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Because I know this was partially what Kamui told him to do, but it’s also the opposite of what Kamui said. He wanted Fai “held down”, but Kurogane is keeping him up. Kurogane isn’t restraining Fai, he’s supporting him, and the difference between the two is 100% goodness. 

Also, let’s recap:

Helpful people: Kurogane, Subaru

Unhelpful people: the room full of people who just casually watched this whole thing happen

Even less helpful people: Kamui, describing the process for everyone watching

I suppose if you wanted to be kinder to Kamui you could say that he’s saying this to Kurogane, as a way of reassuring him, but I am very much less inclined to assume the nice option where Kamui is concerned. 

Blackjack (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jungkook

Rating: R (trauma, mafia!AU)

Warning: physical / verbal abuse, familial abuse, PTSD

Word Count: 5,356

Summary: Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?

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White Noise [Billy Hargrove]

Originally posted by my-allisondiamond-world

Prompt: Billy is head over heels for (Y/N) Harrington.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader, (platonic) Steve x sister!Reader

Fandom: Stranger Things

Warning: cursing, drunk-ness (?)

Author’s note: by popular demand, the fourth part to the Billy imagine. You guys asked for a happy ending, so I’m trying to give it to you. Hope you like this. Also, I might only write one more part to this series. I still don’t know. 


(Y/N) Harrington thought she’d seen the last of Billy Hargrove. After all, before the day he asked her out for the first time, they hadn’t cross a word. And then, she’d told him what she thought of him. She hadn’t been the nicest, which wasn’t how she normally was (she was more of an overall-good girl), but she thought he deserved it. 

(Y/N) and Steve’s parents had never really been around, so naturally, Steve had assumed both the role of a big brother and a paternal figure. He’d made sure she never got hurt. So when he came home with her face looking almost unrecognizable, she couldn’t feel anything else but despise for the person responsible.

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Coffee and Laptops Don’t Mix - (College AU)

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: You spill something on your laptop so you go to the floors resident computer whiz

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You know that point in writing your essay where you regret leaving it to the last minute? Well that’s what you are currently doing. You were getting ready to pull an all nighter when you spilt your coffee all over your laptop. “Crap!” You cursed to yourself. You grabbed the nearest thing, which was one of your t-shirts, not caring what it was and started dabbing the laptop to clean most of the coffee up. Not daring to turn it on you picked up the somewhat dry laptop and exited your room heading to room 210 on your floor. It’s a known fact on your floor that if you ever have any problems with your laptop or phone whoever resides in room 210 is who you go to.

Emerging from your room you got a few knowing looks from other people on your floor as they knew what time it is and that was essay due date. When you got to the room you knocked on the door feverishly. The door opened revealing a well put together guy, the complete opposite to you. His hair was styled perfectly and he was wearing clean clothes whereas your hair was a mess put up lazily and you were wearing an old top that has food stains on from your last all nighter. After getting over your initial shock of who answered the door you pushed past him into his room and looked around for the infamous computer whiz on your floor. “Can I help you?” Steve asked confused. He was still standing at the door looking down the hallway to see if he missed something.

“I spilt coffee on my laptop while I was writing my essay and it is due in… 4 hours!” You said all in one breath, panicking when you saw what time it was.

“Here let me take a look at it.” He offered closing the door behind him and coming over to take a look at the laptop.

“Wait, you’re the infamous computer whiz?” You asked, shocked as he wasn’t who you were expecting. “You are not what I was expecting.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” Steve laughed inspecting the damage done to your laptop.

“I mean you look like some football god.” You said before it clicked that you recognised him. “Oh, my god you’re THE Steve Harrington!”

“Well, I just prefer Steve but yeah.” He shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Sorry, it’s just that- why aren’t you at some fraternity house?” You asked.

“Believe it or not, not every footballer is in a fraternity.”

“God, I am so sorry. I’m just assuming everything today. You must think I suck and a mess. I mean look at me, I look like a mess where as you? You look perfect, like really perfect. I-” You rambled on but stopped when you heard laughter coming from Steve again. “What?”

“You’re cute when you ramble.” He sent you smile causing you to blush. “And trust me, if I wasn’t going out tonight I would be a mess too.”

“I’ve totally ruined your night. I’m just gonna go and let you go wherever it is you are going.” You apologised for interrupting and went to grab your laptop back but before you could Steve held it out of your reach.

“It’s fine. Honestly, I would rather help you with this then go to some fraternity party.” You bobbed your head not knowing how to respond to that and finally looked around his room taking in your surroundings. On one side of the room it had band posters up and was pretty basic. The other side was covered with photos and sports stars, you assumed that side was Steve’s roommates. “The bad news is I have to wait for it to dry before I can see how bad the damage is which will take a couple of days.”

