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Painted on PS [2017.05]

They’re watching baby animals videos

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heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing

d'you know i used to buy into this whole fandom discourse thing but i’ve come to the great realisation that i’ve got enough going on in my real life, so i don’t need to spend my time online telling people they’re problematic for liking something

and im also never going to apologise or be made feel bad for something that brings some genuine joy into my life so….. cool


When I awoke today, suddenly nothing happened
But in my dreams, I slew the dragon
And down this beaten path, up this cobbled lane
I’m walking in my old footsteps, once again.

my thoughts on wanted plus what happens after

I’ve already seen Stuck Together, and I’m so excited for the special. But I won’t speculate on the whole of  Wanted itself besides pointing out that I really hope we see a Stars fusion. There’s so much potential there and it makes sense with Lars’s character development.

Topaz when she finally spoke though?? She’s so precious, just let her be free. Let her go back to earth with Steven and Lars (more on that later, though).

But on earth while they’re gone…everyone would be a mess (prepare for a lot of larssadie commentary). I keep imagining Ronaldo after he hears, deciding to build a ship so he can go look for them. Then the cool kids swoop in. The boys help Ronaldo with the rocket and so does Onion, who Sour Cream isn’t letting out of his sight these days. It’s really Onion that makes most of the actual ship, but no one is stopping on details right now.

Jenny and Kiki take Sadie under their wing and listen to her talk about what happened and Lars and stuff. Kiki is like, “wow you must really love this guy” and Jenny starts talking about how Sadie is so cool and deserves better than a jerk like Lars.


“What, sis? I’m just being honest!”

And Sadie does that cute nervous laugh thing she does and says thank you, she’s never really had girlfriends before, this is nice. And the girls promise that Sadie can talk to them anytime. They hang out and have a sleepover. The next day, they bring pizza and donuts to the guys and help work on the ship.

Meanwhile. Steven and Lars escape with Topaz in tow (I just imagine them as Stars going back for Topaz while muttering about how there might not be enough time for this, but Topaz knows how gem technology works so they need her anyway. I imagine Stars as a happy-go-lucky cynic) and come back to earth. 

On the way back to earth they unfuse and Lars is like “what the heck happened” and Steven explains fusion to him with the occasional comment thrown in by Topaz and Lars is like “ok.” 
And Lars and Steven just have this deeper understanding of one another and mutual respect and it’s amazing, and then Steven is just like “hey Lars… .”

…just as Lars is like “when we get back…”

And Steven says “what are you going to say to Sadie?”

and Lars looks a little surprised, but he just scoffs and says “what can I tell her but the truth? I’m a huge jerk but I changed now and I love her. I’ve always loved her.” And Steven gasps and looks all excited and his eyes are doing the star thing and Lars just mumbles “shut up, Steven.”

Then when they get back Steven sees his family and they all freak out and Lars sees his parents then he finds Sadie and kisses her and Sadie starts freaking out because Lars there are people everywhere and Lars responds with who cares?! and kisses her again and Sadie is dying and Steven is dying and wow go Lars. Then Topaz joins the Crystal Gems and everything is great.

But it doesn’t end there.

I also imagine an episode after where Steven comes into the Big Donut and Lars and Sadie are super awkward and he goes over to Lars and whispers “what’s going on are you guys ok” and Lars is like “not now Steven.” So Steven just goes home feeling confused. The next day Lars shows up and Steven’s house and is like, “help me I don’t know what to do” because he thought that when he got back he and Sadie were gonna be together but now that he’s back and she knows he’s alive, Sadie is mad at him from running away like a little bitch instead of helping her.

They ask Garnet for help, but she just acts all mysterious and Garnet-y. So Steven goes to the cool kids and tells them what’s up. Jenny is skeptical, but they all agree to help him fight for Sadie because that’s what he should have been doing for like ever now and if Sadie hadn’t said that they weren’t, they would have thought Lars and Sadie were dating already. Like, come on. And of course Ronaldo gets on board the minute he hears about it (“I must help my friend find true love!”) and Lars is super embarrassed but he goes with it because he doesn’t have time to be embarrassed anymore. Even Connie pitches in (Steven calls her).

So they try a few different things and Steven tells Sadie where they’ve been secretly meeting (the beach by his place) in case she wants to talk to Lars. Sadie goes, if only to stop the shenanigans that are now the talk of the town, and overhears them talking.

“Do you maybe want to, like, take a break from all this?” Buck asks. “We can always regroup later.”

“I can’t give up.” Lars replies. “You don’t have to keep helping me. I understand. And thanks for everything you’ve done. But I have to fight for Sadie. She’s…the best thing that ever happened to me, and I ran away. I have to show her that I won’t run away anymore. I-”

“So you’re gonna keep doing this?” Sadie pipes up.

And Lars, caught up in the moment, whirls around to face her and keeps ranting. “Of course I’m gonna keep doing this, Sadie, I love you too much to let you go agai-”

Lars freezes and claps his hands over his mouth. Everyone freezes. Jenny’s mouth drops open and Steven gasps in delight. Even the Gems are watching from above, mildly interested (Amethyst has popcorn).

“You what,” Sadie stammers. “You, you l-l-l-” she stops and takes a deep breath. “That’s the first time you’ve ever said that to me.”

