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Caitriona Balfe Twitter Q&A | Nov.12, 2016

FAN: Any news about your BAFTA dress? or  do we still  have to #staytuned for a while longer?
CAIT: I think you might have to wait till the beginning of next week. Sorry !!

FAN: How did you choose the picture + the writing on the shirt?
C: the team at represent came up with different concepts. It’s a line from the show and I thought it capsulated Claire.. and me !

FAN: What places would you like Jamie and Claire to visit?
C: I think Diana has taken care of that. They do quite a bit of travel !

FAN: what kind of music do you listen to xx ?
C: lots of different kinds. Right now loving @QueensChristine x

FAN: What about that beautiful jewelry from those sweet mamas from Ghana? Any chance to help out by buying that too?
C: perhaps ….

FAN: still yesterday in Alaska. Bought my Tshirt in black. What other color can you recommend ?
C: Love the wine colour or @WChildCancer  orange x

FAN: favourite film ever :) ?
C: So many but Full Metal Jacket is right up there. Near perfection.

FAN: name 3 things you love about Glasgow?
C: GOMA @TheGannet and Kelvingrove Park.

FAN: are you a tea or a coffee person?
C: Coffee, strong and black.

FAN: have you tried the Outlander wine yet!?
C: No. they (perhaps wisely ) haven’t given @SamHeughan or me any. 

FAN: I CAANT WAIT for the new season of outlander!! how is filming going?

FAN: I was so happy to order a tee?! What is your best memory of Ghana??
C: the amazing people there.

FAN: what do you think about the next design being a drawing by a fan? you could do a contest
C: Good idea. X

FAN: are you pregnant? 
C: No. are you? 

FAN: will scotland ever win a rugby match ?
C: Hopefully .. lost by 1 to the Wallabies. Good game though.

FAN: hi cait! Fave vacation spot in the US?
C: Big Sur but New Orleans a close second. X

FAN: Why ‘Full Metal Jacket’????
C: Stanley Kubrick made the most incredible film. Why not ??? :*

FAN: Does the one I just bought 5 minutes ago count?  Any small clue on what you’re filming next?
C: All Outlander for the next 8 months. Not sure past that.

FAN: done! How did you celebrate your birthday?
C: I went to Paris !!! 

FAN: What would you say is the most unusual thing you’ve done? 
C: I like to think everything I do comes with a nice little side of unusual … #keepitquirky

FAN: Ready to splurge for holidays: what one @ColbertMD product does every woman need?
C: if you’re going on holiday then definitely their illumino oil. X

FAN: were you watching Scotland play rugby?
C: of course !!! 

FAN: how is your weekend going? X
C: Apart from a nasty cold pretty good x

FAN: What is the thing you love the most about Claire? (yes just one thing…) 
C: her compassion

FAN: Do you have a dream role?

FAN: are you pregnant Cait?
C: Like I said. NO. Are you? #sometimesthereisapolitenessline

FAN: What is your favorite city?
C: I love traveling. I love seeing each cities character. What makes it and it’s inhabitants unique … so couldn’t choose 1

FAN: There is a confusion - did you ever acted in a Devil wears Prada?
C: Glorified extra for two days. Not sure if I am actually in it. It was v fun seeing the amazing Meryl do her thing though

FAN: Do you ever want to direct a feature film? Actor/Actress you want to direct?
C: one day hopefully x

FAN: Already bought two…are you looking forward to shooting in a warm location for a change in S3?
C: Eh YES !!!

FAN: favorite flower ?
Tuberose x 

FAN: I’ve had a cold for days, what’s your go to sick remedy? Tea or whiskey?
C: Hot Apple cider vinegar and honey. 