You groaned when he told you how long it’ll take. Your essay was due in four hours and the only thing you can use has been rendered useless. “Great.” You muttered under your breath. “Thank you anyway. I’m gonna go then.” You started heading to the door but was stopped by Steve.

“Wait, if you want you could borrow my laptop and I could help you with it.” He suggested, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“But what about the party?” You gestured towards one of the fraternity houses not too far from your dorm who’s music you could now hear.

“Like I said, I’d rather stay here and help you.”

“Okay.” You smiled at him which he returned. You awkwardly stood in the middle of the room as Steve cleaned up a little and finding his laptop before he settled on to his bed. He looked up seeing you standing there and patted the side of his bed next to him telling you to sit there. You obliged and made your way to his bed, sitting crossed legged as you began working on your essay together.

It’s been a few days since your laptop incident and since you handed in your essay. The essay you didn’t think would get done and it probably wouldn’t have without Steve’s help. You got the grade back and was over the moon at it. When class was dismissed you immediately made a beeline go room 210 to thank Steve again. You knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. The door opened revealing a tired looking Steve who looked liked he just woken up. It was the complete opposite from the last time you were stood like this. You wrapped your arms around him as soon as the door opened. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” You thanked him over and over again.

“For what?” Steve asked, confused at your greeting. You unwrapped your arms from him and showed him your paper.

“Look. I passed!” You grinned at him. “All thanks to you.”

“I hardly did anything. You did all of the work.” Steve said modestly.

“Well, thank you anyway.”


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A/N: This is the first time I’ve written an AU so it probably sucks 😂 This is also the start of a mini-series (idk what to call it) but there will be a number of college AU’s coming out over the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy them 💕


Girl In Luv — Kim Taehyung

Anon said: can you write a scenario where the reader is a rebel and is mean but whenever she sees taehyung she freezes and loses her train of thought. then one day she gets hurt during a fight bc she sees him. after that she starts acting different (tae doesn’t like that) and doesn’t act out but people call her weak and stuff. sorry if it’s too specific. you’re the writer so you can change it ofc :)) lots of angst a fluff ending please. ily and your writings. I wish I could support you :( sorry I can’t

Thank you so much for requesting this! It was so fun to write! And don’t worry, I️ completely get it! Having your support as a reader is enough! ❤️

(I do not own this gif, creds to the owner❤️)

Words: 3,507

Warnings: High school au + fluff

Description: You’ve always been the thought girl in school, but there was one person who always made you soft—Kim Taehyung, your crush.

How stupid can someone be when it comes to love?

The answer is: not as stupid as you.

When it came to love, you were a complete idiot.

You haven’t really been in love so many times, but the times that you were, it was a disaster. You always ended up with your heart broken or getting your feelings hurt.

After your heart was broken for the last time, you told yourself that you wouldn’t fall in love again until you were older and had your shit together.

That was a big, big lie.

Because sadly, you can’t really control whether you fall in love or not. So as a result, you did end up falling in love again.

You fell in love with a close friend—well—he was more of your brother’s close friend, but he was also your friend.

Kim Taehyung.

He was so amazing. Whenever you spoke to him, you felt like you could listen to his voice for hours.

You fell in love with everything about him. His smile. His chuckle. His laugh. His eyes. The way his eyes look when he’s standing out in the sun. He was beautiful.

You just wished that he saw you the same way.

He didn’t know that you were madly in love with him. No one knew except for you. You were good at hiding your feelings, but also terrible at it.

Whenever you saw Taehyung, you were like a deer in headlights. You froze. You don’t know why he had this sort of affect on you.

When you saw him, you just stopped everything and started blushing like crazy. Whenever he walked into a room that you were in, you couldn’t help but stare. He was just so good looking. How could you not?

You’ve been in love with him for the past year and a half. Surely he should’ve known by now, but you’re way too afraid to admit your feelings. You’re scared that he’ll reject you and you’d get your heart broken once again, since that’s what always seems to happen.

Maybe if you had a bit more courage, you could admit it to him, but sadly, all the courage you normally had disappeared when it came to Taehyung. You could barely think straight when he was around.

And that’s what made you such an idiot.

“Skipping classes again? Are you actually trying to get in trouble with mom and dad again?” Your brother asked you as he started driving his car.

You sat in the passengers seat, playing on your phone and not really paying attention to your brother who was trying to scold you. “They won’t find out.” You say.

“If you keep doing it then they will. Why do you keep skipping important classes? You know you need to pass History to graduate right?”

“That’s stupid. Why do I need to learn about most of that stuff? Maybe if they taught us how to get a job and how to pay taxes in school, then I’d actually consider going.” You explained. “And don’t act like you’ve never skipped a class, Jin.”

“I don’t skip as much as you do. And don’t try to turn this on me. Do I have to remind you that I graduate in four months? I already have all my shit together.” Your brother says.

