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Aggressively Miscellaneous Sentence-Starters


  1. “None of this would have happened if you just kept your read receipts on like a normal person.”
  2. “I didn’t even like them when they were alive. I’m supposed to suddenly give a damn now because they’re dead?”
  3. This is how you treat the person that shares his/her weed with you?”
  4. “Hey… don’t get saucy.”
  5. “It wasn’t a big fire. Small fire. Baby fire. Fire-ling.”
  6. “Jesus! You’re quiet. We should really put a bell on you.”
  7. “You cannot live off convenience store chicken tenders. You’re going to get listeria again.”
  8. “Does anybody want to get deep into voodoo with me?”
  9. “No offense but your roommate is kind of a twat.”
  10. “I was feeling really down about myself so I bought $47 worth of puzzles on my lunch break. It helped.”
  11. “You carry around a pack of Pokemon cards wherever you go but you didn’t bring your freaking Epi-pen with you?”
  12. “Is now a bad time to tell you that I never learned how to swim?”
  13. “Kind of can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.”
  14. “…sure, how could I possibly take offense to that?”
  15. “Loser buys lunch. For a week.”
  16. “That’s a terrible revenge plan. There’s not even any knives involved.”
  17. “When did we get a cat?”
  18. “Delete that picture or I’ll delete you.”
  19. “I’m a little concerned that someone who doesn’t build things has this many hammers.”
  20. “Hey, is this book of spells real, or just for show?”
  21. “What’ll it take to buy your silence?”
  22. “Your spelling is almost as bad as your flirting.”
  23. “Oh no. Your 90s R&B playlist. Are you okay?”
  24. “Why does your car smell like peppermint?”
  25. “If anyone asks, I was here all day. Actually, no. I was downtown, reading to blind children. Yeah, that’s better.”
  26. “That is an excessive amount of liquor for three people.”
  27. “I’m just going to key his/her car real quick.”
  28. “I’m going to shove that fidget spinner down your goddamned throat in about three seconds.”
  29. “You have the handwriting of a doctor…who writes with his mouth.”
  30. “I’m really sorry I set your dryer on fire again.”


  1. “Who would’ve thought Armageddon would have such a bug problem?”
  2. “God, this is a bad idea and we haven’t even done it yet.”
  3. “I’m not saying this is a suicide mission. I was just wondering what you wanted me to write on your wooden grave-marker.”
  4. “Do you think class will be canceled if the planet actually explodes?”
  5. “I really hope those weren’t gunshots.”
  6. “In this world, you learn to let go.”
  7. “I can’t eat anymore month-old fruit cocktail.”
  8. “You stay here. Lock the door and call 911.”
  9. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… we have to save him/her.”
  10. (“You’re bleeding!”) “The blood’s not mine.”
  11. “Do you have a better idea?”
  12. “Look, if it’s either this or die…we don’t have a choice.”
  13. “The power grid is down and so are the phone lines. Looks like we’re on our own.”
  14. “We can either hunker down and wait this out, or we can try to find a way out of dodge. Your choice.”
  15. “We’re down to four bullets, so your aim better be fantastic.”
  16. “I figure I’ve got at least another hour before I bleed out.”
  17. “Well, the screams came from that way so we should probably go the other way.”
  18. “This is so not how I pictured the end of the world.”
  19. “You think the barricade will hold?”
  20. “There’s only one road out of this godforsaken town.”
  21. “Things were so much easier when the dead stayed dead.”
  22. “Quit your bitching. You’ve got another arm, don’t you?”
  23. “Aliens are much uglier in real life than they were in movies.”
  24. “Fifteen feet of snow so far and no end in sight. I sure hope we bought enough bread.”
  25. “The water is rising so unless you know how to build a boat, we need to get to higher ground.”
  26. “You must be here to rescue me. You’re too pretty to be the Angel of Death.”
  27. “You’d be surprised what you’ll eat when you don’t have any other choice.”
  28. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
  29. “This is my territory and I make the rules. If you don’t like it, you’re more than welcome to go live among the flesh-eaters.”
  30. “Welcome to hell. I’ll show you around.”

anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love all of your fics! They're all amazing! I was wondering if you could do a over-protective/jealous zimbits? Idc who is the possessive one or if it turns to fluff or nsfw but I'd just love a happy ending. You're great btw!

!!!! You’re too sweet!  Here’s some jealous zimbits with just a hint of [redacted] for you <3

Eric is not the jealous type, which has definitely been in the best interests of his and Jack’s relationship.  The way attraction works for Jack is just so slow that by the time he gets around to dating someone, they’re usually friends too.  Which leads to things like standing lunch plans with Camilla Collins whenever she comes to visit her sister at Brown or hanging out at alumni events together.  Even he and Kent have finally started to be friends again, a development largely facilitated by Eric himself.  Add to that the amount of time Jack spends with beautiful people hanging on him at bars after a win or at Falcs events, it’s enough to drive a lesser man mad, but Eric can always brush it off.

“Oh baby, I don’t mind.  I know you’re as loyal as they come.  And besides, why would I be jealous of someone talking to you at some boring fundraiser when you’re coming back to our bed, hm?”

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No place i'd rather be

Summary: Tom is famous and goes on millions of trips and talk shows but he always comes home to his Y/N

A/N: I’ve decided to just write for various characters so send in requests and asks and I made the reader famous in this. Also I don’t like this one its too short and its a bit all over the place but another one will maybe be out  tomorrow 

Word count: 941

Tom had another interview but this time it was in New York, a full upscale hotel room had been assigned to him but he could bring Y/N along this time. You had stepped back for the last couple of months or this entire seven months of the year really, you had promised Tom that his limelight would be all on him this year. She could do without having nosy interviewers and paparazzi asking her on his premiere night about her upcoming films and works she had bubbling in the background. She had kept her support to a minimal outside of their own world, posting a few snapchat’s of herself at promoting and a couple of fresh photo’s on Instagram with her and Tessa binge watching all the trailers.