FAN: have you got anche advice to beat the fear to stay in front of audience?
C: if you focus on the character and not yourself … then you can’t be scared. !! Xxx

FAN: We can reach 3000!!! Let’s go!!! Waiting mine from Seville… Have you been in Seville???
C: not yet … x

FAN: are you enjoying the weekend? What are you doing right now?
C: Sofa and twitter … a wild Saturday night !! Trying to beat my cold. X

FAN: since I’m going to live in Glasgow, do you have any advice to help me to survive out there please? I’m French btw
C: lots of layers and once your ears get used to the accent then you’ll find the most welcoming people. Cool galleries too

FAN: what’s the best part of working with such an amazing and charming English man as Tobias Menzies ?
C: best thing. Having made a life long friend who is funny and kind and beyond talented. And also quite silly

FAN: Do you normally work weekends or have random days off ?
C: normally work Monday to Friday but Sometimes i get random days off then it’s :)))))))) 

FAN: Do you knit?
C: not for many years. I should again x

FAN: do you have any suggestions for someone who’s looking for a new book to dive into? (except for Outlander ehe)
C: The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Reading right now and I love it.

FAN: Are a museum person? Do you have a favorite?
C: The Whitney or The Moma in NYC or The Tate Modern in London. But love visiting museums and galleries.

FAN: coming fr. LA to Glasgow next week for work but have one day off. What do you recommend?
C: Visit GOMA or @MaryMaryGlasgow take a walk through Kelvingrove park

FAN: What is your absolute favorite classic movie!? Old school classic
C: Breakfast at Tiffanys

FAN: are you fluent in irish gaelic ? :)
C: I used to be. Now I can barely string a sentence together. Ta sé an brónach.

FAN: if you could meet claire fraser what would you tell her ?
C: wow you’re pretty short and much more curvy than I thought but THANK YOU for being so damn cool x

FAN: Hamptons or NYC lassie?
C: NYC x

FAN: what does the Irish Gaelic sentence mean in English?
C: it’s very sad … ( that I don’t still speak it) 

CAIT: I think that’s more than 20. Byeeeeee for now x



The semi-haitus is over! part 55 is here! I guess I kinda left off on a cliff hanger, I wonder how long it’s been. A lot has happened but what’s important is that I’m ok now. 

If anyone noticed the drastic change in the pictures well I decided to take these pictures in the sunlight instead of my room. I think this works nicely

So since it’s been such a long there will be multiple updates tonight. I think the next update will be around 10:30pm EST. So wait till then, and if you come by later then it’s probably already here lol

Part 55

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Oh my god your elf au got me reading fantasy phan fic cause i i gotta wait for more art and now im dying over steal my heart steal my whole life too its a phanfic by ineverhadmyinternetphase all it needs now is magic and my life would be complete ugh

Lol yes I’ll be working on this more next week, because I have a break from school~ I hope you find some good phics till then!

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i missed when u added the new mtt keychains to ur store and theyre sold out now!! TT^TT do u know yet if you'll be able to restock them? (also I got the prints last week or so I think? and theyre beautiful!! I really love the red and gold extra one, but the blue MTT is my fav! 💖)

Oh gosh, sorry I havent even actually stocked them yet! I was waiting till next week when me and m8s are going to assemble some packing for our collab charms :D There’s still all of them left! Expect them up sometime before next weekend hopefully

The Godfather (Jimin)

Requested: Yeah once again @rapmontrashqueen asked for this. tbh like 90% of my fluff is requested by her so you guys can thank her.  Also my requests are open!
Genre: Fluff
Word count:1,196

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I personally feel like they cut the end malec seen so it could be cliffhanger-y? Like a "did they have sex or not👀😩👌" thing they can use to promo which is fucking annoying but idek

i know its gross but legit im almost 100% positive. everybody has a right to be angry and upset (and i still am), but ive calmed myself down and imma just wait till next week. people going as far to say they hate the show now is too much. obvs even if they resolve it completely, the cliffhanger is gross

Midsummer Ideas

I’ll be going camping with the fam till mid next week, so I’ll leave you with some Midsummer/Litha celebration ideas for until I get back.

