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Author: limitlessmonster
Title: I Ship It
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Humor
Word Count: Approx. 1800
Summary: Aomine and Kise are YouTube celebrities and long-time internet friends whose fans can’t help but ship them together.
Inspired by this prompt from otpprompts​ and Unexpectedly by Jason Chen. Thought I’d do a little fluff for Aomine’s birthday (I know, I’m totally late haha), since I’ve been on such an angst streak (that I’m still not sorry for haha hah ha). Happy reading! ;D

Always for the Kise to my Aho.

On AO3.

Laughter comes from the other room, unmistakably Kagami’s, though Kuroko joins him a few minutes later. Curious, Aomine saunters in to see what all the commotion is about, laptop tucked underneath his arm.

“They’re talking about you again,” Kagami says by way of greeting when Aomine deposits himself on the beanbag chair opposite from where Kuroko is practically sitting on Kagami’s lap.

Aomine blinks. “Huh?”

“You and that model you do the YouTube videos with. I just found a Tumblr blog dedicated to both of you.”

While recognition of that sort is usually a good thing, something about the way Kagami is trying to hold his laughter in piques Aomine’s interest. “What do you mean ‘dedicated’ to both of us?”

Kagami’s will power breaks and he turns his laptop around so Aomine can see, his face buried in Kuroko’s neck to muffle the sound.

It seems Kuroko is better at keeping his cool. “Apparently, people ship you two.” He nods toward the laptop, deadpanned, and adds for emphasis, “Together.”

“Ship… us?” Aomine asks, confused. His brow shoots up as he leans closer to get a better look. True to what his friends have said, the website features pictures of him and Kise Ryouta, fashion model, actor, and sometime-music-co-collaborator, in various locations. It isn’t until he scrolls down that he comes across a picture that makes the blood rush to more places than he’d care to mention. “What the actual fuck.”

There’s no way anyone’s found out.

“AoKise, Aomine-kun,” Kuroko confirms, his calm wearing thin as Kagami’s laughter becomes uncontrollable. “They’re calling your ship AoKise.”

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