now to gif nbc hannibal

Remember that time when Will kissed Alana and then went to Hanni’s house? Do you remember Hanni’s words and the way he looked at Will (bby was so salty 😆)

Hanni was like, “And you drove for an hour just to tell me that?” OMG I was dying at that okay!
He was so freakin’ jealous. All I could hear him say was:

“Are you fucking serious Will? You came here to tell me you were munching on Alana’s lips? Mind you, she has nice lips, but mines are better Will. Look how I pout, look at these cheekbones. What else do you want Will? I know how to cook. I can be your stay at home murder husbando. I want to eat you, but I won’t. You need to season more bby. For now I’ll just keep fucking with your mind, until you break, Teacup.”

Don’t mind me guys, I’m going through Hannibal withdrawal 🔫👣