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Your grades do not define you.

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this thinking ‘duh, I know that’ just hear me out. I’ve rolled my eyes at this comment countless times before but this statement means so much more than just numbers and letters. 

It means not heaping an enormous amount of stress on yourself to achieve spectacular marks. It means knowing when to take breaks and knowing that you need go out with your friends occasionally. It means taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. It means knowing when to call it a night and go to sleep. It means knowing when to eat your meals and have a light snack. 

Because sometimes we don’t get overly upset with a ‘bad’ mark, but, we might try to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves (eg. writing 4 practise essays in one night).

‘Your grades do not define you’ means knowing that you still need to live your life outside of your scholastic achievements. You still need to have fun. You need to enjoy your time now, because not everything will last forever. 

Don’t leave new hobbies till after exams, or after HSC, or after uni… because that will just stretch out until ‘after retirement’. Don’t wait until next week, next month to spend that little extra time with your pet, they don’t live as long as you. Don’t wait for the perfect time to express your love to your family, friends etc… the more spontaneous, the more heartfelt, the more memories. 

When we say that your grades do not define you, what we mean to say is ‘don’t forget to live your life too’. 

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please DO elaborate...... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

From my tododeku hc post:

they’re soft and sweet in their first year, ridiculously hot and heavy in their second, and by third year, they are down right steady and known across UA as being “the strongest powercouple of the generation” (it is kind of embarrassing when people say that but they secretly love it)

Ok, so what I mean by all this is as follows:

First year: In my mind, they wouldn’t start actually dating till their first year is nearly over but ANYWAYS, when they do start dating, it’s really little things like ice cream dates after school. It’s hooking pinkys underneath the lunch table when they sit next to each other and blushing about it. It’s soft hand kisses when they part ways after school to walk home. It’s coming home with the dreamy-ist smiles on their faces. It’s the way todoroki blushes slightly and smiling softly when he talks to Momo about how his date with Deku was. It’s the way Deku’s face lights up when he talks about Todoroki to Iida and Uraraka. It’s holding hands when they think nobody can see. It’s when one catches the other staring at them from across the classroom and they both blush like crazy, Deku hiding his face in his hands. You know, pure and wholesome shit like that

Second year: At this point, they are way comfortable in their relationship and it’s less fluttery nerves and more hormone driven want. I’m basically working off the “horny high school boys” trope bc im so weak for that but you know how it goes. It just starts with them being more open about the fact that their dating and so they’re less nervous about PDA. They hold hands A LOT. They’ll hang off of each other (cue the “Todoroki holding deku by the hips” headcanon). One day in homeroom, they not-so-subtly end up sitting next to each  other even though they know they have assigned seats. Aizawa comes in and looks over the class like he does and he doesn’t say anything but he’s rolling his eyes. So, as you can imagine, this all develops into them being way more touchy than last year. Everyone can tell. Deku brings Todoroki home to meet his mom and have dinner (Deku’s mom is thrilled her son is so happy but that’s all matters for a different post).

 Their kisses evolve to the point where they’re getting at some deeper feeling than before and all they want to do is explore that feeling. Because it feels damn good. So before you know it, they’re stumbling into homeroom a few minutes late with ruffled hair and red faces bc yeah maybe they were making out behind a building and lost track of time, ok? They do stop being late for class but there’s rarely a moment after class that their hands aren’t all over each other.

There’s also the matter of the rival tension that’s inevitably between them. At first Deku is terrified that it’ll wreck their relationship but it sort of does the opposite… they figure out that it’s kind of a turn on…. Cue the sports festival and an avalanche of sexual tension. The entirety of both classes A and B end up having to oggle at it for the whole event because it’s very rare that they are put on the same teams. At nearly every break between events and such, Todoroki has Deku up against a wall kissing him crazy, the adrenaline of the games mixing with the hormonal haze that drives them together like magnets. He does have to let Deku be though as the one on one fights start because he knows how much Deku likes to take analysis notes. Without speculating on year 2 sports festival results, I think I’ll leave this here ^^ 

So, the year rolls on. There’s probably a class trip that’s at least semi-relaxing, maybe?? things get steamy ofc wtf else are class tips for.

 Terushima and other classmates start prying with little shame, asking if they’ve done it yet, had sex. Deku is slightly scandalized. Todoroki just rolls his eyes. Neither of them say so, but yes they have done the deed but just once, at Todoroki’s house one weekend when no one was home. They were under the guise of a train/study weekend, which wasn’t a lie… they just happened to also have sex as well…

so yeah, you get the gist of 2nd year ;)

Third year: By now, most of UA knows they’re boyfriends. At the very least they know that if you get pitted against either one of them for whatever reason, You’re probably fucked and if you were to go against them as a pair, well, you’re really fucked. They’re dead serious about their hero careers. They’re also dead serious about each other. Freshman and their own classmates alike look up to them as #relationshipgoals

They are way less distracted by each other than the previous year, buckling down on studying and training and more studying. They’re still stupidly in love, obviously but it isn’t all shiny, new urges so it’s less “oh my god what is this feeling?? i want more of it right now” and more “God, I can’t wait till this training exercise is over so I can flirt with my boyfriend”

Oh also, they LIVE for bragging about each other, ok. Even to people they already know like, I can imagine Deku getting first place in the sports festival that year and Todoroki doesn’t shut up about it for weeks. Class A turns into that meme of “I love–” “Yes, we know, you love Deku. You are in love with Izuku Midoriya who won the third year Sports Festival competition. you love him, Deku, the next symbol of peace among humanity, we get it…” and it’s beautiful. Deku is the exact same way, btw. Basically I see them walking though halls, holding hands and standing tall and everyone’s heads turn to watch them as they go by :’)

This post is almost 1k words so if you read all of it, i love u. let me know what u think

company; peter parker

paring: peter parker x stark!reader
word count: 1,426
summary: reader is tony stark’s daughter, she’s very lonely. one day she decides gonna try to become friends with ned and peter. tho her and peter become more than friends
warning: bit corny in my opinion, but hey some people like romance ;)
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Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 |

Member - Hoseok x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, Implied smut

Word count - 7.4K

Summary - On the occasion of your best friends wedding and high school reunion, you happened to meet once again, one of the richest heirs of the country, famous fuckboy Jung Hoseok.

While the world saw him as a cocky arrogant person and you, as a confident, strong woman, only the two of you knew the scars that were hidden, and things you both were unable to fix.

Only the two of you could see right through each others facade.

But could you and Hoseok finally break the gyves holding you back? Or were you the ones who shackled each other in the first place?

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Namjoon was feeling breathless.

As if the suit he was clad was not suffocating enough, there had been a sort of dread constantly constricting his chest for the past few days. Of course he was tensed because Jin seemed to rely entirely on him alone for the smooth flow of events but there was something else bothering him too. Physically he was present, assigning and over seeing work around the party but mentally he was lost. He only had one thought persistently ringing through his head Was this reunion a right choice?