“Well,” Lars runs his hand over his hair. “How many times do you need me to say it? Because I’ll tell you every day if that’s what it takes.”

(at this point they’ve forgotten they’re not alone, and everyone is slowly walking away to give them some privacy).

“Heh.” Sadie holds out her hand, and Lars hesitantly takes it. They both smile. “That’d be really nice, Lars.”

We leave them standing on the beach. The others make their way home. The episode ends with Steven and Connie walking and talking along the shore.

“I think they’re gonna be okay.” Steven says.

“Yeah. I hope so.” Connie replies.

“And are we okay?” Steven asks. “I mean, I did go to space thinking I was going to die.”

Connie stops for a moment. “It was really scary. But you thought it was the only way to make the war be over for real, didn’t you?”

“I did.”

Connie lets it sink in, then nods. They keep walking. “Steven?”

“Yes, Connie?” Steven looks at her, kind of scared of what she’ll say next.

But she takes his hand and smiles. “I love you, too.”

Steven has to wipe a few tears away, he’s so happy.

And that’s the end of the episode.


I want to draw so much for this AU now but I just had to stumble across it during my e x am per iod  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Check it out here!!!

dragonthorku  asked:

Jax quick question about Abs. Ive been training mine but Idk how to get them to pop up? My friends said to do crunches everyday and to eat a lot of seafood, but Im not sure what to do. Can you help me get my Abs ripped?

Of COURSE!!! First things first we need to find out what type of Abs you are going for/have. and Yes there are differences and we will talk about 

the Main 4 Abs there are

First things first though, if your diet is shit you are gonna fuck yourself over. Always remember this

Now lets get to it. Like I said there are 4 Main different types of abs out there. So we need to see where you are


I’ve seen this GOD KNOWS how many times from when I was growing up. To nowadays. This is literally when you are a kid and your abs just naturally develop on their own. like they literally just appear. I remember in the locker room these skinny kids would have abs and we thought they were so jacked haha it was funny. But heres the part that makes me so Jealous. I keep it real with teenagers who are naturally cut If you have the genetics for that. you have HIT THE GOLD MINE my friend if you start working out! When you are a beginner working out you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. So the fact that you are already have Abs is gonna make you look super Impressive when you add size to your frame


and Legit if you are training consistently you can Eat a LOT of FUN FOODS! Some of my best friends bragged about how when they were training they knew they had to eat big to get big so they feasted on Burgers, Protein Shakes, Pizza, Chickens, Eggs and Steaks and they got huge and every cheerleader wanted them. If you got the genetics for it, you are teenager and you havent started training yet. Enjoy the Fun times of high school


these are kind of similar to naturally cut abs but they take a while to get depending on the amount of flab covering your body. They mainly come from when your body fat percentage is low enough from training and dieting and you can see them. 

You literally don’t have to do any ab work to see these ones. They come eventually from fat loss But training them does make them look nicer. They dont have any Bulk to them so sometimes you have to get really lean if you want them to feel nice. These are the type of abs most fighters have and are worked/maintained with High Reps and Ab circuits. you know like 8 minute abs everyday


These are abs with Deep Crevices, The TYPE that people want to feel on and want to punch a lot haha. These are Abs built by Weight Training the Abs like any other muscle and letting them rest and regrow. 

Originally posted by want-it-all-universe-fitness

Now the cool thing about these Abs is that if you fall off from Training and get fat Since you built up so much muscle they will poke through. So next time you want have to lose as much fat to make them look nice again

These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing abs and then there is number 4


THESE ARE THE TYPE OF ABS that show they aint all just for Show, The types Gymnasts and those Calisthenic Athletes have 


Originally posted by everybodywantstobefit

Some of my best Friends Just Do Calisthenic work and their cores look amazing and they tell me they don’t do crunches, situps or anything like that. Just Core work

These static movements help work your abs in ways traditional crunches cant and work all these lil stabilizing muscles the others dont and the results (with good diet and consistent training) are something to marvel at. My Friend Myles (third picture with girl) always tells me how when he goes to beach His friends usually keep their shirts on haha cause he stands out haha

But yeah see what type of Abs you want/Have and then go for it. Wishing you the best of luck so you can get Gainz and make all the girls swoon @dragonthorku ;)

@blueboxfever : “I’m trying not to bombard you with (fluffy) prompts but your art just lights up my day like fireworks. I was wondering if you could draw Ripley and Samuels sharing a mug cake or some other dessert or maybe even a cup of tea/coffee?“

I don’t mind you sending me many fluffy prompts at all, because they light up my days as well. \o\
Also oops this one got out of control but I like the outcome. Ripley in a cafeteria on a space station, having breakfast with her fav synthetic with whom she shares her cake for the sake of it. (And also to confuse station dwellers even more who aren’t sure if that Samuels guy is an android or not)
I may have or may have not designed some cool alternate clothing for them.

