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These far too late Thalia*Piper*Annabeth headcanons for Annnabaeee @c-oldasice, cause I told her I would. Inspired by her me and @demidorks, since we say we are personality wise like them and have become I interested  in this ship since. This is what I’ve come up. Delved pretty deep tbh and it was super fun;

  • So I figure since Annabeth and Piper are best friends and stuff and at camp together already they are the first ones to get together.
  • And it’d possible Lieutenant Thalia, who’s a little closer in age now to Annabeth and Piper is hanging out at Camp Halfblood a whole lot more because of two certain impressive girls 
  • And Annabeth and Piper are just like ‘DAM DID YOU SEE HER WORKOUT TODAY?“ "But that bullseye though- HOW!?!”
  • And they both realize they’re falling pretty hard for this girl 
  • Meanwhile Thalia is sad she and he closest friend Annabeth have been awkward since she came out as a lesbian. Not to mention that Piper her new friends acting strange too. 
  • And maybe just maybe this Grace girl is crushing bad on them. And feels absolutely awful for it.
  • But- fortunately that’s easily fixed by Nico, who Thalia has been recently confiding in. Nico is like “Jason, your sister is crushing on your and your boyfriend’s Exs- what do I do man?” Jason, who’s Pipers BFF, and his boyfriend Percy, who’s still Annabeth’s closest not romantic friend talk with Annabeth and Piper- who are in relief when they find out they don’t have to avoid Thalia.
  • Annabeth and Piper walk up to Thalia and say “Hey? What’d you think of all going out?” Piper adds “On a date.”
  • It’s a pretty fricking incredible first date- they go into the city and get ice cream and the go to a Rom Com. Thalia gets the middle. They go to the forest from there because Thalia has gotta go back. 
  • Thalia has cheek kiss from both as she goes 
  • By the third date they’re always holding hands and kissing and laughing.
  • They really into going away and swimming and having picnics. It’s really romantic and shit.
  • Jump ahead and its been like a year? Piper is 16, Annabeth is 17? And Thalia talks to Artemis.
  • And according to her If Thalia catches her birthday, as in leaves beforehand she’ll be 16.
  • And Thalia knows she never really planned on staying- it just seemed like the right thing to do then. It was a rushed and young minded choice. And she doesn’t wanna give up growing up with someone or someoneS.
  • She doesn’t like saying goodbye to her girlfriends.
  • So she leaves the Huntress. Piper and Annabeth are slightly shocked but not really- mainly just happy.
  • Skip further ahead they get an apartment together.
  • Annabeth is the one with the billing and the financial stuff who handles all the paper work and when they’ll do stuff. Piper is the one who makes sure that stuff gets planned- with suggestions from Thalia, otherwise Annabeth will never get out. She remember to buy the tampons and pads and food- not without getting things off the list. Thalia is the one who brings them back their demigod roots and keeps them active even with their busy life- cause it’s ingrained in her head. She’s the one who gets them up to jog in the morning and sword train, the one who pours the coffee, gives the morning kisses and assists Piper in making sure that they remember to relax and take time to be romantic.
  • Piper and Thalia are really good with Annabth’s breakdowns- when she’s just had too much and is stressing too much or when she wakes up in the dead of night with bad nightmares. When all Annabeth wants to do is finish the Olympus project they subtly bring her back to real life with kisses, flirting, jokes and care. While on the other side Annabeth helps Piper realize when she’s charm speaking accidentally and helps Thalia with her moods. She helps the mischief makers stay focused and generally most of the time not get in trouble, reminding them it was their idea to help with taxes so they don’t end up still awake at 3 am with nothing productive accomplished. (Albeit when they doubt Annabeth shows she too can be a rule breaker and have fun)

Overall, they’re fricking perfect together and fit like a magical charm and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Today, I fucked up... by showing my daughter videos of the Japanese Tsunami

My 7 year old daughter told me how cool tsunamis are and wish one would hit our town. I told her they are terrible and told her about the one in Japan in 2011 and how it had killed around 20,000 people. She didn’t believe me so I showed her a video on YouTube of a Japanese town getting obliterated by one. She freaked out, started screaming. We live by the sea and she is now convinced one will hit our town. The swell is quite big at the moment and you can hear the waves crashing from our house and it’s freaking her out. Like a good big sis she told my 3 year old how we’re all going to die, which freaked her out. I’ve had nearly 6 hrs of crying and screaming. They’ve made a camp on the top bunk and have been there for 2 hrs. Quiet at the moment…I’m resisting the urge to shout “tsunami!!!”….

