now we sharing the same dream

We were childhood friends and somewhere along the way in the harsh times we found love. We shared the same dream. We laughed. We teased each other. We cried together. We were happy. But suddenly everything changed. Fame cost us our love. And now after so many years we meet again. And my heart still beats for you.  I still long for your warmth, your laugh, your smile. I always loved you and I always will.

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have you seen her?

Originally posted by teenwxlves

pairings: reader x stiles stilinski.

warnings: meh, a bit angsty, some smut. nothing much. 

a/n: I wasn’t going to publish it in the first place, it was just going to be a little thing I did for my precious bee, @dylan-trash-tbh, however, I though I would risk it and post it. I really hope you all enjoy it!! 

ps.: you might have some characteristics that don’t belong to you, because, as I said, I made this especially to bee and now I’m sharing. haha

word count: 6867

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God, I understand. I understand what you went through in that moment. You didn’t fight back. You could’ve, but you didn’t. Now you sit on that chair, the same one we shared our first kiss on, nursing that drink as if it were you only life line. I’m sorry. We could have been in a completely different place with me in you arms, but life doesn’t always take you where you want. For what it’s worth, I still love you.
—  dream-soluna 
Steal My Girl

Song Series!
> Please give me some feedback on this, been debating posting it for like two days. Let me know if you liked it. 

He met Y/n when they were young kids. He knew from the instant that he met her that she was gonna be the most special person in his life. The way her smile could make his day go from shit to kind of okay. She gets to him in ways no one else can. 

She been my queen, Since we were sixteen, We want the same things, We dream the same dreams

“You ready?” She asks walking out of their shared bedroom. 

She’s in a black rock tee shirt, dark blue flare jeans, hair teased and curled, make up done. 

He locks eyes with her for a second and smiles, her returning the favor. 

“Yeah, you look amazing babe.” He places a small kiss on her forehead. 

“Thanks, you look great too.” She says, unbuttoning that top button on his shirt. He tenses at her touch. Goosebumps rising on his skin as if he’s cold, but it’s 80 degrees out. 

They were headed out to a Nick Jonas concert, meeting a few of his buddies there. He got tickets from the label, and they get to go back stage to see him after the show. 

Nick and Shawn are friends, have been since they met through the label. It’s a unspoken agreement to support the others on the label. They’ve worked together for a brief time, when they happened to be in the same place at the same time. 

She’s never gotten to meet Nick, she met Demi a few months back at an award show, but she didn’t get to meet Nick. She’s screaming on the inside, she’s a huge Nick fan. Has been since she was a kid and watched his shows on The Disney Channel. 

She’s trembling with excitement when they are walking to their seats, meeting up with Shawn’s friends and their girlfriends.

“Y/n looks like she is about to pass out.” Mike jokes as the lights start to dim.

“Shut up, I’m the biggest Nick fan.” She says over the bass that starts blaring though the old speakers. The floor starts to shake and the screaming gets louder. The lights are flashing making their senses act up. 

Shawn watches her, watches as she sings along to the songs, dances to the beat, laughs with his friends. She fits into his world, and does everything she can to have his world fit into hers. She’s the most perfect person for him, and he couldn’t be more happy that he has her. 

He knows that he has her support no matter what. She was his before he got famous and she’s still his now that he is. He knows that he has a safe place with him always, as she would always be by his side. 

But he can’t help but feel a twinge of jealously as he watches her smile at the stage. She’s swaying along to the song. He needs her to look at him to remind him that she’s his. Like she reads his mind, turns and looks at him from over her shoulder. 

“Gonna hold me Mendes?” She says, winking. 

He doesn’t need to be told twice, he steps forward and wraps his arms around her from behind. He nuzzles his nose into her hair and inhales deeply. She smells like home, he can’t quite describe her scent other than that it reminds him of the candles his mom used to light when he lived at home. 

She’s leaning back and resting her hands on top of his, his resting on her stomach. She’s still singing along, but now she’s smiling because the words remind her of Shawn. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me

Their backstage now, in a room with a group of people. Mostly people from the record company, and a few other up and coming artists. 

He can’t help but notice how most of the men, dateless or not, watch his girlfriend. How she holds herself, how she smiles, how she laughs, how she wins playing beer pong with a few others.

He’s watching her from across the room as one of the guys from the beer pong game starts to inch his way closer to her. She’s backing up just as much as he’s coming closer, and when he bends down to whisper in her ear she shakes her head no and says clearly,

“I have a boyfriend.” 

Shawn smiles and knows that he doesn’t have to step in because she can hold her own, but for the hell of it he leaves the conversation he was having to go tell this guy to fuck off. 

“Hey.” He says tucking his left arm around Y/n’s waist, extending his right hand out to shake the other guys hand. “I’m Shawn.” He says grinning evilly.

“Zac.” The other guys says, cowering. He shakes Shawn’s hand and tries to hold back his wince when Shawn squeezes to hard. Crushing the bones in Zac’s hand.

“Zac, this is Shawn, my boyfriend.” Y/n says with a small smile on her face. 

“Yeah I got that.” He grumbles rubbing his hand. 