You rolled your eyes.

“Jin, don’t be so hard on her. I’m sure that last year we all skipped just as much classes as she did.” A voice came from the backseat, reminding you that there was another person in the car.

Hearing his voice sent butterflies to your stomach. You just kept looking at your phone, trying your hardest not to turn around and look at the beauty that was sat one row behind you.

“Sure, we skipped. But that’s not the only bad thing y/n has done. She’s always getting into fights and getting in trouble. Y/n, I wish you weren’t such a rebel all the time.” Your brother tells you.

“What can I say? I hate listening to other people.” You commented.

“Everyone gets into a little trouble during high school.” Taehyung says. “Besides, I think that y/n being a rebel is really cool.”

You almost forgot how to breathe after he let out that last sentence. He complimented you! Sure, this wasn’t a new thing, but whenever he did it, it made you feel like you were an angel.

“All I’m saying is that maybe y/n should at least try to focus on school. How are you supposed to graduate next year if you’re always in trouble and barely in class?” Jin asks.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” You said. You were never worried about graduating. You knew that it would happen eventually.

Yeah, you skipped class a lot, but you were actually really smart. You’ve failed some classes, but you’ve always gotten your grades back up. You weren’t a straight A student, but you weren’t failing every class and that’s what matters.

“You need to be more like y/n, Jin. She’s so cool and laid back. You’re always worried about something. Y/n is always relaxed and calm about everything.” Taehyung complimented you yet again.

You smiled and blushed, but tried your best to hide it.

Why did he have such an affect on you by barely doing anything?


Your phone fell out of your hands and dropped to your lap as a volleyball suddenly hit your hand.

You were sitting on the bleachers outside of school, bored, while some girls on the volleyball team were practicing.

“Watch out!” And annoying voice calls. “Emma.” You groaned. You absolutely despised her. She always did anything she could to piss you off.

“Why would you say ‘watch out’ after the ball hit me, idiot?” You asked, grabbing the ball that had previously hit you.

“Oops. My bad.” Emma says, giggling.

“You’re such a bitch, you know that?” You asked, standing up from where you were seated on the bleachers and walking down to the ground.

“Whatever, just give the ball back so we can finish our game.” She rolled her eyes.

“Of course, Emma.” You put on the fakest smile you could before tossing the ball at her, “accidentally” hitting her in the face.

The ball fell to the ground and the look on Emma’s face was hilarious. She looked so pissed off. Payback, bitch.

“Y/n, you’re gonna get it!” Emma yells, running to you and slapping you.

She shouldn’t have done that.

Your parents always said “don’t start a fight with anyone unless they hit you first. If they’re the first one to make a move, then you have our permission to send them back to whatever hell they came from.”

“You don’t know what you just started.” Was all you said before pushing her to the ground.

Emma grabbed you, pulling you to the ground with her, sending punches and kicks your way.

“Let go of me!” You tell her as she grabbed a fist full of your hair.

“Bitch!” Emma yelled, not letting go.

You two fought. You were at an advance, getting on top of her and trying to get her to stop hitting you. You’re pretty sure she even tried to bite you.

“Calm down, crazy.” You said, hitting her after she had hit you.

By now, a crowd had gathered around the two of you, enjoying the “entertainment”.

“Y/n!” You heard someone call.

You held down Emma’s arms and turned your head to see who the person was.

Taehyung. Of course, it was Taehyung.

Your eyes widened and you lost your train of thought for a second. What were you doing again?

Oh right, fighting.

Just as you were about to turn back to face Emma, who was still underneath you, she freed her arm from your grasp and punched you, in the face.

You yelled, letting go of her and holding your nose, which was now bleeding.

You held your nose with one hand, and almost punched her with the other, but then you were pulled away by someone.

“Y/n, stop!” You hear your brother yell as he pulled you away from the girl. “The fuck is wrong with you?” Jin asked, turning to Emma, who was being checked on by her friends.

Jin turned you around to face him and his eyes widened. “Jesus Christ, y/n. Why are you always getting yourself in trouble?” He asked, taking a tissue out of his book bag and handing it to you.

“She started it.” You said, placing the tissue on your nose.

Taehyung stood beside Jin, watching you. “Y/n, are you okay? Does it hurt?” He asks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Good. Even though you’re bleeding, you still beat her ass.” Taehyung says, putting his fist out for you to bump it with your fist. “She deserved everything she got.”

You smiled and put your fist out when Jin pushed your hand away and sighed. “Taehyung! Stop encouraging her!” Jin hit Taehyung on the back of his head.

Taehyung just laughed and looked at you, winking.

You tried to hold back your blushing. He had such an impact on you. How could he make you blush in just a matter of seconds?