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

hey listen up u piece of shits i love ryan ross and brendon as much as anyone here but what yall really need to pay attention to is mr jonathon walker over here, who has continuously supplied us with content and amazing-ness for the past 10 years yet everyone forgets his existence so give up some time of your day to listen to jons solo music which includes the song “sun and moon” and you fucks should go listen to his eps and albums on his band camp right now and also how about u go show him some love on instagram and twitter because he deserves it you little bitches because he tweets amazing things like “#rice” and “#tacos” now that we got that straight lets talk about how amazing he is and without him neither would pretty. odd. or take a vacation! would exist the way they are now so how about we all take a moment to appreciate the little dumb stoner we call jonathon walker

Sleepsong - Cassian/Jyn

Title: Sleepsong

Pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1086

PROMPT: Cassian and Jyn after the beach.

Originally posted by rebelscaptain

(A/N: Slight spoilers (it’s mentioned very vaguely, but still) and fluff. Some much, much needed fluff…)

(A/A/N: Upon seeing the movie my friend pointed out to me, and I quote them here: “I have never seen you chant “be straight, be straight” at two main characters before…it was quite shocking”)

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To Trump supporters, who think now we feel what you felt under Obama:

We are not afraid of the same things.

I am afraid that my Muslim friends will be put in camps, because Trump has threatened to make Muslims “register,” which is how the Holocaust began. And, because similar things have happened in America, in the not distant past. Because my grandfather, a second generation Japanese-American, was put into a camp, because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Even though, he was born in America. Because Japanese-Americans were all put in camps, in spite of most of them having never even visited Japan.

They were incarcerated without trial, because people were afraid.

Now, I am afraid that Muslims, nearly all who are moderate and kind, will be treated like that or worse, even though 99% of them have no connection to Taliban.

Black Americans, Latino Americans, even Asian Americans have already been attacked or called slurs, being told to “go back to their country,” when we have lived here our entire lives. When we were born here, and even our parents were born here. Women have been attacked, called “liberal bitches,” for walking down the street. LGBTQIA+, have already suffered shootings this year, and with this new man in power, we are afraid that people are only going to feel more justified their attacks. Disabled people already have faced horrible injustices, and now, that a man has been elected, who has openly mocked them, we are afraid that they will face even more.

I understand that you were afraid of not being able to buy guns. Afraid that women and people of color would take away your jobs.

I am now afraid of being attacked, because I am a woman. Afraid of being attacked because I am Asian. Being hated, because some people think I am Latina. Afraid that any time one of my LGBTQIA+ friends go out, I may never see them again.

You were afraid that the system would not hear your voice, and I suppose in that way, I understand. Because the electoral system is literally how Trump has come to power, when Clinton won the popular vote.

You may be happy for this new regime, and if that’s your feeling, I wish I could convince you how hurtful that is. But, this doesn’t seem to be what you were afraid of over the last eight years.

We are not afraid of not having jobs, or not owning things, or even of not having the system hear our voice.

We are afraid for our lives.

A/N: I wrote this on Facebook recently, and figured it might be something people here might like to read/reblog/etc. If you are part of the marginalized groups, I am part of many as well. I support you. Be strong.

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//crashes in here Ok but would Hades show up kinda randomly to his fav son to give advice or something like that making everyone else gape in astonishment cus "wait gods are not supposed to do that??? you're like breaking ALL the rules???" (PJO!vld)

I gotchu buddy. Let’s do this! Because loving Hades is the best.

They were all dining at the pavilion, eating breakfast. Usually, demigods were supposed to sit in their designated tables but that would mean Keith and Shiro would be alone in their own tables. Keith didn’t care about the rules so he invites Shiro to sit with him in the Hades table.

Eating peacefully while trying to get rid of their sleepiness with Shiro nudging Keith from time to time because he looked like he was gonna pass out, suddenly dark shadows and dark smoke appeared in the center and there stood, the tall and mighty Hades in his godly form. Looking regal and ominous as ever. Everyone gasped because it was so rare for a god to visit them, much more one of the Big Three and Hades at that. Gods only appeared when something important was going to happen. So Hades being there in Camp Half Blood was SUCH A BIG DEAL.

Everyone bowed down to Lord Hades (mostly in fear because gods this was The Lord of The Underworld in their presence!) but Hades’ eyes began wandering around the area, until he spots a certain raven haired boy who had his back turned at him. Two boys completely oblivious of their surroundings. Hades crept behind them and tapped Keith. It started the boy, making him jolt forward. 

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. “Dad?! What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I just see how my son’s doing?” Hades smiled as he opened his arms to which Keith immediately stood up to hug his really huge Dad. 

Keith shook his head. “It’s just that, it’s too early, y’know? Don’t you have some Underworld stuff to attend to?”

Hades hummed. “That can wait. I left Alecto there to settle some stuff while I visit you.” He spotted Shiro in the table. “I’d like to borrow my son for a while if you don’t mind, Shirogane?”

