now we all know what she does

I just read this super sad post about this girl who’s asexual and married and everyone is basically telling her that she doesn’t deserve her husband/she’s just a prude/she should just do it anyway.
So I want to tell you all right now that if people tell you this, or if they tell you you’ll never have a relationship, it is BULLSHIT.
My husband is asexual and I’m not. He’s sex repulsed, we don’t have sex, we never have.
And it doesn’t matter to me. You know what does? He does. His mental health and wellbeing matter to me. Because he is my best friend and he’s one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I’ve ever met. And he’s had people tel him that he’s broken and it makes me SO ANGRY because they are WRONG.
Being different doesnt mean you’re broken.
If you don’t like sex/don’t want it/etc. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re inferior because you’re not.
Do not let anyone convice you that you’ll never have a relationship because they’re wrong(if you want one).
You are not broken, and it will be okay.

ok now that we know who all the 7 red robes are, lemme just. predictions/getting shit straight

  • lucretia made her oak staff, who knows exactly what it does but its based on protection magic
  • lup made the phoenix fire gauntlet, her body was in wave echo cave where she hid it and her soul is now in the umbra staff, which has an affinity for scorching ray
  • merle made the gaia sash, because of course he did
  • taako made the philosopher’s stone since he is a transmutation wizard
  • magnus made the temporal chalice, we already know that, but i am wondering what connection magnus has to divination magic
  • barry made the animus bell; he possessed pringles and casted command on davenport, idk exactly what class he is but hes definitely focused on enchantment. and if the animus bell is actually necromancy and not enchantment, then thats pretty obvious too since hes a lich
  • and that means davenport made the oculus. perhaps his talent for illusions is what fooled everyone in to thinking the relics were being destroyed, not collected.
  • Kishimoto: Sakura trained under one of the three senin to become a healer
  • Studio Pierrot: Every girl is a healer
  • Kishimoto: Sakura was bullied as a child
  • Studio Pierrot: Ok but what if HINATA was bullied????
  • Kishimoto: Sakura has cool hair and curves
  • Studio Pierrot: no she doesn't, but you know who does now? HINATA, just LOOk at this shine and them boobs also we traded Sakura's outfit over to hinata we hope you don't mind
  • Kishimoto: Naruto was in love with Sakura
  • Studio Pierrot: no he doesn't know what that is it's like food, because Naruto was never someone to understand how feelings work
  • Kishimoto: Sakura is kind
  • Studio Pierrot: um if she's so kind then expain all these times that she hit Naruto in all these fillers we made????????????????????????????? Let's make her hit Naruto again because that's what she ALWAYS does amirite?

Do y’all ever think about how Farah probably got screwed in the finale, too?

Like I know pararibulitis and getting kidnapped by the CIA sucks, but Farah’s home (the Spring mansion) was set on fire by Friedkin. We know that’s where she kept all her stuff (clothes, etc.) so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think she lived there as a bodyguard. Even if she had the time or the idea to move all of her stuff after she sent Lydia away, there must be a lot of emotional value in what’s now just a pile of ash. 

ps does that mean Friedkin also burnt down the Ridgley because if so holy shit

anonymous asked:

I think it's a little tricky. I mean Gemmas reaction yesterday. It is pretty obvious that these 2 men were together at some stage. I find it very hard to believe that they were always only friends. So when someone says Larry is real. What does that actually mean. That they are together now? Have been? Either way. Fans are not just taking it out of thin air and she knows that. So her reaction must have a different reason.

Everyone around the boys: No, Larrie isn’t real, you constantly take everything we say out of context to try and keep it real, please leave us alone.

All of you Larries:

Okay okay okay but imagine after Kara and Lena have the hug™ Lena says something that makes Kara light up and we all know that Kara has been really not doing so well with stressing over Mon el and not getting on the best with James and Winn and even Alex recently so she’s just being herself when she chirpily says “ I love you ” to the woman who is more or less her best friend at this point but Lena totally freezes up and she honestly doesn’t know what just happened because the last person Lena believed truly cared about her was Lex and we all know how that turned out. So now here was this dork of a reporter who had no ulterior motive and no selfishness and no reason to care afor her and to help her the way she does other than honestly believing in Lena and she can’t hold back the tears after that and I am absolutely shattering at this thought bye

Good Example

I’m at the boys’ track practice. While not all of the parents know each other, we know it’s a good group of people, like a family made up of acquaintances and strangers.

