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Chris Pine Request

Hi could you do a Chris pine request where they have three kids and Chris and the kids where talking about how there happy there isn’t a baby in the house (jokingly) and the reader ends up being pregnant thx luv your blog 😍

You and Chris loaded the kids up in car and took off for a fun day at the beach. Henry, your oldest who had just turned 7, sat next to your 4 year old daughter, Thea. In the back, intently singing to the song on the radio was Olivia, who was just about to turn 6.

“Hey,” Chris let go of your hand to turn the radio down before grabbing it again, “what are you guys most excited about?”

“Swimming,” Henry and Olivia cheered.

“I want to make a sand castle, Daddy,” Thea said in her cute high pitched voice.

“Then we will make a sand castle,” he smiled back at her. “What do you want to do Mom,” he asked you.

“Soak up some sun and have fun with my babies.”


The 5 of you unloaded the beach stuff out of the car and found a spot on the shore. “Can we go swim now, Mom?”

“Go ahead,” you told Liv and sat down in a chair right where the water could cover your ankles. “Don’t go out too far.” After Chris finish setting out the blanket he pulled up his chair next to you and watched the kids splash around in the water. After about fifteen minutes he turned towards you.

“Come on,” he stood up and extended a hand towards you. You took it, got up, and went a foot into the water. “Water feels good today.”

“It does,” you bent down and splashed water up higher on your legs. “It’s a great day for the beach.”

“It is,” he got a suspicious grin. “Want to go further in?”

“Chris,” you caught on quickly, “no.” He moved closer. “No!” He rushed you and threw you over his shoulder, running past the kids and further into the water. The kids were cracking up and, as Chris threw you into the water, you were soaking wet.


The kids came out and sat on the blanket eager to dig into the lunch you had packed. “Mom, why do they had a big umbrella out?”

You looked over to the family Henry was asking about and saw their little beach stroller and the baby in her cute swim suit and little hat. “They’ve got a baby, Hen. Baby’s can’t be out in the sun like you guys can.”

“Can they swim,” Thea asked?”

“You can put their feet in but they can’t stay out from under the umbrella for too long,” your husband told them.

“That doesn’t sound like fun.”

“You guys seemed to like it as babies,” you told Henry.

All through lunch the kids seemed perplexed about what things they could do that babies couldn’t. They asked about water parks, zoos, going on planes, and everything else they could think of. “I’m glad we aren’t babies anymore,” Thea told you. “They can’t do anything fun.”

“And you can’t do anything fun with babies,” Liv grimaced.

“You’ve got that right,” Chris joked. The kids made small comments back and forth about being happy there was no baby with them and you felt a small pang in your heart.” After lunch Chris went to build sand castles with the kids but you stayed back and tried to read your book.

The kids eventually ran back into the water and Chris took a spot next to you on the blanket. “You seem distracted.”

“Just thinking,” you dismissed and put your head back in you book. After a couple more hours the kids were exhausted and you loaded the car back up and drove back home. The kids took their showers, ate a quick dinner, and went to bed. They seemed to fall asleep before their heads hit the pillows.

You were bent over the sink washing your face when Chris appeared in the mirror behind you. “Hey you.”

“Hey,” you dryer your face off and tried to walk past him to get to bed.

“Hey,” he grabbed your arm and stopped you. “What’s up? You seemed off after lunch today.”

“Are babies really that bad?”

“What,” he chuckled. “What are you talking about?”

“Would having a baby again be that bad?”

“No, of course not. Where are you getting this from?”

“At lunch today you and the kids seemed pretty against another baby being in the house. And,” you put a hand over your stomach, “that might be a problem.”

“You’re pregnant?” You nodded and your husband’s face lit up. “You’re pregnant! Are you serious?!”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know it wasn’t planned but-”

“-But nothing, this is amazing!”

“You think the kids will be alright with this?”

“I think once they know they’re getting another little brother or sister they will be thrilled.”

like the ocean swells (we inhale, exhale)
rated g
word count: 2,136
ship: allura/lance (allurance)
prompt: how allura and lance started the spa date tradition

{link to full allura series collection}

Sometimes the best of friendships could be found in the most unlikely of places. This was a lesson Allura would learn in the most intimate of ways. It all began after yet another hard won battle against the Galra; they had liberated a small star system and were spending time on each of the three habitable planets. After some deliberation, the group had split off into pairs as a way to save time, instead of hopping from planet to planet. Shiro and Keith had left together to stay on the desert planet of Xiantho, while Coran had taken Pidge and Hunk to the tech metropolis of Xikanthu.

Somehow, Allura was left in charge of Lance on the ocean world of Xilintha.

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Band/Members: BTS/Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook

Words: 719

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung, & Jungkook all like Y/N and decide to have a little friendly competition when she comes over to hang out.

Request: @la2244

A/N: So this definitely did not take as long as I thought it would. It came to me much easier than writing usually does. Maybe I was born to write fanfiction XD. Hope you enjoy! Sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for ~Admin Unnie

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“Hello?” I said as I picked up the phone. “Y/N!!!!” I immediately hear three voices yell, nearly bursting my eardrum. “Yah! You pabos! Shut up before you make her deaf!” I can pick out Yoongi’s voice in the background.

“Shut up hyung!” Jungkook yelled. “Anyway we were just wondering if you were still gonna go swimming with us today? It won’t be as fun without you!” Taehyung says. “Aww of course Tae Tae! I’ll be there in about three hours, okay?”

“Alright see you then!! Annyeong!!”


She totally likes me! I mean she called me Tae Tae!! She wouldn’t give me a nickname if she didn’t like me! Right?

“I think today’s the day I’ll confess to Y/N” Jungkook’s voice breaks through my thoughts.

“Wait what? I was gonna do that!” Jimin argues.

“No I’m gonna do it! I didn’t hear her giving any of y’all a nickname! Therefore, she likes me!”

