now where the hell am i going to put this

  • “i cant believe you got us kicked out of another coven, dude, you gotta quit stepping on peoples familiars”
  • “you know, when i signed up for this expedition to finish this spell you didnt say we’d be trecking through the bitter wilderness with candles and creatures chasing us, what the fuck, dude”
  • “im a newbie witch and this is my first ritual and i was all excited to see herbs and salts and boiling cauldrons not tHIS JESUS CHRIST—THATS ALOT OF BLOOD
  • “for the last time, you cant have a tiger as your familiar” 
  • “look theres a reason why we do our rituals in private, things can get out of hand and sometimes we spit up blood, its not like we mean to do it. knock next time.”
  • “and, when that happens dont go around scaring the living shit out of people, jesus stacy, this is why people think we’re satanic”
  • “okay look, im as commitied to this lifestyle as anyone else but do you not see how expensive this shit is? and where the hell am i going to find a sabertooth fang? what, do i have to rob a museum??”
  • “we’re gonna rob a museum. c’mon it’ll be easy, we have our spellbook. we won’t get caught”
  • “so you’re saying you broke into the museum to steal a sabertooth fang and a thigh bone from an extinct bird…for a luck spell?/ yes, officer.”
  • “you hexed me because i made fun of the way you eat so now my tastebuds hate everything i put in my mouth and so I’m either gonna starve or eat this shit you call chocolate, i hate you so much”
  • “youre this sweet looking cutie that i always see walking through the outdoor department looking for flowers, and you always ask if you can check everything out here, which happens to be a lot of bloody meat and candles and knives and….you know my mother always told me the devil would look like an angel”
  • “you convinced me that our last apartment was haunted by throwing drawers open and breaking glasses whenever i came home, but it turns out you just didnt like the neighbors and wanted an excuse to move”
  • “you stumbled across my alter and before i could scare the everliving shit out of you to keep your mouth shut, you turned around, scoffed, and bragged that yours looked so much better”
  • “cmon babe you know i hate it when you tell the future, you stop breathing and you freeze up and your eyes literally roll to the back—STOP IT EW I HATE U SO MUCH––UGH QUIT LAUGHING YOU SHIT”
  • “my dreams…when i see people, it says who they truly are
    • and what does it say about me
      • it says youre a lying bitch for stealing my sandalwood incense from Nepal, stacy, my tarantula saw you come in my room—give it back”
Owari no Seraph Chapter 57 TRANSLATED

Part One: Read Here!

Part Two: Read Here!

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Part Four: Read Here!

Translations by: @panadabro​ (Thank you for dying with me.)

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope​ (It’s 2 AM I’m going to hate myself so much in the morning…)


(( Okay normally I would make an effort to put a long note here, just to review what I think and stuff about the newest chapter - AND BOY DO I DO but goddamn I’ve already stayed up way too late, and I’m going to hate myself so much tomorrow so WHATEVER BLEGH LET’S BE QUICK!


DAMN SHINOA GOT THE BEST DEMON OUT OF EVERYONE HERE LOLOLOL BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW THE VAMPIRES WOULD REACT IF THEY SAW SHIKAMA this is mainly just an excuse for me to want to see Lest being angry or sad I don’t know just give me more of my son please AAAAAA

Alright I got more to say but whatever sleep calls for me so PLEASE ENJOY AND HAVE FUN READING! ))

Slipping Away- Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Your writing is my life. Can I request something hella angsty. i dont care what it is but i need angst. Also can it be a happy ending? thanks

A/n: I love writing angst, also sorry this is kind of late

Warnings: insecurities, implied emotional breakdowns, angsty themes everywhere, slight swearing


You sat combing your wet hair in the bathroom as drops of water from the faucet still echoed throughout, breaking the eerie silence. You allowed the comb to weave and untangle the messy locks of your hair before you hung the towel back up on its rack. With a sigh, you turned back towards the mirror, which was now fogging slightly. Your eyes were tired and your face lacked its usual perky smile, for its existence had long been faded. The water drops ceased, leaving you in silence once more, a sound you were far too accustomed to in recent times.

Newt had been spending so much time away in his habitats recently, and it was beginning to have a negative effect on you. You knew in your heart that the beasts were important to him, they were important to you as well, but he had spent days working constantly on his book, and you longed for some sort of affection besides a brief hug or kiss every now and then. Even now he was hard at work inside of his case, probably watching the occamies again since they had just hatched.

All you wanted was some attention, a sign that he was still there. The two of you had been dating for about a year or so now, and you thought he still loved you. If he did, then he wasn’t showing it or even really making an attempt to. You felt a dull throbbing ache in your chest on a daily basis. It often worsened as you prepared breakfast by yourself in your empty kitchen with nothing but a light jazz record to accompany you, or when you would end up falling asleep in a cold bed, only to wake up the next morning in the same state. You just needed someone to love, someone to talk to. By now you were starting to wonder as to what would happen if you just disappeared, if you just vanished into thin air or ceased to exist. He didn’t really need you anyways. If anything you stood in his way, he could easily live without you.

You readjusted your sweater collar before unlocking the door and heading out into the main room, only to stop in your tracks at the sight before you.

Newt was standing in your shared bedroom doorway, holding what appeared to be a worn blue notebook.

‘Oh no,’ you thought as a wave of anxiety washed over your form. You wanted to shrink away into a darkened hole and never come back out.

Newt stood slightly hunched over as he flipped through the pages of the notebook. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, shock, and hurt. What he didn’t know is that this notebook just so happened to be the one where his love wrote all of their deepest and darkest feelings. Tear stains and ink splotches dotted the page margins and creased lay darkened. His oceanic eyes scanned each word, stabbing his heart with a jagged knife. The entries all varied, but each had been written with a common theme.

October 2, 1925
Today I am feeling more lonely than usual, and the feeling itself is rather unsettling. I’m trying to occupy myself, but I still think that the pain would subside if Newt were here. However, I can’t interrupt is work, even though he’s been so busy with it. Sometimes I wish he would just take a break for once…

October 19, 1925
Another empty bed, and another sleepless night.

October 27, 1925
Newt and I got into a small disagreement today, and we haven’t spoken for a bit. I hope our relationship, or whatever is left of it, can survive. He’s been a bit more distant, and I know that he’s off working on his novel, but I really do miss him. Sometimes I wonder if he would be happier if I were gone, so that he could maybe be with someone else who isn’t as annoying or clingy or stupid. Maybe he can find another pretty and kind person to snuggle up to at night.
I wonder if he still cares or thinks about me. I prepared his favorite tea, hoping he would come back up for dinner, but he didn’t. I miss him, but I guess I can’t interrupt him.

He paused, and then looked at the most recent entry, which was dated to yesterday.

November 3, 1925
I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I know he doesn’t hate me, but I can’t take being alone anymore. Maybe he’s purposely avoiding me, and maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk or hug or kiss me as much as he used to. If I had been better or smarter, or perhaps more beautiful would he have stayed? Am I that annoying and hard to be around to the point where my own boyfriend may not love me anymore?

Newt wasn’t able to make it through the final passage. It stung his heart and eyes too much. Sobs were choked back as his hands began to shake violently out of anger, not really towards you, but towards himself. Just then, a thud brought him back out of his thoughts.

You had accidentally dropped the comb in your hand, causing it to create a sound causing Newt’s worries and concerned expression to face towards you. He closed the book softly as if it were fashioned out of glass and he moved towards you. Your heartrate and breathing raced in panic as the world swirled around you.

Newt was probably furious, angry and packed with rage that you thought or said things like that about him, and not even towards his face. You had been selfish, he was only trying to write his book, but oh no, you had to be a pathetic person and desire attention at all hours of the day. You wanted to rip your hair out and scream, as you felt slightly betrayed that he had found the book from its hidden space under your side of the bed and read it, scanning over each word with his own two crystal eyes. You feared his reaction. If your relationship wasn’t over yet, it soon would be for sure. His eyes and face were already turning red and you braced yourself for the worst. You prepared for him to scream and yell and spit words furiously at you. You expected a full blown fight like never before. Your heart shattered into smaller remains, stabbing you from the inside out and pricking your chest. Your lungs became filled with toxic smoke, and all you needed was oxygen, but its freedom was nowhere to be found. You feared for darkness. You feared for a dark storm cloud. You feared for hell itself as you shut your eyes and covered your waterfalls of flowing tears with your tingling and shaking hands.

