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Dengeki Online - BPRO App Playthrough Guide

The release for B-PROJECT “Muteki*Dangerous” iOS/Android Smartphone Game will be soon.

B-PROJECT, commonly called BPRO, is produced by Nishikawa Takanori, original work by Shikura Chiyomaru, and character design by Yukihiro Utako to create this wonderful big idol project released in September 2015.

“Kitakore”, “THRIVE”, “MooNs”, “KiLLER KiNG”, these 4 groups, for a total of 14 male idols have released CDs, had an anime broadcast from July-September 2016, and a stage play this July for lots of content ♪ Finally, you must be waiting to hear about the game system and original story!

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Northern California Gothic
  • For fun, you walk down Main Street of Old Placerville. You see a candy shop. You go in. “Don’t go to the other candy shop,” says the man at the counter. You exit and see, across the street, another candy shop. You cross the street. You go in. “Don’t go to the other candy shop,” says the man at the counter. You exit. You don’t go to either candy shop anymore. You keep walking. You step into the used books shop. Where did the entrance go? There is a mannequin in the window. It blinks.
  • You take the highway east of Sacramento. On the way to your destination, there are cows. So many cows. You roll up the windows. You take the highway west of Sacramento. On the way to your destination, there are still cows. So many cows. You keep the windows rolled up. You take the highway south of Sacramento. On the way to     your destination, there are more cows. So many cows. You turn off the A/C. You take the highway north of Sacramento. You don’t come back.
  • “It’s raining,"someone says. "Is it?” You look outside. You get dressed. You open the door. It is no longer raining. When was the last time you have felt water on your skin?
  • Tired of cows, you take the back roads to the college. On the way, you pass a dilapidated farmhouse, stark against the bright green grass surrounding it. You think it is beautiful. On another trip, you go a different way, to a different town. You pass a dilapidated farmhouse on the side of the road. You think it is eerie. For the next few weeks, every day you will pass and notice an increasing number of dilapidated farmhouses. Eventually you cease to notice.
  • It is snowing in the foothills. The news travels quickly, like a hyena pack. It is snowing in the foothills! School administrators are ruffled, wondering what to do. Children and teenagers flock outside and reach to drag their fingers along the frosty white grass. There is no snow.
  • Folsom Lake is dry. Families and explorers travel from miles around. They take their cameras and their hiking boots. “Excavate Mormon Island,” they say. The lakebed is parched. “Find treasure.” You murmur a question of concern. Isn’t the water running out? Should we be worried? No one hears you.
  • In Gold Country, you used to pan the rivers for gold. Now, you scan the golden hills for water.
  • In your white, conservative town, you see a sign advertising a Tea Party. You show up to the meeting. There is no tea. It is not a party. Everyone stares at you.
  • In Old Sacramento, you enter Evangeline’s Costume Mansion. The walls tell the stories of the criminals who have lived and died here. You get in the elevator. You pass the mannequins. You pass the displays of swords. You pass the corsets and headdresses. You have hit the third floor. The elevator keeps going. You are not sure where.
  • The road up north leads through a hundred boasted charming small towns. They offer home-baked pie. They offer fresh apple cider. They offer postcards that advertise the right to bear arms. A chill runs down your spine. The mutton-chopped baker smiles at you.
  • Facebook statuses ring like pealing church bells. ‘Did you feel the earthquake?’ 'How about that earthquake!’ Reports of Richter scale ratings blur on your screen. You check the news. The earthquake was in your town. You didn’t notice.
  • On the coast, you travel north to Humboldt County. The trees smell strange. The people smell strange. There are stairs everywhere. It is cold, and the pupils of everyone you meet are dilated. “We have a street fair,” they say. “Support local craftsmanship.”
  • Fog skims the streets of Stockton. The fog clouds here do not hang in the air. They move, like snakes. They slither onto the soccer field at night. They arrange a buffer around your vehicle. You cannot see. Are those children playing in the silvery darkness there? Shapes are moving, but you do not hear a sound. You crawl slowly down the road and hope those glowing eyes are headlights.     
  • Your friends suggest you meet in William Lands Park. You show up to William Lands Park. Your friends are not there. Children run, screaming, to a tiny theme park in the middle of the grass. You are not allowed in. You are too old for magic, they tell you. Where are your friends? Where in William Lands Park? Where did the zoo go? Where did you go?
  • You take a day trip to San Francisco. Your GPS leads you to a street full of pastel Victorian homes. The navigation leads straight up. You drive alongside a cable car. You keep going up. The road gets steeper. You keep going up. A truck rig hangs heavily in front of you, looming, threatening to tick backwards. You keep going up. The water bottle at your feet rolls under you. You cannot see the top of the hill for the fog. The navigation presses you forward. You keep going up. Your grip on the steering wheel tightens. You keep going up. You keep going up. You keep going up.
  • There is a strawberry stand at the side of the road. You pull over and purchase a basket for two dollars. You take it home. The strawberries are juicy. The television warns of a drought. You lick your lips absentmindedly, unaware that they are growing redder. You recall your neighbor’s strawberry garden. You take another bite. Your teeth are stained like blood.

Assembled with the input of spookygondolier, and at the encouragement of necphilak and charmingsprout. Feel free to add your own!

Candle Lit Confession

a/n: Ok, so I was going to write my sister a fluffy Mark Lee story, but y’all can enjoy it too!

Mark Lee x Reader


Originally posted by monoka

You’ve known Mark for a little while now, about a year or so. He and the other NCT members have all become great friends of yours, luckily SM allowed you to be a part of their lives. During the last three months. you felt yourself growing more and more fond of a specific NCT member…Mark. His charming and dedicated personality won you over and his giggles melted your heart.

One day during their practice, you got a facetime call from the boys. 

“HI (Y/Y)!!” You’re best friend, Donghyuck, yelled into the phone earning a giggle from you. 

“Hi Hyuck! How are you guys doing?”

“We’re good! Say hi, guys!” Hyuck said as he held the phone out further so you could see everyone. Everyone said hello happily except for Mark,  who shyly waved to you before running off screen. 

