now this is a snow day
Two Spirit Water Protectors Need Immediate Lodging!

UPDATE: Please help! We got as much as we could from our Two Spirit Nation camp to set up a temporary shelter for our remaining Two Spirit Water Protectors. It’s snowing and cold! We made trips non stop for the last three days, with one day being blocked out from camp because there was a direct action and we couldn’t get back into camp until after midnight. We are at a temporary camp on the bank of the Missouri River. We are exhausted and traumatized, with a couple sick folks and now I am running a fever. We need hotel rooms for the next few nights if possible. Chase IronEyes just paid for one room for the night for us because they are all booked at the Casino and we only have one truck for the 12 of us so we aren’t driving too far. Also, folks are still being harassed on the roads. We have two army tents and my tipi, but honestly…our folks are beyond exhaustion and just need time to heal and sleep before we can set camp back up and winterize.
It has been heartbreaking, heart aching & psychologically wounding to see how Oćeti Śakowin ended and to watch our camp go up into flames. Also, we had to leave our kitchen behind and will only be cooking over an open fire. These water protectors need support and prayers! We completed our commitment to stay till then end, we represented as Two Spirit Warriors, reclaimed our sacred places, carried the ceremonies and remained in prayer!
Please donate to this link or pay for a room at the Prairie Knights Casino Hotel under my name. Wopila Tanka❤️


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This action item was posted Feb 22 2017.

@xofemeraldstars requested: it’s the first snow since simon became a vampire and is back at the hotel. and he can’t wait to get out and play, build a snowman but doing it alone aint fun. how is he gonna convince raphael to join him?

Simon knew it was a snow day, not just because he checked the weather app that was now useless on his phone, or the distant buzzing of the news constantly playing the weather forecast on the televisions on the other vampires on his floor. 

It was the howl of the wind as it whipped along, he could picture it, the snow falling peacefully before being picked up off the ground by a gust of wind, spiraling and swirling before settling to the ground again, it was the occasional cheer that was loud enough to carry through the barren streets. 

He laid in bed and remembered the days where he’d hold tightly to his fathers hand as they shoveled the drive way. The hot chocolate he’d drink with his sister, stealing her mini marshmallows when she wasnt looking. He remembered he the day he sneaked out with Clary because she wanted to paint Central Park while it snowed. 

Simon had long come to terms that he had a new life now, new family. And though his new life was restricted he swore to make the best of it. 

As the sunset early that after, Simon found himself dressed in coats and hats he didn’t need but had to wear for appearance sake. 

He didn’t ask any of the night children to join him as he left the hotel, though he got along with most of them, he was a baby to them, someone naive that held on too much of their mundane life. 

His trek to Central Park was quicker now, with empty streets and his vampire speed to aide. It was much lonelier as well, no giggling Clary spilling her cocoa in the snow and sliding on ice. 

He sat on the bench and watched, people skiing, building snowman and having snow ball fights. Simon begrudgingly returned to the hotel in search of the one person he knew he’d be able to convince to go out in the snow with him. 

Raphael sat with his back to the door, facing the window, the curtains drawn back, the full moon and flurries on full display “what can I do for you fledgling?” He asked without turning around.

I’m another time Simon would demand Raphael explain how he knew who it was, demand to be taught how to do it himself but right he had more important matters at hand. 

“Hey Rapha” he began, chuckling nervously. Raphael always made him nervous, though he didn’t know why, now that Simon had came back to the hotel, the two have developed a friendship, Raphael laughed when Simon called it that -which caused Simon chest to feel tingly-but Simon knew they were friends. 

“No” Raphael turned around to face

Simon “it’s stupid and I won’t do it” Raphael had grown accustomed to Simon’s silly and sometime outrageous request. And though he eventually gives in, he loves the defeated pout the fledgling wore and his persistence.

“I haven’t even told you what I wanted"  Simon countered and Raphael smirked.

"Tell me then” Raphael gestured for Simon to continue.

“I want someone to go to the park with me so I can build a snowman?” The words sounded unsure to Simon as they left his lips, he was pouting before he’d even finish, knowing that Raphael’s answer would remain unchanged.

“It’s stupid and I won’t do it, don’t you have something better to do?” Raphael sighed. It’s been ages since he’d played out in the snow, maybe since his own turning, if he didn’t count that one drunken night with Ragnor and Magnus, stumbling and slipping on ice. A fond smile pulled on his lips at the memory. 