The darkness never came, but was instead, replaced with a warm embrace. The icy atmosphere and tension were slowing thawing away, like winter into spring as daisies and daffodils began to sprout through the last frost.

Newt had started to cry, and not just a few tears, but audible bawling surrounded by pain and aches. His voice was strangled, like someone was clutching his throat, forbidding speech from escaping his lips. His freckles glistened from the rivers that passed over them. He held you as if trying to keep all of your pieces together before sinking to the ground with you still in his arms. By now, all of the emotions and tears that had been locked up in your caged heart for weeks began to escape through the cracks, and your body trembled. Newts hand held your head as the coolness of your damp hair splashed onto his hands and cheeks, mixing with his salty tears.

“Y/n, why in the name of bloody Merlin didn’t you tell me that y-you felt like t-this? Why m-my darling? W-why!?” he choked out loudly, as he was now cross with himself for making you revel in this much pain and suffering for so long. He wasn’t wearing his coat, but he was still warm, as opposed to your shivering and shaking body.

“I-I didn’t want to bother you. Besides Newt, w-we’re so distant now.”

“Darling we aren’t that distant though-,”

“Newt when was the last time we had any time together huh? When was the last time you said I love you like you genuinely meant it?”

Newt opened his mouth to speak, but words didn’t come out. Instead another round of tears followed as he still continued to hold you as if you were going to disappear away from him.

“I am the shittiest boyfriend to ever live. Y/n I’m so sorry that I’ve d-done this to you, you must hate me! I don’t deserve you, oh what have I done! I’ve broken you. I need to fix you, How can I fix you!?” he panicked, and all he wanted to do was capture your lips, but he knew he shouldn’t cross that line right now. Hell, he may not even be able to call himself your boyfriend after this.

Your sobbing mixed with the sound of his, and you didn’t mean to sound so angry or snappy. Carefully, you brought your thumb under his eye to wipe a tear stream away, the touch causing him to look up from where he had buried his face in your chest.

“N-Newt?” you asked in a silenced whisper and almost ghostlike.

“Yes m-my dar-, yes Y/n?” he responded, pausing before he could say the word ‘darling’ as he wasn’t sure if he deserved the allowance to do so.

“Do you still love me?”

Newt’s heart crashed and splintered, like glass thrown against a wall. This was all his fault. He made you feel this way, he made you feel unloved and undesirable. This was all his doing, and he had been so involved in his life and where it was going that he didn’t realize that he was harming himself in the process.

“Of c-course I do. I love you so much Y/n. a simple apology won’t m-m-make this go away, I know that. But love I am sorry, I am so sorry that I have put you through this hell. I understand if you don’t love me though, I wouldn’t love me either right n-now.”

The notebook was long discarded as you pulled yourself closer into Newt’s chest, which began to rise and fall irregularly from all of his painful sobs. He reacted by grabbing your waits and pulling you closer and shielding you, as if he needed to protect your from the world.

“I still love you Newt.”

“Y-you do?”

“Of course, I was just upset, and it was my fault anyway-,”

“Don’t even finish that sentence Y/n. This had nothing to do with you. I was the idiot who was too stupid and blind to see that my own darling was suffering alone. I love you my dear and I’ll do anything and everything to fix this, please. Please Y/n I can’t lose you. This is all my fault and I can only hope that you’ll forgive me.”

Your breathing had begun to fall back to a normal rate, and you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a gentle, yet still desired kiss. Newt hesitated to kiss back at first, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was scared of hurting you more. His lips smoothed over yours and sweetly massaged against yours, as the passion within him ignited. He held onto you still, afraid that you would break if he let you go. Your hand graced his stubble, and he brushed his hand through your wet hair, sending a shiver down both of your spines. He began to move his hands back down to your waist to scoop you up into his firm arms, and this movement made you break the kiss.

“Newt what are you doing?”

He kissed your lips again, shuffling the notebook away as it slid across the floor.

“I’m taking my love for some alone time.”

“B-But Newt…”

“No, this is long overdue, and I was an idiot. You deserve this, and I shouldn’t have made you hurt like I did. Now please, I need you in my arms right now, I need to show you how much I love you.”

You pressed your head against his chest and you nodded sleepily, as the emotional breakdown had worn you out a bit. Newt noticed and kissed you hair before proceeding to wrap you in a blanket from off of your shared couch. His heartbeat echoed in your ears, as it began to lull you into an aura of comfort once more.

The two of you may have hit a bumpy road, but the two of you were strong. He didn’t mean to hurt you, you understood that, and you knew that everything would be okay. You heard him mutter an ‘I love you’ as he carried and set you onto your shared bed before he curled up next to you. His arms wrapped around you after he kicked his boots off, and the two of you made up for lost cuddles as you each dozed off on the protection of each other.


Pushing Buttons

Steve x Reader
Warnings Swearing
Summary You take chances on a mission and Steve is pissed. His reaction leaves you speechless with a promise of more to come
AN Wait for it… there’s a part two

As soon as the quinjet touched ground, you yanked off your seatbelt and stormed off. You heard Steve calling after you so in response you held up one perfectly manicured fingernail, never faltering in your steps. You knew that little act was going to get you in shit but you didn’t care. You were furious at his behaviour on this mission. You didn’t know what crawled up his ass but he was taking his mood out on you and it made you shake with anger.

When you reached your apartment, you slammed the door shut. Pacing around your room, your eyes fell on a spiral notebook that had been left out. Picking it up, you hurled it at the wall but that didn’t make you feel any better.

Suddenly, your door flew open. Steve stood in the doorway, glowering at you.

“Get out,” you seethed. Your voice was steely.

“Absolutely fucking not,” he emphasized each and every syllable as he spoke. “That little act of defiant subordination is going to cost you. You’re sitting out the next mission.”

“Like hell I am,” you argued, walking towards him.

“Keep arguing with me and I’ll up it.”

“Where do you get off telling me what I can and cannot do?” you were beginning to shout now, walking towards him.

“I’m your superior officer. I’m in charge of you and the rest of the team. If anything happens to my agents, it’s on me. Not you,” he was starting to lose control, raising his voice at you. “You put yourself and others at risk today. You took unnecessary fucking chances. You could’ve gotten yourself killed,” he was yelling now.

You were face to face with him and you were seeing red. Looking him in the eye, you tried to speak calmly, “Fuck you, Rogers. You know I’m good at what I do. Didn’t I succeed today?”

“Two missions.”

Your eyes widened, “You can’t do that!”

“Three. Wanna keep going?” he cocked a brow.

Your voice was a growl, “You’re insufferable.”

He grabbed your chin and turned your face towards him. “Stop. Pushing. My. Fucking. Buttons.” Squeezing harder he ground out, “You could’ve fucking died.”

With his hand still gripping your face, he crashed his lips to yours. You were shocked and too stunned to respond when there came a knock on your door.

Pulling away quickly he put space between you a split second before Sam popped his head in.

“You guys okay?” he asked, tentatively, looking directly at you.

You could only manage a nod, still in shock from Steve’s kiss.

“We, ah, heard you two yelling and then it got quiet so we got worried. You sure you’re good? You look upset.”

“Y/N’s been taken off the next three missions. She’s just coming to terms with that.”

Sam’s eyes widened, “Oh. I’ll ah, leave you two alone then. Just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Steve nodded, as if he was dismissing Sam. Once Sam was gone, Steve looked at you, his eyes dark. “This isn’t finished.” He stormed out of the room.

You stood there staring at his retreating back. Your lips felt bruised and you absentmindedly rubbed a finger over them.