The call ended shortly after. You sat there wondering what made Mark act so weird.

Maybe he was just busy. You sighed and thought to yourself before turning your attention to the pile of homework sitting in front of you. 

Another month has gone by and Mark has still been acting weird around you. The boys are even noticing his strange behavior. Taeyong started to question him about it when they got time alone, not wanting his younger member to feel awkward around one of their closest friends. He told Taeyong everything, he explained his crush on you and that he was scared that you didn’t feel the same way about him. Haechan sneakily heard every word of it from outside the door.

The gossip spread like wildfire through the NCT dorms. They all knew about Mark’s crush on you, and they had a feeling you liked him too. Haechan pestered Mark every chance he got until Mark finally snapped and told them about it. Before Mark knew it, the Dream members developed a plan with the 127 members, mostly because of Haechan. they called it “Mission Get Mark a Girlfriend” I know…so creative

Mark wanted to confess his feelings to you, the 127 boys helped him prepare a song for you. They even helped pick a location for him to confess. Taeyong and the Dream members all ran out that day to set up for the confession that would take place soon after sunset while he perfected his song for you.

Haechan stopped by your house with a card. He handed you the envelope and spoke quickly before you opened it. 

“Wear something nice. Be there at 8pm!” With that said, he took off.

Confused, you read the letter. It was an invitation. 

“Meet me at the top of the hill tonight after sunset.”

You knew what hill he was talking about, you watched the stars there with the NCT gang plenty of times when they were stressed out from too much training. You did as your best friend told you to do. You got dressed and went to the hilltop as the sun was setting. When you got there, you saw the only tree there lit up by strings of fairy lights, a small picnic table was beneath it with a few candles lit in the center of it. As you walked closer, Mark stepped out from behind the tree holding a bouquet of flowers. 

You stopped in your tracks, shocked to see him. Nervously, he took a deep breath and began to sing the song he wrote for you. His voice was a little quite and shaky at first, but he grew a little more confident as he continued. Tears began to fill your eyes as the beautiful lyrics flowed around you like a warm summer breeze. As he neared the end of the song, he walked up to you and shyly handed you the flowers. His cheeks were flushed bright pink and his hands were slightly shaking from nerves. 

“(y/n), I-I wanted to tell you that..I like you.” He started speaking.

“And its ok if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted to tell you that every time I see you, I get really nervous. You’re so pretty and you know exactly what to say when SM starts being too hard on us during practices. Your smile is so beautiful, And..” He started nervously rambling on.

You grabbed his hand, trying to calm him down. “Mark, I like you too!” You spoke softly, looking into his eyes. After you said that, you could see his eyes sparkle with happiness as a smile spread across his face.

“Can I…kiss you?” He cautiously asked before he slowly tucked his hand on the side of your head. You nodded, a small smile on your lips. 

He leaned in slowly as you went up on your tip toes to be able to reach better. (ok, he’s tall)

His warm breath fanned across your face gently as he leaned closer. His soft lips gently met yours, in a shy but sweet first kiss. Your heart fluttered at the sensation. The kiss was short, but it was perfect. As he pulled away, a fit of giggles took over him, infecting you with laughter as well. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach knowing he actually liked you as much as you liked him.

Months went by and Mark has been the best boyfriend you could ever ask for. SM asked that you keep the relationship a secret, but they support you both. They had turned over a new leaf since you and Mark had shown them how happy you were together and how you encouraged Mark to continue working hard. They wanted to see their artists happy, they took better care of them, they got the rest they deserved while still remaining a successful group. All of NCT loved you two together, and of course, Donghyuck teased you two to no end.

Turning the Page (2/?)

Summary: After several long years, Emma and Killian are finally getting the second chance they thought was beyond reach. At the same, Henry Mills is still struggling to find his own story while beloved family members live out theirs. Belief and hope guiding him, he leans on his other mother, Regina, and another version of his stepfather, Captain Hook, to help him write his next chapter. And someday he’ll return home to share his epic tale with the rest of his Charming family.

Rating: Mature (for now)

Catch up here: Ch 1

Also on: ao3  |

Author’s Note: This started as a little drabble post-7×02. I have a few ideas about where I want this to go and I hope you like it. I’m going to do my best to write and post one approximately 500 word chapter everyday because it’s a manageable goal. Enjoy!

Hook was sitting on the the log by the dying fire, staring at the chess piece he’d carried across many realms, when he felt the tip of a hook tapping on his arm. He looked up to see Emma’s Killian eyeing him with a natural expression. By the tilt of his head towards the other side of the clearing, he understood Killian intended for them to talk away from the others. He followed, trying to prepare himself for what might be unsaid between them.

“Aye, what is it you wished to say?” Hook demanded of the other man.

“My wife has placed her trust in you by asking you to look after Henry. You have to understand how important it is, that you do not break that trust. Emma’s trust was one of the things that set me on the path to let go of my villainy and explore the possibility of a happy ending, or, as Emma prefers, a happy beginning,” Killian explained, though Hook could tell there was more to be said from the way he paused.

“I understand this is a second chance and I don’t intended to waste it,” Hook stressed, almost desperate that his doppelganger believed he meant it. After almost separating the man from his child, a pain he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, Killian had still pleaded with Emma to save his life, thus Hook now felt a debt was owed.

“I hope you do not. I think you should also know that Henry is the one responsible for setting the events in motion that lead Emma to me. Emma had Henry when she was incarcerated for crimes the father of her child pinned on her. Young and alone, she gave Henry up to give him his best chance unlike our own fathers who were selfish and abandoned us to save himself. Regina,” Killian pointed towards the Evil Queen, “she adopted Henry and raised him alone until Henry was 10 and set out to bring Emma to Storybrooke. He helped her find her parents and she eventually found me. Her family became my family and though I might not be the lad’s birth father, make no mistake, Henry is my son and I love him as such.”

“He seems like a fine young man. I’m sure… well… I’m sure he’ll be okay,” he mumbled, stumbling over his words, a little embarrassed that for all the languages he knew, words had failed him just then. Killian chuckled softly at this.

