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Process to Elimination

Present at the procession are (in alphabetical order):

Ace, Acorn, Adelaide, Aerial Aim, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Archibald T. Manaford, Ash (in Equestria), Autumn Blue, Batpony/Bruce Mane, Belgian Waffle, Blood Sugar, Bo Diddly and Wallace, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear, Burning Stream

Cabernet, Cam, Captain Flintlock, Carmen Pondiego, Chain Rattle, Cherry Okapi, Chiptune, Cloepty, Cold Front, Connie and Subbie, Cross Stitch, De Writer, DEath GAme MAster, Derpy (Out of Work), Derpy (Science), Dewdusts, Dexter Dush, DJ Color, Doctor Pater and Time Twister, Dr. Radical, Draxxor

Electro Beats, the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia Pond, Elora May Apple, Falsafa, Filmcut, Flutterpsycho, Fullforce

Gamer, Gargle, Ghost Rose, GoldDrop, Golden Pen, Gurumone and Rosemary, Guyra, Hallo and Elder, Humble Pie, Ickie Vickie Mod, Ineeda, Inkheart, Input, John Sinclair and Bonnie Green, Johnny Lightem

Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lovey Dovey, Lucky Star, Mashu Maro and Nevermore Pendulum, Miel, Misfit

Nerdy, Nigel Hugsworthy, NocturnaledFlight, Nombre, Occult, Okalani Creations, Opalescent Pearl, Pandora, Peachy Pit, Peachy Pop, Pembroke W. Korgi, Pinkie Pyro, PiX, Pure Hue, Random “ALOS” Idea, Ren, Ride Roughshod, Rosa Lanzar, Rotten Grave

Sally, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scifresh, Scootaloo (Adult), Scorching Opal, Scribbles Styal, Sea Swirl (the Attention Horse), Secret Tale, Sera, Shaula, Sir Lint-A lot, Snew Pea, Snow Skies, Sockz Sowing, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Gear, Steel Strings, Stormy Skies, Straight Razor, Sugar High, Sugar Kisses, Sunny Starlight, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treat, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach

Tequila Shots, the Tinkerer, Toola Roola, Tryp, Twilight Sparkle (Psychotic), Twisted Gravekeeper, the Unnamed Pony, Valerine Piper, Viola, Winter Graphite, Winter Snow, Wist, Wuta, Xana, Zap Point

Ah, summer, when I lay around doing doodles of my favorite pony and his inspired blogs. I’ve just been making a bunch of the little “paper ponies” like @faunaliciousblog, and I couldn’t resist doing some Tumblrpons. So on top is @ask-king-sombra, who belongs to @ask-wiggles, holding on to him is the fellow from @sombrashy, belonging to @evehlyart, and finally there is @asktyrantsombra.
I need paper ponies to make, so if you’d like one, ask me! (I don’t bite, or say no, mostly)


i dont really like to post a lot when im going to be on/off hiatus, and why i cant draw anything this week etc, cuz i just want to be able to enjoy making and posting artwork, and not worrying about deadlines. 

but i dont want to just be silent for months on end. School is really rushed during the summer so i have no free time outside of work and chores.

I might post a few doodle from my breaks but i cant make really good pieces or comics that are bouncing around in my noggin


idk guess i should try to post more on my modblog to keep things current, i just am bad at talking about myself.

thanks for reading, here’s a doodle of a monster i made around january as a reward lol.

he’s a peacock chameleon cockatrice rainbow boss monster who’s like a jester and has magic powersss 

he has a chameleon body and a peacock tail, but of course i cant find the rest of drawing right now.

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Hello!! I hope you're having a lovely day! Could you maybe do a random prompt with Darry from The Outsiders? Thank you so much!!

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“You’re pissed off at me.” 

“What makes you say that?” You don’t look away from the television, you don’t look at him and you don’t want to. He’s right you are angry at him, how could you not be?

“You can’t even look at me! Just…just talk to me, yell at me, whatever!”

“You want me to yell at you?” You turn to him, watching him nod at you. This is why you didn’t want to look at him right now…it just made you more angry. “Why the fuck did you react like that to Ponyboy, huh? Why the fuck did you hit him, Darry! That’s not…” You want to keep yelling but you know he feels guilty and you know by the look on his face that he never wants to lift a hand to anyone again. 

