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Cheerleading IS a sport | JJ

Request: a dom!jungkook smut when y/n is a cheerleader and he is like the player of the sport and yeah they could like have the fun in the changing room~

Pairing: Dom!Jungkook, Football!Jungkook X Cheerleader!Reader

Summary: Y/n, best flyer on the cheerleading squad. Jungkook, best kicker and scorer on the football team. What will happen when things get heated between the two all because of something that he just spilled out of his mouth.

Genre: Smut, Angst, Smut

Warnings: Swearing, dirty talk, Dominant!Jungkook, Sub!Reader, hospital handjob, cocky asshole Jungkook

Word Count: 3k+

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World’s Best Dad (Part 9)

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Summary: The reader spends the fall with the Winchesters and mends some old wounds with her family…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 5,500ish

Warnings: language, potential feels

A/N: <3 Love the end of this one…

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So usually I don’t post things like this, but it’s important like let’s be honest. (and I’m low key lonely)

But, can we please talk about the amount of gay in the new episode (Prince of Stride, so for those of you who have not caught up yet BEWARE) or just like the episode in general.

So hinting from the previews from last week this episode was NOT going to be pretty. 

I finally had the time today to watch and let me tell you. I WAS SQUEALLING.

The first part where Takeru is assigned to help Riku.

This scene was PHENOMENAL. Like the way Takeru looks at Riku is perfect ;-; I cannot express my love  for them.

Then you’ve got these two…


But when Riku had low key given up on Stride, I was dead.

I was in absolute tears ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;

But when Asuma stopped by to see Riku like…


Okay I find this as one of the most important parts of the whole episode like THE LOVE WAS REAL

Beautiful <3

When Takeru extended his hand out to Riku, you know the love between them was real. Because Riku didn’t walk over to him…

HE RAN TO HIM 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0

But when the rest of the team took of their jackets to make the finish line and were rooting for him to go on, IT WAS SO TOUCHING ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;

But when he won^^ I was crying with joy

So… This is just a few things I liked about the episode but let’s be honest I LOVED the whole episode. I’m dying on the inside with the realization that it’s ending soon. I love this anime to death as well as….


This Photograph is Proof You Know I Know

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Pairing: Negan x reader

Summary: You’re stuck in an unfulfilling job at the Sanctuary when Negan offers you a chance to pursue your passion

Warnings: inappropriate language because it’s Negan, a sexual situation between people of differing power dynamics (Is that a warning? Basically, Negan has sex with one of the workers at the Sanctuary), oral sex

Words: 1895

Author’s Note: This was written for @i-am-negan-trash  ‘s fic exchange. My fic partner, @jdmfanfiction wrote me this amazing piece of writing and I ended up waiting almost up until the deadline to finish mine.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was going to name this piece after a Nickleback song until I dug into my repertoire of angsty emo music

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
- Andy Warhol

It started when the Saviors found an abandoned department store. Of course, the outdoor/sporting goods section had been absolutely annihilated. There wasn’t a single item left on the shelves. But the rest of the store was perfectly intact. You guessed whoever raided the place had done so before permanent settlements had formed. Groups travelling on foot didn’t have much use for frilly lingerie or dishwashers. While the other Saviors loaded the trucks with appliances and furniture. You were stuck filling suitcases with clothes. You sighed, your job at the Sanctuary was basically to act as a personal shopper for Negan’s wives. As he put it, you were responsible for keeping his wives looking hot for him. Negan had mentioned that he might be adding a couple of new wives to the roster so you grabbed a black dress in every size you could find.

You had zipped up your last suitcase and handed it off to Laura when you spotted two men carrying a flat screen tv. “Where did you get that?”

They nodded towards the corner where you saw an electronics section. You hadn’t noticed that before which was shocking since it looked like it was the most popular section for the Negan’s men. They were all helping themselves to various video game consoles and carrying armfuls of games. You rolled your eyes and walked past them to reach the only device you were interested in. You kneeled down and grabbed a camera, the fancy kind with interchangeable lenses, the kind you could’ve never imagined being able to afford before the world was overrun with zombies.

You had your pick of the entire photography section and you were helping yourself to as much as you could carry. Suddenly you felt a chill come over you, you felt uneasy. Having survived as long as you did before you joined the Saviors, you knew when you were being watched.

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This YoI vs No. 6 war needs to stop

Both series are good, okay? 

We should be happy we have more than one anime with canon LGBT characters.

The no. 6 anime came out 5 years ago. It’s been a while since we last had a real gay couple on anime instead of mere fanservice and queerbaiting.

Instead of fighting about which one is better, we should celebrate we got them.