“He may seem grown but he’s still a lad in many ways and you know it. I need you to promise me that you will look after my son, as though he was your own, because whether he means to or not, he’ll look to you for guidance and support because you are a version of the man that helped raise him,” Killian asked, intentions finally aired out.

“I owe both you and Emma for saving my life, so I promise, on my honour, that I will guide and protect young Henry in your stead,” he vowed, extending his hand. 

To be continued…

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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This is one of those period films I’ve seen lately but haven’t had time to write about. Before starting with my usual way of writing and adding gifs without control, let me tell you a couple things:

  • I totally LOVE the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, it’s one of my very favourite films in every way (the cast, the music, the costume design, the art…).

Originally posted by violentfille

  • I also love bad films. Like really bad films. The kind of films that you see the poster and you already know that they will be bad (think about something like “I, Frankenstein” or “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” or “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) and they are fun because these are not pretentious films, they just deliver what you expect and if you go see them with a good mood, then you might even be surprised. Or not. That’s the charm of bad films.

Originally posted by michaelxtrevino

Now, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is not such a bad film. I don’t know why, but it perfectly works together. It was rather amazing. Let me tell you about it.

First, you MUST suspend disbelief. The film starts and tells you that before the story starts, there was a zombie uprising/epidemy and that now people have learnt to live with this. And in that world is where our story happens.

Originally posted by artofthetitle

Before anything, we meet Mr Darcy (insert sight here), who is the hot-but-weird Sam Riley. I have to say that I had never thought anything about his voice until I saw this movie, but it’s quite… nasal, I guess? I don’t know, weird voice.

Originally posted by henryhcavill

He also wears all black. And has a katana. Because of course.

Originally posted by alwaysh7hr

I have to say that in my heart, Keira Knightley will always be THE Elizabeth Bennet.

Originally posted by shesnake

And also I’m not that fond of Lily James, even though I love her in Downton Abbey. I don’t know why, but she doesn’t seem to me like the right Lizzie. But whatever.

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Bella Heathcote is perfect as Jane Bennet. Actually I think she’s perfect in all period films ever XD

Originally posted by douglasboothdaily

Mr Bingley (Douglas Booth) is SO gorgeous, just like taken from a Burberry ad and taken back to the Regency era (I don’t know if that makes any sense).

Originally posted by liammix

And talking about Mr Bingley, I liked the way that the relationship between Darcy and Bingley is portrayed: they trust their lives to each other. That kind of friendship seems tough and great.

Originally posted by douglasbdaily

And Collins. OH MY FUCKIN GOD, COLLINS! Matt Smith is HILARIOUS. Totally loved him as the odd, silly and awkward Collins. Perfect humour with perfect timing.

Originally posted by periodpoppycock

I love that Wickham (Jack Huston)  is a little more important to the story and really makes you think if he’s actually wrong or not (I didn’t find a gif :( )

Now, let’s check the important part: the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Well it follows (obviously) the usual Pride & Prejudice line, but we have these fun/awesome moments of them together:

When they meet at the ball (because zombies or not zombies, there must be a ball)

Originally posted by allisnsargents

Originally posted by emillaisalright

When he “saves” her from a zombie-lady

Originally posted by diablito666

When he declares his love…

Originally posted by dammitclaflin

and she starts a fight (I couldn’t help laughing here).

Originally posted by halfagony-halfhope

Originally posted by colaborator

And of course, the battlefield

Originally posted by bennetlizzy

In other highlights we have: the ball fight

Originally posted by jonerystargaryen

The Bennet sisters training

Darcy and Caroline reciting “the accomplished lady” list

Originally posted by periodpoppycock

Mr Bingley on a horse (or next to the horse since there’s no gif)

and finally the bridge explosion

Charles Dance not being a creepy dude as in GoT

Originally posted by sixsunflowersbloom

Now, the costume design: there are some very good things like most of the menswear

Originally posted by periodpoppycock

but there’s also the WHOLE underwear for the ladies. Tights. Bloomers. Really? REALLY?!

Originally posted by midevilin

even though most of the dresses and coats look rather  good.

Originally posted by agentromanoffsir

Originally posted by periodpoppycock

Final thoughts: Are you looking for a faithful version of the Austen novel? Then don’t see this movie. Are you just wanna have fun and you love Matt Smith and/or zombies? Go see it now.

Also, I have to say that it’s pretty amazing the way that the original story and conflicts work in any setting and era: from a modern romcom to this zombie version. Jane Austen’s writing is just so… universal? Perfect? I don’t know but I have to say that even with all the fun/weird/crazy stuff going on in this film, the way that the core of the novel is untouched is just wonderful. I guess it’s just what happens with great literature.

And I LOVE what they did with the female characters: there’s not a single one who is not badass and strong. From each Bennet sister to Lady Catherine de Bourgh (ok, maybe Mrs Bennet is kind of boring, but that’s her point in the story).

Originally posted by she-s-a-shy-one

Main Info:

Name: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Year: 2015

Director: Burr Steers

Main Cast: Lily James, Sam Riley, Bella Heathcote, Suki Waterhouse, Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Jack Huston, Matt Smith, Lena Headey.

Costume Design: Julian Day

Furry Little Friend

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  1682

Summary:  Simon and Baz decide to get a new addition to their household.
Based on “adopting a pet” prompt from anonymous

Read on AO3

AN:  This was great to write. Two of my favourite things in the world, snowbaz and kittens! Thank you to the prompter of this, because it gave me something really fun to do while staying up all night. Enjoy this tooth rotting fluff, everyone :)


“Hey, Baz?”

My head snaps up. Snow sits across me at our puny excuse for a dining room table. He’s tracing circles on the wood surface, looking at his fingers. But his eyes are somewhere else.

“Yes, love?”

“What do you think about pets?”

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Some Thoughts on the Finale...

1. Wow we actually have a concrete time line of how long has passed between the beginning of S1 and S6 - 4 years. 

2. Still doesn’t explain baby Neal tho. 

3. Rumple has killed both his parents. Not a wise choice as babysitter in the future. 

4. Henry and Rumple acknowledge their family connection for the first time in ages. Last time Rumple spoke of Henry he called him Killian’s son (the pirate and his son have made up). 