  • Moffat: subtext exists
  • Fans: wait does that mean
  • Moffat: lol what? hmm? what you think that actually MEANS something?
  • Fans: oh well we just thought...
  • Moffat: you're wrong.
  • Fans: oh
  • Moffat: two people who are that close are usually in love.
  • Fans: oh well if you're saying that then maybe
  • Moffat: lol you're idiots.
  • Moffat: sherlock and John are in love...
  • Fans: we th-
  • Moffat: a friendly platonic nonromantic way.
  • Fans: ......ok *sobbing*
  • Moffat [to gatiss]: lol I fucked them up sooOooo much
  • Gatiss: lol cool now lets kill all the characters
  • Moffat: lol high five

its been a few years i wonder how Fairy Tail is doing

not to sound dramatic but why isn’t anyone from lm’s team acknowledging how they’re doing in the uk? how they’re outselling their biggest client, how their album is certified platinum in only 7 weeks of being out while their other client’s album still isn’t there yet, how get weird is their 3rd consecutive album to go platinum which is the first time that’s happen to a girl group in like 7 or 8 years, how get weird is still at #6, 7th week in the top 10, and their other clients are down at #8 even though their album is newer than little mix’s? why is all of that going unnoticed lmao????

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Those cookies look delicious!!!! I made some yesterday and they were rock hard 😂WHAT IS THE SECRET TO GOOD COOKIES 🍪!!!!!

aw thank you!! ;D When you measure your flour make sure you level it out with a knife (so its leveled, baking is almost like a science bc if you put too much or too little in it, it can affect how it turns out) Also when baking them, even if the recipe says to bake for…let’s say 10-12 minuses sometimes it might take longer depending on your oven. 

To get them to not turn out hard is to take them out once they have browned around the edges. You might think that they’re not done but once you take them out and let them cool you’ll now they’re done. The thing with cookies is that they’re so soft/hot when you first take them out of the oven so you think they aren’t done but once they cool it’ll be good :D 

Good Girl (Mature)

I shall go hide in the corner now!! I am terrible and I am going to hell!! Tell me what you think. ;) 


She stumbled into the room trying to be mindful of the sleeping man that was on her bed. She had spent most of the night with her friends and she was oh so out of it. She giggled once she saw him lying there with her cats, he was sprawled out with Dibble on his face and Meredith at the end staring at her with clear anger on her face. It was one of the best sights she could ever see so she pulled out her phone and took a picture without thinking about it. She was going to post it on Instagram or something like that but even this tipsy she knew that this wasn’t the time to be posting pictures about their relationship, especially since he was asleep. She took off her ungodly high heel and went to change into something more suitable for sleep wear.

She found one of Calvin’s black t shirts and decided that this was going to be her best bet if she wanted to go comfortable. She slid her small crop shirt off and took her pale blue skirt off while she was at it. It felt freeing just to be in her closet with just her underwear on, she loved clothes but her body temperature was too hot right now to enjoy them. She let the cool air bring down the heat coursing through her veins as she took off her bra, who really sleeps with something so constricting on? Her body temperature was now settling and she decided that it was time to join the over grown child and cats that were taking up her oh so soft bed.

She walked back into her room and noticed that both of her cats were gone and so was Calvin, she looked around wondering where exactly where he had gone. He wasn’t in the bathroom nor was he still in the bed, she spun around and wished she had not. She felt like she was about to hurl, all the food and the alcohol she ingested was finally catching up to her and she was not ready for this. She felt arms rush around her and she looked up to see Calvin’s sleepy eyes staring down at her. She smiled at him and he shook his head, he had just gotten home from a gig in the UK and he was severely jet lagged he should have been asleep but she guessed that he tried waiting up for her.

“Calvin what are you doing up?” She asked him.

“One you forgot to lock the door and two… My shirt looks really good on you,” he eyed her and there was clearly visible signs of what he wanted coming from his voice.

“Oh? Really cause I think it looks better on you,” her flirty side was starting to come out and she knew she needed to head to bed before this got out of hand.

“I think it would look better off of you but who am I to say such things,” he whispered in her ear.

“If my boyfriend saw us right now…” Her voice trailed off and she gave a little giggle.

“He would be pissed… Good thing he isn’t here,” Calvin kissed the base of her neck and she reacted to him like it was nothing.

She was his already, she knew she was long before the recognition of it but she still thought it best to play hard to get some days. She felt his left hand slip itself to the middle of her back and a shutter rolled through her, his touch was very seducing when it needed to be. She arced her back to where her chest was against his, things were getting heated very quickly and she didn’t know if he wanted to take it there or not. They’ve had sexual encounters more than their fair share of times but this was different, this was more like a need for him. He needed her just as much as she needed him, they had been away from each other for far too long and not touching him was the worst part of this all.

He caressed her cheek with his free hand but even then it move to the right side of her neck keeping her in place when he made love marks all around her neck. She wasn’t complaining, his mouth did wonders when they were alone and she couldn’t help but want him to move faster. Oh he was good at the waiting game, he knew where to touch where to kiss and where to push to make her lose all chill she ever had with him. However she was not one to wait, she back away from his lips and looked him in those beautiful ever changing green/blue orbs of his. He looked disappointed but her hands reached the hem of his shirt and she tugged it off her, she was now only in the beautiful blue underwear she bought just in case this ever happened.

He was taken back by her sudden aggressiveness but he liked it and she could tell just how much, the loose fitting fabric between him and her were straining a wonderful erection that she couldn’t help but want to slip herself around. Her smiled was small as she took both of his hands and walked back to the bed, if she was going to throw up there was no trace of that now and she was over joyed because of it. She sat down at the edge of the bed while looking up at him, he was watching her with one of the most lustful gazes she had ever seen and she bit her lip. He knew what was running threw her mind it was obvious that he couldn’t wait until she started. He watched her slowly take down his boxers, it was too slow but she didn’t care he would’ve been this slow if it was her in his place. She heard his groan and she giggled once again, she could drive him crazy at a time like this and that was all she wanted.