“Oh! By all means, go ahead, Lord Hades.” Shiro smiled while waving both his hands in front. “It was nice to see you again.”

“You, too, my boy.” Hades nodded. He turned back to Keith, offering his hand. “Let’s go shall we?”

Keith nodded as he took his Dad’s hand and together they walked out of the pavilion. They all could see how animated Keith was talking to Hades and Hades would pat the hand of his son that he held, smiling in amusement at the updates Keith was giving him. As soon as Keith leaned his head towards Hades’ side, shadows enveloped them and the father and son disappeared.

“What the hell just happened?” Pidge asked, like everyone, she just stared at the events unfolding in front of her. She turned towards Shiro and looked at him expectantly. “What just happened?” 

Shiro looked around them and they were all staring at him. “Uh, Hades randomly visits Keith? Is that not normal?”

“No, it isn’t.” Allura spoke up as she stood up. “Gods just don’t appear in front of everyone unless something terrible is about to happen.”

“Not necessarily.”

“You seem to be antiquated with Lord Hades, son of Zeus” Allura squinted suspiciously. “What’s your deal?”

Shiro sighed. “I told you, it’s because Lord Hades had been doing that for years. He’s appeared a couple of times before Keith and I even made it here to camp. He’s pretty chill and—”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that,” Allura sneered. “None of our godly parents here have done that. Except in our dreams. The god of the Underworld is breaking a lot of rules. They are not supposed to have contact with their children. It has always been like that.”

Shiro was starting to get irritated. It was true. Hades had been visiting them for years and nothing really terrible has happened. He had even helped them sometime when they were in danger from monsters. “Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, Keith is his only son for a while and he’d like to spend time with him?”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that. They’re not supposed to do that. Something is amiss.” Allura looked around.

“Well, Lord Hades is different!” Shiro snapped and suddenly they were all surprised that Hades materialized in front of them with Keith, causing everyone to gasp. 

Hades looked at Shiro and smirked. He let go of Keith’s hand and let him walk back towards his table. Hades placed both of his hands behind him and spoke with a looming voice, “If anyone has a problem with me visiting my son, well, I can always speed up your days when we meet in The Underworld.” 

Everyone just went white and Hades smirked. Keith rolled his eyes because Dad’s at it again. Hades turned towards him. “Goodbye, my little bat. I’ll see you again soon.” He looked at Shiro. “And you too, son of Zeus. Take good care of my little trouble maker.”

“Dad,” Keith groaned.


Favorite Critical Role Episodes (in no particular order) [1/?]

Episode 49: A Name Is Earned (x)

Ideas transcend distance and language. Many share dreams, thoughts, inspirations without knowing. The fact that you are now aware of these… others too may be drawn to the search as well. Beware. 

Now go. You have earned the name, you have earned the knowledge. 

The race is on.

AU where Nico grows up at Camp Half-Blood

The difference starts right after Nico calls up the ground to swallow those skeletons. Except this time, Percy runs after him when he starts sprinting toward the woods. Percy has been training for a while and he’s several years older than Nico. He catches him before Nico gets too far. Nico is yelling and crying, but he’s only 10. He’s not that strong, nothing Percy can’t handle. “Nico, NICO, look I get that you’re upset but there are monsters in the woods you’re gonna get hurt.” Nico’s rush of anger has faded and now he’s just bawling and whimpering about Bianca.

Percy doesn’t really know how to deal with him. But there are plenty of people at camp who do. Percy takes him to the Big house and Chrion lets him go into the back room for a while to cool off. Chrion asks Silena if she’ll look after him for a bit. And of course Silena does, because she’s a sweetie. She’s a child of Aphrodite, so she can feel all of the emotions swirling through this poor kid.

It takes a really long time. But she helps him sort through those emotions one by one. This isn’t a few hours, but over the course of several weeks. Now matter how nice Silena is though, Nico still misses Bianca so badly he can’t stand it. He wakes up crying sometimes at night. He’s trying to be as silent as he can, but there are a lot of people in the Hermes cabin. He still stays there because Hades hasn’t officially claimed him and Hades doesn’t have a cabin anyway.

The Stolls, although immature, are head counselors for a reason. They have to deal with a lot of kids anyway, many of them coming from rough backgrounds. Tears in the middle of the night is nothing new to them. Connor is a lighter sleeper than Travis, so it’s normally him who ends up taking Nico out on the front porch, giving him some (stolen) candy, and telling him crazy Hermes kid stories until Nico has stopped crying enough for him to get back to sleep.

Nico discovers his powers the same way most campers do, on accident. He falls into shadows sometimes and pops out somewhere else. He gets angry and suddenly skeletons are clawing their way to the surface, ect.  

