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Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Four}

Words: 2933

Warning: mentions of domestic violence, and cute af

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I love this chapter/part because the reader becomes a little looser with Dylan. Also, it might break your heart at the same time, but I hope you enjoy! Thanks to @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me!

I’ve been texting and FaceTiming with Dylan for almost a week now and it’s been an absolute grand time. He’s really nice, funny, and sweet as hell and I don’t know how much more my heart can take.

I stepped out of the shower, seeing two messages on my phone. One from Dylan and the other from Mal.

Dylan: Good morning, beautiful!

I smiled at Dylan’s text, shaking my head as he always managed to compliment me in some way. My eyes trailed towards Mal’s text, swiping the notification, opening my messages app.

Ma Hoe: Have you heard the news? If not, you probably should. It’s about Jeremy…

My heart stopped when I read his name, gulping slightly as I went online, looking it up.

Jeremy Flynn, 29, has been released from prison today on good behavior. He had been sentenced 25 years in prison for first-degree assault. Jeremy had beaten his former girlfriend, Y/N L/N, 24.

I felt my heartbeat pound against my chest, having harder time breathing as I placed my phone down on the bathroom sink. I slid down the wall, sitting on the floor as I clutched my towel close to my body.

“No, no, no. This can’t be happening.” I muttered to myself, hearing my phone vibrating. I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths, attempting to calm my heart rate.

After I manage to have my heart beat at a normal pace, I stood back up, noticing a missed call from Mal. I tore off some toilet paper, blowing my nose a bit as I glanced at myself in the mirror, noticing the scars that he had caused, a shiver ran through me, looking away. I picked up my phone, dialing her number pressing the phone against my ear.

“Hey, sweetie. Did you look?” Mal asked and I nodded my head, muttering a yeah. “They have a video of some news crew interviewing him.”

“Yeah, what did he say?” I asked, wondering if I actually wanted to know or not. I bit my nails as she hummed, assuming she was pulling up the video.

“He said that he was sorry for what he had done, that he was going through a rough time at that point in his life and took the anger out on you, and that he didn’t mean for it to escalade so far.” I scoffed at the statement, shaking my head as I sat down on my bed.

“Yeah, sure. He had nothing going on in his life. Jeremy turned into a drunken bastard just like his father did. He knew what he was doing…” I muttered, sighing loudly.

“So, what if he tries to contact you?” She asked and I looked up at the ceiling, trying to prevent the tears from sliding down my face.

“If he does I’m going to put a restraining order out on his ass. Alright, well, I have to go get dressed. I’ll talk to you later.” I mentioned and we both said goodbye before hanging up.

I walked back into the bathroom after placing my robe on, looking back into the mirror, memories of before playing through my mind.

I had just gotten home from work when Jeremy was already piss drunk on the couch, glaring at the television. I closed the door, his attention turning towards the noise as I placed the keys to the house in the bowl.

“Hey, babe.” I muttered, walking towards him and he stood up abruptly, making me flinch a bit.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He growled at me, taking a step towards me and I squeezed my eyes shut.

“I-I was at work. I told you that the girls and I were getting dinner after work.” I whispered, feeling his breath hit my face, the smell of whiskey hitting my nose.

“I’m pretty sure you didn’t tell me. I’ve been sitting here for two hours waiting for you to come home to make dinner.” My back had reached the wall as he kept yelling at me, his hands on either side of my face. “And now you tell me that you went out with your “friends” to eat. What the FUCK am I supposed to have?” Jeremy yelled, punching the wall next to my face, flinching at the noise of his knuckles hitting the dry wall.

“I-I’m sorry… What, what do you want to eat?” I asked, trying to make him less angry.

“I think, oh I think you need to be taught a lesson.” He growled, raising his hand up, slapping me across the face. I let out a gasp, tears sliding down my cheeks as the pain surged throughout my face, swallowing thickly. “Now, you’ll be home to cook me dinner for now on, right?” He asked and I nodded my head. “Good girl.”

I snapped out of my thoughts, anger pulsing through my veins as I let out a frustrated scream, punching my vanity mirror, shattering the glass. I gasped, glancing down at the sharp fragments that are prodding my skin, blood pouring from the wounds. “Shit.” I whispered, grabbing my first aid kit from under the sink, carefully taking out the glass with a pair of tweezers.

