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I feel selfish about how glad I am that stupid mirror is finally gone. With how big and ornate it was it must have cost a fortune but my roommate just brushed it off like it was nothing. No one saw who broke it at the party but I guess we’ll figure it out when we see who gets seven semesters of bad luck. At least I won’t get scared into thinking my reflection is an intruder three times a week; My blood pressure can’t take it anymore. Even now that it’s gone I still get uneasy whenever I see my roomie studying at the desk they put in its place. I’m probably just getting paranoid from being on campus for too long. This place plays tricks on you.
Still…I could have sworn they were left handed.


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I'm not sure as to what type of doctor I should see to start my medical transition? Up to this point I only went to a psychotherapist for like 2 sessions and literally never discussed anything that hand to do about my gender (I was sent for "gender identity disorder") and for about 2 months recently to a LSW, I was openly out but idk what the difference from a therapist, psychotherapist, or other doctors is? i guess my question is what doctor can provide me with the letter of reccomendations?

Lee says:

Here is how to get hormones in the US.

How to get transmasc top surgery:

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Dan hadn’t been in this position in a long time.

His face was pressed into the pillow, ass up as Phil spanked him, grunting things about him being a bad boy, and how he had disappointed Phil. And at first, it was good. It was so good to finally get the attention he’d been missing from Phil, but now it was getting too much. He just wanted softness.

Tears were rolling down Dan’s face, when he choked out “r-red!”. The slapping stopped immediately, and Dan was flipped over by a concerned Phil. “Fuck, Dan, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” he said worriedly, immediately reaching for the soothing lotion they kept by the bed. Dan just sniffled, wringing his hands.

Phil kissed his forehead, quickly slipping into the kitchen to get Dan a cold glass of water. When he came back, Dan had barely moved. Phil quickly redressed Dan, softly rubbing the lotion into the parts where the bruising would be the worst, and pulling Dan into a close cuddle. “Shh, bear, it’s okay now, you’re okay. You were so good for me.”

Nygmobblepot reunion

Since this is gonna happen in e04, I’m now thinking it might actually take place as or right after Eddie gets out of the ice (as opposed to my working theory, which had him running away to collect himself first and coming back to Ozzie later)

Which means we are that much closer to my DREAM ANGSTY SCENARIO

Where Eddie goes to confront/kill Ozzie in a rush of anger, only to be struck down by whatever it is that his time in the ice is gonna do to him (problems with hand-eye coordination, difficulty speaking, memory problems, whatever)

Then on becoming aware of how his mind has been compromised he ends up crying and/or BEGGING OZZIE TO JUST KILL HIM, because the thought of living in what feels to him such an inferior state is worse than death

But Ozzie, already balking at the idea of actually killing Ed because he still loves him (much as he tries not to), finds the idea of killing Ed when he is in such an uncharacteristically vulnerable state much too distressing/distasteful and cannot do it

(And maybe instead encourages Ed to overcome his affliction and come back when he’s more himself)

Wanna do me a solid show and make this one come true??

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Headcanons for dating a sphynx or manticore?

Hmmmmmmm, let’s do both!


Honestly, they’re just a little bit more frustrating than reasonable. It’s just… does every single question they ask you have to be a riddle? It’s immensely exhausting to have to solve a word problem at 8AM. Granted, it’s one of their major joys in life, so you continue to play along.

They’re very cat like, which makes sense. They sleep most of the day, and only want affection when THEY want it, and never any other time. They’ll tell you they love you all day long (in a weird cryptic way) but don’t pay you the slightest bit of attention when you go in for a hug. It’s kind of annoying.

Make absolutely certain that you always have fish on hand, or you’re going out to get some. It’s funny, because you’re actually getting to the point of craving fish now, too.


SO. MUCH. DANGER. IN. ONE. BEING. The claws, the teeth, the poison, the tail… it’s a little overwhelming sometimes. They do have a tendency to pounce on you, too, so there’s that as well. You’re fairly certain you’re slowly getting flatter.