5. The last ever Captain Charming adventure. 

6. Snow appears to have forgotten she shares a heart with David, and if he had died she wouldn’t have lived to find him. 

7. Killian is the first to sense Emma’s change of belief. 

8. De-aging Gideon will make @justanotherwannabeclassic happy. (Hope your muse is still going strong for Finding Neverland)

9. Emma has now died and been brought back to life. She and Killian can exchange stories. 

10. The final montage was beautiful - huzzah for OQ M2, for CS, for Snowing, even Rumbelle. 

11. And finally, should S7 be terrible, we can all use S6 as our finale and pretend S7 is some weird AU experiment within the show.

Game reviews

I got bit by the reviewing bug and started leaving reviews of Steam.Thought I’d post them here too, for posterity. Mostly positive except for venting about the endings of Life is Strange and Transistor.

Long Live the Queen

10/10 would and will die again. This was actually the game that got me on Steam. When I saw that it’s a game where you have a tiny pink anime magical girl princess who you can craft to be everything from a vicious warlord to a silver-tounged spymaster, how could I resist, you know? This game is really endless, I’ve gone through so many variation and died in so many adorable and gruesome ways, killed so many people and queened so hard. This is just the right amount of twisted for me.

Also, I mean, I can get a girlfriend who is adopted by magical lesbian moms and wears Sailor Venus’s costume, that is truly living the dream.

I’d say my one complaint about the game is, girlfriends aside, even with the extinction I have to SERIOUSLY screw Elodie over if I want her to be able to marry a woman. Like get her dad killed and everything. Elodie’s Dad is a depressing, useless buzzkill so I’ll trade him for a hot wife, but that’s still pretty harsh.

We Know the Devil

Magical girl references plus beautiful, poetic writing plus cleverly written metaphors plus examination of social pressures, teenage alienation and queer struggles equals a story designed for me to love. This is a game so nice I played it twice. I played it when it first came out, but when I saw it on Steam I knew I had to get it and replay for fancy achievements

Read Only Memories

I knew I’d love this game because the protagonist is a broke internet journalist living in a crappy apartment who needs to use headphones all the time, which was basically me at the time (I’m still a broke internet journalist but have a slightly better apartment now). Unfortunately I don’t have an adorable robot friend, alas.

Seriously, Turing is the best and this game is utterly charming. It’s just so good natured with a nice sense of humor, and the retro game aesthetic is fun. The range of characters was pretty interesting and a lot of them were so cute and fun- Punk boy and anime guy were such ridic little lovebirds. The story and setting were very solid. For someone like me who love unlocking dialogue and exploring stuff, it was a dream. Also, everyone was queer, so I felt right at home. This kind of stuff is why I love indie games and I want more like this.

My one complaint is replayability to get the different endings is a chore, which is why I haven’t gotten them all yet. You can’t really skip over the dialogue or anything and so it’s tedious if you’ve read it already. I decided to take a break because of that so it will be fresh to me when I try to get a different ending.

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The Party Goes With You

Alone at last, the vampiric party over, Victor and Lily take a look at their new lives.

“This was a mistake, Victor. Now we have to deal with a whole new power structure that’s been in place for centuries.”

“Vampires are people, Lily. People can be charmed. People can be controlled. I’ve applied for membership with the Vampire Council, and I’ll get it.” He hesitates for just a moment, facing a fear he’s had since his transformation. “I want you to join me.”

Lily doesn’t say yes.

“Why not?” he snaps, his heart breaking. “We can rule this city, side by side, for lifetimes!”

With a catch in her voice, Lily says, “Everything is meant to end. Victor, we swore we’d grow old together.”

“And now we don’t have to grow old! What is the problem? You’re just scared of change!”

This change, yes. I’m scared of the man this power will make you become. I…I can’t be around him.”

Victor’s eyes widen. For a moment, all he can do is stare. He’d known she was pulling away from him, but he’d thought it was something he could smooth over. They’re soulmates. They’re partners. They’re perfectly aligned in every way. “What are you saying?”

“We’re over, Victor.” She breathes deeply; she can’t breathe any other way, feeling like she’s run miles. “We both know each other’s secrets. I won’t come after you, as long as you return the favour.”

“Yes.” Some pain is too deep for tears. “Of course.”

Apodyopsis (Charles Xavier x reader)

Apodyopsis - act of mentally undressing someone

So yeah, my first drabble ever. Please don’t be harsh people :’)

               You remember meeting Charles as if it were yesterday. The man just oozed with this boyish charm that easily caught your heart. It’s been a few months now that you have been living in the Xavier mansion and the things started being a little more complicated. Long story short, you have fallen head over heels for Charles Xavier and you knew you were basically doomed to one-sided love.

You were lying in your bed going through the afternoon’s training over and over again. Charles touching your hand gently, encouraging you to do your best, locking his baby blue eyes with you, smiling happily… You sighed turning in your bed and hiding your face in the pillow just to scream silently.  Damn you, Charles Xavier, you life ruiner! On top of that, his today’s lilac V-neck sweater literally knocked you off your feet. It just suited him so well! You couldn’t help but steal glances of his neck, his chest, his stomach, his… STOP, you’re making things even worse. You furrowed your brows as Charles’ image couldn’t just leave your head. You took a deep breath as your mind took you further than you had actually wanted. You started pulling this damn sweater up in your head, revealing his slim body. You traced a finger down his collarbone admiring each and every milimetre of his pale skin. Your hand went down caressing his flat stomach and feeling his well-developed muscles. You smirked to yourself as you reached to his belt…

And then you heard someone clearing his throat. You jumped out of your bed squinting your eyes to see anything in darkness.

-          May I ask you what you are doing, love?


-          N-nothing – you stuttered trying to collect your thoughts. – What are YOU doing here in the middle of the night? Knocking would also be quite nice of you as well, Charles.

-          I knocked but you were in a different dimension, I believe – you heard a soft chuckle. – I tried to fall asleep but your mind is just so loud.

