now which one of you was it

“OK, you’re too busy to help, so I’m gonna kill the car bumper.”


Jesus, I shot myself! Ungh, I shot myself!”

You know, I picked this moment. Just for you.
Do you like it?

You made this moment happen, after all.

Me? I didn’t do anything. You did this to yourself.

So, then.

Look at this. Look at what you bring upon yourself.
Now? Think about what you’ve brought to others.

What do you think would happen if I let you live here, huh?
You’d just bring destruction to everyone around you.

Including me.

I̦̙͕̪n͚c̮̲̰̱̩̩l̙̫u͙͍̠̯͇̺̝d̯͉̬̣̰̩͙i̠̹̞n̮g̮ ̻͖̯̱̰U̦̩̬͖̻͙S.̞̫͔̱̱
̟͉ḭ̙̯n̮̱͈c͍̙l̦͓̗̖̰͇̩u̩̟͎̞̺͙d̥̘i̺̹͕͙̘n̦̥̦̳̹̥g͕͇̹̻̳ ̘̺u̖̭̠̗̝̥̻s̟̩̜̙̮̠̯
I̳̺̳N̘͈̞̝̥ͅC̹̣̬̝̗̙̥L͔̟U̯D̪͇̤͍͚̺I͚͓̥̣̱̯N͈͎̮̙G̪͈̜̟̬͇ ̯̹͔u̞s͖̖
̱̰̠̣̫͈̣ị̥̺̬̮̻N̲̥̱̝̙cl̥U̦̝̦͚͕d͎̦̪̺̪I̳̮̖n̼̙̜͔͚͙G͓̯̭͕̝̤ ͎u͍̮̟̦̯̪̣S̟͖͉

@mollifiable​ was going through some of her older drawings and found this one she hadn’t shared yet (which I’m actually surprised she drew!) – depicting a scene between Other Max and Chloe from Chapter 12 of @lis-allwounds

Uh, yea. So. Other Max is in a good place. ^_^;;

Alternate Universe

Enjolras should have realized that the kids would try to figure it out. Turns out high school students have nothing better to do than investigate their teachers love lives.

It started with a few lovesick students who thought that they might have a chance with the scarily-hot political science teacher before their friends crushed their dreams by pointing out that Enjolras was both out of their league and probably taken.

From then on, it became his students’ mission to find out if Enjolras was dating anyone. It hadn’t taken Enjolras long to realize that his students were weird, but this was reaching a whole new level.

Someone overheard (eavesdropped on) Enjolras talking on the phone before school and heard him sign off with “I love you,” which was damning enough to launch an investigation into WHO it was that Enjolras loved.

Mr. Combeferre frowned and shook his head when the kids questioned him. “I’m not going to spill my friend’s secrets. Now run along,” he had said, but one of the kids noticed the edge of a smile on his lips.

Mr. Courfeyrac just laughed when he was asked. “You know who you should ask about this? R. You should ask Grantaire about this.”

Most of the other teachers seemed to agree. There was nothing left to do but go to Enjolras’s sworn enemy.

The art teacher nearly fell out of his chair when his students asked him who Enjolras was dating. “That’s a fantastic question. Who could that ice-cold, pretentious asshole possibly date?”

“Probably someone as beautiful and emotionally cut-off as he is,” one of the kids said wistfully.


“She probably killed her pet goat when she was seven for sustenance and didn’t shed a tear.”

“That’s honestly the only logical possibility,” Grantaire agreed.

The rest of Grantaire’s class for the day turned into character design of Enjolras’s alleged lover. After that, most of the kids resigned themselves to never solving the mystery.

After school, Grantaire went to Enjolras’s classroom. “Were you aware that your wife killed her family pet as a child so that she wouldn’t starve to death?”

“Oh really?” Enjolras said. “I was told that she was a Russian spy.”

Grantaire wrapped his arms around Enjolras’s waist. “Maybe she’s both,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to Enjolras’s lips.

They didn’t notice the student standing at the door. The school went wild.