“Y/n, I️ think you need a big ice pack. Your whole face is turning red. And—gross! I think your nose is throbbing!” Your brother tells you.

Your nose wasn’t the only thing throbbing, but also your heart. Maybe you needed a big ice pack for your heart too.


“So your making dinner tonight?” You asked your brother as you two walked down the hallways of your high school.

“Yep. Mom put me in charge of making dinner. I️ know I️ won’t disappoint.” Your brother smiles, feeling a little too confident in himself.

You laughed. “You better not.”

“I️ won’t. You know how well I️ cook. You love it when I️ cook.”

“You’re cooking?” You hear a voice.


He approached the two of you and began walking with you.

“Yeah. Y/n, tell Tae how good of a cook I️ am.” Jin says.

“He—Jin—he makes—y-yeah. He’s a good cook.” You stuttered, mentally facepalming yourself.

“Aw yeah! I’m definitely coming over tonight.” Tae announced as you three approached your locker.

Looking at your locker, you saw that there was a piece of paper on it. Written on the piece of paper, in big red letters: “you got beat up by Emma. Guess you’re not so tough after all?”

Your jaw dropped and Jin and Taehyung read the paper also, wanting to know what had you so shocked.

People who passed by your locker saw the note and laughed. They laughed at you.

Your brother ripped the note off of your locker. “Who the hell wrote this?” He asked, yelling in the hallway. No one answered. Who would? “Who did it?”

“Jin. Just forget it.” You sighed, taking the note from his hands and crumpling it up. You placed it in the nearby trash can and opened your locker.

As soon as you opened your locker, another note caught your eye.

“You’re weak. Y/n y/l/n is weak. Emma beat you up.”

“What the fuck.” Jin says. “Who the fuck is doing this?”

You just grabbed the note and threw it in the trash, just like you had done with the other one.

You got your books and closed your locker, turning to face the two boys that stood in front of you.

“Is that y/n?” You hear some girl ask her friend. The girl stood on the other side of the hallway. “I’m surprised she came to school today. I️ would be embarrassed to show my face in school if I️ got beat up by Emma.”

“I️ know right.” The girl’s friend replied. “I️ would call it bravery, but let’s be honest, y/n is a coward.”

“I️ heard she started yelling at Emma and then hit her. That’s why Emma started fighting her. Well, she got beat up. It serves her right for hitting Emma first.”

You felt tears build up in your eyes. Why were they talking about you so openly like this?

You quickly wiped your eyes, hoping no one would see.

“Y/n…” Your brother trailed off. As he was about to speak again, the bell rung, signaling that class was starting soon.

“I️ have to get to class. I’ll see you later, okay?”

You rushed to your class, not waiting for your brother or his friend to say anything else.

You were so embarrassed.


“Y/n.” You hear someone call. You were walking in the hallway in between classes because you had to get something from your locker.

You turned to see who the voice was coming from. It was a girl. Her name was Melanie. She wasn’t a friend of yours, mainly because the way she treated people was terrible. You always decided to just stay away from her.

“I️ can’t really talk right now. I️ have to hurry and get back to class.” You say, reaching your locker.

“I’ll make it short then.” She says, catching up to you. Melanie stood in front of you. She was taller than you, so she towered above you, looking down at you.

“I️ heard from someone that you wanted to fight me. Is that true? Because we could fight right now if you really want to.” She says.

“What? I️ never said that.” You tell her.

“Are you sure? The person that told me this wouldn’t lie to me. I️ know that. Why won’t you just admit that you want to fight me? You scared?” Melanie asked.

“No. I️ don’t want to fight you. Look, I️ really need to get back to—”

Before you could finish your sentence, you felt a sharp smack on your left cheek.

“What the hell?” You asked.

“That’s for telling people you want to fight me. You act so tough with other people, but your not so tough now, are you?” She asks.

You put your hand on your cheek. “I️ never said I️ wanted to fight you. This is stupid.”

“So now you’re calling me stupid?”

“I️ didn’t say that.” You sighed. “Can you just leave? I️ need to get back to class.” You started to walk away, not bothering to get anything out of your locker anymore.

“Hey!” Melanie called after you. “Don’t walk away. I’m talking to you.” She says, grabbing a fistful of your shirt and slamming you against a nearby set of lockers.

“Let go of me.” You tell her.

“Or else what? What are you gonna do about it? Fight me?” She asks, laughing.

“Just leave me alone.” You say.

“What? You gonna cry? I️ heard that’s what you did when you fought Emma.” Melanie chuckles.

“I️ didn’t cry when I️ fought her. I’m not gonna cry now. Now let me go and leave me alone.” You tried to walk away again but Melanie slammed you against the lockers again. This time, you hit your head on one of the lockers.

You held your head in pain and yelled. You weren’t that loud, so you’re sure that no one in any classroom heard you.