“Please Raph, it’ll be fun and we won’t need gloves or anything, I’ve always wanted to touch snow without gloves, I did it once but I got frost bites, Dot had to hide me and Clary in her apartment for an half a day until it wasn’t blue anymore, I might actually be able to make a proper snowman, I’ve ne-”

Raphael watched Simon rant on and on about the things he’d never gotten to do and Clary and blah blah, Raphael was too caught up with how cute Simon looked, pacing the floor, his hand tugging at his roots of his hair and then gesturing wildly to actual listen to whatever it was the fledgling asked for.

“Okay, dios just shut up” Raphael groaned. 

“W-wait what?” Simon gaped.

“I’ll go, for half an hour, don’t expect me to part take in your nonsense either, just shut up” Raphael glared because he wouldn’t be Raphael Santiago if he didn’t. 

Simon quickly agreed, he’ll see to the stipulations later. His stomach did that thing again when Raphael put on a soft wool beanie on to cover his hair.

Simon talked a mile a minute as they walked more slower than usual to Central Park. Raphael nodded along and added his bits and pieces as they went. 

They trekked there the park until Simon found the perfect spot of untouched snow to lay down on. 

“I won’t die of hypothermia now” he cheered as he moved his arms and legs in motion to make a snow angel. 

Raphael watched him, slightly amused by Simon’s antics. A fond smile forming on his face. 

“You’re really just going to stand there?” Simon questioned and Raphael nodded. “You’re not fun” he mumbled and moved on from making a snow angel to building a tiny snowman. 

“I am fun” Raphael countered. 

“Sure Rapha, keep telling yourself that” Simon smirked and turned his back on Raphael to make other tiny snow man to match the first. 

Raphael frowned his eyes and grapes at Simon, he’ll show that damn fledgling who he can have fun, Raphael silently bent down and scooped up a hand full of snow, rounded in off into a nice ball before tossing it at Simon.

“Still no fun huh?” He called as Simon shirked.

“Raphael Santiago did you just throw a snowball?” Simon looked at him with wide

Raphael responded by tossing another snowball, this one hitting Simon in the face.

“Oh, you’re on, Santiago” Simon yell and began to scoop up snow. Raphael broke out in a run and gathered snow ball as he sprinted around the park.

Central Park became their playing field and Simon was happy for his vampire speed and the darkness of the night. Raphael’s company was reassuring and comfortable and Simon was himself and he was happy. He paused for a quick second to gaze at Raphael, laughing and making snowballs.

Simon wonders if they will be like this again, or if when they return to the hotel, Raphael’s mask will be on again, static and unreadable, cold and distant.

“I didn’t think you were the type to give up easily, baby” Raphael called from where he was hunched over, his hair hanging in front of his eyes, snowflakes stuck to it.

Simon didn’t know if he believed in angels but goddamnit Raphael Santiago came close to being one. “I’ll let you catch your breath, Santiago” he yelled.

“We’re vampires idiota” Raphael said while he flung a snowball at an unexpected Simon “we don’t need to breathe”

“That’s dirty play Santiago” Simon ran after Raphael.

Raphael dropped the balls that he was carry and began to run from Simon “I trained you better than that Simon” Raphael turned to yell at Simon, ignoring the stomp of ice. “Whoa, oh” he yelled as he slipped.

“Raphael” Simon raced over to see Raphael sprawled out of the floor laughing “are you okay?”

“Damn that was fun, tomorrow night we’re going ice skating”


Ahhh, it was 60 degrees again today! I came home from class at 3 and we went on a hike for about an hour and a half, it was amazing. There was still snow on the ground, which was unsettling because of the warmth of the last few days but it was still really pretty! I’m so happy we were able to enjoy the beautiful day. Also, I had my dreaded management lab today and I was garde manager (pronounced garmajay, apparently) and it went completely flawlessly, I was so happy! I’m now over halfway through the class and I am so excited to be finished with it! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday❤


