now to expand that shit

My kinda late birthday book haul!
I’m currently flying through ACOWAR and holy shit, a lot of stuff is happening😮😮😮


these disgusting shithead sprites,

click if u even wanna kno their names lol

“You’ve gotta clean the stone first.”

Excuse me, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one that almost became an engineer in this room.”

Cabbie/illegal tinker Mark and newspaper boy with a part-time job Jack. If you’ve seen the old steampunk sketch of these two I did a loooooong time ago, you know what I’m up to. 

I actually don’t even know if this is steampunk. this is more like neo-steampunk, or a bad mix of sci-fi and victorian fashion. 

Bonus process GIF, even though almost nothing have changed since the last one: 

anonymous asked:

are you happy nat?

golly, isn’t that the question of the century

i feel like i ought to be, you know? and for all intents and purposes, I am. Cause i’m in europe right now “expanding my world view” and doing cool shit a lot. but it’s not as great as every post on social media would assume. it’s not a vacation, it’s still life, i guess.

i’m stressed for when i get home, i’m stressed for the future, i worry i’m not doing enough or making the most out of college or doing what i can to be successful in the industry i want to go in 

which is a whole thing in and of itself cause idk what i want

and then i find myself consistently and constantly thinking about the past. and i know what i want there but those are things that i can’t have. for some reason, i’m this hopeless romantic despite how abysmal my romantic life has been. i think i spend a lot of time thinking about love when i think about being happy.

anyway. this is more than what you asked and i still don’t have an answer. i’m less than happy right now because it’s morning here, i have a migraine for whatever reason, i didn’t turn in an assignment on time, and i have spanish class in 30 minutes. 

But! this week i’m going to bilbao and san sebastian and the week after i’m going to the canary islands and then after that barcelona and then i’ll be home in seattle. 

life is ok