“I…shouldn’t have and I know that…and I fucked up. I’m trying.”

“I know.” He tried so hard but really he was still just a kid himself, he didn’t know what he was doing and he fucked up and now it was about finding Pony and making it right. 

So I’ve been working on some OC refs and I figured I’d post these now since I’m really happy with the way they came out! 

So first we have my demon sisters. I’m pretty proud of them and the story I came up with for them. Hope you guys will like them too~

Elementra & Spectra
Ages: ???
Genders: Females
Sexuality: Spectra is lesbian, Elementra is pan. 
Specie: Demons
Cutie Marks: None
Likes: Elementra: Water, Her father, Doing her job right, Being tidy, Eating properly
        Spectra: Fire, Her father, Being lazy, Chaos, Eating junk food,
Dislikes:  Elementra: Her dad’s devoted attention, Unorganized things, Junk food
             Spectra:  Her dad’s devoted attention to her sister, When things are too organized,  
             fruits and vegetables
Story: These twin sisters were born and raised into some dark realm, where they were taught to take care of lost souls that are to be enslaved or set free. Spectra always loved the idea of helping the other demons and deities down in Hell, while Elementra just prefered setting them free, as she loved giving nice ponies what they truly deserved. One day, Spectra started to get annoyed with Elementra’s overwhelming kindness towards soul, as she sometimes set bad people free, saying she didn’t feel like they deserved it. In an act of jealousy and annoyance, Spectra decided to send Elementra down on earth instead, saying she was more than capable of taking care of things here. Using her powerful magic, she sent Elementra on earth where she is now lost and powerless. Only half of her magic remained, as her other half was magic that only works in the Dead realm. She is now stuck there, trying to find ponies kind enough to accept her as she is, which tends to be hard sometimes considering she’s a demon. Spectra, on the other hand, started sending more ponies down in Hell, enjoying the idea of them being tortured and getting what they deserved, but she still sets some of them free to try and hide Elementra’s absence to their father.

They are askable characters, so feel free to ask them anything! 

Everything Ponyboy Curtis says in the book.


“I’m okay. Quit shaking me, Darry,  I’m okay.”

“I’m okay.”

“I did?”

“I am?”


“I know. I’m just a little spooked, that’s all.”

“You’re crazy, Soda, out of your mind.”

“Didya catch ‘em?”

“I’m okay.”


“I was comin’ home from the movies. I didn’t think…”

“Me and Johnny’ll come. Okay, Darry?”

“A little.”



“How come you dropped out?”

“You’re not dumb.”


“Tuff enough. Wait till I get out, though, so you can keep Darry off my back.”


“Ponyboy Curtis.”

“My dad was an original person. I’ve got a brother named Sodapop, and it says so on his birth certificate.”

“I know. You’re a cheerleader. We go to the same school.”

“I’m not. I got put up a year in grade school.”

“I’m a grease, same as Dally. He’s my buddy.”


“Yeah. Dad made him quit after he tore a ligament, though. We still hang around rodeos a lot. I’ve seen you two barrel race. You’re good.”

“He’s a dropout.”

“Okay. Might as well.”


“Sure. We’re young and innocent.”

“He’d leave you alone if he knew you.”

“Glory, Two-Bit scare us to death!”

“He went hunting some action—booze or dames or a fight. I hope he don’t get jailed again. He just got out.”

“Not that I know of. I think he’s got a piece of pipe, but he busted his blade this morning.”

“Sure. Y’all want some?”

“He ain’t dangerous like Dallas if that’s what you mean. He’s okay.”

“It was the Socs.”


“I believe you. We’d better get back out there with the popcorn or Two-Bit’ll think I ran off with his money.”

“That’s why we’re separated. It’s not money, it’s feeling—you don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.”

“He got sold. They came and got him one day and took him off. He was a real valuable horse. Pure quarter.”

“Yeah. Why?”

“He’s…He’s not like Sodapop at all and he sure ain’t like me. He’s hard as a rock and about as human. He’s got eyes exactly like frozen ice. He thinks I’m a pain in the neck. He likes Soda—everybody likes Soda—but he can’s stand me. I bet he wishes he could stick me in a home somewhere, and he’d do it, too, if Soda’d let him.”