She gripped his length and she heard a small gasp escape his mouth, he was use to her wanting every bit of him and wanting it quickly. She looked up at him while she slowly pumped her hand up and down his now swollen shaft. He was breathing heavy but she could tell that he wasn’t anywhere close to where she wanted him so she backed off and he looked down at her with anger flashing through all of his features. She held up her hand and took his into hers, she knew what she was doing but he didn’t and that made this a lot more interesting. “Show me how you like it,” she gave him a sly smile and you could see the anger dissipate and the lust gather once more.

He wrapped his hand around hers and she watched him as he placed them both at the base of his length, she was looking up at him still and he was looking at her there was no mistaking the level of intimacy that was coursing through them. His breathe caught in the back on his throat when he started to move their hand in sync with each other, he was better at this than she was but he liked how she touched him and no more than one occasion he could hardly contain himself around her. She couldn’t stop staring at his face, his eyes were now closed in pure pleasure and she was the cause of it. She bit her lip, the only thing that could make this better for him was having her lips around him and that was precisely what she planned to do. She moved both of them so that way she could be on her knees and her could be there taking it all in.

He watched her and her new found confidence and he couldn’t get enough, she positioned herself right in front of his shaft and continued with the motion that he gave her but she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the tip of him. He was moaning and she could feel him shivering underneath her. It was one of the best feelings, to have him wanting only her in this moment gave her something that no one could take away. She ran her tongue around him and his right hand went straight for her hair and he intertwined his finger with her short hair. She wasn’t even close to what she wanted to do with him and it felt like he was damn near over the edge. She hallowed her cheeks and took more of him in and she could feel his excitement grow.

“Don’t stop baby,” he pleaded with her.

She was way more excited to have this kind of effect on him than she expected to be, but every moan he made her want more. More of him, more of this moment, just plain more of everything and she knew that was what he had planned for. Her mouth was now going rhythmically with her hand and she could taste him and she wanted nothing more than this moment. She heard his grunts becoming more and more erratic and she looked up at him. His eyes went straight to hers and she saw how close he was to the edge.  She moaned and he lost it, his hand in her hair tighten to an extreme extent and he was moaning louder and louder. She was just watching him as his head went back in pleasure.

Her mouth filled with his taste and she almost gaged from the amount but she showed no signs of stopping for him. She didn’t want him to know that this was her first time ever taking a man in her mouth like this but it was obvious that she wasn’t bad at it. He pulled her up to him and her smile matched his. His hands ran down her side to her underwear, of course she was still wearing clothes. He lifted her up by her hip and threw her on the bed, he watched her squirm trying to catch her breath. She was a sight, she was already looking like she wanted to quit but he was not having that. She gave him intense pleasure now it was his turn to return the favor. He walked to the edge and forcefully pulled her by her hips once again, he watched as she gasped at him with a look that radiated anger.

He looped both his left finger and right finger on each side of her blue underwear and brought them down with ease. She was biting her lip, a habit he so loved watching her do in moments like this, and he looked at her with one of the biggest grins in the world. “Taylor… Open your legs for me baby,” he challenged her and she giggled but did no such thing. “Am I going to have to punish you?” He wasn’t into all that kink but he wanted to see what reaction he got out of her when he said it. Oh was the reaction as glorious as the words, she looked at him with horror and amusement in her eyes but still with closed leg.

“Open. Your. Legs. Taylor.” He emphasized every word, hoping she wouldn’t make him fall back on something he didn’t really know how to do. But she was all too stubborn for her own good and he turned her over. Her ass was one of his favorite parts of her body even though it wasn’t the best thing on her body. She was breathing heavy and he could tell that she was anticipating whatever was coming next. He laughed and spanked her, she was taken back a first but she then started giggling at him. “Are you being smart with me? When I say something baby… Do it,” he bit his lip, damn this girl was getting to him.

“Yes sir,” she giggled out and he wanted to stop her. That was a weird word but coming from such a playful manner he couldn’t help but like it. He leaned down to her ear which wasn’t as far as he thought, she had one of the biggest smiles on and he kissed the side of her face. “Open Taylor. . . You just thought the spanking was the worst part.” He always wanted to try anal and he was guessing that this was going to be her punishment. She gasped when it took her a little longer than he wanted so he part her legs with one hand. She was more than ready for him but that was not what he was going for tonight.

He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom, this was a rule for both of them. Even though she was on birth control and there wasn’t any way they could get pregnant he didn’t want to take any chances. He looked in the draw and laughed, he bought it a while ago but he never thought she would ever let him but now but the perfect time. He brought out the nice lubricant. He put on the condom and then put some on his hand, he wanted to get this over with because he wasn’t sure how she was going to take it.

“Be easy?” She questioned him and relaxed a bit, she was letting this happen. Hell yes, he slid one finger inside of her tight ass and it was one of the weirdest things he had ever done but god the sound that came from her was one that excited him more. It was more of a gasp than a moan but the moan was still very clearly written there. He wanted to take his time so he didn’t hurt her but he also wanted to be inside her so it was the worst compromise he was going to have to do.

