now which one of you was it

  • Jace: Alec, which jacket looks better with this shirt? This one, or this one?
  • Alec: Uh, I don't know, the first one.
  • Jace: Okay, got it! Now which boots? These, these, these, or the-
  • Alec: I don't know, Jace. Just pick which ones you like.
  • Jace: Bro, come on, I need your help!
  • Alec: I'm gay, not you're fashion slave!
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Matching spoilery TAZ icons for you and your friends!

Entire pic of all seven is below the cut, but I for one got spoiled (by this, which I love bc I love your art @judgement-booty, and thank you for it bc it gave me the inspiration and the reference needed to draw a quick one myself) so wanted to make sure I hid mine.

Also it’s super sketchy compared to norm bc I wanted to get it out TODAY and I should already be in bed by now I spent more time than I meant to.

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disneyneverlandpixiedust: Belle🌹💛   Cinderella👗💙
Now that you’ve watched both the movies,which one is definetley your favourite? ❤ ~ from @celissess ~

Soulmate aus

As Written By An Aromantic 

-The first words you and your soulmate will ever say to eachother are tattooed on your skin. You have no Words, just a brilliant watercolour mass directly over your left hipbone.

-Soulmates see in black and white until they meet, at which point they gain the ability to see colour. You have been able to see colour for as long as you can remember- sometimes, though, you remember something. A pain, a flash. The feeling of your heart stopping. A name that isn’t the one you use now.

-The name of your soulmate, and the name of your greatest enemy are written on your wrists. You don’t know which one is which- except. One of the names on your wrist is yours.

-You’ll know who your soulmate is the first time the two of you touch skin to skin. You’re an assassin who always covers your skin completely, and who wears a helmet while you work. You get an assignment to work with another assassin, and for some reason you feel strangely drawn to them

-The name of your soulmate is inscribed on your skin somewhere. A red name is the best- a long lasting passionate love. Pink is much like red, but less intense. People with pink names are more prone to marryins outside the soulmate bond. Green is for platonic soulmates- people with green names are often bullied for not being ‘good enough’. Purple means you’ll never meet.

Your name is yellow. You’ve never heard of yellow.

-You’ll only know who your soulmate is when they die. You’re a quasi-immortal who’s lived through the lives and deaths of your soulmate reincarnated over and over again.

-Soulmates share dreamscapes. You’ve never had anything but nightmares.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm bisexual but I still don't feel like I really know what biphobia really is. Obviously, or maybe not so obviously, I've experienced discrimination. But I still feel like I don't know the difference between biphobia and homophobia. Could you maybe explain it to me?


so, homophobia is the hatred against gay and lesbian people which presents itself in many different (often institutionalised) ways. Biphobia is the hatred against bisexual people which has a lot of unique and bi-specific aspects. It can come from straight people, gay people and bi people themselves (we call that “internalised biphobia”).

Those are the main things that come to my mind right now:

  • not believing that bisexuality is “real” and therefore invalidating people who identify as bi
    • for example saying they are actually gay but too shy/scared/cowardly to “fully” come out of the closet
    • or saying that they are actually straight and just “doing it for attention”
    • the false believe that you can only truly be attracted to one (and only one!) gender (”I can’t imagine being attracted to more than one gender, so how could anyone else?”)
    • thinking it’s “just a phase” (often said about and towards bi kids/teenagers) and that they will eventually “pick a side”
  • stereotyping bi people as “greedy” or “confused”
    • “they just need to make their mind up”
    • “they have threesomes all the time”
    • “don’t date a bi person, they are all unfaithfull cheaters.”
    • “they can only be happy if they date a man and a woman at the same time.”
  • thinking of bisexuality as half gay/half straight instead of it’s own unique sexual identity
    • “how many percent gay are you?”
    • “are you like 50/50?”
    • “what gender do you prefer?”
  • repeatedly speaking over bi people when they want to define bisexuality for themselves
    • “bi means ‘two’ so you can only be attracted to men and women”, but the bi community keeps saying that the term has evolved to mean “two or more genders” which means it is inclusive of non-binary people as well (and you can identify as bi if you are for example only attracted to women and nb-people but not to men)
  • bisexual erasure
    • for example assuming someone in a same-gender relationship has to be gay and in a different-gender relationship has to be straight (this ask was a perfect example)
    • in media when TV shows refuse to say the word “bisexual” about a character who clearly showed interest in or was intimate with people of more than one gender.
    • using “gay” as an umbrella term to mean LGBTQIA+ (”gay rights”, “gay marriage”, “gay pride”) which is not just bisexual erasure but actually erases every other letter in the acronym except the G
    • labelling openly bi celebrities as “allies” (e.g. Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joe Armstrong)
    • mislabelling bi celebrities as gay - ever wondered why Freddie Mercury is known to be “the most famous gay celebrity”? Well, he identified as bisexual.
  • also saying that biphobia is just “misdirected homophobia” denies the fact that there are a lot of bi-specific issues.
    • bi people are less likely to be out to their intimate partner, their families/friends, their doctors
    • they are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and experience intimate partner violence