Yoongi stands up. “You guys really are idiots. If she’s gonna date anyone here, it’s gonna be the one with the most swag. AKA this guy.” He points to himself.

“I sense a little competition coming on.” Jungkook says.

“Oh it’s definitely on.” I say as I plan out exactly how I’m gonna win Y/N over.


I walk up to the guys’ house holding my bag with a towel and a change of clothes. Before I can even ring the bell Hoseok’s opening the door. “Y/N!!” he yells as he squishes me into a hug. “Hey Hobi!”

“Well, hello there Y/N” I look and see Jungkook doing some weird thing with his eyebrows.

“…ummmm… ok there Kookie?” he snaps out of it. “Of course I am. I mean you’re here.” he says as he winks. “O…kay….”

“Come on guys! Let’s get this barbecue started! I’m hungry!” “Of course you are Jin hyung.” “Shut up Namjoon before I hit you with this spatula.” I hear coming from outside.

“Hey guys!! Y/N’s here!!” Hoseok shouts. Immediately three heads turn towards me.

Jimin stands up. “Great now we can finally start swimming. I was getting pretty hot anyway. Don’t you think it’s hot Y/N?” he said as he slowly peeled off his shirt.

“Jimin. It’s like 75 degrees (24 degrees Celsius) out. It’s not that hot.” I say and go to take off my cover up, revealing my brand new turquoise bikini. When I’m done, I turn around and see Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook staring at me. “Are you guys ok?” They all snap out of it. “Oh yeah totally.”

Yoongi walks up to me and picks up the sunscreen. “Here let me get your back for you.” “Oh thanks Yoongi oppa.” I say as he starts to rub the sunscreen onto my back. “It’s no problem. Wouldn’t want your beautiful skin to get damaged.” I laugh at that. “Alright I’m do-“ He’s cut off as the maknae line shoves him into the pool.

“Yah! You brats! Just wait until I get out of here!”

“Hey why are you upset?! I thought that’s what we came here to do!” I say then proceed to jump into the pool with him with everyone else following.

About 30 minutes later Taehyung suggested we play a game. “Hey let’s play a game of chicken. I call dibs on Y/N as my partner!” “Alright then.” I climb on his shoulders as we go against Jikook. As I’m going to push Jimin off, I feel Taehyung start to stroke my thighs.

“What are you doing?” “What are you talking about?” “You were rubbing my thighs.” “Oh that was an accident I was just trying to fix my grip so I wouldn’t drop you.” “Oh. Ok then.”

We continued playing in the pool for another hour before we all decided to get out and start eating. As I was drying off Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok walk over to me.

“You do know what they’re doing right?” Hoseok says.

“What are you talking about?”

“They all have a crush on you.” Jin explains.

“Okay you guys are crazy.”

“No they do. They’re all competing to get your attention right now.” Namjoon tries to convince me.

“Okay sure. Whatever you say.” I then leave to go get food and enjoy the rest of my day with some of my best friends.

An Unexplored Realm

Fandom: OUaT/Rumbelle

Rating: G

Word Count: ~2,250

A/N: written for the @rumbellesummervacation event.  AO3

“Is that it? Is that where we’re going?” Gideon sat up to peer over the heads of people in front of him and through the windows of the catamaran.

Belle craned her neck trying to see as well, but as usual could see no more than the back of people’s heads. Her son, who at age ten was already as tall as his father, could obviously see something she couldn’t, without even standing up. She half stood to take a quick look, seeing the pontoon come into view. It was a large white structure, rather like a houseboat, with two levels and canopies for shade. Even from this distance, she could see people moving from place to place on the deck.

“That seems to be it,” she confirmed, settling back into her seat.

“So when we get there, we’ll be in the Great Barrier Reef?” Gideon questioned.

A polo-shirted staff member heard the question as he passed by. “Mate, you’ve been in the Great Barrier Reef for the past hour, didn’t you know?”

“We have?” He stared after the man in wonder before spinning back to Belle. “Mom, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Sweetheart, I thought you knew,” she responded, still feeling a bit of a pang when he called her Mom. Gideon’s tenth birthday had brought about all sorts of changes… among them, the conviction that he was much too old to call her Mommy. She missed the days when his little voice would call out for Mommy a hundred times a day. “Weren’t you listening when we went to that seminar last night?” He gave her a blank look, so she elaborated. “The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth, and the only one of the seven natural wonders large enough to be seen from space. That should have told you that we’d be in the Reef long before we docked at the pontoon.”

He rolled his eyes, a recent addition to his physical vocabulary, and one that she’d been hoping wouldn’t appear till he was a teenager. Just give me a couple more years with my sweet baby, please, she sent out a silent prayer to whatever entity might be listening. Just another year or so, before he’s so tall I need a ladder to hug him and he becomes moody and brooding and wants nothing to do with me.

“Mom, if I wanted to sit in a classroom and be lectured, we could’ve stayed in Storybrooke. We didn’t come all the way to Australia so I could sit inside and–” He cut himself off, his mouth staying open mid-word as he stared at something over Belle’s shoulder.

“Gideon, what–” She turned to look, and smothered a giggle.

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golden (jane/kurt + eden fanfic)

summary: the wellers spend a weekend at the lake

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I don’t really know what this is, my nonsense fluff continues. But I just love the idea of Kurt, Jane and Eden having their own little escape from life in the city.


“Daddy, daddy! Watch, daddy, watch!”

Kurt turned around from his spot at the grill and walked to the other side of the deck, looking down at the water.

He saw his daughter, perched on the side of the dock, waving up at him.

She was decked out in her “water outfit” as she called it – her favorite green bathing suit, which matched her mother’s, a lifejacket and water wings (she insisted on the water wings, her parents insisted on the lifejacket), and the purple sparkle goggles that Patterson had given her for her third birthday a few months earlier.