-          W-what do you mean? – your cheeks were literally on fire right now.

-          Basically, you were screaming, screaming in my mind. And the things I saw… - Charles lowered his voice sending shivers down your spine. – Well, I must admit they were quite enjoyable to witness.

You held your breath as you heard his wheelchair coming in your direction. You didn’t have to wait long to see his face and eyes investigating you thoroughly. Damn, you were completely screwed. He knew. You lost your closest friend just because of these silly feelings you had towards him.

Charles titled his head as his lips contorted into a crooked smile.

-          (Y/N), darling, would you please start breathing? I don’t want you to pass out in a moment like this.

-          I.. I mean… Yeah… I suppose so – you couldn’t look at him anymore so you averted your eyes to the wall behind him. – Charles… I… Darn it. I am so sorry. I know…

-          No, you don’t. You don’t know anything, love. Look at me, please.

You blinked but did as he asked.  His face had this serious look, which made you freeze in spot unable to do or say anything. In this very moment Charles reached to his shoulders and pulled his sweater off and threw it on the floor. You gasped as he took your hand and put it on his chest. You started caressing his skin just as you imagined but the feeling was different. You smiled softly when you heard his heart was beating as fast as yours.

-          The truth is, love, I adore you – Charles sounded pretty determined. – I don’t know if you accept a man that I am now, but I can promise I will do everything in my powers to make you happy. You made me your slave, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

You were not able to say a word. Instead, you chose to sit on his lap and hug him as tight as humanly possible. You breathed in his gentle scent of books and cologne. Then, you pulled away a bit and kissed him with all the passion that you have gathered since you met him. When you two broke off, neither of you could catch a breath. Charles put some of your hair behind your ear and cupped your cheek.

-          I take it as a yes – he said finally.

-          I have always belonged to you, Charles Xavier – you whispered.

-          So have I to you, love. Now… That being said, may I ask you for something?

-          Anything – you answered without hesitation and watched him smirk.

-          Before I came, your mind made a couple of interesting pictures. Care to explore the subject? – Charles winked making the butterflies in your belly even more restless.

-          I guess I can show you some pretty, little tricks, sir – you winked back and pecked him on a cheek.

-          That’s my girl.


A comiXologist Recommends

Goldie Vance #4 @boomstudios

by Hope Larson @hopelarson, Brittney Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams and Sarah Stern @worstwizard

In the last issue of the first Goldie Vance story, our intrepid heroine dodges Russians spies, the cops, and the whims of gravity to save a missing hotel guest from certain doom! Will she survive her undercover mission to a rival hotel? Will her cute friend Diane want to be more than just a friend? Tune in to find out!

By day, Goldie is a valet at the chic Crossed Palms Resort in sunny Florida, USA. Also by day, she helps the hotel detective to solve even the most mundane case. When a guest’s necklace goes missing, it’s up to Goldie and her not-boss to solve the mystery. But neither of them could have guessed that the solution was part of a bigger problem…

I’ve loved everything about the Goldie Vance books, from the animated art style to the fact that Goldie’s mom works as a live mermaid in a downtown club. It’s a book that you’ll enjoy if you’re into retro settings, sleuthing, Grease-esque drag racing, mild Cold War era political overtures, or all of the above. I’m so excited that this series is now ongoing and we get to read more adventures soon, and now’s the perfect time to get caught up on this charming story!

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First kiss

Ok, justfangirlingit, I threw a few things in here. Missing Year OQ.

The rain seems never-ending. Five days cooped up in the castle, and Regina is ready to burn the place down just to get some peace and quiet. Five days of her heels tapping along stone corridors, always bumping into people who want to ask her questions. Is this a spell? Are we trapped by some magic? Should we be concerned?

For fuck’s sake, it’s rain, not Armageddon. Sure, the Enchanted Forest has been blessed with beautiful scenery and perfect weather, but it’s a bit of a leap to think that her sister has called these storm clouds upon them. Even Regina can’t control the weather. A cloud cover over the moon, perhaps, but five straight days of rain is a bit of a stretch. And even though she knows that they’re living in a story book now, she doesn’t think that her castle is immune to the laws of nature.

Her castle. Well, it’s their castle now. Her pristine rooms have been invaded by dwarves and outlaws alike, and she can’t even sneak out to her apple tree without tripping over someone. The kitchens are off-limits – Granny won’t leave the ovens, and the Merry Men are always fighting for the scraps of what she prepares. Snow and Charming will be sitting in the great hall, preening over their charges. The uneasy alliance they’ve forged is enough to keep her out of their way, but not enough that she relishes their company. Belle is most likely in the library, poring over books to try to find a way to return her beloved imp, despite the fact that it’s her own damn fault that he was captured in the first place. Why couldn’t they have come to her to ask about reviving the Dark One? The most powerful practitioner of magic in the land, and they didn’t even bother to let her know their plans. She feels guilty for blaming Neal, mostly because of Henry, but blame him she does. She could have helped them, but no…they had to run off without her, and now Zelena has Rumple, and Regina is more than a little afraid of what that means for their rag-tag band of heroes.

She could go to the stables.

She can’t go to the stables.

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Hey hey hey!

Scholastic put this on their site so I think I can share it now :) 

I had the incredible opportunity to illustrate the cover for this little gem called Fortune Falls, published by Scholastic and written by Jenny Goebel. 

I usually don’t get that excited about stories, but the concept behind this one was amazing: there’s a town where no one can leave, and everyones’ lives are ruled by luck. If you step on a crack, it will literally break your mother’s back. Good luck charms are valuable and hard to come by. The rich have all the luck they need while the poor drudge along, getting struck by lightning, falling off roofs, etc. 

One girl tries to change her fate by getting on a lucky streak but ends up breaking a mirror instead. It’s a riot. It’s coming out later this year or early next year, I think. You need to read it :D


After MJ gives her a bedding so she could sleep on the sofa she asks him about the diary and the meaning of his “last 3 months on Earth” wondering whether he plans to move somewhere else or worse. It heartwarming how attached SY became to him after such a short time despite all his rebuffs and cold treatment towards her. He stares at her and scolds her for breaking his rules. The thing is that it he’s begun to break them first - being so curious about her that he can’t stop asking questions and physically pulled to her that he just needs to be close to her, touch her and make sure she is safe. And even though, he is clearly in denial, deep down MJ has already started to acknowledge his defencelessness against her charm.

