now we only have about 100 years to wait

Okay, I know this isn’t the kind of stuff I usually post… But the Shadowhunters season finale killed me, can we talk about it? I mean

  • Raphael and Simon broke up
  • Isabelle became the official queen of the Malec ship and the show in general. She might have lost her crown while slaying demons, but it’s cool guys, we all know who’s the boss
  • Alec told his parents that he likes Magnus and that they have to deal with it, if you listened to that convo closely you could hear the entire fandom screaming
  • I gotta HAND it to Jace, he was pretty scary. 
  • Hodge sucks but at least he was a HANDY hostage
  • Camille came back, hotter than hell, and so she burned everything she touched, like Saphael and Malec for example
  • The sleeping beauty Jocelyn woke up in Luke’s arms, we all cried
  • And then she was finally reunited with her daughter, we cried some more
  • Jace almost drowned in daddy issues but Valentine came to his rescue on a big boat and then decided to keep him there
  • Alec realized that he’d rather have Clary annoy him than have her stuck in some limbo
  • They bonded over losing Jace to their psychotic enemy who wants to raise an army of warriors and kill everybody - you know, the usual #BROTP stuff - by hugging and crying
  • Clary wanted to kill Camille but Simon managed to convince her that this wooden stake she held could quickly become a mistake since Camille was the only one who knew where The Book Of The White was
  • Magnus and Alec changed their relationship status to complicated
  • Overall, Magnus was 100% done with everything
  • Isabelle was truly stunning and amazing, did I mention that?

Now we just have to wait until 2017… Jocelyn may I please borrow that potion that put you to sleep, I’d like to wake up sometime next year