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Just saw a picture of Toshinori in his full-body swimsuit and an idea hit me:

Headcanon that Toshinori goes to the beach with his students at one point. It’s not his idea, obviously – even after he’s true form is revealed, he has that habit to keep to himself (children and colleagues excluded) and doesn’t go out very often. But the children don’t want to hear any of it - it’s summer, and hot, and hot summers call for a beach day.

So the students plead and beg and use those big round puppy-eyes (Mina’s speciality, really) until Toshinori relents and agrees to accompany them.

The children are beside themselves with joy, and run off immediately to prepare swimsuits and a picknick and everything else they will need.

It’s only when they arrive at the beach and change into their suits that Toshinori realizes that he’s the only guy who doesn’t wear swimming trunks but a full-body suit. He hesitates, looking down at himself. He’s probably pretty old-fashioned in this. Perhaps the kids will even think that he looks silly. But even if he had swimming trunks that he could wear – he wouldn’t do it. Not with the large, ugly scar in his side.

So he swallows thickly and decides to just grit his teeth and get to it.

He’s still a bit hunched over and insecure when he steps outside and goes to join the others.

But the reactions are far better than he anticipated – and really, it shouldn’t surprise him so much. He has some wonderful students.

Izuku doesn’t even bat an eye at the sight of the swimsuit, already used to it from their training together, probably. But he does notice that Toshinori looks a bit tense, and is instantly at his side to ask quietly, “Toshinori-san, is everything alright?”

“Don’t worry, my boy,” Toshinori smiles weakly and ruffles the boy’s hair. “Just me being weird again.”

“You’re not weird..”

“Sensei!” Yaoyorozu interrupts, waving over from where she is helping the others to set up a sunshade and a towel to sit on. “Over here! We prepared a shaded place for you, since it’s quite hot already.”

“Ah, thank you…”

“Oooh,” suddenly, Tooru is there at his side, tugging at the loose material of the swimsuit over his rips and making Toshinori jump in shock. “Sensei, that swimsuit looks really cute on you!”

“Uh,” Toshinori blinks down at her, unsure if he should be flattered. “Cute” is not often used to describe All Might… or him, for that matter. “Okay?”

“A sunhat would match!” Uraraka observes. Without much hesitation, she pulls her own hat off and puts it onto Toshinori’s head.

After a short scrutiny, the group of children exchanges a few looks – making Toshinori a bit nervous as to what they think – and Kirishima declares, “Now you’re prepared for a beach day, Sensei!”

Toshinori can’t help it – he grins at the enthusiastic children who beam expectantly at him. “Thank you, everyone.”

“Anytime, Sensei!”

“Oh, hey, can we go swimming now?”

“Yeah, let’s go!”

“Sensei, are you coming, too?”

“I will just observe, for the moment.”


The children push and pull him under the sunshade and onto the towel (“Make yourself comfortable, Sensei!”) and make sure that he has everything he needs – from sunscreen to drinks and food. Even some books, should he get bored.

As if he could get bored when his students are right there with him.

Later, Toshinori couldn’t care less if he looks old-fashioned or silly or anything. He is as content as one can get, lazing around, sipping some water, and watching his kids play in the water. From time to time, he waves, grinning, over at someone who had just called for him.

It’s their first beach day, but somehow, they silently agree to repeat this as soon as possible.

Let Me- C.D. Imagine:

Requested: No💋
Reader x Cameron Dallas
Word Count: 880
Warnings: language and smut

Wattpad- sunsetdaizy🌼

Imagine, Instagram AUs and Preference: Closed💓
Text and Tweet AUs: Opened💕

I stood on stage with my long-term boyfriend as we began to close down Magcon Dallas. The crowd was going crazy as Taylor, Willie, Chris and Trey did HYFR by Drake and Lil Wayne. We all stood on stage partying as the crowd was hype and Taylor did his signature water bottle toss on the crowd as Chris spit the rhymes.
The crowd was so loud and singing right back with us as Cameron dropped a few bars with the boys. I smiled and laughed as Aaron started throwing bracelets into the crowd and I did as well.
“We want to thank you guys for this amazing first day in Dallas, y'all were so hype.” Cameron says smiling
“That was amazing.” I say hugging everyone
“Yo yn did you bring your swimsuit this time?” Trey asks
“I did actually but I’m actually tired right now.” I say
“Well we can all go swimming later.” Mahogany suggests
“So what is everyone doing now?” Jacob asks
“A few of us were gonna go mini golfing.” Taylor says
“I kinda have a headache honestly and I want to relax.” Cameron said
“Well okay. YN?” asks Aaron
“I’m gonna go with Cameron. Just in case he gets sick or something.” I say with a smile
Just then we all parted ways agreeing to meet later to grab some food and find something fun to do.