Tom didn’t want to pressure her but he had hoped she would come to the interview and cheer for him at the side lines. She was his anchor at the best of time, something that holds him to the ground during his upscaling of fame. She reminded him of home and he finally believed that his life could begin with her and he could be famous because she would make it happen, his mother tells him their too young but he knows Y/N is a superwomen and would juggle all things without breaking a sweat. He had rung her before escaping onto the stage on Jimmy Kimmel live and she had boasted him up onto cloud nine. He sat with Robert on the comfy blue chairs and gloated about the up coming film until you were brought up and he got all flustered and shy like a child being told to say hello. A video of you was brought up, it was you and Harrison in the airport waiting for Tom to get home to London. They were playing an unknown song on the speakers and you were clearly liking the song because you took to dancing around Harrison whilst he recorded you doing spins and twirls but soon some of your fans had caught onto what you were doing and were dancing with you. Tom noticed how happy and carefree you looked, little did anyone know after that you collapsed asleep in the taxi home because you were so tired, he loved how excited you acted around your fans showing dedication and love towards them.

The interview wrapped up around one in the morning and Tom sent you a message hoping you were awake, he instantly got one back claiming you could engulf some food. He laughs and heads off down to his awaiting car, still in his black suit, he is driven two blocks away from the hotel and lets them drive off. He walks into a shabby looking licence shop and looks for some food for her, a women in a nearly non-existent red tight dress saddles up next to him. She must take note of the posh suit because she bats her eyelashes and purrs out a husky “hi handsome, where are you off too?” He detaches himself from the grip on his bicep and claims “home.” Whilst paying for his items, pushing the door he hears the women groan and soon the exit bell is chiming again, he rolls his eyes but continues on. “Can I come with you?” She questions, he ignores her second attempt and rounds the corner of the first block. He hears the running of clicking kitten heels and she pops up next to him. They both say nothing as he finally arrives to the lobby of the hotel, she seems surprised that he is in such a high end place turning to look at her finally he states “go home and get a good nights sleep, I’ve got a Y/N upstairs.” She looks confused as the elevator door closes.

He punches in the code and peaks into the one bedroomed room. The floor to ceiling windows are closed and covered by cream drapes. The soft glow of the TV eliminates her face, her heavy lids constantly fighting to stay awake under the thick black blanket that is draped over her lower body. He smiles as he sees her upper body is clothed in the fluffy white robe they provide in the hotel room. Out the corner of her eye she sees the suited boy and smiles a tired smile, patting the seat next to her in the large double bed. “I’m watching top 50 funniest animals and so far I haven’t laughed because none of them are Tess.” He chuckles and slips off the dress shoes and flaps his tie off from around his neck, slipping of his jacket and finally into bed. She shifts so that her body is half spread onto his and snuggles into the toned chest he now owns, “how was the interview?”  He hums a response but doesn’t go into too much detail. “Some women tried to come home with me.” He casually throws into the silent atmosphere, it hangs and seeps into their air supply before she mummers “was she pretty?” He plants a small kiss on her forehead “Nothing compared to you my darling and besides I’ve had you for two years and I look forward to coming home to you still every single new day.”  

An he wasn’t lying a new day was a new development in their story, each day was a new page of their novel and they wrote for hours trying to correct the mistakes that had been buried in their pages. But at the end of the day he could always close the book and come home to his dearest Y/N