Harsh blizzard ravages Standing Rock as vital support and the media pack it up

  • In the days since an apparent victory, the Standing Rock camp has been battered by an oncoming snowstorm — and conditions are now dire. 
  • Heavy snow and wind batters the sides of tipis and tents, forcing the Standing Rock resistance indoors. 
  • The roads have shut down going in and out of Oceti Sakowin Camp.
  • The media are clearing out, packing up satellite trucks and heading home. 
  • Meanwhile, the police haven’t pulled back from the front lines, and the Dakota Access Pipeline company has no intention of leaving either.
  • “It’s a distraction,” Oceti Sakowin Camp volunteer Ethan Braughton said in an interview. “If they were leaving, they’d take the razor wire and all their vehicles, but they’re still continuing to get the drill pad ready. They’re not going anywhere, they just want us to leave.”
  • Many of the Lakota Sioux have permanently settled at Standing Rock and they’re not leaving, vowing to see this fight through.
  • Read more about the blizzard and about the ongoing struggle

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Small, slightly obscure, but really cool thing that happens in episode 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice that I don’t think a lot of people caught:

The snow.

They probably weren’t watching the weather forecast there in the first two shots, they were watching the news. This cold front came literally out of nowhere, as, like the announcer says, it was supposed to be a perfect day for hanami, ergo going for a picnic to watch the cherry blossoms. But instead, lots of snow.

Now, for those of you who live in colder areas, like myself, you probably just went “well, unseasonal snow happens sometimes, I remember once we had snow in mid-May.”

For those of you who live in warmer areas, you probably went “idk how snow works, so I guess that sounds legit???”


Snow in April on fucking Kyushu is beyond ridiculous, okay. They barely even get snow in the actual winter months. This is happening on April 11th - or even later - and they should be having temperatures in the 15-20°C/60-68°F range - or maybe even higher. And they probably were, before this. That’s why Yuuri’s so surprised and confused.

So why would they even bother including this?

Victor. It’s all about Victor.

In part, I suspect it’s a literary/poetry reference, even if I can’t quite place it, because “he came from the north, bringing ice and snow” is something of a universal literary image.

But mostly, it’s because, in Japanese, when someone does something highly unexpected and uncharacteristic, like, say, me cleaning my room, you express your surprise by saying “wow, does this mean it’s gonna snow tomorrow?”

And it didn’t just snow. It snowed a lot. It’s a reference to how ridiculously unexpected it is for Victor to wanna coach instead of skating himself, for him to show up in Japan out of the blue.

Aries: Sometimes forgiveness is easy. Living with the consequences will always be the hard part.

Taurus: Learn to stop regretting your choices, or start making new ones. Because this misery doesn’t suit you.

Gemini: You’re worth more then that. Start holding people to the standards you hold yourself.

Cancer: Learn to enjoy the winter, they can’t take away the snow from you too.

Leo:  Some bruises just weren’t meant to heal. Learn to work around them.

Virgo: going back to old habits will never solve any problems, just quicken your walk to a shallow grave.

Libra: stop clinging to the people who are trying to destroy you. They aren’t worth it.

Scorpio: Never stop looking over your shoulder, you can never be too careful these days.

Sagittarius: welcome home. Now to settle down and have a drink with old ghosts.

Capricorn: recovery is never going to be pretty. Learn to love your scars.

Aquarius: You’ve won the war, why the fuck are you still trying to fight?

Pisces: Do you miss who you use to be some days when you look in the mirror?

—  This week’s horoscope
[TRANS] 170111 Yomiuri Interview w/ BTS


1. Nickname by the members: Manggaetteok
2. Birthday: 13.10.1995
3. Height: 175cm
4. Position: Vocal, dance, choreography
5. Specialty: Preoccupation
6. Recent preoccupation: ARMY
7. Say a word to fans: I want to see you guys every moment, every day. 


1. Nickname by the members: Taetae
2. Birthday: 30.12.1995
3. Height: 178cm
4. Position: Vocal, acting
5. Specialty: Voice imitation of “One Piece”
6. Recent preoccupation: ARMY
7. Say a word to fans: To ARMYs, the weather’s cold right now so take care and don’t catch a cold, because it snows in the winter. 


1. Nickname by the members: Snail
2. Birthday: 09.03.1993
3. Height: 176cm
4. Position: Rap, composing, producing
5. Specialty: Lying down and rolling around
6. Recent preoccupation: Taking care of health
7. Say a word to fans: I want to show even better music, even cooler performances in Japan as well. 


1. Nickname by the members: Nochu
2. Birthday: 01.09.1997
3. Height: 177cm
4. Position: Vocal, rap, dance
5. Specialty: Consistently doing what I like to do
6. Recent preoccupation: Bowling
7. Say a word to fans: Everyone, I will cheer up so you can like me even more. 


