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GPF Free Skate scores, or, How Yuuri can win

I don’t know about you, but the scores after the Short Program have got me worried. Yurio seems to be waaaay ahead of Yuuri (of course it’s going to come down to these two).

Let’s add up the current SP scores with their previous FS scores:

So that’s HUGE difference. However, Yuuri didn’t really do his best in the Rostelecom Cup with Victor gone. Looking at other skater’s FS scores, the average without mistakes seems to be 199. Here’s the adjusted scores:

Okay, better. Now we’re looking at a difference of just over 21 points. 

I read a really good post here talking about the two Yuris and how they predict that since Yurio broke Victor’s SP world record, Yuuri would end up breaking the FS record. The current real FS record is 219.48 and is held by Yuzuru Hanyu. If Victor’s record is similar, Yuuri would have to score around 220 to break it.

Wow, only a .6 point difference! So in order for Yuuri to win, he needs to break the world record and Yurio needs to score less than he did in the Rostelecom Cup. 

And then we get our wedding and can die happy. The end.



☁ Unova region - the ‘cloud’ region ☁

I just got the best da:I ending I could ever hope for so like. Brb I’m gonna be obnoxiously glowing with happiness for the next twelve hours

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anonymous said: gx or arc-v?

graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias 




Things may look down right now, but they will get better soon, okay? :))


THOMAS: Cocksucker! This is really nice of Ruby.
CRAIG: It’s the least she can do.
THOMAS: Still…
CRAIG: By the way, you look great.
THOMAS: Thanks! Fuck! You too!

CHRISTOPHE: For fuck’s sake…



♥ first and last selfies of 2015 ♥ I feel like I’m in my second pokemon evolution bc I’ve learnt so much about myself and grown quite a bit this year, but I got a long way to go lmao