now this is what you call

  • Miss Fleming: You guys are reading hamlet, right? What’s one of the recurring themes in Hamlet?
  • Betty Finn: Oh, Oooh, Ooooooh, call on me! Betrayal
  • Miss Fleming: very good, very good. Ok, now who can give me a good example of betrayal?
  • Martha: Oh! Um, when Hamlet sends Rosencrantz and Guildstern on a boat to die.
  • Miss Fleming: Exactly- Hamlet betrays his friends
  • Heather C.: Which is super fucked up because only a fucking dickhole betrays his friends
  • JD: Well, maybe he wouldn’t if his friends weren’t a bunch of selfish bitches who had already betrayed his girlfriend in the first place.
  • Miss Fleming: that’s mostly right! Rosencrantz and Guildstern were going to betray hamlet first.
  • Heather D.: well maybe if hamlet’s girlfriend had known her place instead of being a whiny little bitch, everything wouldn’t be so fucked up!
  • JD: well maybe if Rosencrantz and Guildstern didn’t tried to set up two dickholes to make love with the girl that he was in love with like two skanky little cock wranglers, they wouldn’t have got put on that fucking boat!
  • Heather D.: That doesn’t mean that hamlet should go attempt to blow up an entire fucking school and almost ruin fucking everything!
  • Martha: and maybe if people would have chilled the fuck out, Ophelia wouldn’t felt like she had to jump off of a goddamn bridge!
  • Miss Fleming: Ok, i think we moved a bit off topic, but I loved the energy, guys! love the energy.
  • Heather M.: What page does the school bombing attempt happen on?
  • Veronica: Relax, Heather. Apparently today is not going to be a learning day.

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Honestly I think the idea that " if a minority declares something racist/sexist/etc then it objectively is" is dumb because minorities don't always agree on these things, plus it gives people too much control. "I hereby declare your opinion evil. You must now drop it and beg me for forgiveness."

In principle I agree with this, and I’ve certainly seen it abused.

In practice, though, sometimes it’s more like shorthand for “I can tell you’re being [x]ist, I don’t have the time/energy/education/fucks to explain why and endure the ensuing sealioning, but trust me on this one, I’ve seen a lot of [x]ism and that’s a prime specimen.”

And to answer that with “so are you saying just because you’re an [x] you get to call me [x]ist?” is going to naturally provoke a response of “you know what, sure, yeah, that’s what I’m saying, go away now.”

Who Am I?

I think the crows fear me. I think I am one of the fae, a child of theirs at least. For how else do I hold such power, to make others quiver in their shoes. For how else do I feel a longing, to the earth, the soil that I grew out of. I give heed to the warnings, make wary of respect to those that deserve. Sometimes I wonder, am I a replacement, a child put wear another should lay. For I have no memories past 5 years old, even then my memory grows weak. Pray tell me, what good is difference, when you are shunned by even those who are not “normal”. I have searched far and wide, for reasons of my calling. The Gods have brought me here, now I am at your humble regards.


If you want answers, go Underhill through the mirror in the Science’s Building basement. Keep a vigil outside the red door at the end of the passageway. It will open for you, in time.

If you want peace, get a coffee at the Night Denny’s and bring it with you on the white stone trail in the Forest. It will be good to have something warm in your hands. You will be less lost at the end.

Joshua-inspired armor WF addon

For those that asked :)))

Its under the main files in WF on Nexus. Its female-only for now and largely unfinished. If anyone can come up with better textures - by all means be my guests and pls upload them. I know I monumentally suck at textures.

The esp in the folder overwrites the main WF esp, although you need 0.9BETA CBBE. Doesn’t work with vanilla yet, sorry.

Anyways enjoy  :)

(oh its called Bulletproof Vest and Jeans in game, didn’t want to call it Joshua’s armor since its not 100% copy, merely what I can achieve with the current noob tools)

[WF is as always here]

“Why can’t they understand the way we feel
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different, but deep inside us
We’re not that different at all”

“And you’ll be in my heart
Yes you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more”

“Don’t listen to them
‘Cause what do they know
We need each other, to have, to hold
They’ll see in time, I know”

“When destiny calls you, you must be strong
I may not be with you
But you got to hold on
They’ll see in time, I know
We’ll show them together”

“Cause you’ll be in my heart
Believe me you’ll be in my heart
I’ll be there from this day on
Now and forever more”

Lyrics of
“You’ll Be in My Heart” by
Phil Collins

@zerosden you’ll always be my red guy, ya dork

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I feel like BlackHat would purposely dress up messy so Flug can fix him up just for the fun of it,also I saw and asker had asked what does Flug call Black hat in bed......I'm curious