Yes Namjoon did want to meet all the old school mates who were here - some of whom he had lost contact with over the years, some of whom who surprisingly managed to stick to him the past 6 years, some of whom till today remained no more than a business contact. Almost all 143 students of their batch were present here but instead of relishing the moment, all he could see was the underlying danger in all of this. The danger of revisiting the past, a place where things may not have happened the way they wanted it to.

And that’s why even though today he was standing amidst people he had practically grown up with, he was still unable to relax. Because as uncertain as their future is, that certain was the fact that their past was not something nice enough to be remembered again.

Walking through the chatting crowd, Namjoon tried to smile as politely as possible at all those who greeted him, hiding the days of tiredness on his shoulders, till he finally reached Jin.

“Jin, Listen up, Yoongi called a while back to tell he won’t be reaching today, some meeting or something came up apparently. As usual he is obviously making up excuses to avoid social interactions. Mark my words this fellow will only turn up, at the maximum, an hour before your wedding. That workaholic asshole.”

Jin shook his head exasperated as Namjoon checked through his list updating the groom to be on everything

“The situation here is pretty much under control. I’ve given Charlie instructions so he will make sure that all guests are handed props. The make up artists are also ready. They messaged me that they are in the dressing rooms so you and Mia can go change after your individual shoots are over. Jimin and Kate are taking care of all the food and drinks so everyone is well fed. As far as music is concerned,”

Namjoon balled his fists muttering under his breath. “Don’t even ask. The DJ is being such a pain in the ass. For some god knows what reason, he seems to play everything but the tracks we asked him to. You have no idea how badly I want to punch him in the face. I don’t even know why you hired that cocky arrogant little basta-

“Because no one but that idiot Jungkook knows how to mix tapes Joonie. I’m just waiting for Kookie to get his stupid ass here. I can’t wait to kick out this little piece of….” Jin narrowed his eyes at the figure standing behind the equipment earning a slap from Namjoon on his shoulder “Set your expression right Jin, there are cameras are flashing around you.”

Jin adjusted the collar of his black Valentino suit and forced a smile onto his face while whispering to Namjoon and posing for the photographers simultaneously, “ And yeah Mia was asking if all 144…“ Namjoon made a quick but noticable eye contact with Jin who cleared his throat uncomfortably.”….143 of them have arrived and checked in the hotel or not. Who’s yet to come?”

“Well almost everyone reached by yesterday. Yoongi was supposed to be here by now but since he postponed his flight, I don’t know when he will turn up now. Jungkook will be here max by tomorrow afternoon. Those three girls, ah I forgot their names, the three of them who got caught sleeping drunk in the classroom remember?” Jin nearly choked trying to suppress his laughter. That was a funny incident. “yeah they are reaching tomorrow as well and who else…” The two of them stared at the floor trying to recollect when Namjoon beat Jin to it. ” Ah Y/N is flying in today as well. In fact.” Namjoon looked at his Rolex. “She must be landing in about half an hour.”

“Really? That’s good. Mia will be happy. Did you send someone to pick her up?”

Namjoon sighed shaking his head. “No one is free now to go now Jin. Everyone has been assigned work-”

“Hoseok. Send Hobi, I’m pretty sure he is free?” Jin’s eyes scanned the crowd. “Where is he anyways?”

Namjoon let out a short laugh. “The day someone manages to finally figure out the answer to that question, I will actually write my entire fortune off the great person.”

“ If that’s the case then I’ll bet my entire fortune that my brother is probably snogging a woman in her mid twenties, somewhere near the green rooms.” The boys turned at the sweet voice and Namjoon felt his girlfriend reach up to him and place a soft peck on his cheek. “Hi baby. You look tired..”

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Bolder Part 2

A/N: So I decided to just post this anyway. I hope you guys like it. Once again if you don’t like this series you don’t have to read it .Its an entirely self-indulgent fic. I have no idea when the next part will be out. message me and send me asks.

Title: Bolder Part 2

Rating: teen

Pairings: Father!Burr x Daughter!reader, Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: neglect (maybe), self doubt

Word Count: 2402

Editors : @hercreationgalaxy  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1

Age 16

“Do you want to come over for dinner?” Phillip asked hesitantly. I looked at him curiously. “I mean my family can be a little crazy sometimes. We just haven’t done much outside of school together. Not to mention, my family is complaining about never meeting any of my friends.” He elaborated while looking at the ground nervously and talking with his hands.

“Anything. We haven’t done anything after school Pip.” I corrected him with a quirky smirk.

I nodded my head and finally replied that I would. I laughed as he smiled before, quite literally, skipped off to class. I shut my locker and lugged my book bag back over my shoulder. Phillip was probably my best friend. I rarely talked to people besides my teachers and professors. I also didn’t get out often because I was constantly working or going to after school clubs. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I sat in class thinking about all the work I had to do.

I quickly sent a text to Theo letting her know that I wouldn’t be at home for dinner. I knew it didn’t matter. I was normally the only one home for dinner. Mom and Dad were at work while Theo went out with friends. I liked it. That meant I could do homework and studying at the table.

I’m a sophomore and Phillips a junior  but, that didn’t stop us from meeting the first day of debate club. Things got out of hand during an altercation, he is his father’s son after all. Once I had saved his hide from the Senior that he had a disagreement with, things just clicked. He stuck to me like glue–for some reason.

I walked along side Phillip towards his house. Our hands brushed and my face went red. We didn’t talk. Phillip knew I wasn’t used to talking so he would fill it with his stories and adventures or let the comfortable silence hang between us. He lived out on a piece of farmland with fields surrounding three sides of the house.  Phillip had said it was because his dad wanted his family to have some peace and quiet away from the big city. As we stopped in front of the house everything about it seemed picture perfect. It was warm and the garden was beautiful with a multitude of colored flowers poking out of the flower beds. Everything was perfectly trimmed and stone path led up to the wrap around porch where there were wooden chairs and tables set out. It felt homely, unlike my own house. The door opened as soon as Phillip and I started up the path. A gorgeous woman stepped out with flowing brown hair. She wore a blue sun dress and was beaming at us.

“Hi darling. How was school?” She asked while walking down the step to stand in front of Phillip. He quickly leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“It was fine.” He replied sheepishly. He quickly spun around to look at me with a beaming smile. “Y/n this is my Ma, Eliza Hamilton. Ma, this is Y/N,” He said with a beaming smile. She looked over and grinned at me. I smiled back meekly not wanting to make a bad impression. I really didn’t talk a lot. Especially not to any family.

“Hi Mrs. Hamilton, it’s nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand. She immediately grabbed it and pulled me into a hug.

“It’s nice to meet you too dear.” She said as she squeezed me. I had frozen. I  slowly brought my hand up to rest my hand on her back and collect myself. Phillip started bouncing on the balls of his feet with his hands in his pockets. Eventually Mrs. Hamilton pulled back and quirked her eyebrow. “Why don’t you go work with Phillip on homework? I will call you when it is time for dinner.”

Phillip looked grateful as he once again grabbed my hand and began dragging me up the stairs and into the house. It was just as perfect as the outside. It had pretty blue and red oriental rugs and extremely plush leather couches sat in front of a large TV in the living room. He set down his back pack and let out a breath, running his hands through his hair. He spun around on his heel to face me again.