-It’s the longest day of the year, so you can create an altar for light, fire, and/or the sun with candles, a fire bowl, sparklers, stones and herbs associated with the sun, reflective objects, a gold altar cloth, etc.

-If you’re more into night and darkness, wait for sunset and do a little ritual to welcome the returning night, as now for the next six months, the nights will be growing longer and the days shorter. Light a gold candle shortly before sunset and extinguish it when the sun is gone, bury it and replace it with a black or silver one. Leave offerings and prayers for dark deities. 

-The sun enters Cancer this day, which is a water sign, so you can honor that too by swimming, visiting the ocean, pegging water balloons at those who have wronged you, taking a ritual bath/shower…

-Drum circles and other music making. (You can also include making the drums and shakers in your festivities, especially if you have kids).

-Making and leaving treats for the fairies because either a.) you genuinely like them, or b.) to give them a peace offering so they won’t hide your stuff or fuck up your house.

-Do research on sun deities.

-Meditate on the Sun’s energy. (*whispers* work on your tan.)

-This year it’s on the same day as the full moon, so take advantage of this glorious blend of solar and lunar energy. Work magick to promote harmony, healing, bringing much needed motivation, energy, or inspiration into your life, bringing in new relationships, or strengthening already existing bonds. 

-Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 3: Fire, Chapter 13: “The Firebending Masters.” I’m not entirely joking, this episode gives a nice commentary on the properties of fire and the sun.

-Wildly dance around the bonfire like the heathen you are.



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Have fun, ya’ll.

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I honestly thought something would've been leaked this weekend either a spoiler picture or something from one of the soap magazines. All credit to whoever has the pictures and aren't leaking them but now it's only a matter of hours till we get pictures I still can't believe it's happening. I can't wait to see if any press who watch the ep on Tuesday will mention anything (probably not) I think we'll get some wedding hints this wish list Wednesday,I hope we do. OMG Robron are gonna be husbands!!!

I think with soap magazines it depends when they are sent out sometimes people get them early sometimes they don’t. But just think of all the stuff were going to get over the next week. I doubt the press will be able to say much. I think there are embargoes until next weekend (what I saw on twitter anyway). I can’t wait to see it all though. I can’t belive we’re only a week ago.

My appointment was canceled because of the snow 😭. Now I have to wait till next week. I really just want to know everything is ok with the baby. I’m already 8 weeks and I haven’t even been to the drs. The last 2 times I had already gone twice by this time. Granted I found out way later with this one but still. This stage always makes me so nervous I can’t really calm down till after 12 weeks but hearing their heart beat and knowing the babies ok would make me feel a bit better.

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Deranged keeps me on my toes. I wish the chapters were longer! Now I must wait till Thursday for Mad. I cannot get over how awesome it is that you've connected these stories.. ohmergawd! Keep up the awesomeness lovey! 😙

Thank you lovely!!! Next week’s chapters are going to be pretty long haha. It’s my first time ever connecting stories so it’s definitely something new for me but I’m glad both of them are being well liked. 😍

Omg !! Spn 12x12

What an epic episode!!

What I saw right now was that Cas finally accepted that he is a part in the Winchester family. The character development that I’ve seen since season 4 is immense. That fact that Cas said “I love you” to the boys is incredible. He finally expressed emotions that he understood other than pain, shame, guilt (when he and Sam talked in 9x11). Ahhh I’m so happy.
Another great thing that he said was urinating he gets.. I was laughing hard Caitlin season 5 he said he can’t understand people’s need to urinate.

I don’t get why marry didn’t give the colt back? Like your gonna risk your sons so the freaking British man of letter could use it?



I am so fucking excited!! We haven’t seen the colt since season 5! I just wonder what the hell the British Men of Letters are gonna do with it. I also wonder how did Crowley got a hold on it in season 6?