It became obvious that she started to feel less pain over the short amount of time so it was time for the real fun to start. “Are you going to be a good girl from now on? Am I going to have to take this further?” He asked her but she was too busy moving against him to hear. He looked down at her and shook his head, she wanted this to go further. Oh god how he loved this woman and her weird ways. She was quiet for a second when there was no action, probably wondering what he was doing but then he heard her gasp when he put his newly found erection into her tightness.

Her moved slowly at first, wanting her to relax and not hurt every time he entered her. Her moans from earlier were more muffled and slightly out of pain. He wanted to stop and he was going to until he heard her soft voice tell him if he did she wouldn’t let this continue and that was no happening. He was going to have her release around him whether she liked it or not. His small motions began to increase in speed and he was starting to feel more than he wanted too, this woman was going to give him another orgasm and he hadn’t even been where he wanted to be.

“Calvin don’t stop. God don’t stop,” she was whimpering and moving in sync with him. He saw how she reached a hand down to her now wet heat and started to add friction and he was losing what sense he had. He pulled her up to him so where her back was against him chest and he wrapped his hand around her throat making sure not to choke her at all. She was moaning for him, moaning his name out constantly and he couldn’t take that any more. He rocked into her hopping that the pain was gone because all he could feel was pleasure.

He closed his eyes and his breathe was starting to get caught in this throat and she was hanging on by a thread. She was trying to find something to hold on to because he was going too fast, there was no pain. No that had come and gone but the need for him to come was leveling her own and she wanted this. She had never thought she would ever be letting someone touch her like this but after tonight, she was thinking that she wouldn’t mind it every now and again. She grabbed his arms as he wrapped it around her all the while cursing with him wondrous accent. She felt his release like it was booming roar from a sold out crowd. It rocked threw her and his lips landed on the side of her neck.

She was pretty sure she had more than one hicky by now but it was all worth it. And besides there is nothing that a little makeup can’t fix, she let him ride out his high and hold her as close as he needed. This was far from over but she’s let him have this one moment to himself. He let her go and she felt him lay against the bed like he was all worn out. She turned around to him with a smile on her face. He wasn’t looking at her, he was taking off the now used condom that he thought would be the best thing. She reached over him to then nightstand and grabbed one more, he was looking at her with questions in his eyes but none of that mattered.

She bit her bottom lip and brought the small package to her lips, it wasn’t cold or anything like that it just felt like a hard to open tiny package and she mentally sighted. She bit into the top and ripped it off, all the while staring at him hoping for a better response than before. His face was in pure shock but he was very aroused to say the least. “Am I a good girl?” She reached down and played with his lower abs. “No but I like it this way,” he closed his eyes and took in the feel of her hand on his muscles.

She took retracted her hand from him and took the condom out, she was going to have fun with this and he was just going to sit back and take it. He reached up to take it out of her hand but she pulled away and pushed him back down to the bed. He wanted a bad girl he was going to get one. She slowly unraveled it down his length and he was growing with excitement. He breathed out a long and slow breathe than he slowly started to move toward her. She pushed him back to the bed once again and crawled over him, straddling him so where she could ride without any problem.

She reached in between her legs for him and she slowly started to rub his tip against her center. It was all so much but she was all too into what they were doing to stop the pleasure now. She stopped when she was at her entrance and looked up at him, he was watching her with clear lust. Lust was all over his features, taking them in and making them its own. She loved the look on his face, she loved watching him wanted her more than anything else but most of all she loved the way he felt when he was deep inside her. She bit her lip and moved him inside of her while moving down his length.

She thought that over time she would get used to the feeling of him filling her but each time they were intimate she never could replace this feeling. The feeling of him pushing inside her for the first time, the feeling of him filling her until there was no room left. It was almost unbearable but she was trying to hold it together. She needed this, she needed him to watch her ride him until they both came. She was moving her lower body to a slow and steady pace so she wouldn’t come right away. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back in pleasure. He was too much for her but she always wanted more.

He started meeting her thrust for thrust but not picking up the pace at all. His hands went straight to her breast and he started touching her in sync with the rhythm that they were both producing. She locked her hands with his and started moaning out his name. “Calvin… Calvin. Right there please. Right there,” she spoke to him like he was the only person that could save her in this moment. He was starting to pick up the pace and she wasn’t denying him that, she needed to go faster and she needed him to go harder. “Calvin faster. Harder baby please,” he sat up. One hand gripped her right side and the other the back of her neck.

That was his favorite place to hold her when they got into the moment and she had no clue why that was. She felt him hit her deeper and time just seemed to stop. She was his and he was hers in this moment. “Harder baby. Calvin deeper!” She was now moving to uncoordinated to say she wasn’t into this and he was right along with her. “Taylor. Fuck. Oh baby keep going.” Their words were starting to be more like grunts as they neared the climax. She felt like she was on fire and the only thing that would put it out would be Calvin. She tightened around him as her release came rocking through her body. It wasn’t painful, no she was on one of the biggest highs of her life and she could feel that he was too.

