now we panic



So I was in algebra and it was the end of class, so I asked my teacher how his weekend was. He said it was great and asked me how was mine, to which I responded with, “I binge-watched my favorite show. I watched like two seasons.”

“Which show?”

I got really nervous because I’m worried about people knowing I watch it and kept darting around it. Eventually I just thought ‘Screw it’ and just said-

“Ah it was a Lego show…”


AND MY HEART WANTED TO DIE HE KNEW HE WATCHES IT- I SAID YEAH AND HE SAID “NINJAGO’S AWESOME!!! I watch it with my kid all the time- He loves it!!!”



BEST DAY EVER- My algebra teacher’s like 5'4, possibly nearing his late 30s, bald, very loud, talks really fast, and honestly is a bit scary since he can roast literally anyone he talks to but knowing that he watches it with his son makes me really happy.

not to be dramatic but if the halcyon doesn’t get another series i’m gonna jump on a plane down to itv’s headquarters and kick someone’s ass. i have already suffered through the extremely unjust cancellation of home fires. at the time, i swore i’d never watch another itv drama again but when i heard about this show i decided to get invested. against my better judgement, i gave itv another chance not to let me down again and if they behave like money-grabbing assholes who value shitty reality shows and fucking piers morgan’s fucking stupid interview series over good dramas centring on women, queer people and people of colour i will be down at itv studios fucking committing murder

my poor unsuspecting lesbian friend who doesnt have tumblr and is very removed from the fandom finally started watching s2 of supergirl.

first text: the rogue kryptonian is kind of attractive

me: just wait

second text: im not sure about lena what’s up with the alien detection device

me: keep waiting. also, shes an angel.

third text: before i get my hopes up, do lena and kara kiss

me: no but lets talk after episode 12 about platonic friendships

fourth text: my thoughts are that those practically dont exist

fifth text: oh fuck.

What if there's NO LOVE?!

Dear PxS friends…

What would you guys feel if show!Petyr Baelish is just really pure evil and doesn’t love Sansa. Not one bit and kills her. (I’ll hate LF)


What would you guys feel if show!Petyr Baelish s7 arc is all about his redemption. But Sansa kills him in a very cold manner. To a point where the fandom empathize with LF more? (I’ll hate Sansa)

You know, something along these scenarios…

Will we fight over it? PxS divided to just Petyr and just Sansa? Can we endure it?!!!


Can you guys imagine the devastation this show is gonna put us through?!?

But maybe this is the very reason why we ship it right? We want to hurt ourselves 😂

I honestly feel like Yomo is going to join Kaneki’s and Touka’s fight. He’ll attempt to take on or distract Shinsanpei and Mutsuki and tell Kaneki to “Take Touka and GO!” (or Touka take Kaneki and leave.)

We know Touka and Ayato are precious to him. He has looked over them from a distance. If he could spare their lives for his own, he would. He did this while fighting Arima. Also, with each arc comes a major death. Yomo did state in chapter 71 that “In this fading world, my only desire is to connect. For the seeds I plant to grow into flowers. And for those bloomed flowers to drop seeds. For people to say the coffee I pour for them is delicious. And through those two, my own flesh and blood, for me to once see my sister.” Kaneki saved Yomo and the Kirishima’s during this moment in the cochlea arc. Prior to this, Yomo and Kaneki have helped each other in the past. But this time around, Yomo will likely be the one helping Kaneki while also saving him and Touka. Possibly resulting in his capture or death.

First there was the DOAB tour
Then brendon’s brodway debut
Then paramore with a frikin bop
Then fall out boy with this utter bullshit

Whats next?
Will twenty one pilots make a gay musical rom-com? Who knows?

Prompt List #2

Feel free to send a request !