“Maybe you should go find another girl to hit on, this one’s taken.” Shawn says passive aggressively, that way if anyone was watching them it would be seen as a normal conversation. 

Zac nods his head and rushes away from them, shaking out his hand. 

“A bit much don’t you think?” She giggles up at her boyfriend. 

“Think I broke his hand.” Shawn says watching Zac try to open and close his hand repeatedly.

All she does is laugh and hide herself into Shawn’s side. He laughs too and kisses the top of her head. She smiles and then leans up to connect their lips.

Kisses like cream, Her walk is so mean, And every jaw drop, When she’s in those jeans

They pull away and she looks over at the ping pong table.

“Geoff and Mike wanted me to tell you to join us for a game of beer pong.” She says noticing how Mike and Geoff were waiting.

“Okay.” Shawn says smiling. “How about I get you a drink, and meet you there. And try not to get hit on by some random guy on your way over.” He teases. 

“Not my fault.”

“True, you can’t help how beautiful you are.”

“Cheesy.” She laughs pushing his shoulder towards the bar. 

She walks away, hips swaying. He can’t help but just stare at her, well him and every guy she walks by. The others just gawk at her ass, while Shawn smirks knowing that that ass they were looking at was his. Chuckling at the fact that he bought her those jeans because he knew they would make her ass look great. 

He goes up to the bartender and orders drinks for his group, returning to them cheering as he hands the drinks over. 

They play a few games of beer pong and Shawn just watches as she beats his ass. She’s on the other team and with the rate that their playing, he’ll be drunk before the game is even over. 

But the lights dim. and her smile glows. The sun is setting behind her and her eyes have this sparkle that twinkle when she looks over at him telling him to 

“Drink bitch.” 

He laughs and does as told. Winking at her blushing face over the rim of the Solo cup.

I don’t exist, If I don’t have her, The sun doesn’t shine, The world doesn’t turn

Her hair framing her face, the way her face lights up when she smiles. He swears he could write a thousand songs about her. About her eyes, about her smile, about her lips. Those sweet lips that are colliding with his.

The soft moan that escapes her mouth as he pulls her a little closer.

“Ready to go home?” She whispers.

“You didn’t even really meet Nick.” Shawn says looking around.

“Why do I need a Nick Jonas when I have a Shawn Mendes to take me home?” She quirks an eyebrow. Shawn smirks and kisses her again. Harder this time.

It’s him moaning softly when she pulls away. He let’s his hand slide down to the globe of her ass, squeezing lightly.

“Gonna take me home Mendes, or do I need to find Zac.” She teases starting to move from his hold. 

“Come here.” He says pulling her back, making her collide into his chest. 

She’s laughing, trying to contain her giggles, but the alcohol in her system is making her feel light and happy. 

Shawn takes her hand, leading her out of the room, towards the car they ordered. He would love to take her out for a midnight drive, but they’ve been drinking and she just wants to go home. 

Everybody wanna steal my girl, Everybody wanna take her heart away, Couple billion in the whole wide world, Find another one 'cause she belongs to me

Her make up is gone. Her hair is in a messy bun, her glasses are sliding down her nose, and her lips are sealed to her coffee mug. She’s wearing his ‘Take Me Home’ shirt with her PINK booty shorts. Her bare feet are cold as they stand on the freezing hardwood. The tattoo on her ankle on full display. 

She’s humming a Nick song, one that had been stuck in her head from the concert they saw earlier. Her hips are swaying a bit as Shawn watches her from the living room. 

She shows no trace of sitting in the VIP section at a Nick Jonas concert. No trace of meeting Nick Jonas. No trace of partying with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

She’s just Y/n. 

She’s just Shawn’s Y/n.

He loves that he gets this part of her. No one get’s to see when she’s tipsy and trying to sober up a bit so she won’t have a hangover in the morning. No one gets to see her purple glasses, or her face free from any trace of make up. 

She’s just his girl. Relaxed and free. 

He can’t help to think that over the billion people in the world, he wouldn’t rather have anyone else sleep next to him every night, have anyone else to wake up next to. He just wants her. 

anonymous asked:

They shy characters do nothing for me except serve to annoy me. The manga and anime made me dislike her not to mention her stans. They try to claim that she "supported" him from day one but she never actually talked to him I don't care if she's shy she could have mustered up some confidence to actually TALK to Naruto when he was younger even if she stuttered when talking to him it's the effort that counts but no she gets credit for just standing from behind a tree & that automatically = support

[Long post ahead]

I feel like this issue in particular needs a longer answer than just a simple statement of agreement. Because yes, I agree with that. The reason being, that people like Sakura get bashed and thrown under the bus for supposedly not supporting Naruto even though she’s in the top three of his most loyal supporters. In terms of support being shown on panel, I would even go as far as saying Sakura did the most. And I do not appreciate the fact that characters like Sakura, Tsunade, Iruka and Gaara get ignored or even bashed while Hinata gets praised to all heavens by the fandom. The Naruto fandom is extremely selective and biased.