There’s also Neon Genesis Evangelion(1995-1996) with Shinji Ikari, who is bisexual and had romantic feelings for Kaworu Nagisa, and I don’t see anyone bringing up Shinsekai Yori(2012), where all characters are bisexual, and both a gay couple and a lesbian couple kiss onscreen.

What we should be celebrating now is that we finally have a real gay couple in a sports anime. That’s a first for that genre. 

We can hope it’ll bring more LGTB characters to anime.

anonymous asked:

How do I write about characters playing a sport or a game without it being too boring or filled with "A hit the base ball with the bat." or "B ran to third base." Thanks.

1. Show, don’t tell. Think about what kind of vivid details and imagery you can use to really put the scene in the reader’s head. Talk about the dust picking up behind them as they run, the sound of their feet skidding into the next base, the excited gasps and yells of the crowd, the shine of sweat on foreheads, the whoosh of the bat swinging through the air, etc. 

2. Keep your characters in mind. Remember, to you, this might not be that exciting, but to the character, this could be hugely intense. Think about how they are feeling. Worried? Confident? Excited? Are they aware of their surroundings, or hyper focused on the game before them? Describe the adrenaline that courses through them as they run, that intense moment where everything hangs in the balance as the ball soars through the air, knowing that wherever it lands could decide the victor, how this moment now on the field feels real and vivid. Even if you aren’t particularly into sports, you can think of an activity that makes you feel that excitement, and describe that emotion in the context of the game.

3. Remember the stakes. What are they playing for? What is at stake? Are they trying to beat a team that has thwarted them for years? Is this some sort of championship or tournament? Maybe they just truly love to play this game, and doing a great job or giving it their all is where they find happiness or fulfillment. Whatever the case, there should be a certain amount of pressure- be is eustress or distress- that motivates them. 

4. Keep up the conflict. A truly interesting game that is hard won or hard fought. It’s kind of boring to read about a game where the protagonist and their team is super amazing and the other team is not great and they win the game with flying colors. Mess with the match a little. Maybe the other team is actually really good and difficult to beat, maybe they are tied head-to-head nearly the entire game, maybe someone makes a mistake that they have to recover from, maybe the referee is biased or some players aren’t playing fair. Conflict is always where things get most interesting.

Thanks so much!


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Also on A03!

It’s after kissing Bitty for ten minutes straight under the popping and sizzles of color in the clear Georgia sky that Jack realizes that he has to say something.

The thing is, he doesn’t want to. He’s perfectly content in lying down on the layers of a Bittle family quilt and two sets of pillows, feet propped up on the hood of the truck. The last of the fireworks spit and sputter, like falling stars, and Jack imagines the guests still clustered outside the Bittle’s house applauding, then murmuring their goodbyes. His parents will be expecting us home soon, Jack realizes, wondering how long they can stay out in the blue pickup truck until someone came looking for them. Bitty hadn’t dared to simply drive off with his father’s car, but had received the keys with a gruff, “Take care of her,” after he’d asked to borrow it to show Jack around town.

Instead of a tour, Bitty had driven to an empty field, then pulled out a picnic basket filled with two bottles of his grandmother’s homemade root beer and two mini apple pies from the blanket-padded trunk trunk. “Happy Fourth,” he’d said, with a shy smile, and Jack kissed him for the second time. They’d only broken apart with the loud boom of the first firework, and only briefly stopped to eat the pies and drink the still-cool root beer. For the longest time, they simply just watched the fireworks burst in reds and blues and whites and all sorts of colors, not saying a word.

Bitty’s head is now on his chest, arms wrapped around him. If this was Canada, Jack would have draped his jacket over him, but Georgia’s hotter than any place he’s been in his life. 

The whole time, Jack had wished for an ice rink.

Bitty had only laughed. “It’s only going to get worse from here on out. Why do you think we’re going to the lake today?”

The afternoon had been pleasant, if a bit crowded and loud. The Bittles had invited all their friends and family, potato salad and burgers as far as the eye could see. Jack had talked to someone who’d fought in World War Two and another whose mother had been a nurse there, too, before someone in the Bittle clan roped him into the annual football game. Bitty’d only played a little, immediately leaving to chat with his grandparents after a particularly nasty tackle that left both of his knees skinned, though Jack suspected it was from the chirping that had been going on all day: at least you’re in a real sport now, eh, Eric? and you do look a bit less girly now that you’ve beefed up some. Jack had opted out of the next round, and he’d joined Bitty and the younger cousins in the lake, splashing each other and trying to skip stones before toweling off to drive back to the house for dinner and fireworks. 