“Once upon a time there was a rabbit, made out of ceramics.  The rabbit loved the little girl and it watched her dying. That rabbit swore to not make a mistake of falling in love again. However, try to answer. When there is no love, how can a story have a happy ending? ”

At night he reads Kate DiCamillo’s critically-acclaimed novel The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane that tells a story of a china rabbit doll. While narrating he gets up and longingly looks toward the living room where SY now soundlessly sleeps despite her protests that artists are sensitive and have trouble to fall asleep in foreign places. I guess the book he’d lended to her and she’s now using as her spare eye cover helped. And just like the rabbit who renounced love MJ is pulled towards it. Just as we shall have our happy ending because love is already stirring in his heart when he so gently tugs SY under the sheet to keep her warm and it’s love that makes him watch after her during the night.

“Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart. “ - The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (not in YWCFTS but my particular favourite as it perfectly suits SY and MJ’S lovestory)

I swear if the writer would manage to keep their romance this epic for all the 20 episodes (and give us a happy end) I’m ready to proclaim this OTP and kdrama the best ever PERIOD.

Hobo and Glunkus backstory.

My friend nikki-page and I concocted the backstory for both Hobo and Glunkus, here’s how it goes;

Hobo’s story isn’t all that original. He was just a normal cat, whose owners loved him until they had kids and couldn’t take care of him anymore. Therefore, they left him on the streets, only to have him fight to survive.

One night, Hobo wandered into an alley in the city while it was raining to gain some shelter. He soon noticed that he wasn’t alone, and that there was something dark and mysterious hiding in the shadows…

Glunkus’s backstory goes something like this:

Glunkus lived a luxurious life as an absolutely gorgeous feline. His owners treated him as a trophy cat, and bragged about him to everyone. As they had invested their pride into Glunkus, he - in turn - invested his love into his owners.

Later on in life, he notices that his family starts going through some small financial troubles, no big deal. But Glunkus sees the turmoil, and wants to do something about it. He decides the only way to properly return the love to his owners is to sell one of his nine lives to the devil for a wish. He does so, and later on he sells more and more of his souls. As he sells his souls, he starts to lose function in his face (ie, sight, smell, taste, etc), as well as his beauty. By the time he sells his ninth soul, he transforms into that of a demon - pitch black fur, gruff voice and a face full of teeth. After he’d given all that he could to his owners, they took one look at him, called him hideous and discarded him on the street.

Of course, he finds his way into this same alley that he and Hobo first meet. Hobo is, without a doubt, scared shitless of Glunkus, thinking the cat might rip him to shreds with his maw. When in fact, Glunkus can’t see a single thing, so when he walks towards Hobo out of curiosity, he ends up bumping into objects, signifying how harmless he really is. Hobo sees this, and forms a tender heart towards the other cat.

Hobo is a more outgoing cat; he’s willing to share his life story with Glunkus, who is more on the shy side and doesn’t like to talk about himself. He tells the other about the adventures he had in his previous home with his owners, and how great they were until the couple started reproducing. Glunkus, of course, listened. Even while he didn’t share his life with Hobo, he was still relieved to know someone wanted to talk to him, despite his tumultuous flaw.

They become close friends as time goes on. Due to Glunkus’s lack of vision, Hobo must be his seeing eye cat. They walk shoulder to shoulder with their tails linked together as to make sure Glunkus doesn’t accidentally wander off and get hurt.

One day, Glunkus finally feels comfortable enough with Hobo to tell his story. He confesses to Hobo that he sold all nine of his lives to please his owners, and after he’d gone through the awful transformation, they disowned him. He was bitter about humans, now that his favorite ones had taken him for granted and only “loved” him because of his beauty which he didn’t have anymore. Not only did he lose his aesthetic charm, but his sight as well. This particular thing got Hobo interested.

He asked Glunkus how simple it was to sell one’s soul to the devil in exchange for a wish. Glunkus told him it was an easy ritual, and he could be summoned anywhere, anytime, only by the will of the one selling their soul. This gives Hobo an idea.

Later at night, while Glunkus is asleep, Hobo ventures off to leave him alone for the first time ever. He goes somewhere private and attempts to call forth the devil, and is successful. He tells the devil about his friend Glunkus, whom the devil knows very well. Hobo then explains that he wants to sell his soul to the devil to give his friend sight, which also leads to him sacrificing his right eye. The devil promises to donate Hobo’s eye to Glunkus as he takes one of the cat’s souls and disappears.

In the middle of the night, Glunkus paws the ground to find out that Hobo is no longer lying beside him. He meows out for him, unable to function without his seeing eye friend. In moments, he starts seeing clearly with no explanation, and the first thing to appear before him is his friend Hobo, who is one eye short.

Hobo explains to him what he did, and why his eye went missing, to which Glunkus is aghast. He is in disbelief as to why anyone would do something that big for him. Glunkus states “I’m nothing to this world”.

To which Hobo replies, “But you’re something in mine.”

anonymous asked:

What are some not as well known animated features that you think deserve more notice? (Any era)

HMMMMM well, I’m gonna go with some personal favorites. They may be pretty well known around Tumblr but Idunno, I still think these are vastly underrated and need to make the rounds every now and then.

The Last Unicorn

This film has been getting more attention as of late which is great because gosh does it deserve it. While the dialogue can drag on and some of the effects are definitely showing their age, it’s steeped heavily in that wonderful type of fantasy-adventure that films like Neverending Story and Labyrinth built on. It approaches the idea of unicorns in a more… human manner, thus adding another level to the films themes and concepts.

The Triplets of Belleville

A wonderful WONDERFUL film with little to no dialogue. It’s a cult favorite amongst animators however it’s still largely unknown to the general public. The animation is incredible and the level of detail in the backgrounds is insanely beautiful. The characters make the film though, the way they’re written and their designs are just a treat to watch and experience. Plus, the film has a largely female cast so that’s always super rad.