I wince, bundling up a wad of toilet paper, pressing it against the cuts. I sniffed, placing the bloody toilet paper on the counter, pouring some peroxide over my knuckles. I drape some gauze over the cuts before wrapping some medical tape around it. After bandaging myself up, I picked up the fragments of glass, throwing them into the garbage.

I picked up my phone, noticing a few more texts from Dylan, since I never answered the first one he sent me because of… well him.

Dylan: Are you okay? You’re usually awake by now and you haven’t texted me.

Dylan: Alright, I’m a little worried now… I’m calling you.

Dylan: Y/N, please, just let me know if you’re safe or alive.

I smiled at his concern, about to text him when his face popped up on the screen. I pressed the green button, holding my phone up against my ear. “Hi Dylan.” I muttered, smiling as I heard him let out a breath of relief.

“Oh thank god. Did you get my texts?” He asked and I walked out of the bathroom, sitting down on my bed.

“Yeah, I did. Sorry I didn’t reply to any of them. I-I was talking to Mal and I guess I lost track of time.” I chuckled, lying slightly. I bit my lip, glancing towards the bathroom, seeing the broken vanity leaning against the wall. “Hey, Dyl?”

“Yeah?” He replied.

“Would you.. Um, are you busy today?” I asked, picking at my fingernails.

“Actually, I’m not. Why? What’s up?” Dylan asked and I grinned, hearing his voice helping to get my mind off the current situation.

“My vanity mirror in my bathroom fell off my wall and I have to go to Lowe’s to get a new one. I was wondering if maybe, you wanted to come with me?” I questioned, my heartbeat speeding up slightly.

“Yeah, definitely. I’d be honored to accompany you, cutie.” Dylan laughed and the grin on my face widened. “I can meet you outside your apartment building and we can catch the one o’clock train?” He asked and I agreed, before both of us hung up the phone.

I let out a tiny squeal which surprised myself. I sighed, leaning my head back, feeling like a schoolgirl who has a crush on one of their classmates. I throw off my baggy t-shirt, pulling out a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and a striped off-the-shoulder top. After getting dressed, I put on a pair of socks before slipping on my blue and white Adidas.

My phone vibrated, Dylan letting me know he was outside and I grab my purse, draping it across my body before placing my phone in my pocket, locking my apartment door before getting into the elevator. I stepped outside, seeing Dylan scrolling through his phone, his other hand shoved in the pocket of his tight fitted black jeans. I looked him over, his red and black flannel accentuated him well and he incredibly cute with his Met’s hat on.

I snuck up behind him, leaning on my tippy toes, looking over his shoulder. “Whatcha doin?” I whispered and Dylan jumped, letting out a small scream and I laughed, covering my mouth with my hand.

“Oh my god, Y/N. Don’t do that!” He groaned, laughing a bit, pinching the bridge of his nose. His eyes roamed down my body, a blush appearing on my cheeks as I bit my lip lightly. “Wow, you look gorgeous.” Dylan smiled, bringing me in for a small hug.

“O-Oh thank you, Dyl. You look pretty good yourself.” I smiled, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. Dylan smiled down at me before reaching his arm out and I link it with mine. The both of us walked towards the nearest subway, which was about a block from my building. We had waited for the train to arrive for a few minutes, hearing the sound of metal on metal as the small train pulled up to the station. Dylan had his hand on the small of my back, leading me onto the train after people got off, making our way towards Broadway.

Dylan and I were standing relatively close to one another, his eyes moving towards my bandaged hand, softly rubbing it. “What happened?” He asked me and I looked at it for a second before glancing back at his gorgeous eyes.

“I was making dinner last night and I cut myself like a rookie.” I laughed, lying to his face as my heart breaks a bit.

He chuckled, rubbing my bandaged knuckles. “You gotta be more careful.” Dylan muttered, his eyes meeting mine again. I nodded my head, not sure if I could trust my voice at the moment. Someone had bumped into me quite roughly, making me lose my balance as I fell towards Dylan, grasping his flannel. “Woah, I got you.” He murmured, his arm wrapping around my waist, keeping me on my feet.

I glanced up at him, my cheeks flushing a bright pink, letting go of his flannel, my palms pressed against his toned chest. I muttered a thanks, pushing myself off of him, hearing a voice over the intercom of the train.

“Stopping at Broadway Junction in just a minute.” The voice told everyone and I sighed in relief, my claustrophobia slightly getting to me.

We finally got off the train, walking towards Lowe’s in a comfortable silence, Dylan’s hand brushing softly against mine every once in awhile. I would look over my shoulder every now and then, afraid that Jeremy would end up finding me. “So, how’d your mirror break again?” He asked me as we walked into Lowe’s, going towards the bathroom area.