Nico still plays Mythomagic. He ends up teaching Cecil, who sleeps right next to him, how to play. They stay up really late at night sometimes and play. Slowly some other people come around to playing as well. A couple of Athena kids, A Demeter kid, A couple more Hermes kids, ect. It’s a pretty good group once it evens out. They meet by the lake once or twice a week to play and eat unhealthy food that the Hermes kids had snuck into camp.

He still gets a crush on Percy, and he starts getting angry with himself over it. But Silena can kind of tell. She is having none of Nico’s angry attitude and she forces him to sit down and talk it out with her.

Later Nico meets this other year rounder with pretty blue eyes and blond hair. He’s kind of laid back but he’s also really blunt. He sings really badly at the campfire and carries band aids with cartoon characters in his pockets. He works in the infirmary. Nico starts getting little injuries on purpose, not to go see him of course. No way. But he does have a really cute smile. He smiles at Nico when he comes into the infirmary. “Hurt again Death boy? If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re doing this on purpose.” Sometimes Will asks him to help when the infirmary is busy. He just cuts bandages and wipes of counters, that type of thing. They become friends, but Nico always gets a fluttery feeling around Will. A couple years later Will asks Nico to be his date to the 4th of July fireworks show.

Everyone knows Nico is the son of Hades, by now he’s been claimed and even if he wasn’t it’s super obvious. Yea some of his powers are scary but… Nico? Scary? It’s a little hard to be intimidated by a little brown eyed Italian kid that freaks out over playing cards and trips over his own feet. He’s such an obvious dork. Everyone gets that he’s powerful, but he’s Nico.

On The Importance Of Cunnilingus

We were discussing how Finn probably didn’t go down on Raven or Clarke and well, then things spiraled.  Set at some point during season one.  For the salt cellar. 

Bellamy was working on repairing a section of the wall when he overheard two of the delinquents snickering.  He set down the makeshift hammer and listens, because teenage criminals laughing is now something that makes him a little anxious.  It’s not much, just idiot kids bragging about sex, but when he heard the first boy laughing about getting his dick sucked and walking away, Bellamy decided he needed to do something about it.

That night, he cornered the two he overheard a short distance from the fire.  “I hear you’re enjoying your freedom,” he said as intimidatingly as possible.  They exchanged worried looks, and Bellamy arched an eyebrow.  “But before anything else happens in my camp, I think we need to talk about how you’re treating Ursula.”  (He’d asked Miller for the latest gossip as surreptitiously as he could before starting this, and according to him, Isaac— the blond, skinny one— was mostly hooking up with Ursula.  The other one— who had encouraged him in laughing about hitting it and quitting it— had several sticks in the fire, but had been thus far unsuccessful.  Probably for good reason.)

Isaac looked relieved.  “She’s into it, I swear,” he said, and his friend (Martin, Miller said) nodded rapidly.

“It’s not about that.  It’s about being a good partner,” Bellamy said, and he heard a dry snort that could only belong to Miller from his side.  “You have something to add?” he asked his friend.

“Probably not, if it’s about sex with women.  But I’m still gonna listen,” he said, and sat down next to Martin and Isaac with an expression of faux-interest.

Bellamy rolled his eyes.  “Look, I get it,” he started, and Martin and Isaac exchange a look.  “We’re— we’re a lot freer here, and you might not have been able to…be with someone so easily on the Ark.”  He couldn’t condemn them for it— he’d certainly had his fun the first few days— but he’d realized something from being with Raven.  She’d initially tried to wave him off when he kissed her hipbone, and it was only after a quick conversation that she’d agreed.

And then, the second his tongue touched her clit and her fingers started tugging on his hair and he realized that Finn, in all likelihood, was one of those guys.  The guys who, for whatever reason, felt that their pleasure was most important.  A lot of times it was based on ignorance, or shyness, or even just a mistaken belief that for men, sex had to involve an orgasm and for women, it didn’t.

And Bellamy was not about to let that continue.  Not in his camp.  “But if you’re going to expect oral sex from someone, you have to be willing to give it in return,” he said, and Isaac’s eyes got wide.  “So first up, communication.”

“Wait, you’re going to give lessons?” Miller asked gleefully.

“We’re going to talk about communication,” he growled, but already Miller’s laughter was drawing over a few more curious ears.  Fine then— they’d all learn the importance of reciprocal oral sex and the female orgasm.  “Any time you’re entering into a sexual relationship, you have to be able to ask your partner what they want.  This goes for men or women, by the way.”

“I’d like some tips, actually, if that’s on the table, ” a guy named Sterling said as he took a seat next to Miller.

