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new sims video! it’s wholesome family fun - DILS BOWLING DESTRUCTION 🎳

(definitely no shocking incident at the end)


natboltt: #Creep #Parody at the #Riverdale S1 wrap party with partner in crime @madchenamick . Yeah, that’s a bottle of maple syrup at the end. And yeah, 🎼Blossoms are awesome, Coopers party poopers, Lodges are dodgy, Andrews are sexy and Jones’ complex-y 🎼

I am so proud of the Ottawa Senators. Nobody thought they would even make it into the playoffs at the beginning of this season, and then to win round one, round two, and force a game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup champions that went to double OT? No, I don’t think a lot of people saw that coming. But they did that and so much more. Craig Anderson is a phenomenal goaltender, and we would not be here without him. Considering everything he and his family have had to deal with in their personal lives this year, it’s absolutely amazing to see what he’s accomplished. He was even able to tie the Senators’ record for most playoff wins for a goalie. Erik Karlsson continues to be our ridiculously talented captain, playing 30+ minutes on multiple occasions, all while breaking the Senators’ record for most assists in one playoff run and playing every game on a fractured foot. Kyle Turris is an amazing hockey player and a leader on and off the ice, and I don’t think a lot of people knew that before these playoffs. He was our top goal-scorer this season, and he dedicated as much time to his team as he did to the Capital City Condors, a team that helps bring the game of hockey to kids with disabilities, of which he is the honorary captain. Guys like Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, and Zack Smith were also some of our best points-producers and everyone got to see that these playoffs. Derick Brassard welcomed his new team with a great season and came up clutch on multiple occasions this post-season. Jean-Gabriel Pageau got (another) playoff hatty, delighting his hometown crowd along with fellow Ottawa native Marc Methot, who lost part of his flippin’ finger this season. We also wouldn’t be here without our great defense, including Cody Ceci, Mark Borowiecki, and, yes, Dion Phaneuf (I can’t believe I’m saying that). All in all, there are so many heroes on this team, a team that went through so much adversity this season, a team that pretty much everyone doubted, and I’m so so so proud of the Sens and this wonderful season they’ve strung together for me to enjoy. Also big props to Guy Boucher, I think we finally got a coach we can count on. Thanks for this brilliant playoff run, Sens! Right back at it next year ❤


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Please do tell about this au of yours

So its like a rise of the guardians au but not really? Just the concept of how Jack Frost became Jack Frost is used, its a totally different story.

Basically, when they were younger, Zoe and Connor were playing in a forest. This was around when Connor was like…fourteen or fifteen? Well a storm caught on, it was pretty brutal, and it started a fire within the forest. Connor and Zoe were running and Zoe had got caught under a branch. Connor saved her and threw her out into the edge of the forest, away from the trees, and a tree ended up falling on him in the process.

Because of this courageous act, Connor became a ‘forest guardian’ in a way. I mean he can leave the forest any time he wants, people can’t see him. They don’t believe in him enough to see him. He has roots growing here and there on his jacket and a constant flower crown of iris on his head. He only remembers saving Zoe, doesn’t remember anything at all before that. 

As Zoe grows older she becomes friends with Evan, Jared and Alana. They are all very supportive to her and make sure shes happy and its kinda like a nice little family its very soft. She doesn’t like to talk about what happened to Connor or Connor at all because she blames herself for what happen.

Evan, as we know, attempts in the forest. Connor catches him doing so, right as he lets go, and ends up catching him with vines. Evan still breaks his arm but hes very confused because hes very positive vines weren’t there before. 

Connor saves Evan with vines and walks up to him thinking Evan can’t see him so it won’t matter. But Evan opens his eyes and holds his arm because it still broke and he kinda freaks out a little because theres this kid just standing over him and he doesn’t know who it is.He just…looks like a forest spirit type person.
Connor backs up a little because Evan is looking right at him and no ones looked at him since he could remember. Evan tries to get up, trips over the vines that saved him, causes his arm more pain. Connor quickly rushes back over and helps Evan up. Evan accepts Connor’s help but flinches as he grabs his hand because Connor feels so cold and hes never met a person that felt that cold before. Connor is here like ’!!!!!! He can see me’ but trying to act like a normal person so he doesn’t scare Evan.

Evan tells Jared when they go back to school about a kid he met in the forest and Jared is like “How hard did you hit your head? He had roots growing on him? Evan thats not possible…” Evan swears he didn’t make Connor up.

Thats all I got so far for the au
Its p’ good

Whatever everyone thinks about Liam and his ‘new’ style, performance, accent and music recently. I feel like this is 100% him and I’m really happy for him that he gets to do what he wants to do.