“I was readjusting it because I thought it was crooked and it fell off the screw and shattered.” I lied again, biting the inside of my cheek.

“Man, you’re just having a awful couple days.” He mentioned, wrapping an arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to him. I chuckled, nodding my head in agreement, wrapping an arm around his waist, glancing at their selection of vanities.

“You could say that.” I muttered, leaning my head against his shoulder. I stopped at one that kind of matched my bathroom, dark wood with carved short lines around the mirror itself. I ran my fingers over the wood, smiling to myself. “I like this one.” I told Dylan and he smiled, nodding his head at the mirror.

“Yeah, although I’ve never been in your apartment, but I trust your judgment.” He chuckled, nudging me slightly. I shook my head, giggling quietly as I glanced down at the price, sighing a bit. I guess I’ll have to work overtime the next couple weeks. “What’s the matter?” Dylan asked, looking down at me.

“What? It’s nothing. Just a little pricey.” I told him, grabbing one of the packaged mirrors. I began walking towards the check out, becoming slightly tired at carrying the mirror.

“I-I could help if you wanted to?” He questioned and I stopped in my tracks as he kept going, stopping a few seconds after I did.

“Dylan… w-how are you so sweet?” I asked, my lips parted. I almost drop the mirror, Dylan catching it quickly as he took it into his hands, his big strong hands.

“Uh, I don’t know. I guess it’s in my genes?” He grinned, walking towards the checkout stations. “Do you want me to help you pay for it? I don’t mind.” Dylan told me, glancing back at me and I shook my head.

“No, I can’t let you do that. It’s okay, I got it. Thank you though.” I smiled, leaning up to kiss his cheek and continues to walk in front of him. “But, today’s your lucky day because I’m going to need help putting this up.” I walked backwards, grinning at him.

He raised his eyebrows, tilting his head to the side. “Oh, so that’s why you invited me. I see now.” Dylan joked and I shrugged my shoulders, giving him a playful wink, surprising myself.

“What can I say, Dylan? I know a strong man when I see one.” I teased, laughing slightly.

“Well you’re lucky that I like you.” He muttered, tilting the mirror so the cashier can scan it. “So, yes, I’ll help you.”

After paying for the semi-expensive mirror and having to deal with the giant awkward object on a small train, we finally arrived at my apartment. I unlocked the door, letting Dylan go inside first so he can put down the mirror and let his arms breath again. He looked around the place, smiling to himself as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“You got a nice place here.” He complimented him and I thanked him, showing him where my bedroom is. “You know, I would like to be taken out to dinner first before entering a woman’s bedroom.” Dylan laughed and I glanced back at him, seeing him wiggle his eyebrows at me.

He laid the mirror on my bed and I opened my bedside table’s drawer, pulling out a pocket knife. Once he turned around I stuck my arm out, handing it to him as he grinned softly, grabbing it, our fingers brushing together slightly. My phone rang loudly, making the both of us jump as I dish it from my pocket, eyebrows furrowing at the unknown number on my screen.

“Hello?” I answered, watching Dylan unpack the mirror.

“Miss me, darling?” The all too familiar voice husked in my ear. My heart stopped for a second, mouth becoming dry as I glanced around the room, not really knowing what I’m searching for. I laid my hand against Dylan’s back, his eyes glancing back towards me as I nodded my head toward the door, silently telling him I’ll be right back.

Once I was out of the bedroom and into the living room, I licked my lips slightly. “H-How’d you get my number?” I stuttered, running my slender fingers through my hair, leaning against the wall.

“I have my sources. So, you wanna get a coffee?” Jeremy asked and my eyebrows raised, scoffing lightly.

“You know damn well that I don’t. Never ever contact me again.” I muttered into the phone. I heard his maniacal laughter, my hands becoming sweaty.

“Trust me, sweetheart. You’ll see me again real soon. I’ll make sure of it.” He growled before hanging up the phone. My hands shook as I attempted to text Mal, dropping my phone in the process.

“Hey, everything okay?” Dylan asked, making me jump, almost hitting my head against one of the low hanging lights. Jesus Christ, Y/N, get yourself together, I thought to myself, bending down to pick up my phone.

“Y-Yeah, I’m okay.” I whispered, rubbing my wrist, suddenly feeling Jeremy’s large hands wrapped around them. My breathing quickened, my chest contracting as I could feel my throat close up a bit.