“Sorry I know we can be a little much. I won’t lie. It will get a little worse at dinner. They will ask a lot of questions. I understand is you want to leave …” He said in monotone with a shrug of his shoulders. I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“No, are you kidding? It’s ok Phillip. I just wasn’t expecting it at first that’s all. Nobody in my family acts like that. We aren’t as close as you and your family seem to be.” I replied, trying my best to sound comforting. We sat down and relaxed into the couch as I began pulling out my workbooks.

“Yeah you have mentioned that. That’s part of the reason I was worried. When my mom hugged you, you looked ready to bolt. Is that really not normal? Do they hug Theo? Oh wait sorry. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” He rambled quickly. I laughed.

“It’s fine. Nobody is really ever home. That and nobody in my family is really physically affectionate.”

“Oh, that really sucks. I can’t imagine why they ignore you. Although, you do tend to ignore people in favor of work. I guess I know where you get it from.”

“I am sorry what? I didn’t hear you,” I laughed as I felt him chuckle next to me. “Besides, I don’t think they mean to ignore me. I think they just find other things a little more important.”

“Well,” Phillip huffed next to me before just slinking back into the comfort of the couch. I looked over and cocked my head to the side to give him a questioning look. He looked at me for a minute before smile. Then he suddenly brightened up. “Can you help me with my government homework? I would ask my dad but he will start to grumble about foreign policy and federal government rights. That and sometimes I think you know more than him. Don’t tell him I said that.”

“I guarantee I don’t know more than your father considering he is the treasury secretary  but I will help you. I am almost finished with my paper on the federal budget anyway.”

“There was a paper on the federal budget due!?” Phillip shrieked while jumping to his feet.

“Calm down. I was talking about a college course I am taking.” I said trying to hold back my laughter. “Did you know you sound like a girl when you scream?” I began laughing hysterically. Phillip turned red but burst out laughing

“Sorry not everyone can be as ridiculously smart as you.” He replied while sitting down after our laughing fit. “Now here is the worksheet.” Jestering at the paper on the table. “Your task is to figure out what the hell we were even talking about because I wasn’t paying attention.” I chuckled again before picking up the paper.

“Alright children, it’s time for dinner. Your father just got home Phillip,” Mrs. Hamilton came into the room practically singing. I smiled and gingerly closed my laptop. I went to grab my reference book on legislation before a hand beat me. I looked up to find a man with shoulder length hair and bags around his eyes staring at my book. I knew for a fact that it was Mr. Hamilton based on my father’s pictures.

“This is one of the best legislative reference books out there. What use would a high school student have for a book like this?” he asked looking from the book to me. Phillip quickly cut in and took the book from his father, handing it back to me.

“She actually is taking a few college political courses right now. This is Y/N,” Phillip stated. He fidgeted looking between his father and I. I stood up and put a smile on face.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Hamilton uhh, sir.” I stated while holding out my hand. He looked at me slightly confused but shook my waiting hand anyway.

“Likewise,” Mr. Hamilton said before looking over at Phillip. “Didn’t you say your friend Y/N was a sophomore? She wouldn’t be able to take college courses till next year.”

“Actually I take the courses through a different online institute. I also found out last week that the school is allowing me to skip my junior year and graduate next year as part of Phillip’s senior class.” I said. As I spoke his eyes widened and his smile grew.

“WHAT?!?” Phillip exclaimed next to me. “You didn’t tell me that. This is so exciting. You are going to be able to have classes with me and meet all my friends and graduate with me and and and …”

“Well now that you have broken my son, why don’t we go sit down for dinner?” He said. He was smiling and motioned for me to walk with him.

Once we sat down at the table all Phillip’s siblings looked at me. Mrs. Hamilton laughed as Mr. Hamilton recounted what I had told him and how Phillip had reacted to the news. The room was warmly lit with a large wooden table and plush chairs. One window faced out over their front lawn. They finished setting the table with food and it began to get passed around. I sat with Phillip in the two chairs on the right, closest to his parents.

“Children, say hello to our guest ,phillip’s friend, Y/N,” Mrs. Hamilton said. I heard a shout of several hellos from across the table and I smiled sheepishly. I wasn’t used to being seen.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I replied. Phillip grabbed my hand and squeezed it under the table. I looked over at him and he was smiling nervously again. I gave him a squeeze back before he let go. Mr. Hamilton started talking about his day and the kids started getting in conversations of their own. I slowly took small amounts of food from each plate that was passed to me. I felt comfortable, just not comfortable enough to talk.

“Seriously Eliza, Burr is going to be the death of me. He has no regard for anyone’s opinion. He just believes everything should be done as neutrally as possible. He doesn’t even tell me why he doesn’t like my plans.” Mr. Hamilton huffed besides me. I felt Phillip tense next me while I held in my laughter, a hand quickly flew to my mouth as I suppressed myself. Mr. Hamilton turned to me and smiled. “I am afraid I haven’t caught your full name?”

“ Y/N Y/M/N Burr, sir.” I replied hesitantly. He dropped his fork on the plate in shock before quickly switching to confusion.

“I was under the impression Burr only had one daughter.”

“Not surprising, my father doesn’t talk about me often. Theo is the one he invites to his business events anyway.” I said, keeping a straight face. I am not gonna lie, that one hurt. I knew he didn’t talk to me and payed more attention to Theo but I assumed he at least included me as his child. Mr. Hamilton sat there shocked for a minute before Mrs. Hamilton intervened with raised eyebrows and quirked lips.

“So I heard you are skipping a grade. Didn’t you already skip your freshman year?” she asked.

“Yes, I have been taking quite a few college courses as well.” I said quietly. I wasn’t used to being asked questions. I gently flushed under their gazes.

“Phillip said your head of the debate club. Is there anything else you do outside of school?” She pressed. Mr. Hamilton leaned in.

“Ummmmm I uhhhh …” I stuttered with the onslaught of questions. No one was ever intrigued with me. Phillip rested his hand on my shoulder and I quickly found my voice again. “I am head of the school’s newspaper, I participate in cross country, the student ambassador program, science fair committee, and junior ROTC.” Mr. Hamilton sat there looking at me for a minute.

“Isn’t your sister a cheerleader?” He asked. I inwardly groaned but kept my neutral expression. Theo is such a likeable person, why would he not want to talk about her? I nodded my head yes and went to pick up my fork. “Then why the hell would he talk about her and not you?” Phillip and his mother began laughing. My eyes snapped up to meet his. He smiled widely with crinkles in the corners of his eyes. “You seem to be extremely focused and intelligent Y/N. I am a bit confused as to why I haven’t heard about you before.” I became confused as well. I wasn’t that impressive.

“It’s not really a big deal,” They all gave me weird and shocked looks. I quickly looked down at my plate. “I just mean, I could be doing more and doing it better too.” I glanced back up at them to find they were all sharing a look.

“I was wondering Y/N. Could you help me with an argument I am trying to make with this case I have been given? It has more to do with supreme court cases. I haven’t read to extensively on them but I guarantee you would know more about them.” Mr. Hamilton asked.