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Also hmm… I have no idea to be honest ahaha, maybe just Black Hat or Jefecito? I don’t really see them saying “sweetheart” or being big on pet names, but at the same time imagining them saying “love” or any nickname to each other makes my heart melt haha. And now the more I’m imagining it I’m like they could get to a point where they do so ahhhh

What do you all think? I’m really curious now as well 

I can’t find the original prompt anywhere in my inbox but it was on my list! It was “I called you hot and randomly made out with you on the street for a youtube video, but you made out with me back so I don’t know what to do now”

When We First Met

Watching Katherine Pierce – usually the baddest bitch in the room – lose her mind in the back of a town car (because her new boyfriend was fancy) is highly entertaining. Kat’s got every available light turned on, is studying her lipstick critically in a compact.

It’s perfect but Caroline’s not feeling charitable enough to offer any sort of reassurance. She’s messing around on her phone, checking the stats on the vid she’d uploaded yesterday. It’s doing well – the hits and comments steadily climbing. She can’t bring herself to read any of the comments internet strangers are making. Not yet, anyway.

Keeping her face impassive Caroline tucks her phone away in her clutch, “What is it Elijah does again?”

“He’s a lawyer, family business.”

Caroline glances around the interior – motioning towards the rich leather seats and plush upholstery – “Must be some business.”

The car rolls to a stop before Kat can reply and she blows out a nervous breath. “I guess we’re here.”

“Guess so!” Caroline chirps. “Tell me, do you think I should go chronologically or in order of severity when I give him the play by play of all your most humiliating moments?”

“Caroline…” Kat grits out. She makes no attempt to placate or plead, that’s not how Katherine works.

“I’m leaning towards severity,” Caroline continues, pitching her voice to maximum perkiness just to be annoying. “Really build to a crescendo, you know? You of all people should appreciate the dramatic possibilities.”

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God, where did you find the "Vampire Companion" book ? I have three comics, but not this :/ may I ask the reference of it, I absolutely need to find it !

I got my copy at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon, and I deeply regret not ALSO buying a slim hardcover VC book there that profiled VC fans and was published in the 90′s! Argh. I don’t even remember what it was called. I didn’t imagine it though!! It was REAL. I should beg a certain Portlandian to go for me and see if it’s still there… *cough* you know who you are *cough*

HOWEVER, I see the Vampire Companion on Amazon often, I bet it’s on eBay… and it’s in library book sales, but not as often. I think this is a recently printed edition w/ a new cover but not updated info:

Not to be confused with these “vampire companion” books, which hey, might be good on their own! They’re just not VC.

Old Wounds - Chapter Eleven


Gigi could feel her lips opening even though she didn’t know yet what she was going to say. She had to say something to Jack, or she was simply going to kiss him. Or spontaneously combust. Spontaneous combustion was always an option, right?

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Her head jerked around to see who was talking. Wills. Or Will. Or William. Or whatever she was supposed to call him now. “You’re not interrupting,” she reassured him. Gigi could have sworn she heard Jack curse under his breath.

“Do you have the ring with you?”

It took her a few seconds to shift gears and remember what in the hell Wills was talking about. Right. Gemma. Getting married. The ring she had made. “I left it locked in the cabin. I wasn’t sure you would want it tonight with everyone looking on.”

“I was planning on giving it to her on Christmas morning, but I don’t want an audience for it. There’s such a perfect moon tonight, I thought she and I could take a nice walk together, down to the lake, and I could give it to her in private.”

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hey! I love your art style, it's easily distinguishable and sooooo beautiful. I could stare at it for so long. your character designs are really great too (pixie cut Ginny!! bearded Harry!! but really all of them I'm so in love). and the way you draw harry's scar is really cool?? sorry if it's been asked before, but what artists inspired you? what made you choose the art style you have now? what inspires you in general?

Thank you so much! I’m inspired by a fanartist called Marta T. She’s not in the fandom anymore and I discovered her art when I was 13 years old. Tumblr was not a thing. She illustrated canon moments of the books with traditional drawings and she inspired me to draw. Yep I draw Hp stuffs for a long time. I have old fanarts from when I was 13 yo. Maybe one day I’ll share here haha In general, i’m inspired by people and good stories. I also write so drawing is really important to bring my imagination to the paper in many creative ways :)


Seokjin: Okay, you can cut the onions. 

Jungkook:Okay hyung, I’ve got this. 

- 5 seconds later- 

Jungkook: Owww! Oh man holy shit my eyes are on fire! 