What the hell was that?


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Appreciation Post

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Jack and Robin are? Like seriously, this is all coming together so nicely! People are actually scared about what might happen next, and I find that awesome! They both are putting on an amazing show and you can clearly tell.

Isn’t Anti a FAN MADE character? Jack brought him to life and look at where we are now. We got “jacksepticeye” to the #1 trend spot on Tumblr!! Isn’t that amazing?! People are going through video after video, juggling platform after platform trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And the theories that have been conjured? Amazing!

This explains how unbelievable this community actually is! I love every single one of you and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys!

@therealjacksepticeye @pixlpit

The Pastel Boy With A Tattoo

Summary: Dan and Phil are total opposites but they don’t hate each other. Dan is the quiet, pastel boy while Phil is the punk boy who likes to cause trouble at school. Phil discovers Dan has a small secret that makes them realize that they have more in common than they thought.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 3,185

Keep reading

That Phichuuri head canon that they got platonically married
  • Phichit: *on phone laughing manically* hahahahaaha right you forgot about that... Where are you?
  • Phichit: *dying laughing* am I on speaker?
  • Yuuri: no?
  • Phichit: put me on speaker, Victor should be part of this conversation.
  • Yuuri: fine.
  • Victor: YOU GUYS HAVE KIDS!?
  • Yuuri: Phichit! Seriously what the fuck!?
  • Phichit: oh Yuuri, were our vows just words to you!? Did I mean nothing!? I gave you two years of my life! We had a family together!
  • Yuuri: PHICHIT!
  • Victor: *lowkey dying of hysterics*
  • Phichit: just kidding... I mailed out the divorce papers months ago... When we got back from China actually
fan wars are ridiculous

First of all, what the actual hell? Hacking a website? Setting up viruses to hack into someones IP? Bashing another person for liking a different group? What the hell? This isn’t even a matter of “Oh, you’re just being sensitive because you stan them. This is just a joke.” NO. This is NOT a joke anymore. Fanwars are not only ruining the image of a group, but also ruining places on social media that are suppose to be safe environments! 

I’m not going to lie. Breaking records and seeing your favourite group succeed is a good feeling, but can’t we just agree that all groups are successful regardless of the number? Like shit. They’ve trained for more years than I’ve been in high school! They’re out there making more money, doing things with their lives while you’re sitting behind a computer screen bashing another group because they managed to get more views. Congratulations, but I don’t think you’re on the winning end of the bargain. 

I’m not telling you to like all the groups in the industry. I’m not telling you to stop loving your group. I don’t care what you do in your fanbase, but don’t ruin the experience for others. Have you ever thought that maybe your favourite group doesn’t actually care about the numbers on the YouTube counter? I can bet you that they make music, beautiful music videos, and spend their time just so you, the fans can enjoy it. The views are just a little something extra for the hard work that the group puts in. 

I sure as hell am not telling you to stop supporting your group, but do it in a way where it makes the experience fair and fun for every one. When we got into kpop years ago, we weren’t signing up for 10 paragraph long arguments about which group is better. We go into it because the song was catchy or there was something appealing about the MV. Never did it ever start with “oh this has so many views, I’m going to stan them now.” Never. Let’s rewind a little and just enjoy everything that there is. 

Fan wars, hate comments, no one deserves any of this. Idols work hard enough, don’t ruin that for them. 

Accused. (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Steve Rogers x Reader (Requested by @createdbytinyaddiction)
Request: Hey! could you write out a Steve Rogers x Reader where Steve thinks the reader is cheating on him because she is spending time with Tony and screams at her and is completely and is just moments away from breaking up and the reader is already crying showing him a little Photoalbum she made for him asking Tony to find all the old pictures of Steve and Steve is completely sorry apologizing and just huge fluff of calming the reader down and lots of love? :)

Note: My second Steve Rogers request! This one was interesting to write. I’ve never dated, so I don’t know what it’s like to feel like you were cheated on, but I think I got this. 

Other note: Don’t ever cheat on anybody, please. Cheating has broken up and destroyed families, and sometimes end up in murder. Don’t get into a relationship or marry if you think you’re ever going to cheat. Writing this has actually gotten me mad when writing this, and it has a lot of angst and anger that you can even feel it as you read this story from your screen. So please don’t ever cheat or flirt with others if you’re married/in a relationship.

Other other note: I can’t for the life of me see Steve scream at anybody, other than in the MCU, but that wasn’t even him screaming in the slightest, and that’s what I imagine when I read “XXX screams at XXX for XXX”, you know?

For the last few weeks you and Tony have been spending together in the lab doing some experiments together, seeing what you guys can invent in a certain, and who’s invention can destroy who. It’s pretty fun, considering your boyfriend, the amazing Captain America, Steve Rogers isn’t  appreciating the time you’re spending with the billionaire Stark.

You take your goggles off from your eyes, and looked at the dirty Stark, as his invention blew up in his face, blackening his face, leaving you laughing. “Looks like I win again, Stark. Face it, I can make better inventions than you.” You quipped at him, smirking that well-known smirk that everybody loves so much, making him sigh in defeat. “Yea, yea, Y/N. There’s no chance in Hell I am going to say that. You know I’m way better than you.” He replied, taking his goggles off, showing his eyes, and white parts of his face where the goggles where placed on his face.

You laughed, punching him in the arm. “Oh yea, did you get everything I asked for? It’s almost the fourth of July, and I want to make this a perfect gift for him.” He smiled proudly, puffing his chest out in victory. “Yep, now you just need to put it together.” He pointed out, giving you a brown package. “I will. It’s tomorrow, so I can put this together tonight, and give it to him.” “He’ll love it, Kid.” He smiled at you, and you laughed. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.”

While you and Tony were talking, Steve went to the lab to get you so you both can hang out, and watch a film together, and he hear’s you and Tony laughing. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate all for this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.” He wondered what you two were doing, and walked into the lab. “Hey, Y/N. Whatcha guys up to?” You quickly hide the brown package behind your back, and moved away from Tony, causing suspension between you two. “Nothing, Stevie! We were just finishing up for the day.” You smiled at him, and ran past him, but he grabbed your arm, stopping you in your tracks. “What’s wrong baby?” You asked him innocently, gazing up at his sky blue eyes. “Tony, may you please leave? I need to talk to Y/N…” You gulp, and Tony nods respectfully, walking pass you two, and grabbed the brown package out from your hands before leaving, “Got it, Cap. Don’t touch my stuff.” He doesn’t move his gaze away from you, “Thanks.” His voice was lace with anger, and Tony leaves the lab, leaving you two alone.

“What’s-” “What was that?” You looked at him with a confused look, not understanding what he’s talking about. “I don’t follow, Stevie. What-” He cuts you off again, holding your arm tightly, but not tight enough to snap it in two. “What did he give you that you had to hide it from me? And you two are actually getting a little bit close for comfort.” You were taken aback, is he getting jealous cause you’re working and hanging out with Tony more than him? “Stevie, we’re-” “You’re what? "Just friends”? I see how you two look at each other, Y/N. I can’t believe this! I trusted you, Y/N! And you’re going to take me for a fool! Or was it to say that you dated or were dating Captain America?“

You were on the verge of tears, stumbling over your words, "Stevie… I’d never cheat on you… We… We…” “I don’t want to hear it Y/N!” You whimpered, and broke out of his grip, running out of the lab, sobbing in your hands as you pass Tony, running to your room, making Natasha notice, and motioned Wanda to come and follow her to comfort you. “Steve’s fucked up this time…” Natasha mumbled under her breath, walking into your room. “Oh, my god, Steve. What the Hell did you do this time?” Tony grumbled under his breath as he walks into the lab with a little package with red, white, and blue coloured stars on the wrapping paper.