What all of this is showing us is that bi people have specific needs and face unique problems that won’t vanish just by fighting homophobia. There is no trickle down effect for bi people because as said above: we are not half gay so resources for gay people don’t apply to us. We need our own resources and representation because biphobia is not the same as homophobia.


Five hidden worlds just below London

1. You yourself may have encountered pigeons which seem to have only one leg, or perhaps one and a half legs, or even some other fraction of legs. This is an illusion. These pigeons are abundantly supplied with leg. Some even have three. London being what it is, as countless authors can tell you, sometimes has rains from the sky of teensy-tiny portals to grubby underworld dimensions. These pigeons have got their feet stuck in them. Even now their feet are having excitingly gothic adventures without them. This is why pigeons go into bars and cry.

2. Similarly, you yourself may have had the sort of incident in London where your pie and a squirrel come into closer contact than you as a pie-eater would like. Would you be surprised to learn that this is also due to a murkily sinister alternative dimension lurking just below London? I would not be. These squirrels are in exile and are constantly on the lookout for a route home. Their original portal was cunningly designed as a rotating pie; press on one end, and you are flipped down into the raucous depths. Is it any wonder that they seek to spin your pastries?

3. Have you seen the sort of genteel little city square whose bounds are locked and triple-locked against the entry of plebs like you? This too is an illusion, and a cunning one. Step past the fence and it all becomes clear: what seems to be a square is actually a reflecting pool of cunningly-fashioned ghoststuff leading into yet another moist little underLondon. There are many of these in London, because there are.

4. London being, as I believe I have mentioned, a hive of underdimensions over overdimensions beside portals through portals; that said, you can imagine the challenges to build an underground railway through the place. Tubular engineers must take an oath never to reveal the sinister doorways that have yawned in their general direction. In fact, there are many gaps in the network where tube trains simply leap across chunks of other worlds or, in one notable example on the Victoria line, a small segment of translocated deep space. Sometimes one may even hear the whistling chittering of those things that lurk beyond. But usually not if you have headphones in.

5. Then again, there is that other theory: that we are already all living in a London below some other London and its extended outworld. Scientists who have looked into the matter say that this is by far the most likely option. Indeed it may well be that we are all living in a London below some other London that is itself below an even Londonier London, and so on all the way up. Who knows what the top of that stack looks like. Perhaps it connects again to the bottom, leaving us with no London at all other than the ones we made along the way.

jay park x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Jay Park (AOMG) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I still have two night shifts to do and my brain is mildly blegh right now, plus I’m watching Shrek which we all know is what you need playing in the background when you write. Hopefully it still turned out alright. c:

Summary: “Can I get a Jay Park scenario? where u are a very known artist in the state and you happen to know his mother,and you’re very close until one day she finally takes you out to meet her son and you find out that it’s jay and you just kiss each other and u are so happy, but she felt disappointed that no one of u told her cuz she took you as a daughter and he is her son.., after that you consol her and he sees how how amazing you are and he just says in front of everyone that he loves u fluff pls♡♡” - leyarren

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Fin Fang Foom is here… and it doesn’t seem like Devil Dino is F2P friendly… what were the odds… sigh.