There’s a girl sitting near me in the bleachers, she looks about 10-years old maybe. I assume she’s waiting for a sibling to finish practice or maybe one of her parents is a coach. She’s reading some sort of sci-fi YA novel.

Just now, she turned to me and said, “Excuse me. What does ‘plagway’ mean?” I replied that I didn’t know. Then she slid over and showed me the word in the book: plague.

I said, “Oh, that’s 'plague.’” She asked what that meant and I explained it usually refers to a deadly illness that sweeps through a population. I even gave examples from the Black Plague thanks to some lingering memories of a high school history report I did as a sophomore.

She thanked me and went back to her book.

The fact that she wasn’t afraid to ask someone (in a safe environment) for help with something like that made me happy. She sets a good example:

1. Read.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
3. Read more.

the life and times of ryan ross pt 8


welcome all! make sure to thank @jen–ne–sais–quoi for the existence of these posts because the poor thing asked to know about ryan and now she probably knows more than she ever wanted to!

here in our final chapter, we shall see what ryan has been up to from where we left off in 2015 to as current as we can be as of today (feb 26, 2017) this is mostly links and pictures because he didn’t actually do a whole lot

alright, early 2015. pretty much all ryan ross does is spend time with friends, mostly dan keyes and ryland blackinton. he goes to coachella and looks lovely in his hawaiian shirt. 

he also posted some teasers about making music on instagram, but we saw no new music. 

the most important thing about 2015 is ryan’s beard. 

look at it. it’s glorious. 

in february/march of 2015 zayn has left one direction (this is a ryan ross post, why is she talking about one direction??? it’s relevant, i promise.) someone thought it would be funny to edit the 1d wikipedia page to day that ryan ross had joined the band. 1d fangirls lost their minds. ryan tweeted “ You guys got it all wrong, the four remaining members of One Direction are joining MY band” 

if you look at his twitter throughout 2015, some of the tweets are vastly different than others. it could’ve been him on drugs, it could’ve been shane morris. personally, i think it was more shane, but the other is a possibility. also in june 2015, he got super fucked up and crashed a PHASES show. there are pictures of it out there, but i don’t think it’s really appropriate to share them. i also vaguely remember someone (z maybe?) asking for them to not be shared because ryan was really embarrassed and upset about it. about the incident he said “Def was having too much fun at the Phases show tonight, I promise I’ll never do it again  again” so there’s that.

then in july ryro got a girlfriend! he began dating model helena vestergaard and it seemed really good for him. it was certainly good for all of us fans because he posted so much while they were together. she also posted a lot about him. there were so many ryan pictures. it was glorious. here are some pics

then the next most important thing of 2015 happened. 

dorothy ross. 

ryan and helena got the cutest puppy in the world

from then on his instagram is pretty much dottie, but none of us mind because she’s precious. 

we also got this monstrosity

that’s all i’m gonna say about that. more helena and dottie pictures. then we get a picture where ryan tells us he’s taking vocal lessons!! and then he posted a teeny clip of a new song!!! more dottie & helena. a video of him learning to box?

don’t forget that this era of ryan likes hockey and baseball. he watches both and plays hockey too. 

halloween 2015. the fucking party. so. you thought we were done talking about brendon urie. we’re not. by 2015, he and ryan are not talking, at all. brendon usually avoids talking about ryan at all. then adam levine (yes, that one) has a halloween party. ryan’s invited because he’s best friends with mickey madden. he goes as a gremlin. well, a mogwai because he’s fuzzy and not scaly, but yeah. 

brendon, dressed as a skeleton and with sarah, was also there. as far as i’m aware, they basically didn’t even talk. brendon goes on to mention it a million times.

btw, by this point ryan doesn’t use his twitter anymore, it’s all just instagram links. there were some tweets earlier in the year that i’ll be talking about in my shane morris companion piece, but basically, shane likes to troll ryan’s fans by tweeting things or posting things on facebook then quickly deleting them.