“Uhh-ummm … I could try my best, sir.” You respond quietly.

That started a slightly happier chapter of my life. I would spend half my time around the Hamilton house. Phillip would come over to my house on the nights after debate club so we could trash talk other people. When it was time for my senior year to start I felt like I had a proper family. Mr. Hamilton would talk to me and debate with me over politics. Mrs. Hamilton would suggest literature to me. Phillip’s siblings would ask for help with their homework. I stopped eating dinner alone and went to the Hamilton’s instead. They had practically insisted when they found out my family was never around.

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Fighting Sleep

Warnings: None

Rating: F for fluff

Word Count: 776

Turning over, soft sheets slid from my shoulders. The room was freezing and dark. I reached my hand out and felt around for my personal space heater, like always. I groped for a little in half sleep before I registered that he wasn’t there. Squinting at my bright phone screen I saw the time read 1:45; of course he was up late. Sliding from our warm bed, I slipped on a pair of shorts and one of his old shirts from the floor. Freezing half to death in the flat, I headed out to find him where he was always hiding. The hall light was still on, but he’d at least had the decency to cut off everything in the living room. Phil’s door was shut and his room was dark, at least he’d gone to sleep. I reached the end of the hall and cut the lights, filling the flat with a darkness to match the eerie midnight silence. I barely made it up the stairs to the office. I expected him to be editing something at the desktop but instead he was sitting on the sofa bed with his laptop on his chest. He looked tired, though. I knocked on the door frame, drawing his attention away from the screen. He gave me a tiny smile. “Hey, pumpkin.” I came over and sat next to him. “Dan, why are you still up? It’s almost 2.” I laid my head onto his shoulder, fingers sliding through his waves. I was still barely awake, and all I wanted was to be asleep tucked inside a pair of arms. “Just answering some emails, you know half the people me and Phil talk to are 8 hours behind. This is the only time we can really communicate.” He was typing out some response as he said that. “Well, they can wait. You need your rest, bear,” I scolded him gently. We had this argument at least once a week. He always forced himself to stay up answering emails or playing video games, then he’d sleep till 1PM the next day and complain about his sleep schedule. Dan groaned and I pinched his neck.

“Ow! You asshole don’t pinch me!”

“Then go to bed!”

“I don’t wannaaaaaa.”

I rolled my eyes, sat up and yanked his face from the screen so I saw exhausted brown eyes. “You’re acting like a baby. Now come downstairs and cuddle me until we both go to sleep!” I demanded. Dan giggled, “Is that supposed to insult me, you trash bag? Just go back to bed and wait for me. I’ll be down soon okay?” He kissed my lips softly. “No. You need to come to bed. Even Phil called it a night. Plus you’re an idiot when you’re tired. I bet half these emails don’t even make sense. And lack of sleep makes you stressed out.” Dan pouted, turning his face back toward the laptop. I didn’t say anything else. Instead, I cuddled close to him, head finding its way back to the crook of his neck and watching him finish the rest of his work. He slid an arm around me. I smiled and ran my hand through his hair while I watched. Soon I shut my eyes, sometimes it was just easier to be there, to let him do whatever he wanted. Not to mention he always managed to fall asleep whenever we cuddled.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, he stopped scrolling and I heard him start breathing heavier. His cheek landed on top of my head. I shut his screen and lifted the laptop from his lap, placed it beside me to carry downstairs later, then carefully slid out from under Dan’s arm. He didn’t react to any of this, he must really be tired. “Dan,” I whispered. “Get up, baby. Let’s go to bed.” He sighed at the sound of my voice. “C’mon, ‘m tired. Lemme sleep,” he complained, but reluctantly let me pull him up into a standing position. I rolled my eyes, now he wanted to sleep? “I know honey, let’s get you into bed then so you can sleep alright?” Dan’s voice was high and dreamy, like a little boy’s, “Okay, let’s go downstairs then.” We made our way back through the flat, silent.

When we were finally in his room, I let him fall into bed before crawling in on the other side. He pulled me to him, placing me under his chin. I tangled our legs together and rested my arm around his waist. He was finally in bed with me, and we could sleep comfortably.

“Good night, pumpkin.”

“Good night, bear.”

Half awake and stressed out of existence, needed some fluffy shit to make the pain go away so enjoy this short adorable piece.


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Hello! Can I get a 24 with saeran if youre still taking these? Love ya!

24. Without really meaning it.

A/N: Third last request in my inbox!!! There are two left IM ON MY WAY TO CLEARING THESE YAAASSSS

Warning: This one is about cheating (I never write these things but yeah this was the only idea I could think of for the prompt), so proceed at your own discretion.

Your heart felt like a stone in your chest, a painful weight that you wanted to throw into the ocean, to let it sink to the bottom of the seabed and vanish from your memories altogether. You didn’t want to have to feel this heartbreak, this ache sucking the air from your lungs. There were no tears, surprisingly. Not yet, at least. You were certain that you would be reduced to nothing short of a sobbing mess once you returned to the safety of your bed, where no one could see or hear you.

You wanted to be alone. Kind of like how he had wanted to be too, when you first met him.

Your tongue tasted bitter when you recalled what you had seen earlier: him eating his ice cream and smiling while seated at a cafe nearby. You had been with him like that before, seen him make that face while snickering at the clumsy way you ate yours because your ice cream always turned into a dripping mess when you took too long to eat it on a hot summer’s day. Getting ice cream together was common for the both of you. There was always a time and place for ice cream, when it came to him.

Or at least, it used to be. You realised belatedly that it had been a while since the both of you last got ice cream together. As a matter of fact, it had been a while since you saw him smile like that around you. That earnest brilliance that made his face glow with an innocent charm, lit by a warm, genuine smile that actually made his golden eyes sparkle in the sunlight.

You would have given anything to see him smile like that again. You had tried all sorts of things, especially with how distant and moody he seemed as of late. You didn’t know why, figured that he might be having a relapse of sorts, and tried your best to get him to open up, assuring him that you would listen.

He never did, and you understood. He just needed his space and time to collect his thoughts. You assured yourself that soon, he’d be back to the Saeran you had come to know over the past few months of being together.

And you were right. He did seem more like himself when he was at that cafe… seated across another girl whom you had never seen before.

She was beautiful. Her dazzling smile magnetic, attracting glances from strangers passing by. There was the coquettish way she would stare at him as he spoke and she listened, the elegant way she ate her ice cream from the cup, the animated way she gestured while relating a story to him…

She was better than you.

The words drove a knife through you, and you felt your heart shatter when you saw him lean towards the girl to kiss her on the lips, licking the remnants of cream on her pink lips off as he did so. Your hand shot up to grip your chest, though the action failed to alleviate the dull, throbbing pain that seemed to grow with every beat of your wounded heart.

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I Missed You- Josh Dun (smut)

Request- Can I have a Josh imagine where the reader surprises him on tour after he’s been away for a few months” Maybe a little smut, super fluffy tho, I need some Josh in my life. Tyler helps with the surprise.

A/N- Warning you now. This actually sucks but I wanted to post it. Hope you enjoy still.