Okay so this is super random but I saw a post a few days ago about Dr. Doofenshmirtz of Phineas and Ferb and father’s day (I cannot find it for the life of me so if you know which one I’m talking about let me know) and I was thinking about it just now and I realized…Dr. Doof’s backstories are the perfect way of thinking about villain motivations. From what I remember, almost every one of his evil schemes were based on some kind of traumatic experience. Each scheme involves some kind of crazy and outlandish machine and passionate speeches about the evils of lawn gnomes or whatever he’s angry about. BUT in the Christmas special he can’t come up with a reason to hate Christmas and therefore has no motivation to go through with his evil plan to ruin Christmas so he sort just goes along with it because “he’s evil” and it’s all just so pointless. WHICH IS EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD WORK. Just like Dr. Doof, your villain needs a legitimate motivation to go through all the work and be passionate enough to fight with everything they have against the protagonist. Without it they’re boring, easily thwarted. and kind of listless. As goofy and stupid as some of the backstories are for Dr. Doof they make sense to him and that’s what makes for a great villain.

Yesterday’s Enterprise - 3.15

Now, you might be thinking, “haven’t you all done this one already?” And you would be right, TECHNICALLY we have “done” this one. But that post is from SEVEN YEARS AGO and it is QUITE UNDERWHELMING. It’s literally like the second post we ever did. So upon the recommendation of Friend of the Blog Grace M., I’m revisiting this one. 

It starts with a charming scene between Guinan and Worf in which Guinan is wearing one of her signature “teardrop” hats:

What’s the likelihood that there is a nail polish called Aubergine-ius out there somewhere

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anonymous asked:

Can you discuss what made you positive about Jon and Sansa? I saw the trailer and I honestly didn't see anything and even though I ship them, I have the lowest possible expectations for them because of the show they're in.

The trailer per se didn’t show anything “consistent” to convince me something will happen between them, but I’m one who looks at the hints, tiny details which, I admit, might end up being bullshit or just pure coincidence, but as of now I’d like to think they’re showing them on purpose without being too  obvious. The whole trailer featured lots of Stark footage, it starts with Sansa and ends with Jon, both of them have voiceovers which are the only ones along with LF’s. Now we have Jon/Sansa/LF, anyone who ever read/listened to the cast and producers interviews, would think it’s a way to throw at us the first signs of the starkbowl: Jon vs Sansa, Team Snow vs Team Sansa, Sansa fighting against Jon to get the merits she deserves, Littlecreeper fueling in Sansa the desire to become Queen and betray her brother.

The littlefucker’s voiceover during Sansa’s footage is “don’t fight in the north or the south; fight every battle everywhere. Always in your mind”, it’s cryptic, but I assume it’s one of the usual LF’s teaching to Sansa, a teaching that clearly represents Petyr’s way to operate, certainly not the Stark way. Considering we don’t have the context to analyze this line at its fullest, I’m just going to deduce he’s attempting once again to play with Sansa, just like in the first trailer where he says “your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand. Last best hope against the coming storm”. Petyr’s words in both trailers are a constant reminder to Sansa that she’s alone in all of this, or better, he tries to manipulate her into thinking that she’s fighting alone. His words do not contemplate any family member by her side, everybody is gone (which I guess it’s foreshadowing Arya returning to Winterfell at some point). Now going into more specifics, the voiceover plays along with Sansa in the Godswood, walking away, she’s tearing up a little bit, she seems shaken, a tad distraught as if something huge just happened and she’s walking away from this. Everyone noticed there’s someone in the back, the three options are: Littlecreeper, Jon or Bran.