Hercules, this fucking guy asks for 22 Golden Pterodactyls. TWENTY. TWO. YOU KNOW WHO TO BLAME.

Fin Fang Foom is taking it like a Real Boss now, he can fight both the giant Mech (Which looks awesome in its final form, nice work Tony!) And our fighters at the same time. You only need to beat him 5 times for the Shards though.

Like last time, there’s a new set of scrolls, yellow ones, so start gathering those up!

Lastly… There’s all kinds of weird stuff in the store to make things easier… I guess. Woo? I’m just gonna wait and pray for a Currency crate after they threw in TWO Premium crates.

anonymous asked:

Moth-chan, how... Do you make such beautiful clouds??

Greetings anon, strap yourself in and prepare to get learnt. Also please note that I can’t do realistic clouds.

Throughout this tutorial I will be using a brush which I’m not sure if it’s on other programs (I use clip studio paint) It’s called indian ink:

If you don’t have the brush try to find one with the same effect in your program!

Let’s begin:

Now switch to the brush that I showed before!

Use this step to add any extra lighter or darker clouds, and blen the colours, but not too much!!! Now you are finished with the clouds add some background!!! You can do anything (you can also add the plane swoosh lines)

Here’s some examples if you’re stuck;

Typical night:


some kind of magical extraterristial fire storm:

inexplicably falling copies of the hit 2002 film ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ starring Eddie Murphie:

I hope this helped somehow anon, and also I hope you weren’t looking for a realistic cloud tutorial. Also there are plenty of other tutorials out there to help as well, and make your clouds as personal as you need!!! 

Pls enjoy

~ MOTH-chan

With The Llama Incident now having aired, I think in terms of story structure it’s doing one or even two things.

1. The first thing is that I feel like the episode was supposed to be a kind of demonstration of how the show’s continuity and arcs work. You heard The Llama Incident mentioned in previous episodes, which was actually shown through flashbacks in said episode. The episode now showed said incident. In a way, I think the episode is a way of telling people to pay attention to things, because they might become a focus later.

You have shows like Phineas and Ferb were call forwards and foreshadowing to later episodes were almost nil (despite a few exceptions) and only had callbacks, but with Milo Murphy’s Law you have both callbacks and call forwards, because the show is doing a story arc. There’s references to previous episodes, but there’s also lines and imagery that foreshadow future episodes, some of which are leading to big things.

Many people have in fact been denying that the show is doing any serious kind of story arc, despite crewmembers and the show’s creators saying they are. This episode is basically there to say “yes we’re planning and know how to tease what’s to come, so pay attention.”

2. Something I’m not as certain on but I think is possible is about the llamas themselves. The Llama Incident confirms that llamas love pistachios, with them even going after the pistachio jelly Melissa was stuck in. We don’t know if the llamas will ever return but I think it’s possible because we could be getting a pistachio related threat.

Concept art seen in the background of the We’re Gonna do it Again music video has plant looking people that seem like pistachio trees, and of course at the end of The Substitute we see the pistachio tree mutate into something we don’t know yet. Even more noteworthy, at the end of the Llama song among the stampeding llamas we see a pistachio soldier caught in the carnage. Basically, the pistachios are going to cause problems somehow, and I believe that if this is indeed the case, then the llamas will return as a solution.

The llamas like pistachios, so if we get a pistachio related threat then it makes sense that someone would think of using llamas as a possible way to solve the issue. Of course we don’t know how well this would actually go, but I think it’s possible they will at least try something like this. Just imagine though, if we really are getting pistachio people like people are inferring in that concept art, then imagine a battle between the pistachio plant people and a giant herd of llamas trying to eat them (or whatever parts are pistachio nut). Sounds like the exact kind of weird thing Dan and Swampy would come up with, right?