“Ok, Capsicle. What the Hell did you do?” Tony snapped at the super soldier, putting the little package on the table next to him. “She’s cheating on me with YOU, Tony!” Steve snarled, groaning in frustration, running his hands in his blonde hair. “You guys are always spending time with each other even if it’s not work related! And what did you give her? What was in that brown package?” “Calm down, Steve. Y/N is not cheating on you with me. She’s a lucky catch you got there. And I won’t go near her that way. And of course we hang out more than you two do, it’s our job. We’re inventors, we build shit, and sell it for money. It’s what we do, and we use the failed projects to fight against each other to see who’s more of a failed project. Or to piss of Banner when he’s in here with us. But she is not cheating on you!”

He looked at Tony with a surprised look, “What’s with the package then?” He asked annoyed, pointing to the package on the table by Tony, assuming that’s the same package. Tony let’s out a deep sigh in annoyance, “For being 99 years old, you are so clueless on how woman work, and what a surprise is. But if you want it, the take it.” He hands Steve the decorative package, and he opens it up carefully to reveal a leather-back photo album. “She was going to give it to you tomorrow, but since you insist, that’s your birthday present from her to you.” He opens the photo album, and sees photos of him when he was in the army; a few with Bucky before the fall, Peggy before he left to face Red Skull, and a few others with him and other comrades he used to fight with, and before he was given the serum. He brushed his finger on the picture of himself when he was tiny and unable to go into the army, almost tearing up from the past memories.

“Oh, my god… What did I do?” “You broke her heart, that’s what you did. Go to her and make things up, I’ll get you back for accusing me later.” He stated, crossing his arms at Steve, shooing him away from the lab. “Go fix things up with her. She must be devastated right now.” He nods at Tony, and leaves the lab, making his way up to your room, holding the photo album in his hands. Bucky sighed, shaking his head at Steve, “Good luck, she’s crying and in her room… Nat and Wanda are in her room comforting her… Try not to piss them both off… You know how they are when it comes to Y/N…” He nods in agreement, and walked to your room, knocking softly.

“I’ll get it. Don’t get up, Y/N…” Wanda’s voice was heard on the other side of the door, and he steps away from the door, knowing she won’t be welcoming once she know’s it’s him. “Yes?- Oh, it’s the captain, Y/N…” “Don’t let him in, Wanda… He needs to leave her alone…” Natasha implored to Wanda, and he puts his foot by the panel to keep it open if she slams the door in his face. “Please, I need to talk to her…” “So you can break her heart again? No thanks, Rogers.” Natasha snapped again at him, holding you tightly in her arms, as you sniffled in her arms. Your voice was rasp and quiet when you spoke up, “I’m fine, Nat… Let him in, Wanda… I want to talk to him in private… I got this…” She gives you a protective but understanding look, before asking if you’re sure, and if you’ll be ok with him by yourself. You nod, giving her hand a tight squeeze in reassurance before she gets up, and leaves the room, Wanda following suit, and left you and Steve along in your room.

He closed the door, and holds out the photo album you and Tony made. “I am so sorry for being an arsehole to you, Y/N…” You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red from crying too much, holding the little Captain America stuffed bear Bucky gave to you as a joke. “I wasn’t cheating on you, Steve… I would never do that… I love you too much to do that… But you really did hurt me…” He sighs lowly, scratching his head, “I know, Y/N… I am so sorry for that…” He walks to you, siting on the edge of your bed, “I guess…” He gets closer to you, pulling you into his strong arm, and you leaned back into his body. “I love the present, Y/N… Thank you… I am so sorry…” He strokes your hair softly, making you tired from stress of today’s events. “I forgive you, Stevie…” He sighs in content, squeezing your free hand with his free hand, “How did you get those photos of me?” You giggled, and looked up at him, smiling warmly. “Tony found them… Howard had left the photos from when he was in the army with you…” He smiles, laughing from the old memories, shaking his head. “Good ol’ Howard… Such a ladies man..” “So are you, Steve Rogers…” You pulled him into a kiss, and he melt into the kiss. “Happy Birthday, Baby…”

Thank you @createdbytinyaddiction for giving me this request to write out! I posted it today, cause it’s in the same settings as today, and it is Steve’s 99th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Steve Rogers! -Moose

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do you ever have one of those ideas where over halfway through working on it you stop and go “wait why the hell am I working on this” but you don’t dislike the idea or the work you’ve put in and you’re over halfway through so you finish it? yeah

I’ve been thinking about drawing my ten most-played characters (so far) together because I thought it’d be fun, and last night I was looking at the blizzard gear store and realized that w/ the Tracer leggings and the socks they’ve added for blizzcon you could now make near a whole overwatch-themed outfit so I drew my ten most-played characters (not in order) (+Snowball) in official overwatch merch (w/ everyone in Tracer leggings ‘cause they’re the only official overwatch pants/etc. so far afaik? :V) because I make wise use of my time.



Hey look an alliteration in my words(sry i am just trying really hard to calm the fuck down it’s(the chapter spoils) just unbelievably beautifully angsty and I am gone)



(on a side note,I really like where this is going please don’t burn me .Hiro Mashima-san doing a damn fine job)


Man,I suck.

Well,remember me in hell

We are in big,big trouble,y’all.

Rescued pt 9

Summary:  After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Tony Stark x alcohol
Warnings: Swearing, alcoholism, stress baking
Word Count:1616

Author’s Note: I’ve been struggling with finding the time and inspiration to write lately, and I apologize profusely if this is reflecting in my writing! Morning sickness is a bitch. @bxckytrxsh is my lovely proof-reader and sweet, sweet friend.


“Tony Stark, and you are?”

Freaking the fuck out right now!

“Y/N Y/L/N. How’s Bucky? Is he,” you stopped and willed away your tears, “is he going to be okay?”

Tony’s eye immediately softened.

“He’s going to be fine. Y/N, look at me, you saved him. Now, why don’t you come with me? The team has more than a few questions for you.”

Tony scoops you up in his arms like you weigh nothing and starts walking towards another entrance that seems to lead into the living quarters of the compound.

“Hmmm…on second thought,” he pauses and sniffs, “maybe we should get you to a shower first.”

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

You were trying hard to remain calm and collected but it was an extremely hard thing to do when you were sitting at a conference table with the majority of the Avengers sitting across from you.  It felt like you were at a job interview from hell.

Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Captain America sat off to one side of the table. Iron Man, Vision, and War Machine sat as far away from them as they could, and Black Widow was in the middle seemingly acting as both interrogator and buffer. 

You shifted in your seat, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the heavy silence. Your ankle had been wrapped and was elevated on the chair next to you, but the movement still caused a twinge of pain. You fought to keep a neutral expression; afraid that any word or expression could be taken incorrectly by the intimidating group.

“So, by the time Bucky woke up, the fire had already spread throughout the house?” Natasha had finally broken her silence after hearing you recount your perspective of the last three days. Of all that had happened, she seemed unusually interested in the house fire.

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Notes: I wrote jeonghan a totally different scenario, but I absolutely hated it. So I took a break, and rewrote it! I like how this one came out, I hope you do too!

