now we all love and hate


i love spreading positivity and love.

that’s all we need right now in this world.

only love and positivity.

we don’t need hate towards anyone.

we don’t need the negative in our lives.

it’s something we can live without.

we need to understand that.

we don’t need any kind of racism like sexism.

not only sexism towards women but towards men too.

also keep in mind that rape victims can be male too.

to keep this short, basically we need to be better.

and i’m willing to fight for equality and everything for this world and its people to live in peace, however with the discriminations that exist and will continue to exist, not much will change but we have to fight for at least a slight change.


Hey, so I’m really fucking toasted right now, but I want all of you to know, every follower, every mutual, that I love you. You are awesome, you are valid, and I. Love. YOU. Don’t ever think you’re aren’t worth it. That you aren’t a person, or deserving of attention and love. I love you. Be good to each other. Love each other. Everybody deserves love and care and to feel wanted. Only those that hate and belittle their fellows deserve scorn, and even then, I hope they learn to love those they hated. I just hope one day we can be a single human race and reach for the stars and far, far beyond and become that which we have aspired to become!

I. I miss you, and it’s not like I miss your face, arms, or lips. I could do without, but simply your presence always reminded me of home, and I swear I lost that when you left. You don’t know, I’ve never felt so homeless and alone. No amount of money or possessions even compare to you. I wish you knew but
II. You know people always text their lovers in the morning, so I bet its weird that I’m texting you in the middle of the day, drunk at three in the afternoon. Don’t judge me, but I swear this whiskey tastes like you and this empty bottle is like our love. I have practically consumed what was left of it, and there is nothing left to do but throw it at you. But we both know all the shattered pieces will hurt only me anyway. Just please, open your arms, open your heart. Please don’t leave now because
III. I hate you, hate everything about you. I can’t stand you anymore. but I love you, and I can’t breathe, please, please, answer me, I can’t
IV. It’s been two weeks and these 336 hours and 14 minutes have been hell. You used to shimmer like a piece of heaven, but you’ve gone and I’m fallen. And I’ve been trying to be poetic, but poetry won’t bring you back to me. Spilling my heart out isn’t helping, so what do I do now, what do I do without
V. Hey, how have you been?
—  Texts I Never Sent// thequiethearttalks 
keith headcanons

━ when he was 12 he would carry a taser and a pepper spray everywhere he goes and would use them whenever someone pisses him off


      - keith, 17 minutes later: ‘hey shiro, sorry i said all that stuff. i love you, you’re the coolest big brother. can we order food now’

━ he got suspended once because he accidentally caused a fire and instead of putting it out he threw everything flammable and made the fire bigger

━ keith: ‘shiro, what’s your favourite colour?’

      - shiro, happily: ‘black’

      - keith: ‘your name means white, though. you don’t make sense, shiro’

━ keith once tried to eat a lighter and when someone asks why it was because he wanted to have fire-breathing powers

━ he joined the baseball team only to have access to the bat and whenever someone annoys him he whacks them with his bat

━ he got a toy sword for his birthday present and he brings it everywhere he goes. sometimes when someone annoys him, he would poke them really hard with it

━ he saw a really cute boy in his class and gained a tiny crush. the first thing he did was challenge him to a sword duel

━ shiro: ‘hey keith, did you take the kitchen knife to show and tell at school today’

━ when keith finally had his drivers license he bought his first motorcycle with his savings and drove around until 9pm

━ his first ever friend beside shiro was matt. they met at the garrison. he and matt would do pranks on iverson and shiro everytime they hang out

━ keith: ‘so like. do you know who lance is’

      - matt: ‘lance. lance, lance, lance. oh! oh, you mean lance!’

      - keith, grinning: ‘yeah!’

      - matt: ‘no, don’t know him’

      - keith, immediately pulling out his knife: ‘please die’

━ keith: [bumps into lance] lance: ‘oops, sorry’

      - keith, internally: ‘okay, keith. this is your chance. tell him it’s okay and smile. maybe ask him to hang sometime’

      - keith, externally: ‘watch your fucking step, asshole’

━ hunk: ‘hi, i’m hunk! you probably don’t know me, but i’m a friend of lance’s? he’s still pretty upset about that one time you elbowed him and you didn’t say sorry’

      - keith: ‘i never elbowed him’

      - hunk, smiling with tears in his eyes: ‘please just date him’

━ keith: ‘can you move? you’re in my seat’

     - lance, obviously pining: ‘why don’t you move! or maybe not- we can- we can sit down together if you want. there’s like. a spot next to me so like. yeah, sit next to me’

     - keith, not moving: ‘ok we can sit together but you’re in my seat’

━ lance aced a test once and he was so happy he accidentally hugged keith and keith smiled at him, lance had a whiplash and couldn’t stop thinking about it for 5 whole days

━ he still has the taser and pepper spray and he tasered iverson once and sprayed pepper at matt a couple of times

━ matt: ‘you’re the reason i wear glasses’

     - keith: ‘now that’s just uncalled for’

━ keith, seeing pidge for the first time: ‘(internally) who the fuck is this matt cosplayer’

━ keith, unlocking his bayard: ‘damn. kinda wish it was a taser’

     - keith, seeing pidge’s bayard works like a taser: ‘(softly) the fuck is this homophobia’

━ keith, laying down on his bed while starring at the ceiling: ‘(thinks about lance) yep. i’m gay’

━ allura found him screaming and being chased by blue who was firing her weapons at him. soon she found out that keith had tried to sneak into blue’s cockpit and find out if lance had feelings for him

━ he goes out to the kitchen at 2am and coran thinks he’s some sort of creature that got into the castle by accident

     - coran then sets up a trap. the next morning, keith is hanging upside down. coran finally understood that keith was the one making noises at 2am and not a scary creature

     - keith, upside down: ‘i’ve been like this since 2am. someone please put me down’

━ keith: ‘does lance like me’

     - allura, visibly annoyed: ‘keith, you’ve been here for the 17th time now. i told you i don’t know’

     - keith, walking away: ‘ok, i’ll ask again in a few minutes’

━ accidentally blurts out ‘i love you’ to lance and then immediately runs away from him

━ lance: ‘so. wanna go out sometimes?’