Dylan noticed you muttering to yourself, eyes squeezed shut, breathing heavier. He suddenly began to worry, wondering what he should do as he saw a tears slip from her eyes. “Y/N?” Dylan whispered, extending his hand out to you and you flinched, stepping away from him.

“Y-You should probably leave.” You muttered, not making eye contact with him and Dylan frowned, hoping to get to hang out with you some more. He cleared his throat, nodding his head as he scratched the back of his neck.

“Okay. Um, if you need anything, anything, call me okay?” Dylan asked and you looked up at him, noticing the worried look on his features and you nodded your head once. He smiled, slowly reaching towards you again as you watched his hand. His fingers softly grazed your arm, leaning down to place a small gentle kiss to your cheek. “I’ll see you soon.”

You watched as he walked towards the door, opening it. “Dylan… thank you, for helping me out today. I had a great time.” You told him, giving him a small smile as he smiled back, waving goodbye before leaving. You quickly walked towards your door, watching him leave through the small window, locking the door before leaning your forehead against the dark wood, sighing loudly.

You slid down the door, crying softly as you covered your face with your hands, small sobs escaping your lips. Stop ruining my life…

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You're incredible and I hope you know that.

Thank you, anon. I’m trying really hard.

There are a bunch of really nice notes in my inbox, and I’m having a lot of trouble accepting and responding to them right now. To the folks who sent them: thank you, and sorry, and thank you.

I worry a lot that I am not the person that folks watching see me as or need me to be; and that the person I am is probably not one that anyone should aspire towards.

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Hello! I hope I'm not too rude for asking this 1) How many people are managing this account? I think I saw an ask about a change in admin? 2) How do you answer questions? Answer all or only the ones you want to answer? 3) What's Got7 doing right now? I heard they're all in Korea? 4) Do you know where I might be able to see how many pre-orders has been sold?

1) Now two. Yes, the admins changed in August.

2) We choose questions we want to answer, often ignore questions involving members’ private matters, dating, sexuality, rude messages.

3) GOT7 members are all in Korea, yes. They didn’t hold any lives today, didn’t have official schedule. Youngjae posted a photo of Coco on Instagram, Jackson posted on Weibo.

4) We can’t see the total number of preorders but we know that Chinese fans preordered 37.000 and preorders on KTown4U reached 29.000.

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Thank you for blessing us with another WIP ackerstory with Eren this time!!!!!!! Cant wait to see how you will factor in eren with the ackermans AaAAAHHH

AHHHHHH I’m glad to see people are excited, now I know that at least something will balance out the anon hate I’ll inevitably get (hahaha). It’s just a trashy probably one-shot type thing but I’m excited about how it’s turning out. It’s featuring a lot more Eren than I had initially expected…haha. I just know I need to write it so I can think about other stuff, haha.

I am HOPING I will get time to finish it today, it’s about ¾ of the way done, but it all depends on my husband and baby and how much of my time they both demand today, hahaha.


Happy 10th Anniversary!! 🎉🎊

Even though i’m just a recent fan(7 months), I feel like I’ve been with you from the start. After watching one episode of ItaJan, I researched everything about JUMP 😂

I also thank the other tobikkos who have helped me to know and understand you better. I don’t know why but I want to cry right now. I’m an emotional person. 😂

Continue on doing your best in everything. I hope one day I can see you in person, shake your hands and tell how grateful I am to be a fan of yours 😊


mamochie 💋

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Who knows maybe one day I will get to see him or all 5 of them live on stage... one can always hope right?

u shouldn’t lose hope. i thought i’d never see them too. also i thought i’d never go to mônsant for example but i have literally lost count how many times i’ve eaten there by now. sooo~ who knows :)

pwyw stream tonight!

I wasn’t gonna since TECHNICALLY this is my “off” weekend for streams buuut since I wasn’t around last weekend I figure why not?? I’m feeling pretty good today

however it’s gonna be a LITTLE different… I want to do an 18+ stream, so it’ll be a little later… maybe around 9pm est? SARI ART AFTER DARK

if you want to purchase a commission it doesn’t HAVE to be 18+ but just know if you want one… now is a good time to grab one! so if you’re interested in a slot, just shoot a message my way or email at letting me know how much you wanna pay and what you want me to draw and I’ll drop you my link