Kishi has stated in an interview that Hinata has been supporting Naruto from the shadows since the start. Notice how he says ‘from the shadows’. It confirms what we critical thinkers have been saying for years. 
Hinata may have been supportive of Naruto in her mind since the beginning, but it did nothing for Naruto, it did not help him at all during his early childhood. It’s no different from people ignoring him or being mean to him because in his mind she was just one of those who ignored him. I would even say that by admiring Naruto from afar for his strength and optimism, all while not being confident/strong enough to voice those beliefs to him to sooth his pain and give him back what she got from him through watching him, she was supporting herself more than Naruto. 
Support is not support when the person who needs to be supported isn’t actually aware of it and doesn’t gain anything positive from it.

So up until the moment Hinata tries to make Naruto copy from her test in the chunin exams, she hasn’t supported him on panel at all.

And this gets confirmed by the many instances Naruto remembers his past in flashbacks and the reader gets to see how he got from being alone and sad to being with Iruka and then with team 7. All the others AND Hinata come after that. Not before.
Most famous example being this page:

This is also proven by Hinata’s first appearance in the manga, when Naruto calls her weird. He has no recollection of her supporting him or being nice to him in a significant way.
And that’s despite the fact that Hinata knew how Naruto had been treated by the villagers, as shown during Naruto’s fight with Kiba when it’s shown in a flashback from Hinata’s POV. Once again she doesn’t voice those thoughts though. After the fight she gives him some ointment for his wounds.

The first time Hinata actually supports Naruto openly that could have or had a positive effect on him was during her ‘Proud failure’ speech. She helps Naruto believe in himself. And he thanks her for that.

We won’t see her support him again for a while. In fact, not until her confession during the Pain invasion. And even there, she calls herself selfish and does not actually voice support for him, she just confesses and gets hurt by Pain. 

Later on, she tries supporting him through giving it her all in the war and helping him snap out of depression after Neji’s death.
If I missed something, feel free to correct me.

Now, moving on to Sakura. When Sakura gets first introduced in chapter 3, she’s rude to Naruto who seems to like her very much. She even goes as far as to say he has it great with no parents scolding him and that this is why he does childish stuff a lot. However, she changes her mind in the very same chapter and vows to be kinder to Naruto from now on, with Sasuke being the catalyst for that change.

A few chapters later we see her share her meal with him.

Ah. You know what, let me try to find every moment she has helped him and/or supported him and his dream. Without me talking in between.

Part 1 finished. Part 2 under the cut.

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Cheryl and Liam Payne, will not be sharing any pictures of their son
They offered the world a glimpse at their newborn on Saturday as they announced the joyous news of the birth.

They offered the world a glimpse at their newborn on Saturday as they announced the joyous news of the birth. But Cheryl, 33, and Liam Payne, 23, will not be sharing any pictures of their son’s face as their main priority is their child’s privacy.

 A friend of the couple exclusively told MailOnline: ‘Cheryl and Liam decided they won’t be sharing any pictures as they want to protect the privacy of the baby.’

Revealing that the couple will not be taking part in any magazine deals, they continued: 'They had been offered huge deals from the UK and US but they turned it down as the baby’s privacy is the most important thing to them.' 

The news comes after the proud new parents shared a picture of their little one with fans on Saturday. Cheryl welcomed her first child London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, with her partner, Liam, at her side.

She announced the news on Instagram on Saturday as she shared a picture of Liam cradling their little one, captioned: 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream.Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.’

Liam shared the same picture as he wrote: 'My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless…wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!’  

Whilst the couple have not yet settled on a name for their baby boy, Alfie has proven to be one of the front-runners.

 Speaking about her desire to become a mother in 2012, Cheryl admitted that she loved the moniker and had already picked it out for if she ever had a son.  Speaking two years after her split from first husband Ashley Cole in 2012, Cheryl told GQ magazine: 'I love kids, I’m obsessed with babies. I know that’s what I was put on the earth to do – to be a mother.’

Cheryl added at the time that she already had a name picked out for a baby boy, telling the magazine: 'Of course I’ve thought about baby names a million times. I like Alfie for a little boy.’

Liam also revealed he’d picked out baby names, telling Hits Radio during his One Direction days: 'I like the name Taylor. Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child if I had children.’ Liam even went on to hint that he might be ready to have multiple children as he quipped that being with his bandmates 24/7 had given him plenty of practice in playing dad, joking: 'It’s like having four of them!’

Cheryl kept fans guessing for months before confirming her pregnancy in the most public way – at a L'Oreal photoshoot, in which she posed in a close-fitting black dress and cradled her bump. Friends said at the time that she had kept the pregnancy a secret because she didn’t want to 'jinx her happiness’ after years of bad luck in relationships. 

The singer was married to England footballer Ashley Cole from July 2006 to September 2010. She married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in July 2014, and the pair divorced in October 2016. 

Cheryl became a household name when she joined girl band Girls Aloud, who were put together by talent show, Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. 

Liam first laid eyes on Cheryl in 2008 when he auditioned for the X Factor but failed to make it through to the live shows.Two years later at the age of 16, he appeared on the series again and joined forces with fellow solo singers to create One Direction, but it wasn’t until February 2016 that they decided to embark on a romance.