“Well, I don’t. An’ you can shut your trap, Johnny Cade, ‘cause we all know you ain’t wanted at home, either. And you can’t blame them.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It ain’t fair! It ain’t fair that we have all the rough breaks!”

“I couldn’t use this. I couldn’t ever cut anyone…”

“I know.”

“It’s okay. We aren’t in the same class. Just don’t forget that some of us watch the sunset too.”

“What was that?”

“Not right now.”

‘Maybe I would have. Where you headed?”

“I reckon.”

“Big-time Socs, all right.”

“Don’t. You can’t kill yourself, Johnny.”

“Out of the big towns. In the country…”

“Glory, what time is it?”

“Okay. If you get cold or something come on over to our house.”

“I…I went to sleep in the lot…”

“I didn’t mean to. I was talking to Johnny and we both dropped of…”

“I said I didn’t mean to…”

“You don’t yell at him!”

“Johnny? Come on, Johnny, we’re running away.”

“Gotta cigarette?”

“Johnny, I’m scared.”

“I don’t very often. It was Darry. He hit me. I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t take him hollering at me and hitting me too. I don know…sometimes we get along okay, then all of a sudden he blows up on me or else is naggin’ at me all the time. He didn’t use to be like that…we used to get along okay…before Mom and Dad died. Now he just can’t stand me.”

“Shoot. You got the whole gang. Dally didn’t slug you tonight ‘cause you’re the pet. I mean, golly, Johnny, you’ve got the whole gang.”

“Let’s walk to the park and back. Then maybe I’ll be cooled off enough to go home.”

“You ain’t a’woofin’.”

“What do they want? This is our territory. What are Socs doing this far east?”

“Oh, glory. This is all I need to top off a perfect night. Want to run for it?”

“You know what a Soc is? White trash with Mustangs and madras.”

“Johnny, I think I’m gonna be sick.”

“You really killed him, huh, Johnny?”

“Like—like they did before?”

“Johnny! What are we gonna do? They put you in the electric chair for killing people! I’m scared, Johnny. What are we gonna do?”

“Okay. I’m okay now.”

“Where can we find him?”

“Tell him it’s Pony and Johnny. He’ll come.”


“Then don’t tell him.”

“I’m sorry. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Now how do we find Jay Mountain?”

“I don’t look like a farmboy.”

“I guess I look okay now, huh, Johnny?”

“They ain’t green, they’re gray. And I look about as much like Soda as you do. He’s good-looking.”

“Could you tell me where Jay Mountain is?”

“Yessir. We’re playing army and I’m supposed to report to headquarters there.”


“Hey, Johnny. Fancy meetin’ you here.”

“Who’s acting? What’d you get?”

“Wheee! A paperback copy of Gone with the Wind! How’d you know I always wanted one?”

“Gee, thanks. Peroxide? A deck of cards…Johnny, you ain’t thinking of…”

“Oh, no! No, Johnny, not my hair!”

“I don’t see why. Dally could just as easily mug somebody with short hair.”

“Okay. Get it over with.”

“Not too short. Johnny, please…”

“It’s lighter than I thought it was. Can I see what I look like now?”

“Johnny, you can’t wash your hair in that freezing water in this weather. You’ll get a cold.”

“I guess so.”

“Shoot nothing. It took me a long time to get that hair just the way I wanted it. And besides, this just isn’t us. It’s like being in a Halloween costume we can’t get out of.”

“I’m still tired.”

“Oh, it ain’t that. I mean, not all of it. I’m just a little spooky. I really don’t know what’s the matter. I’m just mixed up.”

“Remember how he was wisecrackin’ last night? Last night…just last night we were walkin’ Cherry and Marcia over to Two-Bit’s. Just last night we were layin’ in the lot, lookin’ up at the stars and dreaming…”

“Whatta we gonna do?’

“No! I’m fourteen! I’ve been fourteen for a month! And I’m in it as much as you are. I’ll stop crying in a minute…I can’t help it.”

“Johnny? You awake?”

“We ain’t gonna cry no more, are we?”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Dally? Shoot, he ain’t got any more manners than I do. And you saw how he treated those girls the other night. Soda’s more like them Southern boys.”



“Nothing gold can stay.”

“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

“Robert Frost wrote it. He meant more to it than I’m gettin’, though. I always remembered it because I never quite got what it meant by it.”