hope to see u there ;o


I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

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I’m gonna assume, based on all the tweets flooding my tl, that Thomas just hit 2M on YT. It’s cool to see and actually kinda surreal. Cause seeing him climb his way to the top with Vine and now him branching out to YouTube?? It’s crazy to see how far he’s come. Like. Seriously. You guys. From finding him on Vine with 20k to seeing him hit million after million and now 2M on YouTube? It’s just! And I know Thomas isn’t a numbers guy, which is one of the things I really love about him, but seeing him at this point after all these years just makes my heart swell. And like. All the people he’s helped and inspired in some way shape or form and seeing all of them do the same for each other?? It’s just a beautiful thing. Seriously. I love it and this community so much! And I hope people see that this fandom is a direct reflection of the kind of person Thomas is! I’m rambling. But I just gotta say how super proud I am and how much I love my handsome, talented gay friend! 🌈💜🏳️‍🌈

And I think we all know that Thomas wouldn’t be where he is now without the help from all of his equally, if not more so, talented friends helping him out with all of his videos!! Every single one of them deserve the same amount of love and recognition as Thomas! They’re all amazing and incredible people! 💕

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I adore ur blog? I subscribed to notifications just so I don't miss any of your voltron headcanons

i?? oh my god thank you???

  • *allura voice* “what do you mean humans need to sleep every night”
  • some people actually find hunk intimidating when they first meet him
    • listen. he looks like he can bench press a school bus???
    • but then they talk to him and they’re like ah. he’s a gentle creature
    • lance never had this problem, he met hunk and was immediately like “aw heck yeah i just won the best friend lottery
  • lance: “so i heard you like bad boys ;)” alien: “not really” lance: “oh thank god”
  • on average, shiro spends 50% of his day looking for lance or keith
  • pidge doesn’t show coran earth tech anymore because he always smiles condescendingly at her and calls it “cute”
  • they’ve got planet-specific memes
    • “how dare you make me look at this with my own four eye spheres”
    • instead of “who are you and what have you done with [insert paladin here]” it’s now “hunk get me a jellyfish i think we’ve got a case of mind-swishing here”
    • “lion goddess” makes consistent comebacks
  • hunk: “keith i don’t think that’s a good idea-” pidge: “no no wait let him do it, i wanna see where this goes”
Hm. Let’s talk about Villains and Reality vs Fiction.

Art often reflects a version of reality,

but like a fun house mirror

we understand the truth.

Children understand early on that they will never be a mermaid or a princess. That’s why when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll say “DOCTOR!” or “SINGER” or FIREFIGHTER!” If they ever do say “I want to be Darth Vader!” We can all safety assume this child isn’t actually planning on growing up to slice off his son’s hand and rule a galaxy.
The kid knows they can’t actually be Darth Vader, but they admire Vader’s cool looks, his authority, the awesome one-liners. A child knows. Children are not stupid.
Now, as adults (I hope) we also see the difference between reality and fiction… you know, like we see the difference in good and bad? We can imagine crazy things and insane dramas and read and write about whatever we’d like, but once the book is closed and the movie is turned off people know what they know and do what they do and LIVE their lives with that underlying common law of what is Good. Once in a while, you will have that disturbed mind that will take something like The Joker and misuse him as an excuse to do heinous things, but people are generally good.

So we are allowed to enjoy a story like Jane Eyre, like Suicide Squad, like Star Wars. We are allowed to enjoy the ups, downs, horrors and triumphs of characters like Kylo Ren. We can think Kilgrave from Jessica Jones is charismatic and fun to watch. We can completely adore Loki from Thor.



Because the line between fiction and reality is a lot thicker than some people on tumblr are making it out to be.

But I Love You

Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Hey do you think that you can write a peter Parker x reader where the reader and peter are friends and goes under some anesthesia after some sort of surgery. After the surgery peter say some really fluffy things to the reader while she records it. (anon)

really hope you liked the request

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word count: 2,739 (i can’t seem to write short fics)

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“You sure you’re not in any pain Peter? I can always go get the nurse if you want,” your voice filled with worry as your best friend was getting prepped for his cast for his broken arm.

“No, I’m fine (Y/N), I can feel it working. My arm doesn’t even hurt that much,” trying to calm you down.

“You sure?” still wanting to make sure he was ok.

Peter nodded, squeezing your hand slowly calming you down. You both waited till the nurse would roll you into the room where they would take x rays and apply his cast.

“Are you sure you don’t want Aunt May in here instead?” your hand interlacing with his.

“No, don’t think she would be able to handle this,” trying his hardest to not show how much of an effect your touch was having on him.

