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Watching You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Just cuteness

The first time Buck see’s you, he just has to speak to you, even if that means making a fool out of himself to do it.

“Come out with us tonight, you might see something you like.” Steve chuckles as he tries to convince his best friend to come out that night.

“You say that every time.” Buck chuckles at his friend.

“It could happen.” Steve laughs.

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anonymous asked:

Are the asks still open? I'm not sure if I caught it or not. I was wondering what the Generation of Miracles + Himuro and Kagami would think of their S/O taking up netball (like a female version of Basketball) and playing Centre (which is like the Point Guard)

Thank you for the request, sorry if it’s shitty tho. Well, I did their responds. I thought it will be the best for this scenario.

Akashi‘I would be more than honored to see you play more often, also I would like you to play at the same court as me, right by my side sometime.’

Kuroko‘I hope I will be able to attend all of your matches. And I’m really proud of you.’

Aomine‘Let’s just say that seeing you playing, all sweaty and happy is really hot. What do you think about playing one on one with me?’

Kise‘S/occhi is so amazing! You never stop surprising me! Hovewer, I cannot focus on match when I see you out there!’

Midorima‘I never suspected you of doing something more than being lazy, nanodayo. I must say, I am….quite impressed. N-not because I’m happy to share the same passion w-with you, of course!’

Murasakibara‘Waah, S/ochin plays, too! Maybe if we play together, we can eat twice more sweets. How about we go to the candy shop now? Watching you play made me hungry~’

Kagami: ‘God, s/o! You are great! I knew we were a match made in heaven! We can play together and exercise! I will also talk to Riko about shared practices with your team!’

Himuro‘My, my S/o. Is it good to keep secrets from your boyfriend? You should have told me that you play. How about a small dare, I will forgive you if you beat me.’

*phone rings*
  • Me: Hello?
  • Mom: Hey.
  • Me: Hey ma, what's up?
  • Mom: So... I just finished the third season.
  • Me: ...well?
  • Mom: Tell me the truth, do you think she knew she was going to die?
  • Me: YES, mom. SHE KNEW she was going to die when she said goodbye to Cosima.
  • Mom: are aware that I am crying right now, right?
  • Me: I am now. What do you want me to do?
  • Mom: I hate you.
  • Me: Why?
  • Mom: BECAUSE YOU MADE ME WATCH THIS! And now I have to go grocery shopping and can't watch the new episode right away! I'll have to wait after dinner to know if she's alive! Is she alive? Tell me!
  • Me: *in my head: oh my sweet summer child* Bye mom, enjoy your shopping.
  • Mom: No wa-*click*...