Seokjin: You’re just not used to cutting onions you big baby. Just go call Jimin to help.

Jungkook: *yells* Jiminie, help me with this. It’s a big problem!

Jimin:*comes into the kitchen* Again Kookie? This will be the third time today. *Looking down* What do you mean there is no… 

Jungkook: *Blushing* No that’s not the problem right now… though it is big. *smirk*


Seokjin: Get out of my kitchen, ya nasties

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Soo, is there any rumors flying by?

Rumours #1 - JUN 27 2017
So it’s no surprise Mocha was the new one. Everyone knows that. So here’s some sweet juice details for ya, dearie!

Click here to learn about Ylva’s Rumours

[Ask Hints Gained]

1. So, I’ve heard Thines is getting engaged by someone. They said it’s a complex thing going on those two “lovers”, ya?

2. Claire is doing a check-up on students about food poisoning. I think something happened. There’s a bit less students around here at the mall floor. I find it odd.

3. Hvelther just bought a very odd book. I think it was called the “Book of Lone”, ya?

I can’t think of anything else to say on top a’ my head right now. Tell you what? I’ll tell ya more next week, if yer curious for some more, dear~

[Check up with Ylva next week for more rumours!!]

List of Faculty | List of Students | Ask Kalos Miare

Did I mention that I’ve missed you?

Hi! I’m v new at this! I’ve never written fanfic before, so as such I’m really nervous posting this! Feedback is appreciated! 

Older! Sirius Black x Reader

Your breath tightened in your throat as you opened the door, bracing for what would come next. It had been thirteen years since you had seen him. Thirteen. You had lived a whole new life within those thirteen years. You became a whole new person; with new friends, a new place to call home, a new identity. Everything had to be new, because it could never possibly remain the same. Yes, you had been a hollowed out version of yourself for the past thirteen years, but you had still laughed. You had still marvelled at the beauty of the world regardless of all the darkness that surrounded you.

And now here you were, clutching the door handle, ready to open the door onto everything you had shut yourself off from for the past thirteen years. Behind the door you could hear chatter and the tinkle of laughter, the warm sounds of people enjoying themselves when such moments in times like these were scarce.

As you pulled the door open, the talking dimmed, and Remus turned to you.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you could make it,” Remus said, pulling you into a warm embrace. The in-depth discussion that had been occurring moments before you entered the room came to a slow halt, as all eyes rested on you.

“Pleased to be here, Remus. It’s been a while,” you murmured, your eyes afraid to look around the room for what you might see. A loud scrape resonated throughout the room as a chair was abruptly pushed back in haste.

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for the last thirteen years,” a smooth, silvery voice spoke from behind Remus. Inhaling, you turned to face him. Tears pricked your eyes as you soaked him in, amazed that he was even here in front of you. His smooth, black hair had grown and grey hairs were spotted throughout. The face you used to adorn with hundreds of kisses had aged, his brow decorated with evidence of wrinkles, and a beard had grown that made the shape of his chin look more severe than ever before.


Sirius manoeuvred his way around the long table, weaving between everyone seated until he was standing in front of you.

“Y/N,” Sirius whispered, “how I’ve missed you,” he said, reaching for your hand that was clutching your stomach. Instinctually, you took one step closer and wrapped your arms around him. The sensation of his hands on you made you sigh inwardly. This feeling had been long forgotten.

“Let’s all give them some space,” Molly Weasley announced as she bustled around escorting everyone from the room, assigning tasks to anyone she could nab to keep everyone busy.

Pulling away from Sirius, you rested your hands on his shoulders as you began to comprehend that Sirius was here, really and truly in front of you. A sudden wave of anger pummelled through you as you recalled the years you had spent in denial, anger and betrayal, all the while holding hope in your heart that he didn’t betray your closest friends.

“How could you do this, Sirius!? How could you let this happen?” you asked, your voice thick with emotion. Tears fell from your eyes as you gazed into his, thousands of questions swimming through your head.

“Y/N, please, you know me. Do you truly think I could have done something like this? To my best friends?” Sirius hissed, hands shaking as they clasped around yours.

“I’m no fool, Sirius. I knew it wasn’t you as soon as they tried to tell me it was. But you didn’t even send word to me – I could have helped you!”

“There was nothing anyone could have done. Wormtail made sure of that when he left his rotten finger behind, the coward,” Sirius hissed.

Closing your eyes, you sighed releasing a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. Sirius’ grey eyes locked with yours, and within seconds you were back surrounded by old friends, falling in love with him for the first time all over again. His hands cupped your face, and he ran his fingers through your hair, getting lost in the long curls.