  1. You’re the only air I want to breathe.
  2. I thought it would hurt like hell, but it turned out all right.
  3. This is the end.
  4. Every time I try to let you in again, the thought of what you have done to me rushes back and makes it completely impossible for me to forgive you.
  5. Why do women need so many bags?
  6. Don’t make me kill you sweetheart.
  7. I want to know all of your secrets.
  8. Is that what you want? For me to leave you alone?
  9. Don’t get offended, but you can be a real slut sometimes.
  10. I have met the right person, and he’s not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.
  11. Don’t move, I’m going to kiss you now.
  12. Any idea who the girl in the black hat is?
  13. The simple idea of marriage repulses me.
  14. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, & the Holy Spirit, Amen. 
  15. I’m not good at making friends…
  16. Are you gay?
  17. Ignore me, I’m drunk!
  18. You have no idea at what lengths I would go to protect you.
  19. I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. 
  20. I’m considering punching you in the face. Really hard.
  21. Isn’t she beautiful?
  22. I screwed it all up. It wasn’t supposed to happen.
  23. I have been warned about you, and I never thought… you could be such a nice person. Well, not to other people but you see what I mean.
  24. Don’t, for one minute, think that you had any effect whatsoever on my panties.
  25. Disastrous haircut. 
  26. Sorry, I think I just puked in my mouth.
  27. Ninety seven text messages and twenty two missed calls? Seriously?
  28. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this…
  29. I feel like a crazy man has been hitting my head with a hammer for the past ten hours.
  30. Ah, desire and love, two notions that people always mix up.
  31. And I’m back in the game!
  32. Of all of my mistakes, my favorite is you.
  33. What is it, Asshole Day? 
  34. I just sold my soul to the devil.
  35. He’s not happy unless everyone around him is panicked, nauseous or suicidal.
  36. I don’t think you’re an idiot at all.
  37. I’m in the “let’s kick a puppy to feel better” mood.
  38. I don’t know if that’s brilliant or stupid.
  39. Thank you for coming.
  40. You… Let them beat you down just to protect me?
  41. You know what they say. Tiny man. Huge ego. 
  42. Okay, you have to say something now.
  43. What was that for?
  44. Sometimes, I look at you when you think nobody’s paying attention. And I can’t help but wonder that, of all the people I know, you might be the one who has the most things to say.
  45. Wish I could be home with my head in a toilet like all normal people… 
  46. Do you… Need any help?
  47. They’re an amazing person. Take care of them.
  48. When you like someone and see them walk to someone else, you suddenly realize that you treated them badly just because you wanted to get a bit closer to them.
  49. Holy shit, are you serious?
  50. Hi. You’re a total stranger to me, but you have to save me from a critical situation and make out with me.
  51. So you wanna go to the wedding with me?
  52. We could share a room.
  53. That’s exactly what a guilty person would say.
  54. Can we panic now?
  55. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone you like them.
  56. The thing is that I love you, like a bird loves the sky, and like the trees love the rain.
  57. You have to stop thinking so much.
  58. This is not a game, there’s no silver medal if we arrive second.
  59. You make me nervous.
  60. Zombies eat brains, so I think you’re safe.
  61. Don’t interrupt me.
  62. I wasn’t sure you cared.
  63. That was the worse pick up line ever.
  64. Excuse me, why are you so cute?
  65. Why are you calling? It’s 2 am !
  66. Please stop, you’re making my head ache.
  67. You wish you hated me.
  68. Let me in please?
  69. Your conception of flirting is a little archaic.
  70. For how long has this been going on?
  71. I think about you everyday, asshole.
  72. I have awkwardly high standards.
  73. Yes, people usually die when you shoot them.
  74. Have you been drinking?
  75. He never said that !
  76. You are nothing to me.
  77. If you ever do this again, I swear I’ll strangle you.
  78. It’s a metaphor.
  79. She’s pretty, I guess.
  80. What are you trying to do?
  81. Please, it’s a pathetic excuse.
  82. That’s all the beauty of the gesture.
  83. I never thought of you as a romantic person.
  84. Are you drunk again?
  85. But I don’t know how to drive !
  86. Isn’t this dress too slutty?
  87. If I needed your opinion I would have asked for it.
  88. Do you have a back up plan?
  89. I just want to know why there’s a dead body on the kitchen table.
  90. Dance with me.
  91. They’re very pretty, but I’m allergic to pollen.
  92. You were the worst of them.
  93. Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.
  94. Did you write this?
  95. Impressive, you can actually feel the sexual tension in the air.
  96. So are you guys gonna kiss anytime soon or?
  97. Actually, I was hired to murder you.
  98. I won’t ask any question except this. Why are you covered in glitter?
  99. I don’t need a man, men are whiners.
  100. Stop kicking in my seat.