1. Nickname by the members: RM, Pink Monster, Pink Mon
2. Birthday: 12.09.1994
3. Height: 181cm
4. Position: Rap, writing lyrics, composing, leader
5. Specialty: Forgetting & losing things
6. Recent preoccupation: Figure collecting
7. Say a word to fans: I hope I can study Japanese better so I can sing songs in Japanese. 


1. Nickname by the members: Eat Jin
2. Birthday: 04.12.1992
3. Height: 179cm 
4. Position: Vocal, acting
5. Specialty: Eating
6. Recent preoccupation: Golf
7. Say a word to fans: We can’t live without ARMYs. Please support us! 


1. Nickname by the members: Hope Prince
2. Birthday: 18.02.1994
3. Height: 177cm
4. Position: Rap, dance, choreography
5. Specialty: Initiative dance
6. Recent preoccupation: Artistic sensory
7. Say a word to fans: Thank you for supporting us every time we come to Japan. I love you.

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봄날 (Spring Day) - 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Please watch the MV here! It’s a visual and auditory masterpiece!

Edit: This will be the first in a new series! Please follow and feel free to request songs!


  • 봄날 - spring day 
  • 보고 싶다 - I miss you
  • 이렇게 - like this
  • 사진 - photo
  • 야속한 - cruel
  • 시간 - time
  • 이젠 - now
  • 얼굴 - face
  • 한 번 - once
  • 힘들어 - difficult
  • 여긴 > 여기 - here
  • 온통 - all, completely
  • 겨울 - winter
  • 마음 - heart/mind
  • 손 - hand 잡고 > 잡다- to hold/grasp
  • 지구 - earth 반대편 - other side __까지 - until
  • 그리움 - longing
  • 얼마나 - how long
  • 눈 - snow
  • 처럼 - like
  • 허공 - air
  • 작은 > 작다 - small
  • 먼지 - dust
  • 나라 > 날다 - to fly
  • 조금 - a little 더 - more 
  • 빨리 - quickly
  • 네게 닿을 수 있을 텐데 - would be able to reach you
  • 눈꽃 - snow flake (lit. snow flower :D)
  • 기다려야 > 기다리다 - to wait
  • 추운 > 춥다 - cold
  • 끝 - end
  • 다시 - again
  • 머물러줘 > 머무르다 - to stay
  • 내가 변한 건지 - I changed
  • 이 순간 - this moment
  • 흐르는 > 흐르다 - to flow
  • 미워 > 밉다 - to hate
  • 모두 - everyone/all
  • 그래 - yes, that’s right
  • 넌 떠났지만 - you left
  • 하루 - day
  • 잊은 > 잊다 - to forget
  • 솔직히 - honestly
  • 지울게 > 지우다 - to erase
  • 원망하다 - to blame/resent
  • 하얀 - white 연기 - smoke
  • 사실 - actually/in truth
  • 아직 - not yet 
  • 아침 - morning 올 거야 - will come
  • 어떤 - what 어둠 - darkness 계절 - season
  • 영원 - forever
  • 벚꽃 - cherry blossom 
  • 피나봐요 > 피나다 - to bloom
  • 조금만 기다리면 - if I wait a little longer
  • 며칠 밤만 더 새우면 - if I stay up for a few more nights
  • 만나러 갈게 - I’ll come to meet you
  • 데리러 갈게 - I’ll come to pick you up




What if...

….Jacks video after the Antisepticete video was just Anti, sat in the middle of a room. His arms are folded and he looks pissed. 

The camera zooms out to reveal a crooked elf hat which is on his head. Snow begins to fall and jingle bells jingle their happy tune in the background. 

Jacks voice can be heard ‘Hey. Halloween is only one day. You wanted to come out, now you gotta deal with Christmas.’ 

Anti sighs once more

‘Jingle fucking jingle ya bastard’ Jack chirps as he throws candy canes towards Anti and wraps tinsel around his neck.

I am running this blog for pretty long time. It’s all year round Christmas blog and in the past few years we became a family! We all love Christmas and now you have the chance to make my Christmas special. We have 12 days till Christmas. 12 days to reach 100 000. Wouldn’t be amazing? Please, follow, reblog, share with your friends! I promise I will keep posting and helping you as much as I can all year round! I believe we have the power to do this! I love every single one of you! Happy holidays! You mean a lot to me!