So. To sum up the episode. Vox Machina went to the City of Dis, made themselves into tieflings (with Grog just in goliath form), annoyed a couple of people just trying to do their jobs, and found a tavern of sorts. Percy made a deal with a devil, simply because they didn’t pinky swear him not to, everyone realized they couldn’t use their real names (and thus Freddy and Greg were born!), and Keyleth got followed by some demons on a “stealthy” recon mission because Vax made himself an albino tiefling, which is apparently something you’re not supposed to do. 

Special mention to Keyleth and Tary straight up eating souls on accident, and Percy purposefully eating one only to realize, oh shit, he’s eaten souls before. Because that was a thing. 

Fun episode. Now to watch something to de-stress. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (one-shot)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: Drinking, teasing, fluff

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Sebastian’s POV

It was a girls night out which meant I was home alone while (y/n) goes and has a good time. Now don’t get me wrong, she deserves to have a good time with her friends, but I swear she goes out with them more than she goes out with me. The only plus side of this is that she is the funniest when she’s drunk, she’s also usually pretty horny and teasing her is my favorite pass time.

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anonymous asked:

Are you a mom? If you are, can you tell me your thoughts on regal believer? Do you like it? How do you see their evolution from almost broken for good to bonded for life?

*glances at the six children I have spawned with my soulmate, one of which is now a legal adult* Mmm. Yeah. I guess you could say that I’m a mom. ;P

Seriously, though. I am a fan of Regal Believer. And here’s why: because all relationships evolve over time–for good or bad–even the parent/child dynamic. Also, people are so much more complex than we allow them to be, even fictional characters. (Quick disclaimer: I am not one of the major OUAT meta folks, so you’re just getting what I remember from watching the series as it aired.) And from my personal experience, the parent/child dynamic is one of the most complex there is. Especially when there is a history of dysfunction in more than one generation of the family.

Regina comes from that kind of dysfunction. Cora was abusive and controlling. The woman killed Regina’s True Love right in front of her in order to get Regina to comply with her wishes–which was being sold into marriage at a tender age. Regina’s father was a coward, pure and simple. I think he was, at his core, a decent guy, but he had no backbone. He couldn’t stand up to Cora. He couldn’t stand up to Regina during her heyday as the Evil Queen. And the only other parental figure in Regina’s life? Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One who, like Cora, manipulated Regina to his own ends.

These are the examples of parenting that Regina has had. She adopted Henry, what?, 18 years into the Curse. She’d already mellowed a bit (because the Curse did exactly what she wanted it to do–steal everyone’s happy endings). We don’t have a lot of data as to what was going on in the Mills home before Henry ran off to find his bio-mom, but I’m guessing that Regina was probably not Cora-level abusive. She was probably controlling and a bit cold. Enough to make Henry believe she was actually the Evil Queen. I’m guessing that Regina probably thought she was doing much better than her mom did. Which is literally what every half-way okay parent who had dysfunctional parents goes through. (Myself included.) Things were probably not great. But they probably weren’t bad. There was probably some pre-adolescent angst on Henry’s part, too. (Because all children think that their parents are the worst at some point, no matter how good those parents are. No lie.)

Things went from maybe-not-great to very-bad after Emma’s arrival. That’s when Regina’s authority was threatened, and ultimately her Curse was threatened. Regina resorted to what she had learned best from the two strong role-models in her life: Cora and Rumple. And also years of darkness as the EQ. Regina does Very Bad Things. And that’s when her relationship with Henry is shattered. She begins to realize what she is becoming during the second season. That scene when David comes to pick up Henry from her place? That’s huge. Because she realizes that she has, in effect, become her mother. And she remembers what it was like to be parented that way. She doesn’t want that for Henry because she does love him. That’s when the healing begins in her relationship with her son.

Season three, we get the Neverland Arc where Henry’s two mommies finally and truly come together for his good. Then Regina’s great sacrifice at the town line in letting him go–and not only that, but giving Emma and Henry the memories of Emma raising him from birth. That’s such an underrated moment for Regina’s character development. That she loves her son more than her own happiness. Something that NO ADULT IN HER CHILDHOOD EVER DID FOR HER. This is a Very Big Deal.