During Liam’s time on the show, Cheryl was married to her now ex-husband Ashley Cole. She went on to remarry with Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in 2014, and announced their separation earlier this year. 

Music Series: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Oooh, Ed, Ed, Ed….you’ve done it again….

Unless you are new here on my blog, you know that Ed’s songs make me swoon. It can’t be helped if you are a hopeless romantic like myself. We all wish for someone to love us the way he loves the woman in this song, which he wrote for his girlfriend, and co-wrote with his brother. It is absolutely one of those beautifully sweet love songs that makes you wipe a tear as you realize how alone and lonely you are without a person to love you like the man in this song loves his girl…or is that just me…sniff sniff…

(And please forgive me, everyone…I’m going through a day where I feel like everything I write is shit, so I hope someone likes it. The demons of the mind are a horrible thing.)

Thank you, Anon, for reading and requesting. I had this one on my list to write already, so I’m happy someone else loves it as much as I do. This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I am posting the Acoustic Version of this song on Spotify because I like it even more than the original, and you can find it as well on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist on Spotify. xo



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Voltron: Legendary Defender -- theories and late night ramblings

Okay, so it’s crazy theory time.

(This is going to be fairly long, so apologies in advance.)

Regarding Lotor’s conception: I’m in the boat of he’s a test tube baby born in a lab using a splice of Zarkon and Hagger’s genes, whether at the request or permission of the emperor himself.  I think that makes the most sense taking into consideration the timeline we’ve been given thus far.

In the case of Hagger/Honerva I also think it fits nicely character-wise as well.  She strikes me both pre- and post-quintessence as an obsessive workaholic.  Other than presumably Zarkon himself, her number one priority is her research.  This woman has no time or patience to raise children, in my opinion, at least not after the first few years into her work on the rift in any case.  I’m not necessarily saying she wouldn’t love any children if she did bare any naturally, or that she doesn’t or won’t care for Lotor on some paternal level now that she has her memories back; I simply don’t read her as the doting mother type.  And to be clear: that’s okay.  It’s not a bad thing or a slight against her character — despite what popular societal opinion would like to have us believe, starting a family is not the lifelong dream for all women everywhere, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As for Lotor himself, while it’s been verified in the newly released clip that Honerva is indeed Lotor’s mother (or at the very least that’s what he’s been told,) what is not clear yet is whether he knows that Haggar and Honerva are one and the same.  If he does know, there seems to be little love or affection for her on his part from what we see of their brief interaction in season 3 — but my gut feeling is that he isn’t aware his mother is still alive.  There’s a familiarity there between them, yes, but not on a deep personal level.  (I also don’t believe Zarkon would have shared that information with Lotor, or anyone for that matter, if anything to spare Haggar any potential pain or confusion from a truth she has not been prepared for up to this point.)

If Lotor was indeed conceived in a lab, I think he’s fully aware of it and probably resents the fact, and Haggar in turn for the role she no doubt played in orchestrating it.  The creator’s have said they’re putting a familiar but new spin on the strained father/son relationship from previous incarnations of the show, so this would be a hell of a way to do that.

And so with all this in mind… let’s talk half-breeds.

You can’t help but notice that this seems to be an increasingly common plot point over the past season or two.  And the common element: they’re all half-breed Galra.  There’s a half Galra-Altean, a half human, and half whatever species Acxa, Zethrid, Narti, and Ezor each are — you have a little mix of everything, almost as if someone’s been doing a breeding experiment.

So my question is: what if Lotor isn’t the only test tube baby that came out of Haggar’s lab?  What if Lotor isn’t the only biological offspring Zarkon’s genes sired?

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No Memory

Summary: Before he was taken into the Maze, you and Newt had a son. Now, almost three years later, Newt shows up again in the Scorch. Except, he doesn’t remember you. His memories were erased. And then he meets his son. (Sorry, the summary is crappy. I wasn’t exactly sure how to sum it up.)

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 5362 (I’m so sorry. I got a little bit carried away.)

Warnings: Fluff, possibly some angst if you squint really hard.

(A/N): This idea came to me when I was listening to ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit. So it’s very loosely based off of that song. Enjoy!

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when i met you the second time | yoonji

genre: fluff
warnings: none really? mature language, some talk about sexual scenarios
words: 9.9k (i have no control)

a/n: okay ever since yoonji became a thing i have had,,,, the biggest crush on her. literally, this is all self-indulgent weird shit but that’s ok cuz i enjoyed writing it. 

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

“Wait up!” She laughed, sprinting towards you. “Hey, I— I can’t run that fast!” You bolted quicker, tiny feet flying, taking you towards the little hill in the playground. Finally you made it up, collapsing at its peak, reigning victorious. Your chest ached with effort, muscles burning, and you heard the rustle of grass next to you as your friend sat down. You coughed. 

“I told you to wait!” Your friend whined once she finally caught her breath enough to speak, fixing her skirt before laying down next to you.