also in 2015, ryan posts a picture of what seem to be song titles along with promises for making new music (the “shut the fuck up” was in response to someone telling him to go to bed btw) 

we’re now at the end of 2015. it seems like this is when ryan finally disconnects his twitter from his instagram because (except for one) his tweets stop and his instagram continues. he has also dropped shane morris as his manager (thank god)

near the beginning of 2016, ryan tells us that he has written a song for a band called agelast (sadly, that is pronounced ah-gel-ist, not age-last) he posted on both twitter and facebook about this. i’m inclined to believe both posts were actually him, not shane, but who knows. there was this comment on the facebook page that would be nice if it was from him. 

then, also early 2016, he and helena broke up. he was all set to fly to visit her in australia on a long term modeling job, and maybe he did, but that was that on helena vestergaard. she deleted all traces of him from her social media. he continued to play hockey and post pictures of dottie. 

he also bought 5 pounds of sour patch kids, causing all of us to fear for his health. then he starts to become a bit of a recluse. he posts a lot less frequently and it’s usually dottie pictures. 

then he goes to a renaissance fair and saves lives with his look 

easily the most important part of 2016 was when ryan did a surprise performance with dan keyes’ band cologne at emo nite la. it’s everything. EVERYTHING. watch it now. it felt like a nice comeback and he looked GOOD

we also got another tiny song clip. more pictures and videos of dottie. he also modeled some new PHASES merch with Z and Langley 

he went to the beach and we were blessed with this glorious image 

then he turned 30! and jeremy burke & alison harvard threw him a mini party at midnight with pizza! 

also sometime in august, his demo ep was deleted from soundcloud (his whole soundcloud was deleted) along with his site going down and his facebook page being deleted. the only thing we know is actually ryan is his instagram. 

then came halloween. with costumes in the past like et, a sloth, and a gremlin, we knew he would not disappoint. he was link from legend of zelda and he spent a good amount of the party (adam levine’s again, bden was not there) with victoria asher and gabe saporta from cobra starship. have some pics. 

(that’s gabe beside him)

then he “drank some blood” in this adorable video with his vocal coach

throughout 2016, a director named dan adams (glitterworldinc on insta) had been tagging ryan in a lot of pictures. i’m going to make a companion piece for him as well, but i’ll mention him here. he posts pictures of ryan, sometimes with strange captions, sometimes with rude captions. many pictures didn’t have ryan in them, but he was tagged. some pictures were of ryan’s house or around echo park. see more about that in the companion piece. lots of speculation went on about what he was doing with ryan. we’ll get to that in a minute. something more exciting now. the longest clip of new music that makes me cry every single time i listen to it, that callback line. (fun fact, z commented on it and called him space boi which is where i get one of my tags for him)

he looked beautifully goth for new years 

now we’re in 2017!

we found out this year that all the things glitterworldinc had been posting are because ryan’s going to be in his new movie!! he’s playing a character named Dewey Parsons in daniel adams’ new movie starmaker

the newest picture we have from ryan himself is this

and dan adams (glitterworldinc) has recently posted two! one was posted today! 

and that is basically everything i know about ryan ross’ life from the earliest facts i know to today! thank you for coming along on this crazy long ride with me and reading this giant mess. i’ll make those companion pieces here soon, so look out for those!

EDIT: Update!!!!! ryan posted this mere hours after i finished this because he likes to make my life harder (i’m mostly kidding, i love him so much)

his caption: “On all twos Makin tunes on toons”

EDIT NUMBER 2: i should have made an outline for these posts, jesus christ. i told you all in another post that the guitar ryan burned alive would be important later and then i never told you why. the why is because brendon still has it. yep, he has the guitar that ryan burned all the way back in the cabin/pretty. odd. era. how do we know this? oh, just because brendon put it in his literal house of memories. it’s fine, i’m not crying. (it’s not fine, i am crying) the house of memories is a vip thing for this tour where fans can go in and take pictures with a bunch of old panic! things, from the masks from fever era to stuff from the victorious video. i would kill to go. 