Peter was starting to think that maybe Ned would have been a better choice, because he couldn’t he wasn’t sure he could trust himself once the anesthesia kicks in. He’s seen the videos of people admitting some personal secrets, and last thing he wanted was to admit his love for you, since he wasn’t sure it would cause problems between you two.

You and Peter had been best friends since 6th grade, somewhere along the way you had stolen his heart, but this point he would have willingly given it to you. Simple touches made his face heat up, warm smiles made his breath stop; you holding his hand made his heart explode, everything about you just sent his body on overdrive.

“Thanks (y/n),” you don’t know how much you mean to me. That’s what he wanted to admit but he doubted that he ever could, because he would be sure to get tongue tied in the process.

“I’d do anything for you Peter,” your smile lightening up your face that instantly made his heart pound against his chest.  

It had to be illegal to be that adorable, and what’s worse is you had no clue how much of an effect you had on him. He could hear Ned’s voice in the back of his head, telling him to admit his feelings for you. He would always refuse stating that he needed to find the right moment to tell you.

“(y/n), there’s something that I should tell you…,” feeling like this was the best moment to tell you.

You nodded, seeing a slight change in his attitude.


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So I was drunk and I had this dream where when you turn 17 a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin in a random place and its colour is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

Jimin has two little wings on his fingers, and he knows it’s Jungkook. He just knows it’s the maknae of his group, he has always loved him. Sadly, the wings are just black, so he always wear a ring because he doesn’t want to be reminded that his soulmate -the love of his life- doesn’t love him.
When Jungkook turns 17, he and the other members are gathered in their living room waiting for the tattoo to appear, but nothing happens. Jin tries to calm Jungkook with a “maybe it takes some time, we’ll se tomorrow, yeah?” So Jungkook goes to take a shower and HOLY SHIT there’s a super colourful flower on his hip.
He’s excited but also annoyed because “wtf I’m A MAN with a flower tattooed”.
So he never let others see his tattoo ‘cause “it’s in a very private part”.
Jimin looks under the ring on his finger: his tattoo is still black. He swears he’s never going to look at it again.
Time passes, it’s 2015 and Jungkook starts to panic because the colours of his tattoo are gradually becoming less vibrant.
He spends a lot of time walking around, looking at people, hoping to meet a person that would make his heart flutter, but nothing.
The flower on his hip, once painted with beautiful colours, now it’s almost black. He just gives up.
One day he’s putting on a pair of underwear after a shower and Namjoon -who never knocks- walked in their shared room and sees the tattoo.
“Isn’t that an hibiscus?”
“S-Sorry but don’t you know that hibiscus are Jimin’s favourite flowers?”
“What the fuck are you saying hyung”
So Namjoon takes him to Jimin’s room -thankfully no one is there- and points to a picture of baby Jimin where he’s holding a bunch of hibiscus in his small hands.
“Listen hyung, it’s a coincidence, how many people have a picture with flowers, c'mon”
“Yeah, but how many people have a picture with hibiscus AND a collection of dried hibiscus?” And he takes this notebook from Jimin’s bedside table and it’s full of hibiscus, and Jungkook wants to disappear because, 1) his soulmate is a man and it’s his band mate 2) how in the hell he didn’t know about these stuff.
So Jungkook tries to make Jimin love him again, but he doesn’t tell him he’s his soulmate because he couldn’t handle the rejection. He hugs Jimin, compliments him and all those cheesy stuff that he tought would make himself cringe, but he actually loves showering Jimin with attentions.
He loves Jimin, but, apparently, Jimin doesn’t love him anymore.
Does he even know Jungkook is his soulmate?
Run comeback is near and Jungkook is so fucking tired of trying to make Jimin love him again. His tattoo is colourless. So he just gives up, again.

Jimin Is on his bed, reading a really cheesy book, when he cuts his finger with the paper. He then goes to the bathroom to disinfect it, but a little bit of blood went under the ring, the one he never -never- takes off.
He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to the sting at his heart, and slides the ring off of his finger.
His heart stops.
The wings are painted in a beautiful golden colour.
He run towards Jungkook’s room.