Now, to me it looks like the man behind her is standing, so I’d rule out Bran;  it could be the littlecreeper, but I can’t fathom why they’d be discussing AGAIN in the Godswood, when we got a similar scene in 6x10.  Unless, obviously, it’s Sansa that summoned him to privately talk to him and that’s when she starts playing with him, but I don’t see the reason why and how it’d play out; Jon seems like the “reasonable” option for me:

It certainly looks like him. LF should be a bit thinner and less slouchy.
As I wrote before, Sansa appears to be unsettled, shaken. Her red-rimmed eyes reveal she cried or that she’s on the verge to cry, holding back her tears. Why would she cry? WHO would she cry for? Petyr? i don’t think so. Of all people in Winterfell right now, only Jon would be able to have this kind of effect on her.
If it’s Jon, it means they have a scene together, alone in the Godswoods sharing an important moment that will leave Sansa in turmoil. This is certainly my imagination working, but why would two siblings, a brother and a sister share a private moment in a place that only add a romantic atmosphere? Why are they even there?
Besides, who else shared a scene in the Godswood in S1? Cat and Ned. Who knows how the conversation will go between Sansa and Jon, still the parallels keep growing and I refuse to believe it is just coincidence. We already have Jon smashing LF against the wall just like Ned did, Sansa becoming more and more like her mother as the Blackfish pointed out and do we want to leave out Jon looking more like Ned episode after episode? it just cannot be coincidence.
Furthermore, as Sansa walks away she slightly turns her head, as if she wants to look back, but she doesn’t allow herself to do so because it’d hurt too much.  My bet is that something happened. What happened? I have no clue, but it must be something…eventful and important which involves only Jon and Sansa.

So we have LF’s line and we have this Sansa in the footage. Why put this specific quote as she walks away from Jon? the Starkbowl is out of discussion, it’s a storyline both actors and producers have thrown down our throats since the end of S6, which makes it even less believable to be an actual storyline in S7. “Always in your mind”, is this some foreshadowing of Sansa’s inner struggle against rising, unwanted feelings? What could be her fight? I’m like 99% sure her main fight this season will be against Petyr himself, but given how this precise line has been put in a scene with Jon, will her inner fight be against her love for Jon??? they could have taken a random P x S scene with that quote, why this one? why as she’s walking away so distressed and almost in tears??

These hints could be all and could be nothing. Most probably many would tell me that I’m a delusional shipper who is seeing things that are just not there, which I can take it, I’m ready to admit I was wrong and I was a fucking delusional Jonsa shipper. No problem for me.

I just got this feeling they are endgame and these trailers are giving me hope. I know certain shippers have decided to keep expectations really low and I get it, I don’t blame you, I’ve done it so many times with many ships of other shows. I just chose that with Jon and Sansa I simply don’t want to keep my expectations low :)

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Slowclap on the insect 3. After the Scarab God was revealed, I was consumed with combos and synergies until the birds were singing and the night sky was turning blue. Far to often, I tend to see the flaws instead of the magic. These are the type of cards that keep ones mind whirring with possibilities, sparking emails and chats with friends. Now I just need to figure out which one of my sons is the Scorpion and which is the Locust. Thanks for keeping the magic alive with this set.

Glad you like the new Gods.

“Even you hideous off-color Betas!”

Now that we know what “off-color” means that statement actually becomes worse. 

Which is saying something considering that Holly Blue’s enitre deal was telling the Famethyst how useless they were and how grateful they should be that Blue Diamond keeps them around. 

“It’s the least you can do for the Diamond that kept you worthless, sorry Gems in service!”

But her calling the Beta’s off-colors adds another layer to that. Holly Blue is literally telling them that they are so worthless that they would be shattered if not for Blue Diamond keeping them. 

That’s abuse. Plain and simple.  

And remember how scared Jasper briefly was of Amethyst’s whip before steeling herself in order to take whatever Amethyst was going to do? 

Only conclusion here is that Jasper had or has an Agate supervisor. And that would mean that “off-color” is something that Jasper has been told in her 

“I got out because I’m better than this place.” 

Sounds like a really arrogant statement, doesn’t it? Except it isn’t. This is what Jasper has been telling herself. She believes in Homeworld’s ideology and she is a Beta gem. 

An Agate terrifies indeed. 