That is exactly the face I make when I realise there are tourists everywhere, too

the life and times of ryan ross pt 2


this is part two in the series that @jen–ne–sais–quoi proably didn’t realize was going to be so long. 

okay, i’m going to try to make this all one era, we’ll see. when we last left off, the summer league was no more and panic! at the disco was now in the picture, just as trevor howell? (am i making up his last name?) (no, google says it was howell too, cool) was no more and brendon urie was now in the picture. this isn’t a history of panic! so even though we must talk about the history of panic!, we’ll be focusing on ryan ross throughout.

trevor leaves the summer league. tragic. we loved trevor, we’re all crying. (we don’t know anything about trevor) the band is down a guitar player. yes, a guitar player and not a singer. at this point, it is important to know that Ryan Ross wrote all the lyrics, played the guitar, and! sang for the summer league. and he will continue to sing a little bit longer. 

it is necessary now to pull away from ryan so as to properly introduce brendon urie. he was a very important person in ryan’s life, so i think he deserves this.

brendon boyd urie had not known ryan ross or spencer smith because instead of going to the catholic school that ryan and spencer went to, he went to the public school in summerlin, palo verde high school. luckily, brent wilson went to palo verde and had a guitar class with one brendon urie. brent wilson could see brendon’s talent with the guitar so he told him that his band was looking for a new guitarist, and would he like to audition. it’s unclear if the band was still the summer league at this point or if it had been changed to panic! at the disco because between no one documenting the name change and all the different situations in fanfiction, i honestly just don’t know. 

i also can’t really tell you anything about his audition because it’s done so often in fanfiction that i don’t know if anyone really knows the truth or if it’s something that is so common in fanfiction that it becomes part of cannon. my fuzzy memory tells me that the audition was in spencer’s basement, they were immediately impressed and had brendon join the band, and that ryan was a little bit quiet. these things may be true (they’re probably true) but they may also be pulled from a fanfic. i really could not tell you. 

please not that brendon would’ve looked something like this, but probably nerdier because he was dressed for school pictures: 

okay, so i’m pretty sure by now the band is called panic! at the disco, and that’s what i’m gonna call it from now on. so now we have the panic! lineup, just still a little jumbled because remember that ryan is our singer. this next part is a bit like a myth. i’m not sure if it’s 100% true, i’m not sure how i learned it, and i’m not sure where the information ever came from. it’s agreed on as canon though, and it’s important. one day our lead singer ryan ross is sick. instead, brendon urie is singing today. brendon sings and ryan gets angry that brendon didn’t tell him he could sing like that. brendon tells ryan “i didn’t know i could sing like that” ryan decides that brendon should be the singer because ryan writes confident words, but does not have the confident voice to back them up. brendon has the confident voice, so ryan thinks he should sing. we now have the panic! we see in the fever era.

it should be said that fall out boy is in existence and that Take This To Your Grave was already out and ryan ross may or may not be obsessed with pete wentz (he was totally obsessed with pete wentz, more on that later)

i feel like it’s important to take a second and explain the importance of livejournal to those who were young when it was big (i was too young for much of ryan ross’ livejournal days, unfortunately) livejournal was pretty big in bandom and the band members used it too. most importantly, ryan, brendon, and pete used it. they would interact with fans and other people and ryan probably put out way too much personal information. you can find a masterpost of his lj posts here. (they’re only from when he panic! was becoming a thing, but if you search the internet, you can find older stuff too) 

livejournal was pretty fundamental for ryan. he wrote lots of poetry and song lyrics, he shared music recs, and most importantly: he posted panic! music. with this music, he also harassed pete wentz about his music. harassed might be a little strong. this is also a bit mythological. ryan posted some demos he and brendon had made on their laptops to his livejournal and sent pete the link. you can find the demo for camisado here and the one for nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks here. as you can see, they’re quite different from the album versions. pete wentz saw the talent in these rough demos and decided to drive from la to vegas and sit in on a rehearsal. panic! had never played live before and they didn’t have all the equipment to play their songs live (remember, they were all still pretty young. ryan was the only 18 year old) so they played them acoustic for him and he liked them enough to sign them to decaydance.