     - keith: ‘we’re in space’

     - lance:

     - lance: ‘nevermind’

     - keith, at 4am: ‘(bolting right up) HE WAS ASKING ME OUT ON A DATE’

hi its me, the male love interest in the new disney movie. By the way, this isnt the OLD disney - we’re hip now, we dont believe in all that “love at first sight” baloney anymore! instead im just going to be a huge asshole to the female lead even though she’s super nice to me and doing all the work. i just really hate that she has faith in herself and her abilities, and always has a positive attitude, it really makes me wanna shit on her dreams and ambitions for the first 45 minutes of the movie. alarmingly, young women everywhere will claim i ruined their expectations for real men even though i basically just act like one. this aint your fathers disney movie


Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?

Fave reylo moments in TLJ (spoilers)
  • The first time they see each other through the force bond and they both freak out, especially Kylo, oh my god he just rushes out of the room searching for her 
  • Kylo basically being stuck with an angry scavenger girl in his head who’s constantly throwing vicious insults at him 
  • Rey being haunted by a man with one HELL of a body who just won’t get dressed 
  • … a man who doesn’t seem to mind at all how his body affects her, that smug little bastard 
  • The “this is not a good time”/”WELL NOT FOR ME EITHER” thing that could have come straight out of a force bond fanfic 
  • let’s not even talk about the way he looks at her, the expression he makes every time he sees her, oh my god 
  • The way SHE looked at HIM in the elevator scene?? ? She did The Thing. The stare into eyes/glance at lips/meet eyes again thing. SHE DID THE THING. Oh, Kylo, you’re FUCKED and you know it. 
  • The throne room scene. Kylo picking a side. Kylo choosing Rey. Holy mother of god, that scene. 
  • the way she tossed him the lightsaber so he could kill that red guard was a turn on in a very, very weird way 
  • “not to me”
    I died, I’m dead, I’m writing this from reylo hell 
  • The “let’s rule the galaxy together” speech happened. It actually happened. The scene we’ve all read fics about. The scene we’ve all written fics about, me included (x)
  • (we were right we were right we were right this whole fucking time)
  • Rey’s dejected “gdi y u gotta be like this”
  • “please”
  • The rejection that really, really cemented the love/hate-tension. I know some reylos were really disappointed with that turn of events, but I LOVE it. I love that tension. They’ve decided to hate each other, that they’re mortal enemies now, but will they be able to actually stay away from each other? Nooooo. Noooooo, they won’t. And it’s gonna be glorious. IX is gonna be glorious. 

the media: one direction HATES each other they NEVER are going to get back together they would be fine if one of them DISAPPEARED FOREVER

niall: yeah i just saw louis and i’m seeing liam next week and i’m seeing harry this week and i talk to them every day actually they’re backstage right now and we all live in the same house and like we even sleep in the same bed also i love one direc–

hamilton   /   starter sentences.

feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

  • ’ this kid is insane, man! ’
  • ’ the world’s gonna know your name! ’
  • ’ what’s your name, man? ’
  • ’ there’s a million things i haven’t done. ’
  • ’ just you wait. ’
  • ’ in new york you can be a new man. ’
  • ’ you could never back down. ’
  • ’ you never learned to take your time. ’
  • ’ the world will never be the same. ’
  • ’ pardon me, are you [ name ], sir? ’
  • ’ i’m at your service, sir. ’
  • ’ i have been looking for you. ’
  • ’ i’m getting nervous. ‘
  • ‘ can i buy you a drink? ‘
  • ‘ while we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice. ‘
  • ‘ don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. ‘
  • ‘ you can’t be serious. ‘
  • ‘ you want to get ahead? ‘
  • ‘ fools who run their mouths off wind up dead. ‘
  • ‘ what time is it? ‘
  • ‘ pour me another brew, son! ‘
  • ‘ to the revolution! ‘
  • ‘ good luck with that. ‘
  • ‘ what do you stall for? ‘
  • ‘ if you stand for nothing, [ name ], what’ll you fall for? ‘
  • ‘ who are you? ‘
  • ‘ i am not throwing away my shot. ‘
  • ‘ i’m young, scrappy, and hungry. ‘
  • ‘ with every word i drop knowledge. ‘
  • ‘ i’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal. ‘
  • ‘ only nineteen, but my mind is older. ‘
  • ‘ i have learned to manage. ‘
  • ‘ the plan is to fan this spark into a flame. ‘
  • ‘ don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me. ‘
  • ‘ i will lay down my life if it sets us free. ‘
  • ‘ if you talk, you’re gonna get shot! ‘
  • ‘ i think your pants look hot. ‘
  • ‘ what are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot? ‘
  • ‘ oh, am i talkin’ too loud? ‘
  • ‘ i promise that i’ll make y'all proud. ‘
  • ‘ rise up. ‘
  • ‘ i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. ‘
  • ‘ i never thought i’d live past twenty. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a moment, it’s the movement. ‘
  • ‘ we need to handle our financial situation. ‘
  • ‘ i may not live to see our glory. ‘
  • ‘ i will gladly join the fight. ‘
  • ‘ let’s have another round tonight. ‘
  • ‘ raise a glass to freedom. ‘
  • ‘ remind me what we’re looking for. ‘
  • ‘ i’m looking for a mind at work. ‘
  • ‘ there’s nothing like summer in the city. ‘
  • ‘ your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. ‘
  • [ name ], you disgust me. ‘
  • ‘ you want a revolution? i want a revelation. ‘
  • ‘ chaos and bloodshed are not a solution. ‘
  • ‘ they’re playing a dangerous game. ‘
  • ‘ for shame, for shame! ‘
  • ‘ it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face. ‘
  • ‘ honestly, you shouldn’t even talk. ‘
  • ‘ my dog speaks more eloquently than thee. ‘
  • ‘ i’d rather be divisive than indecisive. ‘
  • ‘ you say the price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay. ‘
  • ‘ why so sad? ‘
  • ‘ now you’re making me mad. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll be back. ‘
  • ‘ soon you’ll see. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll remember you belong to me. ‘
  • ‘ time will tell. ‘
  • ‘ i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ don’t change the subject. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll love you till my dying days. ‘
  • ‘ when you’re gone, i’ll go mad. ‘
  • ‘ i will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ any hope of success is fleeting. ‘
  • ‘ i cannot be everywhere at once. ‘
  • ‘ i’m in dire need of assistance. ‘
  • ‘ close the door on your way out. ‘
  • ‘ have i done something wrong, sir? ‘
  • ‘ dying is easy, young man. living is harder. ‘
  • ‘ why are you telling me this? ‘
  • ‘ we are a powder keg about to explode. ‘
  • ‘ i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. ‘
  • ‘ where are you taking me? ‘
  • ‘ i’m about to change your life. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a game. ‘
  • ‘ you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ you’re like me. i’m never satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll see you on the other side of the war. ‘
  • ‘ love doesn’t discriminate. ‘
  • ‘ there are things that the homilies and hymns won’t teach ya. ‘
  • ‘ i am the one thing in life i can control. ‘
  • ‘ there’s only one way for us to win this. ‘
  • ‘ i’m sorry, is this not your speed?! ‘
  • ‘ can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? ‘
  • ‘ my name’s been through a lot, i can take it. ‘
  • ‘ i’m more than willing to die. ‘
  • ‘ look around at how lucky we are. ‘
  • ‘ how long have you known? ‘
  • ‘ you should have told me. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not sorry. ‘
  • ‘ look at where you started. ‘
  • ‘ the fact that you’re alive is a miracle. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need a legacy. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need money. ‘
  • ‘ no one has more resilience. ‘
  • ‘ i know that we can win. ‘
  • ‘ history has its eyes on you. ‘
  • ‘ immigrants: we get the job done. ‘
  • ‘ so what happens if we win? ‘
  • ‘ the world turned upside down. ‘
  • ‘ do you know how hard it is to lead? ‘
  • ‘ don’t come crawling back to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re on your own. ‘
  • ‘ i’m dedicating everyday to you. ‘
  • ‘ domestic life was never quite my style. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be around for you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll do whatever it takes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make a million mistakes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make the world safe and sound for you. ‘
  • ‘ why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room? ‘
  • ‘ why do you write like you’re running out of time? ‘
  • ‘ why do you always say what you believe? ‘
  • ‘ it’s the middle of the night. ‘
  • ‘ is this a legal matter? ‘
  • ‘ you’re making a mistake. ‘
  • ‘ don’t forget to write. ‘
  • ‘ we have to win. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve come home to this? ‘
  • ‘ headfirst, into the abyss! ‘
  • ‘ let’s get to the bottom of this. ‘
  • ‘ so what did i miss? ‘
  • ‘ you wanna pull yourself together? ‘
  • ‘ take a break. ‘
  • ‘ i am on my way. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got so much on my plate. ‘
  • ‘ it’s good to see your face. ‘
  • ‘ screw your courage to the sticking place. ‘
  • ‘ close your eyes and dream. ‘
  • ‘ there’s trouble in the air, you can smell it. ‘
  • ‘ i hadn’t slept in a week. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how to say no to this. ‘
  • ‘ i am ruined. ‘
  • ‘ nobody needs to know. ‘
  • ‘ we oughta give it a try. ‘
  • ‘ talk less. smile more. ‘
  • ‘ hate the sin, love the sinner. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve always considered you a friend. ‘
  • ‘ i swear your pride will be the death of us all. ‘
  • ‘ now is the time to stand! ‘
  • ‘ we’re too fragile to start another fight. ‘
  • ‘ have you an ounce of regret? ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry action has its equal, opposite reactions. ‘
  • ‘ it must be nice
. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna give you a word of warning. ‘
  • ‘ relax, have a drink with me. ‘
  • ‘ why do you have to say goodbye? ‘
  • ‘ i don’t have to tell you anything at all. ‘
  • ‘ do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? ‘
  • ‘ are my answers to your satisfaction? ‘
  • ‘ rumors only grow. ‘
  • ‘ i wrote my way out of hell. ‘
  • ‘ overwhelm them with honesty. ‘
  • ‘ have you read this? ‘
  • ‘ i came as soon as i heard. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not here for you. ‘
  • ‘ you could never be satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ god, i hope you’re satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ that’s one less thing to worry about. ‘
  • ‘ you ever see somebody ruin their own life? ‘
  • ‘ i saved every letter you wrote me. ‘
  • ‘ i knew you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you said you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ i thought were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you and your words flooded my senses. ‘
  • ‘ you built me palaces out of paragraphs. ‘
  • ‘ you have ruined our lives. ‘
  • ‘ i hope that you burn. ‘
  • ‘ they don’t exactly cover this subject in boarding school. ‘
  • ‘ stay alive. ‘
  • ‘ is he breathing? is he going to survive this? ‘
  • ‘ there is suffering too terrible to name. ‘
  • ‘ i never liked the quiet before. ‘
  • ‘ that never used to happen before. ‘
  • ‘ can you imagine? ‘
  • ‘ i know i don’t deserve you, [ name ]. ‘
  • ‘ is there anything you wouldn’t do? ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be damned! ‘
  • ‘ what if this bullet is my legacy? ‘
  • ‘ legacy. what is a legacy? ‘
  • ‘ i’m the villain in your history. ‘
  • ‘ who lives, who dies, who tells your story? ‘
Let me roast you, antis

