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I made a bet with my boyfriend @autistic-vampire that if I could get a post to 100 notes he would cosplay the Greed version of the Onceler (Greedler I think is what the kiddos call him???)

Okay guys its fine I made it you can stop interacting with this post now xD thanks
blogrates by han

hi!! i now have 1.3k followers on my studyblr and it’s about time to do blog rates + compliments!! thank you so much you guys i never would have thought that i would get this far in a month,,, i love you all !! this is unreal tbh [even if i’ve been kind of inactive for awhile] joining this community has made me a better person (especially in planning out my life and staying on top of things) and I’m looking forward to growing with you guys.

+ if you don’t want me to spam your dash, you can blacklist the tag #blogrates by han


  • if this post doesn’t get 30 notes let’s pretend it never happened
  • Must be following me and maybe my art blog too (shameless plug)
  • Must be a studyblr (tell me in the asks if yours is a sideblog)
  • Reblog this post!
  • Send me an ask using the 🌸 emoji so I know that you’re asking for a br
  • You can tell me about your day, your favorite memory, or anything at all tbh!

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All of this hate and spam in the Wincest tag is just making me want to come up with so many Wincest edits.

Seriously, I have a bunch of captions for the Wincest-impaired that I haven’t posted because I’m not sure if they’re really funny. But now, guess what? Imma post all of them over the next few days. I don’t care if they don’t get a single note because all I care about is filling up the tag with what belongs there: sweet brotherfucking goodness.