“Let go of her!” You heard a voice shout. A familiar voice.

As if this day couldn’t get worse, Taehyung ran over to where Melanie had you pinned to a locker.

“Let her go, Melanie.” He says.

“Whatever.” Melanie rolled her eyes, letting go of you and walking away. “This isn’t over, y/n.” She called.

“Yes, it is over.” Tae said to her. Melanie stopped walking and turned to face the two of you.

“Wow, y/n. You need someone to stand up for you? Is it because you’re too weak to stand up for yourself? How pathetic. I️ thought you were better than that, y/n.” She laughed before waking away saying, “wait til’ the rest of the school hears about this.”

Taehyung turned to face you. He saw you holding your head and moved closer to you, inspecting your head. He must’ve seen nothing there because you just looked back at you, sighing.

“Y/n, are you okay?” He asks, looking you in your eyes.

“Why did you do that?” You asked. “Why did you come over here?”

“She was hurting you.” He says.

“You made it worse. Now she’s just gonna tell the whole school that I’m too much of a loser to stand up for myself.” You tell him.

“How were you even supposed to stand up for yourself if she had you pinned against a locker?” Tae asked. “It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have come.” You sighed.

“Y/n. She was hurting you. What was I️ supposed to do? Just stand there and watch you get hurt?”

“Why do you care? Why can you just leave it alone, Taehyung?”

“Because I️ don’t like to see you like this. People are picking on you, and you’re letting them. You’ve changed, y/n. Ever since you got into that fight with Emma. People are calling you weak and you’re starting to believe them.” He explained.

“Maybe I️ am weak. Maybe everything they say about me is true.” You said, looking down at the floor.

“Are you stupid? Y/n, you’re not weak. You’re one of the strongest girls I️ know.”

“You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to feel bad.”

“No. I’m saying it because it’s true.” He says. “I️ need you to stop letting people walk all over you. This isn’t you, y/n. The real you would curse someone out before they even try to bully you. The real y/n is not weak.”

You turned around, not wanting him to see you. You didn’t want him to see the tears that poured down your face right now.

“You’re not weak, y/n. I️ know you’re not. Your brother knows your not.”

“But the whole school thinks I️ am.” You wiped your tears with the sleeves of the shirt you wore.

“Since when do you care what the people in school think?” He asked.

He was right. You never cared about what the rest of the school thought until recently.

Taehyung was right. You are changing.

You tried to wipe the rest of your tears away but they kept coming.

“Y/n, look at me.” Tae says.

You shook your head. “I️ don’t want you to see me cry.”

“You think I️ care?” Tae asks, placing his hands on your shoulders and turning you around to face him.

Taehyung used both of this thumbs to wipe away your tears as he looked you in your eyes.

“I️ know who you are, y/n. I️ know you’re strong. You’re not weak, no matter what anyone says.” He says.

You just looked up at him, not knowing what to say.

“You know,” Tae starts, looking at the floor before looking back up at you. “even when you’re crying, you’re still so pretty.”

His words caught you off guard. Did he just—?

“I'm—what?” You asked.

Taehyung smiles at your cluelessness. “You’re pretty. Do I️ have to say it again? Because I️ will if I️ have to.”

You looked up at him, blinking several times just to make sure you weren’t dreaming.

“You’re so cute.” He smiles after seconds of you just looking up at him with doe eyes. “Come here.” He says, pulling you in for a hug. He hugged you tight. You didn’t know what to do. You wrapped your arms loosely around him, still shocked at what was happening.

“You think that I️ don’t know about your little crush on me, right?” He whispered in your ears.

You gasped, eyes widening and Taehyung chuckled.

“You know?” You asked, quietly.

“Yes I️ know.” He says, looking at you. “I’ve always known.” He smiles.

“So what now? You’re going to tease me forever for having a crush on you?” You ask.

Taehyung chuckles once again. “If people get teased for having crushes then I️ think I️ should get teased as well because I️ have this huge crush on the girl standing in front of me.”

Your eyes widened once again. “What?”

“You’re so adorable. How about we go get some ice cream or something after school? I’m sure Jin won’t mind.” Taehyung suggested.

You nodded, not trusting your voice to speak.

Taehyung smiles and placed a quick peck on your nose, sending butterflies down your stomach.

“Great! Then I’ll see you after last period.” He says, taking his hands off of you and starting to walk away, leaving you by the lockers, a shocked mess.

“Wait.” He says, stopping and turning back around. “I️ think I’m forgetting something.” He says, walking back towards you.

Before you could even process what was going on, soft lips had attached themselves to yours. Soft, warm lips. They felt amazing.

Taehyung pulled away and smiled.