Suuuure Jungkook wants Jimin to leave him alone… 

He’s called Satellite Jeon for a reason, because he follows Jimin around so much that he reminds us of a satellite orbiting around his centre. 

He even moves other members to be close to Jimin. 

Oh! Wait, did reality hit you in the face and made your IQ drop perhaps, antis? 

That would explain a whole lot.

Here, let me introduce you to some facts (credits to the owners of these): 

Let’s start with this piece of work, which should be more than enough already but considering the damage to your brain, I think we should deepen your knowledge pool. 

Wait, doesn’t Jungkook dislike sharing clothes? Hmm, he must dislike Jimin so much to go up to him on his own to offer his jacket. RIGHT.

Moving on.

I think this speaks on its own. I hope antis have some reading comprehension. 

Last but not least, we know that Jungkook got presents only for Jimin for his birthday and always wrote “I love you, hyung” to him. 

That’s it for my sarcastic rant. Now to my serious thoughts. 

I don’t care at all if you don’t ship Jimin and Jungkook, that’s completely fine. We’re all free to believe what we want and our ships are not confirmed so really, I’m not against that mentality.

But don’t spread fake info about members disliking each other, that’s hurtful to everyone, ARMYs and members who read stuff, y’know. 

My attack is towards the haters/antis and the toxic shippers, that’s all. 

List of reasons why Mon-el is disliked and hated

now i am going to take out any part of him being a toxic or horrible boyfriend and give facts on why aside from the toxic claims by the fandom, the reasons that most fans have problems with him and with karamel

1. His arrival was followed by the immediate break up of karolsen

  •   after a season of build up there were many fans extremely upset with this
  • Chris Wood tends to always be introduced as a love interest for the protagonist when ever he shows up on a cw show and we all knew that was what was happening

2. His waking up

  • the moment Mon-el wakes up we get an episode centered mostly around him, it has Alex moments and the introduction of sanvers but it revolves mostly around Mon-el
  • this began a cycle of Mon-el taking over episodes not completely but he took a big spotlight in the show
  • he chokes Kara the first time he sees her, now this action is a fight or flight instinct but it is something that was remembered and will not be forgotten by most of the fandom

3. taking up more screen time than most any other character

  • if you look at it, you will see that Mon-el from the moment he lands takes up screen time, and though he can be a good character and his arch can be interesting he takes up more screen time than necessary
  • the use of other characters to prop up his story is evident
  • he in as early as 2x05 is getting near equal screen time to Kara and that is not something that the show used to do, the show used to give more screen time to female characters rather than the male

4. over shadowing Kara

  • at first it was a slow growth of him to over shadow Kara’s screen time but by mid season it was apparent that the show was going to focus not on Kara developing but Kara helping Mon-el develop
  • this took away from the main character it gave us no true Kara story arch but a Mon-el story arch in which he became a hero

5. the Mon-el story arch was because of his relationship with Kara

  • rather than have Mon-el learn on his own and become a better man before entering a relationship they put him with Kara for him to change him
  • this is what put many fans off, now it is not a woman’s job to help a man become better, 
  • they rushed this if they had slowed it down and made it a back ground arch then it would have been better accepted by fans and critics 

6. His lying

now before you stop reading this is not about him abusing kara in any way it is simply the fact that he did lie, weather he planned on telling the truth or not does not matter 

  • he from the moment he landed lied about who he was,even if it was for his own protection he did so
  • he chose to keep that secret even when Kara had allowed him into her home and into her life as her friend
  • he kept it as they began dating and had slept together (many of the fandom see that as a huge problem)
    • they see that in lying to her would she have ever slept with him if she knew
    • doesn’t that mean that he was commuting a form of manipulation and deceit it does not sit well in the stomach to think of it

7. the big villain

  • he became a hero yes that is true no matter what the show sees him as one, but he also brought the villain
  • rather than help his planet and  later figure out how to escape he stayed bringing a terror to earth
  • this meant that rather than the villain being a supergirl villain it was his villain a Mon-el villain

8. they used Sanvers to prop up Karamel

  • they introduced sanvers early on in this season and sadly as the season went on we got less screen time for the couple
  • it started in around 2x11 or so,
  • we are shown in mrs&mr. myx that we get one valentines sanvers scene then a karamel scene it was the beginning of a trend
  • with every small sanvers scene we got a karamel scene with a kiss and such
  • while sanvers only got dialog and maybe one kiss per episode, it was easy to see that they began paralleling the two and were using sanvers to prop up karamel

9. Every episode

  • now it became apparent that he was a lead in the show he had more screen time than alex and near equal to Kara
  • it became every episode was focused on him and Kara being together and there was never a danvers sisters moment to equal it out
  • it focuses on the relationship and on how he was suddenly a new man who was scared of Kara leaving him
  • he was a hero now and the show was more about him than it was anything else we had less super moments and more karamel moments 

Descendants as Shit Said in My House

Mal: I don’t want to go to school. I wanna play hooky and write spells in my book-y.