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enneagram as things in middle class suburban houses

1: the family chore list, which hasn’t been updated in over two months

2: pictures of extended family members that even the family doesn’t recognize

3: a shelf dedicated to the children’s awards but all the awards are shitty ones like “second longest long jump in the school track and field championship”

4: goth teenager that has locked themselves in their room for at least a year now who only emerges to raid the family wine cabinet

5: textbooks people have never read on subjects no one is interested in lying abandoned on a shelf underneath a coffee table

P6: the cat that hides whenever visitors come over

CP6: a folder labelled “proof you’ve been cheating on me” on the desk in the office, filled to the brim with absolute nonsense

7: four bikes in the garage which were used for a week after they were purchased and never again, hung from ceiling racks

8: motivational wall quotes in stupid font like “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” that cost like 60 bucks at a home deco store

9: the tennis balls on strings in the garage, hanging from the ceiling

A/N: This is my much-overdue rewrite of what I remember to be my first em fic (?), and I’ve been meaning to rewrite a lot of my old works now but I decided to start with this one since it means a lot to me. I decided to keep it in past tense even though I tend to write in present tense now, just because I had written it in past originally and figured I’d keep that the same. It’s also been a good six months since I’ve written any kind of fic like this, as I’ve more recently been writing random shit inspired the insanity that is my mind :x Which, sidenote, is actually really enjoyable for me, and if you wanna check out some of those works they’re pretty much all that’s in my writing tag rn, lmao. Anyway, I reread this a few times (which I almost never do, I usually can’t stand to proofread my work) and I’m hoping it’ll be okay and coherent, but the tense might’ve still ended up weird at times since it’s hard to switch back to past. Also, I don’t think I cared most about this when I first posted this but I don’t know how more people will feel about this since it’s based from a mix of my strange imagination, a lott of my own headcanons and an experience(s??) to some extent so;;;;; o.o This is technically like my re-debut to the em fandom but I think I’m psyching myself out more than I need to? o: 

Hope you all enjoy~

The night was late, the only sounds to be audible were the soft snores of the boys around him. It had been a very long day, as his days always were. And though there was so much he had to think about, so many things to worry about, his body began to cave, the hands of sleep pulling him in deeper, until he could do nothing but submit.

He could feel his eyelids flutter shut, yet just as he did, he felt an unmistakable weight on his chest.


She mumbled inaudibly.

“You never tell me how you get in here, do you know what could happen if you were found in the boy’s barracks?”

She didn’t reply.

He sighed and shifted slightly, in an effort to shake her off. “We’re all really tired, Mikasa, I’m sure you are too.”

When the words left his mouth, the room fell a deathly quiet, and for a moment he was sure that she’d fallen asleep already, right then and there, but she sat up, long and slow, before he could make another effort to move her off.

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katsuki-donburi  asked:

I just wanted to point out because it's fun information, that in the circus DVD recording, you can tell that they use two different recordings because from "The Morning Circus Troupe" up until "NO!" Reo in one recording still had the black eyepatch in even though he was a page boy. So on the DVD, you can see that his eye patch constantly switches back and forth from the black one to the white one.

That is an interesting observation! (ok I will not admit I never noticed it until now haha)

So yes!

and 3 seconds later!

This interesting because on the DVD and in all their promo they always said this recording was from the Aichi daisenshuuraku, which can of course only be one show. Presumably the footage with the black eyepatch came from another performance since I do believe the majority of the DVD recording came from the Aichi finale since it includes the entire final curtain call.

On a related note, both Lycoris 2014 and 2015 showed the time and venue of the recording during its opening (after credits of the author, director and playwright), but Noah’s Ark Circus did not put the time and venue on screen, only printed them on the DVD cover.

On a more related note, while Lycoris 2014 was the complete recording of the show’s daisenshuuraku in Osaka, the Lycoris 2015 recording was the product of two different performances. Due to its China tour, Lycoris 2015’s daisenshuuraku takes place overseas and therefore cannot record its final show for the DVD. Instead, they picked Nov 26, a date around the middle point of their tour, to record. And on Nov 26, they did two performances. Evidence of these two performances can be found on Grell’s magic coat which went from having 2 buttons buttoned up:

to none

and to all three (almost immediately in the following second)

all within the span of 20 seconds.

anonymous asked:

Got good shangst recs? I know there's a week soon, but do you have some favorites for what's out there right now?

