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I was tagged by @straightarrowlife and @gayforclara, thank you both of you ! Sorry it took me so long…

Last movie you watched: I don’t have time to watch movies these days. :/

Last song you listened to: Chupee by Cocoon (such a summer song!)

Last show you watched: Doctor Who and i plan to watch American Gods

Last book you read: Currently reading DW Companion’s Companion

Last thing you ate: raspberry and lemon sorbets (i write this in this afternoon)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? Beginning of August, when my holidays start!

When would you time travel to? Into the future…

First thing you’d do with lottery money: sigh in relief and travel

Character you would hang out with for a day: the TARDIS and time is relative :D

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It was exactly nine days after the portal turned on. Jack sat in the lab, swirling his chair back and forth, listening to it squeak. If the Fentons were being completely honest, they really didn’t have a plan for what they were going to do once they got the portal open. Actually opening window into the realm of the dead… had been so farfetched they hadn’t done much future planning. Against all real odds, now they had one.

And it was showing them nothing. Green light. The occasional swirl of mist.

Jack sighed, pushing out of the chair and starting to clean up the mess the lab had become. It was supposed to be Danny’s job, but Mads was still stuck in a strange combination of ‘he’s extremely grounded’ and ‘don’t touch my precious, hurt baby’. Jack wasn’t going to risk making Danny do it.

After picking up a dozen objects, Jack felt a strange chill run down his spine. Turning around, he stopped. Stared. The portal… something had come out of it.

A smile pricked the corner of Jack’s mouth. The portal wasn’t a window. It was a door!

The glowing creature poked around the lab near the portal, stepping straight through anything that got in its way. It looked almost human when it reached out an arm-like appendage to poke an empty pop can. “Kio estas ĉi tio?” Its voice echoed strangely.

“It speaks,” Jack whispered.

The thing twisted around at the sound of Jack’s voice. “Kio vi estas?” There was a dark hissing noise.

When Jack took a small step forwards, fascinated, the hissing turned into a shriek that made Jack’s eardrums pop. Teeth appeared on its face, then it twisted through the air and vanished back through the portal.

“It can speak,” Jack said again, his huge grin making his cheeks wrinkle. “MADS! IT SPEAKS!” He started tearing up the stairs, unable to hold in his excitement. They could speak to the dead, and the dead could speak back. Only, they didn’t seem to speak English.

He’d have to design a translator. The first real Fenton Ghost Invention.

Jack couldn’t wait.

Panicked (Robb Stark Imagine)

That was fun but tiring. I don’t know how they’re still going down there. Do they have a feast every night down in the Capital and this is just a regular evening for them? I light a couple candles and change into my night gown when I hear a knock at my door. Oh damn did someone follow me?

I unbar the door nervously but then relax when my eyes land on the Queen. “Oh Your Grace! Please come in, forgive me, I’ve already changed for bed. How may I help you?” I ask as she makes her way into my chamber.

She sits on my bed and pats the spot next to her. “Please sit love, I just wanted speak with you.” I give a little nod and join her. I look up at her doe eyed, curious about what she could want of me.

“From my understanding you are a ward here in Winterfell, correct?” You give another nod. “You aren’t a Stark but you are from another old northern family with quite the reputation.”

I smile at her kind words but still don’t really understand what is going on. I assume she picked up on this because she gives me a gentle smile and takes my hand. “As you know the King wants our Joff and Sansa to marry but my son seems to have taken an interest in you.” Oh no! I don’t want to leave and definitely not steal Sansa’s prince.

“I’m truly honored Your Grace but I’m already with another.” I reply sheepish. With that look on her face it would be safe to say she fell for it.

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Cruel Twist of Fate- Part 9

Hey everyone! So this is part 9 of 10… it’s almost over. This part and I guess the whole fic became more like Series 3 than I had originally planned. I especially didn’t plan to introduce Katie Springer but it just happened. Just kidding!! I would never ever ever do that. As far as I’m concerned, she will never be in my version of canon.

So yep, part 9, I hope you enjoy. I really don’t think Stamford Business University is an actual place but just insert an actual business school if it super bothers you. Anyway, thanks so much for reading! You guys are amazing :D

Part 9:

“Oi! Raemundo! Where ya been girl?” Chop cheered as Rae entered the pub. Izzy, Chloe, Finn, Matt, and Chop were all gathered around the table. They were all celebrating Chloe getting her first marks back from her first semester at Stamford Business University. Finn stood as she approached and gave her a sweet peck on the lips. Their hands intertwined as they sat down in the booth. Izzy, Chloe and Matt all greeted Rae as well.

     “I’ve been helping paint the birdcage me and Karim built. He wanted it to be blue.”

     “When do you leave, Rae?” Matt inquired, sitting across from her.

     “I leave next week.” Rae kept her eyes straight ahead, not daring to look at Finn. They hadn’t really talked about her leaving. They spent close to every day together, either her staying over at his or them babysitting Alia together or perusing the record shop, but whenever her impending departure was mentioned, Rae quickly changed the subject.  

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