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Request: Private

Request: Juice asking you to record a sex tape he can take on the runs.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut, language

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The bikes passed by the ‘Welcome to Charming’ sign and Juice smirked as they finally arrived back home. It had been a long, exhausting run and he missed you. The boys teased him, saying you were still in honeymoon, but he doubted the desire would ever fade away. You were married for only a few months, but he wanted you even more.

He didn’t send you a message, he just opened the garage and parked his bike next to your car. You should had heard him and came to meet him, but no sign of you. Juice got worried and carefully opened the door, hand over his gun. He looked around the kitchen, the stove was off and a music was playing low.

“Y/N!”, he called out. The response he got was silence, so Juice rushed upstairs, to your bedroom. You weren’t there either. Juice saw the light on under the bathroom door and walked towards there. “Baby?”

“Hello Juan”, you purred, closing the bedroom door behind you. Juice turned around, his mouth ajar when he laid his eyes on you.

“Hi”, he swallowed and blinked a few times. You were wearing a sexy little number, black lace with little pink bows on the sides of your pantie. “Y-You look amazing”

“Thank you”, you smirked, slowly walking towards him. “I got a call from Gemma, saying the boys were coming home tonight. You didn’t call, so I thought you wanted to surprise me, but… I’m smarter baby”

“Yes”, he nodded, amazed. “You definitely are”

“I missed you”, you purred, looking at him through your eyelashes, sliding your hands under his cut. Juice let you take it off and quickly pulled his shirt off too. He saw you lick your lips, your hands tracing every muscle on his chest and abdomen.

“I missed you too”, he whispered, closing his eyes, enjoying your touch.

“I hate long runs”, you said, kissing his chest. “I get bored, my fingers aren’t good as you”

“What?”, Juice opened his eyes again. “D-Did you… touched yourself?”

You smirked, knowing that it would get him. You bit your lips, shrugging. “What if I did?”

“Damn”, he hissed and gripped your hips, pulling you closer. “I want to see it”

“Only see”, you said, getting in the game. “Not touch”

“Oh you”, he laughed. “Okay, but… I want to record it”

“What?”, you pulled back, narrowing your eyes.

“A sex tape”, Juice smirked. “Only for me, for the long runs. I get bored too, you know”

Juice could see you were thinking about it, if you said yes he would take care of the record with his life, no one would get to see you.

“Only my body, not my face…just in case”, you said, pointing out a finger at him.

“Everything you say”, he smiled, excited. You handed him the phone and laid on bed. Juice adjusted the camera, getting a perfect view from your breasts. He looked away from the phone when you took off your bra, tossing it on the floor. “Jesus”

You smiled at him cursing low and started to play with you nipples, your fingertips circling them. You squeezed your breasts together, pinching the nipples as you whined. Juice swallowed, his pants getting tighter. One hand slid down your body, the fingers playing with the hem of your pantie. Juice took a deep breath as you touched yourself over the lace, bucking your hips up.

“Are you imagining it’s me?”, he teased as you nodded, eyes closed and teeth grazing your low lip. “Fuck”

You locked your eyes with his and you took the pantie off. You spread your legs and Juice could see how wet you were, you opened your folds for him. He got the phone close, licking his lips.

“You are amazing”, he said. “Show me how you touch yourself baby, like it was me”

You licked your fingers and slid them through your pussy. You pressed your clit before dive them inside you. You moaned louder, your hand squeezing your breasts, caressing them. You pumped your fingers in and out of you, slowly circling your clit now and then. Juice was losing his mind, he couldn’t wait to be inside you.

“Juan”, you whined and arched your back. Damn, you were close.

“Let me help you”, he knelt on bed and you pulled your fingers back just to be replaced by his own. Juice held the phone as steady as he could, fingering you as he watched you tossing your head back, your thighs trembling as you came for him. “Baby, that was beautiful. YOU are beautiful”

You smirked and rolled on bed, swaying your ass for him, looking over your shoulder. Juice laughed and put the phone aside, taking off his own clothes. He kissed your skin, down your spine and put a kiss in each one of your ass cheeks.

“This is gonna be fast and hard baby”, he teased, caressing your legs. You got up, all fours, grinding your body against his.

“Please Juan”, you whined as he lost it. Juice grabbed his cock and slowly pushed inside you, getting a long, loud moan in response. He held the phone again, the camera catching the perfect image of your ass and his cock sliding in and out your pussy.

“Come on”, he groaned and you rocked your hips, meting his thrusts. “Fuck”

One hand was on your waist as he thrusted hard inside you. He knew the phone was shaking on his hands, but he didn’t care, the video would be great and he would torture himself in the runs. Your moans were muffed by the pillow you were holding and he leaned forward, the camera catching your breasts bouncing.

“You look so good baby”, he said. “Feels so good too”

“Oh Juan, please”,  you looked to him over your shoulder, sexy as hell. Juice growled, pulling back and flipping you on your back.

“Hold this”, he said and you laughed, holding the phone. Juice winked to the camera and held your thighs, pushing inside you again. You moved the phone, catching his cock sliding inside you again.

“Yes baby”, you licked your lips. “Right there”

His thumb traced circles over your clit, Juice setting a pace. You screamed his name when he hit the right spot inside you. He firmly held your on bed, thrusting faster, getting closed to the edge too.

“Damn Juan”, you squirmed under him. “I love you baby, I love you”

“Love you too, gorgeous”, he blew you a kiss. “Come, come with me”

He felt you tightening around him as Juice groaned, filling you with his cum, lifting your legs to kiss them. You laughed, turning the phone off and putting it aside.

“Alright Spielberg”, you giggled when Juice leaned to kiss your neck. “I hope you take good care of this okay?”

“I promise”, he laid by your side. “Only for my eyes”

You cuddled against his, both smiling, just catching the breath before a second round.


Juice surprisingly forgot about the little movie you made, but as soon as he found himself alone in a run that came into his mind. He smirked, searching for his phone. He opened the files and looked over them, not founding any video. He checked all his phone, everything and it wasn’t there. He texted you.

          Baby, where is that video? You know which one.

He waited just seconds before got your answer.

          You mean the one that is on MY phone?

Juice cursed, typing a new message.

          I thought it was on my phone. You fooled me. I’m missing you, I’m bored.

He tried, but it was impossible not to smile with your answer.

          I told you I was smarter baby. I’m missing you too, I’m bored too. Speaking of… I think I’m going to distract myself now… Watch a little movie.