HECK //SMACKS DOWN DOOR/ I actually don’t have much bc a lot of the Good Shance Content is fluff, which bles? but also darnit I’m goign to struggle w this one

First of all FIRST OF ALL if you haven’t read Closer to Your World you are missing out big time,,it’s so cute I died reading it, and preeeeetty much all you need to know on the shangst side is that Lance goes on the Kerberos mission instead of Shiro 8 ^ )the author promised a sequel, but right now it’s more or less an open ending and listen I AM DYING EVERY DAY


ok next– I’ve Been Saving All My Summers For You is A/B/O verse w/ wait for it..asexual omega Lance :DD NOTE THE RATING OK it goes beautifully!! Everything is handled sfw and it’s rly cute and Good

and then the last one,,Chasing Pretty Thoughts (explicit) I admittedly haven’t thoroughly read yet :-( but it’s suuper super well written, and 30k words, and there is definitely langst, at least, so uh,,,,,,read the tags and have fun!

Mike Faist imagine-dorks


A/N: constantly mention cookie dough because I really want some right now. Sorry that this is kind of short, exams had drained the last bit of energy from me.

Description:(I can’t really think of anything to say and I am so bad at this oh god)In which you chill with that one hell of a giant you can gladly call your boyfriend.

Ah, yes, the joy of living with a freaking giant. Basically everything you needed to get could not be reached without jumping, the mixing bowl, in this case.

“I give up… MIKE! I need help!” You were panting from trying to reach the top shelf and decided to look for help.
“What? What happened? Are you hurt?” Mike(the freaking giant) rushed in, worried. He soon realized what you were doing and chuckled, “Can’t reach the bowl again? Should we get a footstool?”
You glared at him, “Or maybe you can just stop putting it on the top shelf?”
He laughed and get the bowl for you, “What are you making?”
“Cookie dough.”
“Oh, I’ll preheat the oven..”
“No, no, no,“You stopped him, “Cookie dough.”

“For real?” He jokingly rolled his eyes.
“A lazy day is not properly spent without cookie dough.” You said as you start mixing all of the ingredients.
In fact, you two haven’t got the chance to have a lazy day lying around for a very long time. Your schedules didn’t really match, not to mention that Mike barely have any day-offs. “Anyways,” you said, while sinking into the sofa with your cookie dough and two spoons, “Come and watch this with me.“
Mike sat down next to you and grabbed a spoon, “What are we watching?”
“The original Newsies.”
“For real?”
You grinned and dramatically pressed the button on the remote control.

It was a good movie and you put down the now empty mixing bowl as the credits rolled. “Can’t believe how I went from being a happy tap dancing newsie to an angsty weed-smoking teen.”
You snorted, “Aren’t you one of the Delanceys?”
“Just so you know, I was also Mike the newsie.”
You playfully rolled your eyes, “Out of all the names you could have picked, you picked your own. I have no comment on that.”
“We also had an ‘Ike’ as well, just so you know.”
“You people are such dorks.”
“You like it though.”

“You wanna, like, you know, watch another movie or stuff?”
You tried to get Mike to wash the dishes but the two of you ended up just lying on the couch. To be fair, you weren’t planning to move anyways. “Nah, let’s just stay like this.”
He chuckled and placed his arms across your shoulders. You then lean on his chest as the both of you enjoyed the silence with each others accompany, it was rare to have such peace with all the hustle in your lives.

“I feel like I don’t mind being like this forever,” Mike said placed a soft kiss on your forehead, “If it is with you.”
“Or you mean, ‘FOR’ forever?” You tried to smirk but you ended up laughing at your own pun. Typical.
“And you said I am the dork.”

anonymous asked:

Wait!!! I'm confused now! @.@ what's the difference between demi and pansexual???