To Tyler

You’re my brother and you always said you would help me. SO will you?

From Tyler

Of course. What’s up? Are you okay?

To Tyler

Yeah I’m fine. I wanna come finish tour with you guys. I miss Josh.

From Tyler

So you don’t miss your brother?We’re blood Y/N. I’m hurt.

To Tyler

No I miss you too but I miss Josh more.

From Tyler

Okay so what do you want my help with?

To Tyler

I wanna surprise him. I want your ideas. You were always the creative one.

From Tyler

You’re right I am. I’ll book you a flight here tomorrow morning and Jenna will hid you all day. You can surprise him during the show or something.

But I’m putting you and him on a separate bus. What me and Jenna had to listen to last time was horrible.

To Tyler


From Tyler

You better be. I’ll text you your flight details in the morning. Love you.

To Tyler

Thank you so much. Love youuuuuuuuuu.

You went to bed with the biggest smile on your face. You were finally seeing Josh.

The next morning Tyler texted you the details for your flight. You were flying out in 3 hours and were going to stay with them for the remainder of the tour. You had a hard time when Josh wasn’t around. You had been together for the past 2 years and because of your work you weren’t able to go on tour with them. You were super excited to see Josh after being without him for the past 2 months.

Last night you packed everything you would need for the next 3 months of tour. You got to the airport and while waiting for your plane you called Josh.

“Hey Y/N. What’s up?” Josh answered the phone.

“Nothing just woke up and wanted to say good morning and that I miss you.”

“Awe I miss you too. I love you.”

“Only 3 more long months till your home.” you said trying to hid a smile.

“It will go a lot faster than you realize. I promise.”

“I know. It will go by super fast.” you said trying your hardest not to tell him you were on your way to him now.

“I also have a day off next week so I was thinking of sneaking home for the night. I miss my baby girl.” you could hear the smirk in his voice. “I had a dream about you last night. You looked so sexy. God I need you.”

“You can wait. Like you said it will go by faster than you think.”

“Are you at work?” he asked you.


“So do you think you could help me out a little.”

“Josh no I’m busy.”

“Where are you then?”

“Um the grocery store.” you lied.

“Call me when you get home? Please.”

“I’ll think about it. I have to go though. I love you.”

“Love you too baby girl.” he said before hanging up.

Finally you got on the plane and after a long 5 hour flight Jenna was picking you up at the airport.

Tyler and Josh were busy with interviews and soundcheck all day so you and Jenna hid on one of the buses. Josh was texting you all day but you ignored it. You wanted him to be totally surprised later and you were scared you might let it slip if you talked to him.

“They’re going on now so we should head in.” Jenna told you.

You made your way into the arena and when you heard that them playing you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. You have been so close to Josh all day, but you couldn’t be near him. You and Jenna were on the side stage watching them. You couldn’t help but stare at Josh, all you wanted to do was run up on stage and kiss him. Finally it was towards the end of the concert. Tyler was about to make his speech that he always does at the beginning of trees.

“I just wanted to say how much everyone in this room means to me. We wouldn’t be here without you guys. Also some of the most important people behind the curtains. My wife Jenna supports us through everything, my sister Y/N puts up with Josh somehow, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without those two women that hold the most special places in my heart.” Tyler said.

Josh looked confused while sitting at his drums. Tyler continued with his speech but he kept looking over at you laughing.  “Hey Josh, did you hear me? I said your girlfriend is behind the curtains.” Tyler said into the mic confusing Josh more.

You and Jenna were laughing how confused Josh was. You couldn’t blame him, he thought you were at home.

“You should probably go out there.” Jenna said nudging you and that’s all it took.

You started walking towards Josh and when he finally saw you through the bright lights he stood and ran over to you, lifting you up and holding you tight.

“He didn’t believe me.” you heard Tyler laugh into the microphone as you two kissed. “Alright enough Josh. That’s my sister remember, I’ll kick you out of the band.” Tyler said and the fans laughed and awed.

“I’ll be on the bus. Tyler moved us to our own. I’ll meet you there. Hurry.” you told him kissing him once more before getting off stage.

You went to the bus you and Josh would be on. You were glad they had a lot of busses and you two would have this one to yourselves. You got changed into something Josh would like a little better than the leggings and hoodie you were in currently. He always said you look beautiful no matter what you were wear, but you knew his favorite was when you were in your matching lace black bra and panties. You sat on the couch waiting for Josh to come to the bus. It was about 20 minutes later when the door flew open then closed again as Josh ran over to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I missed you so much.” he said kissing you all over.

“I know, it’s quite obvious.” you laughed as you felt his hard rub against your thigh.

“I missed my baby girl.” he said moving his lips to your neck. “Did I mention how hot you look dressed like this.” he says.

“I thought you would like it.” you smirked.

“I think I’ll like it more on the floor.” he said unclasping the bra and letting it fall to the floor.

You reconnected your lips with his and he grabbed your butt signaling you to jump. You did and he carried you back to the bunks. Never breaking the kiss until he put you down and crawled inside with you after removing his clothes, only leaving on his boxers.

He started kissing down your neck then moved farther down. He grabbed your lace panties with his teeth and started to pull them down, then grabbing them and pulling them off the rest of the way.

“No teasing tonight Josh. It’s been to long.” you said as he kissed your inner thighs.

“You’re right.” he kissed his way back up to your lips lining himself up with your entrance in the process.

He slipped inside you and let you adjust before setting a faster pace. He never broke the kiss. You didn’t want him to, it had been a painful few months without him and you were so happy to be with him. There was no way the two of you were going to last long, especially with the hard pace Josh set. It had been so long you could feel your climax nearing only after a few minutes.

“Fuck Josh. I’m gonna cum.” you moaned breaking the kiss.

“Let it go baby.” he said and a few thrust later you let your body fall into the state of euphoria.

Josh followed soon after your orgasm spilling inside of you. He rode out his high before falling to the side of you.

“I love you so much.” Josh said into your neck. “I probably looked like such a dumb ass up there tonight. I was so confused why Tyler was talking about you.” he laughed a bit.

“Your my dumb ass and I love you.” you kissed him and cuddled as close as you possibly could. 

He held you tight and you knew he wasn’t planning on letting you go. Not in the next night, year, lifetime. You and Josh were meant to be and you felt at home in his arms.

breeeliss  asked:

ninette + au where nino is the cute cashier at a music store and marinette is smitten

His day had been fairly routine so far. There was a little bit of a rush after Jagged Stone’s new album came out and promptly sold out everywhere, but for the most part, Nino spent his morning like every other one. Check on the stock, make notes about what he needed to order, call a few people whose orders had come in, help customers, and so on.

That was until a new face showed up on the other side of the glass door to the shop.

“I just want to check and see if it’s here,” the girl said to the other girl beside her. “It’ll only take a sec-” She cut herself off with a soft squeak and turned nearly four shades of red before she grabbed the other girl’s arm and dragged her down so they were crouched behind a display rack and just out of Nino’s line of sight.