“Waiting for you to come home that day, Sirius… When Remus turned up, I knew something had gone wrong. He was so convinced you had done it, and oh how we fought. We didn’t speak for years after you went away.”

“I’m back now, Y/N, and I’ll be here for a while. I want to know Harry, I want to know my godson! There are so many things I must tell him – about us, Hogwarts, James and Lily and everything we did. He is so much like James, it takes my breath away,” Sirius whispered hoarsely, once again pulling you closer to him.

You wrapped your arms around Sirius’ neck, his musky scent enveloping you as you relaxed into his embrace.

“Did I mention that I’ve missed you?” Sirius asked, the hint of a smile playing at his lips.

“I think you may have thrown it in there,” you murmured, as his hands cupped your chin once again, pulling your face closer until you were mere breaths away. You swallowed deeply as your breath hitched in your throat. You were well aware of the sheen of sweat that was developing on your palms, and the fact that your breathing was becoming more erratic but you couldn’t help it. For years you had never even dared dream this possible, yet here he was, as real as he was the last time you had laid eyes on him. Sirius slowly lowered his lips to yours, and softly kissed them. His lips were rough, not smooth like they had been before, and there was a sense of urgency as he moved his rugged hands to your hair, deepening the kiss. Tilting your head, you shuddered lightly as Sirius gently nipped your bottom lip, before pulling away and resting his forehead to yours.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that, Y/N,” Sirius whispered.

“Oh, I think I do,” you chuckled. “You really think that I would ever find anyone who could compare to you?”

“Not in a million years, love,” he replied, a sly grin crossing his face.

“I love you, Sirius. Never bloody stopped,” you laughed, realising how true your words were.

“I know, Y/N. I will always love you,” Sirius said softly, pressing his lips to your forehead.

The two of you stood there, embraced in the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place. Your words could wait for another day, but right now all you wanted was to relish in his touch. Thirteen long years you had to prepare yourself for this day, yet nothing could quell the elation that was brought to you by your lover in your arms once again.

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Do you have any tips about dealing with sex repulsion? I'm VERY sex repulsed, but I look at stuff on this sight sometimes to test myself/train myself to like it. And every time, I get disgusted by it. But recently, I'm watching more and more intense things and it is getting really bad. Right now I feel like I'm going to vomit and yesterday I had what I'm pretty sure is an anxiety attack. A friend told me that this is really unhealthy but didn't have any tips to stop. Do you? Please.

Just try to avoid it as much as possible if you’re uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself into anything. I don’t think you should be training yourself to like it if you don’t like it. Block any users you need to, and you can also install plugins to hide posts. I use one called Tumblr Savior.


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i'm thinking about the memories that prompt thomas' sleep-talking and what they did to him in bethlam...aversion therapy is a given, so i'm sure they'd take him out of his cell at night when he'd been sleeping, when he's most vulnerable, and he's dreaming of james, maybe, and he just calls out to him as a reflex before realising where he is and that he's all alone and that they're going to hurt him again

you. you i like 

okay alright but now let’s think about the first time that thomas wakes up from a nightmare and doesn’t realise where he is. or who james is. or that he’s not about to be hurt again. and…..well. let’s just say that bethlem stripped him of any reluctance he might have had about begging 

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“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting vry suspicious” with my boy hank if u will pls and thank and ilysm😭💕💕💕💕

a/n; this turned into a kind of five times fic? idek what it is tbqh and also i like calling hank ‘lanky boy’ so that’s happening. @dicckgrayson @paperclipmac @kurtwxgners @mvximoff enjoy even though this is garbage 

i. concerts

The venue is heaving with people, and you instinctively reach for Hank’s hand, knowing if you lose him, you probably won’t find him again. He glances down at your joined hands, a little startled, and you shrug and say “this is not the time or place to lose track of each other, lanky boy.” He flushes slightly and you grin at him. “Just don’t let go, McCoy.” His fingers lace through yours and his grip on your hand tightens slightly as he tugs you through the crowds. 

ii. conventions

Glancing around the convention hall, all you see are rows and rows of booths with signs up for various scientific advancements or research areas. Hank had asked if you’d come to the particle physics convention and even though hearing about particle physics is far from your preferred way to spend an afternoon, he had been so flustered and sweet when he’d asked that you couldn’t say no. The crowds are bigger than you’d expected for a science convention, but you’re not worried about getting crushed in them. You feel Hank’s fingers nudge against yours and you reflexively take his hand as he says, a little bashfully, “don’t wanna lose you in the people.“ 

You smile at him and squeeze his hand lightly in return and say “of course.” 

iii. theme parks

Late autumn would not be your first choice in time to visit a theme park, but it’s a crisp, clear day and even though it’s chilly, it’s not cold enough to deter you. The rest of the students scatter cheerfully throughout the park, queuing up for various rides. “Less crowded that if we’d come in summer,” you observe and Hank shrugs. 