“That’s not what I’m doing.  Now, it’s important to ask what they’re comfortable with, but it is also equally important that you be an enthusiastic partner.  You can all have your own limits, but I personally think that if it’s something you want to be done to you, you should also be willing to do it for your partner.  There’s always exceptions, but—”

“– this is the worst sex lesson I’ve ever heard,” Clarke interrupted.  “And why the hell are you doing this?”

Bellamy glanced at her and took in her amused grin and the way the firelight played in her hair.  He wanted to say  I’m doing this because I know there’s no chance in hell Finn went down on you, but for one thing, that’s not something you say to your co-leader.  And for another thing, the thought of Clarke splayed out across his furs, his head between her thighs, suddenly made it hard to breathe, much less think.  “Because I think there needs to be a little more equality in the orgasms around here,” he said, and Clarke laughed.

“We’re talking cunnilingus, right?” she asked cheerfully, and at the shocked gasps from the now-crowd huddling around them she grinned.  “Okay, who knows where the clitoris is?” she asked, and  Miller had never looked more entertained.

Bellamy leaned his lips down to near her ear.  “I was planning on doing more like, general consent and enthusiasm,” he whispered.

“And that is both boring and not super helpful,” she said.  “Well, that’s not entirely true.  But Pike did drill us all pretty thoroughly on consent, right?” Clarke directed the last bit at the group, and Bellamy was met with a chorus of yes means yes and giggles.  “Right.  So, your partner has given you an enthusiastic yes.  Now, the clit.  Who can tell me where that is?”

What followed were some of the most painful minutes of Bellamy’s life, because it was Clarke and she was talking about cunnilingus and damn, not only did she know what she was talking about, she was hot and pretty and smart and funny and he would do anything to spend the rest of the night with his face buried between her legs.  But she was with Finn— or at least that mess wasn’t completely over— so he had to let that go.  

Clarke was now discussing when to add digital penetration while licking a clit, and he decided to jump back in.  “Not everyone likes that,” he countered, and Clarke raised an eyebrow.  “I’m just saying, your partner can tell you what they want.  And if you’re the person receiving, don’t be afraid to speak up.”

“So you’re saying you like them talkative?” she teased, and there was another chorus of giggles.

I’m saying I want to hear you beg for it, he wanted to say.  “I’m just emphasizing the importance of communication on both sides,” he said instead, and maybe it was a trick of the firelight, but he could have sworn that Clarke’s eyes darkened for a second, like she knew what he was thinking.

“Man, this is the weirdest foreplay I’ve ever witnessed,” Miller muttered under his breath, and Bellamy wanted to kick him in the shins.

Clarke clucked her tongue and turned back to the crowd, and Bellamy allowed himself a small smile.

Because whatever this was between them— it wasn’t over.  Not by a long shot.

fallout: new vegas, as written by bethesda
  • male characters have flirt options with veronica. female couriers do not.
  • while youre away from vegas, a runner comes up to you with a message. you read it and find out the king was ambushed and has died, oh no! you become the head of the kings
  • vulpes inculta is marked as essential. caesar is marked as essential. easy pete is marked as essential
  • julie farkas is actually evil! she runs inhumane experiments on freesiders! you have to kill her, and then you become the leader of the followers of the apocalypse. also, the followers are badass soldiers for some reason.
  • everyone in vault 3 is always hostile. there is no speech check at the beginning.
  • upon completion of How Little We Know, you become the manager of gomorrah and leader of the omertas, just because
  • if you bring swank three pieces of evidence detailing benny’s actions, swank solemnly says, “now aint that a kick in the head”
  • vipers? jackals? fiends? i think you mean raiders, raiders, and also raiders
  • selling arcade into slavery nets you bad karma but is ultimately considered the “good ending” for arcade
  • you go to the great khans in red rock canyon and they ask you to clear out a camp of three (3) ncr troopers. you become the leader of the great khans.
  • all the white gloves are hostile to you unless you have the cannibal perk, for whatever reason. once you kill them all, you become the owner of the ultra-luxe
  • goodsprings has victor’s shack and easy pete’s bed. you have to build the rest of the town yourself
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the legion, caesar fears you have surpassed even him, and orders you killed. you kill caesar, and take control of the legion. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with the ncr, president kimball thinks youre a swell guy and gives you control of the ncr. you own new vegas
  • upon completion of the main quest, if you sided with house, he gives ownership of vegas to you, considering his work complete. you own new vegas.

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Hi there! I love your sculpts, they're really amazing. I think you might have answered this before, but do you have any resources about getting started, the type of clay and the tools you need? I'd love to have a go at a few things, but I've no idea how to begin.

I’ve written a few posts on this before (can’t be arsed to find them now) but not very comprehensibly. May as do that well now.