Speculation on UMFB Yuuri and his ‘other lovers’

This is obviously one of the key things we all want to know about in Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts- why, exactly, does Viktor think Yuuri has ‘other lovers’ (plural)?  I’ll tell you now, I don’t know the answer.  @kazliin has promised us she’s not subtle and the clues are in UMFB, so I’ve had a good look and this is what I’ve managed to come up with.  Nothing ground breaking I’m afraid!

Let’s break this down, because it’s actually a couple of questions in one.  The first one- we all know Yuuri is a virgin before he gets together with Viktor, so why does Viktor think he has ever had any lovers?  Why doesn’t it cross his mind that he’s the first?  The second part to the question is more difficult: why, at the time when they discuss Yuuri’s ‘other lovers’ in chapter 11, does Viktor think Yuuri is sleeping with multiple other people besides himself?  This is trickier (especially because my re-read has only got as far as chapter 8 so far).  

Keep reading

Misunderstanding of Chapter 857

I think I have to talk about chapter 857, not out of obligation, but I dislike that many people misrepresent what Oda shows, and that sure will never change, I know who are such people, but I will not name them, but those who Read this post, you will surely know who I mean.

What I will say is something short, it is especially about Nami’s reaction to knowing that Luffy is already with Sanji, you know what causes me great pain, is that a great part does not know what the personality and behavior of Nami, and these people They think the manga is a shojo, I’m sure neutrals agree with me.

We all know that Nami is worried about the crew, as it happened with Usopp and Robin, now the same with Sanji, but now that she is worried about Sanji, they start to come the guys who show it as something else, you know who I mean, but I do not want to mention them, because I do not want to get into arguments, I want to be as respectful as possible, that bothers me, not because I’m a shipper LuNa, it’s not because of that, it’s more because they distort the ideas of the creator.

As we saw in the chapter, we see Nami happy that Sanji is going back to the crew, it is obvious something that would happen, since they are friends, like the whole crew, it would be a serious mistake to take it as something else, but for another Part we see Nami upset by everything that made them and Luffy pass, and it is even blunt to say that she will never forgive him, implying that they will remain friends, but trust will not be the same as before, and also It is obvious that Nami does not forgive the horrible beating he did to Luffy, that is something that will never forgive, giving a greater emphasis to the relationship of Luffy and Nami.

Now we see Sanji in his lustful state, and he begins to say that Nami has proposed such a thing, well, sure some guys are going to misrepresent it, but those who do not take it out of context, we know that this is a moment of comedy, that Oda loves to show in this type of cases, there is nothing more to say about this, this is more than clear.

Now to finish this, I want to add what Luffy says about Sanji’s reaction, his words are the following, this makes me feel “strangely” calm, I put in quotes that word, for the simple fact that it shows us A Luffy in my opinion jealous, also by the grimace that is seen that has, is a moment that Oda shows with great caution, with all this I finish.

To conclude, I ask everyone to please do not misunderstand what Oda shows in each chapter, we have to read each chapter as concentrated as possible, and give it the right context, I just ask everyone, thank you very much.

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What do you think of Cole's latest instagram post of Sasha Frolova? Do you think they're together? Because on her IG on the 6th photo its of her and Cole.. and he's holding her face and they're looking pretty chummy :(

OMG. SO IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY until I could scroll through her feed now and do some sleuthing (and now i like her feed lol). To start off; she doesnt follow Dylan, KJ, Lili or Debby Ryan or Madeline Hill. She does however follow Madelaine Petsch, Ashleigh Murray and Cami Mendes. I can’t get my head around this? Dylan does not follow her, but his gf does?

Anyways. What I don’t like about it is Ashleighs comment: 

Could literally mean anything tho, it is a beautiful pic - as all of his pictures are. 

Digging deeper I find that she’s been an object in plenty of Cole’s pictures (more in his feed). We do know he likes to use the same models a lot: 

So now; the picture my anon was referring to: 

So that must be Cole. I DO however feel like this fits into her feed: 

She’s also been taking pictures of Cole: 

The last two are from early 2016 and 2015, so they’ve obviously known each other for a while.

In my honest opinion: I think they are super artsy fartsy (a tad pretentious) mates who like taking pictures of and with each other. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW EH (I am quietly freaking out a bit inside, obviously - what if we have to become stupid SASHCOLE shippers now?! What kind of shipname is that?) 