“Still plenty of others around,” he says, glancing at the lines for the rides. You nod in agreement and the two of you continue walking around, keeping an eye on the students you see as you look for something that interests the two of you. A few minutes later, you feel Hank take your hand. You glance down at your joined hands and then back up at him in surprise and he flushes slightly. “It’s still plenty crowded,” he says a little defensively. “Don’t want to lose track of you.” 

vi. movie theatres

“That was a garbage movie and no one should ever see it,” you declare as you walk out of the theatre, blinking a little blearily against the sudden change in brightness. Hank chuckles behind you.

“It was pretty shit,” he agrees. You can see the others walking a little ways ahead of the two of you, headed towards the theatre exit. There’s a small handful of other people besides you and your friends, but when Hank reaches for your hand, murmuring “it’s crowded”, you don’t correct him, instead just linking your fingers together as a smile tugs at your lips

v. grocery shopping

“Remind me again never ever to leave the grocery shopping till this late again,” you groan, clutching your jumper a little tighter around your body as a defence against the chill. Hank chuckles as he follows you into the grocery store. 

“I did try and remind you earlier today,” he says, smiling as you glare at him in mock irritation. “You were the one who insisted that the students should have snacks for the excursion tomorrow.”

“Zip it, McCoy,” you retort, your sharp tone belied by the smile tugging at your lips. The two of you wander into the almost completely empty grocery store, snagging a basket before heading down one of the aisles. You’re browsing the available selection of snacks when you feel Hank tentatively lace his fingers with yours. Looking down at your joined hands, you look up at him with a crooked smile. 

“Don’t tell me this is about crowds, Hank,” you say and he flushes. 

“I-it-no. I wanted to-I really-it’s-” he’s fumbling over his words and he’s not quite looking at  you and it’s sweet and you sort of think ‘fuck it’ as you reach up to tilt his face down to yours so you can kiss him. When you pull back, his eyes are wide and his glasses are a little askew and you smile at him. 

“You can hold my hand without an excuse.”


Isa: “What makes you think you can just show up here now? And drunk? You’re unbelievable”
Calvin: “Isa cmon dont be like that..”
Isa: “You know what, you havent answered my texts or calls for days and now you show up like this, you need to leave”
Calvin: “What is your problem?”
Isa: “You Calvin! I don’t need this right now so go home and leave me the fuck alone”

Pointless opinion feel free to avoid

If you’re in the hamilton fandom you probably noticed a lot of hamilton blogs changing up into mostly bmc or deh blogs havent you??
Now im quite a dumb person but i think i kind of have an idea as to whats going on.

I feel like a really popular artist made quite a fanbase for themselves ,but then that fanbase (like any other “fandom”) became toxic to an extent.
THEN that one artist couldnt handle the pressure and the guilt so they tried to change the fandom in hopes of getting a new start!

But that happened there again so they moved on AGAIN.

Im not calling any names (though most of you probably know who im talking about) and im certainly not blaming the artist , thats just what happends when suddenly a bunch of younger overly excited teens join a community!!

So later on some of those younger fans stayed in the hamilton fandom and kind of just… Ruined it?? Its not their fault per say but this whole talk of incest ships, pointless female character erasing, stereotyping characters really only started a few months ago!

Now all other bigger artists are moving on in hopes of not having any of those “toxic ” fans bother them.

Idk im tired and im honestly just rambling but ehhh


Joyce: Hello Clementine, my name is Joyce. Lorraine said you should come see me. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on. 

Clementine: She thinks I have bi-polar disorder. Some anxiety too. 

Joyce: Alright, It looks like she gave you the checklist…and you’ve checked all of them?

Clementine: Uhh yeah.. 

Joyce: Alright. Are you on any medication currently? 

Clementine: Nope

Joyce: Any allergies? 

Clementine: Nope. 

Joyce: Fantastic. I want to start you on Celexa at 10 mg. and Lamictal. 

Clementine: Okay cool. 

Joyce: Now if you notice any rashes or side effects stop taking the Lamictal immediately and call me or your primary docotor. Also if you don’t feel like its working then call me. 

Clementine: Sounds good to me.