Will You Fake Date Me? (Jimin Fluffy Imagine)
  • Y/N sits on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn. Her eyes are glued to the screen where a scary movie plays. Y/N's eyes widen in anticipation, her mouth ajar. She lifts a handful of popcorn to her mouth when-
  • JIMIN: Y/N!
  • Jimin barges through her front door. His small figure is illuminated by the moon of the dark night.
  • Y/N: AHHHHH!
  • By pure reflex, and not a hint of maliciousness, Y/N flings the tin bowl of popcorn at Jimin, showering her living room in kernels and nailing Jimin in the head.
  • JIMIN: OW! Y/N! What the hell?
  • Jimin massages the blow to his head.
  • Y/N: Jimin, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
  • JIMIN: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • After hearing this, Y/N proceeds to smack Jimin upside the head.
  • JIMIN: OW!?
  • Y/N: That was for scaring me. How did you even get in here?
  • Jimin plops himself down on the couch with a sour expression and his hands rubbing the spot on his head that had received yet another blow.
  • JIMIN: The door was unlocked. You know for someone who watches a bunch of thriller movies, you really don't take all the necessary precautions.
  • Y/N sits beside him and pauses the movie.
  • Y/N: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on a date with 'Super hot as fuck' Irene.
  • Y/N tries to pull off her best imitation of Jimin when she says, "Super hot as fuck" but her voice comes out a lot deeper than his.
  • JIMIN: Why don't we just call her 'Super hot bitch' 'cuz it turns she only asked me to come out to make Taehyung jealous.
  • Y/N: Seriously?
  • JIMIN: Yes seriously. I just can't believe I thought she actually wanted to go out with me. You know to actually date me.
  • Y/N pauses. She doesn't really know what to say in this situation. She's used to always being the one sulking and Jimin cheering her up.
  • JIMIN: Okay you can stop with the pity stares. I'll live.
  • Y/N: You came to the right place Jimin. My shoulders aren't as sturdy as Jin's but they are here for your tears.
  • Jimin bursts out laughing. Y/N flings kernels of popcorn on the couch at him.
  • JIMIN: That was terrible. Thank you.
  • Jimin sighs.
  • JIMIN: As much as I'd like to stop holding back my tears, I came here on strict business.
  • Y/N raises her eyebrow.
  • Y/N: I'm all ears Agent Chim.
  • JIMIN: I want you to fake date me.
  • Y/N pauses.
  • Y/N: If this were a movie, this would be the perfect moment for a spit take.
  • JIMIN: Y/N, I'm serious.
  • Y/N: You're joking.
  • JIMIN: I just said 'I'm serious'
  • Y/N: That's insane. Friends don't just fake date each other.
  • JIMIN: How would we know? To us it wouldn't be fake dating.
  • Y/N: Jimin, shut up. No way, I am not fake dating you.
  • JIMIN: Please, Y/N, I need your help.
  • Jimin grabs Y/N's hand in his. He tilts his head and pouts his lips. Y/N shakes her head at him.
  • Y/N: Why? Why would we even need to do this?
  • JIMIN: I want Irene to want me. I want her to see what she could have had. What we could have been.
  • Y/N frowns and pulls her fingers away from Jimin's
  • Y/N: Why do you like her so much?
  • JIMIN: What do you mean?
  • Y/N: What's so great about her? I mean yeah she's pretty and all but so are lots of girls. What's so different about her?
  • Jimin pauses. You can tell he's thinking pretty hard about this. He slumps back on the couch and stares into his lap.
  • JIMIN: Honestly I have no idea.
  • Y/N: See? You want to do all this for a girl you don't even really like.
  • JIMIN: I do like her. I just don't know what I like about her.
  • Y/N huffs and the two sit awkwardly in silence on the couch for a moment. A few times Jimin starts his sentence to name something he likes about Irene but then falls back into thought. Eventually Y/N breaks the silence and says.
  • Y/N: You know, if you had just asked me to go on a date with you, I would have said yes.
  • JIMIN: You mean like a real date?
  • Y/N: Yeah, a real date. I kinda get how you felt earlier about Irene using you to get to Taehyung now. And its not your fault. I should of told you earlier Jimin. I like you.
  • Jimin's eyes are wide. He stares at Y/N who is looking down into her lap awaiting for his response. Eventually she breaks the silence again.
  • Y/N: You're my best friend Jimin and I would do anything to help you but fake dating you would be so much harder for me than you think because that's probably the closest we would ever get to becoming more than friends.
  • Y/N gets up off the couch and slowly makes her way to the landing of the stairs.
  • Y/N: It's late. I'm going to bed. You can let yourself out. Goodnight Jimin.
  • Y/N reaches the first step of the stairs when Jimin calls-
  • JIMIN: Wait!
  • Y/N stops at the step and turns around to face Jimin.
  • JIMIN: When you asked me what I liked about Irene, I couldn't think of anything. But when you said what you said right now, I asked myself what I liked about you, and there were so so many reasons Y/N. I like everything about you. Even the annoying things aren't that annoying. Y/N, I think I like you too.
  • A/N:
  • Hello! This is my first time writing an imagine in screenplay format. I tried to incorporate both into one and this is what we got. I really hope you guys liked this because this was a lot of fun to write. Also to the Anon who requested this, I'm sure this wasn't what you imagined but I hope you liked it all the same. Thanks for all the support guys! Thanks @limseoyeon
  • ~Armygirl

piebsa  asked:

Prompt: Jeremy kissed/made out with Brooke and Chloe when he was squiped and now Michael is embarrassed because he hasn't kissed anyone yet. And so he looks "how to kiss" in wikihow, doesn't delete the history and Jeremy finds out. (The part of searching it in wikihow it's meh, I just want Jeremy to find out and be like "dude, you don't have to worry. I'm sure you kiss alright) and then they kiss. Ahhhh, I'd love you even more if you do it.

Sorry it took so long (._.) Here you go;; Thank you for the prompt!

“Hey dude can you grab me a soda while you’re up and moving?” Yelled Jeremy from across the room, too lazy to move from his fixed position on the beanbag. 

“Since when was I your maid?” Michael joked, tossing his best friend an ice cold soda nonetheless. “I’ll be right back, don’t play without me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Jeremy muttered in response whilst taking a small sip of his drink. The two boys had just spent the last few hours clearing floors off of a DLC of Apocalypse of the Dammed Michael had managed to find in the old retro game shop down the street. Within half a day the boys had almost gotten through the whole game but given their poor diet of mountain dew and chips the two often had to pause for bathroom breaks and refills, slowing their overall progress down.

Jeremy set down his drink and looked up at the ceiling in contemplation. It had been a month or so since the Squip incident and everything had virtually settled down. Jeremy had gained a bunch of new friends from the experience, despite how traumatic it had been. This included Christine, a girl on whom Jeremy had lusted for years. The two had tried to date, they really did, but it was soon apparent that despite how well they got along together, they only saw each other as close friends. When Jeremy had told Michael that night, his friend assumed the worst, instantly offering to come over with a horde of junk food and movies to distract him. Surprisingly for both boys, Jeremy felt great. He assured Michael that nothing was wrong and that he was the happiest he had been in a while, and strangely, he didn’t miss the slight change in Michael’s tone of voice, almost as if he was smiling sweetly over the phone. 

Jeremy didn’t miss the soft blush on his best friend’s cheeks whenever he complimented him.

And Jeremy certainly didn’t miss his sinking face whenever he talked about his time with Brooke or Chloe, despite how much he hated to think about it. 

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Warmth - Sherlock

GIF not mine

Ship: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) x Reader

Summary: The depressing weather of London has been taking a toll plus a broken heater that won’t work isn't the best thing so you decided to pay a certain high-functioning sociopath a visit to brighten up your mood. 