“You’re not supposed to wait when you’re racing!” You snorted. Rolling over to your side, little blades of grass stuck to the back of your uniform and to your hair; that was the last thing on your mind though, enjoying the break your body was now getting and the company of your friend right next to you. Yoonji huffed, opening an eye to look at you. It wasn’t long before a small smile graced her lips and she looked away. The two of you laid there until the bell rang, signaling the end of your recess, then began to make your way back to your elementary school. Hand in hand, your arms swung and laughter peaked, before finally making your way back into the building to attend classes once more. Her scent, cozy and vanilla, warmed you as you walked through the halls. 

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What The What!?

Here’s another part in “Our Girl”   This is also my 750th one shot!

Read “Movie Night”
Read Between The Sheets
Read Protection
Read Trust
Read “Come Home To Me”

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1530

This part was requested by @scxrchy:  For your our girl series, could you write out how they started dating? Like how weird it was at first?

A/N: No longer taking requests for this series.
A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

You were sitting cross-legged on the motel bed when you heard the Impala pull up outside. Sam and Dean had been interviewing witnesses while you continued to do the research at the motel.

           You heard the doors close and then the motel room door slammed open. Sam and Dean stomped in. Uh oh. Trouble in paradise?

           “What’s wrong?” you asked, looking up at them.

           “Nothing,” they both spat.

           “Liars,” you accused, “What the hell is going on?”

           “Don’t worry about it,” Sam said. That was unlike him. Sam didn’t snap at you and he didn’t get angry with you.

           You stood up from the bed, putting your hands on your hips, “Sit,” you commanded, pointing to the two beds.

           “Y/N …” Dean warned.

           You glared at him, “Sit. Down. Now.”

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New dad Liam Payne speaks about fatherhood for the first time
Liam Payne, 23, couldn't resist gushing about his newborn with Cheryl, 33,, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fans went wild after Cheryl’s hairstylist Dayaruci shared a snap of a baby clutching his hand - fuelling speculation as to whether it was her child. 

And elsewhere, Liam Payne, 23, couldn’t resist gushing about his newborn, as he took time to speak to fans outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday. ‘He’s great, he’s good. I love him and I miss him a lot,’ the One Direction star, who is currently working on new music on the west coast, reportedly told a fan. 

Liam’s gushing comments over his new bundle of joy was made during his outing to Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood. The British hunk looked incredible as he displayed his extravagant body art in a silk bomber jacket and skinny jeans.

After months of swirling pregnancy rumours, Liam and Cheryl confirmed the birth of their son on Saturday 25 March with a sweet Instagram of him cradling the tot. 

And now fans are eager to catch a glimpse of the new arrival, which caused them to melt down as they took to social media to question the identity of the infant uploaded onto Instagram by hair stylist, Dayaruci.

Cheryl’s mane expert wrote 'Sweetest’ across the snap of the child in a baby carrier, adding some Easter themed emojis. 

The image has since been reposted by several fan accounts, with followers commenting in their droves about whether the picture could be of Cheryl’s child.

Fans shared, 'Is this baby Liam and Cheryl’s son?’, and 'So, it is real?’ and 'OMG! I’m so looking forward to seeing your face.' 

The star opted for an unusual jumper for his latest social media post, which appeared to be printed with the images of cartoon pirates and monsters all over. Sweeping his hair to one side, the new dad then appeared to grab onto his the middle of his trousers as he smouldered for the camera. 

Clearly feeling fierce as he posed in his bathroom, he captioned the shot for fans with the alluring words: 'Gucci on my…’

One fan posted: 'That’s not their baby. It can’t be. It looks too big to be their baby who was just born.' 

A representative for Cheryl has confirmed the child is not theirs. 

 Meanwhile, Liam has been sharing a number of edgy selfies to his Instagram page over the last week. The One Direction star, 23, clad himself in a baggy sports hoodie for a brooding snap on Saturday - which saw him pose in the mirror with his hand clutching his crotch.

Perhaps experimenting with a new look now he has become a changed man as a father, Liam has shared a number of grungy selfies for fans this week.

 In another snap posted on Friday, the star powerfully stared down the camera from the comfort of his car, with his hair coiffed high above his head. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Wolverhampton native appeared to channel his inner Ali G as he posed in a varsity jacket, beanie and his beloved gold chain. Pulling the hat across his face, to flash a chunky watch to fans, the singer wrote playfully beside the image: 'Mask off ayy’

Liam has been displaying a grungier look as of late - just three weeks after the birth of his first child with girlfriend Cheryl, 33.

The Promise This singer had gushed beside the image: 'On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever.’

Liam then took to his own Instagram to share the same snap, writing a touching tribute to Cheryl beside the same candid image. 'My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow! I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far. I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed.’

Liam and Cheryl first met on the X Factor in 2008 when he was auditioning at the tender age of 14 while she was a judge - before embarking on a romance at the start of last year.

"Lock n loaded" (m) | Yoongi 1k

Yoongi x You

Gun play!

Inspired by XXXTentacion.

Genre: Smut-Angst

“No I don’t love you, no I don’t care.“

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The reflection of his face still remained in my mind, looking down at a piece of paper, a Polaroid reminded me of our brighter times. We laughed, we cried, we shared so many memories. But now we don’t talk anymore.