Evie: Once I wanted to be a Princess, and now I’m a Queen. Either way, I don’t deserve this!

Jay: No I’m fine really! Believe me, one time I got hit by a car- I didn’t even bruise!

Carlos: Unless you have four legs, a tail, and are ready to cuddle, I’m not listening.

Ben: I used to be really good at making friends, but now they’re just kinda…attracted to me and I’m stuck being awkwardly friendly.

Lonnie: If you keep talking bad about yourself, I will personally fight your brain.

Jane: I’ve had a long day, don’t talk to me, I hate everyone right now. I going to make coffee and go to sleep.


Audrey: I don’t need to apologize because I am not wrong.

Uma: I love mom! She taught me all the important things, like: how to emotionally manipulate people, guilt them passive aggressively, and make my children cry.

Gil: It’s fun being the tall friend! Everyone comes to you for help and shade, and it makes me feel important!


anonymous asked:

Hey you don’t need to answer this I just wanna let you know that I appreciate your blog and the info you put out. From what I see, you always credit sources. Keep doing what you’re doing ☺️

Thank you dear for being informed and not just jump to conclusions. That aside let me give the ones who do not know how I credit or are new to my blog how it’s done. I included recent posts because it seems even after seeing those some people can’t see it: 

There are many ways to credit, and I credit in different ways depending on the nature of the post. Tumblr has the option of adding the source of the post. That’s how Tumblr asks us to credit and that’s how I do it most of the times. because 1: it makes you find the original post easier as it redirects you to the original owner and thus you can then follow and support them. (post HERE)

I can add their page name + link when it’s an edit or a fansite (lately this is how I have been doing it)

When there are many people to credit I search and try to credit them all (post HERE)

Some people credit by adding links in the words in the caption. I do that usually when I make gifs but not commonly for other posts because Tumblr offers the option to delete a caption when you reblog so putting it in the source is the way I am sure the crediting will never be lost (post HERE

T.N: I learned long ago how to make my own gifs and I use other ones in posts that come from Tumblr’s library and use them legally with crediting

For news too I add the source. So how do we get the info like the one below? There is something called Media relations. It refers to the relationship that BIGHIT develops with journalists. Basically, the communication department in BigHit informs journalists that write an article and that’s how we know. Sometimes some journalist gets the info wrong or tries to gain bad fame by saying lies and make their post popular (yes I know, it’s sad. Some people can’t work hard on their own so they lie and try to use someone’s else name). As someone who gives you updates, I get my info from journalists or trustable armys that got the info from them. When it turns to be untrue, I make another post explaining that it was just a lie. 

This blog offer updates that mostly come from another source. It’s normal I am not the owner of it. It’s like you go to ALLKPOP and tell them, take off all your content it’s repost. Does that make sense? When I posts memes I make sure the name is not cropped away, that’s also the same way people on Twitter credit me (because A LOT of my content end up there too. And not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, weibo … ) many of my content end up being translated to many languages too and I get soooo happy when other ARMYs get to enjoy it.

AND For this part of the same person going around saying I am Kboo (they are like 3 people but got all the day to send hate asks. or they send ‘please tell me what is kboo, or they say ‘I heard mimi was getting hate what is it) 

So about this post this person contacted me and I told them the following 

But they still kept going around spreading fake rumors. At the time it was all over the American news that North Korea was going to attack. And Americans were joking about it. Now thinking about it, in the long term and out of that time and context it can be used the way this hater used it. As for the whole post many ARMYs liked it and for a looooong time no one found any problem with it until this person made its meaning turn this way (this is the post btw HERE At the time I received many asks from armys being nervous about BTS going to the bbmas and that’s how the idea came to me to make that post. So we can cheer up and say that everything will be fine )

Just after I answered them and edited my post they didn’t answer me again but they went celebrating saying they have an impact. And they felt important. They never felt bad for any race, they weren’t protecting anyone just wishing for someone to notice them here because no one knows them through their blog never made it. They have been talking about this day and night trying to plot how to bring hate

Their goals are to hate on everyone and make content creators delete their posts. The same content creators that make posts about BTS and updates to help this fandom. This is the one who started it even her name have “ANTI” in it. What did you expect? also she is HOMOPHOBIC (not just against ships) and hate JIKOOK shippers

When she found nothing to hate on and realized pple are seeing the truth she went to attack my dear followers aka a big part of the ARMY fandom in this blog 

Aside from Jikook shippers she says she wants to beat up all shippers. Seriously, guys, this is the person you have been believing. creating an account and turning all our fandom here into a war when we could be enjoying waiting for Mic Drop tmrw

After people called her out for her lies and why she bullies blogs and spread hate and thinks people are dumb to believe every screenshot she puts and paints another color. She changed her URL.That’s what she does. Start inner fanwars and then change her URL like nothing happened. If she was really honest will she do that?