•you are the supposed to be the heir of Quia, a colony inhabited by mermaids
•your tail is a cyan blue, with baby blue sparkles on it
•your younger siblings all had purple tails, like their mother
•you were born from a different mother, who had became sick and died when you were little
•no other choice, you moved in with your father, King Ryuu
•while your stepmother was nice, and treated you like her own child, only one out of her three kids followed in her footsteps
•the eldest one was cruel, he’d put dirt on your schoolbooks, tear you dresses
•King Ryuu was the worst by far, he would make you sleep on the other side of the castle, with the servants children
•while you had no qualms with that, he’d make you get up at five and make you run errands, help make breakfast, clean his clothes and more
•he was nothing like a father
•and by law, your stepmother could do nothing, as you weren’t her child legally
•you were trapped

•When you turned sixteen, things stayed the same
•instead of receiving training, since one day you’d be the ruler
•King Ryuu gave you more work, and moved you out of the servants quarters, isolating you instead
•you received strict rules that you were not allowed to speak to anyone, that you would be punished if you did
•Your stepmother would come, drop off books and tell you about the outside, letting you speak to her
•every time she had to leave, tears were in her eyes, and she’d give a tight smile and tell you she’d see you tomorrow
•little did she know that her daughter would come and hang out with you all day, she’d spin tales about school
•she called you her favorite sibling, and that made you happy
•soon enough she was the reason you lived
•why you didn’t die, why you didn’t hang yourself, even though that would please the king
•Visitors would come and the King would introduce them to his three children
•The visitors would talk about taking servants from your father, and he would laugh and say that they’d cost an arm
•but he wasn’t joking
•he ran an underground ring, he sold body parts, children, anything you could think of
•it was an awful thing, that his eldest son knew he did
•his son, uta, was a part, he was the one who gathered the things to sell
•after all, who thought a child was behind the disappearance of children
•the youngest son, zion, was only eleven and did not know what his father did, he was quiet, often hiding in nooks and crannies
•he’d outgrown his hate for you, and had snuck in to your room once with Lyra, to talk about other colonies

•"Our neighbor colony is coming over tonight! I hear that the prince is supposed to be beautiful but his advisor is even more!“
•Lyra sung as she danced around your small room
•smiling at her, you hummed a tune so she could continue her dance
•"they are only coming to see if we continue to trade, and to see if we are on good terms.”
•Zion who was perched on the edge of your bed spoke, for being eleven, he was incredibly smart
•Lyra paused mid twirl, sticking out her tongue at her brother
•"oh y/n! Are you sure you can’t leave the room? Just for tonight?“
•Lyra pleaded, flinging herself on your lap, her big green eyes growing bigger as she pouted
•"Lyra, you know I can’t. But I’m sure you’ll have a fun time.”
•you whispered to her, your voice itchy as you spoke
•her pout grew bigger, and she sighed dramatically, throwing her head back
•"Shut up Lyra.“
•Zion commanded his sister, shooting you an apologetic look
•while he did not know what his father did, he knew that he wasn’t a good man
•But Lyra thought the best in everyone, she loved her father
•"Meanie! I’m older than you, respect me!”
•Lyra commanded Zion, or attempted to
•he smirked at her, and shook his head
•watching her yell at her brother, and than his response that made her continue laughing was funny
•"Kids? Where are you?“
•your step mothers called for them, making them both freeze
•"Coming mom!”
•Lyra called after a second, grabbing zion’s hand, she waved to you
•"bye y/n, I love you.“
•and the two swam out of the room, leaving you alone in your room
•standing up from the bed, you closed the door, making sure that they left no trace
•once you were sure no one was coming, you stood by a wall that was covered by a bookshelf
•grabbing the corner, you pulled it out of its place
•exposing the wall behind it, where you had drawn on it
•paints that step mother gave to you
•on the wall were paintings of outside, kelp, seaweed, things that people didn’t appreciate
•this is what kept you sane
•staring at the wall, and rubbing the pads of your fingers on it, feeling every crack and crevice
•"y/n! Come! Daddy said that you could join us!”
•Lyra said, swimming into the room
•her blonde hair was in a bun, making her look proper
•knowing that King Ryuu had plans, and that terrified you
•"give me a minute.“
•smiling at the girl, you swam to where your small closet was
•inside were few pieces of fabric, picking the best one, you put it on
•running a comb through the mess on your head, you rushed through
•making yourself look a little presentable
•"are you ready yet?”
•nodding to the blonde mermaid, you raised a finger, telling her to wait
•pushing the bookshelf back in place, you let her drag you out of the room
•her tail was powerful, even with your small tail movements, you were going quickly
•"This is my daughter, Lyra. She is a fine young lady, a beauty isn’t she?“
•King Ryuu spoke, his tone bragging since he knew that Lyra was adorable
•"It’s my pleasure to see you again, princess Lyra. Who’s the young one next to her?”
•the king of the neighboring colony greeted Lyra, then brought king Ryuu’s attention on you
•"that is y/n, an orphan.“
•he said coldly, staring at you
•your gaze was on the floor, while you waited for someone to change the subject
•"Well King Ryuu, I hear that you have had the chefs make a feast for tonight!”
•the other kind changed the subject, a jolly smile on his face
•that got King Ryuu to smile again, making him remember the task on hand
•Lyra squeezed your hand, and swam over to her spot at the table
•awkwardly standing by the wall, feeling more alone that you did in your cell
•"Y/N, please come sit.“
•the prince of the neighboring colony said, motioning to the empty chair next to him
•receiving a glare from King Ryuu, you swam over quickly, sitting next to the prince in record time
•"I’m Joshua, behind me is jeonghan, next to him is Seungcheol, my knight.”
•Joshua said, a smile on his face as he introduced you to the males behind him
•bowing to them while still sitting, you kept your eyes on the floor, fearing your punishment
•they saw your reluctance to speak, with odd glances, the feast carried on
•you were allowed to eat, since King Ryuu couldn’t tell you not to, but as you felt sick to your stomach
•small bites of food, and moving it around, making it look like you ate
•you heard Lyra call your name quietly, as the adults spoke
•looking at her, you tried to keep tears from coming out of your eyes
•"he’s not going to hurt you, is he?”
•her voice wavered, making her seem younger than she actually was
•"of course not, sweetie. Don’t worry, I’m strong.“
•for the first time tonight, you spoke, your voice cracking as you tried to whisper
•feeling the princes eyes on you, you looked away from Lyra
•unable to see her eyes moving from you to Zion, who was also looking at you

•Uta was telling the king about his grades in a class he didn’t even attend when King Ryuu made up an excuse to make you leave the room
•"Y/N has an early day tomorrow, I must help her get ready, my apologies.”
•freezing at his words, you knew that it was time
•getting off the chair, you smiled at Lyra and Zion, hoping to get their minds off of you
•"it was a pleasure meeting you, I’m sad to see you go.“
•the king laughed as you bowed goodbye
•without looking back, you swam to your room
•knowing that he was following
•once you were in the room, a hand was around your neck, choking you
•King Ryuu’s blue tail swishing side to side in anger
•"How dare you come out! After all I’ve done for you! Brainwashing my children, you whore!”
•King Ryuu seethed, his hold on you neck getting tighter
•not moving around, you let him choke you, knowing that he was happy causing you pain
•his hands got off of your neck, but his fist hit your jaw as his other hand clutched your hair
•counting the hits, you waited for it to be over
•the next thing you knew, you were on the floor, red floating above you
•it tasted metallic when you opened your mouth, so you didn’t
•black dots clouded your vision, making everything splotchy, your ears were ringing
•voices were there, but you were unable to make the words out
•a face moved into your vision, making your last coherent thought being a name

•your body hurt, you felt like screaming
•you were swimming as quickly as you could but from what?
•who was chasing you?
•and than nothing, there was no more swimming, no outside walls
•you were inside your prison, where you were beaten down
•swimming closer, you saw a person on the bed
•it was you, wasn’t it?
•the hair matched, so did the tail, but where were the bruises, the necklace Lyra gave you on your birthday?
•This couldn’t be you, it had to be someone else
•but only you laid in this bed