Type: Fluff

Words: 1,460

Warnings: None

Notes: Told ya I'd post more than once today.

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Here With You: A Feycien Fic

This fic is an alternative look at how Feyre and Lucien might have returned to the Night Court in ACOWAR rather than being flown in by Cassian and Az. I hope it adds an extra layer to their friendship that I know a lot of us feel was missing in ACOWAR.

AO3 Linkage

Summary: Just as the confrontation with Eris is reaching a climax in the Winter Court, Feyre discovers she has enough magic back to winnow her and Lucien to the safety of Velaris where her family waits. But before Feyre reunites with Rhys, she and Lucien share a moment together that could make or break the future of their friendship.

Here With You

All I could feel as my fist met flesh in the snow and I saw the white stained with a spray of brilliant red was the spark of power suddenly thrumming at my fingertips. I whirled to find Lucien staring at me not ten feet away and knew from the widening of his eyes that he felt it too.


Before Cassian could protest, I was out of his grip and sprinting until I’d taken hold of Lucien’s worn down tunic and winnowed into the mist. The bright red-hot sun and scent of the sea greeted us as we crashed against the hard cement. Instantly, my back ached. But I felt like I could somehow breathe again.

But Lucien…

“Are you… are you okay?” I breathed, turning my neck just enough to get a look at him. His face was pinched beneath his hands blocking out the sun.

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why-so-many-hats  asked:

Please. Please bless us with your headcanons for the au. It's so pretty I need context

So I’ll not get into the more emotional headcanons because I don’t know how to explain those well, but here’s a not quite but still general summary.

Under the cut because it’s kinda long and like I said before, don’t take it too seriously just have fun!

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anonymous asked:

This will probably be a little different than the usual requests you get. I'd like to see reacts of the RFAs + Saeran when MC wants a break up.


-You brought it up after dinner, while the two of you were working together to wash dishes.
-He didn’t know how he managed not to drop the dish he was drying.
-You were being so casual about it. It almost scared him.
-He cleared his throat, trying to get his voice to sound just as calm.
-“M-May I ask why?”
-“I’ve realized I value you more as a friend than a partner.”
-He just nodded, not saying a word. He didn’t know how to react. Everything felt like he was walking through static- His head felt numb as his heart slammed against his chest.
-The two of you finished washing dishes. You grabbed your purse, kissed him on the cheek and told him you loved him, and you walked out.
-He just slowly got ready for bed. He slipped on his PJs, threw on his hoodie for good measure, and climbed into bed.
-That’s when it hit him. Your smell still lingered on his hoodie, his pillow, his whole damn bed. Hell, he was pretty sure he smelled like you too.
-He gripped his pillow tight and ended up quietly sobbing into it most of the night.
-He stayed off the RFA chat for a few days. He even stopped playing LOLOL for a while because of this. He just couldn’t focus on anything. Just was a husk until Seven managed to come over and help him through it.

-He’d just gotten done rehearsing for the day, and he was so excited to come over and hang out with you!
-He went ahead and pulled out his phone, leaning against his bike, giving you a heads up.
-“Hey, babe! I just got out for the day. We finished a bit early! You still on for today?”
-“Hey, Uhm. Not really.”
-“Oh, did something come up?”
-“Yeah, a bit. Uhm… Zen. I want to end things. With you.”
-He let out a nervous laugh, but when you didn’t laugh back, he felt his stomach churn.
-“You’re being serious?”
-“Yeah… I’m sorry, Zen.”
-He was quiet for a while, and before anything else could be said he ended the call and cut off his phone.
-He teared up a bit, but since he was still outside of the theatre, he just took a deep breath, climbed on his bike, and drove.
-He ended up driving for a while, just thinking about all of the reasons you could have wanted to end things. The rude comments his fans made once in a while? The idea of being known outside your friend circle? God, did he do something? Did he do nothing?
-He wanted to ask you a million questions, but instead he just went to his secret spot and smoked until 3 am.

-You brought it up one morning, while rejecting a morning cuddle session.
-He sat upright in a jolt, confused completely.
-Unlike the others, he did ask you several questions. Why? When did you decide this? Were you feeling unwell? Is it not something to be discussed? Was he not good enough?
-As you slipped into your day clothes, you gave him short answers, not looking at him.
-“Jumin, I just don’t love you anymore. Can you please just have someone drop off my things at my place? You can keep what you bought me.”
-He felt the threads that used to bother him suddenly squeeze him tightly, barely even allowing him to breathe.
-“Right. I’ll… Send someone to do that. Right.”
-He didn’t even go to work that day. He tried, but he just couldn’t focus on anything.
-It was hard to breathe, hard to talk, hard to move. Everything he did felt like it took every bit of energy from him, no matter how small the task was.
-Even Elizabeth 3rd wasn’t helping him.
-He stayed away from the chat, ignored all the phone calls, ignored Jaehee.
-Sometimes, once in a blue moon, he’d try to call you after drinking too much wine, but he’d always hang up before you could answer.

-She felt like her world was falling apart.
-Her first friend, her first business, her first long bout of happiness- All of it ended in a flash.
-You handed in your resignation, her shock making her need to close the cafe for a few days as you packed up your things. As you finished off any employee notes. As you left her.
-As you did this, once in a while you’d walk into her crying- But she quickly sucked it up and acted like nothing was wrong.
-Sending your last paychecks hurt her. She didn’t want to stop giving you any. She didn’t want to fill your position.
-She reverted back to the old C&R Jaehee. Completely focused on work and the slight Zen DVD. Even the DVDs were hard for her to take joy in. Her fondest memories were watching them with you.
-The Cafe wasn’t doing well without you, no matter how hard she worked. She was doing the work of two people. Sure, she used to do this before, but now it seemed harder, like there was a mental block.
-After a while, she would consider selling the cafe and go back to working for Jumin again. Anything to get rid of the barrier in her head. Anything to stop thinking about you.