We lied on the bed as Cam’s fingers ran through my tangled hair.
“I love you so much yn.” He said
I looked up into his caramel brown eyes as he smiled
“I love you so much more Cam.” I smiled back
He let his pointer rest under my chin as he leaned down to kiss me.
He pulled me on top of him and we began to make out hard, my heat grinding against him.
Cam pulled away and looked at me.
“Is everything okay?” I asked
“Oh sure.” He lied unconvincingly
“Cameron we have been together two years and I know when you’re lying.” I huff
“I just know that you want to go further than a heated little makeout session and some rubbing against each other.” He says
“That’s not important here Cameron.” I say
“Why are you still with me?” He asks
“Because I love you more than anything Cameron.” I say
“Yeah but how could you love a cherry?” He mumbles
“A cherry? Wait you?” I ask seriously
“Yes I am untouched, a cherry, a virgin, I’ve never stuck myself in a girl.” He says a bit angrier
“Cameron that doesn’t matter.” I say
“It does to me, I want you to have everything a relationship has to offer including sex.” He said
“It’s fine Cameron.” I say
“Take my virginity yn.” He says
“What?!” I say
“Take my cherry.” He says again
“Are you sure? This is a big step.” I say
“YN it has been two years.” He smiles
I lean back in to kiss him and he grips my butt a bit as I grind against him.
First I strip myself and then I strip him off.
I feel him tense up as I begin to suck gently at his neck.
I felt him let a groan out as I continued, my folds running along his dick.
I crawled down his body and began to jerk him
“YN.” He moaned
“Shhh baby.” I said
I bent down and let my mouth swirl his red tip, as I sucked him off I rubbed my clit to get me wet.
I released him with a pop and looked him in his eye.
“Can I be on top?” He asked innocently
I laid on my back and gripped his shoulders.
I felt his erection on my stomach, his tip accidentally pressing inside my belly button
“That’s my belly button babe.” I giggled
“I can’t find it.” He blushed
I reached beneath the duvet and found his length.
“Hold on baby.” I whispered
I help slide him inside as I let out a deep breath.
“Can I move?” He says
“Are you in good enough?” I whisper holding his shoulders
“It’s wet and warm.” He blushed again
“Just move baby and I’ll help you.” I say
He begins to move slowly as he buries his head in the crook of my neck. I bit my lip and screw my eyes shut. He is pinching inside me.
“Cam.” I moaned
He stopped and pulled out
“No your fine.” I say and look at him
He slides back in and keeps going.
“You’re warm.” He says as he moves slowly in and out
I grip his shoulders tighter as he keeps going.
“Fuck Cameron, it feels so good.” I moan
“I’m gonna cum.” I moan again
“What?” He groans
“Just keep going.” I whisper
I felt him twitch and knew he was close.
I found my climax approaching
“I’m gonna cum.” I moan and arched into him
“YN what do I do?” He shivered
“Cum babe.” I moan
“Do I need to pull out?” He panicked
I felt his release starting inside me
“Pull out Cam.” I groaned as his warm cum released on my stomach
He collapsed on my chest as I rubbed his back.
“Was it good?” He asked breathless
“Good baby.” I said

Take me slow like a tide but hit me hard like the waves (Larry Stylinson Smut)

Take me slow like a tide but hit me hard like the waves~

“Harry was a whining, crying mess underneath Louis, and Louis couldn’t have imagined their first time having beach sex going any more perfect than this.”

Or: Louis fulfills Harry’s fantasy of having sex on a beach

Warnings; Dom/Sub, cock ring, spanking, orgasm denial, ball gags, beach sex, nipple clamps, nipple play, gay sex (3,139 words)

“Shit Louis..”

Harry had just had his blindfold removed and looked around. He was standing on the porch of the beach house Louis had rented for them. It overlooked the island, the sun was setting and the water looked warm. “Where are we?” Harry breathed out and suddenly Louis was right behind him, wrapping his arms around Harry and kissin down his neck and shoulders. “It doesn’t matter. We won’t be bothered at all darling,” Louis whispered, hot breath on Harry’s neck, “the entire beach is ours for the weekend. I rented the whole thing.” And sure, maybe that was a bit impractical. But when you’re young, rich, and in love (and celebrating your five year anniversary) unnecessary measures simply must be taken. Especially when it brings the look Harry has on his face right now.

“Can we go swim?” Harry asked, and Louis laughed and nodded. Harry ran back inside to change into his swim trunks. Luckily, Louis was already wearing them so while Harry was tearing through his suitcase, Louis had plenty of time to get ready for Harry’s real surprise.

Louis knew about all Harry’s secret desires, because Harry was a complete blabber mouth when he was drunk. A few months ago, Harry said how badly he wanted to have sex on a beach one day, and tonight was going to be that night. Harry just had no idea yet. So while Harry tore off his clothes, Louis slid a few ‘special’ items into their beach bag (some of which Harry didn’t even know Louis had brought).

“Ready?” Harry smiled eagerly.
“Always,” Louis smirked and took Harry’s hand, walking him down to the beach.
After an hour of swimming, the sun had just about disappeared from the sky and Harry was laying on a towel on his stomach, eyes shut on a big floppy hat covering his head and hiding his face.

Louis looked over and made his move, climbing onto Harry’s back and straddling his bum. Harry just let out a little giggle, thinking this was all just fun and games. “What ya doing Louis?” Harry asked innocently and Louis slowly leaned down to kiss down Harry’s back, a long row right down his spine.

“Be quiet,” was all Louis had to say for Harry to figure out what was going on. Louis continued with his long languid motions, running his hands down Harry’s sides, making him shiver. Louis slowly grinded down against Harry’s bum, letting his half hard cock do all the speaking for him. Harry let out a little whimper when he heard rustling and a lack of pressure, he knew Louis was taking off his own swim trunks. “Turn over,” Louis said and Harry quickly did, feeling his breath quicken and his cock stiffen. Harry looked up at Louis, who was now standing naked.

“Lou-” Harry started but Harry shook his head and moved to kneel beside Harry. “Harry Styles. It’s play time now. And you know if you don’t behave you get punished,” Louis said, and pulled the first item out of his bag, a ball gag. Harry shook his head, eyes wide. Harry hated the ball gag. He hated being restricted because he loved moaning and screaming and whining as he please. Harry was never quiet in bed. “Sorry angel, I don’t trust you to stay quiet like daddy told you,” Louis shrugged and slowly fastened the gag over Harry’s big cherry red lips. Soon they were spread around the gag and Harry whimpered around it. Louis just smiled evilly, because he could see how desperate Harry was already and the fun had not even begun.

“You disobeyed me Harry. And you have To learn to keep your slutty mouth shut when daddy tells you to,” Louis snapped and pulled out a leather cock ring. Now Harry was really shaking his head but Louis ignored him, pulling Harry’s trunks down in one swift motion to reveal Harry’s hardening cock, curving toward Harry’s stomach prominently, one vein running up it, large and throbbing. Louis leaned down to lick a stripe up Harry’s cock before slipping the cock ring on, snapping it and tightening it until Harry looked on the verge of tears. “Such a good princess. I wanna see that bottom of yours baby. Hands and knees please,” Louis said softly but firmly and Harry scrambled to turn over until he was just how Louis liked him; head on the towel buried in his hands and arse up and prominent, ready for anything Louis wished to do to it.