Jungkook is working out in his boxer, when the door slams open.
Why doesn’t anyone fuckin knock?
He sees Jimin -so beautiful- and his eyes are glossy, his cheeks flushed and wet from the tears he’s shedding and he sticks his hand towards him, showing him the golden wings tattooed on his finger and Jungkook fucking loses it.
He runs and hugs Jimin so tight that he starts coughing, but he’s hugging him back so tightly, sobbing into his naked chest, tears flowing from the older’s eyes to Jungkook’s abdomen and even if they’re are basically squeezing each other, they feel like they’re breathing for the first time.
The younger cries too, one hand on Jimin’s back and the other in the orange hair and he’s so fucking happy.

They stare at each other, tears still rolling down from their eyes, the distance between their lips reducing, and they’re kissing, feeling the salt from their tears.

Jungkook -with Jimin surprise- pulls his boxers slightly down and looks at the tattoo : the hibiscus has never been more colourful.

1) Jikook is real
2) my English sucks
3) drunk me is a genius

The Time of Our Lives (Steven Moffat’s final DWM Column)

You know something I don’t know. You know who the next Doctor is. At least, I think that will be out by the time you read this. Old Chibs (as he must always now be known) is playing his cards close to his chest, and won’t tell me a thing. I attempted to give him some sage advice on the subject of secrecy, but he gave me a look, as if to say, “Seriously, have you checked your own record on this??” and had me removed by security. Again. But it’s comfy here, in my skip in the Roath Lock car park, and Russell is good company. When we’re both not crying, that is.

Actually, I’m not comfy at all. I’ve got everything crossed. Can Old Chibs pull it off? Can we actually have a new Doctor that’s a proper surprise, the way it’s supposed to be? I do hope so! But you know all that by now, out there, in the glorious new dawn.

And the fact is, I have no more news for you. Barely any secrets to keep. One more Special on Christmas Day, and I’ll be gone before the end credits. A brand-new team will go blazing into action, and in the far future, vast new Andrew Pixley Archives will form in the void.

But frankly, even I don’t care about me - this is all about Peter Capaldi. I saw him at the end, you know. The very last shot you see of him as the Doctor is in fact (brilliant scheduling by amazing producer, Pete Bennett) the very last thing Peter did on the show. Just as popping out the TARDIS and confusing Strax was the very first thing he did in Deep Breath, all those centuries ago. Since then he’s faced down a Mummy on the Orient Express, talked down a Zygon war using a couple of empty boxes, punched a wall for four and a half billion years, misunderstood the romantic intent of a puddle, decked a racist, insulted Santa, had a 24-year date in a restaurant, and played gooseberry when Missy met herself. He’s been gentle and fierce and rude and kind, and now with a wave of his hand and a flap of his cuff, he’s striding into the sunset to give it a piece of his mind. Be there for him on Christmas Day - Scotland’s finest in his final hour. He’ll break your heart and save your galaxy, all over again.

It was funny, that last day. I was in the studio for most of it, which is the first time I’ve ever managed that on Doctor Who. Normally, there’s so much else to do - new season to plan, new scripts to write, new stars to find. But now, with my time on the show winding down, with desks falling empty, and computers falling silent, and endless rounds of goodbye drinks, there’s nowhere else for me to be.

Brian Minchin is here today. And we sit and laugh and chat, and marvel at Peter’s extraordinary final performance. Every take is different and beautiful in a new way, and how the hell are we supposed to choose just one? It’s not goodbye to Brian, I’m delighted to say - he’s joining me and Sue at Hartswood Films, and we have dark and mighty plans.
Rachel Talalay, our finale specialist, is directing. She’s come back to see number 12 off into the shades but I very much hope she’ll be directing more Doctor Whos in the future. She keeps hinting that she won’t, though.

“You’re already directing the new one - you’re doing the regeneration!”
“Yes, but apart from that.”
“You probably know who the new Doctor is, and everything!”
“No, I don’t”
“You had a secret dinner with Matt Strevens and Old Chibs!”
“It wasn’t secret!”
“Well, I didn’t know about it.”
“No-one thought to tell you, it was just for people who are… you know…”

I was alright after a bit, and the nurse with the oxygen was very nice.

“Who’s the new Doctor?” I demanded to know from my stretcher, mostly in hand signals.
“I don’t know,” lied Rachel, probably.
“Just the initials.”
“I don’t know.”
“Will you tell me if I cry?”
“You’re already crying.”
“… Would you like ten pounds?”