•sitting up, you gasped, feeling your heartbeat throughout your whole body
•"Y/N, listen to me, you’re okay. My name is mingyu, I’m a medic. I’m here to help you. Deep breaths.“
•the mermaid instructed you, taking your hand and putting it on his own heart
•it took you a while, but your breathing was normal, a hiccup every now and then
•"where… am I?”
•you paused, noticing how hoarse your voice was, it hurt like hell
•"Jeonghan went to go make sure you were alright, his gut said something fishy was happening. When he opened the door, he saw you and the king, he called for Seungcheol, and they knocked him out. Sadly the king did the same to you.“
•the brunette mermaid said, you hand still on his heart as he spoke letting you feel it beating
•nodding, you let your gaze hit the floor
•"where’s Lyra and Zion?”
•you asked, afraid of what he might answer
•"we took them into custody, King Ryuu and prince Uta have been arrested.“
•Mingyu said, his eyes on you seeing your reaction to this news
•you didn’t have any tears to cry for those pieces of shit, so you scoffed
•"good riddance.”
•he shook his head with a smile on his face, and took your hand off his heart
•"you’ve got injuries, a split lip, a black eye, bruises, and a gash on your upper arm. No concussion luckily.“
•mingyu told you, swimming from the bed you were lying on
•"wh…when can I see them?”
•mingyu shrugged at your question, unable to give you a definite answer
•before you could try to whisper out another question, Joshua swam through the door
•the rose tailed male behind him, a worrying look in his eyes
•"y/n, my father would like to see you. If that’s alright?“
•Joshua said, the question more towards mingyu,asking if you could leave
•he nodded, a smile in his face
•you agreed, getting out of the bed and groaning
•your body hurt, you could feel your eye throb
•Joshua led the way, weaving through crowded areas as you and jeonghan followed
•"thank… you. For stopping him.“
•you said, your throat still itchy
•"it was nothing, he was an asshole.”
•his voice was clear, and his smile seemed to hold nothing cruel behind it
•so you returned his smile, beaming at him

•when you made it to the castle, the king was waiting for you
•"Excuse me.“
•entering the room, you tried to your voice as clear as possible but it was clear that it was coming and going
•"y/n, how are you doing? I trust that mingyu treated you well.”
•the king asked, concern clear in his eyes
•"I’m fine, thank you for asking.“
•coughing in the middle of your sentence, you powered through the uncomfortable feeling in your throat
•the conversation was a bit one sided after that, the king telling you what would happen to king Ryuu and Uta
•that your stepmother would take over the throne as the queen, and if you wanted, you could be the ruler
•when he said that you could rule the colony, you giggled
•how was he expecting you to rule?
•Zion or Lyra would take the throne, and you would be a civilian, that’s the way it would go
•but what he did give you was an option to stay here, in this colony
•that going back to Quia so early, might be traumatic
•you agreed to it, since the only thing tying you to that place were your siblings and stepmother

•"y/n! It’s time to go! Come on!”
•you had been re-homed with a young mermaid named chan and his family
•chan was a bit of an excited mermaid, always at full speed ahead
•but he was adorable and who were you to complain?
•so here he was, dragging you out of the house
•taking you to hang out with his friends
•or your friends??
•you had made friends with them, but it was still strange to be allowed out
•especially since you were still considered an heir, so people treated you differently
•except for the group of boys that chan introduced you to
•Joshua, who was a prince and already had a fiancé
•Vernon, who was training to be a knight
•Mingyu, who was a medic and a chef
•and so many more who already knew what they wanted to do with their life
•"y/n! Let’s go!“
•chan swam circles around you, laughing as he did so
•agreeing, you swam to the castle, where the fourteen of you would hang out
•when you and chan arrived, only Joshua and jeonghan were there
•but the two of them seemed to be arguing over something
•"you don’t get it Joshua! Yeah, the way you met your fiancé was strange but I met my crush under terrible situations! It’s not my place to tell them how I feel!”
•jeonghan had wild hand motion as he spoke, his cheeks a pink from anger
•"jeonghan! If you don’t say anything, they’ll leave! And then what? You sulk for the rest of your life, wondering what could’ve happened?“
•Joshua retorted, looking done with this conversation
•before jeonghan spoke again, Joshua saw the two of you and swam over
•he hugged chan, before waving to you with a smile on his face
•he begun to ask chan about school, and the younger mermaid started to complain about his teachers
•swimming over to jeonghan who was leaning against the wall
•"you okay?”
•within the three months you had been here, your voice had gotten a little clearer and didn’t hurt as much to speak
•he nodded and paused, thinking about what he wanted to say
•"yeah, he’s just acting like a brother again instead of a friend.“
•jeonghan said, rolling his eyes at the prince who was still listening to Chan
•"I have to agree with him though, if you like someone then you should tell them. Heartbreak is better than not knowing.”
•or at least that’s what chan’s mom said
•"you think?“
•He asked, cocking his head to the side
•"yeah, I do. It’s good to do things before it gets to bad.”
•you were talking from experience, as you had the chance in Quia, but you hadn’t taken it
•but here would be different
•"y/n, would you come with me for a minute?“
•jeonghan asked, his face squishing itself into a nervous look
•you nodded even though you were confused to what he would tell you, following him out of the room
•in the hallway, you heard him sigh, as he prepared to say whatever he was worried about
•"It’s you. I like you, the way you observe things before you speak. How you care for the younger mermaids, how you aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but you’re still polite. I like you.”
•he stared straight at you while confessing, his cheeks the same pink tinge from earlier, but this time not from anger
•"uh…I think I like you too. I’m not sure what crushes really feel like, or what to do in relationships. I just know that I like seeing you happy.“
•your voice cracked multiple times, but honestly you didn’t care
•you didn’t care, especially not when jeonghan was grinning in front of you
•"that’s alright, we’ll go slow.”
•he said, closing his eyes as he smiled
•swimming closer to him, you closed your eyes and did something out of your nature
•pressing your lips to his temple, you tried to show how you felt
•because words might be difficult but body language was easy
•when you pulled away, you saw that his smile was even bigger
•"fuck, how are you so cute?“
•he questioned, holding out his hand
•slowly taking his hand with yours, you smiled back at him
•swimming back into the room where you saw that all the boys were there now
•when Joshua saw the two of you holding hands, he winked at the two of you
•it was mingyu who pointed it out, and made the group whistle at the two of you
•you might’ve lost the ones biologically related to you, but the family you made by yourself was better then that man ever was


Let me start by saying: It’s very hard for me to post this. I hate comparing photos of myself now to ones where I was thinner. There’s still a part of my brain that says ‘wait, why would you be proud of yourself for getting fatter?’. I’ve been trying hard to tell that part of my brain to kindly shut the hell up. On the left is me at my absolute thinnest. I am 6′3″, and in that photo I weighed about 145 pounds. On the right is me now, weighing in at 182 pounds. The girl on the left was not healthy, despite the illusions of “fitness” that the angles and lighting would lead you to believe.

She was never happy with herself, eating about 500 calories a day (and some days, none at all), and still crying herself to sleep over an ideal body image that she couldn’t achieve. As someone who suffered from an eating disorder as well as severe insecurities about my height for most of my childhood/teenage years, I’m finally learning to accept myself. I’ve come a long way in the past couple of years. From 500 calorie days and hunching over to avoid attention, to enjoying meals that contain three times my old “daily allowance” and occasionally breaking out a pair of heels. I am healthier, I am happier, and I am free to explore areas of my personality that aren’t tethered to how I look in a swimsuit or how many inches taller I am than everyone I know. I am still a work in progress, and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t still have days, weeks, or even months where I settle back into old habits, but damn, is it nice to just be occasionally. I am appreciating things now that the girl on the left never had the time or energy to appreciate, I am learning to love myself as well as making room to love those around me, and, probably most importantly, I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. I’ll leave you with this: Putting time and effort into loving yourself is not selfish. It is not going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, and it sure as hell isn’t going to just click right away, but it is worth it. You are worth it. And believe me when I say, you deserve a fucking chance to live your life without the burden of hating yourself. 

Hate at First Sight - 02

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: Mature
Requested by an Anon
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N: So the reason why this took so long…i rewrote 4 different versions. So this being one of the versions. I hope it is not cringe worthy.

You had just put up your tent and noticed some holes in the roof. You could live with it because it wasn’t supposed to rain. Everyone had brought larger tents and helped each other setting up camp. You had partnered to share your tent with Y/F/N though you hadn’t seen her all day.

When you were finished setting up your tent, you went off to the river and take in your insights.

As you were by the riverbank listening to the calm stream, you closed your eyes and just let the sounds and feel of nature wash over you. You waded a feet into the water as the cold water rushed over your feet.

“If you’re wondering how I got ahold of these.” His voice said triumphantly, standing behind you. “I had Jimin take these secretly. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you, since you almost never play sports or use the locker room showers.”