For this post below, it was edited in a way to make me pass for a colorist or something. At the time haters started rumors about BTS saying they were colorists. I made a post explaining the situation. This person didn’t understand my point. At the time I wanted to keep the positivity, and the post who was trying to correct ideas took other proportions about the term so I decided to take it down. To not let the people in the comments feel ‘shut down’ I decided to contact them and told them ‘i will turn the article private/delete it if you want to discuss the situation more I will be glad. One of my followers was happy and we talked peacefully. Another one was no matter what I said had this idea that I was against them. I kept telling them I understand their point and that colorism is bad we should never judge someone on their skin or show favoritism. They used a definition that was not fitting if we wanted to talk about colorism is Korea. I told them I was very pale and was bullied for it in the past so I know how it feels to get treated that way. The discussion with that person was going nowhere, it was like I was talking a wall. So I just told them. I will end the discussion here. But that person took the discussion and edited out to make me look bad. If they read this I hope they post the whooooole thing. 

That person was using this definition. the first one that pops up on google when you write the term and said they did their research

I was trying to tell them that the term today is used both ways. For example in some countries, you are insulted for being pale. but they really edited that out to make me look arrogant. If I was arrogant will I even contact them to ask for their opinion? Why would I care about a comment if I was arrogant? My followers know how I always answer even replies when someone sends me a message I answer them too. Why is it easy to believe lies? That same person received a lot of hate because of that post because at the time people knew what I was talking about and people were telling them to stop their lies. Now they and the people above found each other and started this comedy. That person who edited the discussion was defending and saying how BTS are racist and colorists. Now, look at that plot twist!

Untrue: I made a post explaining the situation that antis used against our boys

I work hard on this blog and I never complain because I love seeing the smiles on many of my dear follower’s faces. I slept 1 hour a night lately because of the recent updates (but I am using a facemask now, that thing IS LIFE). I still had to carry my IRL schedule too. I am someone who loves to spread love. I always invite to respect all religions, races, cultures … I always felt proud to say how ARMY is so diverse and how the love to BTS made us hold each other’s hands no matter where we came from. I will continue being kind and refuse to hate anyone here. When I don’t feel like someone is worth it and I don’t want to see them in my dash I block them (easy peasy). It’s not mean to block someone, it’s mean to start fake rumors and try to bring down a fellow army who is just here to help. My parents thought me to not judge on words or faces or situations. And Just like I wished some months ago my dear Muslim followers ‘Happy Ramadan’ this time for anyone enjoying this beautiful day with dear ones: Happy Thanksgiving guys. I am happy to be part of ARMY and even the dark side of this fandom I embrace it fully, one day they will hopefully listen to BTS’ lyrics and message and learn that bullying is bad. BTS in the past were said to be racist. They were said that they copied all their concepts and music but look at them now. Good people end up going places, bad ones stay in a hole forever.

Ah, tomorrow in Mic Drop Remix right! oooooooh boi I will enjoy it! If you hear someone screaming in excitement tmrw it’s probably me HAHAHAH (this is how I laugh btw I never use KKKKKKK What even is that HAHAHHAHA. I am like a One Piece character IRL tho I have waaaaay better options I laugh in all different ways Hohohoho hihihihi GAGAGAGAG KOKOOOOKO KEKEKEKEEEEE PWAHAHA PWHIHIHI WTH is that HAHHAHAHHA It’s just laughing. OMG this whole situation is stupid - #LOVE YOURSELF #LOVE MYSELF #END VIOLENCE #DON’T BELIEVE ANONS HIDING BEHIND LIES YOU ARE A SMART PERSON USE YOUR BRAIN)

T/N: I have aaaaaall the receipts. I am an inspector ARMY and if you have seen my analysis you will know how crazy detailed I am. Once I start my research it’s insane (find my BS&T jpn vrs analysis HERE and Pied Piper HERE and Not Today that I made just when I created this blog HERE). So me not naming the ones starting those rumors is for two reasons: 1- I prefer to give publicity to artists, writers, amazing content creators … not someone who is untalented and mean. 2- I am into positivity and positive people. I talked to them, and took away all the content that they say made them angry but they still asked me to delete my blog then went after that telling their friends “oh wow look at my impact I made Mimi such a big blog delete” then gathered their 3 friends and wrote anon asks for blogs who unfortunately didn’t check the facts and jumped to conclusions. They also took my words out of context to edit them out just like in the past people did to BTS (the irony). These same people reblogged half of my posts and get all their updates from my blog but go ask people to ignore my content. Basically, they are using everyone, making this fandom fight each other and laugh it out loud.  Will you believe an anon hiding or a blogger that dedicates herself to this fandom? you choose dear ^^ either way. In my heart even now, I hold no hate just a tiny bit of pity toward the ones who live such a life.

I will keep spreading positivity and smiles. I have a very tight relationship with my followers and I believe fake rumors will not break it. LOVE YOU ARMY! LOVE YOU ALL! 

I want to add one little thing: I am a human too, I make my mistakes and that’s how I learn. I never intend or intended to harm anyone and I am remorseful if you felt that way. Truly. In the matters above. I now believe those topics are something I should not tackle easily and I will never make any remarks like that nor touch any of the subjects above. I am just someone who wants to love and help, believe me. I do much social work irl too that if you knew of you will laugh at these people accusing me. Thus, I will learn more and research more on the subjects above and try to educate myself properly on these various matters because I don’t want to be the person who thinks she never does anything wrong. Those people above attacked me and falsely accused me, but this is a chance for me to grow as a person and learn more about the subjects above. Thank you for anyone who is giving me great advice. 

And for the liars that don’t seem to have a life, I dedicate MIC DROP to you “There is no need to meet again (I already blocked you), this is my final goodbye. There is nothing to say, don’t even apologize. You will see you will end up like that. I am piecing, with my mutuals and followers like coke. Your corneas are shocked *MIC DROP* 


It was supposed to be routine. Easy, even. Clear the outpost, alert the blade of marmora, move on.