He raised a brow and tried to ignore the hushed voices coming from the spot where they were hidden. After all, if this was the weirdest thing that happened to him today, he was in pretty decent shape.

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British Invasion | 5

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] Riley’s world is slowly starting to fall to pieces the more her heart gets broken. In the words of Stefan Salvatore ‘how many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?’ Well, plenty. The next chapter will revolve around whats been happening to Lucas since Riley left. As it turns out, she’s not the only one who’s changed.
Chapter Five: “Sound of my heart breaking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Word Count: 4,374


“Just go – your new life is waiting for you.”

After abruptly ending their video call Maya sat there, staring at the empty screen before her. She couldn’t wrap her head around what had just happened. She hardly ever got into it with Riley, they were always so good at talking through their feelings but maybe that was the problem. She didn’t know how to talk through what she was feeling because she didn’t know how to describe what she was feeling in the first place. How do you tell your best friend that you hate that they’re happy without you? It didn’t make sense to her. She loved Riley and would do anything for her but the thought of Riley thriving without her, the thought of her living her life without her seemed unfair. They were supposed to take on the world together and Riley was getting a head start.

Her phone screen lights up, notifying her that she had a text.

Riles: I don’t want to fight with you, Peaches.

She types out a long message, apologizing, admitting to being in the wrong and just as she’s about to press ‘send’ she gets an Instagram notification telling her Riley had been tagged in a photo. Closing her iMessage she opens the app, curious to see who had tagged her and what the picture was of.

It was a picture of Allison and Riley, sitting on her bed eating take out and the caption read: Reunited with my best friend.

Feeling angry and forgotten, Maya did what Maya does best and she shuts down.

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Making Up

Here’s a MCxZig fic for Round 4 the #ChoicesCreates Carnival with the prompt the song ‘From You’ by Ryan K.  This occurs after the latest chapter because I couldn’t wait till next week for them to work things out. ;)

Warnings: Spoilers from Chapter 14, Mature themes, language, sexually suggestive, wee bit NSFW near the end (just to be safe)
1400+ Words.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Until now, Zig hadn’t realized how much he relied on Paige’s coffee habit. Aside from their chilly reunion earlier he hadn’t seen her since the concert and while mad, he mostly missed her. Being around Chris only reminded him of the fight so he’d been avoiding both him and prepping for the initiative. Wallowing in the solitude, he volunteered to take a spilt shift and cover closing.

The bell over the door jingled. Damn. He thought he’d already locked it. “We’re closed.” He froze at the sight of Paige standing angrily by the door. Zig’s heart jumped into his throat. He hadn’t done himself any favours this morning and his most recent text wasn’t one she’d be happy with. “Oh…Hey.”

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thank you

I’m ready for him to come out, I’ve felt like this for weeks now, Harry too, I can tell by the way I catch him looking at me sometimes, like he’s willing the baby to come sooner so I can have my body back. It’s been months since Harry and I decided to stop having sex and such not wanting to risk anything, the ever growing baby making me too scared to try anything, although Harry was convinced I would be fine.


It’s a Tuesday evening, a week later when he does, I was at home, painting when it happened, ruining my current project. Nancy was at the house with me, per Harry’s request, not wanting me to be alone at any point as due date neared. Although the doctor said it was probably still going to be at least another week.

It was honestly a blur up to the first contraction, that part I remember clearly, I had just started to color the sky went I felt the first. I had had contractions before, plenty of false ones to know this one was real, the pain was dull ending with a sharp pinch unlike the fake ones, “Nancy” I gasped accidentally swiping the brush across the canvas, leaving a pale pink stripe in its wake.

She was in the room within seconds still holding the half full cup of water she had been filling in the kitchen, “What’s wrong are you okay?” she rushed over at my pained expression,

I took a deep breath recovering, “It’s… s’time”

She jumped, “Yes!, Yes” I gripped her wrist as I felt a swift kick poke at my side, the baby growing more and more restless, my elbow knocking over the water it smeared the painting further although neither of us noticed as I gasped out again,

“Nancy, now!”

“Oh, fuck, let’s go” she helped me stand, grabbing the flats I kept by the door and lead me to her car,  the drive was fast, not fast enough as I suffered two more contractions each getting a bit worse as we neared the big white building.

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The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || Epilogue ||

Bonus Chapter: The Missing Years

Word Count: 12,594

Note: This chapter picks up right after Riley and Lucas left the inn the night of Jedediah and Rihannon’s wedding. It details key events in the lives of the characters within this universe leading up to the epilogue set ten years in the future. 

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Riley and Lucas strolled back towards town square. The pair both dragged their feet a little in attempt to savour their much needed moment alone. 

Finally, the two teenagers returned to the wedding reception, by now it seemed a few people had left but the celebration was still in full swing. Riley and Lucas had remained blissfully unaware that they were holding hands the whole walk back. This detail was only brought to their attention when Mabel spotted them reentering the park with laced fingers. 

The redhead flicked her gaze between Riley’s sheepish stare and the intertwined hands. Thomas was beside Mabel sporting a similar but more suggestive look pointed at Lucas. Nervously, Riley laughed and pried her hand free giving Lucas an apologetic smile in the process. The Texan curled one corner of his mouth upwards and gave her a small and understanding nod. 

“There you are!” Maya’s voice cut through the awkward tension and suddenly she surfaced from the crowd of wedding guests, Tristan and Eli close behind her.

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Such A Tease | OT7 Scenarios

Originally posted by teenagehopless

Genre: Tease, lot of angst, heavy fluff and smut

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Word Count: 5.5 K

Summary: Jimin proposes a sex ban till the day of your honeymoon which results in your endless teasing and sexual advances, only to amount to a very steamy honeymoon night.


  It was getting harder by the minute for Jimin to control himself. Shifting in place on the white chaise lounge in the dress shop, he had immediately noticed the heavy décor of the polished shop called the Wedding Factory, with the glow from the pave chandeliers bouncing off the burgundy carpet trail when he had come through the glass doors with his arm around your waist. Your wedding was coming in 2 weeks and you still hadn’t managed to find the perfect dress for your wedding reception. You giggled to yourself whilst you were in the changing room, putting on the next number which Jimin, sitting outside, was hoping was the last one that would do the trick. It was funny, you had thought, that you managed to find a wedding dress much earlier than your wedding receptions’. Wasn’t it always the other way around? Jimin heard you giggling and sat upright from lying down on the lounge and asked with hope laced in his voice.

 “You’re giggling. Is this the one?” He asks, combing his fingers through his hair whilst looking into the mirror hanging on the wall.

 “No, but it’s the one for you.” You said a bit louder so he could hear over the locked door between the both of you.

“For me? Please don’t tell me you’ve been trying on suits for fun baby because my ass hurts from sitting here for the past three hours.” Jimin breathed out, trying to not sound the slightest bit frustrated. He knew that despite planning the wedding reception to be attended by only immediate family members and close friends, you still wanted to have a dress you loved and he respected that because well, he loves you.