Whatcha reckon lilicole fam?

I’m down in Mrs. Hudson’s flat making sure she’s alright after all of that, and I think it’s all sinking in. She’s alive. Irene Adler is alive.

What does Sherlock think? I know he’s dealing with the police right now but surely he’s reeling from earlier. I know I would be. I mean he did bolt as soon as we heard him. Jesus, how is this happening. She pretended to be dead, and for what? God, if someone lied to me like that…

After their honeymoon the newlyweds return home...

Ester: “Will your parents be welcoming us?”

Edward: “Well I did send them a letter once we left. Knowing my mother we will either have the whole welcoming comity to greet us or no one at all. She never does anything half way.” 

Ester: “That’s what’s scaring me.”

Ester: “And it’s awfully large now isn’t it?”

Edward: “Largest building in the county. You’ll get used to it.”

Ester: “Wait. Don’t ring the doorbell yet.”

Edward: “It’s no use my dear. Best to get it over with. And my mother hates tardiness.” 

Worth Fighting For: SnowBaz Fanfic

There’s something Simon finds completely unsettling about noise.

It’s piercing, loud, and too much of a sensory overload. However, the lack of noise is also quite unsettling. He doesn’t know which he would prefer if he had to choose. He does know, though, that anything other than the deafening ring that’s blaring right now would be amazing.

Just seconds before, everyone was talking. They were all pestering him, getting into his personal space, asking if he was alright or if he needed anything. Eventually, Baz got them to leave the room. Agatha was the last to leave, having to be dragged away by Penny.

“And what the hell can you do for him that we can’t?” she had yelled at Baz.

“Agatha,” Penny insisted, clasping a hand around her upper arm, “now is hardly the time!” Dev and Niall had looked back from their place on the stairs, perhaps considering if they needed to step in. “Come on,” Penny continued, looking Simon in the eyes with a look that conveyed a silent, upset apology.

“Fine!” Agatha had shouted, breaking her arm free from Penny’s grasp and pushing past Dev and Niall, bounding down the stairs and into the night.

“We’ll come ‘round tomorrow,” Penny murmured. Then, as if she thought better of what she had said, she added, “Well, perhaps just me, and I can collect Dev and Niall as well.”

“Thank you, Penelope,” Baz rasped out, his voice long gone, “for everything tonight. We’ll see you tomorrow.” With that, Penny quietly walked out of the doorway and down the stairs, and Baz closed the door.

This leaves them where they were now. Simon looks up at Baz, holding the cold icepack against his bruising cheek and swelling jaw. Baz turns around from his place against the door and walks over to Simon, sitting on the chair opposite him.

“I know that they were all bombarding you earlier with this question,” Baz begins, “but are you really okay?” Simon nods, stifling the groan he feels at the pulsing pain. Baz brings his hand up, lightly taking the icepack away from Simon’s face and inspecting the damage. “That was such an idiotic thing you did,” he adds.

“I was protecting you,” Simon insists, reaching out his bruised knuckles and lightly running his finger over the several cuts above Baz’s eyebrow. “The spell they cast at you was weak, but you were hurt. What else was I supposed to do?”

“Maybe assess the situation first,” Baz suggests with a hint of disdain very present in his voice. “You’re right when you say that the spell was weak. But that also means I could’ve easily handled myself.”

Simon shakes his head, this time failing to conceal his pain. “That’s not what matters here. They hurt you, and it wasn’t like I was going to wait and ‘assess the situation’. I guess I just wasn’t considering the fact that people who have friends will be helped when you punch them.”

Baz gets a sarcastic chuckle out of that, then replies with, “You may be brave, but you’re such an idiot sometimes.” He then murmurs, “Get well soon,” and Simon immediately feels a rush of warm magic spreading soothingly into the side of his face.

“Thank you,” Simon whispers. He hums at the aftermath of Baz’s magic flowing through him. It’s not like his own that’s all burning and smoky and harmful. Baz’s magic is like the soothing heat of a fire after a harsh snowstorm. It lingers and runs through Simon’s veins slowly, spreading a previously unknown warmth everywhere.