I don’t want to feel blue anymore

We exist in the same house, within each other’s presences. Nobody talks anymore, I’ve been waiting for the day he’ll touch me again. He’s always staring hard like a rock, and he’s cold like stone.

His facial expressions nothing more than tired. I want to much from him, I’m greedy. I want a good self esteem, love, dreams.

He gave me all I ever could ask for, and yet I’m still blue and selfish. Always sat in a high chair getting spoon fed everything I wanted like a brat. I know.

His eyes lowered to the book he was reading, nothing new. He’d sit and ignore me until I spoke up.

I stood from my spot on the ground and made my way to him, my heart in my hand. His eyes left from the paper to me as I stood in front of him.

“Let’s break up.”

It was the middle of December the coldest month of the year. Almost as cold as his heart. Min Yoongi the cold harsh winter weather.

“Okay, lets.”

In the middle of December is when I realized I’d said goodbye to early. The uh-oh moment came the second I walked out that house. The moment I walked out his heart.

In the middle of December the color blue was common. So was the feeling, very common. With his baggage in my hand, I threw it down the stairs. How easily he said we should break up infuriated me.

“Get out!” I screamed at him from the top of the stairs, tears streaming down my face. “Why are you doing this Y/n.” His question only pissed me off more.

“Why’d you agree that we should break up? Am I not enough for you? Are you seeing someone else?” I wouldn’t stop till I got answers. I threw more of his belongings down the steps. He’d stood calmly down at the bottom of the steps, his hand on the railing.

He took a step at a time to reach me, I threw more shit down the stairs to stop him from coming any closer because I knew he’d charm me into coming back. “Don’t come near me.” I sniffed, the tears crawling down my cheeks.

His eye stayed the same his cold stare directed on me, still waking closer until he’d reach me. “If breaking up is what you think it’s best for you, then I’m not going to get in your way. I want what’s best for you.” His smooth deep voice sounded so annoying. The exact words I didn’t want to hear.

“That’s not whats best for me! What’s best for me is you! You’re the only thing that used to make me happy, now you’re so cold to me. We don’t even speak to each other. We haven’t had sex in months. I’ve missed you so much but your so close so I can’t say that I missed you. You have no idea how many times I’ve contemplated leaving you. But I can’t because I love you so much. I just don’t get the mutual feeling from you anymore. I just want you and your attention! I’m so needy It feels like I’m going to explode!” I cried out hitting his chest.

“Baby..” he grabbed my chin and lifted my head. “You’re too overwhelmed by me. I get it, it’s time for you to find someone who will suit you better than I will.” His words drew a tear from my red eyes. “I-that’s not what-” he cut me off with a kiss, an apology as if he’s made up his mind on leaving me. I pushed his shoulder but he didn’t budge.

I cried into the kiss, not wanting to let him go. “Please dont leave me Yoongi.” I pleaded against his lips as he picked me up and carried me to our room that would soon be only mine within the amount of a day. “Please dont go.” I cried as he placed me on the bed, taking of an article of clothing one at a time till we were both naked.

“Yoongi, please.” His hand held my cheek and let it slide down to my throat, over my breasts onto my waist and to my hips. Savoring his touch like it was the last, and it was.

He leaned down to kiss all over my face, down my neck and onto my chest. Hickies left along with bruises, he pushed my hips down into the mattresss more. “I’ll miss you deeply, the feel of your skin, your sweet tastes.” He sighed nipping at my side as he lowered his mouth to my thighs.

“Yoongi…” my voice a whisper. He kissed my thighs getting closer to my heat, he lifted both my thighs over his shoulders and glanced at me. The sight I hadn’t seen in months, his beautiful face between my thighs, needy eyes and ruffled hair. I would truly miss this.

I nodded, laying my head back tears falling from my eyes. I had to let him go, for my sanity.

He dove in, lips attacking my clit and tongue swirling. The sigh that passed my lips could’ve been mistaken as a pleasurable one but it was a sigh of regret. He hasn’t even left yet and I miss him so much. He groped my ass picking me up higher off the bed to reach his mouth more, the angle making me shut my eyes.

“Open your eyes.”

I kept them close, not wanting to remind myself of him. He stopped assaulting my clit and sat up, positioning himself at my entrance before pushing in. And out. And In. And out.

His pace quickening, flipping me on my stomach, fucking me from behind. Whimpers escaping my throat, “Yoongi please don’t.”

I knew that if he came he’d leave. He’d leave and not turn back.

He angled my head to kiss me, bitting my bottom lip as an apology. His hand on my hip pushing me further into the bed. My ribs started to ache from the position.

He whispered a small sentence along the lines of “Im sorry.” His words meaning more than anything to me. He was leaving now. I twisted around to grab him by his waist and pull him into me, “Don’t leave me. I can’t bare this by myself, I won’t know how to survive without you.”

“I’ll make a bet with you.” He spoke, his eyes flickering up to mine. “If I cum first, I’ll stay, but if you come first I have to leave.” I nodded my head and I kid you not, I flipped him into his back and put his hands above his head.