For starters, let’s think about what sculpture is. You can basically divide all the different types of sculpture into two camps: subtractive and additive. Subtractive being where you start out with a block of something hard, and carve away everything that isn’t your sculpture. Additive being you start from nothing and create mass. There are, of course, things in-between but generally speaking you’re looking at subtraction or addition. I won’t delve into the subtractive side now, since it’s a very intimidating place to start sculpting and I think people generally like starting out on the additive side– perhaps a post for another time.

So on to additive sculpture, which is what all of the sculpts on my blog are. You create mass using clay. Sounds simple, right? Not really, especially if you start thinking about it. Every clay is different, every project is different. I obviously don’t know what your projects are, but I can speak to the properties of varying clays and why they might be better or worse for whatever it is you’re doing.

So first, I’ll introduce you to a few types of clays, their properties, and what they’re best suited to be used for. Every one of these clays would be suitable for a beginner to pick up and learn with, IMO, which is why I am including them and not others. It might seem like a bit much, but bear with me– many people don’t know what can be done with clay, much less that there are more than a few types. Becoming familiar with clay of all kinds will better inform what kinds of things you can create.

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camping / sirius black

author note: aaah so this is my first fic! this was actually inspired by the film the parent trap. i had watched it last night and got the idea to use it for this fic. i hope you guys enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! requests are open as well now! 

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 It was a week before school started again when you and your friends decided that a weekend camping trip was necessary before the new school year. Well, it was actually Lily’s idea but none of you opposed it.

 "And I should’ve realized sooner how sweet he really is,“ Lily rambled on about James and their nth date over the summer. “I think he’s going to make it official soon. I hope.” she continued but you weren’t exactly paying attention. Not because you didn’t care or because it was boring you out, but because your attention was on someone else. 

 Your eyes were locked on the young man who was encouraging his best mate on making a handmade fire for the night. Though it was turning dark, you could still see the crinkles appearing at the corner of his eyes every time he smiled widely. “Y/N, do you-” Lily stopped when she realized you weren’t listening to a single word, she followed your gaze, smirking when seeing who you were admiring- “You know you could always just tell him how you feel. It’ll make it easier.” 

 “I was actually looking at James in amusement so I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You lied, gesturing over at the boy failing miserably on starting a fire.

 “I’m not going to use magic, Padfoot! I’ve seen someone in a Muggle film do this with just sticks and a stone.” James was determined on making it happen. 

“There’s a reason why it’s called a film, James.” Lily shouted which caused him to send a glare in her direction. 

 Remus agreed with Lils, but James was quick to comment on how poorly him and Peter had done their tent. Your heart fluttered at the sound of Sirius laughter, his gaze meeting yours as you sucked in your breath and forced yourself to look away. You had come to terms on the crush you had on the Marauder during your third year, keeping it a secret from everyone. Lily was quick to catch on and had always tried to push you to tell him, but you knew you couldn’t deal with the sting of rejection if you ever did. He was one of your best friends after all which meant your friendship came first and meant more to you than a stupid crush ever would.

 ‘It’s only a crush’ you always found yourself saying, knowing deep down that it had blossom to something much more. 

 You were all huddled close around the bonfire that James failed to make, Remus having had to step in and take care of it himself with a swift flick of his wand. You were all talking about the new school year that was going to start, sad looks hidden behind everyone’s eyes though. You all knew it was your last year and were well aware of the fact that the war was quickly approaching. You had glanced over at Sirius, seeing that his eyes were already fixated on you. He winked at you before looking away, a smile creeping on his lips. 

‘How long had he been staring at me?’ 

‘Was that smile because of me?’

Your thoughts were whirling as your cheeks blushed a bright shade of pink. Of course it wasn’t because of you.

 “I think the fire is dying. You should get more wood.” James ordered, his attention averting to Sirius. 

 “Wha- No it’s not.” Sirius pointed out, but pulled his wand out from his back pocket. “I can jus-”

 “No. You will do no such thing. Just find some wood out there, mate.” James insisted, whispering something before looking over at you. “Y/N/N, you should go too.” Lily quickly nodded at the idea and grinned widely at you, causing suspicion to arise from you.

 You got up regardless but in slight confusion, “Okay?.. Are you coming?” You looked at Sirius.

 The two of you were heading back to the camp, your path being illuminated by the moon as you both carried a fair share of collected wood. Sirius was saying something but you weren’t paying attention to be honest. You were staring at him, taking in his exquisite features. You noticed how the moon shined perfectly on him and made it seem like his long, ebony locks was flowing. His grey eyes appeared darker than usual and his cheekbones seemed more prominent. Due to his distracting appearance, not only were you not paying attention to what he was saying, but you weren’t looking at where you were going. A yelp soon escaped your lips when you tripped, the wood you were carrying soon fell to the ground as you tried to catch your fall.