Their skin and clothes still sort of smell like lake water and ketchup and dust, which isn’t exactly pleasant, and there’s dirt and small pebbles in between his toes and in his socks. His muscles still ache from practice three days earlier, and he has a six AM flight back to Providence in the morning, where he’s going to spend all day and evening in conditioning, PR training with Georgia, and brief on the ice practice with the team.

Here with Bitty, though, it doesn’t seem to matter.

But Jack still needs to tell him.

“Bits,” he whispers, then gently shakes his shoulder. “Hey, wake up.”

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melkor and sauron floating in the void, reminiscing about good old times

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I want to start binding for real cause as of right now I just wear one sports bra cause I already don't have a big chest, but I want a little bit more. It will be difficult for me to get a real binder cause of my parents, but possible if I have no other choice. i've seen your double sports bra binding option, but in one post you mentioned how that one is the same as wearing an ace bandage because it compresses all around and now i'm too scared to use that method. should I just get a real binder?

If possible, yes, get a real binder. You can use two sports bras together but be careful and take it off as soon as possible if you start feeling pain or have problems breathing.

6 Signs You Need To Drop What You’re Doing & Try CrossFit

If you’re a Crossfitter, there’s no such thing as too much Crossfit which means you inhale everything Crossfit related on your news feed.  For you, hopefully this will be another article to passive aggressively forward to one of your non Crossfitting friends before you lose them.

If you’re not a Crossfitter, sick of even hearing the word, and this title alone angers you… I mean really, “drop what you’re doing?” To do what? Eat my bodyweight in bacon, pick up heavy weights, and join a cult?…  I’ve saved you some time by pouring the whys into a shot glass.  Here are the top six reasons why you should try Crossfit.  I hope they challenge your thinking in some way or at the very least, bring some clarity to the chaos.

1. CrossFit scares the shit out of you.

The peripheral always creates room for our imagination to turn shadows into monsters. Or in this case, “beasts”. Many are intimidated by what they see and hear about Crossfit. And I get it. All you have to do is watch a few internet videos to see the freak show - people lifting an absurd amount of weight over their heads and workouts that look like one time bucket list events. But that’s why they’re on the internet. What you don’t see are assisted bands for pull ups, scaled weight, and the elements training session with a one on one coach before you even jump into your first class. Just like we don’t see the half day inside the classroom before one’s first skydive jump. Instead, all we see is the paid video footage of the terrified mother with squirrel cheeks at ten thousand feet. What many people don’t know is that CrossFit is completely scalable to your fitness level. This means it comes with a parachute. In other words, it’s safe. So if the idea of doing a CrossFit class scares you, you should try it just to challenge that fear, not only making you stronger physically but also mentally which is what CrossFit is all about.

2. You’re not seeing results with your current workout program.

There are many reasons why CrossFit has become so popular. But at the end of the day, people are doing it because they see results. Or they wouldn’t be doing it.  You can Google the Crossfit methodology and why it’s so effective. I’ll just tell you what it’s done for me, plain and simple. I’ll also take out all the mental growth and rewiring benefits and just tell you the physiological effects, because let’s face it, you want summer abs with the least about of effort, like everyone else. At 41, I am in the best shape of my life due to CrossFit. And I was never overweight or an athlete. I was just your average John who founded CrossFit while eating frozen yogurt one day. I’ve been using it to keep myself fit for the last five years.  Nothing’s been more effective.  The results you’ll see are almost instant as long as you’re not inhaling donuts daily and hittin’ up late night drive thrus like a sex addict cruising porn sites.  So if you’re not seeing what you want in the mirror with whatever fitness you’re currently doing, you have nothing to lose in giving CrossFit a try except fat. And a new mindset.

3. You’re looking for some new friends.

Creating sweat angles on the floor with twelve other half naked people four days a week forms quite a strong bond. What is unique about CrossFit isn’t just the high intensity but also the high level of comradery that grows from something as simple as working out. I say “working out” but what I really mean is changing lives, both yours and others through common goals and firery passion that strips veneers and allows people to be themselves. Simply put, CrossFit forces you to show yourself. And since that process requires vulnerability, it connects and creates relationships fairly quickly. So stop downloading social phone apps and kill two birds by getting fit while you’re creating a new tribe.

4. You’ve never been an athlete.

Leaderboards. Times. Reps. Rounds. Crossfit is inherently competitive its design. Everything is scored and timed. You may not choose to chase the fastest or strongest person in the class but if you CrossFit long enough, you will eventually chase someone.  Ideally yourself.  But let’s get real. CrossFit is now a sport. There’s no escaping our natural desire to “win”, whatever that looks like for us.  Combine that with the competitive energy that climaxes at the end of every hour and you’ll be facing your inner athlete every time that red clock starts it’s countdown.  This is not a bad thing, especially if you’ve never played sports or met your inner athlete.  Discovering a new side to you can be an extremely empowering process, one that will bleed into other areas of your life.