“Talking out of turn..ten spanks I think?” Louis thought out loud. He heard Harry groan around the gag half heartedly. Harry loved pain. He loved being spanked and punished, and Louis wanted to make this experience something Harry would always remember. Louis brought his hand up and laid a gently one right on Harry’s left cheek, then repeated his motions on the right. Harry’s arse was jiggling so gorgeously that Louis didn’t want to stop at ten. Louis continued reigning down the spanks until he reached ten. He saw tears on Harry’s face and Harry looked so pliant and beautiful that Louis couldn’t stop. He began smacking Harry’s poor bum more, harder and harder. “So fucking pretty,” Louis growled and Harry was whining now, but his sobbing was contradicted by his movements. Every time Louis spanked him, Harry tried to push his bum out further, always ready to please Louis. Always ready for more.

“Alright..alright that’s enough..” Louis said around number thirty. Louis rubbed his hand over Harry’s poor bum and leaned down, pressing a soft kiss on Harry’s right arse cheek, then licked a stripe over Harry’s rim. Harry moaned and pushed his bum back into Louis’ mouth but Louis just smiled. “No no. Not today,” he whispered and pulled his mouth away, “turn over onto your back. Time for daddy’s favorite position.”

Harry moaned around the gag and nodded, moving his hands behind his head. Louis pulled out two sets of handcuffs, cuffing Harry’s left leg to his right hand and Harry’s right leg to his left hand. Harry kept his hands tucked behind his head so now harrys bum was off the ground and his cock and nipples were still in Louis’ view. “Love you so much like this. Your hole puffy and right in my line of vision, love it so much, I can pull your nipple..” Louis trailed off, tugging one of Harry’s nipples, “or suck your dick..” Louis said, moving his mouth down to suckle on the head of Harry’s cock for a moment. Harry let out a small obscene whine and Louis chuckled, pulling away, “or I could even finger you. All at once,” Louis continued, shoving one dry finger all the way into Harry, burying it up to the knuckle. Harry screamed at the dry intrusion, his hole spasming, clenching and unclenching until Louis pulled the finger back out. “So tight. I wonder why that is..” Louis teased.

Louis had been denying Harry any penetration for the last week, wanting to make sure tonight he would be tight as a virgin and absolutely aching for Louis’ dick inside him. Harry whimpered and looked up so their eyes met. Louis brushed a stray tear away from Harry’s face and then moved his fingers down to begin rolling Harry’s nipples between his forefinger and his thumb. Harry’s nipples were big and sensitive, one of the most sensitive parts of his body. He was gorgeous when he was having his nipples manhandled. Louis played with them and ignored the way Harry’s body trembled. Louis pulled away for a moment, ignoring Harry’s protesting whines. Louis gave Harry a spank on his sore bum for being too loud, and he then pulled out the brand new nipple clamps he had ordered for today.

Harry was looking at Louis curiously and Louis smirked, “I have an early gift for you. Happy anniversary princess,” Louis whispered and dangled the clamps in front of Harry’s face. Louis smiled at the way Harry’s eyes widened. Nipple clamps was something they’d discussed before. Louis would put clothes pins on Harry’s nipples, and everytime Harry would beg Louis for something tighter. Harry loved pain, but Louis wasnt sure if nipple clamps would be too rough. After more research, Louis settled on a black pair, with small silver teeth on the ends to make Harry’s nipples as sensitive as possible. They had a little chain down the middle, connecting them, so Louis could tug on them and make them pull.

“You’re gonna love this so much,” Louis cooed, seeing the fear and emotion in Harry’s eyes. Louis went slow, focusing on Harry’s right nipple, slowly rolling it between his fingers and pinching hard before pulling his hand away and securing the clamp around Harry’s nipple. Harry’s whole body rocked and Harry screamed. “Shut up whore,” Louis said and began tightening the clamp to where he wanted it. He wanted Harry to feel it. Pain and pleasure. He wanted to see his poor puffy red nipples hard and sore, so later tonight Louis could pull on them and make Harry moan from how sensitive they would be.

Louis stroked his hand up and down Harry’s thighs, letting Harry adjust to the feeling of the clamp before moving his hand to begin the same torture on Harry’s other nipple. After a moment of tugging and twisting, Louis secured the second clamp and felt his cock twitch at Harry’s reaction. Harry was moaning loudly, screaming behind the gag as he let his head roll back a bit. Louis shuddered at the sight and tightened the clamp before experimentally tugging on the chain. Both clamps were pulled down a bit until Louis released the chain. Harry was moaning non stop, his cock hard against his stomach. Louis knew if Harry didn’t have the gag in, by now he would be begging to cum, begging for a release. But Louis wasnt going to give that to him. He knew Harry loved letting Louis take control and decide his fate.

“Such a gorgeous boy,” Louis murmured and ran his hand up and down Harry’s milky thighs, “so pretty for your daddy. So ready to do whatever you have to In order to make me happy,” Louis cooed and reached up, undoing the handcuffs one by one to let his legs come back down. Louis pushed them open, making sure he still had access to Harry’s hole and kissed a long stripe down Harry’s stomach before coming up and kissing Harry’s sweaty forehead. “I’m gonna take this off darling, and I want you to scream my name as loud as you can,” Harry whispered and undid the gag, pulling it off and setting it into the beach bag. Harry takes a moment to adjust, moving his jaw around to get rid of some of the soreness. Louis smiled and kissed Harry roughy, forcing his tongue inside his mouth so he could lick his way inside. Harry moaned against Louis’ intruding tongue and laid still, allowing Louis to do what he wished. Louis pulled back after a moment and placed a small loving kiss on Harry’s lips before pulling out a small jar of lube, spreading it across his fingers and pushing one inside of Harry, watching him squirm. “Be a good boy, tell me how much you like it slut,” Louis said as he worked the first digit in and out of Harry carefully, giving him minimal adjustment time before sliding in his middle finger as well. He knew Harry could take the stretch. After five years with his lovely boy, if Louis knew anything, it was that there was nothing in bed that Harry wouldn’t take fully and willingly.