“And what happens to be so funny about it?”

“I know. Well, you ain’t like any of the gang. I mean, I couldn’t tell Two-Bit or Steve or even Darry about the sunrise and clouds and stuff. I couldn’t even remember that poem around them. I mean, they just don’t dig. Just you and Sodapop. And maybe Cherry Valance.”

“Shoot. Maybe they are.”

“Hey, Dally!”

“How’s Sodapop? Are the fuzz after us? Is Darry all right? Do the boys know where we are? What…”

“Is it safe to go out?”

“Look who’s talking.”

“A letter? From who?”

“Sodapop? But how did he know…?”

“How come you got hauled in?”

“I know. I look lousy, but don’t rub it in.”

“Dally! You kill people with heaters!”

“Cherry? The Soc?”

“Dad used to take us all huntin’. I’ve been in the country before. How’d you know about the church?”

“Yeah. Darry always got the most ducks, though. Him and Dad. Soda and I goofed around too much, scared most of our game anyway.”

“I guess so.”

“Let’s go see what the deal is.”

“What’s going on?”

“I bet we started it. We must have dropped a lighted cigarette or something.”

“I’ll get them, don’t worry!”

“Is that guy coming?”

“Too scared?”

“In the back, I guess.


“Where’s Johnny? And Dallas?”

“I didn’t either. Dallas hit me. How come?”

“It was? Golly, I didn’t feel it. It don’t hurt.”

“Are you taking us to the police station?”

“Are Johnny and Dally all right?”

“Johnny has black hair. Dally’s the mean-looking one.”

“No, we’re greasers.”

“Greasers. You know, like hoods, JD’S. Johnny is wanted for murder, and Dallas has a record with the fuzz a mile long.”

“I am not. Take me to town and you’ll find out pretty quick.”

“Yeah. Even on my birth certificate. And don’t bug me about it. Are…are the little kids okay?”

“How come? How come?”

“I am?”


“Darry, I’m sorry…”

“Take a bath.”


“In here! Don’t slam the door.”

“Now look what you did. There went our breakfast. Can’t you two wait till I set the eggs down before you go shovin’ me all over the country?”

“Aw, lay off.”

“How do I like what?”

“You mean…that they’re thinking about putting me and Soda in a boys’ home or something?”


“No, they ain’t goin’ to put us in a boys’ home.”

“Darry, did you know about the juvenile court?”

“I had one of those dreams last night. The one I can’t ever remember.”


“You going to take Sandy to the party? What’s the deal?”

“How come?”


“I’ve stayed by my lonesome before. You can’t afford a day off.”


“Yeah. You carry more than one bundle of roofing at a time today and me and Soda’ll skin you. Understood?”


“A judo expert?”

“We’re gonna clean up the house. The reporters or police or somebody might come by, and anyway, it’s time for those guys from the state to come by and check up on us.”

“I have. And if you had the sense of a billy goat you’d try to help around your place instead of bumming around.”

“I don’t know. I felt like playing hero.”

“You might not have. You might have done the same thing.”

“’Greaser’ didn’t have anything to do with it. My buddy over there wouldn’t have done it. Maybe you would have done the same thing, maybe a friend of yours wouldn’t have. It’s the individual.”


“Running away won’t help.”

“I’d help you if I could.”

“No. You hate the whole world.”

“My name’s Ponyboy. Nice talkin’ to you, Randy.”

“He ain’t a Soc. He’s just a guy. He just wanted to talk.”


“He wants a copy of Gone with the Wind so I can read it to him. You want to run down to the drugstore and get one?”

“Dally’s gonna be okay. And Darry, and me, we’re okay now.”

“Johnny! Are you okay?”

“You’ll be okay. You gotta be. We couldn’t get along without you.”

“You’ll be okay.”

“You ain’t gonna die. And don’t get juiced up, because the doc won’t let us see you no more if you do.”

“That’s what Johnny said. What’d he want?”

“Me? Why?”

“I’ll bet.”

“I’m all right. Don’t tell Darry, okay? Come on, Two-Bit, be a buddy. I’ll be well by tonight. I’ll take a bunch of aspirins.”

“I’m okay. And if you keep your mouth shut, Darry won’t know a thing.”

“Yeah, but they raised two boys before me. Darry hasn’t.”