It should’ve been fine, really. Sure, Lance got distracted, and sure, he took a hit to the side. His armor helps, though. They’ve all taken hits like that, they’ve all lived to fly another day.

But Lance is silent.

“Lance?” Keith calls anxiously.

“I didn’t like the looks of that laser.” Pidge admits. “If it somehow made it through his armor…” She doesn’t complete her sentence. She doesn’t have to.

“I’ll be fine in a second.” Lance says, sounding a bit out of breath. “Just, uh, just go on without me. You’ll be fine without me. Fine.” His voice breaks on that word, and then he starts coughing. It’s a horrible, hacking cough, and Keith doesn’t miss the pained sound he makes.

“Not a chance.” He says. “We’re a team. All of us or none of us.” There’s silence from Lance’s end for a moment, and that silence gnaws on Keith’s stomach. Then Lance laughs bitterly, and Keith realizes with a jolt that his mouth is bloodstained.

“You had to make it even harder. You had to say that.”

“Lance?” Keith asks, panicked. “Shit, Lance, what’s happening?” Lance lifts his hand from his side, and they all see the scarlet stain, slowly spreading over his armor. Keith races across the floor to his side, skidding on the slick surface. “Oh my god.” He breathes. “It’s gonna-its gonna be okay, we’ll get you back to the castle. We’ll get you to the healing pod. It’ll be fine.” He glances up at the team. “Come on, guys, let’s go.” The team doesn’t meet his eyes.

“Keith.” Allura says eventually. “The castle is almost a varga away. We won’t make it in time.”

“No, we will. Lance will be fine. It’ll be fine.” He repeats like a mantra. “It’ll be fine.”

“Keith…” Lance says.

“Come on, guys, we have to go. We have to get him to the healing pod, we have to-” Nobody will meet his eyes, nobody will even look at him. “Come on!” He shouts, his voice breaking.

“Keith.” Lance grabs his wrist, his grip strong even now. “Look at me.” He does, his eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“Don’t do this, Lance. Its gonna be fine.”

“Yeah,” Lance agrees. “It will. Everything will be fine, soon.” Hunk chokes back a sob, his hands flying to his mouth. Pidge makes a sound halfway between a whimper and a scream. Keith is frozen, rooted to the spot.

“No. Lance, no.”

“I remember, by the way.” He attempts a smile, but starts coughing again. His hands are stained with blood when he stops. “I remember. The ‘bonding moment” He clarifies, gasping slightly for breath. “And I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Keith asks, his heart leaping into his throat.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Any of you.”

“Tell us what?” Allura asks in a strained voice, seeming to be the only one capable of speech.

“That you have the coolest accent, Allura, and you’re so freaking brave, and you’re always sacrificing so much.” She shakes her head and buries her face in Hunks shoulder, trying to hide her grief clouded eyes. “And Pidge… you’re so smart. You can do so much, you know so much. You’re like a super cool little sister.” Pidge is openly sobbing.

“And y-you’re a b-brother to me. I’m sorry Lance, I’m so sorry.” She manages. Hunk places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“And Hunk, you’ve always been there for me no matter what. You’re my best friend, and you have been for years. I love you, man. I love all of you. I’m s-” He starts coughing again. “I’m sorry.” He completes. “I’m sorry I took so long to tell you guys.”

“We love you too, Lance.” Keith manages, taking both his hands.

“And Keith. Where do I begin, oh my god. I hate that mullet, you know. Nobody should be able to make a mullet look that attractive. And you’re so stupidly brave. You’re so freaking self sacrificing, and reckless. Mostly out of spite. Maybe…maybe try to calm the temper, just a little? I swear, if you die I’ll kill you. With love.” He’s gasping now, struggling with each breath. His eyes are half closed. “Because I-I love you. I love your stupid face and your stupid hair and your stupid bravery and how you’re always so badass and cool but you’re also such a dork and-” He starts coughing again, wincing each time. He closes his eyes briefly.

“Hey, no.” Keith whispers. He puts his hand on Lance’s cheek. “Stay with us, stay with us, come on.”

“Keith.” Lance says softly. “Does this count as a bonding moment?” Keith throws his head back in hysterical laughter, tears flowing from his eyes. It turns into a sob almost immediately, a wounded animal scream escaping from his throat.

“I love you too.” He manages. “You idiot. I love you so much.” Lance reaches up a hand to wipe away Keith’s tears and Keith grasps wildly at the hand, closing his eyes. He feels it when the hand goes limp, hears the rattle in Lance’s chest stop. He doesn’t open his eyes. He can’t.

The ghost of Lance’s last smile is still etched on his face when Keith presses his first and last kiss to the cold lips, when he presses their foreheads together desperately, sobbing Lance’s name, even when he reaches out with trembling hands to close his eyes for the last time.

Safe Haven, Bill Denbrough.

A/N: So ever since I saw the new It movie I wanted to make something for Bill because he’s gr8 and deserves all the love in the world. First things first, I know a lot of people hate on accounts that make fanfiction for It so before you comment just know that I’m 100% not sexualizing them in any way. Just making a sweet imagine? And I’m the actors age anyways. So now that we have that out of the way, enjoy this long ass imagine. 

Word Count: 22,743 words.