“I want it so bad Louis,” Harry began whimpering, “i love it so much, I love your fingers and I want your cock so badly. It’s so good. Please Louis. Please just fuck me. I can take it. I promise I can take it. I just..I need..I need it. I need it Louis,” Harry begged without stopping to breath, tears on his face now and his hips shaking, bucking up involuntarily, trying to get friction on his aching penis.

“Daddy’s gonna take good care of you,” Louis promised, he now had three slick fingers going in and out of Harry at a steady pace, listening as Harry moaned and begged. “Don’t worry baby boy, daddy’s gonna give it to you,” Louis said and carefully lubed his cock up before cautiously snapping off the cockring, placing it back in the beach bag. “If you cum I swear I will make you leave the cockring on the rest of the trip,” Louis snapped before grabbing Harry’s hips and slamming into Harry’s tight hole. Louis moaned at the feeling and stayed still for a moment, adjusting to the heat around his dick and the gorgeous way Harry’s mouth fell open, head tipped back, little strangled noises escaping as he tried to form a sentence. “Say my name,” Louis panted and waited for just a moment before shouting, “say my name Harry!” And yanked on the chain again, sending sharp sensations through Harry’s nipples and Harry screamed, “oh god Louis!” Like a pornstar, eyes squeezed shut and hands stretched out, trying to grab the sand for leverage but failing.

“You can touch me angel,” Louis whispered softly, giving Harry the permission he knew he was waiting for. Harry moved his hands and wrapped the tightly around Louis’ neck. Louis felt a trickle of sand fall down his back where the sand must have been stuck to Harry’s fingers. “So beautiful Harry, such a gorgeous boy,” Louis mumbled into the skin of Harry’s shoulder. Harry moaned and Louis began pulling back out, starting to thrust and bit down on Harry’s shoulder, determined to leave teeth marks. Harry’s hands have now moved into Louis’ hair, pulling on it while he arched his back and let out long strings of moans consisting only of the words “daddy” and “Louis” and “oh god”.

Louis started a steady, slow pattern. Moving torturously slow in and out of Harry, making sure Harry felt everything; every thrust, every change in angle, every rub of his cock against Harry’s prostate. Harry was a whining, crying mess underneath Louis, and Louis couldn’t have imagined their first time having beach sex going any more perfect than this.

“I-I need to cum Louis,” Harry was gasping now. Louis ignored him, enjoying a few more slow languid thrusts before shoving himself deep inside Harry and pausing, moving his hands to rub along the sides of Harry’s shaft. “Such a gorgeous cock,” Louis said softly, almost fondly. Harry let out a long whine and bucked his hips up as he tried to keep himself from cumming. “You’re so good Harry. Such a nice princess. Trying so hard not to cum,” Louis whispered and leaned down to kiss the tip of Harry’s cock. “I’m gonna thrust once more, when I cum, you cum. Say the words for me Harry,” Louis said sternly.

“W-when Louis cums, I cum,” Harry said crying and Louis smiled, giving Harry a soft kiss before pulling all the way out, slamming back in and letting go, cumming deep inside Harry’s puffy little hole.

As soon as Harry felt Louis’ cum invading his hole, Harry exhaled and threw his head back into the sand, letting out a loud moan and screamed Louis’ name while he came hard all over his chest and the towel. Louis leaned down and began licking Harry’s belly button and a long stripe up Louis’ cock, taking the excess cum into his mouth. Louis could feel Harry shudder and Louis smiled, “say my name baby,” Louis said and slowly pulled out of Harry, lapping his tongue at the cum on Harry’s chest.

“Louis, Louis, Louis,” Harry began panting, whimpering Louis’ name over and over just like Louis asked. Louis smiled and pulled back, looking at Harry’s face and whispered, “hold on baby. Just calm down,” Louis whispered and very carefully took the clamp off Harry’s left nipple. Harry let out a little gasp and curled his toes. “Shh you’re alright,” Louis cooed gently and stroked Harry’s hip soothingly before taking the second clamp off. Louis set everything back into the beach bag before kissing Harry’s puffy cherry red lips and pulling back a bit, “come on honey, so good. You were so so good for me. How did you like that?” Louis said, pulling his swim trunks back on and then helping Harry get back into his.

“First time on the beach,” Harry slurred, “so fucking good.”

Louis laughed tiredly and kissed Harry’s forehead, laying down beside Harry in the sand. “Sand in your hair,” Louis commented, tutting and running a hand though Harry’s sweaty curls. “That’s cause you fucked me on a beach,” Harry reminds him and Louis laughed, nodding and pulling Harry onto his chest. Harry hissed and Louis stroked his back, knowing his nipples were probably sore (not that he was sorry, he couldn’t wait to play with them later when they were nice and puffy and red).

“Can we sleep here?” Harry whispered, his head in the crevice between Louis’ shoulder and neck. Louis’ hand was on Harry’s bum now, rubbing the red aftermath from his spanking. Louis looked down and thought for a moment. He’d love to take a shower and curl up in the bed sheets, but looking at Harry’s exhausted body, his eyes shut and lanky limbs wrapped around Louis, Louis knew he didn’t have the heart to make Harry move (even though it was just a five minute trek up the path to get back to the house).

“Yes love lets stay here,” Louis smiled, cause fuck it. He rented out this beach and if his boy wants to sleep here than why not?“ "Hey Louis?” Harry whispered, his arm winding tightly around Louis’ chest.

“Yes Haz?” Louis hummed sleepily.