They are unique in that they REALLY like affection, and they crave it at all times. Though they’re partially a feline, they act more like a dog. It’s a running joke that you call them “Spot” once in a while. They laugh… sometimes.

Please be aware of your date’s tail stinger at all times during cuddle puddles. In certain cases, if they agree to it, you can put a cork on the tip of it (just in case). They don’t seem to mind it, and more often than not, forget it’s even there. You had a running timer going to see how long one could be left on; turns out: three days.

Imagine your OTP

Robber: * pulls out a gun *This is a robbery nobody move

Person A: …

Person B: … * slowly reaches hand down to their pocket to get their snack*

Person A: What are you doing, don’t move

Person B: I’m hungry

Person A: You’re going to get s hot

Person B : I don’t care least I die doing what I love

Person A: I care! * starts tearing up*

Person B: Oh shit, babe. Don’t start crying now I’m going to start crying

Robber: Is… Is this a bad timing? Should I come back later?

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How much fun are you and @jhgraham having together? And have you taught her any of your mad photoshop skills? ;)

JG says it’s one of her goals to acquire crazy-good Photoshop skills like mine. ;) She’s taking requests from the general public. If there’s anything in particular you want to see, let us know asap, and I’ll give her a tutorial…. but be warned. We’re now working together, side-by-side. Things could get out of hand. lol

We’re having a blast. Thanks for asking. Can’t quite believe we managed to meet up in person! And our husbands get along great, so yay!. And we’ve killed two bottles of wine (so far). It’s wonderful. Relaxed. Fun!

We have been talking about you, @jennycbs, as a matter of fact. Planning our next fics very much with you and our other devoted readers in mind! Stay tuned….

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'I put on a little weight but it's ok right?' Please xx

I know this was meant to be for NSFW Sunday, but I couldn’t help myself and to make it into a cute drabble! <3

“I put on a little weight… But it’s okay, right?

A loud giggle echoed around the apartment as you fell clumsily through the front door, Luke’s arms keeping you upright as you stumbled in your high heels. He pressed a tender kiss to your temple as he guided you over to the kitchen counter.

The two of you had been at a friend’s wedding reception - drinking, dancing and laughing the entire night away – leaving the two of you slightly intoxicated and extremely touchy-feely. However, at this moment it seemed that Luke was only concerned about getting his hands on the cake he had managed to smuggle out in your bag. His only defence being that he had a ‘sweet tooth’.

“Can I have my cake now please?” He asked slyly, his hands roaming down your body in an attempt to locate the bag you were clutching.

You batted his hands playfully away, laughing at his incredulous expression.

“You’re a thief.” You smirked, pointing your finger accusingly at his chest. “I’m not kidding Luke; my bag is about five times heavier than when we left. How much cake did you steal?”

He only chuckled softly, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you into a warm embrace. But, it was only intended to serve as a distraction, allowing him the chance to steal your bag from your hands.

You laughed softly as you shook your head at his antics, watching him tuck straight into a rather sizeable slice of chocolate cake. He looked up at you, dark icing staining his lips and crumbs falling from his mouth as he moaned in satisfaction.

“This is good cake.” He told you appreciatively, taking another bite. “I may even love it more than I love you.” He winked at you cheekily as you rolled your eyes.

You frowned in mock disapproval, prodding his stomach playfully. “You might want to take it easy on the sweet treats Agent Alvez. You’ll end up not being able to fit into that bulletproof vest soon, if you carry on raiding the desert table.”

You flashed him a smug smile as he gazed at you in bewilderment, his eyes drifting downwards to see if there was any evidence to back up your claim.

“Look, I’ve put on a little weight…” He paused as he glanced down at the cake in his hands, gulping hesitantly as he finished chewing thoughtfully. Apparently, all the wine he had drunk tonight was causing him to doubt himself. “But it’s okay, right?”

You couldn’t help but burst out with laughter at the sight of his adorably confused face. Tears streamed down your face as he started drunkenly trying to examine himself in the mirror.