“Aw, is Jimin tired?” You cooed and behind your changing room door Jimin laid back again. You took one long look at the dress you were wearing and smirked. Definitely for you, you thought to yourself. You had to admit that whilst trying to find the dress for reception, you started trying on other outfits like cocktail dresses or even just lingerie. You’ve never had that much of a lingerie collection to choose from before because you rarely bought any and Jimin never pressured you because he hadn’t cared about what you were wearing during the numerous time you both had gone back home with your hands all over each other, touching places where it wasn’t appropriate for the public eye. But this time you wanted to have your own collection, not to just feel sexy in but also to make Jimin squirm and you knew he would.

  You also wanted to get back at Jimin for what he proposed the week earlier. It came as a surprise to you when he had sat you down one day to tell you that he felt that it was only right for you both to not engage in any sex till the honeymoon, to be focused on the other parts of your relationship and bask in that. You had agreed, much to the disapproval for the ache in your stomach, because you knew he meant well. But you were needy and you felt like it would be fun to tease him and get his reaction.

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Unfaithful : Part Four

Pre-apocalypse romance : Negan x Reader

Fiction dedicated to @negansmainwife

“Dear Jodi! This became possible thanks to you! I enjoy writing it for you, keep hitting me with your feedbacks, they give me inspiration! Love you!!”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Time slowly passed inside your aunt’s house, avoiding Negan was like mission impossible, even if your eyes didn’t meet his , hearing his voice from distance made you lose your breath!!! It was emotionally tiring, but you tried your best to pretend like everything was peachy. You caught him staring at you many times but when you do glance back at him he looks away.
Every morning, you and Negan exchange dry smiles and few formal words like greetings or thank yous , Lucille didn’t pay attention to any of it. Negan spent more time outside, wether working, or playing ping pong with bunch of his students in the garage and in the night he goes to the bar with his cousin Jack.
Almost two weeks passed ,and you two remained that way, treating each other like strangers .
Till one night, Negan thought he had enough with this shit. It was already past midnight , he was feeling hot and bothered, he couldn’t get you out of his mind, usually he doesn’t care much about being shut down after flirting with someone, but you! You were something else, he wanted you, all of you! Especially that he knows very well that his marriage with Lucille is ruined and over even if his wife is still in denial. Negan sighed, he wished he met you somewhere else, he wished you weren’t Lucille ’s niece. He turned his head to look at Lucille who laid next to him peacefully asleep, she already had a pill prescribed by the doctor before she went to bed , she had sleeping troubles before but it increased when Negan confessed to her that he slept with his colleague, the English teacher Tabitha ,a year ago!

Memories flashed in Negan’s eyes and he whispered “fuck!”. Then he carefully pushed the covers away and got up on his feet.

He pulled on his pants , and headed to your room, he gently turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, light crept into your dark room, you were asleep and your chest was heaving in a slow organized rythme, you were wearing a white transparent nightgown, without knowing it, you gave him a good view of your tits. Negan bit hard at his lower lip , seeing your sexy form and innocent face gave him a hard on. He extended his hand towards you, his fingertips softly traced the skin of your collarbone, then went up to your jawline and lips.
Eventually as you became half asleep,you felt something creeping on your body, you involuntary slapped his hand away without opening your eyes, but Negan teased your soft skin again , you whined annoyed and you quickly opened your eyes.
At the beginning, you didn’t recognize him, it was a little dark , his shadow was looming over you ,it got you frightened , made you gasp and before you made another sound, he placed his palm on your mouth and put his index finger of his other hand on his mouth as a sign for you to keep quiet.
You held his hand and push it away before you whispered.
“Are you crazy? What in earth are you doing in my room??” You were mad at him sneaking into your room like that and afraid that Lucille would catch you, after all she wouldn’t let her husband’s visit to your room in the darkness slide .
“Hush! I just wanted to fucking talk to you!” He smiled as he sat on the matress next to you, while you supported your body with both your elbows looking up at him.
“Now??? What if Lucille. ..!”
“She’s asleep, a fucking earthquake wouldn’t wake her up!” He grinned as he scanned your heaving chest.
You pulled your sheets to cover yourself before adding.
“Can’t this wait till tomorrow? ”
“Tomorrow? You never let me talk to you, for the last couple of weeks you fucking avoided me Y/N !!! That was fucking tough on me , seeing you around and never been able to talk to you!”
“You mean get in my pants, I know your intentions Negan! !! You only want sex! That’s something you won’t get from me! I’ve seen you staring at my body many MANY times!!!“ You turned on your side, your back was to Negan and you huffed .
“Now, I wanna get back to sleep if you don’t mind! Good night! Please leave!” You closed your eyes waiting for Negan to leave, but instead he leaned over, you could feel the matress dipping behind you, he placed a hand on your ass and gently took your earlobe between his teeth and roughly whispered.
“Not until I give it you , girl! I know you want it, you can deny it all you want but your fucking body language doesn’t lie ”
Negan pulled the silky sheets away, then he pulled the hem of your nightgown up and grabbed tightly at your ass , you were putting on white cotton panties , you wished you were wearing your sexy lingeries but who care at this point, Negan wasn’t complaining.
All you knew was that you didn’t want him to stop, you didn’t even try to!
Negan’s hand moved to your pussy , he slid a finger under the fabric of your panties down to your slick folds, you were already getting wet and you let out a moan.
“Hot damn, if you fucking denied yourself the desire, your pussy wouldn’t doll, it’s craving for a dick!” He breathed out then he turned you over so you can lay on your back.
His finger started rubbing your clit , you loudly gasped at the sudden beautiful sensation , you tugged at the bedsheets and arched your head back your lips parted in a silent scream ,Negan grinned in amusement and slid you out of your panties, once he removed them, he groaned
“What a beautiful fucking pussy! How long since you felt an orgasm doll?”
You didn’t want to recall love life past at that moment. You only had one relationship your whole life, when you were at high school you fell in love with the school’s most popular hunk, the football team’s quarterback Tom Robinson, you gave him your virginity and everything you could give. You went to college together, you thought you were living a fairytale till he changed and became an abusive asshole to you!!! Of course you broke up with him , and you always struggled to keep him out of your head. Being single and lonely was tough but it was better than being an abused girlfriend. Negan was right, you wanted to have sex so you can let all the tension out of you!! Attempts to ignore his question failed, and you couldn’t take his teasing much longer so you answered .
“More than 9 months!” You whimpered as you licked your lips , eyes fixated on Negan’s bulge.
“whole fucking 9 months!! Ouch ! Then, Get ready for one hell of an orgasm baby doll! ”

Negan parted between your legs, tightly gripped your thighs with his strong hands, your subconscious was crazy shouting at you to push the guy off of you and end this ridiculousness but your body was yearning for Negan’s dick to get inside of it.
Your body beaten your subconscious with a KO, the second Negan’s lips sucked your clit, your eyes widened and you loudly moaned. He is definitely much much better than you ex.
Negan’s tongue teasingly caressed your already dripping folds, you brought your hands up to tug on his hair and you rolled your hips to feel more.
Negan’s nails digged in your trembling thighs, pinning you down in place so you won’t move.
“Ah… God! !! Negan!!” You breathed out in anticipation.
Negan lifted his eyes to look at you and he purred smirking.
“Easy Babygirl, best is yet to fucking come, and you WILL come in the hardest fucking ways!”“
His dirty words and husky voice and the way it vibrated against your drenched slit , made wonders. His stubble tickling you down there. You arched your head again , eyes closed and hands pushing Negan’s face down, you even gathered your thighs tightly, he was barely breathing but he like how rough you suddenly went. He groaned as he lapped at your juices. Then he inserted his tongue inside wiof you.
“Oh God!!! ” You squirmed as his head moved up and down with his tongue fucking you.