She didn’t know when, she couldn’t even think about anything else, but he had came with her and he was now slowly rocking back and forth inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at him, he had sweat dripping from his neck down to his chest and she hadn’t even noticed but she had scratched him somewhere in between all of this. His eyes were still closed out of pleasure and she could help but lean in closer to him and kiss him. Everything about this moment was so intense and so over whelming that even this small gesture made it seem like she was asking for round two. She pulled back and he was staring at her with surprise in his eyes.

“How are you even real woman?” He asked her.

“What do you mean?” She giggled out.

“You are more than willing to go where I’ve never been. You are teasing as shit but you give in no matter how weird it is. You love unconditionally, your smile gives light to every fucking dark day I’ve ever had and you are a freak… You are not real,” he laughed out.

“Did you just tell me you love me Calvin Harris?” She smiled up at him.

“I think I did. Why do you love me?” He looked at her with hope in his eyes.

“There isn’t enough time in the day to tell you how much I love you. You made me believe that love is good again and I never want to ever not love you. Calvin… You are everything to me and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you,” she looked up at him.

“Well… Good thing you are never going to have to worry about that baby. If I let you go I would be one of the biggest idiots in the world.” He kissed her like his life depended on it.

“We are so sappy,” she laughed out after their kiss was over.

“That we are,” He pulled her down to the pillows.

Richonne Headcanon: Hilltop Rendevous

Based on the Andrew Lincoln gifset by @andy-clutterbuck | Thanks @glowysweetfab for getting this scene stuck in my head! 

Gregory was still moaning in pain as they carried him into the house and up the stairs. Michonne, Glenn, and Rick trailed behind, watching Jesus and Maggie converse quickly before the long-haired man followed the doctor upstairs to Gregory’s room. 

“He wants us to wait in the other room,” she informed them.

“He gonna explain who this Negan guy is?” Rick demanded and she nodded, reaching out to take Glenn’s hand as she rubbed her stomach absentmindedly.

“He’ll explain,” she affirmed. 

Glenn gave her hand a squeeze and led the way to the other room before he paused and stopped Rick, who was still covered in blood from the altercation outside.

“Um… Rick, you should probably clean that up,” he recommended, waving his hand over his own face.

Michonne stepped forward before Rick could respond, sensing that he was still riled up by the recent events. He had been ready to take on those other men single-handedly, and while she had no doubt that he would have just killed them, she knew it was best now to let him cool off a bit for the sake of the group. 

“Rick,” she whispered, cutting off any attempt to address Glenn’s suggestion and shooting him a clear ‘simmer down’ look before she motioned to the stairs. “You do look like hell,” she added, walking up the steps.

Rick’s face twitched slightly before he reluctantly followed her, turning once to see Daryl and Abraham finally enter the building.

“Keep an eye out and make sure nothing else happens,” he ordered as he and Michonne disappeared up the stairs. He trailed behind her to one of the bathrooms they had used earlier when Gregory made them clean up. 

Michonne opened the door and motioned for him to go in, adjusting katana on her back as she observed his bloody face carefully. They could still hear the unpleasant man groaning and swearing as the doctor worked on him. She glanced down the hall and then back at Rick. 

“I’ll be back in a minute,” she told him before she headed down the hall to check on the leader of the Hilltop while Rick moved to remove his jacket and shirt, eyeing the drying stains. He could feel the adrenaline still pumping through his veins, the vision of Ethan stabbing Gregory and shoving Michonne running through his mind as he turned on the faucet and let the water to run for a couple of seconds. He did his best to wash the blood out of his shirt and jacket, but it was clear the stains would remain as he hung them up to dry. He could not help but wonder how this day had turned so quickly, given its promising beginnings prior to Jesus’ arrival. Submerging his hands in the warm water, he allowed his mind to wander to that morning after they had kicked the unwanted visitor out of the bedroom to wait by the stairs. He remembered how beautiful she had looked, standing with her katana in all of her glory, questioning him about the long-haired, bearded man, completely disregarding how her nakedness was affecting him.

A knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts and he opened it to see Michonne waiting with a washcloth and towel. Her lips parted slightly and her eyes widened at his bare torso, but she quickly attempted to seem unaware as she entered the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

“They’re still working on him,” she whispered, moving to the sink and wetting the cloth while Rick came to stand next to her. “Here,” she held up the cloth to his face. She stopped momentarily, stunned by how striking his eyes were under all that blood and grime on his face. He had a knowing smirk on his face and she blinked, reaching out to him. “Let me…”

For a couple of minutes she silently washed his face, running the cloth against his stained face and neck gently as she slowly removed the blood. While she tried to remain focused on the task at hand, she could feel his eyes on her and sensed his desire to say something. Since Jesus’ arrival that morning, they had not had a chance to really talk. Not that she felt they needed to. Even after the disruption, it was clear to her that last night had been anything but a mistake. The excitement, passion, and deliberateness of their first coupling came rushing back to her as she ran a finger across his stubbled chin, brushing his lips with her cloth before he offered her a smile. 

“What is it?” she asked quietly.

He was quiet for a moment, watching her rinse out the bloodied cloth with her beautiful, long fingers. God, he loved her hands…

“I’ve thought about what it would be like to be half naked in a bathroom with you,” he admitted, catching her gaze. He flashed her a crooked grin and a wink. “I just never imagined it would be like this.”

Despite her dark skin, he could see the tinge of red on her cheeks as she blushed under his gaze and smiled. 