The clock ticks at warp speed and everyone is frantically rushing down the aisles of each row of desks to sign yearbooks. Only a few people have signed her’s and if she were to be honest, she’d admit that it hurts. When you’re one of the school’s outcasts, you have to brush off a lot of things people say to you. You have to bite your tongue and pretend it doesn’t hurt and in Y/N’s case, it’s a challenge.

Chatter throughout the room only grows and suddenly her mind is scattered through all of the commotions of the final bell of the year ringing. Except someone manages to hold her attention.

Bill Denbrough.

Y/N’s had a crush on Bill for months now.
It started at the beginning of the school year. She wasn’t always an outcast, in fact, at one time she could have been considered mildly popular. That was until the rumors started spreading and like any person caught in the firing line of cruel teenage girls, Y/N did the only thing she knew how to. She pushed everything away. She excluded herself so that they couldn’t do it first and this happened the week she took a notice in Bill.

They were, and still are, teenagers. They’re kids and Y/N is not the kind of girl to leap into liking a someone, whether it be a friendship or relationship. She recalls that day now. He had just happened to catch her eye while she was hunched over her copy of Lord of the Flies in English. The white noise, Ms. Harrington lecturing about the dark themes and arcs of the novel, faded further. Then she looked away. It was a short, but memorable first glance.

The next time Bill captured her interest was a few days later. Y/N caught herself glancing at him instinctively and observing from a distance. Then in the following weeks, she kept checking him out, not even intending to do so, until she admitted to herself that she had a small crush on Bill Denbrough.

Not many of the girls in school were particularly fond of him, he was considered a loser after all. But from the little she’s seen and heard of him, Y/N is convinced he’s a good person.

Bill is now signing someone’s yearbook as his remains laid open on the desk next to her. The mostly blank paper, safe for a couple signatures from the Losers’ Club, tempt and convince her to go through with it. To finally make the move she’s been trying to all year. Y/N is desperate to have a friend. Even if she doesn’t want to admit this to herself, she wants someone to talk to and to understand her. She may have a crush on Bill, but to be his friend would be enough. It would be more than enough for a girl who only has one.

Y/N blows out a sharp exhale, swinging her pen up from the groove of her desk and leaning through the aisle to write in his yearbook.

The orange ink of her pen slides smoothly across the inside cover, and slopes of her cursive take up the entire bottom right corner of the “Autographs” page. He is still signing a few yearbooks and talking to Eddie Kaspbrak in the front of the classroom, while she carefully writes her note.

But he takes her by surprise.
Just as she’s going to sign her name, after she’d scrawled a small heart under the message, he turns back around. Y/N rips herself from the desk and almost trips while trying to find her seat again. Her thoughts run wild with every step he takes back to his seat and despite that he didn’t actually see her writing, she still fears he’ll know who wrote it immediately.

Bill’s hands scramble to grab the book, closing it and swinging his backpack over his shoulder.
The room gradually empties out and for the first time since last August, they are free from their school’s reign of terror.

Y/N tries not to let her shoulders slump as she takes the familiar route to her locker. But they eventually do and she can’t help but mentally scold herself for not signing the note. Now he won’t know it’s her unless she tells him, and that would defeat the purpose of her writing it in the first place. She’s has always had trouble opening up to people. This was her way to tell him how she feels without having to confront him directly.

And unfortunately, her locker is right next to Bill’s…and Richie, Eddie, and Stan’s.

“Here, let me sign it!” Richie says, snatching Bill’s yearbook from his arms and uncapping his pen.

The open locker door is the only barrier between her and Bill, offering itself up as a wall. With Y/N grimacing into her locker on one side and Bill leaning against his on the other. The two are both hyper-aware of the others’ presence between the wall, their bodies tensing at the thought of being so close.

“Didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Bill!”

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I'm a Guardian Demon

Yeah, you read that right. We’re by no means requested as much as those feathery dick-muffins, but we take our job just as seriously. ‘Course, we’ve gotta go about it a bit differently. No sense in doing the same damn thing - we’re summoned for a reason.

Guardian angels work pretty much exactly how you think. They look out for you, having you trip on the sidewalk to avoid getting hit by a car and whatnot. They love tangling with the threads of fate, plucking a string here and tying a loose end there. And while they’re great at predicting things short-term, they suck donkey balls long-term.

So for every time someone’s told you “you must have a guardian angel looking out for you!” after narrowly dodging that falling AC unit, that same snobby urinal cake won’t do jack shit about that crushing heartbreak. “They need to learn,” they’ll say. “Now they’ll appreciate the next one more,” they’ll say. Fuckers have a circle jerk on their high horses while you suffer. Moral code my ass.

But that’s where we come in. Demons ain’t got the same definition of “helping.” We torture people for eternity, and we’re damn good at it. We’re clever. We’re patient. And we love revenge stories as much as you people all hate us for it all.

Guy who cheated behind your back? Boom, chlamydia. Snot-nosed nephew hit you in the nuts? Introduce his ice cream to the ground, mother fucker. But our favorites - what we’re known for - is the waiting game.

That teacher who always graded you most harshly? Guess who’s the only casualty of the most recent school shooting. The bully who stole your lunch money every week? Now he smokes two packs a day and can barely make ends meet. The pastor who fondled you and said God wouldn’t want you to tell? I feed him lava every Tuesday downstairs. What goes around comes around, and we’re the ones coming around.

So the next time you get it into your tiny mortal skull that demons are the bad guys, remember we’re the ones dishing out the karma. We’re the ones putting the smile on your face when your ex’s new boy toy runs out on her after knocking her up. We’re the ones getting your boss fired for using company funds on hookers and blow. Oh look at who got promoted! Such surprise, much wow.

You’re fucking welcome.


Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*