“Since this is a bet I’m going to take this seriously.” I whispered in his ear, I felt him shiver slightly. “I hope you do considering I’m on the line.” He whispered back. I frowned for a second but soon replaced it with a smirk. I knew how to get him off fast. “You have 5 minutes.” He reminded me.

I sat on his length my back to him as I rode him, I knew he always loved reverse cow girl-he’d love to see any sight of a pair of thighs and an ass. I remembered the first time we had sex, it was anything but innocent. I wasn’t skilled or experienced he was my first everything. But he was very experienced and i wasn’t his first.

Goosebumps gathered on my skin as i turned around to see his eyes closed with his lips parted, a low groan sounded, erupting from his chest. His hands squeezed at my hips, thrusting up into me as i rode him.

I turned around to face him and took his hands and placed them on my breasts, guiding him in kneading them as i let out a silent moan. If this might be the last time i see him, i want to make it count. Taking his hands once more i pinned them down and started grinding on him harder but slowly. It felt like my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt the overwhelming pleasure. But as i neared my climax it didn’t come to me.

Yoongi held onto my hips preventing me from moving. “You’re times up.” he spoke. I looked down at him his eyes were already trained on me. He smirked as his chest was rising up and down, he looked down at where we were connected, i followed his eyes. His cum was leaking out of me, i didn’t even realize he had came, he was so quiet about it.

My eyes shot up to his, wide with shock. “Are you going to stay…with me?” I hesitated. I could’ve lost him, forever.

Yoongi flipped me into my back, surprising me. “I couldn’t be able to leave you if I tried…” He leaned down, kissing my chest working his way up to my face. “I love you so much you make me crazy.” He nuzzled his face into the side of my neck. “Really?”

“Yes,” Suddenly a something hard and cold was pressed to the side of my head. “And you’ll never leave me right?” He asked, my eyes grew in size.

He had a fucking gun.

“Right, Y/N?” When i didn’t answer i heard a clicking sound from the gun, before the gun was moved to my lips. He parted my lips with the gun, my tongue pressed against the gun, he grabbed my chin holding me still as he pushed the gun farther into my mouth before pulling it out. “Suck it like how you suck me off.” He flashed a grin that showed his teeth while he trailed the gun from my chest over my breast to touch my sensitive nipples.

He put the gun back in my mouth after he positioned himself back inside of me, filling me up completely. My heart was racing from the feeling of him and the thrill of him being able to take my life at anytime.

“I can’t just let you not come tonight now can I?” Yoongi took the gun from my mouth and placed it on my stomach, wrapping my legs around him for a better angle inside of me. “Ah…fuck” The first verbal moan I let out. Yoongi looked so breathtakingly hot hovering over me with sweat dripping down his body. His thrust were sharp and magical, they sent me over the edge and I climaxed. Without fail Yoongi made me moan out his name.

I looked at the gun resting on my stomach then to Yoongi. “Please take my life.” I whispered, my chest falling and rising. “I can’t Y/N, i’m not done with you. I have so much planned for our future.” His psychopathic smile aimed toward me. Yoongis eyes were blown out i’ve never seen him like this, the fact that he had a gun and could take my life kind of scared me.

“But i want to die,” I grabbed his hand placing it over the gun, he gripped it, i brought it to my mouth and took it in. Yoongi stared with slightly wide eyes, his lips parted as i heard a click sound, before he pulled the trigger. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the blow that never happened.

“Isn’t it thrilling?” Yoongi asked.

“Isn’t it thrilling knowing I could end your life at any given moment?” He smiled down at you taking the gun from your mouth to push it under your chin to make you face him.

“There were no bullets.”

Just to reiterate - anyone who thinks that just sharing the images of Taylor amongst us doesn’t make a difference is pretty naive and obviously doesn’t quite realise how the papz business works.

They only get asked to do that shit because people will click on it. Yes, a lot of those people are not us - but as I have seen by the great (sadly) number of copies of these pics on my dash, a lot of them also are.

This is particularly a shame for people with a Taylor follow, because that’s not what Taylor will want to see everywhere on her dash when she next logs in, like cmon it’s about respect. Taylor and Abigail, who will be pissed these photographers were there, we know that because we know Taylor.

Sharing the images in any way duplicates their presence on the internet (that’s how image search works) and therefore validates the photographers being there in the eyes of their employers, meaning that they’re even more likely to try to be there next time Taylor might be out in public doing something mundane and private.

Like yeah, by all means get excited about finally getting to see Taylor again and shit but that doesn’t mean you have to share the images and therefore not only duplicate them but also fill Taylor’s dashboard with them?

I don’t mean to lecture y'all, do what you want; I just think we all know what Taylor would prefer so please don’t try to take the high road as though it’s your right to share them because as far I’m concerned it wasn’t even the photographers right to take them in the first place without the bride’s fucking permission. ☕️ I mean like no shade but are y'all forgetting these are the same people who Taylor now dreams of taking pictures of her in her sleep because they stalk her so much????? never okay™

Congratulations NU’EST on your First Win!!

For ㄴㅇㅅㅌs like me who have been by your side since the beginning, enduring the strife with you, this has been a tremendous hurdle that we’ve overcome. 