There’s another goodbye coming up - and frankly it’s right here. My old friend, the wise and kind King of Numbers himself, Tom Spilsbury, is leaving this magazine. It’s funny, we’ve done almost everything in parallel in Doctor Who. He was assistant editor on the mag, while I was an occasional writer for Russell’s era. He became editor only shortly before I became showrunner. And now, at the end, we’re tumbling out the door together. We’ve tumbled out of quite a few doors together, but I’m damned if I’m telling you which pubs. Once a month, for so many years, Tom would remind me that this column was due. No, that’s a lie. He’d remind me several times a month. Towards the end, in a very high voice, with crying. Well, no more! These days are over. Tom’s entirely brilliant era of DWM is drawing to a close with every word you read, my time on Doctor Who is vanishing like breath on a mirror, and this column too is about to pop out of existence.

It’s funny how things you take for granted just disappear, isn’t it? That school you went to every day and then never go back to, that friend you part from laughing and never see again, all those doors that click behind you without you knowing they’re closing forever. I first wrote Doctor Who in 2004, and I very much hoped I’d get to write it again. Then I wrote more, and then so much more, until I thought it might go on forever. I remember at some awards dinner, telling Brian I loved my job so much I couldn’t imagine ever stopping. In other more melancholy moments I knew that everything ends and wondered what the very last words I’d ever write about Doctor Who would be. Well, the time has come, and here they are.

All my love, good luck and goodbye.

@mer-yan prompted: Drarry develop a cutesy relationship through scribblings on the toilet wall in moaning myrtle’s bathroom while real-life pining for each other

i cannot believe i’m crying in a stall of moaning myrtles bathroom

you’re not the only one

two sad pathetic fucks we are

it looks that way

seems you come here as often as i do

lots to cry about

tell me about it

too much, dont know where to start

oh i didnt, well ok, no problem, this is just a wall after all

you’re not like the diary, are you?

here i was hoping you weren’t

im real

me too

why do you cry so much?

ehhh pressure

i hear you

when i cry?????

no! i understand. about pressure.

we’ve been crying for weeks now

honestly, sometimes i come here just to see if you’ve answered


who are you?

you’d never believe me if i told you

i think i’m more improbable than you

wanna bet?

im going to bet you’re a gryffindor

point. im going to bet you’re a boy

you are too so

you’re not a gryffindor



played myself into that one

do you want to meet?

are you asking me out on the wall of a bathroom of which we come to cry

i’m not asking you out! i’m asking to meet

pitty, i like boys

don’t think you’d like me like that

who is to say, most gryffindores are pretty

what if i’m a first year

you’re at least sixteen

never did cry as much when we were younger did we

it appears so. im an eight year

huh. me too

if you’re ronald weasley, this thing NEVER happened

i’m not ron. i know who you are tho

guess we’ll see if that makes any difference

it doesn’t

so who are you

why don’t you come back here on thursday after devination and i’ll show you



Honestly, Elizabeth.  It astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.

Dex doesn’t figure out what’s happened until he’s already home for the summer. But the moment he wakes up on the morning after he gets in, the realization hits him all at once.

He picks up his phone and calls Nursey before he’s even out of bed, just sitting there in his boxers, sheets pooled around his waist, having never felt so suddenly and completely awake before in his life.

“Yo, what time is it?” Nursey answers, sounding groggy and a hundred thousand miles too far away.

Dex can’t be bothered with greetings or chirps, his single-minded focus kicking into overdrive. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Nursey asks around a yawn.

“That we’re basically in love with each other.”

The line goes dead silent for long enough the Dex has to pull his phone away from his ear to check that the call hasn’t disconnected.

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Here we go again. Bellamy, if you can hear me, if you’re alive, it’s been 2,199 days since Praimfaya. I don’t know why I still do this every day. Maybe it’s my way of staying sane, not forgetting who I am. Who I was. It’s been safe for you to come down for over a year now. Why haven’t you? The bunker’s gone silent, too. We tried to get them out for awhile, but there was too much rubble. I haven’t made contact with them either. Anyway, I still have hope. Tell Raven to aim for the one spot of green, and you’ll find me. The rest of the planet from what I’ve seen basically sucks, so… Never mind. I see you.

Mile High Club - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Mile High Club
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: legit just pure sin on my part, i’m dragging you all to hell with me
Word Count: 1.6k
WARNING: SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUT and a bit of swearing (i’m from england, it’s what i do)
A/N: so i saw the recent pics of tom in grey sweats, as well as this old video of tom at the airport and jesus, that boy deadass knows what he’s doing to all of us so, this happened. huge creds to @boyfriendtom for helping me out on this one, i love u my angel!! also, please do watch the video because the way he whips that belt off fcks me up big time. anyways, i hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think here!!

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