And Henry’s faith in her is completely restored. (I say “restored,” because when he was a young boy, he probably thought she hung the moon simply because she was his mommy.) He believes that she is no longer the villain in a fairy-tale-turned-reality. He believes in her as a hero. My memory is a tad fuzzy on the finer points, but I feel that the fourth and fifth and thus-far sixth seasons (barring stupid plot devices conjured up by the writers of this show for the sake of “shock and awe”), Regina and Henry have a very, very solid relationship.

She will do anything for him. ANYTHING. She changed for him–started changing faster when he believed in her. She became a better person–the person that she was before Daniel died. Young Regina was full of hope and love and faith and light. Had she been able to run away, I think she would have been one of those incredible stories of overcoming an abusive childhood to lead a good, happy life (even though the baggage would always be there). Heck, I’d say that if Regina never, ever found out that Snow spilled the beans to Cora about Daniel, she might not have become the Evil Queen. Unhappily married, yes. But she would have embraced being Snow’s stepmom. She clearly had an affection for kid-Snow–despite losing Daniel. Right up until the moment that Snow mentioned her little chat with Cora. That was the moment, in my mind, that Regina snapped.

But I’m getting off topic. Henry, these past few seasons, has continued to have faith in Regina. (Again, I’m fuzzy on the finer points, so I’m sure that someone more knowledgeable can direct me to any moments during season 4, 5 & 6 where he didn’t have faith in Regina.) This is very normal for children, too–this loving a parent despite said parent’s mistakes, even ones that are doozies, especially when that parent is doing his or her level best to change for the better. Henry is young enough that while things were very broken between him and Regina for a while, it wasn’t too late for it to be repaired. Henry clearly loves Regina.

I’m not woobifying Regina’s behavior from her dark days. She was truly the Evil Queen. She has to keep that old darkness at bay (now literally thanks to splitting herself in two). She did Terrible Awful Things. Unforgivable things. Things she will never be able to take back. Henry loving and forgiving her doesn’t suddenly erase the past. Her loving Henry doesn’t, either. But it changes the future. And that’s everything.

This was just a bunch of disjointed thoughts. But I believe that the evolution of Regina’s relationship with Henry has been authentic. As a person who comes from a less-than-stellar childhood, who has parents who had even worse childhoods, I understand what it is to love and forgive someone who is very flawed. I understand that the parent/child bond is far more complicated than we recognize. And I think some of those themes have played out beautifully with Henry and Regina.

DJ For Hire - Part 2

So I finally updated this fic. [Part1] also on AO3

“What are you doing down there?” A familiar voice asked Beca who jumped, startled by the sudden question. “Oh, Kirsty I was uh tying my lace,” she said whilst quickly shoving her phone into her pocket as she stood up.

As much as Beca didn’t want to be there she knew she had to be professional. It was a big opportunity for her. And she could hardly be the one to ruin Chloe’s wedding by leaving her DJ-less at the last minute.

“Heres the USB” Kirsty said handing it to her “If you could play it now that would be great. My niece wanted to start rehearsing it at 1, which is any minute now” she said whilst glancing at her watch.

Beca just politely nodded and plugged the USB into her laptop. She sighed her mind was still being flooded with thoughts.

On the bright side, she couldn’t see Chloe in the distance which offered her some relief.

Beca loaded up the file and hit play. A rather familiar arrangement came blasting out of the speakers. She eyed the file name skeptically.

“Wait… This is”

It was her mashup of Bulletproof she had made back when she was at Barden. She clearly remembered showing Chloe this mashup back in first year.

Beca wasn’t too fond of it but Chloe seemed to love it. She insisted she let her keep it for her own personal use. Upon glancing down at the USB she recognized it was, in fact, hers.

Her mind was frazzled once again. Why did this niece want to dance to her mashup? But the most surprising thing was that Chloe still had it after all this time.

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anonymous asked:

Faizaaaa, can I tell you something? It's a really unpopular opinion, so, lets go: i hate the fact that skam (fandom) revolves only around Henrik right now and that he love is so much...