You snuck up behind him to wrap your arms around his stomach and squeezed gently, pressing a kiss to his neck. “You’re perfect.”

“You sure?” He asked, grinning at you as your hands roamed across his muscular chest.

“Of course…besides, I’ll still love you even if you are chubby.” You told him cheerfully, shifting slightly so he could turn around to face you.

He placed his slice of beloved cake to the side before suddenly sweeping you off your feet, causing you to let out a squeal of surprise. A teasing grin spread across his face as he looked down at you, admiring your flushed cheeks and bright eyes.

He dipped his head so his lips were hovering just slightly above yours, almost touching as his warm breath tickled your face.

The faint smell of chocolate and wine mixed in with his distinctive aftershave made you smile.

“How about we do some exercise together then? In bed?”

You grinned at his suggestive tone, pulling him into a heated kiss. It turned out that Luke did prefer you to chocolate cake after all.

Professor Venomous is Shadowy Figure. I’m sure of it.

The more I think about it, the more I realize why he’s incognito and the more it makes sense. Set aside the theories that he may be Laserblast/LB’s brother/KO’s Dad for now.

Professor Venomous is a well-known villain going to an area filled to the brim with heroes. He’s still a level -8 (Yes, I believe he’s leveled up from a -7 since ‘I Am Dendy’ 16+ episodes ago) while two of the top heroes present are 11s. Someone would have recognized him and he would get his ass handed to him if he was found out. He couldn’t take that chance. (Remember, Drupe, Gregg, Colewort and a yellow anthropormorphic dog were in the area Shadowy Figure took KO, so they weren’t secluded at any point. All it had to take was one of them to realize who he was and run off to get someone.)

His slim body type in ‘We’re Captured’ suggests that he is not a physical fighter. Gar and Carol are. It would be Brains Vs. Brawn scenario and though the saying is ‘Brains Over Brawn’, if Brawn ever got ahold of Brains, there would either be AMR on the sidelines or a hearse. Venomous would probably die by Carol’s hands for messing with her baby.

He had to make sure no one could recognize him. KO already knew who Professor Venomous was. Venomous knows about POW cards being popular so even if KO didn’t know, he had others to worry about, hence the new, glitched card displaying that he’s a hero to gain KO’s trust and his attire to throw off any suspicion. He would have been daft not to disguise himself. 

If KO didn’t know him, all the kid had to do was describe Venomous to his mother and/or Gar and he’d definitely have two level 11s plus a level 2 and a level 3 gunning for him. That’s a total of 27 levels so far. There’s no telling who else would join in.  As the Shadowy Figure, that is all eliminated and Brains wins.

i usually dont post stuff like this and wish i had a better picture to post but

my guinea pig mabel died in her sleep tonight and its hitting me really damn hard. she was 5 going on 6 and she was my best friend. helped me get through a lot of shitty situations in the last couple of years, like being homeless. i just miss her so much already and my chest feels so heavy. she was so happy earlier when i was holding her, and she ate, what i guess is now, her last meal right out of my hand

i found the sturdiest box i could get, filled it with the last of her bedding. wrapped her up in her favorite cloth, then placed her inside. put her favorite toys in with her, and a couple of her snacks, then buried her out under the big tree in my backyard.

no one expects their loved ones to just be taken away, so make sure you enjoy literally every moment you get with them.

Filtered Promises

“Dude, you look awesome!” The words leave his lips faster than his brain can think. It’s a wonder he’s hasn’t said anything inappropriate.

“You think so?” Noctis tugs on the edge of his collar, and nervously plays with the sleeves of his suit.

“I’m lookin’ right at ya’!” Prompto chuckles. Tucking his hands behind his head, he sighs, “Trust me, it’s perfect.” His voice is softer now, the truth weighing heavy on his tongue.

“You clean up pretty nicely yourself,” Noctis laughs, gesturing to Prompto’s suit of choice. He’s never worn something so fancy.