And Lucifer. God you should have seen me running around the room and saying mark pellagrino (sorry if I misspelled) I was so fucking happy to see him!!! Can’t wait to see what is he cooking in his beautiful head.

So kudos to the writer and the director for making this episode happen!


TT: I don’t imagine Dave has taught you how to read or write in English yet, has he?
TG: ncjiikd dhioebs kdaoiheen sasimbeaf
TT: No, it would seem not
TG: no,, ;f woui6 sggm nof
TT: Are you trying to copy me?

my favorite part of this chapter was karkat’s interaction with rose and it still kills me thinking about it

also with this i am all caught up!! cant wait till the next chapter!

this is like my 20th time saying this but please read Dont Forget The Sun! it is a very good fic



((Man I really need to practice drawing on paper again XD That anatomy tho))

Just wanna let you guys know that I’ll be answering questions starting this week till November! ((I’m currently chillaxing right now cuz it’s already my sem break!!!))

I’ll clear out my inbox today so that I can start fresh again. You may start sending questions again :)

So just wait until I update again! Until next time!!


Edit: Pfft just so you know, Halloween’s just around the corner and I’m really excited for it! SO I decided to draw these two in their.. outfits..

Will you be my Valentine?

Dan x y/n

“Three days till the Valentine’s day. It is weird… I have a very weird feeling about it. Not sure why, but I’ll just go with a flow”
Just sitting in a lounge near fireplace. Looking through a window. Thinking, what the hell is going on.
I am not studying now. Now I’m living with Dan and Phil. Making videos with them.
It’s just a bit of a shitty week. My camera stopped working. My (your fans) are are waiting for a next video. Of course, had to tweet about it. But…
“Hey, y/n” Dan came.
Recently I started to feel something for him. Now I’m just ignoring him to shake away that feeling.
“Um… Hi, I suppose…” I said silently and emotionless.
“Okay. What’s wrong. Why do you keep ignoring me?”
“I’m not COMPLETELY ignoring you”
“But why? Because I don’t actually care if you keep talking with Phil. But recently I’m a third wheel. It feels like we’re loosing connection.” Dan sits on a couch next to me. “Did I do something wrong?”
“Okay. Dress up. Get ready. Go outside for a walk. With me. I want to talk with you alone.”
“We ARE talking alone”
“I don’t care”
Now he’s standing up. Cool…
“Okay… But you’re buying me cupcake” I smiled while standing up.
“That was the plan” ha laughed.
Oh. By the way. I think you wondered where I’m sleeping.
Well… I was sleeping with Dan. But now I kinda moved to Phil’s room. Because of… Reasons.
*~le time skiiiip~*

We’re outside now. I’ll admit. I haven’t been outside since last week. God damn. Even Phil is going outside at least once a week.
“Okay, (your nickname). Where shall we go?”
Aaaand he gave me a nickname for me.
“I don’t know. You’re the one who dragged me outside.” I smiled.
“Okay… Let’s go to park”

*~le time skiiiip~*

I’m sitting in a park. Dan went somewhere and asked me to wait here. Oh. Here he is.
“y/n, stand up. Pleaaase” He gave me a puppy dog eyes. Why? This expression is melting my heart…
Okay okay. I stood up.
“Let’s go near that tree” he stated.
It looked like he’s serious about something. We’ll see. I guess.
“So you know that Valentine’s day around a corner. Right?” Dan asked. And we stopped above a tree.
He LITERALLY got on a one knee and showed me a cupcake.
“Will you be my Valentine?”

In a world full of distractions, we all fall into the procrastination trap every now and then, especially when we need to do difficult or important things in order to achieve our goals. But what lies underneath is often a fear of responsibility or failure. You may be too busy, too tired, too afraid to fail, or too sad. You keep waiting for a ‘a better moment’, not realizing that you’re not making progress at all. Yes recovery is scary and difficult, but putting it off till tomorrow, next week or next month, won’t make it easier. So what small step are you gonna take today in order to keep moving forward?