“I know.”

“Tonight—I don’t like it one bit.”

“I ain’t chicken, Two-Bit Mathews, and you know it. Ain’t I a Curtis, same as Soda and Darry?”

“I mean, I got an awful feeling something’s gonna happen.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Not so good. Will you go up to see him?”

“Why not?”

“That’s okay. I wouldn’t want you to see him. You’re a traitor to your own kind and not loyal to us. Do you think your spying for us makes up for the fact that you’re sitting there in a Corvette while my brother drops out of school to get a job? Don’t you ever try to give us handouts and then feel high and might about it.”

“Hey, can you see the sunset real good from the West Side?”

“You can see it from the East Side, too.”

“Soda, when did you start shaving?”

“When did Darry?”

“You’re funny. We ought to send you in to the Reader’s Digest. I hear they pay a lot for funny things.”

“You like fights, don’t you, Soda?”

“How come?”

“How come you like fights, Darry?”

“How come? I’ve always come through before, ain’t I?”

“I’ll be okay. I’ll get hold of a little one, okay?”

“What happened to Tim Shepard?”

“Let me fight, Darry. If it was blades or chains or something it’d be different. Nobody ever gets really hurt in a skin rumble.”

“I’ll be okay. How come you never worry about Sodapop as much? I don’t see you lecturin’ him.”

“And what do you do for fun?”

“Hey, Two-Bit, how come you like to fight?”


“I ought to, he’s my brother.”

“Yep. But why him?”

“I thought you were in the hospital.”


“Huh? Yeah, I guess so”

“I have been. A rumble. I’m okay.”

“I am?”

“Gosh, mister, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“Johnny…he’s dead. We told him about beatin’ the Socs and…I don’t know, he just died.”

“Dallas is gone. He ran out like the devil was after him. He’s gonna blow up. He couldn’t take it.”

“I’m okay. I don’t want to sit down.”

“Soda…is somebody sick?”

“Am I sick?”

“Is Darry sorry I’m sick?”

“Hey, Darry. Hey, Darry, wake up.”

“What was the matter with me?”

“Where’d I get a concussion? How long have I been asleep?”

“No. Darry, I’m not ever going to be able to make up the school I’ve missed. And I’ve still got to go to court and talk to the police about Bob’s getting killed. And now…with Dally…Darry, do you think they’ll split us up? Put me in a home or something?”

“I don’t remember.”


“Where’s Soda?”

“I’m okay. Just a little hungry.”

“Man, I’d like that just fine.”

“Oh, no. Track meet. I guess this just about puts me out of every race. I won’t be back in condition for the meets. And the coach was counting on me.”

“Soda. What all did I say while I was delirious?”

“I don’t like it. I never liked it.”

“I don’t like it. Soda, did I ask for Darry while I was sick?”

“Oh. I thought maybe I didn’t ask for Darry. It was bugging me.”

“You look beat. I bet you ain’t had three hours sleep since Saturday night.”


“Yeah, I know him.”

“Yeah. Sure, why not?”

“Hi, Randy. Have a seat if you can find one.”

“I’m okay. You can’t really miss my name on any kind of bulletin.”

“Wanna smoke?”

“Yeah. I know. Hey, holler if you see one of my brothers coming. I’ll catch it for smoking in bed.”

“My parents are dead. I live here with just Darry and Soda, my brothers. That’s what’s worrying me. If the judge decides Darry isn’t a good guardian or something, I’m liable to get stuck in a home somewhere. That’s the rotten part of this deal. Darry is a good guardian; he makes me study and knows where I am and who I’m with all the time. I mean, we don’t get along so great sometimes, but he keeps me out of trouble, or did. My father didn’t yell at me as much as he does.”

“I had it. I had the knife. I killed Bob.”

“I killed him. I had a switchblade and I was scared they were going to beat me up.”

“Johnny is not dead. Johnny is not dead.”

“Okay, okay. I ain’t going to sleep smoking, Darry. If you make me stay in bed there ain’t anywhere else I can smoke.”

“Well, golly, I can’t pick it up and Soda doesn’t, so I guess that leaves you.”

“All right, all right. That don’t leave you. Maybe Soda’ll straighten it up a little.”

“Sure. I’ll be more careful.”

“Yessir, I’ll try. What’s the theme supposed to be on?”