“Okay. Now I’m ready to go back to class. See you later, babe.”

so I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys the Barton Street story

I’m about fifteen at the time; I used to dance, for a little theatre company in my hometown. It was privately owned and privately run, which meant that we kept odd hours for rehearsals

now this one night we got out later than usual, and– anyone who knows me well will be able to tell you this –I lack the usual self-preservation that most human beings (especially women) seem to have

“what do you mean by that, Coryn?”

I mean that when I got out of this rehearsal at 11:23PM in downtown Hamilton, instead of asking one of my friends for a ride home, I said to myself “nah, it’s okay, I’ll just take the bus

just a little reminder:

  • I am 15 years old
  • I’m a girl weighing approximately 112 pounds soaking wet
  • and I am in my catholic school uniform (yes, kilt, stockings, the whole shebang)
  • I have no money and no cell phone because it is 2012 and I don’t own one yet

so anyway I jump on the bus and I ride it for about 15 minutes before realizing that it is not taking me any nearer to where I need to be

ie: home

so instead of asking the bus driver like a smart person “hey how do I get up the mountain?” I just

get off the bus

I then realize, with some horror, that I have emerged on Barton Street. Now, growing up in Hammer Town, there is one thing imparted on you since BIRTH basically, and it is “don’t go down Barton at night” because it is a veritable street length of no-sir, okay? that’s the place where people get shanked, and everyone you’ve ever grown up with has at least one horror story of somebody they knew who got held up on Barton St

but I still don’t know how to get home, I have a transfer in my hand, no money, and no idea which bus I’m supposed to get on

so I wander up the street a little, and I’m getting progressively
m o r e  n e r v o u s as I continue along, because I am HYPER AWARE of the fact that I look like a WALKING CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL FANTASY

so in my desperation, I see a group of girls standing on the sidewalk, and I approach them; they’re like weirdly dressed up for a Tuesday and all just hanging out but I know girls are safer than men so I’m like “hey!! I’m lost!! please help me!!”

well these girls go into whirlwind mode

  • “Oh sweetie, can’t you get home? Here, we’ll call you a cab”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll pay for it, it’s fine”

chick pulls a bunch of twenties out of her brassiere and pays the cabbie in advance; they all wave at me as I drive off and I thank whatever divine entity exists that I met the kindness of some strangers

I get home around midnight and my mother is beside herself; I relay the story and she just blinks at me for a moment before saying

“Coryn. Coryn those were hookers”

I got saved by a gaggle of hookers

tl;dr all you really need to know about Hamilton Ontario is that the hookers will lend you a hand if you’re a lost teenage girl, and don’t go down Barton Street alone at night

Part 5

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Thorin Oakenshield imagines/drabbles masterlist

Complete works masterlist

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader/Reader x OC

Warnings: None for this part. Unless cute fluff counts as a warning. 

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Switching roles (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: Patrick always has the lead when it comes to sex but this time he wakes up to a little surprise.

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, like very NSWF, unprotected sex, swearing.

Author’s notes: I’m so happy with how this imagine came out and I really hope you like it! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language.

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Patrick was laying on your bed, peacefully sleeping while you were doing your homework, the same he should be doing but of course he didn’t care at all.
At first he had tried to persuade you on doing things far more interesting than your literature homework such as study our own anatomies as he had said but you were as stubborn as he was sometimes and besides literature was your favorite subject.
He had growled in a defeated way when he threw his body onto your mattress but he remained silent, letting you work because as soon as you finished the true fun could begin.

Books now closed and the reading lamp off. You turned still sitting on your desk wheelchair to see your boyfriend sleeping and occupying your whole bed. A playful and lustful smirk appeared on your face as soon as the idea hit you.
Sex with Patrick was great, like really great, but there was something you always wanted to try and he had never let you, at least completely; being on control.
When you tried to take control over the situation he always made you know that it wasn’t going to happen, or maybe he’ll let you be the one calling the shots for a short while so when he was leading again he could see your pouting and frustrated face, which he happened to love.
Patrick was a heavy sleeper and you knew that so why not take advantage from it?

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what's going on with the whole BTS and colorists fiasco??

Hmm I’ve already seen this whole thing come up on my dashboard multiple times and I’ve looked into a bit. What follows is personally what I think but as always, you are free to have your own opinion on the matter !!

This whole ordeal started with one of the most recent RUN episodes (here) in which the boys are all wearing printed out tops of the “Grubby” Jungkook from Hawaii that’s been running around as a meme among us ARMYs for awhile now. In the episode, the members complain about how the photo of “Grubby” Jungkook has been altered from the original photo on the tops and he looks to be whitened. Later when they are outdoors, they go on saying that the shirts are too “clean” and no longer the “Grubby” Jungkook from Hawaii so Taehyung proceeds to bend down to rub some dirt on the print out of Jungkook’s face to make it less clean and more “Grubby” like how Jungkook was during Bon Voyage.