When Simon opens his eyes, Baz is looking at him quite seriously. The cuts above his eyebrows have dissipated, which makes Simon think that Baz used that healing spell on himself as well. “Simon,” Baz utters, and his voice is smooth again. It comes from low in the back of his throat, and he continues. “I know that you know that not everyone is as accepting and enthusiastic about this a Penelope has been. Hell, I didn’t even get to tell Dev and Niall. I’m pretty sure Dev’s intuition was enough for him, but I think Niall was in the dark. And I think Penelope was the one who went and said something to someone.

“All I’m saying is that you can’t expect everyone to love this.” He clenches his jaw and bites his lower lip, which Simon has noticed he only does when he’s thinking about something rather difficult. “You can’t fight everyone who doesn’t agree with this. With us.”

Simon nods numbly, though he wishes Baz was wrong. He wishes that he could shake people’s shoulders until they understood that this was the same love everyone else who didn’t have to come out has to give to their partners. Simon wishes he could break down the invisible barrier that history put up between people like him and Baz and people like Penny and Micah. (Even though Penny isn’t technically as straight as a pole.)

“Okay,” Simon agrees, closing his eyes and nodding once more. “I understand.” Baz smiles weakly, and Simon is sure that he feels the exact same way. It’s actually probably worse for Baz. Simon knows he grew up in a home with enough closets to get lost in, and he knows that Mr. Pitch hasn’t exactly accepted the idea of Simon ravishing his one and only son. Though his stepmother is quite nice, even if it just is so Simon doesn’t feel like a raging lunatic in their mansion.

Baz brushes his thumb over the spot where Simon’s bruise was and licks his bottom lip again, this time slow and deliberate, like he’s debating on whether or not it was a good move. Slowly, Simon leans in closer to where Baz’s face was already close and closes his eyes. Baz doesn’t wait, moving in as well and meeting Simon halfway.

Simon realized long ago that kissing Baz was so amazingly different than kissing Agatha. Kissing Agatha was easy, and it always felt like somewhat of a chore. Kissing Baz is easy, but it’s also the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. It’s more difficult than ancient texts that he has to decipher in class, easier than breathing, and just about as difficult as a maze is. Simon has to keep his hands low but also know when to move them but also know when too much is too much for Baz and himself alike.

So when he pulls back, it’s not because he doesn’t want to stay. It’s because that’s the only way he knows to keep Baz. Simon is constantly terrified of ruining…this…whatever that may be. They haven’t actually asked to be boyfriends, and Simon knows that should be the furthest thing from his mind right now. He should be worrying about the trouble he could get in for fighting or about the test he has to study for, if he’s even allowed at the school by this time tomorrow, but all he can think about is Baz. And Baz’s lips. And Baz’s lips on his own.

“You should rest.” It’s Baz who speaks, and it’s after a minute of knowing silence passes between them. A silence that’s comfortable, where Simon’s eyes are closed, and their faces are only centimeters apart. If he wanted to, Simon could reach out and pull him back in for another kiss. ‘Just one more. For me.’

“I know,” is the whispered reply from Simon. “I should do a lot of things. Like not fight complete arseholes where anyone could see me.” Baz just smiles that one. It’s his smile that says that he’s trying not to laugh because Simon is a dork and not funny and…and Baz runs out of things to tell himself after that.

“Sleep, Simon,” he mutters, standing slowly and outstretching his hand. Simon takes it, walking to their two beds to make one that they share together. Simon strips of everything but his boxers, slipping into the silk sheets that Baz’s family always sends him to school with. He makes fun of it every year they come back, though this year it was definitely playful. Baz joins after a moment, making Simon scoot over until his back is pressed comfortably against Baz’s front.

“Goodnight, Snow,” he murmurs into the skin at the nape of Simon’s neck.

“Goodnight, Baz.”

DL (Plushie Skit- Appreciation )

After getting these 3 hoes, I mean plushies..

I want more now!!! Not just the plushies, but key chains, pins, straps and moreeeeee~~ (this is what happened when in Diahell…no way to escape)

But I am that Old Old Old fashion person who does not know how to shop online, I’m suck a sucker…OWQ

But!! Thank God! @enstars-mika showed up and saved me!!!