-It hurt him so much. God, he couldn’t even compare it to missions where he had been fucking stabbed before.
-It hurt because it was his fault.
-You stood at the door, a few bags in hand, almost emotionless.
-Angry? Sad? Done? Done was the only way to describe how you were. What aura you had.
-He ended up hugging your knees, sobbing against your thighs, chanting a mantra of “Please” and “Don’t go”.
-He would change! He’d stop having those anger spells! Those days of pushing you away! Of saying he didn’t need you!
-He was just so so scared. You were the only one who made him feel worth anything. Who made him feel like he deserved to live.
-You ended up breaking down. He hurt you so much, he just wanted to pretend this never happened. Take you to space, let him hold you and never let go.
-But you pried his arms off and left, and he broke.
-He stayed in his room, he sold a few of his cars, he tried to get someone to track him down and hurt him. He deserved it, he deserved feeling nothing but pain, right? That’s what he did to you, wasn’t it?
-But he never could do it. He was too scared they’d try to track you down first, and he had hurt you enough already.

-You brought it up one night after an argument about something ridiculous. He even realized it was dumb and said he was sorry. But you realized you just didn’t have it in you anymore.
-He had his off days, he would admit that, and damn he was doing so much better than he was
-But it was so emotionally draining on you. You ended up being more stressed than when there was a bomb set to go off near you.
-So you ended it. Said you couldn’t do it anymore. You cried and he just stood there, silently crying along.
-He never felt so weak in his life.
-The one person that loved him, that wasn’t family, that loved him at his worst, couldn’t bare to stick along any longer.
-It hurt the most because he knew it made sense. He knew you needed to be okay and happy too.
-He begged you for one last hug before you went, and ended up not being able to let go for ten minutes.
-You couldn’t either.
-You said maybe, just maybe, if he was better in the future, the two of you could get back together
-He agreed, but he knew by then you would find someone who could treat you better.
-When you left, he actually ended up having to hug his brother for a while and just sob.
-Why did he have to have this life? What did he do to deserve this?
-The only bright side is that this brought him closer to his brother, and he was at least happy for that connection.

Requests are open!

anonymous asked:

Is it ok to ask for previous prompts but with different characters? If yes, I'd love to see the one with SO's parents deciding on the sitting at a family gathering with the Swapfell brothers ( and maybe UT, UF, US, SF! Grillby if you're up for it, because I'm super weak for all Grillbys :') ). If that's asking for too much though, I'd be super happy with just the SF!skele-bros' reactions, if it's ok to ask for that prompt again. ;u;

(*It’s totally cool to ask for a previous prompt with other characters!  I’m weak for all Grillbys, too, so I got’chu fam.)

Here’s the original Family Dinner with the S/O’s ex prompt.

I actually do have a bonus for the SF!bros (pretty sure I didn’t when I got this prompt, but it’s been buried; I’m so sorry!)  So this is pure Grillby goodness.

*It’s no secret that your family is a little.. apprehensive about the fact that you’re dating what they consider to be literal fire.  In fact, everyone is giving him a rather wide berth, as if a mere brush might result in a severe burn.


Grillby quirks a fiery brow at the seating arrangements when he notices your ex at your side.  However, his hesitation only lasts a moment before he sits down with his plate across from your ex.. and stares.  

He isn’t much of a talker, and his years as a barman have given him a keen sense of social cues and little tics.. and right now, your ex is rather disconcerted over the fact that fire is appraisingly staring at them.

However, he isn’t concerned by the fact that you’re seated next to them.  Rather, he’s trying to figure out what drew you to them in the first place.  Your family’s views on him don’t matter as long as you choose to be with him, so Grillbz eats his food in peace.  He only breaks the silence during dinner to announce, “…thank you… it was… delicious..


The moment your ex sits next to you, Grillby instantly gets their attention with a hand on their shoulder.  His plate of food is balanced in the other hand, and his narrowed gaze is hidden beneath his glasses.  

His voice comes out distorted by a low grumble of crackling flames.  "…you’re in… my seat…“

Your ex actually looks apprehensive, but is obviously determined not to cow down to a monster.  They puff out their chest and lift their chin defiantly.  "Actually, my name’s on the place card.”  They gesture off-handedly.  Yes, Grillby was aware.  His own place card read “Gilbee.”

His grip tightens on your ex’s shoulder.  Small tendrils of smoke begin to seep from between the spaces in the purple, swirling flames of purple becoming a more vibrant hue.  He leans in close, his face directly by their ear, heat emanating from him in waves as he speaks through a jagged white-hot maw.  "…i’m not going to say it again.. human..“

The heat must start to lick their skin because your ex jumps out of the chair and scrambles to the other side of the table.  Your family is a little bit on the terrified side, but Grillby is unperturbed.  Instead, he puts a casual arm around your shoulders (after he rolls up one of his sleeves) in an effort to unnerve your family further.  They spend the rest of dinner watching his dancing flames with a certain nervousness, wondering how you don’t get burned.


The bow-tie wearing flamesman is annoyed by the sight of your ex sitting next to you, and the entire room knows it within a moment.  The temperature has risen considerably, and despite the fact that Grillby took the seat across from you both, he’s unhappy with the situation.. and also mentally critiquing the tea.

He talks more than his other counterparts, and he starts by picking your ex apart, asking what they do for a living, how much money they make, how driven they are to succeed.  He’s sure to slip in tidbits about his own business and how it’s thriving.  

He also leans over the table to feed you a bite or two from his fork. In front of your family.  Think of it as his way of staking his claim in front of your ex without causing a scene.