Well this was calming while it lasted. If you didn’t do whatever he wanted you to, your naked ass would be all over the school and the internet. You didn’t dare face him. Maybe if you ignored him, he’d go away.

He leaned into you, his lips barely touching your ear. His breath ghosted over your ear. “Now what shall we do for you first task hm?” He wondered in a whisper. “How about we take a simple walk?” He stated. It sounded like a question.

“Hell no.” You stated firmly. “Like I’d ever go into the woods with you.”

He chuckled in your ear. “It’s funny you think I’m asking you. Don’t forget who owns you.” He taunted. “Now let’s go.” You sighed and put your shoes back on and followed slowly behind.

After awhile you started to wonder, not for the first time, if you were lost. You couldn’t help noticing how every now and then he’d stop and look around with a slight frown on his face.

“Are we lost?” You asked.

Taehyung sighed heavily, making sure you could hear it. “No, we’re not lost. Stop worrying about it. I know where we’re going.” He stated with confidence.

"So you know where we are then?” You asked.

He gestured grandly at the trees all around the two of you. “We’re in a forest.” He said.

You rolled your eyes even though he wasn’t looking at you. “Thanks so much for that helpful information.” You say in a sarcastic tone.

Taehyung finally turned toward you. The large backpack he carried gave him a bizarre profile from the side. It looked like he should fall over backward from the sheer weight of it.
Supposedly it wasn’t as heavy as it appeared.
“Do you not trust me?” He asked you. His face remained the same.

You took a moment to consider your answer. Hell no you didn’t trust him. Why should you trust your enemy? Especially the kind of enemies you hate. So what was stopping you from saying something snarky? Oh yeah, he has those disgusting pictures of you and were too scared to defy him.

“No, I believe you,” you said. You waved your arm in a flamboyant imitation of his previous gesture. “Carry on, fearless leader.” You say.

Taehyung’s eyes narrowed for a second, then he shrugged and turned away. His stride seemed more purposeful as the two of you resumed walking. Maybe he felt he had something to prove now and was trying not to look indecisive anymore. Maybe he really did know what he was doing all along and any indication otherwise was purely in your head.

All of a sudden, the trees started thinning out around you. You were confused for a second since you thought you’d made it out of the forest already, but you realized the two of you just reached a clearing. It looked to be a small, grassy field with a river running down the middle of it.

“Are we supposed to be here?” You asked.

Taehyung gave you a look. “Questioning me again?” He asked.

“Technically… yes. I s'pose I am.” You say to him.

He sighed again and started heading into the center of the clearing. You followed, not having much other choice in the matter. He hadn’t answered your question.

“We should stop here for the night,” he said. “It’s probably the best spot we’ll find to set up the tent. Plus there’s a convenient source of water, for washing up or whatever.”

You shaded your eyes with your hand and tried to judge where the sun was in the sky.

“Are you sure? It looks like we’ve still got, like, a couple hours of daylight.” You said to him questionably.

“You’re welcome to keep going if you want. I’m staying here.” He said.

“I knew it, you have no idea where we are, do you? You just want to take a break and try to figure it out.” You say accusingly.

“If it makes you happy to believe that…” he said nonchalantly.

“We’re supposed to be with the others Taehyung. Not on some wild adventure.” You say with an attitude. “And for your information I’m not sleeping with you in that tent.” You clarified.

No way in hell were you going to sleep with him or be anywhere near him unless you really had to. You needed to blackmail him back but how.
Taehyung located a nice flat patch of ground to set up camp for night.

“I’m going for a swim,” You announced.

Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “How about we get set up here first. You know, get the tent out, gather wood for a fire… all those things you’ll be whining about later if we don’t have them done.”
“I’m hot and sweaty and I want to cool off. Plus, thanks to you, we have loads of daylight left.” You said to him.

“Not as much as you think.” He responded.
You shrugged. “I’ll take my chances.”

Taehyung bit back a reply, then waved you away. He had other plans for you anyway.

The ground rose slightly then fell again as you walked the short distance to the river. Standing at the river back, you could only just make out your enemies head as he moved around. You waited a moment to see if he would follow. Somehow you were hoping he would join you in a disgusting way. But he never came. So you just had to swim by yourself.

You removed your clothing slowly as you reminisced. Your hiking boots and socks came off first, then your shirt and shorts. You hesitated once you were down to your bra and panties. You were tempted to take them off too and go swimming completely naked.

Although since he had seen you practically naked with those damn pictures he stole of you, you weren’t sure how to feel. You were embarrassed for one.

You shook your head and unclasped your bra. Voyeuristic possibilities aside, it would be far more comfortable and practical just to ditch all of your clothes and keep them dry. Besides, the longer you stopped to think about it, the less time you’d have in the water. Sometimes any decision was better than no decision at all.

The river felt just as cool and refreshing on your skin as you anticipated. You stepped in slowly, feeling for the bottom with your toes before committing your weight. Even at its deepest point it was only up to your shoulders, and the current wasn’t nearly strong enough to pull you away against your will.

Still, you didn’t want to do something stupid and have to yell for enemy to come rescue you. That’d just be embarrassing to have to get pulled out, all naked and wet and…

You bit your lip and tried to stop your train of thought before it got too far away from you. You’d gone off on completely the wrong tangent. Taehyung was still over dicking around with the tent or whatever; this was your me time. It had nothing to do with him. You bent your knees and relaxed into the water until it was up to your chin. All the dirt and sweat of the day’s hike was like a bad dream. You felt cleansed, purified… or at least far less grimy than before. You’d take what you could get.

You floated in the middle of the stream, anchored only by your toes. You leaned your head back and closed your eyes, letting the sun warm your face and dry off stray droplets.
Being in the water by yourself was far more peaceful than it would have been with Taehyung.

Your sense of time got a bit fuzzy as you floated, drifted, and occasionally swam. It must have been longer than you thought because all of a sudden Taehyung was there, sitting on a rock on the river bank. He had a faint smile on his lips that broadened once he saw that you noticed him.

“How long have you been there?” You asked a bit startled.

“Not long. I was busy, you know. I had to get the tent up and gather some wood and-”

“Yeah, yeah. Ever the martyr, aren’t you?” You asked.

“Sometimes, sure. It comes with being your enemy.” He said.

“So you’re just gonna sit there and watch me now?” You asked him suspiciously.

“I was thinking about it. It’s an interesting view.” He confessed.

You followed his gaze down to your chest. Your breasts were technically underwater, but not so deep that they’d be too obscured. You felt your face heat up.

“Perv.” You say loud enough for him to hear.

Taehyung shrugged. “You’re the one who took your clothes off. Don’t blame me. And I’ve already seen it.”

“Well… turn around or something. I’m ready to get out anyway.” You tell him.

He arched an eyebrow and stayed where he was for a moment, but you stared him down until he finally spun around on his perch. With his back to you, you trudged to the edge of the river and crawled up onto the bank. Your clothes were right where you left them.

“I was expecting you to at least have your underwear on or something,” he said as though that explained everything.

“Woulda got wet.” You tell him as you try to ignore his presence.

“Isn’t it going to get wet now anyway? You know, when you put it on your wet body? Or am I expected to avert my eyes until you dry off in the sun.” He said with sarcasm.

“How ‘bout you shut the hell up?"you asked him but it came out in a statement.

That got another chuckle from your enemy. You hated to admit that he kind of had a point. You were going to have to put something back on if you didn’t want to wander around naked, and whatever it was would get damp. Damp underwear was at least slightly better than soggy underwear, but it still wasn’t ideal. You put your bra and panties back on anyway since you didn’t know what else to do.

They absorbed some of the water on your skin right away. Your bra went transparent enough that your nipples were visible through the material. You wasn’t sure how to feel about that.
"Can I turn around yet?” Taehyung asked.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” You say nonchalantly.
You faced him as he turned back toward you. His gaze immediately dropped from your face to the rest of your scantily clad body. To his credit, it was only a few seconds before he made eye contact again.

“That’s a good look on you.” He says. Was it a compliment?

