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I’m sorry for the terrible gif quality. I know that someone else– someone who knows what they’re doing– will make a lovely gif set in the morning, but right now, it’s the middle of the night, so you’re stuck with me. I needed to make these because I needed to hear it so badly, and I thought maybe some of you did, too. 

I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear it, I think. It’s 3:30 am, I’m supposed to teach a bunch of 14-year-olds in five hours, and I haven’t even fully looked over the lesson plan. My house is a mess. My finances are a mess. I’m a mess.

But I’m doing fine. And so are you. 

Usually this is the part where I’d write an emotional novel that uses an excessive amount of italics and semicolons, but you guys are probably sick to death of that. So, instead, I’m going to provide links to a few of the posts where I talk about how Mark changed my life. That’s just in case he happens to stumble upon this, or one of you lovely people has some time to kill and wants to read about some mundane miracles in the life of a girl with a silly, teeny ponytail.

Here’s one of the many posts where I talk about how Mark single-handedly saved my career with some words of encouragement after I nearly quit.

Here’s the one where I talk about how his community helped me raise the funds to cremate my dog Max, who was my best friend.

And, on a lighter note, here’s the video/post that is definitive proof that Mark helped me get my confidence back– me being an idiot onstage at one of his shows.

Thanks, @markiplier. I’m proud of you, and I hope one day I can do something so spectacular that you’ll be proud of me as well.

I love you all, owlets. Remember, we’re all gonna be okay.

You’re doing fine.

shout out to trans boys who weren’t super masculine or “tomboys” when they were younger. we are valid as hell and don’t need to over analyze our past looking for “proof” that we are real boys. if you feel more comfortable identifying as a certain gender, your past doesn’t change that.

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On phone destroyer, what's your lvl and pvp lvl? I'm lvl 8 and pvp 20

0 AND 0!!!!!

My phone is in a weird state where it’s a Verizon phone with T-Mobile service so my OS is outdated lmaooo. So i have to plug it into my computer and let it update with the new verizon OS in order to play phone destroyer…..

and i keep forgetting to get around to it whenever i’m not doing stuff on my comp lol


What she is now VS. what she will be ouo

Meet Edevtia–the leader and general commander of the Imperial Agents. She’s buff, got a vicious temper, but is a sucker for attention. You show her positive attention, she’ll show you positive attention back. Show her negative attention, however, and your head will be crushed like grape between thighs.

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Omg a marcoace fanbook would be amazing!!!!!!

Thanks for showing interest in it, I was thinking my tag announcement thing would go unnoticed. :O
I still want to draw up a nice cover for it. Oh, inspiration, please come to me ovo. I’m not sure how big or active the fandom for this is pairing is anymore though, so I’m considering taking pre-orders. I’ve got stuff going on and stuff planned till the end of this year. I may hold this off till next year. :)

i spent way too much time on this *screams*

my first time painting (well not exactly, but my first time painting an original subject and so with almost no reference whatsoever… so it still counts imo)

If national parks had giant skeletons casually lying around like big rocks and old trees.