“I mean it. I’ve had about all I can take from you guys.”

“I guess so.”

“Picking up the glass.”

“How was work?”

“Something wrong?”

“What’s the sweat about my schoolwork? I’ll have to get a job as soon as I get out of school anyway. Look at Soda. He’s doing okay, and he dropped out You can just lay off!”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’d like me just to get out. Well, it’s not that easy, is it, Soda?”

“You don’t have to draw me a picture.”

“Maybe he tried.”

“Where did you think you were going?”

“I’m not crying.”


“Race you.”

“Mr. Syme, this is Ponyboy. That theme—how long can it be?”

“Can it be longer?”


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Hey so whille I'm already pretty good with drawing ponies I wanted to ask how you went about drawing them yourself? I'm just curious how you get to do the poses you do to be so dynamic whille still being pretty simplistic. ^^ Anyways before I go I just have to say that your style is very adorable and I hope that I can find my own style for drawing ponies! (for now my mlp style is mostly just show accurate)

Thank you for the kind words. I too started out just imitating show style. You’ll find your own thang before you know it.

I truly don’t know what I’m doing 90% of the time. I mean, I use action lines, but I’m sure y’all already know about that. I usually just go to derpibooru, plug in some tags I think might be relevant to the pose I want, collect the results I like, and try to mash them all together. Try to find artists that favor excessively cartoony styles, they usually have the most interesting poses to study. Usually you’ll want a solid foundation of anatomy before you start playing with poses, but personally I’m a lazy bum and don’t really care too much anymore. Anyway, here are some art tips I’ve collected along the way concerning poses:

Egophiliac’s general pony pose tips

Pick a side: simplicity vs complexity

Straight’s vs Curves video

Super simple composition tip I think is a useful first step toward setting up a dynamic pose


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Taking a short break to sketch some question responses while Muddie’s in the bathroom! Feel free to send any questions about the story so far, or to Mudpie herself!

Short recap: Mudpie has an internship through her school (Harmony Academy) helping land survey Ghastly Gorge. While surveying a cave in the gorge, Mudpie found a large slab of “Evisistine”. Her supervisor urged her to report her finding, but Muddie hasn’t reported it yet. It has now been several days since her finding.


Seriously though, don’t call me horse famous. It’s really annoying.

I think this movie was really funny actually, despite me getting a bit lost in it. I can kind of relate with the main protagonist, sometimes getting too much attention can suck the fun out of what you do, but in the end it’s the fans that make everything worth it.

I love the fact that this movie doesn’t take sides when it comes to the actors or their fans, but presents both of them rather positively and together they end up saving the universe. The acting is great (that Tim Allen guy, what an amazing actor, capable of going from funny to dramatic in the bat of an eye), the writing is ingenious, the characters are memorable, and it’s so campy and enjoyable that I get totally sold on the sad dramatic moments.

Overall, this movie is great. You all should take your time and see it.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to find this Gingerbread pony who called me horse famous. I mean, how dare you?

Featuring Svelte and Britannia, Firestarter Spitfire, and Robot Octavia Mark V.

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Calling season 6 villain as Moonrise Lensflare.

aw man no I was about to go to bed

Moonrise was once a promising young student of [insert favorite princess here], but her obsession with having a pair of pretty sparkly wings of her very own caused her to turn evil and begin draining other unicorns’ magic in order to power her pretty sparkly wing spell. now she’s returned to Equestria to find the one pony so magically potent that it could make her wings permanent: our very own Twilight Sparkle! can friendship save the day? does anypony really know what time it is? does anypony really even care? and just how many cupcakes can Pinkie Pie eat? find out next season on…Friendship! Is! Magic!

…you know I drew her as a joke but she came out kinda pretty anyway. huh!

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Professor Owlicious

Hello! I am working on the storyline of an Owlowiscious blog. I will try to learn some skills in drawing and I may also post some references and pony draws. Excitement!


my weekend was way to filled with hockey between classes and rat and then today i actually got to skate in goalie gear and had my awesome friend show me what the heck to do in it all. so glad i did it and learned a lot but i’m about ready to pass out. so here is a montage of sleeping goalies i’ve drawn before starting with Crow Pony, Brodeusus, Pony Rask and Pegareimer.

now it’s time to find my own net to sleep in.