“What, this?” He tugs on the jacket. “What did you think I was going to wear to the king’s wedding?” He puts an emphasis on the word ‘king’, and Noctis promptly rolls his eyes.

Said ‘king’ folds his arms, the edge of his lips quirking upward into the tiniest hint of a smile. Prompto knows it well, he adores that playful grin, has captured it so many times. “Lemme guess,” Noctis says, “Ignis picked it out for you.”

Prompto clutches his chest, feigning offense. “How could you think such a thing!” he says dramatically, but quickly sighs, giving Noctis a wink. “Yeah, you caught me.”

Turning around, Noctis adjusts his tie in the mirror, pulling the tight collar away from his neck. “Knew it,” he pauses. His dark eyes meeting Prompto’s blues through the mirror. “Can…usually tell when you’re lying.”

“Y-You sure can.” Prompto laughs nervously and raises his camera, staring through the lens so his eyes don’t have to meet Noctis’. He snaps a few pictures through the mirror, focusing on Noctis’ face; his favorite subject.

Noctis’ brow is furrowed ever so slightly, another look Prompto is quite familiar with. “What?” Prompto says, swallowing his own fears, a smile on his face. “Aren’t you excited to marry Lady Lunafreya?”

For a moment, Noctis is frozen, his hands set on his tie, his dark eyes unblinking. But slowly, he turns around, stepping forward. His fingers gently press on the camera, lowering it down away from Prompto’s face.

There’s no way Prompto can hide the blush which sits behind his freckles. Noctis is so close, he can’t help it! His blue gaze dances across Noctis’ smooth face. So many times he’s wondered what it would feel like to let his fingertips caress that skin, cup his hands around Noctis’ face, his cheeks a perfect fit in Prompto’s palms, and finally, he’d pull him closer and-

“Prompto,” Noctis says, his voice pulling the blond back to reality. “Are you excited?”

“Eh? Am I excited for what?” he asks, desperately trying to stop his voice from trembling.

“For me to marry Luna,” he says, his tone far more serious than Prompto expects. His dark gaze flicks to the floor for a moment, as though he knows the question is cruel.

Prompto opens his mouth, ready to lie. He can feel it about to roll off his tongue; it should be as easy as the smiles he’s held whenever talk of the wedding came up. But this time, with Noctis so close to him, so serious, Prompto feels his throat dry up, the words lodged in his chest.

“O-Of course I am!” he chokes out eventually, the lie returning to his lips. “My best friend is getting married today!” It feels so rehearsed.

Noctis nods a few times before speaking, he’s never been great with words, especially unspoken ones which always seem to linger in the air, circling in their auras. “Yeah…I am,” he says.

The door opens, making them both jump, stepping away from each other, as though there hadn’t been enough space between them already. “Ah, here you both are. Are you ready? We have to begin!” Ignis says, pointing to the watch on his wrist.

“Yeah, yeah,” Noctis says, shrugging with a small smile. They all make their way to the front of the large, decorated throne room. Noctis stands in the middle, tugging on the bottom of his suit. Prompto stands to the side with Ignis and Gladio, and the processional music has begun to play.

Prompto raises his camera, ready to snap pictures of the procession, hoping the lens will filter some of the tightness clenching around his heart. “Ever at your side,” he whispers, his knuckles turning white as he brushes his thumbs over the worn edges of camera. It’s a promise he won’t ever break.

Office Hours ~ Shayne Topp Imagine

“Good afternoon, Mr. Topp. what brings you to my office hours today?” You say looking up from your laptop and fixing your eyes on the frame filling the doorway.

‘Well, I think that we both know that by my last scores for homework and tests haven’t been great. I was just wondering if there was someone that you could point to as a tutor or an extra credit you could give me. I just really have to pass this class so that I can graduate in the spring.” He said in a pleading voice while moving down to one of the chairs.

“Well, I do know that your classmate Cassidy in the tutoring lab most days. I can tell her to keep an eye out for you. Is there something that you are struggling with in particular? Perhaps I could try and help you now.”