this picture is a while after this situation, but ryan’s appropriately greasy, so it will work for our purposes:

okay, let’s focus in a little more on ryan and what he was doing right now. ryan was going to UNLV. he had a full ride scholarship (because he’s a genius and we all know that) and was in the creative writing program. his dad had also gone to UNLV, so he may have gone there per his dad’s wishes or maybe to stay close to home, or maybe even just because that’s where he had the best scholarship. i’ve never seen anything about him living in the dorms, so i would assume that he lived at home with his dad. you can see in his songs, and he’s commented on it before, but his dad was at least emotionally and mentally abusive. he’s never mentioned anything about physical abuse, so even though that is super common in fanfiction, i can’t say it’s 100% true. also, ryan’s dad was sick a lot from the alcoholism, and even though he was abusive, ryan still loved his dad and tried to help him when he could.

it is 2004, panic! at the disco has been signed to decaydance/fueled by ramen. within the next year we will see ryan ross go from a greasy, awkward boy who wrote deep metaphorical lyrics to ….the same boy but now famous. this chapter ends here, and in the next chapter will begin the Fever Era

Here's why I'm wary, but not panicking

Thing is, I’m old by tumblr standards. Old enough to have lived through Reagan and wonder if he wasn’t going to get us nuked by Russia with his big mouth. Old enough to when it was common to hear Bush and Cheney likened to you-know-who and Goebbels. Everyone I ran with was sure of it at the time, especially given how the militia movement and some very nasty right-wing BS was coming along - Atlanta Olympics bombing, the Oklahoma City Bombing, various militia groups taking up residence in Idaho and Montana. And then that contested mess of an election that seems strangely familiar now. Gore had the popular vote, but Bush II had the electoral votes due to that headache in Florida. 

And I was out with the marchers. “Not my president!”  (I’m still not acknowledging The Shrub any more than I have to)

Then September 11 happens. And the Patriot Act gets rammed through. This is it, we’re telling ourselves. Bush and his militia-supporting cohorts are gonna make their move. They’re going to declare martial law. They’re going go door to door and round up all the . They’re gonna ship them off to internment camps. It’s gonna be an Orwellian hellscape. Revolution is coming. The end is near - you can and should panic now. 

We got eight rough years. We got a very dull-witted man with very shady and smart advisers. We got a land war in Asia that left thousands dead, which had nothing to do with the hijackers (who were mostly Saudi), and hasn’t seemed to accomplish much. We backslid on some legislation protections, which screwed people, especially the poor. (I worked double shifts so my godchild could eat because they kept fucking with her widowed mom’s SSI)  But the armies goosestepping in the streets, the martial law, the internment camps, and all the worst case scenarios? Never came, thank goodness. And even though there were marches in the street, and riots, and lots of screaming, I don’t think we accomplished much of anything. I’d like to think all the marching and such that I helped with accomplished something, but…

And then we get Obama. Centrist Democrat. Basically Clinton lite (1/3 the scandals, 1/3 the BS), and I get to watch eight years of half my family losing their minds, claiming he’s gonna get together with the Black Panthers and whatever left-wing group they were scared of this week and declare martial law, force everyone into Stalinist collectives and reeducation camps after repealing the Second Amendment…blah, blah, blah. And guess what? None of that happened, either.  

It comes to a head after the election where I had the “pleasure” of watching my two brothers in law (one a Navy enlisted man and GOP, the other a social studies teacher who is “tumblr-style” leftie) start hurling insults and death threats at one another, each arguing their respective worst case scenarios. And both of them just seemed…not even on the same page as reality. 

I start seeing Worst Case Scenario, then I’m going back out there. I’ll even kneel down in front and be a meat shield/punching bag (the last police brutality rally I attended asked for all the white folks to do that so the police batons, bullets, and tear gas hit us first. Well, shit. If you didn’t want us there, you could have just said so). But what I’m seeing is an incompetent idiot in the White House who changes his advisers like underpants, and someone even his own party treats like radioactive dog poo. He’ll be lucky (and we’ll all be unlucky) if he makes it a full year in office at this rate. And you bet the midterms are gonna make hay out of this, which is probably going to flip both sides of Congress, meaning he’s going to get even less than nothing done. Seriously, watch Congress - THEY’RE the real power.  

So yeah, I’m Gen X and living way down to the jaded stereotype, but I’ll fight whatever battles on a case by case basis and remain skeptical of anything that sounds like scare tactics. (submission)


Excellent insight.