The area heats up so fast that it’s a miracle Grillby’s monocle doesn’t shatter.

He’s annoyed, and he’s greedy and prone to jumping to conclusions, so this doesn’t sit well with him.  Your ex is clearly trying to get back with you in his mind, so Grillby is going to nip that in the bud right now.  

”.. it appears there’s been a mistake..“ he claims in that deep growl beneath the roiling flames.  

Your ex is stubborn, even if they’re sweating bullets from more than just the heat.  ", look, my name’s right he–”

Grillby touches the tip of the place card, and it catches fire.  Instantly, it smolders to ash on the table.  Everyone is staring.  

“…you were saying..?”

“J-just that you’re absolutely right!”  You ex starts to stand up, but Grillby is still standing right there, behind the chair, so they can’t pull it back enough.. and they’re worried about being burned if they brush against him.

So, your ex actually ducks under the table and crawls beneath it to reach the chair on the other side.  

With a white-hot sharp smirk and a wink thrown toward you, Grillby takes his seat and starts eating like nothing at all transpired.  

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if you're still taking prompts i'd really like to see the seelie court but jimon? please? thank you thank you thank you!

hello buddy!!! this has been sitting in my inbox for,,,,forever and i just really like this prompt it was a party anyways i hope u like :)))))

sugar, sugar- 2.6k

The Seelie  Court was less of a throne room and more like a lavishly decorated garden. The walls were all but hidden behind thick ivy, the mass of green broken up by the occasional bouquet of flowers hanging from the vines. The floor was a strange combination of grass surrounding a marble circle directly in front of the Queens throne. Made of twisting oak roots, the throne sat nestled in the base of a giant tree, which then branched out into a thick trunk embedded with stones and jewels that glinted now and then in the light. The roof was a canopy of leaves, flowers and vines hanging down to almost touch the ground, some unnatural sunlight flickering in through what space it could find. Simon was in awe.

Or, he would’ve been, had it not for the fact that it was entirely possible that he may never leave here ever again.

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Tuition Woes

Another spark of inspiration!! Most of my stuff comes from random sparks of inspiration, so yah XD

Inspired by @tskazane and her really cute piece!

Jumin x MC


Word Count: 1142

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Hey I'm new to the idea of stim toys 'cos I'm newly diagnosed and I'd like to ask if you have any "starter" ideas for stim toys or ideas for squeezeable stim toys that give a bit of resistance when you squish them. Things not smelling or making noise is a big plus.

I see we have another stimming convert! Fabulous. Not that we’re trying to take over the world or anything…

Anon, I’ve got several posts that I consider Stim Toy 101, including posts on breaking down toys into categories and posts on the more popular fidget toys. I’ll list those, and then I’ll finish by listing the toys that I think fit your brief.

So. For anyone new to the wide and wonderful world of stim toys, here’s what I hope to be useful reading:

@wrennigan​‘s Chewable Comparison Post: a list that compares many Stimtastic chewables.

Household Stimmy Items: a list of readily available stimmy objects for folks who don’t have online access to conventional toys or need to be stealth in their stimming.

Subtle On-The-Person Toys: toys that are easily portable and less like to draw attention, also great for folks who need to be stealth.

Common Tactile Toys: a list of the most common tactile stim toys and how they’re used. This is a great post for “starter” toys, anon!

Categories of Stim Toys: things to keep in mind when building a varied stim kit.

My Stim Kit: an example of the kind of kit you might build.

Varying Your Stimming: why you should be a little mindful about your stimming, because you don’t want to end up with chronic pain or injury.

@whisperstims​‘s Stim Toy Hygiene Post: how to clean your stim toys.

DIY Stim Toy Master Posts, One and Two: lists of links to all sorts of tutorials for DIY toys. The degree of difficulty varies here: some tutorials and DIYs are easy, others require a bit of crafting experience.

Autistic Sellers and Crafters Post: a list of autistic stim toy store owners and stim toy crafters.

Now, we’ll move into the rec portion of the answer. Squishable, with resistance, but silent and scentless. All links go to our tags, because by now there’s several posts telling you where you can find the thing.

Squishies: available in a variety of resistances, very squishable, available many places online. Some of these are slow-rising, which mean they compress tightly and take time to expand; others compress less well. Some, like the mochi squishies, are rubbery and gel-like, but most are made from foam. The better quality squishies generally cost more, sadly; I’ve had good experiences with the SquishyFun brand, and I’ve heard good things about Areedy squishies as well. Unfortunately, many squishies are scented, and while some listings state this, many don’t specify scent, so buying these can be a bit of a risk.

Stress balls: usually made from foam, available in a variety of resistances (firmer than most squishies), silent. Most of these don’t have odours, but I recently bought some that did smell chemically. These are readily available in dollar shops and just about everywhere online.

Fabric or crocheted stress balls: weighted, good for crunching and scrunching, no scent, do make low noise as they contain weighted pellets and, sometimes, crinkle paper. The mesh fabric stress balls I have are quieter than the crocheted ones.

Grape or mesh stress balls: squishy, available in varying resistances, do make a slight slurping sound as the slime inside the ball moves.

Puffer balls and puffer creatures: very soft and squishy, but the majority of them have a chemical-rubber scent that I can’t bear. This said, I own one ball from a dollar shop that has no odour, and the puffer worms I smelt at Sensory Oasis for Kids have no odour, so they do exist. This one, I think, is very much a try to find in person item because of the risk of bad smells, but they are available in many dollar and toy shops.

Wool stress balls and wool dryer balls: soft woolen balls that you can squish in your hand. No smell, no odour but that of wool unless you add scent - just a wool ball you can squish or tear.