“It’s these matrices. Just doing all the simple things by hand gets me every time.” He says opening up a notebook to pages full of scrawled notes.

“Well if it is just the basics right now, then I can point you to something. If you go to Khan Academy online, that helps most students. I know that is what they recommend for most everyone that comes in.” You say sliding the written URL over the desk.

“Gee thanks. So this should help me get my grade up at least a letter grade by the end of the semester?” He asked curiously.

“It should. I’m also pretty sure that most of the things that we cover are also on the website as well.”

“This really means a lot. It can be embarrassing at my age going to get tutoring for math.”

“Well, math isn’t for everyone.” You say with a smile.

“I just don’t understand how someone the same age as me is teaching this and higher level math in college.”  His comment made a bit of blush appear on your cheeks.

“I just like math. I must have gotten lucky.” You reply.

“I’m just glad that this didn’t turn into an awkward situation like they play out in media.” He said scratching his upper arm.

“What do you mean?” You ask confused, tilting your head slightly.

“Oh like uh the student comes in to get their grade raised and something that shouldn’t happy between the two of them. I’m pretty sure that I just made this awkward.” He said with some blush rising up his face.

“Yeah, it definitely is a bit awkward now.” You say looking down at your hands.

“So…I’m just gonna go,” He said pushing the chair back and stood up. “I’ll see you in class.”

“Wait! I know I shouldn’t be doing this. But if you only remember that you have this after the semester is over.” You said holding out a card with your personal phone number on it.

“OH, I don’t want you to think that I just came here to ask for…I don’t want you to feel pressured into-”

“This is so we can get coffee after the semester. Plus I’m sure that you will have normal calculus next semester so it is also if you need any help.”You say with a small smile on your lips. When he takes the card, you do your best to keep your smile as best contained as possible.

“I’ll just magically stumble across this during finals week.” He said flashing a stunning smile. 

“I’ll see you in class, Mr. Topp.” 

“See you there Professor.” His smile was the last thing out of the door.

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"Say you'll stay?"

[ See how my muse reacts ]

Dagmar ran a hand along his back as he turned to get out of the bed, fingers tracing over old and knotted scars. He turned to face her, pushing her unruly hair out of her face to brush a thumb along her freckled cheeks. A smile came onto his face at how full of life and radiant she had become, since coming into command of the planet, and while she had always been beautiful in his eyes, he was glad that others could now be witness to her strength and will. 

“You know I will.” Ranulfr said, bending down to press a soft kiss to her forehead.

okay here’s my beef i want a werewolf percy au. i cave. i yield. i want it. preferably completely independent from riordan verse. i’m gonna do it and nobody can stop me. 

werewolf by curse in the blood percy… like poseidon was a wolf n he activated his curse when he killed ugliano 4 laying a hand on his mother. 
alternatively: cursed by getting bit percy! percy: gets mauled by a wolf n lives bitch. but also he has to balance his teenage modern life w full moons. i’m doing it. come for me 

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Oooh, MTMTE superhero AU? Do tell...

alright so. swerve’s bar is Important because it’s one of the few places in cybertron (which is a city not a planet in this au) where people can like…come and hang out whether they’re a hero or a villain (usually in full costume). there are other places that are more reputable and don’t water down their drinks but for some reason most people come here. there are also hero exclusive and villain exclusive bars but they’re not important. now, enough talk about bars lets get onto powers Hell Fuck Yeah.

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HEY IT’S A (really late) VALENTINE’S DAY SEQUEL TO THIS! You should really look at that to understand what’s going on, but as a quick backstory to this, Adrien found out the scarf he thought his dad gave him was from Marinette, it upset him too much so he gave it back to her.

And then I hated that it was just angst so I made this to make up for it? What started as a one page thing turned into a too-many-pages thing. Hence being like… 2 weeks later for V-day. Oh well! Enjoy!

Also, as for what Marinette actually got Adrien…