This is when the whole ordeal truly begins. The boys’ comments and actions that I described above were interpreted as colorist. By definition, “A colorist is an individual who discriminates based on skin tone. Unlike a racist, a colorist doesn’t factor race but uses the tone of ones skin to determine characteristics about an individual.” And so begins my personal take on the matter. Personally, I feel as though the boys’ words have been taken out of context. The whole “grubbiness” that has been the main highlight of this photo of Jungkook, refers to the slightly darker tan he has around his mouth and chin (picture down below). He seemed to have tanned from the mouth down due to the hat he was wearing during basically all of BV. This is what the boys were referring to when talking about the “grubbiness.” It wasn’t the entirely of JK’s skin tone but rather the oddly tanned portion of his mouth/chin region which they seemed to find amusing and therefore were disappointed that the print out on their tops didn’t reflect that (since the picture had been whitewashed).

Now, in now way is me saying the boys’ comments were misinterpreted a supposed “acknowledgement” that colorism does not exist. It is a social issue and it is largely prevalent in Asian countries where often, paler skin is quite literally equivalent to greater beauty in the eyes of society. As an Asian, I can say from personal experience that it is a serious issue that needs to be addressedHowever, in regards to the boys, I don’t think their comments had such a malicious intent and most certainly are they not trying to promote this false idea of skin tone hierarchy.

Regardless, on a more positive outlook, I believe this whole thing has created an important opportunity for us to discuss and become educated on an issue that is often stigmatized and shied away from. I just want to end by saying this: what I said above is my personal take on this whole ordeal and in no way do you have to adhere to my opinions. It is completely ok if your take differs from mine. 

An Interrupted Nap

You are fast asleep in a recliner, one of the few place you could sleep anymore without getting horrific heartburn. One hand rest atop your rounded middle, heavy with child and sitting low on your hips. The other hand was lightly gripping the edge of your pillow as you slumber. You wouldn’t be too much longer now before you had another kid in the house.

A slight tickling sensation crosses your middle. You run your hand over it and feel some fabric. A heavy weight on one of your legs, the rustling of a bag, then you hear a soft ‘oof’ and a hand press against your leg. Still drowsy from your nap, you look up and find your daughter sitting in what remained of your lap and holding a blue onesie against your taught middle, “Sweetheart,” you yawn, “what are you doing?”

“Seeing which one looks best on little brother,” She innocently answers and places a hat on the top of your middle, “Me and Mommy got little brother new clothes to wear. And a stuffed animal too!” She declares triumphantly reaching into the bag and holding the aforementioned toy.

You couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at her, she was going to be a good big sister, “Well, let’s see what you and Mommy got for him.” You readjust yourself in the recliner and look at what was currently on your middle, “'Mama’s boy’?” you question looking at it.

“Yeah,” your daughter pouts, “Mommy wanted that one a lot. I think this one is better!” she pulls out a yellow onesie with a pink flower on the front, “This one is prettier!”

You nod, “Yes it’s very pretty.” You weren’t to sure about your son wearing a flower but given the size of the outfit, it wouldn’t be for very long and it appeased your daughter. You pull the bag closer and dig through it yourself, “Oh, how about this one?” You pick up the other two onesies and place them back into the bag then drape a darker blue onesie over your middle “'Handsome like my Daddy’. I can agree with that.”

“But Daddy!” Your daughter protested, “It’s too big! Mommy said little brother won’t be able to wear it for a while.”

“Yes, but little brother is going to grow fast once he’s out of Daddy’s tummy,” you mention and gently pat your stomach, “And he’s going to be out soon soon.”

“Did you wake up Daddy?” you hear your wife call out as she brings in several bags of groceries.

“No!” Your daughter answers, “I was showing him the clothes we got for little brother.”

You hear your wife sigh and see her shake her head as she carries the groceries into the kitchen. You quickly speak to your daughter’s defense, “She did me a favor, I won’t sleep tonight if I nap to long. Come on sweetheart,” you address your daughter placing the clothes back into the bag, “Let’s go put these in little brother’s room then help Mommy put up the food okay?”

“Okay!” Your daughter chirps as she climbs back over the arm rest and hurries towards the nursery with the bag.

It takes you a minute to stand up, holding the recliner for support and stretching your back causing your strained spine to pop back into place once more. A swift kick hits your ribs, “Hey don’t you go complaining about lack of room.” You speak while rubbing your middle, “Plenty of it out here, just go back out the same way you came in.”

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty-Eight

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: I use a gif from Ragnarok here, it has nothing to do with the movie and reveals nothing of the plot of it, it is safe but funny. 

‘What?’ Ariella looked at Loki worriedly.

‘Come on.’ Loki grinned, trying to encourage her to consent.

‘Loki, I do not need a disguise.’