Your breath accelerated and your toes curled, as a familiar burning sensation started building up in your stomach, God! How much you missed that feeling, even touching yourself didn’t do the trick. And Negan was really really skilled at this.
Negan felt that you were coming as your inner walls clenched around his tongue ,
He roughly growled.
“Give it to me, doll ! Come and milk my fucking face! Fuck!”
And it was all it took to push you over the edge, you wrapped your thighs around his head , squeezing on him as you pushed your head back and let out a loud moan , your body was quivering as you released on his face, then you loosened up your shaky legs , panting. Negan lifted his head up looking at the mess he did, your hair sprawled on the matress, and your tits hardened under the soft thin and transparent fabric of your nightgown.
“Hope I fucking nailed it doll! Better than the college boys you fucked !”
You stared at the ceiling, blushed.
“I only had sex with just one, and you are much better than him!”
You couldn’t believe your ears , what you just said! Did you just praised him for tongue fucking you , but it WAS the best orgasm you ever had to be honest.
Negan chuckled and said
“Oh that’s just an appetizer, I already fucking told you , the best is yet to come, I’m gonna fuck you till I make you weak in the fucking knees!!”
What Negan didn’t know is that he DID make you weak in the knees.
He extended his hands, trailing across your body till he peeled off your gown leaving you naked.
“Fucking shit!!! Your body is fucking sexy!!!”
Then he lowered his face again, this time his tongue was tracing your hipbone then your stomach then he reached your hardened nipples and gently tugged at them, swirling his tongue around them. You gasped as you digged your nails in his biceps.

“No .. n-no!! This ..this is wrong! We can’t. . You..we shouldn’t do this!” You stuttered trying to push Negan off of you. He immediately stopped, breathing heavily.
“What is it doll?!”
“We can’t do this Negan! This is so wrong!”
Your eyes welled up in tears and your voice shook in regret.
Negan sighed and nuzzled his head into your chest and muttered.
“If you want me to stop just say the fucking word, but please don’t talk about what’s fucking right or wrong! ”
You blinked and a tear rolled down your face, you wiped it fast so Negan won’t see it then you decided fast, you lifted his face up between your soft palms.
“This will be the first and last time we do this, only this once ok?!”
You warned, and you were absolutely serious , there was no way to back off now, especially that you craved for him being inside you , you wanted to feel more. Negan softly held your gaze for a moment, he glanced at you in disappointment and nodded. You pulled his face closer to you till your lips crashed on his, fused in a hot wet kiss. You two moaned in each other’s mouthes, Negan’s hands squeezing your breasts ,then rubbing his thumbs on your nipples.
He broke from the kiss gasping for air, his fingers trailing across every inch of your exposed flesh, then he quickly unzipped his pants, freed his throbbing member and give it few strokes .
You bit hard at your lip, his dick was huge, bigger than your ex ’ s and you found yourself a little nervous, you didn’t have sex in a long time and now this huge most likely skilled dick is going to get inside you.
Negan teased you as he rubbed the tip of his cock on your slit.
You wordlessly begged him, your moans ringing in his ears, he suddenly pushed forward, stretching out your tight pussy in one hard thrust. You screamed then you bit on your hand.
Once you were adjusted to his cock inside you, Negan picked up the pace, he thrust in you mercilessly. His thrusts were fast, hard and deep, you panted as he pounded in and out of you! his balls were slamming into your ass, and the wet sound of his dick pumping into your wet pussy were music to his ears, he groaned and let out a stir of curses.

“Motherfucking shit! Oh fuck!!! You’re so fucking tight, you’re fucking dripping, hot fucking damn!!”
His thrusts became harder and faster, he hit a spot you never thought it existed in your vagina!!! Negan lifted you a little up and bent your knees more, you automatically wrapped your legs around his waist, your feet pushing him to go deeper, you started to feel that burning overwhelming feeling again, you never thought not in your wildest dreams you’d ever reach two orgasms in one day not to mention that you’re about to reach the second one only few minutes after the first one. You cried out , you accidentally scratched his arms, buy he didn’t care, all he noticed was that your inner folds were clenching around his dick, your creamy release moisting the tip of his dick , his veins bulged out as he muttered.
“Fuck, I. .I’m. ..fucking com.. ahhhhh!”
Negan pulled his cock just in time to release on your thigh, his body quivering, he bit his lip and closed his eyes then he threw his head back and moaned just when the last drops of his thick sperm dripped down your thigh into the matress.
“Fuck!” He mumbled then he opened his eyes to look at you.
“This was the best fuck I ever had, honest!!! I ain’t bullshitting you doll!”
“I’m sure you say that to the other ones including Lucille! ”
You slid from beneath him then you put you nightgown back on, Negan chuckled at your comment, then he wiped the sperm off your thigh with your panties.
“Negan please leave! You got what you wanted!” Your voice trembled a bit.
“And you got what you fucking wanted too, right?! Even the fact that I’m your aunt’s husband didn’t stop ya, did it now?!”
His words hit you like a brick , You tried to keep your face expressions unreadable, you wanted him to leave. But Negan knew you were upset with him AND yourself, he could see regret and disgust in your eyes. It was unlike him to regret anything but he surprisingly did, he hated himself for saying such hurting words that fit only an asshole. He wanted to apologize, he wanted to stay with you , to snuggle up with you and wake up in the morning to your beautiful face but that was impossible for the moment.
“Yeah , now go !”
You pulled the sheets and covered your whole body including your head. Negan got off your bed , zipped his pants then headed to the door, he stopped and turned to you.
He wanted to know if you’re really ok, but he didn’t want to push you further, he just left and closed the door.
Once he’s out of your room, you bursted into tears, you tightly grasped at your pillow and silently cried! You just realized that all the tension and attraction you felt these past weeks wasn’t just sexual, it was more than that! And you knew you were emotionally and physically fucked.

Squipped!Reader X Jeremy



Requested by anon

Promty thingy- if it isn’t too much of a problem, could you please do a BMC Jeremy Heere X Reader that takes place after the whole SQUIP thing and the reader is new to the school and her parents somehow found out about the SQUIP and got it to help with social anxiety before they moved, but it brings her to come closer to Jer and Michael (and get a crush on Jeremy) but the SQUIP kinda starts the do the evil thing (lol me being lazy) and they have to help eject it? Srry hope makes sense. And thank you

The squip in nice at the beginning??? Not for long??!!

Warnings: Cursing.. As expected. Fluff.

Readers thoughts towards the squip

The SQUIP’s, uh, dialogue

SQUIP controlling the reader’s actions/words

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