“Well,” she muttered teasingly, brushing the warm cloth over his cheek. “I think after a day like this, we’re both going to need a shower.”

Rick reached out and took her hips in his hands, pulling her body up against his as she chuckled and swiped his nose. 

“Kinda wishin’ we’d put him up a tree,” he grumbled to himself, loving the feeling of her in his arms. It felt so natural and that it stunning to remember that just last night they had taken that step into a realm he realized they should have entered long before. 

“Put who up a tree?” Michonne questioned and he shook his head, reaching up to take her gloved hand in his. 

“Don’t worry about it.” 

Michonne could see by the look in his eyes that he was clearly thinking about last night and their time together. The very idea of it caused her body to heat up as his fingers slipped under her top, grazing her skin and the hem of her pants tantalizingly. Without another thought, she leaned up and brushed her lips against his, cupping his face as he pulled closer. In spite of the violent actions outside with Ethan, the intimacy of the moment brought them a moment of peace before quickly morphing into a heated embrace when their lips parted and allowed their tongues time to explore once again. Rick’s hands moved further under her top, running over her hot, tingling skin as she dropped the cloth, their original duty momentarily forgotten. Her fingers twisted up into his curls, brushing the nape of his neck, causing him to moan into her mouth while he maneuvered them around so that she was up against the sink. Michonne gasped when he lifted her up onto the counter, smiling breathlessly into his lips as he stepped between her legs and pressed his arousal against her appreciatively. Their eyes connected, excited that the nervousness of last night was gone, replaced now by a sureness that further verified the love they shared. 


The sudden and jarring yelp broke the two out of the moment as they heard heavy footsteps move around down the hall before a door slammed shut. Rick and Michonne waited a moment before Michonne slipped off the counter.

“We should probably get downstairs,” she murmured, causing him to sigh in frustration at the sudden loss of warmth and intimacy. 

“Must we,” he groaned, running a hand along her arm pointedly. Michonne laughed and grabbed his shirt, handing it to him. As he reluctantly slipped it back on, but not without noticing her eyeing his torso with wanting eyes. 

“Gregory still hasn’t given us a good answer,” she reminded him and he snorted, moving closer to her.

“Gregory’s an asshole.”

Michonne shivered when he caressed her cheek, her heart racing as his eyes roved over her body with obvious desire. “Yeah, he is,” she breathed, distracted by his fingers as he traced his way down her neck to her collarbone, brushing her skin reverently. 

A thought occurred to Rick and he smirked. “We should do something about that,” he offered cheekily and she tilted her head to the side curiously. 


Cheekily, he reached around her and grabbed his jacket before taking her hand. “Come with me.” 


He leaned in so that their lips barely touched, mischievousness and lust dancing in his bright blue eyes.”Come with me and let’s have sex on Gregory’s desk…”

In any other circumstance, Michonne would have instantly rebuked him, reminding Rick of the task at hand and they needed to concentrate on sealing a deal with the Hilltop. But Gregory’s unpleasant introduction added with the Jesus’ rude awakening and the altercation with Ethan and the woman who had struck Rick left Michonne in a strange mood. Leaning in, she pressed a kiss to his lips, running her hand over his chest and stomach, landing teasingly over the hem of his jeans, tugging them towards her. They parted slightly, breath mingling as their hearts raced and their bodies heated up. Michonne exchanged a smile with him and kissed the corner of his lips before leaning into his ear, closing her eyes as he pulled her up against him, his erection pressing against her own hot core. Everything else was now forgotten.

“Let’s go.”

While my imagination certainly took this further, I’ve decided to end this here. Let me know if you want more! :) 


Do you want cookies that taste like a potterhead’s dream come true? Then look no further… 

Last Autumn I saw this delicious butterbeer latte recipe going around tumblr

I made it and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS.  

I have now concocted a recipe that tastes and smells just like this magical masterpiece!


3 cups, all-purpose flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 pinch salt

A dash cinnamon, or more to your liking 

½ cup granulated sugar

½ cup light brown sugar (packed)

1 stick room temperature butter

½ cup coconut oil or canola oil

1 ¾ tsp pure vanilla extract 

1 egg

(for crunchier cookies use 2 sticks of butter rather than ½ cup oil) 


Preheat oven to 350.

Whisk together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Set aside. 

In an electric mixer cream the sugar, butter, oil, and vanilla extract. Once it is well mixed, add the egg and mix until completely combined.  

Gradually add the dry ingredients. 

Roll onto floured surface and cut out the desired shapes. (I used a glass to mark the size I wanted then cut out the cookies with a butter knife) 

Bake from 9-12 minutes depending on the size of your cookies (Tip: ALWAYS start with the lowest time. You can always leave them in longer if necessary but you can’t undo a burnt cookie!)

Let them cool on a cooling rack, and NOW the magic happens…

Marshmallow Butterbeer glaze:

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 ¼ cup powdered sugar

a pinch salt

about a teaspoon milk (more or less depending on the consistency)

1 teaspoon dulce de leche

½ bag marshmallows ( If you don’t have marshmallows on hand, it can substituted with 1 cup marshmallow fluff)

(You might want to double the recipe because this glaze is flipping delicious and I am patting myself on the back hardcore for coming up with it)

In an electric or hand mixer, cream the butter and vanilla. Gradually add the powdered sugar. Add the salt and dulce de leche . Mix and add milk until it is a frosting consistency. Put a tiny bit of oil into a microwave safe bowl and then put the marshmallows in it (This makes sure the melted marshmallows don’t stick). 