5. You want to have better sex.

Dull ears are all you need to hear the proud scream of someone’s first non-assisted pull up, handstand push up, or the king of all screams, a muscle up. These screams that can be heard from miles away. They come directly from the surprise of what one thought they couldn’t do. Enough of these surprises and your belief system changes. There is a mental shift behind each scream and the by product of this process is the building of one’s worth. Or simply put, confidence. Yes, the metabolic conditioning will translate directly into the bedroom and your partner will thank you for all the burpees you’ve done.  But that’s secondary. Crossfit will make you feel more confident and better about your body, the peanut butter and chocolate for better sex.

6. Judgement.

“Fran”, “Wods”, “Burpees”, “Paleo”, “What was your time?”, “I PR-ed today!!!!”  I get it.  Friends speaking a different language is not only rude but annoying.  Super annoying.  But right behind the annoyance door is usually judgement and if you follow that down, way down, you’ll probably land in a puddle of fear.  We judge when we are afraid.  

Well, Crossfit isn’t going anywhere.  This means you’re only going to hear more and more about this madness and get more and more annoyed, building a higher wall between you and whoever Crossfits in your life.  If no one around you does, someone will soon.  Trust me.  And you’ll hear their screams.  So instead of building a wall, why not turn you dial from hate to investigate.  See what everyone’s talking about.  Taste the Kool Aid for yourself. It may not be for you. I don’t know. But at least you can finally know what’s behind the curtain.  Use Crossfit as a tool to squash judgement and stretch your resistance to new experiences, promoting your personal growth. 

- Angry

Someone was talking about Bitty angst today and it got me thinking

What if Bitty’s hangup with checking doesn’t come from the ice? 

Mark Jacobsen is the one to start it in 9th grade. Caroline West had run up to Bitty in the hallway, asking for notes from Thursday’s World History class since she’d been out for that wedding, remember? Bitty’s more than happy to help, but he’s never been the neatest with his notes. He’s struggling to find them, lost to the cavernous maw of his backup, so he doesn’t see it coming at all. His head bounces off the sharp metal off the lockers lining the hall before he has time to process what’s just happened. Everything spins for a second and with a few unsteady steps backwards, he’s on the ground. He hears laughter spilling down the hallway and a short, feminine cry of “Jerks!” He blinks again and there’s a rose-colored girl in a blue-checkered dress filling his vision.

“Eric?” Caroline looks genuinely concerned. She’s always been a sweet girl. “Are you okay?”

Bitty recognizes he’s still on the ground. He pastes on a smile. It’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened…just, never so public. “Yeah,” he says, still a little shaken, “Do you still want those notes?”

Caroline frowns, but she doesn’t say anything else about what just happened. Doesn’t mention the nurse, or a teacher, or, most importantly, the hell-beast that is Mark Jacobsen. So Bitty finishes out the day and it’s almost like nothing happened. 

He avoids sleeping on his left side for a couple days and walks a little quicker through the halls, but it’s really no big deal.

Until it happens again.

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favourite E3 moments that happen every year
  • when someone on stage makes a joke and no one laughs
  • when a sports personality has to pretend he actually gives a shit about how crowds are now Incredibly Lifelike and Realistic and Shit In Real-Time ™ in some sports game
  • phil spencer changes his shirt
  • cheeky awkward banter between two actors playing through a demo
  • absolute sick dancing during a demo of just dance/dance central/The Dance and the Furious/2 Dance 2 Furious/etc
  • ‘’better with kinect’’/’’this is for the players’’
  • technical issues during a demo and you can actually hear the nervous sweat of the demo-player
  • a nintendo representative makes u smile
  • andrew house announces something exclusive to sony then looks directly at the camera as if to say ‘feast on my ass microsoft’
  • theres always that one screaming person in the crowd that goes absolutely batshit at the most mundane piece of information
  • someone on stage makes a mistake in his speech, it becomes a meme
One year of Waldi...

… and I still haven’t had enough!
As of today, 27th of November 2016, I’ve officially owned Waldi for a full year! So here follows my compilation of the most awesome experiences he’s given me!

November 2015 - try-outs
First ride, and I already knew: he was something special. 
Second ride? I was 100 percent certain; this is the horse I’d been looking for. 