“Thanks.” You say just to be considerate.
You shifted your weight from one foot to the other, trying not to look as awkward and nervous as you felt.

Abruptly Taehyung turned away and pulled his shirt over his head. You watched the muscles in his arms and back flex as his torso was revealed. He had the definition of someone who enjoyed being outdoors rather than someone who specifically worked for it. You kind of liked the more subtle display. But you would never dare to voice it.

He knelt to untie his boots. You watched him for a moment, intrigued by the slight flexing of his arms. You shook your head and started picking up the rest of your clothes. You clutched your bundle of clothes and boots in your arms as you walked away.

You glanced back a few times, noting the progression in your enemy’s disrobing. Luckily, he fell out of sight before you got too distracted and tripped over something.

Taehyung had set the tent up for the two of you and had a pile of wood ready just like he’d said. You decided to get a fire going. The heat from the fire helped dry you out, but your bra and panties had absorbed the water more than your skin and remained slightly damp to the touch. You took them off and pulled your shirt and shorts on instead, leaving you comfortably dry at last.

The sun was just hitting the top of the tree line in the sky. It still wouldn’t reach the horizon proper for a bit, but it was getting late. You frowned and looked over toward the river. You hadn’t been keeping track of time, but it seemed like Taehyung was taking quite a while over there. You decided that if he wasn’t back by the time the sun sank below the tree line you would have to go check on him.

The Devil You Know Part 41

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Mentions of Violence. Mentions of torture

The Devil You Know Part 41

Chapter 74

Everyone tried to stay strong as they watch the whip contacting with Melinda’s back. They took a deep breath in as Eric pulled the whip back. They let out a gasp when he throw his arm forward, making the whip crack again against Melinda’s flesh. 

Some of them couldn’t bare it the site they were seeing. They had to turn away when blood started to soak Melinda’s shirt. Even the wives couldn’t stand watching Negan’s punishments being carrying out. Amber started to cry as she huddle against one of the other wives.

Though the wives were protected by the rules and were above most that were set. They still fear to break them or even tempt to break them. Yes women, weren’t ever to be harm, specially Negan’s wives. 

But here, a woman that Negan constantly ask to be his wife. A woman whose child he claims as his own. A woman that he has done dark things for and cares for, was being whipped. They fear someone day, they would meet the end of Eric’s whips or worse, the end of Lucille.

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The Contest-Part 9

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: Most of you are probably too young to know “Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough” by Patty Smyth and Don Henley.  Give it a listen.  It’s a great song.  My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, @oriona75

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

“Jared doesn’t think I’m a problem!  He LOVES me!”  I yelled down the hall at Nikki’s swiftly retreating back. 

He pulled me into the room and quickly shut the door.  “Just how much did you have to drink tonight, Y/N?” He asked.

I stared up at him.  “I’m not drunk if that’s what your asking.  I have a nice buzz but I’m aware of what’s going on.”

He grinned that gorgeous dimpled grin at me.  “Good.  I just wanted to make sure your going to remember this in the morning.”  When Jared reached out a hand to pull me toward him  I danced away.  “What’s with the wig?”

“I was disguising myself so no one would recognize me and Nikki and I could just have fun.”  I peeled off the blond wig and the glasses and dropped them on the floor.  I climbed on to Jared’s huge bed and sat cross-legged on it.

“It’s hot in here.” I murmured, peeling off the Supernatural t-shirt I had purchased in the vendor room and throwing it across the room, leaving me clad in just my black satin bra. Jared’s eyes grew hot as he took me in.

I crawled to the edge of the bed and looked up at him, my eyes dark with lust. “Come here.” I whispered.

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Behind the Walls (Chapter 15)

Behind the Walls Masterlist 

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,090

Warnings: Little angsty but not really.

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Guys I am so very sorry I had graduate applications and finals (which I did not finish yet) but I needed to take a break and I wanted to write this. Expect more parts regularly after the 9th. As always, let me know if you want to be tagged. Love you all and please comment on what you like/dislike. Thanks for being patient you guys. Also sexy times will happen very soon…

Tagging: @clairefxkingtemple@confidentrose@vashanatasha@your-puddin​ @shamvictoria11@gatorgal94@dreeams-unwind​ @sandycoelho@bellejeunefillesansmerci@thetruthin@mizzzpink@kashicanhaz@potteryimagines@fantasticimpaladoctor@gashps@nbbuck@maece-rette

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Be My Lifeline

*Not requested, but something I have been working on.

Summary: The reader goes off to explore the world only to come back and find out her father has passed.

WARNINGS: Death of a loved one, swearing

Word Count: 2,572 

The gifs are not mine, I found them on Google.

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You Let Her Go


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You get injured during a mission

You were stuck on surveillance, which meant sitting in a parked van hours on end. This was one of the parts of the job you found least entertaining, Mac however found it the most safest and that is why he insisted you be in here, rather than out on the field with him.

“His just being over-protective. When it comes to you, Mac can’t stand the thought of you getting seriously injured”. Riley stated, sensing your disapproval in his decision from a mile away.

Watching the monitors above, you saw Jack and Mac enter the building. “We both have dangerous jobs, injury is unavoidable in this line of work”. Spinning around on your chair, “I get why Mac is being over-protective. After what happened with Murdoc, but I can’t do my job if I keep getting benched every mission”.

“Hey, I’m just calling it like I see it. I am in no way putting myself in the middle of yours and Mac’s relationship. He needs to hear all of this, you guys need to seriously sit down and talk”. Riley put her hands up in defense mode, and it made you smile a little. She was right, you and Mac needed to communicate. There hadn’t been much of that ever since Murdoc escaped prison.

Jack’s voice echoed throughout the van. “Guys, now would be the perfect time to tell us where the hell to go. We kinda want to find this device thing and get the out of here as fast as possible”.

Giving Riley a side glance, she typed away on her keyboard and pulled up the building’s blueprints. “Alright Jack, take the next left and follow the stairs all the way to level 4. From there be on the look out for armed guards, the level will be crawling with them. Once you have taken those out, follow the hallway all the way and there you should find the device”.

10 minutes of silence and you and Riley exchanged worried glances. The backdoor of the van opened wide, but it wasn’t Jack nor Mac that came into view.  Reaching for the spare back-up gun on the table, your reflexes weren’t fast enough. There were two men, one pulled you out of the van while the other tied Riley to the chair.

Hearing two sets of heavy footsteps, you knew that it had to be Mac and Jack. “Y/N, Riley?”. Jack opened the van door and found Riley, unconscious but breathing.

Mac looked around, calling your name.

The guy who’s life was literally in your hands emerged from behind the van.  Jack stepped back, pointing his own gun trying to get a clear shot.

“You let her go!”. Mac exclaimed.

“Hand me the device first”. The guy holding you at gunpoint negotiated.

Mac kept his eyes on you, looked down at the device that would be lethal in the wrong hands. Extending it towards the man, he threw you to the ground. Mac rushed over but halted when the gun was now pointed towards him.

“Now I could just shoot you, but what fun would that be?. In fact I have a better idea”. The trigger was pulled and the feeling of a bullet plunging into your lower stomach had you screaming out in pain.

“You son of a bitch!”. Was the last thing you head Mac yell before darkness overtook.

You woke up to a the sound of a faint beep, slowly coming around the bright light in the room made you squint. “Mac?”.

He too opened his eyes, and relief flooded his face. “Hey, try and take it easy okay”. Still feeling a bit groggy, most likely from being sedated. He took your hand and softly rubbed it with his thumb.

“We need to get the device back and catch him, he can’t get away with this”. Your stubbornness kicked in. Attempting to removing all the cables that were hooked up to the machines, Mac wasn’t having any of it and got you to lay back down.

“The team already got the device back and the person who did this to you is going away for a long time. You just need to focus on getting better, okay. Promise me you’ll take it easy and give yourself time to heal”.

Tears pricked your eyes, you weren’t sure why. “Please don’t leave”.

Mac crawled in beside you and you clung onto his shirt. “I’m not going anywhere”.