Now, I know Rango won the Academy award but the thing is, it was everywhere for a year and then just sort of… disappeared. Hell, a lot of animation students hardly remember the film which is a shame because to this day it’s the pinnacle of animated westerns. Everything just captures the spirit of western films SO WELL. The score is fantastic, the writing is clever, and hell, Johnny Depp does a great job with his performance as Rango. While it’s not the deepest film on the list, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Mary and Max

With films like Big Hero 6 and Frozen stumbling through the IDEA of loss and barely addressing emotional distress properly, it’s such a relief to see a film do it RIGHT and give it a real approach. Max is an adult man with Aspergers who becomes close pen-pals with a girl named Mary. Throughout the course of the film it follows their lives and how they deal with things like anxiety, heartache, depression, and suicide. While it’s not at all explicit, it has a lot of adult themes that touch on sensitive subjects. The ending is heart-wrenching so of course I highly suggest it.

Ernest and Celestine

And now for the POLAR OPPOSITE of Mary and Max, we have Ernest and Celestine. This film is by and large for kids but even as an adult it’s hard not to enjoy the charming story and characters. The art style is heavily based on storybook illustrations and every single frame of this film shows that and by God that is simply amazing. It’s no emotional roller-coaster, but it doesn’t need to be in order to succeed as an animated film. SHIT’S CUTE.

While I have a couple more, these are the ones I wanted to write up and think they cover fairly decent ground in terms of what animated films can achieve. If you’re interested, here are some more underrated gems that deserve a viewing;

  • Song of the Sea
  • A Monster in Paris
  • Summer Wars
  • Paprika
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • Watership Down
  • Persepolis
Writers Appreciation Week!Part1

Hiiii! Welcome to my extremely long Appreciation List, i don’t write fics but I try to read all the ones that land on my dashboard. I’ve been working all day on putting them together (I already open a bottle of wine). Here you will find some old but goodies, some newer ones and some that I haven’t even started but I will eventually. Thank you to all the wonderful writers who make my days and nights soooo much happier and keep me on my toes! I appreciate all your time and effort and NEVER stop writing! You guys have an amazing talent!!!! 

PS: i don’t know how to link the fic!!! hehehe sorry

A Rhapsody of Sorts by silverglass: Rosie and Harry are everything you need, it’s a story of growing up, finding your voice and learning to trust.

All I want by americanowrites: i am pretty sure that Megan lives in my head, because I have a very scary connection with April, its just a brilliant story about learning to love yourself and letting others love you, self acceptance and trust.

Birthright by ellajames: Who doesn’t want a modern Royal Harry!!!!

Bloom by absolutestyles: A wonderful AU that you must go and read RIGHT NOW!!!! Rosie and Harry’s relationship is everything and bit more. She also has Paper Cuts that is amazingggggg!!!!

Bloom, Crooked Heart and Strangeness and Charm by @nebulastyles everything she writes its pure genius!!!!!

Boys Don’t Cry by oxygenstyles: ISABEL AND HARRY!!!!! Artist Harry!!!!!!!! Heartbreaking and beautiful.

Breath by wildestdreamsfics: Blair and Harry- Harry and Blair am so tense about this story that I can’t write much about it. Just go and read it!

Broken Things, The Love Club and VO’KE by beggingforfics: I mean she is even writing a sequel to TLC called The Queen of Hearts and I can’t wait.

Clicking with you by @inchildhoodwedream: Emmy Emmy Emmy what can I say the prose of this fic is just out of this world!!! And the next chapterrrrr…

Close Your Eyes (And Count to Ten), Crooked Love, Jinx Proof, The Hurting Kind, and her new one Pure Feeling (Billionaire Harry) Do I need to keep going? Just AMAZING!!!! @hurrricanes

Red Dawn, and the sequel When the Sky Turns Grey by @littlebird006 Dark Harry, but she also has Deckled Edges which is just WAAAAOOOOO!!!!!!! Tenny and Harry are justtttt (sigh)

Disconnected by @afitzgeraldfic: I mean I’ve never cried this much over a  character! She also has a new fic called Matters of the Heart!

Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips: I mean I want to be best friends with Birdy and date Harry… Actually I would date Birdy too. 

Giving up the Gun by @sheisbeauty-sheisgrace… ughhhhh soooo goodddd!!!!!

Gold Dust by wlidhearts: Lucy and Harry!!!! And the update last nighttttt!!!

Heartbeat and Lady Love by emstyles94x These two stories give me life for very different reasons but are beyond!

Hopelessly by @misslittleriver Architect Harry!!!!

How To Write Smut by SmilinForYa: Shay is a great OFC and this Harry makes my heart melt.

in the Post by @nylonla: Pen Pal Harry!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuck In the Storm: Olympian Swimmer Rorie and her best friend and neighbor Harry the sky is the limit and Katie is just pure brilliance!!!!!! Go read it and show her some love.

More Than Friends by nicoleannwriting Savanah, Sav, Savy! I love her and Harry sooooo much! I miss them! But am just glad that Nicole is back!!! She also has Jack and Coke

Just Anchor and Hope, When We Sink, We Float/ Sugar on The Asphalt, Tennessee  Teacakes by justanchorandhope I mean she is the QUEEN!!!!!! i’ve reread these stories so much that I think I know some of the dialogues.

Neutral by tittiesthough ughhh am sooo obsessed with Saf and Harry.

The Raven by kyraklass Caroline poor Caroline her and Harry really are tested to the max!!!! Go read this beautiful piece of work.

OK I AM STOPPING HEREEEE! Sorry if it was too long but I have a lot of writers to thank!!!!! and tomorrow I will post PART 2!!!!!


[STARCAST] “I’m going through hardships~ hiccup!”… Park Shin Hye’s ‘Pinocchio’ Diary

Hello, this is Choi In Ha (hiccup!), no, Park Shin Hye. I’m greeting with SBS ‘Pinocchio’ in the New Year too. ‘Pinocchio’ is also heading toward the latter half. There are only 4 episodes left until the end.