“I have another fantasy of having sex in the water,” Harry said slowly, voice raspy and hinting.

Louis just nodded and let out a little noise to let Harry know he understands. Because Louis always understands what Harry needs, and the wheels were already turning in Louis’ head for all the things he could do to Harry under the cover of the ocean waves.

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every year sakura takes off the last week of march and the first week of april. she pulls sarada out of school and picks an exciting location for them to spend their birthdays at together and then sends sasuke their itinerary with an implied invitation. 

and, every year, sasuke goes to them. he puts his mission on hold for at least a few days, and although he won’t approach them for fear of abandoning that mission if he does, he stays close enough to watch his wife and watch his daughter and leave a trail of presents that never fails to leave sarada elated.

he knows she knows he’s there, but sakura doesn’t glance his way and neither does their little one. sarada would recognize him in an instant, he thinks, but his straw hat hides his face and she isn’t focused on much aside from the second order of dango her mother graciously allowed her to have.

“what happened to us sharing that?” sakura asks.

he watches the way sarada smiles guiltily with syrup on her lips and her stuffed cheeks bulging. she giggles over her snack. “but it’s my my birthday so i can have all of it, right, mama?”

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starry-athxna  asked:

Scenario where Aomine + Akashi + Atsushiwith a shy naturally beautiful girlfriend in the pool which every boy drools over her (including the boys) since is the first time that they see her in a bikini

Ahh! I’m sorry if this took too long friend, I hope you’re having a nice day and enjoy this one!! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋

♥︎ Aomine:

“Oh come on, (Name)! Don’t hide them, you look cute!” Momoi convinced, crossing her arms as she stared at her best friend that wore the same outfit as her, only different styles and colours. The heroine flashed her an unamused look, making the pinkhead sigh.

“At least just this once. And besides, you know I wouldn’t force you into doing this unless it looks good on you.” she cocked an eyebrow, waiting for her friend’s answer, but to no avail. Smiling in satisfaction, she gently grabs her wrist, pulling her out of the girls’ bathroom.

“Ah, Satsuki, I really don’t feel comfortable wearing this.” (Name) uttered, as she noticed guys swimming around the pool, and guys sitting down by the benches, glue their eyes on her.

Momoi took a glance at the boys looking at her friend, glaring at them, before fastening her pace. “Don’t mind them. Just don’t get too close. And besides, the whole team is here to protect yo if they do anything lewd!” Momoi smiled wide= as she presented the Touou basketball team, who were doing warm-ups by the pool, excluding Aomine who made his way to his girlfriend.

The team stopped their exercises, darting their eyes on Aomine’s girlfriend, who smiled awkwardly and waved. Momoi smiled, making her way to her clipboard which was on the benches.

Imayoshi whistled. “I didn’t expect you to look cuter than your school uniform, (Name). I thought wrong.” he said, before diving into the pool, getting away from Aomine who glared at him.

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Hot Tub

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Pairing : Sam x reader
Words: 2967
Author : mel
Warnings: Smut, swearing

“AWW SHIIT! THIS MOTEL HAS A POOL!” you yell, jumping out of the Impala.
As you run forwards you can hear Sam laughing behind you. Him and Dean get out of the car and stretch their legs. “AND A HOT TUB! GUYS! CAN WE PLEASE STAY AT THIS ONE??” you give Sam and Dean puppy dog eyes.
Your current hunt was pretty far outside of town,  on the other side. The boys had only agreed to stop here to grab some food and let you stretch your legs.

Dean grumbled about something, and you heard Sam saying “Come on Dean. A hot tub would be nice after a hunt and you know it.”

When Dean agreed, you ran to him and jumped on him throwing your arms around his neck for a hug and giving him a big smooch on the cheek. “Thanks Dean!”

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71 by Serena Elise

Krish giving me her “can we just go swimming now?” face.

sparksearcher  asked:

Whouffaldi, space married. Take that however you want.

“How many times is this?” Clara said. She hadn’t meant to stamp her foot as she said it, but apparently she had.

“Four. Not counting that time with the Aztecs and the cocoa, which I was merely doing to demonstrate what I’d done on my last visit.”

“Five times. No, six. You’re forgetting the time on Vega Five with the–”

“Oh, right, the hand-holding while standing on the platform to the gods.”

“Which you made us do because, and I quote, the wind through the chimes was creepy.”

“Well, in my defense, it was.”

“Yeah, actually, it was.” Clara hadn’t minded holding his hand just then, because it had been seriously creepy, which was not how it was perceived by the local species, which in fact found the sound deeply romantic, which was why the platform was the wedding platform and people who held hands on it were signaling their most solemn intention to get married which she and the Doctor had now done six times. By accident.

“I’m starting to think this isn’t accidental.”

“What isn’t?”

“This getting space married over and over thing.”

“Clara, I keep telling you, space-married isn’t a thing any more than space restaurants are.”

“Space pirates are, though.”

“Well, yeah.”

“And the space pirate captain of this space pirate ship just married us.”

“Well, yeah.”

“Accidentally on purpose. Again. See, this is my point. Again. How many times are you going to get us into this mess?”

“As many times as it takes,” the Doctor said. Before Clara could react to that, the ropes binding them to the prow of the ship came loose. “There we are,” he said. “Can you swim? Now would be a good time to learn. Jump!”

Clara took his hand, and they were falling into the warm blue sea below them, and if she shrieked with laughter as they fell, it was entirely a coincidence.

Here you go anons and @busnack!