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guess who’s back with another follow forever!!! so it’s been about 2 months since my last one and i haven’t really hit another goal yet but i just wanted to make this to thank every single one of my mutuals as well for sticking with me for this long~ i had also gotten my blog briefly terminated but i’m glad that tumblr had restored it in only a matter of days lol. it’s been pretty hard to gain followers now with the new tumblr algorithm (which is so stupid why tumblr) but i’m still grateful for all the amazing followers and mutuals that i have on here!! thank you to everyone who’s liked and reblogged my gifs and i know i’m pretty much a vixx blog but i’m glad to have met so many amazing people during this ride! i also want to say a very happy thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it! (canada celebrates it in october that’s why i’m not celebrating it right now lol) also i spent too much time on this header in after effects and photoshop it’s been forever since i’ve used after effects rippppp

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anonymous asked:

just wondering... do you have an estimated date of when your store will reopen? i've had my eye on some pins... need a few new ones for my backpack :)

i’m considering reopening it now for black friday and have free shipping as the sale (cause i can’t do proper coupon codes atm unless i upgrade my store)

i definitely going to be working on a bunch of new things for the new year too! not that it matters right now but i figured i’d mention it. speaking of which, if anyone wants to suggest stuff to make/characters i should draw for new store things please feel free :,) 

i have several ideas lined up already but extra ones are appreciated! 

ColdFlash - Matchmaker & Timeless

Mr. Crimson helped give me the catalyst I needed to plot out the Michael Snart as Barry and Len’s Matchmaker fic, which I am super excited about now because I love the overall story, the ‘villain’ involved, and how it all goes down. 

I’ve also plotted a TON for Timeless Barry, so you are definitely getting that too. That one practically plotted itself and is always on my mind. 

But random question. For Matchmaker, I’m having Michael be gay and might play around with him having his own love interest, even if not the main focus, but I can’t decide between two options. 

Hartley or Wally?


Finally, someone came out with a lazy man’s guide to understanding net neutrality.

No. But seriously. Read up on net neutrality. This is probably one of the biggest issues that will effect your every day life for years to come. Say you like reading (which I do). Now imagine being charged an extra $10 per month because an ISP knows you like and wants to hold for ransom because you can’t get any other way. Suddenly, net neutrality looks pretty good doesn’t it?

(If you didn’t understand that, just replace “ESPN” with “porn” and then watch the panic set in.)


◟   happy thanksgiving everyone !! if you don’t celebrate this holiday , i still
       want to wish you a happy thursday and happy holidays , my sweet ones !! 
       i’m fairly busy today with preparing food but i’ll be on later to send out some
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       through it all . i’ve had lotor for a short while and i now have 160 + followers .

       apologies this isn’t an appropriate milestone post but i think today is perfect .

       these people have been with me since the beginning and were the first few
       to welcome me to this gorgeous and happy little family that is known as the
       voltron community . without them , i would not have remained for so long in
       this fandom ( i tend to bounce around ) but here , i found friends and family
       in so many of you that it would pain me to leave you all behind after so much .
       thank you so much for staying with me and i want you to know i love you .

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anonymous asked:

Harry saying 'Rubber Soul' is his favourite Beatles album has me wanting him to perform 'Drive my car' now. Which one would you want him to perform?

“Drive My Car” is a great opening song! The harmonies are sophisticated and the lyrics witty. I bet it’s fun to perform live too. I think it would be cool to hear a 2017-18 version of “Norwegian Wood,” and see how Harry’s band handles the instrumentation. The sitar always sounded bizarre to me, but there’s so little variety in sound today (synthesizers can create virtually any sound, and yet all pop music seems to use similar samples), I would love to hear some modern acoustic take on it.

I love Paul’s voice on “Michelle.” I guess I would like to hear Harry “Je suis allé au cinéma avec ma famille et mon copain” Styles sing “Sont les mots qui vont très bien au cinéma.” Haha!

Now, if he could only find three male voices in his singing range to harmonize… where could he possibly…

Very hateful “hoes” Anon & your dumb Minions:

I’ve been very patient, answering a few of your very hateful & stupid messages. 

But you & your minions have as much brain as a doughnut, so you just come back with increasing hate towards Karlie & her family. I don’t tolerate that level of insults on my blog.

So, from now on, i’ll block all your messages, i won’t bother answering any of them anymore.

Clearly by lurking on your blogs: you guys are a handful of young, stupid & totally ignorant teens, who have absolutely no fricking idea how these industries work..You are blinded by your hate & anger towards Karlie (which screams big homophobia by the way), it’s pathetic..

Don’t waste your time sending me hate anymore, bc i can assure you that you’ll get tired of it way sooner than me..Like all the other homophobics, one after the other, who always give up trashing my blog, bc they can see that it’s completely useless & has no impact whatsoever…