Thank you for giving interest toward ‘Pinocchio’ until now. I sometimes posted some scenes on SNS and the response was hot. I’m cheering up getting energy. Will you keep on watching it? ‘Pinocchio’ is fighting with the cold these days. I actually shot dramas in winter many times. I fought with the cold when I shot ‘Flower Boys Next Door’, ‘The Inheritors’, and even ‘Pinocchio’. It would’ve been hard if I didn’t have thick jumper and hand-warmer. I was physically hard for shooting staying up all night at the cold weather, but I didn’t feel I was going through hardships. It was really fun and exciting day. Am I lying? I’m not doing any hiccups now. Then now I will release the reason why I’m immersed into ‘Pinocchio’ from now on.

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May 19 1967 = Press launch for Sgt Pepper held at manager, Brian Epstein’s house at 24 Chapel Street, London.

“John Lennon walked into the room first. Then came George Harrison and Paul McCartney, followed closely by Ringo Starr and road managers Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans. The Beatles had arrived at a small dinner party in Brian Epstein’s Belgravia home, to talk to journalists and disc jockeys for the first time in many months.

Despite their flamboyant clothes which made even Jimmy Savile look startled, the Beatles are the same sane, straight-forward people they were four years ago. Their opinions and beliefs are the same only now they understand why they believe in them.

"I’ve had a lot of time to think,” said John, peering at me through his wire-rimmed specs, “and only now am I beginning to realize many of the things I should have known years ago. I’m getting to understand my own feelings. Don’t forget that under this frilly shirt is a hundred-year-old man who’s seen and done so much, but at the same time knowing so little.”

John regards the Beatles new LP ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ as one of the most important steps in the group’s career.

“It had to be just right. We tried and I think succeeded in achieving what we set out to do. If we hadn’t then it wouldn’t be out now.”

Apart from his green frilly shirt John was wearing maroon trousers and round his waist was a sporran.

Why the sporran, I inquired. “A relative in Edinburgh gave it to Cynthia as a present and as there are no pockets in these trousers it comes in handy for holding my cigarettes and front door keys.”

I joined George sitting quietly on a settee nibbling on a stick of celery. He was wearing dark trousers and a maroon velvet jacket.

On the lapel was a badge from the New York Workshop of Non-violence. Their emblem is a yellow submarine with what looked like daffodils sprouting from it. “Naturally I’m opposed to all forms of war,” said George seriously. “The idea of man killing man is terrible.”

I asked him about his visit to India and what it had taught him. “Firstly I think too many people here have the wrong idea about India. Everyone immediately associates India with poverty, suffering and starvation but there’s much, much more than that. There’s the spirit of the people, the beauty and goodness. The people there have a tremendous spiritual strength which I don’t think is found elsewhere. That’s what I’ve been trying to learn about.”

He believes that religion is a day-to-day experience. “You find it all around. You live it. Religion is here and now. Not something that just comes on Sundays.”

What had he been doing for the past year, I asked. Didn’t he ever get bored? “Oh, I’ve never been bored. There’s so much to do - so much to find out about,” he said enthusiastically. “We’ve been writing and recording and so on.”

The LP 'Sgt Pepper’ took them almost six months to make and it has received mixed reviews from the critics. Having achieved world-wide fame by singing pleasant hummable numbers, don’t they feel they may be too far ahead of the record buyers?

George thinks not. “People are very, very aware of what’s going on around them nowadays. They think for themselves and I don’t think we can ever be accused of under-estimating the intelligence of our fans.”

John agrees with him. “The people who have bought our records in the past must realize that we couldn’t go on making the same type forever. We must change and I believe those people know this.”

Of all four Beatles, Ringo I think is the one who has changed the least. Perhaps a little more talkative, more forthcoming. The one whose personality isn’t quite as obvious as the others and still the most reticent. He is very contented, and what’s best by the others is all right by him. What had inspired the sleeve cover of the album - a montage of familiar faces crowding around the Beatles?

“We just thought we’d like to put together a lot of people we like and admire.”

Included in the picture are Diana Dors, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx, Shirley Temple, Max Miller, Lawrence Of Arabia, Bob Dylan, and Stuart Sutcliffe the former member of the Beatles who died in Hamburg.

I drifted over to where the now clean-shaven, and much thinner Paul was sitting sipping a glass of champagne. He greeted me in his usual charming manner and inquired after my health.

“You know,” he said, “We’ve really been looking forward to this evening. We wanted to meet a few people because so many distorted stories were being printed.”

“We have never thought about splitting up. We want to go on recording together. The Beatles live!” he said, raising his glass into the air.“

Nome Drummond May 27,1967 New Musical Express source: Beatles Interviews website

You know what I love about Once Upon a Time and how they’re telling Hook & Emma’s love story? They’ve been paralleled and aligned with some of the most epic, popular fairytale romances of all time. Snow White & Prince Charming, Westley & Buttercup, Merlin & Nimue, Anna & Kristoff and now likely, Aladdin & Jasmine. OUAT has done this wonderful thing of using these fairytale couples and their stories to tell the story of their own original fairytale romance. Hook & Emma aren’t perfect, they never have been – but that’s the point of OUAT, isn’t it? Showing how even the most broken and hopeless of individuals can find their good hearts along the way; heal, change their lives and find love, family and hope again. 

There are no dragons being slayed in this story, it wasn’t love at first sight, it’s not all sunshine and roses – there’s darkness and doubts, there’s pain and loss, there’s moments where you don’t if everything is going to be okay b/c how could it be? But that’s also how life is sometimes. Once Upon a Time has taken their main character and given her a love story that’s a fairytale in it’s own right, one that has all of the beautiful romantic moments of a storybook romance but that’s grounded in reality with real life consequences, challenges and development.

I know the show isn’t perfect. I know sometimes it can be frustrating as hell – but I’m behind them when it comes to Hook & Emma. I think they know exactly the story they want to tell with these two beautiful nuanced characters and I’m so thankful to be along for the ride.