(asjhsdhsdf I’m not an expert on the matter correct me again if I make mistakes guys please!)

These terms are not the same..

Pansexuality is reflective of those who feel they are sexually/emotionally/spiritually capable of falling in love with all genders.  A pansexual could be open to someone who is male, female, transgender, intersex, or agendered/genderqueer.

By explaining the meaning of “Demisexual” I told you how we feel about Love and Sex, which one we prioritize and which one is  second place.

Now, Demisexuality varies according to the gender you feel attracted too, then you can be Demisexual-hetero, Demisexual-bi, Demisexual-gay,…

 Demisexual-pan too… etc etc…

The people who are relatively newer to tumblr are freaking out about the new updates where random pictures get censored, and We, the Tumblr Grandparents, are watching all the updates passing by like, “yep. That’s a good one, will remember it for at least a year and be passively salty about it. Wait, what’s that? A minimal update in the code which changes the font in which this website is displayed? Ehh. I’ll let this one go but i’m adding two dollars to the Hate Tumblr jar.” and i think i got a glimpse of what being “the old and wise” means when you’re talking about real people and idfk what to do with that info now that i have it

Shout out!

Can I just say that I love all of you! Honestly LWA has been a rollercoaster these past weeks and we are almost reaching the end :( I just wanted to express my gratitude and love toward my beautiful Andrew/ankko family because we always are there to support and help one another. We might not be a big group in the LWA community, but we have something special which is unity, closeness, and most of all together we are a bomb ass family. ❤❤❤❤❤❤Hope you guys have a fantastic day every single day of your life. ✌ Lets now mentally prepare ourselves for episode 25 lol

Taipei Story (1985), Edward Yang

Ummmmmm no one warned me that this movie was sad as hell, so there’s your heads up if you’re looking to check this one out (which you absolutely should!!)… but just because it’s this depressing look at growing up and disappointing yourself and settling and regretting and losing yourself, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the fascinatingly intimate yet sprawling experience I am now so used to expecting from Edward Yang, and I actually think this is my favorite of his films I’ve seen so far. 

Metacritic: n/a, RT: 100%, IMDb: 7.7

ninapedia  asked:

Your old adorable dnd pattern is gone from weejapeeja! Are you going to make the new one in cute colors? I was all set to by the cute pastel one.

I had a lot of mixed feelings about the old pattern! Not only did it have a beholder in it (which I learned wotc is very aggressive about) but I just didn’t feel like it was a well made pattern. I liked various elements of it but they didn’t add up well. So I made a new one! I might make some color variants in the future, but for now there’s only one color available.

(I’ll eventually be getting this pattern on journals, skirts, and other things in my own store as well)

anonymous asked:

I've been trying to fight the realization that I'm bisexual but it feels like the more I fight the worse the curiosity gets. I have to be straight (for different reasons) and I just want this curiosity to go away. I don't know what to do or if you can help me but I needed to vent.

I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling with this. It’s okay to vent, even if you don’t have a specific question. I see you and your struggle. However, I also feel I should offer you some advice, which you can take or leave. You say you are trying to fight the realization that you are bisexual. It sounds like you know who you are, as much as you are struggling to stay ignorant about this facet of your identity. And this fact, your own knowledge of your orientation, is at odds with the belief that you have to be straight. Two absolutes opposed to each other. Right now you are focusing your energy on one of those absolutes, your knowledge of your orientation. If you are continuously unable to change this one, maybe it’s time to look at the other, your belief that you have to be straight.

I don’t know what your reasons are, but I know it can feel impossible to rectify these things. It can feel like you have to be a certain way, feel things a certain way. So let me just remind you: even if you are ultimately unable to deny that you are bisexual, you don’t have to date, sleep with, or marry anyone of any gender. You don’t have to come out to anyone. You don’t have to do anything. And I feel that you’ll find something so many others like you have experienced: you can’t force yourself to be something you aren’t. Good luck, anon. I’m here if you want to talk.