Vet-check passed, and then he was all mine! From first ride at home…

to first selfie…

… I fell in love with him; fast and hard. And I think Tumblr with me. 

December 2015 - getting to know each other

Yeah, no, hacking out alone in a strange area didn’t bother him. 

And, wow, he can look pissed!!! There is an end to his ‘i-look-good-in-every-picture’streak!

January 2016 - snow. Fucking snow. 
It was cold as balls, so: no saddle, no bridle - suRVIVE

When you realise you ride better than you ever had, better than you’d ever hoped? I cried after I saw these pictures.

First lesson with my fav instructor! She rode Walds a bit too; she was totally in love with him (it’s contagious, I know)

February 2016 - it seemed like years had passed

Time to do all the things we hadn’t yet, such as dying. 

Also, the star had no problem with letting noobs sit on him?? he tha bomb >> thus i dragged my friends over to have a jolly ride

March 2016 - got two near heart-attacks
Mate had a bad start of this month, because he didn’t always walk correctly (out of rhythm and wrong tempo) and I couldn’t pin-point why. Still can’t. It hurts, yeah, seeing your horse like that and can’t help him improve? He was still fab, though.

Second heart attack was better; the end of the month the odd leg thing vanished and he gleefully entered my centre’s unofficial competition! Our first, and Waldi obviously won everyone over with his charm. :) 

April 2016 - hack month!
We did two massive hacks this month, and he was sooo well-behaved on both! It still amazes me how much he loves doing everything he does. He’s so inspirational to me. 

May 2016 - I can’t go without him anymore.
I rode him to my own home! It was spring, so all the blossoms were blossoming happily

June 2016 - school happened
Less time to ride, so I started running with Waldi (he didn’t like it, lol). 

And his fabulousness continued without either of us trying too hard…

July 2016 - holiday horse
And then your parents are the best ever and decide to take the bae and you on a holiday to the beach! I’ve always wanted a beach ride, and to experience that with your own horse… yeah, a dream come true.

Meanwhile I was finally figuring out the dressage thing and we rocked the arena

August 2016 - this is love.
I was away for a weekend and I missed him. I missed his face, and I missed the riding. I usually don’t have this, not with a person, not with an animal, so it meant something to me.

I also needed a new profile pic. So I dragged my mum over. :’D

September 2016 - Learning!
The summer holidays were so messy, but in September we finally got the hang of things and managed to plan more lessons! 

Also still going out and about!

October 2016 - getting things ready!
Finally getting my ass off the fucking chair and enlisting for real competitions. I arranged it, and now Waldi and I can ride for the Dutch military! :D Meanwhile, lessons were going well!


November 2016 - first competition!
And here we are, officially entering the sport! My goal that I’ve been chasing ever since I had the taste of dressage… and it’s real, now. God. It’s so surreal. 

Thank you, sport companion, ‘mattie’, ‘moessie’, bro, ‘bay bae’, and most of all my friend - without you this past year would’ve been a lot blander and harder for me. 

I’ve come to love and care about you, and I know I probably always will, even when eventually you’re no longer there with me.
You have my heart and my soul, and I have no regrets.

Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman [1998]

Professional wrestling was such a weird thing in the 90’s. Imagine being a fan of the NBA and flipping channels to see Rodman hanging out with Hulk Hogan and having no idea that WCW was a thing. Or, imagine being a former Hulkamaniac that got out of wrestling and now that you’re older, you watch real sports and you’re flipping channels to see Rodman hanging out with Hogan. I imagine that happened a lot and it got a lot of people to watch WCW for a while.

Then, you know, Jay Leno happened…

Along with croquet, the rope climb, art and poetry, speedboat racing, hot air ballooning, the horse long jump, pigeon shooting, dueling pistols, and something called korfball, all of which were real, great, and somehow now discontinued sports of Olympics past, there’s one event people have been fighting to get back in for nearly a century: tug of war.

The tug had been added to the schedule four years earlier at the 1900 Paris Games, with only two teams competing. The burly Americans were too busy sweeping the hammer throw to be bothered, but, needing to prove something to our fathers and/or former lovers on our own soil, America fielded four of the six teams that competed in the 1904 event from local athletic clubs in Milwaukee, St. Louis, and New York.

After Greece and South Africa were easily defeated in the preliminary rounds, all four American teams made the semifinals, with Milwaukee eventually beating New York in the gold medal match. Then, in an impressive show of early New York spite, the brooding hipsters refused to show up for either the silver or bronze medal matches, allowing the St. Louis teams to win medals the only way they knew how: by default.

6 Ways the 1904 Olympics Were the Craziest Event Ever Held