Makeup blending sponges: a teardrop or hourglass shape sponge, generally medium resistance, great for squishing. No scent or sound, just a lovely fine-spongy texture. I’ve seen them from most dollar and department stores starting at $3-$4 AUD, but the brand name sponges are absolutely not needed for stimming.

(Many sponges in general are good for squishing, and if you like rough textures, check out this ask for a few more rough-textured sponges that are squishable.)

Disney mini Tsum Tsum plush: no scent, very squishable, lots of great textures, a small amount of sound if you press the small pocket of weighted pellets in the plush’s belly (above the strip of faux suede used as the toy’s base).

Thinking Putty and TheraPutty: one of the firmest items here, if you like a lot of resistance when squishing, but Thinking Putty does tend to crack and snap when moulded. It’s not constant, so it’s like a crack here and a snap there, but know that it does. TheraPutty makes no noise at all. No scent for either, unlike most putties and doughs.

I hope that gives you somewhere to start, anon. If you have any more questions, please ask away!

Knocked Out (1/?)

Guess who got in her head about writing dialogue heavy fics, so she took a break by diving head first into the plot idea with language barriers?

Surprise, it’s me.

Consider this my attempt at a barbarian au. Not as worldbuilding heavy as a lot, since it’s much more fluff and getting to know each other and also being surrounded by your nosy friends kind of content, haha.

Shout out to @meridianbarony for the title. Cheesy but fitting haha.

Title: Knocked Out

Series: Transformers: Prime with the constructicons shoved right in there, and just a sprinkle of ideas pulled from tfidw

Pairing/Characters: Breakdown/Knockout, joined by Bulkhead and the Constructicons

Warnings: Robot injuries (nothing super gory), sexual jokes, language barriers, and fluff. Oh the fluff.

Fic Summary:

And so there Breakdown found himself, with an injured barbarian in his arms who turned those dazzling crimson optics towards him, and for a split second Breakdown felt as if it was his knees that were injured because boy did they feel weak.

Barbarian AU where the citymech unwittingly does the kidnapping.

Chapter Summary:

“Me? A kidnapped mate? Have you even seen me? It’d take a whole tribe of them to even carry me! Two if they decided to go for Bulk here!”

|Chapter 1|Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4|Chapter 5|

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Jealous Sportacus! An ex of Robbie's comes to town. And Sport is super Jealous about how much time, and how friendly Robbie is with this person, and how they used to actually be together. I'd love for Robbie and the ex to be on good terms.

Small shout out to @rottensocksandfluff for helping me pick a name. Everyone meet Cantaloupe Penelope! She is so sweet and I love her so much, my purest OC.  

Sportacus sat in his seat in the cafe, armed crossed and tea cooling beside him. What were the odds of Robbie running into his one and only ex while he and Sportacus were on a date? Sportacus wasn’t a jealous person, usually, but this woman was rubbing him the wrong way for some reason. 

Currently, Robbie and the ex, Penelope, were standing by the cafe counter, adding copious amounts of sugar to their coffee cups. Penelope was a tall woman with wavy, mostly-blonde hair. There was a purple streak in her hair. Robbie reached up and tugged lightly on it, earning himself a playful swat and a giggle. Sportacus tensed.

Robbie had introduced her when they met in the cafe line. She was yoga instructor from a few towns over. She often gave health lectures at the local high school. The similarities were not lost on Sportacus.

It was taking every ounce of self-control he had to not grab Robbie’s arm and pull him from the cafe. He wished he could hear what they were saying, hear what was making Robbie smile like that, but it might be awkward if he interrupted them now. 

He watched as they chatted. Penelope added more cream to her cup as she listened to Robbie. He was telling a story that apparently required a lot of hand motions. His cup was in the path of destruction and Penelope grabbed it before it could be knocked over. Noticing this, Robbie blushed and smiled sheepishly. Penelope just shook her head like this had happened a million times. It made sense; they had been together for almost a year before breaking up, according to Robbie. Of course they would be comfortable together. Of course they would have their own little jokes.

But they had been talking for almost 10 minutes now and was this a date or not??


Sportacus blinked and found Penelope in front of him. She smiled at him with perfect teeth, “I have to get going but it was very nice to meet you,” she said. 

He forced a smile and stood up, holding out his hand, “It was very nice to meet you as well.”

Bypassing the hand, Penelope enveloped Sportacus in a hug. She squeezed him tight, tucking her chin over his shoulder so her lips were by his ear.

“You make him so happy,” she whispered, “Treat him better than I did.”

Sportacus was stunned for a moment before hugging her back, “I will.”

After one finally squeeze, Penelope pulled away. She skipped back over to Robbie, hugged him too, and left with her coffee. At the cafe door, she turned and winked at Sportacus. 

Animosity forgotten, he found himself winking back.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to request G-Dragon + "yeah my heart does that when I'm around you" please ❤️

➸ word count: 621

➸ fluff/mild nsfw-ish

➸ teens & up

It feels like it’s much too early to be awake, even though it’s nearing ten in the morning. 

With warm sunlight trickling through the window, Jiyong finds himself wide awake, a content smile adorning his face as he lays on his side staring lovingly at his sleeping wife. 

Sighing happily, he enjoys the way the sunlight makes her skin glow. It’s an absolutely stunning view–her face peacefully content, hair slightly mussed from tossing around in her sleep and her chest rising up and down lightly with every breath she takes. 

He extends a hand out and brushes a few strands of hair away from her face, then slowly brings it back down to cradle the side of her face that isn’t pressed to her pillow. She stirs slightly and he rubs small soothing circles on her cheek, unable to help himself, he scoots closer and places a soft kiss to her forehead. 

Then her nose. 

And finally, her lips. 