Microwave the  marshmallows for about 20 seconds at a time until they begin to grow in size slightly and are soft and sticky to the touch. Put the melted marshmallows into the frosting mixture and blend them into it. It should look like the consistency of a sticky glaze/frosting. 

OKAY… when the cookies are COMPLETELY cool begin putting that delicious marshmallow glaze on them. Put about half the can of dulce de leche in a microwave safe cup and warm it up for about 1 minute. Drizzle the dulce de leche onto the already glazed cookies and use a knife or toothpick to swirl it around. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to each cookie for decoration and VIOLA! 

You have just made the best damn butterbeer cookies in the muggle and wizarding world!

Give yourself a pat on the back from me. 

Happy baking!

Yours truly,

Isabella ♥

AnimalCrossingCrazy’s tips for safe & fun Pokéventuring with #PokemonGO

We all love Pokémon GO. This is what we’ve been dreaming of for years. But with all of the news stories since the game has dropped, I want to make sure every Crosser and Pokémon Trainer ventures forth safely

So here are my tips for being safe and having a good time while also catching them all: 

  1. Use a buddy system. There was actually a news story that, in a city, a group of teenagers (let’s call them Team Rocket) were using lures to drive people to specific Pokéstops and rob them. I wish I were kidding. Even before this story came out, though, I was sure people already knew that with any adventure came the need for buddies. Bring your fellow trainers with you as often as you can! If you are adventuring alone, please only do it in notably safe and familiar places. Do not take risks alone. And even if you choose to join an online meetup, always bring 1 or 2 friends. 
  2. Do not trespass on public or private property. I’ve seen this as an opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors, and it’s a chance for overall fun, but please be sure you aren’t doing anything illegal. And yes, there is a such thing as trespassing on public property. There were local police stations here asking people to please not hide around or loiter around the PD - you could startle a cop, endanger them or yourselves or become an obstruction of justice if you are in their way. Make sure you know where you are and that you are supposed to be there. If you aren’t sure if you can be there, it’s also okay to ask. Just please ask. Introduce yourself and be friendly and polite and respectful. If they say no, you have a whole world outside of that one area to explore. Whatever Pokémon is there will be somewhere else.
  3. Bring a charger. This game is surprisingly not as much of a data hog as I expected. But as we all have found, and might have expected, it’s not so friendly on your battery. Invest in good, spare chargers, and bring one with you always so you can charge up! 
  4. Always watch your surroundings. This one is obvious - well, all of them should be. But even the app warns you. Please make sure you know where you are and what you’re doing. If you are interacting with a Pokéstop, gym or Pokémon, make sure to click on it to start the interaction and then step to the side so you don’t stop in someone’s way and annoy others. It’s important to always be respectful of your surroundings. If you’ve ever been in a mall, or in traffic, you know that humans have a hard time of this. I figured another reminder wouldn’t hurt. 
  5. Avoid in-app purchases. No one likes an empty wallet. Basically everything you’ll pay for in the in-app store you can get as loot drops from  Pokéstops and as rewards for leveling up. Keep your wallet happy and don’t bother. 
  6. Be mindful of your data. This also goes along with keeping your wallet happy. The data this game pulls isn’t as much as it could be, but if you go on adventures for 8 hours a day for a full week, I’m sure it will add up. If your service provider has an app, download it! Most have a feature that lets you track your data usage for both your whole plan and your device alone. Also, it’s not a bad idea to snag free WiFi from public places when you can. 
  7. Bring lots of water and good walking shoes. Don’t allow yourself to get caught in heat exhaustion, dehydration, blisters, shin splits or worse. Make sure you are always prepared with a few water bottles (or a big, reusable water bottle) and your good sports shoes! It’s summer, and you want to make sure that you’re doing your best to take care of yourself as much as you’re taking care of your Pokémon.
  8. Bring a bag. Just like your Pokémon GO trainer, and every trainer you’ve played in past games, you need a bag! Use a nice, comfortable, durable bookbag or medium-sized purse to carry these things in! Recommendations: a satchel bag, movie-theatre-kind-of-purse, smaller bookbag or even fanny pack if you feel so bold. Anything that won’t bog you down, but leave you hands-free to aim that Pokéball properly. 
  9. Find a safe spot to chill when you get tired, and use your incense. This is key! (Is this where the cool kids insert that damn key emoji?) You have likely grabbed incense in Pokéstop loot drops or have been rewarded it by now. Don’t let them go to waste. Find a cool spot outside, if you’re getting a little warn out and need a break, and drop the incense while you’re hanging out outside. The Pokémon will come to you. That’s 30 minutes to rest and let them do the work.
  10. Hold onto any lucky eggs! Gotten a lucky egg? Wanna get a ton of XP to level up in one go? Hold onto your lucky egg until you have quite a few Pokémon to evolve. You’ll be about 2,000 XP an evolution. Talk about gains. You get 30 minutes per lucky egg to get double XP, so imagine the possibilities in that time! 

I might have forgotten a few things along the way, but please always keep these in mind as you catch them all. Now go forth and become Masters.