Urm … here’s, how I interpret it:

Henrik’s … very, VERY active on Instagram (and Spotify but, you can’t really share much from Spotify, content wise). He’s very vocal and active on it and spends a lot of time on it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that from the entire Skam Cast, he’s probably one of the most active on IG. So yeah, when he posts stuff, which is quite frequently, the fandom likes that, and enjoys that! We get to sort of, see a little glimpse of his life outside of Skam, which he’s comfortable in sharing. Some cast members don’t use their social media a lot, and that’s okay too, but that’s also partially why they’re often not talked about that much, but, they’re still very very loved by people in the fandom.

But I don’t necessarily feel it’s only Henrik that gets all the love, if we’re talking about active Skam cast members on social media. Ulrikke does too and so does Josefine. 

And recently, Yousef’s been getting a lot of love too! 

What I mean is, I think the fandom loves the entire cast a lot, but I feel like, you might feel as though Henrik’s always constantly getting a lot of the love is because he’s appreciated a lot in the fandom, mostly for playing Even so well, and for being so active. Tarjei’s not on social media but he gets loads of love too for playing Isak, because last season, a lot of people resonated with those 2 characters, and are very very thankful and appreciative of Henrik and Tarjei for portraying them so beautifully, and they can’t wait to see what’ll happen next to Even and Isak - me included!

But yeah, I mean, if Iman was more active on her social media, the only thing my blog would be about would be Iman, lmaooo, because Sana’s one of my top favourite characters on Skam. Right now, my blog’s REALLY heavy on Cengiz and Yousef, because I’ve grown to admire them a lot lot lot over the last week! So urm, yeah, I guess it comes down to that? Who you resonate with alot will automatically, and subconsciously, hold a little more closer of a meaning to you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love everyone else in the cast, I guess? 

And … I guess, people can freely love who they want to and choose to, and that’s okay. The important thing, for me personally, is to always admire people, especially when they’re talking about something relevant, and to respect and appreciate that, no matter who it is, because doing that takes get strength, which should be celebrated. 

So it’s indeed a fusion, well here we go with the questions.

Does the fusion have all of the fused gems’ abilities, or is it more powerful than the two? How many gems can fuse into one? Can Steven do it as well? How can it defuse?

Also it seems like you have to dance in order for it to happen, but it might be just Pearl portraiting it like that, she did the same when Steven asked how to summon his weapon.

Never change, Amethyst.

Wait wait something’s wrong here

I am getting a full and complete explaination of something which might be a major factor in the show? Minutes right after the concept was even introduced? What’s happening?


Naruto Ending: Team 7

Near the ending, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi are all by the team 7 meet up place (you know, with the 3 logs) and there reminiscing or talking about how they are now.  Naruto goes into his silly mode and says something embarrassing about Sakura which results in her almost punching him and Sasuke smirking to the side. As this is going on Kakashi is just remembering old times and how they haven’t changed.

Everyone is about to leave, that’s until:

Naruto: Wait guys, we can’t leave now! We still have one more mission left.

Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi: ???

Naruto: Its the most hardest mission we have ever faced. But if we work together, we can win!

Sasuke: What are you talking about dobe….

Naruto: The most impossible mission…….FINDING OUT WHATS UNDER kAKASHI SENSEI’S MASK!

Then all of them have a mischievous smirk on them and Kakashi nervously backs away going, “Come on guys, it’s not that important, is it?” But its too late so he runs, while they all chase after him!

Originally posted by the-child-of-prophecy

I was highly recommended by many of you to read Six of Crows and its continuation, Crooked Kingdom. I was later informed it was a spin off of another series, which has 3 books. Then I was made aware that there’s another 5 stories in between of those 3. So I asked for one book recommendation and ended up having to read 8 books before that one and another one after. 10 books. Alright, then. 

You know, I just realized how different were my first Renee portrait (which is also my first tfc fanart) and my last Renee portrait, even if it’s exactly the same composition.

I mean, I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m so happy to see I made some progress in just 6 months? I clearly prefere the one from 2017 and I’m eager to do even better in 6 months from now <3

Well, quite a useless post, but I was proud. It happens, sometimes.

2016 original post: here
2017 original post: here