Part 1

  • James was always excited to go to his swim lessons. He constantly asked Annabeth when they were going to see Percy again so he could swim.
  • “Can we go swimming now?” James asked in the locker room. He was practically jumping with anticipation.
  • Annabeth sighed. They got there fifteen minutes early because James dragged her there. “Okay. Okay.” She locked up their stuff.
  • He walked to the door that lead to the pool deck.
  • It looked like no one was there. The water seemed still until someone broke the surface to start free style.
  • It took Annabeth a minute to realize it was Percy. His black hair was covered by a green swim cap and his eyes were covered by goggles.
  • The water easily glide over his body as he swam. 
  • She watched as he did a flip turn when he got to the other end of the pool. He broke into the butterfly.
  • “Wow, look at Percy!” James was amazed at Percy’s swimming. 
  • “I know, I see.” Annabeth was amazed too. 
  • She was amazed how he timed every stroke and kick to make him go as fast as he could. 
  • He did another flip turn and saw back. Once he was done, he broke surface. Percy was breathing hard as he took off his goggles.
  • “That was so cool!” James grinned. 
  • He turned and saw them there. “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t realize-”
  • “We’re early.” Annabeth told him. 
  • Percy took off his swim cap before getting out of the pool. 
  • Annabeth turned a bit pink when she realized he was wearing a speedo.
  • “I’ll be ready in five minutes.” Percy said facing them. His speedo was just able to cover everything.
  • “No rush.” Annabeth told him as he went to the office. 
  • James looked at his mom. “Percy was wearing a tiny bathing suit.” He giggled.
  • “I know.”
  • Percy came out five minutes later, wearing red swim trunks that said lifeguard on the bottom left leg. “You ready to swim, bud?”
  • James nodded. “Can I jump?”
  • “Sure. Let me get in first.” Percy smiled at him.


  • Annabeth was glad her friend, Piper, could babysit James for a couple of hours as she ran errands. She loved James, but she knew if she brought him to go grocery shopping, she would end up buying half of the cookie aisle.
  • She was looking down at her list when her cart banged into another. 
  • “I’m so sorry.” She heard.
  • She looked up and saw Percy. “It’s okay Percy.”
  • “I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking at what I need.”
  • She looked at his cart and saw a lot of junk food, food that a bachelor would buy.”
  • “You need to eat healthier food.” She told him.
  • “I’m a swimmer. I have a fast metabolism.” He smiled.
  • “I don’t think donuts and cookies are going to help your swimming.” 
  • He chuckled. “They’re for late night grading.”
  • “Grading?”
  • “I’m the biology teacher at the high school. I also coach the varsity swim team.” He told her. “I need some comfort food as I grade.” 
  • “Oh wow. You’re a busy guy.”
  • “Yeah, also another reason why I don’t eat well.”
  • Annabeth sucked in a breath. “You should come over and have a good home cooked meal.” 
  • “Oh, no, Annabeth, I really shouldn’t.”
  • “When’s the last time you had a home cooked meal?” She asked.
  • Percy thought about it for a while. “Christmas.”
  • “That was four months ago. Percy, come over for dinner tonight.” Annabeth told him. “James loves being around you and it would be great to have someone over for dinner so it’s not just James and I.”
  • Percy thought for a moment. “Okay.”
  • “We have dinner at six.” She told him. 

oh my god I love you more than the trees and the stars and the sun and the moon combined and I don’t know when I let you become my breath but nothing makes me happier than the way we fit together like puzzle pieces and the way our lips melt like chocolate when they touch and the way your touch travels down my spine like an electrical current and the way the way the way …

I don’t know what I did to deserve you but i’m sure as hell glad I did whatever it was, you’re the best choice I never made and the best choice I’ll continue to make and oh god my heart is flooding with love I have for you so it’s a good thing yours is doing the same because now we can swim together in our love

you are the best in the world and i am my best when I’m by your side and together we outlive hurricanes and forest fires and earthquakes again and again and again and hopefully for forever and ever and ever

boy do I love you and I mean all of you, from your head to your toes and everything in between, I’ll plant kisses everywhere, on your forehead and cheek and neck and chest and stomach and thighs, and they will sow my love into your body so that you never forget that I’m here with you my angel baby darling sweetling princess and my love is united with yours, together and together and together

—  you and you and nothing but you and me and me and us, caress my cheek and hold my waist babe you’re all I want tonight // k.m. (via @perceivingwords)
EXO reaxtion to a day at the beach

Xiumin: Jagi, what you lke to do first? Swimming or sunbathing? *He is going to ask you first because he wants you to have a good time with him*

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Luhan: Hello pretty girl, you have a boyfriend? *He start to flirt when he see you in your bikini*

You: No, but I have a girlfriend, her name is Luhan

Luhan: Yaaah! I´m a men *sorry not sorry*

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You: You wanna play volleyball?

Kris: No, I don´t like it

You: Pretty please

-when he win-

Kris: Yeah! I´m the master of this game. Let´s play again

You: But you said that you don´t lik-

Kris: I never said that

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Suho: *He wants to go with you only, but the other members follow you*

Suho: Why me?

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Lay: Come on Y/N, the water isn´t cold * He literally will spend all day in the water*

Originally posted by getlayd

Chen: *jealous* Why this boy keep checking you out?

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Baekhyun: What do you like to do first? Build a sandcastle? Swim? Build a sandcastle? *thinking* “Please say build a sandcastle”

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Chanyeol: Let´s go swim

You: I’ll take the sun first 

Chanyeol: Oh…ok *evil smile*

-5 seconds later-

You: Chanyeol put me down!

Chanyeol: If you want it…*he says, and he dropped you into the water* We can swim now jagi?

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D.O: You look amazing Y/N.*Blush like cracy*

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Kai: Don´t worry Y/N if you drown I will save you *wink*

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You: I´m already know how to swim Kai...

Kai: Oh… You can be my life guard *cute mode on*

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Tao: I challenge you to a race, whoever loses purchase ice cream. *you let him win beacuse you know that if you don´t do that he will complains all day*

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Sehun: Something has touched my foot *freaking out*

You: Don´t worry oppa, sure it’s only a fish…

Sehun: I´m sure that is bigger than a fish, sure is a shark

You: In this beach there aren´t sharks

Sehun: You better be right, you will not find another boyfriend as incredible as me if a shark eats me

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