Okay, so, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Jesse new skin is really mcfuckin awesome and I would probably kill someone for his boots. Now, unless this guy has twigs for calves, which I doubt, then there is no way he got his boots under both his seemingly tight pants and chaps. Try it. Boots do not like going under tight pants. This may just be a tiny design flaw, however I have a different idea. May I present to you, Jesse McCree wearing ankle boots.

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all i want in life is an episode of arthur where the kids hear mr ratburn's got a date and freak out bc what if it's one of their parents omg but then it turns out that he's seeing dr fugue and the kids are like oh ok

Someone write me a fic in which Emil’s like “Okay, Mickey, I’ll stop pursuing Sara, but I get the other Crispino sibling in exchange”, and Michele agrees because he thinks Emil’s just fucking around and will get bored of the joke quickly and it’s a slow burn of Emil romancing Michele because that was in fact his intention from the start (bonus if Sara reveals she was playing along Emil’s flirting just to motivate her brother)


NYU Student Asks Nancy Pelosi About Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Sooooo, I never saw Moana in theaters, but I finally saw it on DVD.  I’ve watched it several times already and I’ve listened to the music nearly non-stop for a little over a week. This means I’ve been thinking ( a dangerous pastime, I know). Has anyone done a Moana/Hobbit AU?  I feel like all the right characters are there to pull it off, but I also feel like a crazy person for analyzing this idea so deeply in my mind….

Bilbo = Moana

Thorin = Maui

Belladonna = Grandma Tala

Dwarves = Heihei (HA!)

Smaug = Te Fiti (missing scale is where the Arkenstone goes)

Ocean = Gandalf

Tamatoa = Thranduil ( I start giggling like crazy when i think about this one)