 You didn’t of course. 

 Sirius ruptured in laughter, quickly trying to muffle his laugh when you shot him a threatening glare.”Oh love, you can’t deny that wasn’t funny.” He beamed with an amused smile, biting down his bottom lip to try and stop him from laughing again.

 “It’s not funny when you’re the one busting your ass.”

 “Right. Not funny.” He chuckled before dropping the wood he was carrying. “Are you alright though?” 

 You quickly took the hand he offered, “I’m fine.” You assured. “Mildly embarrassed though.” 

 Sirius helped you up to your feet, pulling you close to him. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about with me, love.” He said softly, staring down at you intently with a smile plastered against his lips still. Your cheeks blushed profusely, quickly pulling away from him.

 “We should pick up the wood.” Your voice hitched quietly, Sirius’ smile that was now faltering going unnoticed by you. 

 You both picked up your respective pieces of wood before continuing your way back to the others in silence.

 “Should we really be doing this?” Peter questioned with uncertainty as he watched James pick your sleeping body up from the mattress you had been sharing with Lily.

 “Of course. I warned Padfoot that if he didn’t make a move when they went to grab wood last night, that I would intervene somehow.” James spoke as he laid your body down by Sirius.

 “I’m surprised they haven’t woken up to being handled. They’re pretty knocked out.” Lily mused and James snorted.


 “I might’ve drugged them.” He admitted with a smirk.

 “YOU WHAT?” Both Remus and Lily quietly yelled.

 “Ah yes, their butterbeer was mixed with a strong sleeping potion. But enough about that, let’s drag this to the lake as planned. Shall we?”

“Why were you even carrying around a potion? You know what, I don’t even want to know.” Lily sighed, shaking her head.

You had slowly stirred in your sleep, waking up to a strange amount of brightness shining on your face. You groaned as you hovered an arm over your eyes to block it but felt the mattress you were sharing with Lily move strangely as well. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, your mouth gaping open when you saw the situation you were in. 

You looked over and instead of seeing Lily you were surprised with Sirius.

 “S-Sirius?” You stammered, only causing him to stir slightly. “Sirius!” You tried to shake him awake now. 

 He groaned, rolling over to face you. “What Ja- Y/N?” He frowned. “What are you-”

 You cut him off, gesturing around- “Look.” 

 The both of you were on a inflatable mattress that was floating on the lake by your campsite. He sat up now to look around, his mouth parting as if he was going to say something but deciding not to. “How the hell did this happened?” You questioned, more to yourself than anything. But what you saw ahead of you answered your question.

 Remus, Lily, Peter, and James were all sitting on folding chairs and waving at the two of you as if nothing. 

“What did you guys do?” You shouted, you and Sirius glaring at them.

 “What was right!” Lily shouted right back.

 “What was right? What are they going on about?” You asked as you looked over at Sirius. He seemed quite amused about the predicament you were both in but his heartbeat started picking up when he realized what this was about.

 “How’d you even bloody manage this?” He asked out loud, avoiding your question. 

 “I’ve impressively managed to drug the two of you!” James shouted now, sounding rather proud of himself. “Now stop talking to us and get on about your feelings.” 

 Sirius face instantly froze as you looked at him again with confusion, “Your feelings?” You tried not to stammer, making a mental note to yell at James later for drugging you.

 And by the look on his face it dawned on you that this wasn’t a prank being pulled on either of you, it was meant to be a confession.

 “Look, Y/N,” He began, knowing there was no way out of this if he didn’t tell you how he felt for you all these years. “You don’t have to say anything but-”

 “Sirius I fancy you.”

 “I fancy-” He tried to finish but abruptly stopped when he realized what you had confessed. “Y-You fancy me?” He grinned, his face lighting up. You nodded, the grin you wore matching his. “Oh thank Merlin,” He seemed to let out the breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding in. “Because I fancy you too, Y/N. For such a long time and hadn’t had the slightest clue on how to tell you correctly. I mean I wanted to tell you last night but didn’t want to ruin anything and-”

 “Sirius?” You interrupted his uncharacteristically rambling.


 “Just kiss me already.”

 With that Sirius eagerly moved over to kiss you but the sudden movement wasn’t favorable to the inflatable mattress because it had suddenly turned and flip the both of you into the water. You and Sirius emerged up to the surface, looking at each other before erupting into laughter. He splashed you and you feigned a shocked look before sending water back his way. After your short water fight and fits of laughter died down, the two of you had locked eyes on each other. His orbs boring into yours with adoration.

