Steven and the show runners before him.

I will miss you, Steven. Well done.