________ lets out a soft moan like noise before Jiyong pulls away and her eyes flutter open. 

“Good morning, Mrs. Kwon” Jiyong greets breaking into a radiant smile that puts the sun to shame. 

“No, don’t look at me. I probably look ugly!” ________ exclaims hiding under the covers, her voice slightly muffled by them. 

“Baby” Jiyong laughs trying to pry the covers off of her. “Come on, I want to kiss you" 

The lump her body creates under the sheets moves and he assumes she’s shaking her head as she gives out a petulant “uh uh”

He resorts to extremes assures and soon he’s trying to find her sides in order to tickle them. 

“Come out from under there!” Jiyong grunts chuckling at her squeals and giggles. 

“Okay, o-okay! Stop!”

Jiyong stops his crazed assault on her ribs and waits for her to come out from under the covers. 

“Well?” he says getting impatient. ________ pulls the covers off her face until they reach just a bit below her chin. “Look at her, there she is, the most beautiful woman in the world” Jiyong sighs leaning down to kiss her softly on the lips. 

“Shut up, I probably look like a mess right now. I didn’t take off my makeup, and my hair–” she reaches up to touch her head and nods. “Yeap, it’s a birds nest” she groans. 

Jiyong just stares at her fondly shaking his head lightly. 

“You’ve never looked more beautiful” he whispers making her smile, and before she knows it, the sheets are being torn off of her. Jiyong takes a moment to revel in the beauty of her naked body before him before he straddles her hips, grabbing her hands and pinning them above her head. 

“So, so beautiful” he mumbles latching his lips to her neck. ________ moans softly, tilting her head back to give Jiyong better access to her neck. Slowly he slides down her body pressing small butterfly kisses to any exposed skin he can get to. 

He stops momentarily and chuckles. 

“What” _______ asks with squinted eyes. 

“Your heart is beating really loud” Jiyong tells her before pressing his ear to her chest and wrapping his arms around and under her. 

“Well yeah, my heart does that when I’m around you–so basically all the time” ________ says. 

“Even after being with me for so long?” Jiyong asks, voice laced with awe. 

“I think you’ll always be able to make my heart beat faster than normal, even when we get old and wrinkly and we’ve been together for over sixty plus years” ________ tells him bringing her hands down to card through his hair. 

“I love you”

“I love you too, Ji”

And for the rest of the morning, they stay just like that, warm in each others arms. 

a/n: here you go lovely, i hope you liked this! took me a while to come up with something, this is supposed to be some post honeymoon night kind of plot lol idk if it shows i didn’t mention much on it. anyways okay thank you for reading! and sorry for any mistakes/typos! xoxo.

because i’ve hit that “i’m so close to finishing this but my motivation has died” point with my fic i’m putting an excerpt below under the read more, and if you like it and want more, or have any comments, please please do the thing!!

general overview:

title: king and lionheart [may be changed later]
fandom: d.gray-man
word count: 150,000+ [not yet finished]
pairings: lavi/allen [slow burn]
summary: canon divergent [plot diverges from canon from chapter 218, though some aspects of the later chapters are included], allen/neah are on the run and end up travelling with lavi, who managed to escape from the noah but is Suffering TM. first half of the fic has a focus on character/relationship development, second half is more plot heavy [cause shit hits the fan in expected dgm fashion].

the following excerpt is taken from the first chapter

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I'd love to see the trooper's views in all this. Exasperation at Kenobi not taken enough consideration of his safety. Worries that he's not sleeping, forgetting to eat? What did they see that made them go to Yoda for help?

Cody knows his general and his tells. He’s been by his side long enough to have developed a keen eye for all of the—almost invisible—signs that General Kenobi is exhausted.

It’s the small twitch in his eyebrows when he needs to read, the way his fingers twitch while his hands stay clasped behind his back, the way he’ll cover his mouth—pretending to stroke his beard—to keep in a yawn…

A million small signs, not that General Kenobi would ever admit to them.

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anonymous asked:

hey so i haven't always gotten the Best grades, mainly because i don't study well for tests. now that i'm entering 9th grade, though, i'd like to change that, but i'm not sure how. do you have any tips for to get my shit together and start studying better / getting better grades?

I applaud you for wanting to change your approach to grades! Some useful tips that have helped me through my high school experience:

  • ask questions in class. this is especially helpful for me in math bc it’s my toughest subject!! remember that there are no stupid questions, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re really embarrassed to ask for help, you can always talk to your teacher at break or after class.
  • ask your friends to tutor you. Idk about you but I have some seriously genius friends that I’m really close to. IF you don’t have time to ask for homework help while you’re at school, you can always have a tutor-sesh through Skype, FaceTime, or HouseParty!
  • check your grades frequently to see what you’re missing or need to catch up on. this will also help you to know how high you need to score on upcoming tests for you to go up a grade. the Grades app is perfect for this and I check it all the time!
  • put your phone away, leave it upstairs, or use it until it runs out of battery. even if you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s helping you study, it’s probably just tempting you to go on instagram every 5 minutes.
  • take breaks. let your eyes rest, eat something, drink some water, or go to the bathroom. going so much work at one time is NOT healthy for you mentally or physically!
  • don’t wait last minute to finish an assignment unless it is absolutely necessary!!! Set a small amount of time every day until the assignment is due to get it done little by little. That way, you’ll still have time to do assignments from other classes and you won’t be drowning in work the night before it’s due.
  • do the study guides even if you’re teacher isn’t going to grade them.
  • take advantage of the resources your teachers may put online. this could be anything from study guide pdf’s to videos.
  • my best advice to anyone trying to get their shit together is JUST START. Tbh starting is the hardest part. know what you have to do and take the time to do it. it won’t be easy or fast but you’ll be so grateful in the long run.