NU’EST, you guys have been through hell and back again; I still remember those debut days when the anticipation was just so high for you, but the pressure built and everything crumbled piece by piece. I’ll still never understand completely why fans then lost so much interest after ‘FACE’, but I’m incredibly grateful to those ㄴㅇㅅㅌs who have stuck by your side through thick and thin and for those who have newly become a part of the fandom, supporting you all in your hopes and dreams.

The shock of the first win wore off quick and tears were shed by you as well as ㄴㅇㅅㅌs. For the first time, it was tears of pure happiness and joy. Like you, we had waited for this day for so, so long and knowing that finally, we had managed to help you succeed in fulfilling your dreams brought such elation! Everyone came together and wept happily; we shared our memories, our battle scars, our joy at the significance of this music show award because it’s not just a music show trophy; it is a trophy representing NU’EST’s blood, sweat and tears.

Even though you had to walk such a difficult path until now, it helped your determination grow and your resolve to strengthen. Each of NU’EST has been following the same dream and it is this unity which has helped you through the hard times. The support of ㄴㅇㅅㅌs cheering you through was the cherry on top because we all need some encouragement sometimes; we did our best to provide you all with that and still continue to do so. Working earnestly and pursuing your careers honestly and with passion and bravery has earned you so much respect and love from your peers, your seniors and from all fans from all circles. 

Seeing your first win brought not just you and ㄴㅇㅅㅌs happiness, but everyone around the world who knew your story and who had been cheering you on, it moved them a tremendous amount too. The love and support you receive today is the love and support you deserved right from the start, but you know what they say; anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Fear not-we’ll all work just as hard to bring you a win when Minhyun returns, for we’ve all experienced a taste of winning now; there’s no holding any of us back now!

Love you guys so much.
Once a  ㄴㅇㅅㅌ always a  ㄴㅇㅅㅌ !
We’ve fought until now but we’ll keep fighting forever!
Here’s to NU’EST’s first win!


So I’m in a long-term, happy, stable relationship with the girl of my dreams. I love her family and there was absolutely no drama, until we got engaged. A month after we got engaged, her younger sister (who is in a shaky at best relationship and was nowhere near the same level with her boyfriend) got very abruptly engaged. Now, I’m a planner so even before the fiancee and I got engaged, we had a wedding date set. I’m talking for the past four years I knew my venue, color scheme, date, the whole nine yards, all of which I thought we bonded over when I shared it with her. So she sets her wedding date a month before ours. Then she takes my wedding colors, blatantly adding them to one that they don’t go with and straight up pinning things from my wedding pin board onto hers. Then, our wedding date has to change because of tragedy, and this bitch has the audacity to ask us if she could have our wedding date because the weather would be better for her. We’re still getting married that week. So in a petty fit, I checked the average weather for  two months before my wedding date and one month after, all of which would be extremely mild and nice to get married in. Since she’s so insecure about her weight, I’ve dedicated extra hard to working out. She can be the first bride, fine. But I’ll be the skinny bride. I really don’t think this is enough pettiness though.

At least she can’t propose at your wedding if she’s already married.

I would like to ask ‘hey, how have you been?’ if it’s not too much of a bother because my heart and my very being yearn for you. Why? It’s because I miss you so damn much. I don’t remember when’s the last time we talked of anything. You probably don’t remember much of them or much of me to say the least but here I am, pouring my heart and soul out just to reach out to you. I constantly reminisce of those precious moments where you and I would look at the sky, entranced and awed at the same time, smiling as realization dawned on us that we both share it. The bliss is something I keep on remembering. If only it lasted. 

The nightmares and dreams I told you, do you still remember them because I remember well yours. That little spark kept on haunting me even until now. If only you had taken the leap…or if only I did. We were almost there. The exterior plainly showed we’re 'friends’ but we both knew we were more than that. Our innermost desires called for us but we didn’t heed them as expected but instead, comforted ourselves in the thing we had. 

I miss all of your antics, your words, your touch, everything about you. I miss you. I hope these three words would suffice. Now I start to wonder if you feel the same. I just want to let you know that I am just here, waiting, until you can bring yourself to talk to me again. I’ll take your hand or better yet, I’ll take yours. When that time comes, I hope we will be more than an almost and settle ourselves in the reality that there could be a stage where you and I exist. 

I miss you, my friend. I miss you, my almost lover. I miss you.

—  c.i.j. // an appeal to you, my dear beau
A Lover’s Getaway (Kaitlyn/MC)

Summary: Kaitlyn was disappointed with how things went the night the gang was camping before the festival, and MC offers they get off the groovy van at the beach and have a little camping getaway of their own.

A/N: This is meant to be part 1 of 2, I just felt myself growing tired and I didn’t want to mess up the writing or not give it my all

On the way back from the festival, something seemed to preoccupy Kaitlyn’s mind. She spent most of the time being quiet and looking out the window, and the further they got from the festival, the more whatever’s on her mind troubled her. Her silence was even more notable due to the constant noise that filled the van. Everyone was so hyped up and full of joy.

“Hey, you okay there?” MC asked, intertwining her fingers with Kaitlyn’s, who in return squeezed MC’s hand.

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