 “C’mere, beautiful.” He whispered, his tongue grazing over his bottom lip as you moved closer to him. He grabbed your hips, pulling you tightly against him as your heart raced against your chest uncontrollably fast. “I think this is going to be the start of a great school year, don’t you think?” He grinned, his hands moving up as his heart was just as much of a mess as yours. He cupped your face with his hands, a thumb stroking your cheek gently before tilting your head upwards a bit and leaning down to place a kiss on your wet lips. You kissed him back instantly, running a hand through his soaked hair, the kiss turning into a much more passionate yet needy one.

The two of you eventually pulled away slightly to catch your breath, Sirius resting his forehead against yours as his slightly swollen lips broke into an enormous smile. The cheers and roars coming from your group of friends went unnoticed due to the fact that the two of you were entranced with each other. 

And true to his words, it was one of the best starts to a new school year.

Wallahi we should be grateful for even the socks on our feet, have you tried stepping outside in this cold bare foot? Go ahead and do it right now, just for a few seconds.

It is unbearable. Now imagine a young child, not any older than your own nieces and nephews, without socks, a jacket or a warm jumper. There are so many of our brothers and sisters that are both in Syria and have left to other refugee camps that are freezing every day. Wallahi when’s the last time you put on an item of clothing and said Alhamdullilah, how many blessings are we headless of?

No one is more obnoxious than “I see both sides of the issue!” guy. It somehow combines smugness and laziness. “I hear what you’re saying about the pack of wolves that ate your wife, but I can also see their side of the issue!” Yes, you’re so enlightened.

And yet …

I recently wrote a thing about how a younger version of me would probably have voted for Donald Trump, and then that thing got read by 10 million fucking people. Then Trump, much to everyone’s surprise, actually got elected, and now my most treasured friends are talking about concentration camps. To them, that article now looks like the confessions of an actual former Nazi.

Only … I never felt like I escaped a hate group or cult. All of that stuff made sense to me at the time, and the people I know on that side don’t sound like brainwashed monsters to me, they sound … well, like a younger me.

So, I’m going to try something. I’m going to reach back in time to have a bitter but productive debate with the 1999 “Fight Club really speaks to me!” Republican version of myself. Will this result in the most obnoxious “I see both sides!” article ever written? Am I actually chronicling my own descent into madness? You tell me!

Why Smart People Support Trump (And Why They’re Wrong)

  • Leo: Now that we're leaving camp I wanted to tell you how kind you are, Jason. You're thoughtful and you're always such a delight to have around. I'm gonna miss you.
  • Jason: Thanks, Leo, that's nice.
  • Nico: Goodbye, Jason. I have enjoyed parts of our time together.
  • Jason: [bursts into sobs and hugs him] Oh gods, Nico!
  • Nico:
  • Leo: [tearful] That was really something.

In light of this post, I’ll just leave this and my shitty photoshop skills here.

I’m not really in an analytical mindset right now, but like pretty much everyone else, I’m jumping on the ‘that’s definitely the palanquin from ‘Buddy’s Book’, but that definitely doesn’t look like Blue Diamond’s palanquin from ‘The Answer’ bandwagon.

In the positive camp: the overall shape and panel pattern is definitely different between the two, Blue’s definitely looks bigger. And why/how would Blue Diamond have left anything on Earth anyway? 

In the negative camp: Buddy’s drawing isn’t that detailed. You can’t make out the panel pattern, and the top decoration isn’t shaped like either of the two palanquins. If anything it looks more like Blue’s. And lighting can do funny things to colors. 

Not to mention that there’s no diamond motif in the preview image. It certainly seems like the diamonds are into decorating everything associated with them with diamond and triangle shapes. But there are no diamonds on that palanquin. But there are flowers. In fact one might say they look similar to…

And who did those belong to again? 

parent trap au?

  • where Marcus and Oliver are single dads
  • Currently rivals, had a kid with someone else but the relationship didn’t work out for either of them
  • and lo and behold, they send their respective child to the same summer camp
  • Quidditch camp per se
  • these kids hate each other on sight because that rivalry of flintwood rubbed off onto their kids
  • sabotage shenanigans
  • being forced to share the same cabin
  • maybe at one point, someone’s like, “how do you not know about the time your dads dated???”
  • and as they ask around, they find out their dads used to be pretty in love with each other and they wonder what happened, hearing all these great stories
  • why do they hate each other now?
  • so the kids decide to get the dads back together when they’re done with camp
  • Begging their dad to take them to see their new best friend
  • and when the kids meet up, it’s instant ‘oh hell no’ from Marcus and Oliver, but they put on a face for the kids
  • we can have the potential evil fiance that hates kids if you guys want lol
  • anyways
  • family camping trip???
  • Marcus and Oliver falling back in love???
  • One family chasing after the other for a happily ever after???
  • pls