She is currently helping me to find all the DL products and buying them for me~ (of course I will pay at the end *wink*)

I just want to thank her again being such a great friend, so I make a Plushie Skit~ 

I know we have a lot amazing friends in this Fandom (or DiaHell lol)

sorry I cannot make one skit or each of you guys!

But remember you guys are the reasons why I am still here, not just because DL!!!

@fyeahdialovers @diabolikpersonals @diabolik-shu-lover @rinna-diabolik

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@miraculousxmelody @hisoka-kuroi @trash-music-nerd and more!!!!! 

(Sorry I cannot tag that many, my computer is slow…)

Love you!!!! *Plushies kiss on your cheeks*

(Ruki says the truth man)

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I was just thinking bout all the sex Rick and Michonne are having and like does michonne not care if she get pregnant? Is the dick too bomb? Does she not care at this point in the apocalypse? Does she want another child? Idk but I'm down for all of it

😂 Well, we actually don’t know whether they’re using condoms or not. (If I had to guess, I’d say no.) But despite all the jokes we make about Rick’s pull out being trash, that’s probably most likely what they’re doing. I can’t imagine that anyone in the apocalypse is having unprotected sex unless they’ve explicitly decided they want a baby, but certainly not Michonne “My Shit Never Stopped Being Together” Grimes. And I’m sure the dick is too bomb, and they’ve had some accidents, because come on. But until they have a conversation about it (like possibly on Sunday?!), I feel like they’re definitely more careful than their fucking like rabbits would lead us to believe. 😄


Y/N: how many times to have to ask you guys to not come in my room, I don’t ask for anything but that, now it’s a mess.
Carl: it’s not even a mess, and I needed a pair of scissors, just didn’t know where they were.
Y/N: now have to fix everything over this is going to take all day.
Carl: stop being a baby.
Ian: *slaps the back of Carl’s head* don’t talk to her like that we may not quite get this but she does and we need to be there for her.
Lip: just don’t go in her room Carl, simple as that.
Carl: I don’t get what her problem is.
Y/N: dumbass I’ve explained this plenty of time I have OCD.
Lip: maybe if you explain to us what it’s like he’ll get it.
Y/N: to dumb it down for you guys, I keep everything in an order, I keep stability if you will. Everything in my room is in a perfect order but even when it’s perfect I find something not right. I do things over too, like I always make sure the stove is off four times before I live the house, I make sure my windows are closed at night usually twice, I don’t get pleasure from any of this just a brief release from the thoughts. I don’t mean to to rude to you guys I love you I really do but my brain’s just a little unscrewed I’m sorry.
Ian: don’t be sorry this is you and we get that.
Carl: I never looked at it like that I’m sorry for going in your room.
Y/N: it’s ok just don’t do it again please.

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I used to avoid texts about God’s wrath. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea. After all, when people are wrathful, it usually results in very unrighteousness actions

It is important to note that we are sinful and God is not.

When God is wrathful, his actions are righteous because HE is righteous. Now I cannot say exactly what God does in his wrath, but I do know that he wouldn’t have to do anything except to stop extending his grace to the world and then let us sinful, rebellious people have our own way. We are quite capable of destroying ourselves.

If you want to do some personal theological study, look up the term “common grace.”

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Does everyone know what's going on? I realize that the WoH probably don't but what about the 77th?

We know most of it but we don’t want to be in the way so we are all waiting for them to come to us…

I want to be here for Kyouko but she has a lot of things to deal with right now so I will probably only be a bother. Waiting is really hard though…

But like now we can actually see all the stuff we should have seen in 5x10. Quentin meeting his daughter’s doppleganger and all that emotional fallout (what was Black Siren’s relationship with her own father like?), Sara coming home to learn there’s a different Laurel here now (does Black Siren have a sister?), Thea meeting face to face with this woman who looks and sounds just like her closest friend, her practically sister??

How will they integrate her into everyday life? Does she know anything about being a lawyer? Will she move in to Laurel’s apartment, and if so, what changes might she make?

Basically there’s so much they can do with this story, so many directions to go, and it was absolutely the right decision to make.