now they have stories and lives and charm


This is me. My name is Gemma and I’m a transgender woman.

When the first picture was taken, I didn’t believe in myself. I lived a charmed life, but I was never able to achieve anything more then fleeting happiness. That was two years ago.

Now, I am living my dreams. I have a successful career at an amazing workplace. I moved out of my parent’s house. I’m living full time as a happy and proud woman, unashamed of my past and excited for my future.

Anyone who feels like they can’t achieve their dreams needs to listen: You dreams are valid, and possible. Commit to achieving your goals and don’t let your past hold you back. When I started down this road I was terrified and never believed I’d be able to survive transition, but look at me now!

I’m 27 and I’m just starting my life. And I couldn’t be happier. :D 

Apodyopsis (Charles Xavier x reader)

Apodyopsis - act of mentally undressing someone

So yeah, my first drabble ever. Please don’t be harsh people :’)

               You remember meeting Charles as if it were yesterday. The man just oozed with this boyish charm that easily caught your heart. It’s been a few months now that you have been living in the Xavier mansion and the things started being a little more complicated. Long story short, you have fallen head over heels for Charles Xavier and you knew you were basically doomed to one-sided love.

You were lying in your bed going through the afternoon’s training over and over again. Charles touching your hand gently, encouraging you to do your best, locking his baby blue eyes with you, smiling happily… You sighed turning in your bed and hiding your face in the pillow just to scream silently.  Damn you, Charles Xavier, you life ruiner! On top of that, his today’s lilac V-neck sweater literally knocked you off your feet. It just suited him so well! You couldn’t help but steal glances of his neck, his chest, his stomach, his… STOP, you’re making things even worse. You furrowed your brows as Charles’ image couldn’t just leave your head. You took a deep breath as your mind took you further than you had actually wanted. You started pulling this damn sweater up in your head, revealing his slim body. You traced a finger down his collarbone admiring each and every milimetre of his pale skin. Your hand went down caressing his flat stomach and feeling his well-developed muscles. You smirked to yourself as you reached to his belt…

And then you heard someone clearing his throat. You jumped out of your bed squinting your eyes to see anything in darkness.

-          May I ask you what you are doing, love?


-          N-nothing – you stuttered trying to collect your thoughts. – What are YOU doing here in the middle of the night? Knocking would also be quite nice of you as well, Charles.

-          I knocked but you were in a different dimension, I believe – you heard a soft chuckle. – I tried to fall asleep but your mind is just so loud.

-          W-what do you mean? – your cheeks were literally on fire right now.

-          Basically, you were screaming, screaming in my mind. And the things I saw… - Charles lowered his voice sending shivers down your spine. – Well, I must admit they were quite enjoyable to witness.

You held your breath as you heard his wheelchair coming in your direction. You didn’t have to wait long to see his face and eyes investigating you thoroughly. Damn, you were completely screwed. He knew. You lost your closest friend just because of these silly feelings you had towards him.

Charles titled his head as his lips contorted into a crooked smile.

-          (Y/N), darling, would you please start breathing? I don’t want you to pass out in a moment like this.

-          I.. I mean… Yeah… I suppose so – you couldn’t look at him anymore so you averted your eyes to the wall behind him. – Charles… I… Darn it. I am so sorry. I know…

-          No, you don’t. You don’t know anything, love. Look at me, please.

You blinked but did as he asked.  His face had this serious look, which made you freeze in spot unable to do or say anything. In this very moment Charles reached to his shoulders and pulled his sweater off and threw it on the floor. You gasped as he took your hand and put it on his chest. You started caressing his skin just as you imagined but the feeling was different. You smiled softly when you heard his heart was beating as fast as yours.

-          The truth is, love, I adore you – Charles sounded pretty determined. – I don’t know if you accept a man that I am now, but I can promise I will do everything in my powers to make you happy. You made me your slave, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

You were not able to say a word. Instead, you chose to sit on his lap and hug him as tight as humanly possible. You breathed in his gentle scent of books and cologne. Then, you pulled away a bit and kissed him with all the passion that you have gathered since you met him. When you two broke off, neither of you could catch a breath. Charles put some of your hair behind your ear and cupped your cheek.

-          I take it as a yes – he said finally.

-          I have always belonged to you, Charles Xavier – you whispered.

-          So have I to you, love. Now… That being said, may I ask you for something?

-          Anything – you answered without hesitation and watched him smirk.

-          Before I came, your mind made a couple of interesting pictures. Care to explore the subject? – Charles winked making the butterflies in your belly even more restless.

-          I guess I can show you some pretty, little tricks, sir – you winked back and pecked him on a cheek.

-          That’s my girl.

You know what I love about Once Upon a Time and how they’re telling Hook & Emma’s love story? They’ve been paralleled and aligned with some of the most epic, popular fairytale romances of all time. Snow White & Prince Charming, Westley & Buttercup, Merlin & Nimue, Anna & Kristoff and now likely, Aladdin & Jasmine. OUAT has done this wonderful thing of using these fairytale couples and their stories to tell the story of their own original fairytale romance. Hook & Emma aren’t perfect, they never have been – but that’s the point of OUAT, isn’t it? Showing how even the most broken and hopeless of individuals can find their good hearts along the way; heal, change their lives and find love, family and hope again. 

There are no dragons being slayed in this story, it wasn’t love at first sight, it’s not all sunshine and roses – there’s darkness and doubts, there’s pain and loss, there’s moments where you don’t if everything is going to be okay b/c how could it be? But that’s also how life is sometimes. Once Upon a Time has taken their main character and given her a love story that’s a fairytale in it’s own right, one that has all of the beautiful romantic moments of a storybook romance but that’s grounded in reality with real life consequences, challenges and development.

I know the show isn’t perfect. I know sometimes it can be frustrating as hell – but I’m behind them when it comes to Hook & Emma. I think they know exactly the story they want to tell with these two beautiful nuanced characters and I’m so thankful to be along for the ride.